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ShortTV - Watch Dramas & Shows App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

ShortTV - Watch Dramas & Shows app received 63 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ShortTV - Watch Dramas & Shows? Can you share your negative thoughts about shorttv - watch dramas & shows?

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ShortTV - Watch Dramas & Shows for Negative User Reviews

Rip offToo expensive for a short film!!!! More expensive than real movie site.Version: 1.3.2

GlitchyI don’t know if it’s me or the app. but i’ve done have thing i can think of to stop the glitching but i just kept glitching and nothing else was glitching besides the app. i was really excited.Version: 1.7.1

Price of coins to expensiveI have to say like I was very intrigued by the stories, which is one of the main reasons why I got the app I’m really not pleased with how expensive it is for the coins and I will not be purchasing any coins or anything extra on this app because nobody has money for that and I do want to keep continuing to watch and I do agree that they should lower the price on this because this is absolutely ridiculous for a one minute video.Version: 1.7.1

ReviewShould have at least 10 daily free passes less adds after stores.Version: 1.7.1

Minor issuesAmazing app great story line. Would give it 5 stars but I’ve had a couple times where I was half way in unlocking and watching episodes. When the next day I was bumped back episode 1 and all other episodes including the ones I unlocked were now locked again. Other than that it’s an amazing app..Version: 1.6.0

A fan xShould give out more free coins or free episodes ‘watch ads’ with a limit.Version: 1.6.6

Love itLove it.Version: 1.7.1

Great appThis is a great app. The only problem is is that you can’t watch everything in at once unless you buy coins of course which are very overpriced but it’s OK. The movies are great and you can earn coins daily just not that much overall, this app is great. I would be better if you bought coins but oh well..Version: 1.7.1

PricesI absolutely love the episodes on here but the prices are far to high for me to unlock any so the wait for 24 hours to get 5 new episodes is very upsetting and frustrating. 💔.Version: 1.7.1

Enjoying the story but….You can only get one one minute episode a day if your lucky. Unless you pay extortionate prices for coins to use. Not worth that cost and too many adverts to just watch a minute. Might just watch the one story the. Delete..Version: 1.6.5

What is with the bonus??I get the app has to make its money somehow but like why not make the bonuses bigger for the ad watching?.Version: 1.7.1

For rich people only!Watching max 30mins of a film cost me £15! That’s more expensive than a month subscription to Disney+ or a movie ticket! AVOID! Don’t make the same mistake I did!.Version: 1.7.1

Good showsGood shows too expensive.Version: 1.7.1

Don’t waste your time.Poor acting, gives you a few free clips of the show, then wants you to pay to see the rest of the show..Version: 1.2

Les coinsIl nous faut des jeux pour gagner des coups s.Version: 1.7.1

Not worth itDoes not tell you how many coins you have left. each episode is only 2 min long max. And there are like 90 episodes. They make it so you can spend money! It makes you watch more ads than you should to unlock an episode. I spent over a week to finish one series. Not worth the money as the acting can be cringy. It will take time to finish the series as you only get 5 free videos but you have to watch ads..Version: 1.6.6

Not in EnglishThe app is not in English but the clips are..Version: 1.7.1

It’s midI love the idea of this but the clips are extremely too short for the amount of coins and if you don’t wanna pay $10 to watch only 12 episodes at a time then you have to watch adds for free but only 5 at a time and then you have to wait another couple of hours so you can watch more adds to get more coins. If you made the clips longer I wouldn’t personally have a problem with it..Version: 1.7.1

Why is short tv goodI believe ShortTV is good because it lets me watch fun things and it’s free, but a downside is the fact I can’t watch the episodes continuously because I have to have coins.Version: 1.7.1

Money hungryAll they do is try and get you to pay. There are some great story line but there not worth $80 to Unlock all the shorts.Version: 1.7.1

Don’t do itWorst app I have ever downloaded. The storyline is dragged out so much it becomes annoying to watch. I actually wanted to just skip to the end but you can’t you have to purchase every single episode. it’s 50 coins to watch each episode and There’s 75 episodes. 1000 coins is $20. so they wanted you to pay over $40 to watch this crap. Yes one ad that you watch equals 50 coins but I rather not watch 75 ads to complete the story. Sorry not sorry. I pay less than that to watch a movie that was just in theaters a week ago.. This is absolutely, laughable. Let’s not even talk about the fact that each story takes forever to load and sometimes the app even freezes causing you to close the app and reopen it in order to watch finish watching one episode..Version: 1.5.3

PoorWhy is it when you watch ads? It is hard to close the ad..Version: 1.5.3

BadI don’t think ShortTV is really all of that because you can’t really watch shows you gotta buy it with coins like they only give you a few episodes for a show and I feel like you should have to buy it. You should be able to watch it just like Netflix like they should put people on like a three day free trial until we have to pay for it.Version: 1.7.1

