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OneCast - Xbox Remote Play Negative Reviews

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OneCast - Xbox Remote Play App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

OneCast - Xbox Remote Play app received 64 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using OneCast - Xbox Remote Play? Can you share your negative thoughts about onecast - xbox remote play?

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OneCast - Xbox Remote Play for Negative User Reviews

LagI attempt to play very frequently but my gaming experience is ruined by lag I played everywhere in the house even right next to my Xbox and I cannot go 20 seconds without a freaking lag spike disconnecting me! All in all if you have the choice do not get this app I would like a refund immediately. Also why on earth does it say lag free I bought this app with the intent off a clean lag free gameplay but boy was I wrong because the lag is horrid I attempt to play at my desk where I would usually play Xbox and it still lags I want to speak with customer service on the phone immediately to attempt to get this whole situation fixed up because as off right now I am fuming upset of the false advertisement that this company had put out.Version: 1.12

Not great supportBought version as was mislead into thinking it was one licence for Mac OS X too which it ist support told me to take it up with Apple... Clearly not helpful.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t work on series xSadly it could be a great app, but doesn’t work on new console..Version: 1.14

Yeah it’s okWould be nice to have a option to broadcast sound and picture because i only got this to use my airpods on my xbox.Version: 1.12

Don’t buyDon’t buy.. won’t work outside your home.Version: 1.13

WifiShould work away from the house.Version: 1.12

Doubling up on platformsApp works well. Expect to pay twice if you want to use both on Mac OS and IOS. Cash grab - no reason to double charge. Unfortunate of the developer to do that..Version: 1.12

So much lag, in the same room. Constantly disconnects; totally frustratingSo much lag, and that’s in the same room as the XBOX; the app makes me so frustrated that I prefer it to use it at all. The app causes ego constantly get killed,and when driving I crash all the time. I wish this was completely remote; I.e I could use my Xbox at another address; but let’s sort out the lag in the same room first..Version: 1.13

Don’t just Don’t ❌Save your money guys this barely works at all. At first it connected and I thought everything went well but when I decided to play a game it crashed and made a weird buzz sound. And for the past 10 minutes my phone’s speaker wasn’t working. Luckily when I restarted my phone it worked again. I was so worried that my phone broke. Never downloading again. 👎🏾.Version: 1.14

App for xbox on iPod touchIt does not work well for me to playing on xbox.Version: 1.12

Constant crashesThey should pay you $5 to try this app vs paying for it. Complete garbage and waste of time. A little lag but constant crashing and freezing, truly awful... do not waste your time..Version: 1.12

Would not recommendBought this thinking it would work(it doesn’t ) as soon as I bought the app I got on and it crashes as soon as a touch the app.Version: 1.12

Stuttering & CrashesIt’s getting worse making everything unplayable.Version: 1.13

Won’t let me streamWon’t let me stream off Xbox anymore even though my Xbox works for it.Version: 1.12

Not worth itWorks once - then doesn’t work again until like a day later.Version: 1.12

TerribleThis is a waste of money don’t buy this you can only play when your Xbox is connected to the same wifi as you’re phone. Also it’s very laggy and Apple won’t refund me the money for it🤬🤬🤬.Version: 1.12

TerribleWorst app I have ever installed.Version: 1.12

Worst app don’t even bother wasting your moneyWorst app don’t even bother wasting your money! This app is a joke so they begin by telling you how you can now access your Xbox one every where you go….. ha not even close, more what they should say is access where ever you can go in your house as long as you can access your wifi and when I mean only your wifi that’s no LTE no friends wifi and then the nail in the coffin it costs 12-13 dollars to buy! This thing has yet to connect anywhere out side of my house! I’m sure is was like you guys and having problems with the Xbox app which had really bad lag pixelization” I mean awful pixelization” so I looked for an alternative and stumbled across this joke of a app and it promises the moon but delivers a huge, I mean huge dissatisfaction! If you are like me having trouble with the Xbox app fear no more cause I have the answer for you….. hard wire you Xbox it’s that simple as soon as I did that the Xbox app runs perfect because when on wifi trying to play on a system that’s on wifi we’ll it’s understandable that your gonna have lag, pixelization and glitchy results! So remove the wifi to wifi and hard wire you Xbox to you modem or router and I promise you will be good to go! I use anytime with LTE, wifi on my friends, doctors, fast food places etc. you get the point just please don’t waste your money on this ridiculous app I’m requesting a refund as I type so, BEST WISHES AND HAPPY GAMING!!!!!.Version: 1.14

