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Crumbl Cookies App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Crumbl Cookies app received 26 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Crumbl Cookies? Can you share your negative thoughts about crumbl cookies?

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Crumbl Cookies for Negative User Reviews

Critical FlawsFirst and foremost this is a review of the app -not- the cookies! As you can probably gather by the positive review people love Crumbl cookies. The app itself though has a major issue when it comes to curbside pick-up ordering. (This is a big deal in Chicagoland as the line is 30+ minutes long on Saturday.) The app uses your GPS location to determine which Crumbl location is your default pick up spot every time you order. If this particular location has an error or curbside pickup is fully booked (usually an error as well) it drops you out of the order process and you have to try again. There is no way to change the location for pickup because after you get the error message you are dropped out to the main menu. For some this may matter but when you are roughly the same distance from 2 locations this becomes very annoying. Please just let us choose our pickup location… (There is also another error that results in a similar loop but I cannot recall what I did to get caught up in that one).Version: 3.9.3

There are some flaws…I love Crumbl cookies, but there are some definite flaws in the app. First off, it makes you turn on location services. This is a problem because if you send someone else to pickup your curbside order, the app won’t allow you to text “I’m Here” even if the person you sent is at the store. Second off, if you order a delivery on Sunday, the app allows you to place your order although the cookie menu hasn’t been released yet. There is no way on the app to later specify what cookies to put in the order nor to cancel the order, the only way to fix it is to call the store. Lastly, if you are in another state ordering the Crumbl cookies as a gift, they deliver based on your local time. For example, I am in Alaska and I ordered some cookies from an Oregon store to be delivered as a gift at 10:30. Because Alaska is one hour behind of Oregon, the cookies weren’t delivered until 11:30 their time. This is illogical, as to why would I want the cookies delivered on my time, when ordering from another store in a different time zone..Version: 3.9.2

Confusing!This app is definitely not user friendly, it’s quite the opposite. Example, we ordered cookies from the APP. On Saturday, we got there and was told to come back on Monday. So right off the bat, I was getting angry. Then I also tried to call customer service and was on hold for 37 minutes, before I hung up, the recording was even more annoying, because it said I was “Caller number 6, and wait time was 2 minutes, then it said caller number 5, WAIT TIME was up to 30 minutes, we drove all the way to the location, and my call was still not answered. Then I returned on Monday, for curbside delivery and I prepaid for the tip, (which was really non deserving). So all in all my FIRST Experience was Terrible! The Sugar Cookie was good, but, is it worth the hassle, for I never received my curbside delivery either🤯.Version: 3.8.12

The cookies were good enoughWe received a box of cookies as a gift. As I had never heard of crumblr I looked them up and loved the story. The problem was the customer service. The box came with the names of the cookies but no ingredient lists. My husband is highly allergic to tree nuts, so not having the ingredients can be scary. I checked the website and they only had the ingredients for the cookies of the week, which only included 1 of the 4 varieties we received. I texted the company advising what I needed. I was directed to the website, which once again only had the weekly cookies on it. I texted back explaining I needed ingredients that for cookies not on the website. I then received a list of cookies that can be delivered, no ingredients! So despite the cookies being very good, the customer service was a huge let down. I’ll just keep baking my cookies..Version: 3.9.1

I know you’re busy but….I knew the new store would be busy which is why I decided to download app and order for delivery. I wasn’t aware it would be thru Grub Hub so I was confused when the driver called me (angry) that the store was so busy and my order wasn’t ready. He ended up cancelling it which was understandable, a Grub Hub driver can’t wait three plus hours for an order. It’s even understandable that the store was too busy to get to my order but when I called this morning the person I spoke to didn’t even apologize. He just told me I could cancel the order and I’d be refunded within 5 business days and if I still wanted the order he said I would just have to do a new one thru the app. Which I did because my family was real excited about these cookies lol. So now I’m out $100 on cookies and not super confident they will actually be delivered. I understand the store is super busy, I was just surprised that the person I spoke to today didn’t handle it a little better. I also think it should be clear on the app or online that you do deliver but it will be thru Grub Hub and not their own driver..Version: 4.0.3

