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Mast: for Mastodon app received 72 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mast: for Mastodon? Can you share your negative thoughts about mast: for mastodon?

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I wanted to like itThe app is slick and looks good, but is clumsy in some areas. I should not have to tap into a toot to interact. Make it an option. I also haven’t had a notification once and the feeds are not always updating without manual intervention when opening the app up. I’ll keep an eye on it but switching back to another app for now..Version: 2.2.3

Doesn't work with pawoo.netNo toots can be shown..Version: 1.7.5

Nice.. except for the bugsThis app is pretty well designed and would be a nice native app except it fails to load, crashes, and does odd things constantly. The developer has said it’s “waiting for a rewrite”; I couldn’t recommend buying it until they do so..Version: 1.7.6

Still crash a lotI used to wish that the brand new version and subscription system can bring a better experience, but it still crash like usual..Version: 2.0.4

Crashes - UnusableCrashes when adding image to scheduled toot on iPad, every single time. unusable in current state..Version: 2.2.3

It’s okay. had some glitchesIf you use the touch id lock to open the app it just glitches and crashes. also I don’t like how the boost and like buttons are not visible on posts, you have to hold down the post for those options to pop up.Version: 2.2.3

Crashes, laggyUnusable.Version: 2.1.1

Great Mastodon clientThis app is a joy to use. It’s tactile and delightful. If you’ve been wanting to get started with Mastodon (a better social network, that works in a federated way, kind of like email) this app can definitely make your experience fun. The app is feature rich, and I feel like I’m finding new things all the time. The quality is good, too. There’s the occasional crash but I’m sure the developer is across these teething issues..Version: 1.0

Login Process Just HangsI pick the instance where my account lives and then nothing happens after I enter my email and password, it just hangs..Version: 2.2.3

Inactive development?Looks like Mast was sold by its developer. Not sure if the new owners are looking to improve it or not. It crashes a lot, doesn’t support notifications, and has problems refreshing, so there’s definitely work to be done..Version: 2.2.3

Looks nice, still buggyUnfortunately while this is a very aesthetically well-designed app, it is pretty buggy and needs a lot more attention..Version: 2.2.1

Another app that went with a subscription modelWill devs ever learn? This app has always been buggy. The first thing I tried doing was updating my bio. The UX is all very wonky and the UI for actually updating a bio is a disaster. This app is definitely not worth a subscription model for features like basic notifications when better options are available. [update] this app requires extra taps to do basic things like bio updates and search. its interface is also unintuitive. however, it hasn't crashed yet. added a star since the app hasn't crashed yet..Version: 2.0

HOPELESSCan’t sign in. The language is confusing. No response for password reset..Version: 2.2.3

Needs fixingIt is a nice app but the search function doesn’t work rendering it pretty useless. Once this is fixed I’ll try again..Version: 2.2.3

UnderwhelmedThis app is so bad it should not be allowed to be a paid app. The search feature is broken and making something as simple as a text post is frustrating. For some reason i have to hit post twice or three times to toot something and then once it decides to work it posts two or three duplicate toots. I can’t beeline the developer not only charges 2.99 for this app but also has the gall to have a tip jar inside the app. Here’s your tip: fix this mess..Version: 2.2.3

App is crashing won’t openI just got the app and it crashes every time I open it..Version: 2.2.3

ProblematicWhere’s my profile and favourites. Crashes all the time..Version: 1.5.5

Accessibility is an afterthoughtI want to like Mast, but when the rough edges for the app do appear, they’re usually in accessibility features. When I upload a photo to include in a toot, for example, there’s no obvious way to add a caption for screen reader users. I have to somehow know ahead of time to long-press the uploaded image, and even though it says it’s done uploading, I get an error when I try adding a caption saying I need to wait until it’s done uploading, even though I haven’t published the toot yet and the app already showed that the image was uploaded. This doesn’t work even when I save it as a draft, because when you do that it doesn’t save the image with the draft and you have to re-upload it and run into the same error. They got a good dark theme though, but that just reflects the priorities of the app..Version: 2.2.3

Latest update crashed me 24/7I updated the app today, and now it’s not loading anything at all. Crashes out so may delete and change apps. Before it was nice but now... somethings went wrong big time. Sorry..Version: 2.2.3

BrokenSadly this whole app is broken. Perhaps an API change has caused this. You can login, but that’s literally all you can do. Both Desktop and Mobile apps exhibit the same behaviour..Version: 2.2.3

