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Luv This AppSo fast, so easy, I just keep coming back for more : ).Version: 2.10

On the up and upView my order history unless I login outside of the app. Also if you are going to show certain products that may or may not be hot and fast moving, at the least allow people to buy it ON TIME AND AT TIME OF RELEASE, instead of hours later when the product is already sold out. If I could give no stars I would because this app is hot garbage. For the powerhouse Adidas is right now, you have failed big time on such an easy task. Fire or reassign that whole crew and start over..Version: 3.15

Great app!Maybe other shoe apps should follow suit. Easy to use app, even for hype releases!.Version: 4.3.1

Nice appI just downloaded this app so far it’s easy to use..Version: 3.42.1

Reliable brand with quality products!I can always get good deals here. Adidas has become one of my favourite sports brand recently..Version: 3.34.2

SatisfactoryApp is easy to use to look at product. But when purchasing items or viewing in cart. It does not show a break down of costs only a total. ie. Discount amount, shipping cost..Version: 3.41.6

AR is Next Level!Adidas app blows competition out of the water with their AR view! I was sold when I saw the Superstar Ellure on my actual foot!!! Truthfully even without AR I was buying it...a Superstar shoe with a wedge?! Freakin’ genius!!! Comin’ back for more soon!.Version: 3.43

Can’t find yeezy?Whenever I go onto this app and I go into the search bar I type in “yeezy” but it comes up with no result, please leave a response for answers..Version: 3.6.1

Good applicationM✅.Version: 4.0

Wow!The adidas app has allowed me to save items and it has a wide variety of these items, however it doesn’t have all the time sad the stores. Overall the app is great and I would vertically recommend it other adidas users..Version: 3.18

SuperbGreat.Version: 5.17

Best shopping app!I do 95% of my shopping online, so I use many shopping platforms - websites, apps, etc. on various devices. These include single brands, market places and department stores. This is the best shopping app I’ve ever used!! • Good search engine, scrolling though products works well, including going back to the same spot after viewing a product. • A product viewing is spot on - large images, easy to scroll through, enlargement works (unlike on some other apps). Reviews, sizes, etc. well presented. • Efficient checkout process with many payment options and all information saved in place. • Wasy to hop between basket, search and saved favourites. To summarise, an app, that is efficient and makes online enjoyable. Hats off Adidas 🙌🏼.Version: 3.43.1

Needs trackingYup.Version: 4.7

It’s coolOverall it’s a good app. There are something I wish were better but a lot a lot of good things. Not gonna act like a self absorbed person or act entitled. It presents way more benefits than only ordering off the site..Version: 4.0.1

AnnaavhAwesome too easy .. love adidas ultra boost.Version: 3.16.1

Dev suggestionLooks good! Havent tried to buy anything yet but would be great if you had a tennis catagory with alerts so I know when new tennis gear comes out. Same with Allblacks gear ! Cheers..Version: 3.35

Love it!Great service! Love the style!.Version: 3.26.1

Adidas rocksApp is so way to use and has a wide range of products.Version: 5.17

Problems logging inHad a long trek trying to get my order sorted online. Had a long wait on the phone had to call 3 times before someone finally answered, ( couldn’t remember my password and was told I’d be getting a email to change it, that didn’t happen ), had to give all my details again and they tried to sort out the problem, got sent a link. Once in, it stuck on the address part and wouldn’t let me go any further with paying for my order just kept asking me for a ‘added address’ for some reason and wouldn’t let me get past that part. After going to and fro and messing about I managed to get to the page where you pay, then because I’m paying straight out my account and it was nearly £200, my bank had to agree it’s me ( fair enough ), then more trying to access pages, I lost the phone call with customer support, I managed to be told ‘boom! you’ve made your sale’! And up came the 4 items. It took FOREVER and I ended up with the red Arsenal kit and not the black away kit I wanted as it was sold out! Can’t take chance it will sell out so had to buy what I could. Frustrating and time consuming experience to trying to buy online..Version: 5.16.1

My all time favorite shoesNo one can beat adidas!.Version: 3.42.1

Very useful but could be betterI love this app as a lifelong Adidas product fan. It does its job well being able to view and order products easily as well as loyalty rewards club with generous discounts in sale events and loyalty rewards. The only downsides for me being - 1. No landscape viewing mode for those of us using an iPad with a keyboard. 2. Some sports not represented e.g. Adidas martial arts gear Fix this and the app would be near perfect..Version: 4.7.1

