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Needs to be more inline with old AppWould be nice if this app was more inline with the old app. You cannot name a conversation in the new app, which is beneficial for tournament specific communications to parents. If you follow multiple teams, like all Travel coaches do, everything gets put into one master schedule. The new app also doesn’t allow you to remove team chats from previous seasons, unless you leave your own team. A bug that seems to happening to everyone I know is that our team logo as well as other teams i follow disappears after a couple days. I would also like the ability to turn off the COVID tracker..Version: 4.4

Love it!Love having everything so organized, it's neat, and user friendly. When you add your event to calendar, it lets you add location, time, field notes and it even shows you a map as well as the weather of during the event. Love that I can add multiple teams and sports under the same profile but still separate and organize. I came across an issue. When adding my kids to an additional team/ sport it created an entire new entry for the child. Making it seam that I had double the same kid. I contacted support and they fixed it right away. Like really right away. Love love this app. I seriously recommend to everyone I talk to now..Version: 1.27

Data migration and update issuesI have used the legacy app for many years and liked most of the features. It was easy to use and intuitive. My problem is with the migration to the new —and recommended by GameChanger “Manager app”. The instructions and process were simple and they indicated that the migration could take some time. However, after initiating the process, I’ve been told that it could take up to 72 hours!!! For the data to sync? Thats significantly beyond reasonable expectations and not helpful in the middle of baseball season. I’m sure the user experience will be great, just be warned that the transition and sync time could be significant. Allow yourself a few days..Version: 3.11

Great ChangesThe app has changed a lot in 3 years I’ve used it to watch my grandson and his team. Changes this year makes it very user friendly for those of us not technology savvy. I love the team line up and where we can look at our loved ones good plays or batting with the quick videos. Then the video we watch to see the game. At times I have to go to what I call the cartoon layout to see where a player is showing their prowess but it is a bonus because we can’t get a zoom but that’s fine. Thank you for making changes that allows friends and family to watch as if we were there..Version: 5.21

Almost A Great AppEverything for scoring baseball and following games seems fine. Plus the whole roster and scheduling things is decent. The negatives I have found have to do with scoring a football game and editing an event. Scoring a football game issues - no half time in between 2nd 3rd quarters. Wish there were a way to mention who scored on a play. In general, wishing the scoring for football games was more robust. Editing an event - wondering why they couldn’t make it so that when you need to edit an event, you can’t change the event type. It shows the event type but it is grayed out. I was told that I have to create a new event and delete the old one to make the change. Don’t feel like that is a great feature..Version: 5.18

Very helpful!!We switched this season from using two apps for team communication and scoring/game tracking. Being in one place has been great!!!! I have a couple of “wishes” for updates. 1. I would love a way to see who has read messages. On the bottom of the message it says “delivered” but I wish there was a way for it to note who saw the message. 2. The message threads need a “subject”. Then we can keep subjects separated and organized without having to go back through a whole thread. 3. The syncing across devices could use some improvement. When my husband gives me the lineup in the car on the way to a game, I’d love to put it in on my phone a f then it be there when I sign in on the iPad a little bit later..Version: 3.12

DidIt’s ok.Version: 5.6.1

SuggestionI’m a coach, use this app for my soccer team, my team parents/family love that they are able to keep up with the players games even if they can’t make it. Only con is when we’re live we do play on a “high school” football field and the players look little ants lol. I’d love to be able to zoom in as much as possible on the player dribbling up the soccer ball who’s on the opposite side of the field, even when trying to utilize a third party app that tracks the player automatically. I purchased the premium, only to find out I’d also have to purchase a whole new camera. 🥴 so I’ve had to switch to another social media platform to share the live experience..Version: 5.9

We like GameChangerWe are from Canada but are currently in California. Our ball player grandson is in Iowa. It’s great that we can watch his games on GameChanger!! 😊.Version: 5.28.1