Mast - good UI but some functions don’t workI just started using Mast for my social App. It has a nice UI but the main feature that sent me back to the App Store was search. The Explore tab has a search button and does perform a search. The resulting list is NOT scrollable nor can I interact with the row items. Eg I couldn’t respond to a toot or follow a person..Version: 2.2.3

Frequent crashesIt looks great, but always seems to crash when loading certain tabs. The things that do work, however, are fantastic..Version: 2.2.1

Love the App but Notifications Don't WorkThis is a great app and I enjoy using it, but I can't get it to deliver notifications and all the email addresses the developers provide bounce back, not sure how else to get support....Version: 2.2.3

Abandonware garbageThis guy’s apps are consistently low quality high fluff and then he abandons them. Not worth it, buy something that will last..Version: 2.2.3

Development is deadDevs do NOT update this and the current version is borked, do NOT buy this!!.Version: 2.2.3

I'd heard good things, namely that it was worth the $$It's not. Don't bother. Stick with one of the free third party apps..Version: 2.2.3

Decent but some bugsAs with all apps there is some bugs, but Mast has a nice design and support for custom emoji! But I’ve had issues with the app crashing when refreshing the notification feed.Version: 2.2.1

Hasn't been updated in a yearCrashes every time I try to load notifications. Waste of money.Version: 2.2.3

Barely better than a web viewI don't know where to begin. The iOS app won't complete oAuth, so I can't add my account. The macOS app is able to complete authentication, but is filled with UI glitches, and doesn't allow for customization of basic things like the width of the display columns..Version: 2.2.3

Doesn’t openConstantly crashes and won’t stay open.Version: 2.2.3

Update removes features to demand money againI get that moving to a subscription model is fashionable but it’s slightly more polite to do that by releasing the new version as a separate app, which the prior version being renamed “legacy” sure sounded like was happening, not gutting existing features..Version: 2.0

There's potential hereI really like the idea with this app - one that works on nearly all the Apple platforms, and is open source / Free Software. However, the app has lots of bugs such as: * I can't get it to properly refresh the local timeline on macOS without quitting. * I can't seem to reorder columns. * Crashes on watchOS on my S3 * CMD-, doesn't work to open preferences - in fact, the whole UI seems like a straight port from iOS. Better than nothing, but in practice I'll use a web client instead. Also, the contact links in the About panel either don't activate on clicking, or point to expired domains, so it makes me think the app has been abandoned..Version: 2.2.2

Doesn’t send notificationsThe app doesn’t give me notifications and it only checks for notifications or new posts when you do it manually. I sent an email to the developer using the app’s “get in touch” menu to ask about this issue but never got a response. The app is very pretty but the fact that you have to manually refresh every feed right now and remember to check whether or not you got any notifications makes it a real pain to use, so it’s absolutely not worth the money right now..Version: 2.2.2

Beautiful but still lacks featuresFor example, why I can’t see all types of notifications together? But this is still the best mastodon client available..Version: 2.2.2

Poor design, do not recommendIt's not terrible, but the forced column view means you're giving up the web app for a very narrow view of your feed. I assumed I could hide notifications, messages, etc. If you open a photo, there's no close button, ESC doesn't do anything, so I have to close the app and reopen it. I would recommend sticking with the web app until Mast hits maturity..Version: 2.2.3

IPad app crashes when trying to shareCluttered app in general but does the job.Version: 2.2.3

Out of dateI do not recommend buying this app, because the app hasn’t been updated for more than 2 years many mastodon’s new feature aren’t added to this app. Save your money..Version: 2.2.3

Unable to loginI bought your the app, but get stuck logging in. Once I select my instance (mastodon.social) and login on its website, the “authorise” button does not seem to do anything. I tried to use the same link in the browser, but this just send me back to the main page of the app without actually logging me in. It’s seems this app is no longer fully compatible with mastodon or iOS..Version: 2.2.3

Not very goodUnfortunately I think I may have wasted my money with this purchase. The UI is ok, albeit very childish with its confetti every time you interact with the app, and larger than life icons. But what really frustrated me was the lack of customisation, yes you can change the theme and even the icon, but the dev should have taken care of the core stuff first. You can’t customise the feeds you see, or how many. Also when refreshing, I just get a few new toots, so if I’ve been away for a few days, I have to refresh multiple time (like 20) to get to the top of the feed. If changing the theme and having confetti pop every time you post is important to you, then buy this app. However, if actual usability is, I’d probably stay away for the time being..Version: 1.2.4