Throwback fanI have so much Adidas gear that my friends and family always joke that I should have stock or be a spokesmodel for Adidas. I have stuff that’s over 10 years old but looks brand new. I’ve figured out the fool proof way to take care of my stuff. I have 2 issues. 1)a lot of your stuff is awesome but doesn’t come as a set so sometimes it’s hard to find stuff to match properly. Back in the 80’s it was all about matching items. We need that option back. 2) I keep getting offers to anywhere from 15% off to 50% off or my most recent was spend at least $100 and get $20 off. Great but the only thing is it’s only redeemable at certain stores. We’re in a global pandemic where we’re warned to stay in as much as possible so the coupon for me is a coaster because I am immune compromised, have 1 lung so I’m one of the one that follows the guidelines to the max and then some. Where are the rewards and coupons for people like me that shop from home consistently? 3(I know I said 2 things) What is the use of leveling up on the Adidas app if it gets you nothing? Adidas needs someone like me and my best friend who’ve worn Adidas since the 70’s and can prove it. Ours and others loyalty should somehow be rewarded and we should not be taunted with fictitious offers to save. Your products are great so there’s no need to try to lure people in with falsities 😎.Version: 3.43

Great App and easy to useThe app lets you access all the adidas items that are available even if they aren’t at your local store and also saves the time to actually visit the store at the small expense of just not having the deals that may be at your local adidas store, however promo codes do make up for that small disadvantage. Overall easy to use and gets the job done just as well a cashier would, transactions are as secure or even better than stores unless you do it in a public WiFi were someone could be sitting ready to snatch your credentials which is the WiFi providers fault for not being secure enough to block any sort of hacker..Version: 3.31

Can’t get enough of this app!Seriously the best app for anything Adidas, highly recommended..Version: 4.3.1

Did not let me placed my order for 4 daysI did tried few days before I can placed my order. It did asked me everything and when I placed my order I can’t do it. Until my 4 days of trying finally I did go..Version: 4.5

Easy to useGreat photos and description of items. Indicates stock availability. Simple check out process. Definitely will come back.Version: 3.41.4

Almost Outstanding AppThe performance and design of the app is fantastic. Plenty of deals. I love adidas. The only one thing I can complain about is that there is no Afterpay payment option on the app but there is Paypal. You have to use the web if you want to use Afterpay. So I will give a 4 instead of 5..Version: 3.25

GlitchyApp is glitchy and locks up a lot. Not that user friendly when shopping and moving between ranges and products. Responsive images click through to quick when just trying to scroll. Could be a lot better.Version: 3.31.1

Stock an issueGreat for getting items when available but only given 3 stars as I also wanted some football boots and at the beginning of the football season I would have expected you to have more stock in your flagship predator brand. To see that size 11 boots are not in stock seems amazing for a brand like adidas!.Version: 3.10.1

AppSuper easy to use!.Version: 3.28.1

Very good appModern and user friendly.Version: 3.18

ServiceOrdered shoes and got in 5 days.Version: 4.3.1

SizeCannot understand the sometimes and for few items I didn’t buy because of the confusion in size. Size do not help me ?.Version: 3.43

Good App and ServiceGood graphics and angles for the items and the delivery is always smooth. I recommend more drop and filtering - so we don’t get too many non relevant items coming back in the search. Example - I can’t easily locate full tracksuits. Otherwise - I like the deals and experience and have used the service many times..Version: 3.43.1

Apple Pay issueJust tried to pay for purchase via Apple Pay and both registered cards (which have money in them) can’t process the purchase. Made a payment though the App Store shortly after and there was no issue with that. Tried closing the app down and logging out of the account, but still no joy with Apple Pay working for me..Version: 1.9.2

Great app for shoppingI never normally use apps to buy clothes but the Adidas app was an exception. Great, fluid UI which lets you easily browse what’s on offer. Really like the loyalty scheme, whereby you collect points with every purchase. Ordered my items within 5 minutes and paid using Apple Pay, would highly recommend!.Version: 4.7

Easy!Love how easy it is to shop. Especially when in serious need of zoning out and getting some retail therapy in!.Version: 4.5

Great SuccessOrdered a pair of DB99 and the checkout process was extremely easy and straight forward! Afterpay would be nice but that’s neither here nor there. Looking forward to receiving them soon!.Version: 3.21

Adidas appGreat app, easy to use.Version: 4.10

ExcellentVery easy to find and free shipping I love it 😊.Version: 4.6.1

This app is greatLove this app so much easier to use love it. I can’t get over how quicker n faster all this is on the app highly recommended!.Version: 3.29

Great easy app to use!Great way to shop online!.Version: 3.16.2

Best appLove the adidas app! So great for Canadians since Nike SNKRS doesn’t even have a Canadian app.Version: 3.42.1