Rarely worksApp rarely connects to my Xbox OneS. Followed all the setup instructions to the letter but this app is extremely inconsistent. On the odd occasion it does connect the in game controls don’t work and I have to reboot my iPad and console multiple times just to get it to work. Very frustrating!.Version: 1.12

Very Laggy!Works good for about 30 seconds then starts to stutter a lot and, then losses connection to XBox. Rebooted iphone (7s) and Xbox many times. My XBox has wired connection..Version: 1.12

Basically kicked me from using itIt said I was a child I’m 23.Version: 1.13

App not working and the developer insulted me!I didn’t have the chance to use this app since I purchased it, when I contacted the developer for support he just shocked me with the lowest customer support and he even dare to insult me by email! Apparently his arrogance doesn’t allow him to take negative feedbacks!!! I want my money back please..Version: 1.12

Not badWould be better without the ads and disconnections.Version: 1.14

NCan’t even register my account on my phone keep getting an error. Waste of money if you ask me.Version: 1.12

LagsIt lags a lot and disconnects from my Xbox if fixed with next update would be exactly what I was looking for but so far not happy with it and regret buying it.Version: 1.14

EhNot very good for $18, seems to be that every time I press PLAY, it connects for a few seconds then disconnects! Bit of a disappoint and a waste of $18. Tried different networks turned both phone and Xbox on and off and still does the same thing. Maybe needs abit more software attention for connections..Version: 1.12

TeribleDon’t buy super laggy.Version: 1.12

Extreme lag and disappointingThis was an absolute waste of money. I bought this and connected to my Xbox. I tried to play madden 21 which is like the only game I play on the Xbox. At first it seemed ok it was a little laggy but worked great. Then I tried to play a match against someone online and it was extremely laggy. The game would stop and then a second later my player would be 5 yards away from before and then it would repeat. I got sacked almost every play because I didn’t know what was happening because of the horrible lag. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. It is an absolute waste of money. At least if you try to play madden. You can do the same remote play type of thing with the Xbox app for FREE. Sincerely, Truman.Version: 1.14

Good last week rubbish nowThis app was better than the Xbox windows app last week, I’m not sure what’s happened since but the app seems to be playing up even on low setting, it’s about 10 seconds behind the Xbox, there’s lines and blocks keep appearing on the screen, crap, will be asking for my money back at this rate, seemed to be an Ethernet issue, was working fine with the Xbox on WiFi until today where it has just cut out 3 times and lost me games dong so after that I could get no connection..Version: 1.1

LaggingThe graphics is well done and on point, but it lags behind too much. I was playing COD WWll and when shooting its behind like i second, you cant react as quick as you would on playing from the TV screen. Maybe its good for other games but not first shooters. Therefore going to ask for a refund..Version: 1.12

Audio lags, xbone controller triggers, start/select don’t reactUsing with an iPhone XS, on a home network where I can stream to wireless laptops perfectly fine. I also stream FROM my pc via Moonlight and PS4 with remote play, both generally work great, moonlight especially. With no official Xbox streaming app to iOS as of June 2020, I tried this to stream my xbone and was rather disappointed. The image is excellent, and but with zero jitter or packet loss, and a max 15 ms if lag, I found the audio about 500 ms behind. Aggravating but not a deal breaker. What IS a deal breaker is that the triggers or start/select (and the “Xbox” button), are all nonfunctional on an official Xbox controller! They all definitely work in other apps, and in particular streaming to pc the controller detects as an Xbox 360 controller and works perfectly via Moonlight, so its not the controller or the phone. The image quality is great and if you’re ok using a virtual controller or remapping buttons a little i guess it’s YMMV, but I’m requesting a refund and leaving this review to warn folks away. Not that great. Fix the controller at least! And preferably that audio lag!.Version: 1.13

LaggyI know what everyone will think when reading. “It’s your WiFi”. But no, my WiFi is perfectly fine, xbox was connected via cable, phone was connected to same WiFi, controller was connected to Xbox but I was in my room, my xbox is literally 2 feet away from me and so is my tv and the gameplay on my phone was lagging while the gameplay on the xbox was perfectly fine.Version: 1.12