I changed my mind after using PremierUPDATE: I had an opportunity to use a premium account this weekend. EVERY frustration that I expressed in my initial review are addressed. I was able to enjoy the games (including breaks). I was able to replay and make videos of my grandson’s AB’s and plays in the field, review statistics, etc. All as advertised. I was thoroughly impressed and highly recommend the premium accounts, whichever one meets your needs. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I tried to use the basic free app to follow my grandson’s baseball. Unfortunately, if you do not pay 100% attention to the app you are out of luck!! I love my grandson, but I am unable to watch the app 100% of the time. I missed his AB’s and am out of luck. No audio, no play by play to catch up, no box score, no game recap. If the game doesn’t fit your schedule or if you need to go to the bathroom or fix something to eat or answer the phone…you are out of luck. I live on social security and in today’s world I am unable to pay for upgrades. I will forgo the frustration. Too bad there isn’t a reasonable price for seniors on limited incomes..Version: 5.9

Game Changer loverThis intervention of being able to watch the games when I can’t be there is truly amazing ,,, I’m so thankful people are willing to do the work to accommodate this , you deserve👏.Version: 5.13

Lost too many features from The original GCThey have announced that the original GC will no longer be supported, but they have also left out too many features from the original. For example, you cannot do any research into other teams. It was really nice in GC to be able to search out other teams and view their schedule and results to get a feel for what the team is like. Another example related to the last is the inability to view a replay of a game for a team that I am not a part of. My son and I like to watch his friends’ games sometimes, but we don’t want to be official followers of the team. Yet another example is that there is no web interface anymore. It is so nice on GC to be able to go on your computer and view all the stats, and even download the stats for some of your own analysis. You can still export, but it requires an additional step of emailing the stats to yourself. Anyway, I would give it 5 stars if they could have kept all the same functionality of the original GC, while simply adding to it with the new functionality of GC Team Manager..Version: 3.22

Great app for the kids teamsThis app has been very helpful coaching my kid’s sports teams. Having the calendar, team chat, and rsvp all in one place has been amazing. Looking forward to the “organization” capability recently added as it would be really nice to see other scores in our league, schedule, and potentially standings. Would also hope that staff of one team can watch live streams from their organization without being a “fan” of the other teams as I may want to want some of the other games in my league. The live steaming has been great for family members that live out of town or just can’t make that game. I wish their was an app for the Apple TV to watch games on the TV without screen mirroring, would give 5 stars for that. As a coach having stats and spray charts has been great. As well as the ability to watch archived videos. Wish it was easier to deal with leagues that use kid and coach pitch without a complication work around that is difficult to keep up with multiples times each inning..Version: 5.4

Find a different productConveniently my first 2 reviews never showed up. This product is not at all user friendly, the integration with the Sports Connect website is terrible and does not allow room for any mistakes as you can’t correct rosters once imported, does not communicate schedules from the app to the website, and the app is ALWAYS ALWAYS crashing. As the President of a youth organization and coach of a travel and middle school team I strongly recommend you find a different platform as this one is too expensive for the failures and constant frustrations of will and does cause routinely..Version: 4.1

Simple and easy, but glitchyI would give the app a 3.5 but I can only choose whole stars. Basically I do like the simplicity of the app, however, there are a lot of glitches with the messages section that could be fixed. Positives: scheduling, in-app messages for both players and parents which helps communicate directly with athletes, all-in-one app, live streaming Negatives: -Weird scrolling and shuffling of messages often occurs which makes it hard to find stuff that may be a little older. -You can’t delete conversations, only leave them. -Events cannot be changed from “type,” only deleted -Conversations are auto deleted if they’re too old, which hinders the ability to go back and look at previous information -once a parent contact is added, you can’t access or see the email you used to initially add them!! Very frustrating sometimes Truly I do like the app, but the negatives and glitches do weigh heavily on my experiences. If features felt more like Facebook messenger or something I think it would be better.Version: 5.6.1

Got it!I missed an amazing game where my son’s team came back from a huge deficit to win the game. Because of Game Changer I was able to not only watch the entire game the next day but video tape a few key moments to have forever!.Version: 4.10

Game ChangerThis program has allowed us to watch our grandson play basketball or baseball when we are so far away from him! Love it! Thanks for offering this to us, it really cheers up our lives! Go team Muskoka! 😃💕.Version: 5.11

Search AbilityGreat app. Only thing missing is the ability to search within the group chats..Version: 5.25