Doesn’t allow personalised football T-shirtThis is a 5 star app but as I cannot personalise football T-shirt’s it gets a 3 star. It always shows the same error message and however many times I have tried the chat function nobody replies!!!! Very unfortunate when you look at the positives of this app. Their rewards for creators club members are unrivalled!! Competitions, free now tv passes, early access to sales! Amazing sales! Great functionality! So when getting so much right and having important sections like the personalisation of a football T-shirt and a non existent chat function let’s it down..Version: 3.22

Sweet gear but...A lot of items are out of Sri lock.Version: 4.1

HonestlyI love adidas, I love the brand the products everything but wow is it hard to order something online. I had to re order two pairs of shoes THREE different times because my order kept getting cancelled by the company. The issue apparently was that my billing and shipping address was different but I was doing that to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday, by having the shoes shipped to his house. In order to finally complete the order I had to tell him about the surprise so that I could send him money to his bank account so that we could use his card therefore solving the shipping/billing address difference. Such a headache, other than that I totally love adidas.Version: 1.9.9

ThanksPao wasgreat to deal with, can’t wait for my product to arrive to New Zealand.Version: 4.16

Awesome AppShopping is always easy with the adidas.😍🥰.Version: 4.16

App is well designedApp is very smooth to navigate, great job to the software developers for making such a smooth app!.Version: 3.43

Top notch serviceThe quality of products is always great and with the offers I ordered more than I was looking for. I found Adidas products slightly cheaper at Sports Direct but paid the extra to order direct due to the far superior customer service and delivery times. Free delivery is a big incentive as well and virtually cancels out the ‘savings’ at Sports Direct anyway..Version: 3.29.1

Great app - confusing homepageL.Version: 4.14

AAAAssuredAdidasAddict! Have never had a problem with any of my orders - each time I do receive my orders it makes my day, Thank you! Also love the kiddies selection - perfect gifts for my nephews & nieces. Ps any chance we can bring back the woman’s Sleek series shoes even for a limited time?? I brought the black/gold shiny pair (back in 2009? They were the best - so comfy!) but unfortunately I regret not buying the white/gold & the red/gold pairs aswell!.Version: 3.24

Awesome AppSmooth to navigate and easy payment option.Version: 3.37

AwesomeVery easy to use.Version: 3.42.1

Happy 😁Just Amazing, the best label. The delivery is fast and the never misstake, I love the materials very good brand for real no regrets.Version: 4.7.1

Fantastic AppThis App is fantastic! As a student you get good promotional deals via the app. You can also earn loyalty points via purchasing items and using the adidas running app. Everything loads really quickly and I have encountered no issues so far! Smooth check out process and an excellent amount of items in stock ☺️ clothing items are modelled really well and you are able to read reviews of each item and earn loyalty points for writing reviews. I am very happy with my shopping experience so far..Version: 4.2

Pretty GoodIt is a very good app and make it easy to find your favourite adidas gear but there is a glitch for me with the socks tab and would be fantastic if you could add notifications so we can get notified when our gear is in stock Otherwise great.Version: 2.10

Unable to view order history in latest updateI love the adidas app. It’s very easy to navigate and love that it’s easy being a member and unlocking rewards. However, with this recent update and the app being refreshed, I am unable to view my order history. I was lucky with this recent order that the item was the right fit for me. If I had to do have an exchange or return, I would be unable to do so as it doesn’t let me see my orders. I do like the new update and it has given the profile a nice up look, but please fix the order history.Version: 5.9.1

5 star excellentAmazing.Version: 3.43

Adidas App!Love the fast delivery! Quality is awesome!.Version: 4.6

Adidas onlineI love buying on this website i can always get something different I havent seen instore Thanks adidas.Version: 5.15

PointsI brought like$217 sneakers but I didn’t receive any points that’s a bug you should fix it.Version: 3.32

Draw for yeezysIt’s like winning thee lottery lol.Version: 3.42.1

Fun and love the free shippingI had fun shopping; thank you!.Version: 4.6

It’s greatVery expensive and not many deals but other than that it’s great.Version: 3.32.1

Need improvementI like the way the app design, and how sleek and smooth it runs every time. But there are lots of space for developers to improve the app and hence customer’s experience 1. Filter: let’s say I’m looking for what is on sale, I just wanna look what is on sale for women size 6. Then after I apply the filter, it show every in size 6. Man woman girl boy infant sale not on sale. 2. I made a few purchase using exact same account, it show in the app that I did not make any purchases, and I cannot track my order. The email with tracking info lead me straight to the app so I’m deleting it cuz I feel it doesn’t help much with my shopping experience..Version: 2.7.1

Most wanted ultraboostWhen i first saw this guy , i knew that i must buy it immediately 🥰🥰🥰 one of the most beautiful ultraboost i ‘ve ever had.Version: 3.42.1