Good app but a few annoyancesThe app is a good idea and runs fairly well but for twelve dollars you would expect better but i think a few people are being unfair, of course your not gonna be competitive in shooters or multiplayer games this app is really good for single player/single player focused games like nfs forza and other single player games no your not gonna get perfect framed but they do advise you use a lan cable, but pls devs try to make it to where you don’t need a lan cable because your target audience is probably people that want to play there games on the go. Which brings me to my next topics please let us stream the game in the background so we can play with friend in the same console. Thank you for reading.Version: 1.13

Great but!Please make a feature for over the internet play I can’t stress enough this is a feature that must happen.Version: 1.1

LagSo laggy, will be requesting a refund, games are unplayable.Version: 1.12

Did not workSuch a waste of $$$🤬🤬🤬.Version: 1.1

Good when it was usefulOneCast used to be an excellent app when it supported remote play. After they had to get rid of that feature it was not worth the money. But now with the Xbox app u can stream remotely for free. Therefore, what is the point of buying this app?? I wouldn’t recommend this app anymore..Version: 1.14

Jury is still outThe controller seems to work fine navigating the Xbox menus, but as soon as I load up forza, it seems to lock up, I can get out of the game using the Xbox button on the controller, but nothing else in game works. Support said make sure the controller is connected before firing up OneCast, no luck there. Tried with a charge and play adapter (basically a wired controller), still go go. Going to try with some other games and request a refund if I have the same results. I feel two stars is being generous when the purpose is to play games without a tv, only so much joy to be had going through the Xbox menus..Version: 1.4

Great butOne problem I have is that I have to turn on my tv first before it will connect properly and half the time it won’t connect to my xbox..Version: 1.6

Ok but not as expected.I hate to give apps bad reviews but OneCast just doesn’t work in my opinion. It’s a shame because the price shows that for the money, you would expect it to work. If possible I would like a refund because I have tried and tried to use this app and make it work but it just doesn’t..Version: 1.14

Fails to connectThe app needs a massive over haul. I play my PlayStation 5 with ease, connects to remote no problems. Xbox…. Omg I have never had so many issues trying to connect my Xbox to this app. I’m constantly trying to get solutions..Version: 2.0

It doesn’t work please fixI spent 20 dollars pretty much and it didn’t work I am on my iPhone 8 hoping I can play at night and it keeps losing on registering Xbox and I left it to see if it works and I doesn’t I really won’t you to fix that.Version: 1.12

LaggyThis app is a great idea but it needs huge improvements it’s so laggy tried nfs heat casting I was right next to my xbox one it was very laggy and after 30 seconds it disconnects I play on my xbox it was fine.Version: 1.12

ReviewThis is a very good app, but one problem is lag. Is there is no lag then this app will improve. 😀😄😀 This app needs better improvements, the lag is a real problem, or else it will waste people’s money.Version: 1.12

Quite goodThe app is still a bit laggy and loses connection to the Xbox one sometimes on iPhone X, and iPad 4 is a bit better, I don’t have 5ghz or a Ethernet cable in the Xbox one either, it might get less laggy later in the future of the app.Version: 1.12

Used to be good….When I first started using this app it would work great with my Xbox One. Now that I have upgraded to a Series X it sadly doesn’t work. Add Series X support and I’ll bring that review up to a 5.Version: 1.14

Xbox serie X not workingWork really good with xbox one but im not able to connect with my serie X :(.Version: 1.14

TerribleDon’t buy this. I paired it to my Xbox one and followed all the instructions and requirements. Somehow, on low video quality, it is the best video quality, but on medium quality, you can barely make out shapes and figures in whatever game you are playing. Also on medium quality the app crashes the most, with over 2 crashes per minute!! It is extremely laggy and barely playable. I tried to play Forza Horizon 3, the app crashed constantly, I couldn’t play for more than 10 minutes. The audio quality is also very bad and constantly cuts out. This was the case for all of my games, no matter how low I set the video quality or how close I got to my Xbox one or how slow I went. It lags pretty much every time you do anything, even when exploring the game menu or the Xbox menu. Such a total waste of time and my hard earned cash, idk how everyone else had such a smooth experience, but I had the exact opposite of this. If I could get a refund I would..Version: 1.12

DisconnectKeeps disconnecting, wish I never bought this app.Version: 1.13

Stopped workingWas brilliant when working! Then came to use it the next day and just doesn’t work, try putting the IP address in and didn’t find the Xbox I’ve also deleted the app and reinstalled it and still nothing, I’m gutted because like I said at the start it was brilliant!.Version: 1.1