Developer should disclose domains blockedThis developer treats his users like children and forced a built-in Net Nanny. At bare minimum, he should disclose which domains are blocked before tricking customers into purchases..Version: 1.7.5

How do you turn on the dark mode?Help.Version: 2.2.3

Not Worth a penny SUPER BUGYThis app is SUPER BUGY! It also has a few weird/ annoying bits to it. For example, when you’re typing a toot there is no ‘enter’ on the keyboard. Which is stupid and annoying. It usually won’t let me upload a photo. You have to click either into a toot to boost or like it or use the iOS 3D Touch. It’s generally not user friendly and glitches often. There are days where it just crashes and can’t use it at all. I do hope the developers continue to work on this app. Though I find it very frustrating to use it has a nice interface and has neat features like being able to do polls and view engagement metrics..Version: 2.0.7

Looks nice, not entirely functionalIt’s nearly impossible to search hashtags and users. The main feed and profiles look and work very well. Would like to see more attention to browsing hashtags.Version: 2.2.3

Great with a few bugsGood layout, nice interface, responsive. A few notes: - Click and hold on my own profile crashes the app. - Also, I switched to another app, then back to this one, and lost the draft of my post. One huge advantage of this app is local discovery. I can see posts from people on my instance. I feel connected to others..Version: 2.2.3

Promising but needs a bit of workIt works well for browsing Mastodon but it eschews the default layout of toots which is a bit annoying. I wish boost/favorite buttons appeared by default instead of having to swipe to get to them, and sometimes I can’t see whole threads when viewing a subtoot. The biggest issues are notifications and crashing when I try to view activity for my profile; Amaroq and Tootdon has these issues as well. Notifications worked great up until a week ago but now they’re gone which is a bit annoying..Version: 1.2

Good but needs a minor (but important) featureThe like button (along with anything else) should be directly accessible below a post without having to open that post..Version: 2.2.3

Keeps crashing, not useableJust paid for this app and liked it at first until it started crashing! Now I can’t use it at all on my iPad. Waste of money.Version: 2.2.3

Beautiful app that’s actively developed and improvedUpdated review from original Time to brush off the cobwebs and update the app! Mastodon is the thing now. As with ALL iOS/iPadOS Mastodon clients, it needs some TLC but it still basically looks good. Multi-account functionality would be wonderful. BTW I’m not asking for freebies. I’ll happily pay any developer who makes a really solid, supported Mastodon. I’ll even pay a sub for it..Version: 2.2.3

Crashes on NotificationsCrashes every single time Notifications are refreshed.Version: 2.2.3

Attractive but freezes oftenThis app is visually pleasant and when it's working well, I adore it. However, it is prone to freezing when waiting for anything to load, and if you touch the screen in that time, it "queues" that touch for once the thing has loaded, and you can find yourself clicking on anything (even links). Settings like "hold place while loading new toots" don't work as expected. I also find it disappointing for such a pricey app that the rewrite will apparently be released as a whole new app that will have to be paid for from scratch, instead of as the update it would rightfully be..Version: 1.7.7

Very unstableEvery five minutes the app would just close down unexpectedly. Even just searching hashtags will just close down the app. For a premium paid app, I’d expect something stable at least. Crashes i can handle but when it starts to impact workflow, then it’s something i cannot ignore. Update 1.7 App still struggles to maintain its uptime and bugs persist. I am not going to seek to use this anymore and will find an alternative app thats stable..Version: 1.7.0

Missing too many featuresPurchased and saw too late that it hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. No support for notifications? How exactly does that work on a social networking app?.Version: 2.2.3

Not PolishedI had thought that the paid app might be more polished than some of the unpaid ones. Disappointingly this doesn't seem to be the case. The first screen is completely blank until I navigate through the top menu and add an account. Even then it doesn't nicely size the columns to fit inside the window. Can't recommend without additional work..Version: 2.2.3

Ripped OffMast used to be a great paid app. The customization features in it were really great, and was my go to app for Mastodon. But now it’s a free app, and now I have to pay again to use the features I had already paid for. I can’t trust the developers support into the future if they’re gonna do stuff like this..Version: 2.0.7

No Upgrade Path For Early SupportersGreat app actually, but I paid a fair amount for an app ($5), and suddenly lost access to every feature I used after a hiatus from Mastodon. No upgrade path, so I honestly feel scammed; i bought the app specifically for those features, and never would have purchased had i known it'd only be for 9 months. Idea of a one time purchase is that it's a one time purchase; Mast isn't like a weather app or some other service-based app that relies on pricey APIs; Mastodon is an open source, "federated" service. Sure, developer needs paid to maintain the application, but stripping 90% of the app from paying users and asking them to pay again seems unfair; at least publish the revised application as a new listing so paying users can use the old version without support. :|.Version: 2.0.1