UltraBoostI am very pleased with the items I purchased, however, I had a lot of difficulty completing the actual transaction. On my first few attempts, the credit card I was attempting to use wouldn’t get authorized. I got in touch with the credit card company to let them know the purchase was a valid transaction and they notified me the reason it wasn’t being authorized was because the billing address didn’t line up to their records. I made the switch but still had no success. I eventually changed the payment to a different card and the transaction went through. This caused me to have to purchase a pair a half size up as the original size was out of stock. I love the product itself and what Adidas offers, but it would’ve been helpful to talk with a support team to solve this issue in a faster manner. Looking forward to purchasing much more from the Adidas app and I’m thankful you’re taking the time to hear my feedback and improve the process going forward!.Version: 3.42.1

Always easy and quickI’ve never had a problem with ordering through adidas. There app is so easy and convenient to use. 5 star in my opinion..Version: 3.41.5

Love AdidasIt’s great to an app like Adidas because you can browse the app an find all of the Adidas clothes an footwear you can buy an wear and it’s the latest gear on the planet just Love wearing Adidas stuff can’t get any better than this 😁💖🇦🇺enjoy life wear Adidas.Version: 3.4

Great app but missing featuresGreat to have creator club and exclusive app pricing. However a big draw back is the lack of Klarna as a payment option on app. Also later updates have thrown up an issue where filtering by size doesn’t always exclude out of stock sizes..Version: 4.0.1

Great so far. A few suggestions...Add a favorite feature or “save for later” button so I can create a quick list of shoes I want and keep track of them for later. The review section could be more streamlined I couldn’t find the detailed reviews until I decided to click on the review average score. As someone else mentioned a way to “filter” or “sort by” style, model etc when getting search results would be greatly appreciated. If you dont know the exact name of what you want get ready to scroll through pages looking for clues..Version: 1.1.2

Quick and Easy!!!This app has an awesome e layout! It makes for easy shopping. You can literally type in an article number in the search bar and you can learn the status of that item. Or you can type the name of it and use filters to narrow it down. Finding the product is so easy. The viewing options are awesome as well. You can view your item magnified, on a model, in motion and 360 view. Sometimes are sizes are missing in certain items but the selection is almost endless!!! You are bound to find what you are looking for and more on this awesome Adidas app! #adidas.Version: 3.41.6

Adidas appIt’s a really good and quick app and has a load of different things, I love it so much.Version: 2.8

Nice to find latest and greatestAccess to latest and limited edition adidas gear!.Version: 4.16

Jen TraskWouldn’t allow the order to go to checkout, it kept saying ‘ops there was a problem’ so it took 12 hrs for it to let me, then too my birthday voucher away and I couldn’t use it!! I also missed out on a couple of items as a result ☹️.Version: 3.33.1

Plus size babeI recently started buying adidas clothing.I absolutely love them they’re super comfortable! Great quality!! Every month I treat myself to an outfit. Worth every penny. Treat yourself!!!!!.Version: 4.1

Fair Deal for students5/5 app works perfect and overall Adidas giving 35% off for students in most full price items is amazing for students and much appreciated compared to other companies and therefore is creating many customers for life due to this fair deal for students meaning Adidas is the go to brand of choice.Version: 4.22

Presque parfaitLa qualité des vêtements est excellente, bon service, l’app est très bien conçus , par contre bcp trop souvent elle bogue. Seul point négatif.Version: 3.43

Convenience at a touch of an appLove and be easy accessible nature to specials especially for large 3XL . Any chance in the future of 3XL stadium jackets of super rugby NZ teams especially Blues team as hard to find imagoes anywhere..Version: 5.3

BewareThe app doesn’t quite work as well as it should , if you order something and it’s not in stock it will leave you believe you have purchased it and you also get an email to say you purchased it, followed by an email to say it will be delivered , then a few days later you will receive an email saying sorry you weren’t happy with your products and issue a refund , even tho you haven’t even received the item , after a bit of two and throwing I was offered a small discount on products , but having to explain to a wee one she won’t be getting the trainers I ordered for her isn’t worth any money , I’ve been buying adidas for 35 years and got my daughter into buying them , but now she has lost her passion for buying adidas again and no amount of money will get that passion back as I did as a kid ...... poor show adidas.Version: 3.12

Good appI like the app and layout. I also like how easy it is to return items with the attached label. I usually end up getting a few things in different colors so I will always be returning something. What I don’t like is that you don’t actually know when you are going to get your delivery. Adidas say they send a email when it will be delivered. Adidas do not do this..Version: 4.0

Great app - easy to purchaseLinked to Apple Pay so no need to look for your cc when you have an impulse buy. I did find it hard to look for shop on the front page (hence 1 star deduction) so ignored that page and just used search. Other than that simple and quick way to get the 3 stripes..Version: 2.5