Sucks.Laggy. Glitches. Stops working almost Immediately. Hardwired in and still trash. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.12

Worked for a few weeksNow can’t find my Xbox keep getting error asking me to turn it off and then replug back pls fix.Version: 1.12

It’s glitchy and lags a lotCan u please fix all glitches because u said all bugs are fixed but they r not so can u please frickin fix them before I contact the creator myself and confront him.Version: 1.12

Works but not greatSometimes it streams perfectly and sometimes it’s soo laggy it’s unplayable. I have gigabit internet and a gaming router so I’ve ruled out my home network as the problem. Not 100% where the issue lies but it’s super inconsistent..Version: 1.12

Very fun appI liked this a lot although I don’t find it very helpful if I can hardly leave the room. I can only reach the bathroom and I think the distance should be extended and it would be fun if you could play while driving somewhere far. Also if we are going to be playing on iPads and phones I think we shouldn’t have the Xbox on. Overall my gameplay experience has been fun not to many glitches and it the glitches don’t bother me much. So I think it would attract a lot more people to buy this app if they knew they could play away from home. Thank you for your time.Version: 1.12

IPad issuesHangs on iPad 7th gen with iOS 13.6.1 while connecting to the Xbox. Finds the Xbox but can't connect. Working on iPhone 11 Pro Max though with iOS 13.7 and everything else, like network, being same..Version: 1.13

Constant drops - don’t buyGot followed the instructions, I have a fantastic internet connection and still drops. Can’t play on mobile as so unstable. Also put this app on my iPad again wouldn’t work for longer than a few minutes. As soon as I input a command the connection fails. Waste of money. Do not buy..Version: 1.6

Doesn’t work when Xbox is connected to WiFiDoesn’t work when Xbox is connected to WiFi even if very fast WiFi that can handle 4K transmission. As such, the app does not make it convenient to use the Xbox remotely as it requires Ethernet connected Xbox. Very archaic. Also, it even randomly hangs midplay (video only not sound) if Xbox was connected to WiFi. See I would have expected it to be slower than Ethernet but not hang. As such, app is not reliable. That said, the OneCast Mac App does work well enough without hanging when Xbox is connected to WiFi and not directly via Ethernet. You get a bigger screen on the laptop/desktop anyways, so I recommend it. Still, I’m disappointed with iOS app as I would have wished to use my iPad reliably without moving my Xbox away from the TV all the way to the only room in the house that has an internet connection jack just to use Ethernet. That’s the whole point behind WiFi. Get on with the times OneCast!!!.Version: 1.2

TrashSuper bad I hate it don’t spend your money on this stuff.Version: 1.12

It works but...It works as described. However, it is ridiculous that I had to purchase 2 licenses. 1 for my computer and the other for my iPhone. 1 license should be enough for both. As a consumer when I found out buying the app on here wasn’t going to give me access on my mac as well I felt under valued and disrespected..Version: 1.8

Unreliable and buggyExtremely unreliable, connects one day and another day it doesn’t. Their support ask you to go through hoops to tell you what’s wrong, I’ve been back and forth with their support 5 or 6 times and still no result at the end they just close off my ticket. disappointing.Version: 1.14

Lots of lag and black screenUsing an iPhone XS Max found a log of juddering and lag. With my iPad Pro kept going blank screen around every few seconds. X box has wired connection but I cannot check if I’m connected on 5ghz with the iPad/Phone..Version: 1.12

Half second lag on mini.Don’t get me wrong, this is a novel idea. My wife likes to watch shows I have no interest in and visa versa. We thought this would be a perfect solution, but it’s kind of a disappointment. I connected the controller to the iPad no problem, and the setup overall was simple. The screen size is small as expected on the mini, but I don’t read much on madden anyways. The issue I had was a quarter to half second lag. Then graphical hitches and lag stops during any movement. If you have a mini I wouldn’t recommend unless you were playing something like civ or a non-action oriented game. I don’t know if it’s any better on the pro, but my internet is not the issue..Version: 1.12

Upgrade it for series xBeen using this for quite some time now 2 years or more, it works really well as expected with the xbox one. Now that I upgraded to a series X it’s not working anymore. And no I don’t want to use the xbox app because I make YouTube videos. The xbox app has a water mark and 3 dots it’s annoying so I prefer onecast. Till then this is a 3 star. I will make it 5 once you make it compatible for series x Or I’m willing to rebuy this if I have to.Version: 1.14

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