Money scamAs I scan the page it’s not worth doing because basically the website is setting you up to buy the coins but not telling you how many episodes you get with the coins. On another hand the clips are short so you’ll be spending more money. Get that you have to make a profit but not at the cost of people to enjoy a show. The price need to known up front when buying coins and how many episodes you get with the bundle of coins. Honesty is the best policy..Version: 1.3

Constant adds!!!!There’s only about 5 to 6 episodes actually unlocks for every story and you have to earn coins or purchase coins to unlock these episodes and they’re only about a minute to a minute and a half long. If you want to unlock episodes without purchasing coins you have to watch more ads just ads all the time the stories are great. I get pulled into the minute minute and a half clips, but it takes a while to get to the end of the story..Version: 1.7.1

Pretty goodI’d give a 5 star if it was like other little show apps that gave you 5 episodes to watch a day. You have to watch a bunch of advertisements for coins to watch each one takes 85. Takes a few days to get enough for 1 episode. You can pay real cash for coins but who wants to do that. 😞 but so far I have liked watching the shows.Version: 1.7.1

Very expensiveIt’s cheaper to go the cinema to watch a film than buying for all the 80; one minute episode I was hooked into paying £25 and still can’t get to the ending.Version: 1.5.3

Too expensiveGood content but way to expensive..Version: 1.6.6

ReviewGood stories that are quick and easy to listen and read..Version: 1.7.1

Get rid of payingThis app is ok but it only let me watch 4 videos and I have to pay for the rest I am not paying.Version: 1.7.1

Not goodThe stories are great but first you can watch like 7 eps free but then u literally have to pay for the whole thing like it’s a bit stupid.Version: 1.7.1

I’ll give it a threeThe stories are intriguing and it’s nice to not have to read, but I do feel they should have more affordable options. Whether it’s a monthly subscription or even cheaper options to watch the videos. I do know it takes time and effort to make them. I just know with money being an issue now a days it would be a great alternative to have different affordable options to help..Version: 1.7.1

Terribly addictiveI can’t even believe I’m watching this show on here the acting is awful 😂 but the story is excellent so I keep watching. I don’t like that the shows cost so much to watch. I’ve started just using the free episodes/commercial views to watch because my show has 90 episodes and at 60 coins per 1.5 min episode it’s not at all affordable it’s more expensive than my regular cable subscription. Also ads are sometimes just as long or longer than actual show episodes..Version: 1.6.6

Good to kill timeSome of the fantasy stories are great and good to watch but some of the others are just a waste of time. The amount of violence against women in these movies isn’t believable as no one would treat anyone with such disregard in this time. When it comes to medical matters the characters of the story dictate to doctors who to save and what treatment. In one story a doctor allows a child to die over another - this would never happen. I watch to kill time when I’m bored . i wouldn’t recommend to anyone.Version: 1.6.9

..It was good and entertaining to watch but when I was watching it went to the next episode and said I had to pay for some “coins”? I think that you shouldn't have to pay for some coins just to watch an episode, and $12.00 just for a couple coins? At least make it cheaper..Version: 1.7.1

Too expensiveFar too expensive - episodes are too short for their price and half the time the acting definitely isn’t the best Double or triple the length and half the price and then it would be almost reasonable.Version: 1.7.1

Good!It very nice, just a couple of things I’d like to see you do differently. 1. Make the dramas longer, like 8 minutes. 2. Can you also make it so that we can keep earning coins to keep watching? I currently listen to pocket FM and they make it easy to keep watching videos. They let you keep watching videos to earn coins but stop after you get like 100 coins, then you have to stop for an hour. After an hour you can watch more videos and build up your coins. I like watching dramas but if I can’t keep earning coins and they are only a minute long, it’s really not worth it..Version: 1.5.3

Slightly AnnoyingI downloaded this app because I saw a tiktok ad on it and wanted to see how the stories went, they give u enough coins to get through the first couple of episodes but then you have to buy coins or watch ads which I already used them all up. Sure you get daily rewards but 85 coins for a 1:17 second video is annoying and I feel like it should be 10-15 coins. Not 85...Version: 1.7.1

Do not downloadWorst app ever, do not bother trying it. You only get to watch a few episodes and then pay an arm and a leg just to get more coins and watch the worst acting and story line ever made. Total waste of time. I would give it -10 if I could..Version: 1.3.2

Recaps take too much time off next 1 minute episodeFar to expensive for each episode and recaps of previous episode takes too much time off the next 1 minute episode. Ads are hard to get out of if wanting to use for free episodes. Great stories but you have to spend so much money to get through the series if you don’t want to watch long ads for the free episode..Version: 1.6.5

Need to fixThe first episode was 3 minutes long and also free after 10 adds then said pay money to earn points to watch for free but also the duration of video got shorter and shorter, the last video I pay money to watch was only 52 seconds long….like what the heck, I waste money just to buy 1000 points but they gave me 52 seconds..Version: 1.5.1