App doesn’t workEver since they updated the app to version 2.0 and higher. It hasn’t worked for me with numerous issues. 1. Sometimes on start up I just get an empty white screen. 2. Fails to load products upon selecting area to browse e.g. shoes fail to upon selecting the “running” category 3. The app seems to to display text on the “Search” page in German even though I live in the UK and therefore speak and read English, even though have the United Kingdom selected as my accounts country in the app..Version: 2.2

App has issues processing paymentLoved it after my 1st purchase... But right when I tried making a Cyber Monday purchase it would not process my card(s) i tried multiple so I know it wasn’t my banks fault. Ended up waiting most of the day until now (11pm) right before Cyber Monday is over.. Smh still no luck. Had to give the actual website a try and what do you know!? Website took payment no problem! Please developers of this app... FIX IT!!! Especially on a day like Cyber Monday when people are buying like crazy..Version: 3.16.2

AccountI’m giving the app one star because I just recently change phones and for some reason now the app doesn’t let me sign to my account through Facebook which is how I created my account in the first place every time I try it I get a message saying something went wrong try again latter but it never works, and when I go to sign in manually it says that my email isn’t linked to an account but if I go through the website and login manually I’m able to login into my account, so that needs to be fix ASAP..Version: 2.8

Random thoughtsI Love Adidas. Have since I was a kid. I don’t really have many complaints, if any. You’d might say I’m completely bias. You might be right. I always buy NMD’s. I love every pair. Even if it takes six weeks to receive a new pair, in the meantime, I’ll still be rocking any of my older pairs with confidence. They wash and dry so well that they almost always come out looking new. They’re so durable. I’ve had one pair for almost 3 years, took them through all types of construction work, and at the end of it all, I was left with a hole in the top of one from getting caught by a fence I was jumping... lol..Version: 3.43

ALMOST PERFECTI like using the mobile app. Navagation is ok, however I am extremely disappointed to see ( and verified by a very polite chat agent ) that there is no option to pay with Klarna. I know it is available on the website, but the reason I use the app is that it’s more convenient for me. Why is that? Can or will this option be made available on the mobile app in the future?.Version: 3.27.1

Overall great experienceOverall amazing. I hate shopping online because I’m so picky with how things fit, but the website is super informative, easy to use and helpful. The shipping is a lot faster than I was expecting. I got a pair of slides that were too big and all I had to do was put it in the same box and ship it back for free and select my size online. No shipping any direction for the order or exchange it’s great. The member program is awesome too, it’s easy to rack up points quickly. Best, smoothest and most enjoyable experience shopping online in a long long time. Quality of product, price/discount/sale, ease of use and just overall freshness are top tier. Will definitely be back soon 😁 I recommend ordering through adidas directly. 🤙🏼.Version: 3.35

Lee2516It was good online shopping experience at adidas site. It was easy and quick. You can return item when you change your mind after order. Good!.Version: 3.24

Great butIt would be super useful if you put pictures of the interior part of sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, etc. Currently there’s no way to guess the thickness of any of them and if they are therefore warm or not. Also, in the suggested items in “complete the look” it would be great if you truly put the products that match by style and colour with the selected one. Every time I select a pair of joggers or tights I need to spend lots of time searching for the matching clothes..Version: 5.17

Useful but...The app is really useful when it comes to all things adidas obviously, However , when it comes to exclusive trainers like Yeezy it’s way easier to use the website as the app says nothing is there whereas the website shows that they are there , the price , date , time of release & lets you sign up for updates. This is frustrating as I’m having to use the website for Yeezy’s which depending on the amount of people who are on , will cause it to lag and decrease the chance of getting a pair. I would definitely like to see a change in the future as I love adidas and the collaborations they do. Please fix this if it’s an error..Version: 2.9

Full of Error Messages but StylishFull of Error Messages but Stylish It’s a shame because it just makes the app very hard to actually buy what you went when it doesn’t save items you are actively trying to buy so you get all the way to the checkout and it’s like oh. We don’t even sell that item anymore. As well I can’t even see this review because all the text is white on white so another great move by Adidas.Version: 4.3.1

Was a 5A couple updates ago, the “up next” calendar was replaced with a “heat/fire” section. This new version leaves me feeling under informed, like there is now a blind spot from things to come. Gave it a 4 because it used to be perfect..Version: 4.7.1

Very goodThe app is glitchy at times and won’t load pages. Comes up with ‘Error’ on screen. Otherwise really easy to use. I especially like the reviews, they help with getting sizing right, as ordering online can be a bit of hit or miss, these make it easier. Would also be great if men’s and women’s products could be specifically labeled as such, especially with shoes as it is not clear sometimes and affects sizing choice. Overall, I love the app!.Version: 4.7