Don’t like the appMy family LOVES Crumbl cookies! However, I DO NOT like the app. If I just want to check what kind of cookies they have this week I have to choose which way I want to place an order. I may not even want to order but just to check to see what kind they have but there isn’t a way around choosing a purchase type. If I choose curbside it wants my location. I understand that different places may have different cookie choices but if I put in my location I know it’s going to tell me there isn’t a Crumbl in my area (which I already know this). I just want to check the menu. Please fix this by having an option of current menu and be able to type in the city in Which you want to check or something similar. Thank you.Version: 3.9.3

Good but not greatLove Crumbl, but a few things need to change. For delivery you can only order four, six, or twelve cookies. The six pack cookie is never available for delivery and always shows as sold out. So pretty much you can only order 4 or 12. It should be a 4 cookie minimum and then you should be able to add on cookies as you wish after that. They also put the warm and cold cookies in the same box, so by the time you get it delivered all of the cold cookies have melted and are warm and gross. I get cookies delivered a lot and order them as gifts to be delivered for my job and whenever they are out of a cookie they just put whatever cookie they see fit in the box instead of calling and asking you what you would want instead. They mess up a lot, but always are willing to make it right. Just wish they didn’t mess up so much and so often..Version: 3.9.3

Seriously revamp your waiting system / operation strategyEveryone I talk to about your company likes your cookies but absolutely hates the confusing system and wait times and many vowed to never visit again. I can only guess a majority of these reviews are fake or incentivized. I scheduled a pickup over 1 hour before I actually wanted them because I know how crazy your store gets, because I had the unfortunate experience of waiting 45 minutes in person at your store for cookies when there was no physical line. (Solve this by having separate queues for digital and physical orders / cookies ready to go for in person customers, or give customers a choice for freshly made with realistic wait estimates, I was told 10 minutes when it actually took 45) And despite putting in my order at 8:16pm with a “pickup time” of 8:15pm, when I go to pick it up at 9:20pm I had to wait an entire hour for pickup! And by that time the original flavors I ordered were sold out and an originally sold out flavor was available… seriously… fix this. At the cost of a mob of extremely angry customers waiting over an hour for their orders and frazzled workers working past closing to fulfill orders that should have been made 2 hours ago, you created the worst system that prioritizes making cookies fresh rather than considering that people don’t like waiting 1 hour for cookies, and would rather have slightly cold cookies asap. Hire an operations engineer. Seriously. If you already have one, get a new one..Version: 3.9.0

Badly designed app.When checking the Crumbl Cookies mobile website you are now completely unable to order or check the weekly menu online, and instead you’re forced to download the app to just to check the weekly menu. Even after the fact, you can’t even check the weekly menu on the app without being taken to the order page. Basically they added 3 more steps than necessary just to see what the weekly menu is. This also ignores the fact that I don’t even want to order online, I just want to see the menu on it’s own. So after downloading the app and being taken to the order page, the app won’t filter out my state. I type my address into the search and instead of filtering I’m just left with the entire list of locations to pick through. If I have to download your app at least design it decently..Version: 3.9.0

Extremely DisappointedOk so I never write reviews because I don’t want to be “that” person but this I thought was exceptionally crappy. Our first order was marked as “out for delivery” for nearly an hour and during that time the app sent us 10 different texts all from different phone numbers saying our order was in various conflicting stages of preparation. Then we were connected to our DoorDash driver who informed us that our order was going to be substituted for no reason seemingly halfway through his drive to our house. Baffling. And when we tried to call and cancel, they told us “we’re out of cookies.” Their app is a mess, it doesn’t seem to be coordinated with the actual store in any manner whatsoever either for inventory or delivery drivers. I’d assume you’d be better off going to their store in person but my expectations are abysmally low..Version: 3.9.2