Good Shows but Not Very UserfriendlyThe shows are good and some are awesome; however, the app isn’t very user-friendly. Some examples of why it isn’t very user-friendly are, 1-there isn’t a clear button to add a show to your personal list, 2-the episodes open without you selecting to open them so you can see how many coins is needed per episode nor are you alerted when your coins are being used, 3- you aren’t aware of when you’re running out of coins because you have no control of when a locked episode will unlock while watching and 4-the TT app gives you a view of 10 epis which is great for deciding if you want to watch it on the Short app, but on the app you are buying about 3 episodes that you have already been able to view which seems strange. You would think the app should start unlocking with the 11th episode instead of the 6th or 7th episode. Though I get it takes money to produce the episodes, there should be some awareness indicator or step in place so viewers know when coins are being used or when a locked episode needs to be unlocked to give viewers the choice to use their coins or sample other shows at their leisure. The pros are the 1-voice-overs are good translations to English, 2- there are a lot of shows to select from to watch, 3-the prices for coin packages is reasonably inexpensive for the smaller packages..Version: 1.5.3

Short tvA pain in the neck has commercials every 5 seconds.Version: 1.6.5

Good videosIt just gets expensive to have to buy more time when you’re into a story.Version: 1.7.1

DisappointedAlthough what I was watching was interesting. After paying 9.99 and to only watch a limited amount of 1min videos was very diassapointing. When purchasing I understood it was an unlimited one time purchase. Not aprox 1/2 hours worth of clips. At least let the series complete for 9.99.Version: 1.6.8

RipoffWay too expensive and rubbish shows. Save your data..Version: 1.5.3

3/5- needs more options for free coinsWorth watching the adds for the short clips. Wish they had more options to win free coins instead of having to purchase them. I’ll keep being patient and watch 10-13 episodes a day til I complete a series, I just don’t have the extra cash nor can I justify spending money for coins to watch the 2 shows I’m even interested in..Version: 1.6.0

Not goodThis app is useless, 1 minute shorts just to reel you in for more. First episode was good then 59 seconds to a minute is not worth my money or time. Not recommended. I brought the 300 points and it only gave me 2 videos. What the heck. Waste my time and money!!!! Make it free if you can’t provide good service!!! Not happy with this app.Version: 1.5.1

Money gone too quickI recently downloaded this app because it seemed like a fun way to enjoy stories. But I realized you needed coins to continue so I bought some but I would only make it through about 4 or 5 “episodes” before I would need to add more coins and they were not cheap. So I reached out to customer service because I was not satisfied with having to spend $20 every time I wanted to watch a few “episodes” and they told me that because “I already paid I would not get a refund for not being satisfied”. I normally do not leave reviews but this is bad customer service. A customer is not satisfied with your product and they do not even try to make it better. They just tell me they have my money now and there is nothing they can do..Version: 1.7.1

ShortTVI don’t like the fact of the bonuses that you only get one episode per day, unless you buy pieces to unlock the app.Version: 1.6.9

Really interesting series but too expensiveSeries are too short and you have to pay so much money to unlock only a few episode. Would be nice if you could pay monthly and annually like you do for streaming services and were able to watch as much as you like..Version: 1.7.1

Love itLove the stories and the app only wish the clips were longer then a minuet still love it and you had more ways to get coins with adds.Version: 1.7.1

RebornNice 👍.Version: 1.7.0

App not workingThe App doesn’t even work on my phone. So annoying as it worked before..Version: 1.7.1

Could be better…You shouldn’t have to pay or watch an add to watch the next part. Other then that it is ok.Version: 1.6.5

OkEpisodes r a bit pricy on points but the stories r good.Version: 1.7.1

Less ads more videosIt is good but they need to add less ads and more videos.Version: 1.7.1

Needs some improvementI hate the new update the episode watch number has went from 8-15 to 5 it’s really just not worth it anymore. Plus there are to many episodes to only be able to watch 5 per day. It would also be great if the could raise the amount of bonuses you get in the bonus ads because the episodes cost like around 50 coins to unlock and you can only get 46 when watching the bonus ads so it could really be improved..Version: 1.6.5

Time consumingHaving to watch ads and then pay to finish the story.Version: 1.5.3

DisappointedUhm i cannot believe you put this on my tiktok and then made me down load it to watch a couple episodes THEN... not be able to watch the rest and have this suspense of when happens next. i was not paying 10 dollars to watch 8 episodes when there's 90 episodes. do the math that's a lot of money... anyways goodnight... turned me into a karen..Version: 1.7.1

It’s goodI like watching it but I don’t like that I have to pay..Version: 1.7.1

Money beggarsThis app is used as a base of ads. The point of it, is to make money, that’s why you gotta watch ads and pay for it, it’s cheaply made. Your not paying for a subscription. There is no customer satisfaction..Version: 1.5.3

GoodStories are great but cost for each chapter is high.Version: 1.7.1

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