AwesomeAwesome app.Version: 4.2

Great AppFast, effective and fun to use..Version: 4.7.1

Awesome app and so easy to use love adidasEasy as.Version: 3.29.1

Love itI love it, it’s so easy to navigate and make orders!.Version: 3.15

Everything in one placePretty cool user experience. Easy navigation. Narrow down things you wanna buy in to wishlist. Sleep on it (this part is important) in case you wanna change your mind. Select items from wishlist - move to bag... and purchase and it’s all yours! It’s obviously like most apps of this nature. I’m just glad Adidas has its own! :).Version: 3.41.4

Love it , just love itThe way how it’s been designed It’s just perfect I really love everything on the app! So much convenient to look up stuff, the Designing is JUST PERFECT!👍👌🏻.Version: 1.7.1

All to easyMakes everything easy to purchase.Version: 3.43

Awesome serviceLove the service and delivery time and product.Version: 3.41.5

Needs a wish listIt’s a good app for shopping but the app needs some things added. Here’s some ideas -wish list, so people can add items to a list which isn’t a cart so they can save what they want to buy in the future - price ranges, so when your searching, you can search for a particular price range for the item - Sort items, so there should be a tab where you can chose how you want your items to be sorted, so you can have it as ‘price low-high’ or ‘new-old’, etc..Version: 1.0.1

Adi-AppGreat app, great savings!.Version: 4.12.1

Great app.Brilliant app, easy to use and the layout/design is brilliant. The only frustrating thing is the personalisation feature isn’t available via the app, it is only available via the website. But my wish list/basket doesn’t mirror, nor does my creators pass. So although I get free personalisation for being on the Gamechanger level, I can’t receive this benefit because the app doesn’t offer personalisation and the website doesn’t recognise my creators pass level..Version: 3.39.1

Good to useGood app to shop with, easy to explore. Would be better to be able to open items in liked list..Version: 3.16.2

I Only Wear Adidas Top Quality ProfessionalAdidas Customer Service is 100% Quality The wait times are so fast The Staff are always Professional Fast at resolving any issues Top Quality Customer Service,.. Always Professional & Knowledgeable They are all Brilliant at Customer Service: Professional, Friendly, Polite, Respectful, Welcoming Intelligent, knowledgeable, Top Quality Experience, Very fast at resolving any issues, Best Customer Service I’ve ever had Much Appreciated all you’ve help me with I only wear Adidas I have Adidas Everything because they are the best And their Fashion never goes out of fashion My favourite Company Many thanks 🙂🖐💫.Version: 5.11

Tight Forty FiveI have an Australian music podcast (Tight Forty Five) , where I interview original musicians at the top of their game. I only wear retro adidas tracksuits in my interviews and it’s really become part of my identity and listeners and guest remember me as that guy who wears the matching adidas tracksuit!!.Version: 3.25

Love Adidas needs moreI absolutely love Adidas however you need more Yeezy sneakers to be available especially around the holidays! You would make so much more money and I don’t understand it I wanted to buy my adult kids sneakers and there’s either 1 pair available or your out of stock or the sneaker will say not available until December 24 that’s crazy how can we buy something if we can’t get it before the holiday? If you want to make more money stock up! Simple I’m giving you 5 stars only because I’m a business owner and I love the adidas products all of them but as a corporate business your losing money! DT.Version: 3.17

Glitch Fixed Within Days!!!I had complained a couple of days ago about a glitch that would always freeze my app within seconds of using it. To my surprise when I updated the a app a few minutes ago, I was able to finally use it without the screen freezing!!! I am incredibly happy that I can finally use this app and all of the perks included in it. Adidas really does pay attention to its reviews which is why they deserve 5 stars. Also it is simply just a great app, it’s the adidas store on your phone, so of course they deserve 5 stars. Thank you Adidas for the big fix!.Version: 3.4

Seamless - just like there clothing!The app process of making an order was absolutely seamless. Shame I bought a few items today I store and no one mention the free membership.Version: 3.32.1

Ok butOk but sort the notifications out eh? You can’t get rid of them and it’s a pain in the bum.Version: 3.30.1

Easy to use, much better than mobile web browserThe Adidas App has been a dream to use this week when there has been glitches but n the web browser on smartphones! So well designed and easy to navigate around! As usual the Adi brand doesn’t disappoint and product quality is outstanding.Version: 1.9.4

I log into Gmail and it logs be right back outI like looking at shoes, probs have a shoe fetish, but when I log into my Gmail, I get immediately logged back out.Version: 3.8.1