Great App for the sports family.My son has played almost every sport, and we always try to keep the family up to date on games when we can because not everyone can make his games. When GameChanger came out and I showed my 92 year old grandfather that he could listen and watch the games he was excited. He’s an old coach and my son ( his great grandson) is one of the only grandchildren that plays sports, so this gives him an avenue to be able to see his games and enjoy it when he can’t travel. Every feature is helpful and easy to use . You can pay and get streaming games or stay free and get the play by play field diagram. It tracks stats and let’s you know how your player is doing. This is definitely a well thought out app. Awesome job..Version: 5.8.1

Update-Fixed! - New version crashes on openingJust updated my app. When I open it, it immediately crashes. I’m still getting notifications from teams I follow but even when I click the notification message the app crashes when opened. Please fix!!! Update - after getting a message from the developer and working with them, my app is now working. Love the fact that the developer reached out and was genuinely interested in helping me maintain access. Went from 1 star to 5! BTW - my fix involved turning off background app refresh, then deleting and reinstalling the app. Everything worked perfectly from there..Version: 5.22

Overall a solid appI would have rated this 5 stars but there are some minor items that could be improved. Overall we decided to consolidate apps and went with Game Changer over Team Snap. Over the last few years there have also been some nice updates with scoring games that have made it easier to work with. Minor suggestions include the ability to have RSVPs for players only, a way to integrate individual events/games via mobile to a calendar and the ability to copy an existing event and edit rather than creating an entire new event for a similar game. We have enjoyed using this app!.Version: 5.27

The standard.This is a great app however it is frustrating in how they parse information out in chuncked on the different levels. What you get is confusing in the descriptions when you go to buy different levels. What you can see other than the games as far as stats, replay information and statistical information, especially about ‘your own player at least. Also the coach can limit the amount of information you can see seemingly if you think you’ve payed for it. Overall this is a great app. for being able to follow games, especially if you can be there. The one thing that becomes a little annoying is the background soundtrack during live games. It is good crowd noise to fill the gaps between announcements, which are good to let you know the app is still running, but certain effects become repetitive. However the update that is needed is the detail in placement and type of hit. Deep, middle, shallow outfield hit, weak or hard hit line drive or ground ball etc..Version: 5.30

App is great, two improvements needed in live streamLove this app — by far the easiest to score a game once you get the hang of it. But there are two issues with the built-in live streaming that need to be addressed: 1) The stream is unstable and stops sometimes on its own. This causes all viewers to lose connection and the stream to have to be restarted by the operator manually, resulting in missed plays from both the live stream and the video recording. 2) The app needs to recognize the type of phone being used for streaming and allow the choice of camera lenses and/or zoom functions. It is using the 1x on my iPhone 12 Pro, but I would want to use the .5x wide angle to get both 1st and 3rd base paths. I believe this is just a function of programming the app to allow a choice of built-in lenses. Please correct this ASAP!.Version: 4.3.1

Milton Mets T2 11UThis is a great way for me to keep up to date and see how my grandson and his team are doing..Version: 5.16

Search function is terrible, for baseball stick with GameChangerI like the ability to follow games but it’s nearly impossible to locate teams! A search is a generic search of every sport in every state. Please give a search option where we choose the sport. On GameChanger I located teams by team manager/coach but on this app that does not work. I need to find my teams, it defeats the purpose when I have to create a roster for our opponent yet their own score keeper is sitting by me also using Team Manager app. Please make the search function not find every coach in America with the same name. Very frustrating. I like that I can keep the team schedule and it notifies the family when it’s updated..Version: 3.12

Exceptional App - I love it!This is an exceptionally well designed app that functions consistently. It’s hard to believe how many people are brought together - connected - by using Game Changer. I can keep up with games my nephews play no matter where I am located. It’s awesome when the team decides to livestream, but even without the livestream video it’s so helpful! My one recommendation is to have a horizontal view for iOS so the view is better for Airplaying to an Apple TV (or create an Apple TV OS version). Thank you Game Changer staff for creating this app and helping me remain connected to my family..Version: 5.13

Good and FreeThe only thing that’s missing is that you can’t message individual people in the group.Version: 4.16

