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What is Build Credit & Savings - Self? Description of Build Credit & Savings - Self

Want to build credit & savings together? Want credit for paying rent, cell phone, or utilities? Self has the tools for you to build credit.

With the Self credit app, you’ll have everything you might need to build credit. Get started with a low credit score – or even no credit score. At Self, all credit scores are welcome.

Start with the Self Credit Builder Account.
- Build payment history — the #1 factor for building credit6
- Get back your savings¹
- No credit needed
- Reports to 3 credit bureaus
- Plans start at $25/month³
- Pay off over 12 or 24 months
- Includes credit score monitoring (VantageScore 3.0)²
- No hard pull
- 256-bit encryption to protect your data
- Your principal is safe in a bank account⁴

Continue with the secured Self Visa® Credit Card⁵ designed for building credit.
- Reports to 3 credit bureaus
- Your Credit Builder Account savings progress secures your Self credit card & sets your limit
- Includes credit usage monitoring & alerts
- Use everywhere Visa is accepted in the US

Build credit using your rent, cell phone and utility payments
- Choose to add rent, cell phone, water, electric, and/or gas payments to your credit profile
- Securely link your bank account to Self
- Build credit by making on-time monthly payments like you usually do
- Cancel anytime

Self customers who make on-time payments lift their credit scores by 30 points, on average⁷.
Self customers who start with a credit score under 600 and make on-time payments lift their credit scores by 49 points, on average.

More than 3 million people have signed up to build credit with Self.

Card eligibility requirements include having an open Credit Builder Account in good standing, making 3 payments on time, having $100 or more in savings progress, and not previously having a Self Visa® Credit Card. Requirements are subject to change.

¹ Minus fees & interest. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. Improvement in your credit score is dependent on your specific situation & financial behavior. Failure to make monthly minimum payments by the due date each month may result in delinquent reporting to credit bureaus which may negatively impact your credit score. This product will not remove negative credit history from your credit report.

² Credit scores will only be available to customers our 3rd party vendor is able to validate.

³ Sample products are $25 monthly loan payment at a $520 loan amount with a $9 administration fee, 24 month term and 15.92% Annual Percentage Rate; Check the pricing page in the Self mobile app or for current pricing.

⁴ All Credit Builder Accounts are issued by Lead Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender, Sunrise Banks, N.A. Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender or SouthState Bank, N.A. Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. Subject to ID Verification. Individual borrowers must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident and at least 18 years old. Valid bank account and Social Security Number are required. All loans are subject to ID verification and approval.

⁵ The Self Visa® Credit Card is issued by Lead Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender or SouthState Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender.

⁶ See FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

⁷ Average outcome for customers who opened a 12 month Credit Builder account in Q1 2021, made on-time payments, based on VantageScore 3.0.

8 Average outcome for customers who opened a 12 month Credit Builder account in Q1 2021, starting VantageScore 3.0 under 600, who made on-time payments. Other factors, including activity with other creditors, may impact results. On-time payments does not mean full program completion and past performance based on study does not guarantee future results. Credit score increase not guaranteed.

Build Credit & Savings - Self App User Reviews

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Build Credit & Savings - Self Pros

A happy customer :-)This app does exactly what they say it does: it builds credit and boosts credit scores. In order to make that happen sign up for any account that you can manage and pay on time and keep transferring the money to a secured credit card. These guys really report timely and to all three credit bureaus. This is the fastest and easiest way to build credit history and secure a credit card while raising your own credit limit using your own money. If you guys are out there having a tough time building credit or opening a non secure credit card I encourage a Self credit builder account, you can easily keep opening credit builder accounts and keep transferring the money saved to a secured card and raise your credit limit. With a self-raised credit limit your credit, debt to credit ratio and utilization will start looking improving and looking great. You can either keep the account open or once you get your credit limit to $3000 find a secured card somewhere else and get your refund..J ReeLVersion: 2.15.0

This app will help you!This app has helped me build my credit and it made it easy as pie! They provide a clear overview of where your credit score is at and what you can do to make it better. It’s a great app for a person like me who isn’t exactly privy to how credit is established and all of the ins and outs of the whole process. The app is also so much better than other similar apps I have pertaining to credit and finance (Experian, etc..) because they make it so easy to understand what it is you are looking at and what steps you can take to improve your credit score. Once you are able to get the Self credit card and you are making your payments on time they will increase your credit limit rather quickly and continue to do so for as long as you are able to maintain good practices. If you are someone out there who is looking to take those 1st steps towards getting your credit score up, I highly recommend this app for you. Wishing you the best of financial luck & God bless -Seth.SethMo480Version: 3.8.0

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Build Credit & Savings - Self Cons

Starting to feel trapped by the ‘Self’ app…Don’t know where to start other than by saying what I’ve went thru has been a great experience up to where they randomly close to 50 credits for 5 different reasons out of nowhere? When I’ve been making payment on the dot and never had a problem…. After finding out many people have this problem I wanted to close my account only to find that they make it extremely weird for you to by saying it’ll only be by check to the adress on file instead of my listed bank account… then go on to say that if I close my account it’ll be bad on my end because I still “owe someone” when in reality I signed up because it said you can get to pay yourself (save money while paying for credit increase).... as in you can pay for yourself to get credit after months of owing yourself… but no it’s so much more complex and hard to even talk to someone about closing an account but what I’m seeing is now… They’ve in essence trapped me in an “agreement” to myself to pay money I’ve never received in the first place to myself.. and if I don’t pay and leave the agreement, not only will they take massive amount out my credit account but they’ll also say I still owe them money for the loan I’ve never gotten! WHEN I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR THAT!!!!.Dont get SelfVersion: 2.18.0

Way Different but has a lot more Con than ProsFor the Credit Card as an example rather than pay out of your own pocket of a deposit for the card if you have a self credit builder they take from that instead your own money. Two is anytime you make a payment to the card they charge you interest or their tax on top of it. Other Credit Cards don’t do that! That should be taken out completely. It’s not a loan it’s a credit card. It’s more their way to get money out of you. Especially if trying to pay anything off. Plus you can set a date to pay anything it has to be On that day you trying to make a payment when you want to set up a payment for whether 3 days from now or two weeks from now but they want you to do it on that day. I have not seen Self do anything for my credit score but raise 2 points after paying off the loan which was a joke and didn’t do anything when I made on time payments. This is more for someone that does not have any credit and like to establish some credit but don’t expect Self to bring you to 700 or 800 quickly they may just give you two points and all money back..Gamechanger234Version: 2.15.0

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Is Build Credit & Savings - Self legit?

Yes. Build Credit & Savings - Self is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 227,555 Build Credit & Savings - Self user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Build Credit & Savings - Self is 96.3/100.

Is Build Credit & Savings - Self safe?

Yes. Build Credit & Savings - Self is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 227,555 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Build Credit & Savings - Self is 96.8/100.

Should I download Build Credit & Savings - Self?

There have been no security reports that makes Build Credit & Savings - Self a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

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Build Credit & Savings - Self
Self Lender, Inc.
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4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Finance, Productivity
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59.58 MB
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30 March 2018, Friday
Last Update:
17 January 2023, Tuesday - 15:02
IOS 12.0 or later

Build Credit & Savings - Self 4.0.0 Update Note
✱ Version History

Thank you for using Self! This app update includes: - Minor app improvements & bug fixes.

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