Nice UI but limited functionalityLooks super nice and has good UI but can’t search for or follow people through the app. Also confusing between following fees and public feed..Version: 2.2.3

Paid for the app, then overnight features disappeared and were locked behind a subscriptionWould refund if I could. Terrible user experience, buggy, not worth the money I already paid.Version: 2.1.0

Great start, but missing some key features! (Also occasional crashes)This app is beautiful and responsive but: -crashes when switching accounts or replying occasionally -can’t make cws for images other than the nsfw filter? -nsfw filter on posts with images also covers text, making it more difficult to pre-screen content -slightly clunky placement of follow requests, no notification for new pending follower -no way to tell if post has cw applied or not on drafting toot screen (light up the icon if applied maybe?) -custom instance emotes in own posts show up as text? kinda a bummer. I’ll happily update my review and continue using if/when these things are changed, and as JPEG is super on top of updates for this app, I assume things will continue improving! Otherwise, playing with customization in the app is great and there are lots of options to change things to be more standard if you don’t like the layout (such as swiping actions)..Version: 1.7.6

Crashes constantly.A few days after purchasing it started crashing as soon as the app launched. Gave up. I suppose it has some value in that I can share media to it and create a post. But to view that post I need to fire up a web browser which kind of defeats the purpose..Version: 2.2.3

Used to be great, recently very buggyAs the title. In the past few weeks search has stopped working, I can no longer choose to allow photo access (only save photos from the app), adding new feed timelines doesn’t work either..Version: 2.2.2

Looks like this app is done.Developer accounts are inactive, not even bugfix/os support updates are being released. Maybe look elsewhere. Sad cause so much potential….Version: 2.2.3

Notifications do not workIt's so frustrating. They never load. It's been like this constantly since the beginning. I just...want to use the site and app. I also find accounts I've removed, muted, or blocked still show up. I don't have the problem on the website. The Mac app doesn't work at all..Version: 2.2.2

Not the best.It’s trying to work but the biggest issue I have is the inability to search. Not sure if it’s just buggy or what but the explore/ search functions don’t work at all. Definitely not worth the price..Version: 2.2.3

AbandonwareDev seems to have moved on to other things.Version: 2.2.3

Notifications are broken, other concernsNotifications are currently completely non-functional, which has been quite disappointing. The developer has known about this for several days, but hasn’t been able to remedy the situation. This delay does not inspire confidence in his ability to provide a reliable service. Aside from notifications, the timeline is frequently buggy with regards to being able to maintain scroll position. Additionally, the “load more toots” button shows up at random and when pressed, completely messes with scroll position, requiring a bunch of scrolling up and down to determine where one was in the timeline. Once the charge for this app transitions out of “pending” state, I’ll be requesting a refund due to lack of notification functionality..Version: 1.5.0

Cannot log out of app.How do I log out of my mastodon account on the app? If there is a way, it cannot be found..Version: 2.2.2

Crashes constantlyWorked great for a day. Now it constantly crashes. I tried contacting the developer, but no response. Really disappointing..Version: 2.2.3

Full of bugsRunning half an hour on my iPad Pro has shown numerous bugs in terms of both UI and performance. At this “premium” price, this is not acceptable..Version: 1.5.9

Can’t search for usersWhy can I not search for users to follow? This is such a basic feature that just... doesn’t work..Version: 2.2.2

Notifications do not work, don’t buy this appThis app never prompted me for notifications so I can’t enable them in settings. Also for some reason you can’t like or boost a post without clicking on it. No option to disable the word “toot,” which is awful. Also the app uses hearts for favorites instead of stars, which I hate. Mostly though, I’m just mad notifications won’t work. What a waste of three bucks..Version: 2.2.3

Crashes a lotLovely app to look at and use, lots of features, but it crashes frequently, either after writing a toot or simply refreshing for more content. This app needs better testing and debugging. Update. I’m giving up on this app. It constantly crashes, even on the most trivial of actions. I’m taking note of the developer and not using ANYTHING of theirs ever again. Terrible quality, and I say this as a very experienced software developer myself..Version: 1.7.6

Can’t connect to all instancesSeems unable/unwilling to connect to some instances, maybe being “filtered” by someone to “protect” users from the “evil internet places”? Can’t tell easily. Just a friendly warning..Version: 1.7.6

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