ExcellentAwesome.Version: 4.5

I love the app, i can checkout the sales whenever.Delivery Address part is a bit pain, first it’s not accepting dash within the address, like 5-7 will become 57 automatically. I had to re-direct one order. No biggie, but would be nicer to make dash acceptable. As well when add unit number in Address 2 field, it will show repeated before check out. In general, it’s a lovely app!.Version: 3.13.1

Fast shipping and true sizeI rcommen buying shoe since they have rpid shipping snd the size are tru to sie! The return seem fast. Not worried in case of return..Version: 4.3.1

MaaaaaaanKiller rewards program easy to reach and maintain your levels all the way to the top !.Version: 4.3.1

I Am An Adidas JunkieI have been collecting adidas sneakers for years. I have nearly 20 pairs of UltraBoost alone. My kids my other half are adidas obsessed, my fault and I’m not sorry. The UltraBoost is my go to sneakers for daily comfort wear, the cushioning of the boost sole is like walking on memory foam but with complete support in all the right places. Before the Nike React nerds start hating on me, STOP! right there. I have tried 3 different pairs of Nike Reacts and they don’t come close to the UltraBoost comfort. You can wear the UltraBoost all day and your feet feel fresh. To sum this up, if you need a sneaker that will keep you comfortable all day long, whether it be running or just walking around, the UltraBoost cannot be beaten by anything on this planet. PS I don’t work for Adidas, I just love my brand..Version: 3.13.1

Great app but with an technical issueThis app is easy to use and help finding the wide range of Adidas product, making the customer experience a great one. But as a member of the Creators Club, one of the reward available is the Free personalisation of product and on the app there is a flaw as it doesn’t worked. I’ve experienced it in 4 of the last orders, I’ve placed. It let you add it to the basket but once you check out the confirmation email doesn’t include it and the products arrive without it. Once of the solution provided by Adidas customer service is to do it via the website but then there is another issue there which is even after login in, the personalisation is now longer free. Can this be looked at and fixed as this is not great..Version: 4.5

App interface eThe app is great and easy to use. I had a few issues changing my password, apart from that it’s great. It’s very interactive and love the creator promotion 👊🏻👊🏻👌🏻.Version: 3.33.2

Yezzy 350I bought a pair of adidas yeezy 350 on Friday in size 10.5... when it was added to my cart and when I went to pay for it , it just threw me out and when I went back on the page it put me back in the waiting room for about half hour and then said “sold out”... what can you do to rectify this error on your system.Version: 2.7.1

Getting easierAll hooked up. I previously found the website easier to shop on about feb. Just made purchase in app. Far more seamless now. Love it. Loved the video on successful checkout..Version: 3.25

Great online shoppingHad an amazing online shopping experience with a great assisting from adidas crew, definitely will be back again !!!.Version: 3.36.1

KieranVAbsolutely brilliant app with many features. The Adidas app is very easy to use. Purchasing is so easy to do and using the app itself is built very well. I would rather use the app to purchase any Adidas apparel after I’ve started using it. And the best part about the app is that it promotes healthier living by tracking workouts too - and that, to me, is very important these days.Version: 3.18

Errors on account page nowApp is overall very good for searching / saving favourites etc but the account page no longer shows anything (been like this the last few updates on iPhone) but now also doing this on iPad. Also you seem to not now be able to have the same account logged into the app on both iPad and iPhone.Version: 5.1

BestBest online shopping app i ever used.Version: 3.41.4

CheckoutHad ordered multiple items from the app. All of a sudden I wasn’t able to order anything. I was told to go online an order which worked. My card got flagged as fraud and wasn’t able to use my card. It was frustrating because adidas shoes go quick, especially in my size. Still give 5 stars cause Adidas is the only brand I wear on my feet. I hope the issue will get resolved so I can continue to use the app. Also plz make more size 11 starwars Vader originals. I had them in check out when they brought more sizes a while back but it was snatched from my bag in checkout. Don’t know what happened, but plz make more!! Thank you. Adidas forever.Version: 4.1

Error messages and WishlistI love adidas, it makes up half my wardrobe, but I need fixes to be made. I’m hoping deleting and re downloading the app has solved the constant “error” messages I was getting that would then freeze the app and require me to restart it, but now I’ve lost my wishlist. I need my wishlist to be attached to my account and not the app. If I log onto another device it doesn’t follow and now, after logging back into the app on my phone (after deleting as stated above), I've lost my wishlist, too. That’s my biggest issue provided the error message is solved. I also wish the wishlists had a feature that could hide the sold out items, so that when I decide to buy something (I just got a couple e gift cards), I am not wasting my time scrolling through items that are sold out (which seems to be a majority of my 99+ wishlist...where is all the stock?)..Version: 4.1