Love this app! Worth paying for the upgrade too!This is one of the best apps on my phone. Worth every penny if your kids play baseball, softball, etc.. Love the stats and the ability to livestream games and allow people who aren’t there in person to watch. Does require a dedicated staff of parents and coaches willing to keep score on the app, give up their fully charged phone for the game to livestream, etc. but again, totally worth it! Would be amazing if it had a scheduling feature so leagues could use it as well and we wouldn’t have to use multiple sites/apps. Also would love to see a “sign up” type feature within the app for snacks, tokens, team party potluck, etc.. I have other ideas…GC…call me! Haha.Version: 5.8.1

Needs to Commit to Transition but 5 star appListen. The app is great. We are now required to use it to keep track of pitch counts in our state. That being said if you are going to transition from one app to another, you need to just do it and stop giving teams the choice. What has happened is half the teams from our conference use classic and the other use team manager. Now this makes us load every teams roster instead of it already being there. AND most importantly if you pay for a membership (we do) to see other teams pitch counts. You only get the one in the app you are utilizing. I am not paying two membership fees. The review will be updated when this is resolved. Just make everyone go to one app please. UPDATE: GC support has reached out to help remedy the situation. It goes to show you how well they manage and care about their product. Therefore I revised to 5 stars. The critique still stands until the transition is completed..Version: 5.9

This team is a God sendMy son struggles with his weight and many self esteem issues as most thirteen year olds do. I registered my son with the “Bears” because of all of the amazing things that I’ve heard about the coaches as well as the team players like “the coaches build the young men up, their supportive, helpful, & understanding “. And so far I can confirm that this is all true. They work with my son on his level of conditioning. And his team mates omg it almost brings me to tears watching them help my son up from the ground or even along when his behind. This team is really a “GAME CHANGER “! And in my opinion a “God send”! My son quits everyday and it’s extremely hard hard for him to do the conditioning but we won’t give up because they don’t give up to On us. I’m grateful. Thank you Bears! We Believe in You! Sincerely Jays Mom..Version: 5.14

App nice but some bugs and could use a few more featuresThe app is nice and we love the streaming. A few thing we had to figure out on our own. We were not able to log in with the same account on two devices like it says you can. If you do games created can’t be seen on other device or by team. We were able to resolve by having one account stream and a different account score. Live streaming is great. It would be nice to either be able to cast to a device (smart TVs, fire stick) or have the app available for those or even a website that would allow the ability to watch the live streams so everyone doesn’t need to crowd around a phone to watch..Version: 4.2

Pre planned computer customer service.Update : A real human addressed my issues. The slowpitch is still isn’t a feature at the time of this update. I never leave comments and I am not a negative person but this is sad. I contacted customer service and the pre written responses didn’t answer my questions. Then I received a pre written email response. That also didn’t answer my question. I haven’t used the app yet because I can’t get my questions answered. Heads up to any Slowpitch softball teams there isn’t any default settings for you to pre plan your game. You have to start the game and then change settings to add your 10th player. Seems like they are not worried about that market..Version: 5.28

Love the app for the most part.The app is great for the most part my biggest issue is with the search features. The classic app would allow me to search by state or country if I was unsure exactly what town had been used to register a team unfortunately now I have to search by each town even if they are very close together. The second issue is the search will return a lot of results when I use multiple words. For instance I use a league name with the words All Star even if I put quotation marks around it I get a couple thousand results even when limited to the current season. The search will also return all teams with word all or star in them there is no way to limit the search to an exact match. Location is also weird in that fact that some location searches will only return those results from those cities while other would return from multiple cities. You would think it would be the big cities returning multiple and the small just those locations instead I search for Phoenix I will only get teams with a location of Phoenix. If I search for Mesa however, I get Mesa, Gilbert, or Chandler. The search is also weird in the fact that if I have a word in the title that happens to be a place name I will also get all the teams associated with that location if I don’t put a limit on the location. I’m hoping for a clean up of the search function especially with most teams switching over to the team manager app.Version: 5.9

Great app!This app is great! There are more sports so now I can score my hockey team! Great job👍.Version: 1.19

Be careful with ‘reset game’!!Had someone scoring a game, the score needed to be manually overridden at the end of the game .. this guy didn’t quite know how to do it and accidentally reset the game so all plays and stats were lost. Would be a good idea for the big red reset button to come up with an ARE YOU SURE kinda warning so that the game isn’t able to be reset so easily..Version: 4.17

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