App crashing during saleAnnoying as offered extra 20% off if you bought through the App. My bag kept emptying itself, then saying what I had in there was out of stock, kept crashing, and I lost out on loads of stuff. Ended up having to buy from website which obviously didn't offer me the additional 20% off. If you're wanting to attract traffic like that to the app, make sure it can cope. Very frustrating..Version: 2.9.5

AppLoving this new updated app..Version: 3.42.1

The best of the bestGreat app grest store.Version: 4.6

Boom! Baby!Love the app. Love the brand. Litty lit !! Thanks adidas..Version: 3.43

Great app but...I have been using the adidas app for about a year, I find the app very useful. I find items that I normally don’t find at the store. I can say that I have become an adidas fan not because of the app but because of the quality, style and comfort of the items adidas sell. Over all it is a great app but all of the sudden I have encountered some issues with the app. When I open the app I normally go to my wishlist to see what to buy next, when I click on the item I want to potentially buy I get an “error page”. Even though I have the latest version and I have uninstalled the app and installed it again I get the same issue. Second thing, when I am browsing through the app, the app freezes and I cannot continue scrolling through the page. I am not sure what is wrong or what it needs to happen but I hope the adidas developers see this and can look into it..Version: 3.43

Best App Ever!Very user-friendly!.Version: 4.1

Great AppLove the App, thanks for giving us a chance to cop limited shoes.Version: 3.41.5

BrilliantThe adidas app is so easy to use plenty information on products and great advice on sizing. I would suggest the height and waist size of the models are includes along with what size they are wearing so we the customer can make a more informed choice. This is a minor issue though over all great stuff.Version: 4.20

Won’t let me log onWhen it did work it was alright. No exclusives anywhere to be found on the app and no one on the help line knows how to access exclusives it’s random of course but they couldn’t tell me that. Back onto the app - it logs me off EVERYTIME I close the app and now it won’t let me log back on I’ve been on two WiFi’s now and my 4G and each time it’s said it lost WiFi connection which is a lie, no other app has any problem of any of the tried 3 internet accesses above. Never mind all three..Version: 3.0.1

All my mates know i luv dis app! It wud defo be a 5 but I’m always honest with all my reviews ✌🏼️•As title shows I’d defo give a 5 star because this app is one off my favourites and I don’t think it’s fair givin 5 stars if iv jus for a few negatives NOT MAJOR so hope no1 stops using because it’s awewomeeeeee. 💯💯 Okay apart from this app is one of my fav sport apps I jus have a few things than I think u should consider like— • most buying/selling aps have a featured at the top meaning u can press low or highest prices to start off looking through which u could afforded etc at the time. A lot or mainly everyone does it. Have a look 👌🏼 • see i dont usually write a lot lol, but when people brows through the app when they ain’t been paid an payday is say 2days away!!!! Onestly if u did a wish list like most people we would love browsing knowing we have stored items an their secure in a wish list that we know we won’t forget the stuff that we liked an wish we bought so that’s where the wish list comes in!!! we wouldn’t forget what we wana buy of payday which is jus amazing idea an again other people have then!!! But fans of adidas it wil sure be making an increase to your business. But thanks dearly if u adidas team did get a chance to read this ✌🏼️ 💜💜👟👟.Version: 3.18

Shopping onlineEasy to navigate.Version: 3.32

SylvainThe app is very easy to use but like every other apps, sometimes the glitch won’t let you order something although you used the same system to make a purchase just a couple days ago. Well if you call customer service and explains your issue chances are they might gift you with a 10% off coupon that you possibly cannot use for the order you are trying to place. Which happens to me.. but overall I like the apps. No luck on getting the Yezzi and Pharrell sneakers yet though🤣🤣🤣🤣...Version: 3.18.1

First online orderMy very first online order, hoping I won’t get disappointed and I’ll get the correct item, deliver on the soonest time.Version: 3.38

UNABLE TO PROPERLY SEE MY POINTS OR ACCOUNT ON THE APPI’ve recently started to buy adidas and just when I did they started the creators club. I’m not sure if it’s because the club is new or whatever but point is I can’t properly review my points on the app! I only get emails regarding my status of recently becoming a “game changer” but other than that the app is on point with its GUI (how the app looks) and sometimes glitchy navigation system. The app is useful to real adidas fans, it just need lots of bug fixes. Also some orders I did while logged into my account weren’t added to my point system, and if they were I couldn’t even tell. Listen the app needs major improvement l! I’m not hating on it I’m just a bit frustrated at the fact that adidas can’t make a simple app to properly help its loyal customers (even if I’m new!!!)!!!.Version: 2.3

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