Rude staffI stood in line where it said to order . I was ignored. Finally the girl looked at me and asked me if I had ordered? Not sure how I could have ordered because she had not even spoken to me. Then I gave her my order I ordered four cookies. She said oh you want a six pack? I said no these are the cookies I want that equals four. no sorry or a smile nothing. Then she told me my charge I put my credit card in the slot and it sat there she didn’t tell me to take it out I just sat there she handed me the box and she said thank you and I said what am I supposed to do with the credit card why isn’t it telling me what to do and then she said just take it out! She was rude and disrespectful. I was there around 2:13 today at the Highlands Ranch location. This was my first time in the storeAnd that was a very rude way to treat me I realize you were having a hard time hiring staff but I think maybe some proper training would be nice. Plus she was dirty and had a dirty apron on and it kind of made me sickly.Version: 3.9.3

Terrible customer service experienceAfter reading the reviews I thought this would be a home run but, I was wrong. My recipient and I both live in Jersey, but I noticed the order was coming from Utah which I thought was strange. It was delayed in Tennessee (perhaps a FedEx issue with the flooding). It arrived and it was the smaller qty box (less than what I paid for) and the greeting was for someone else in California. My recipient had no idea it was from me and they had to contact customer service. I contacted customer service this morning as well. Nobody answers, instead they send a text back to you. I filled out the requested information (receipt order number). The text reply stated they were having trouble finding it and to send a screenshot of the order. I did…5 hours ago. No replies since. I have called again and got nobody BUT I got another text asking how they can help. Poor experience. No credit for what I paid for. My recipient still hasn’t gotten what I paid for…or my note..Version: 3.9.3

AppMy rating is based on the app: It is so cute and to have where you can tap the cookies and watch the box fill is fun. I don’t like that the locations do not somehow link to a map because you don’t always know where you might be when the craving hits! Also, there is no “back button” but it makes you start all over again when you just want the previous screen. This is regarding supply: It is handy to have the cookies blocked out that are not available, however I have arrived at a location and the cookies I ORDERED were no longer available and there hadn’t been a way for them to be set aside. I understand you want everything to be fresh which is nice, but when people are counting on a particular flavor, it is a drag to arrive with the “treat” and it isn’t what they wanted. Overall: Great concept. Pricy or I would come more often but I do tell people about you and throw in the fact it makes for a great “something special” for those days you want to have (or surprise someone with) something unique. Forget it. Your survey submit doesn’t work. Thank you for offering to take our comments, Krystal.Version: 3.6.3

Terrible customer service!TLDR; Terrible customer service, bad user interface in the app itself. I ordered my first crumbl cookie order in the app store for a friend. However, immediately after placing the order, I realized the delivery time of ASAP meant an hour later (and at a time my friend wouldn't be home) and attempted to edit the order. Despite being placed 30 seconds before and not even having been processed, there is no function on the app to do this. Instead, the app tells me to call the store. I do so, and I have since been on hold for OVER AN HOUR; not only that, but at one point my position in the hold line somehow jumped backwards instead of forwards (from number two to five). There is no other way to contact the store or address order problems, except an online chat function with estimated responses of A COUPLE HOURS. The cookies cannot be good enough to make up for the bad experience and wasted money on cookies now delivered incorrectly as I've sat here on hold..Version: 4.0.7

Don’t use this App!Terrible service! I ordered cookies from the app, the store did not have the cookies I wanted. Not a big deal, just cancel the order. No there is no way on the app to cancel it. The number to the store wouldn’t work I called it seven times. On the app it still showed being out for delivery. Also it doesn’t link with door dash so you can’t report a problem on that app either. When you call it says you can text an 844 # but it took hours for a response. And they can’t even do anything about a refund anyways The number said it could offer me vouchers for future purchase but never did. They said someone from the store would reach out to me but nobody ever did. I called back the next day and they can only refund the cookies not the other fees since it’s through door dash not them. And I can’t contact door dash about a refund because there is no record of it on the app. If you want crumble cookies don’t use this app. Just order them on door dash instead so if there is an issue it can be fixed. Haha hopefully nobody else has any other problems because Crumble doesn’t try and make it right when it’s all said and done..Version: 3.9.3

Will not use again.I had one of the cookies from a pop up food cart and it was really good, so I decided to order ahead. New menu came out on Tuesday, so I ordered delivery from app. 6 cookies came to about $32. Why? Delivery fee plus tip. Expensive, but wanted to surprise her. Ordered for 2:30-3pm delivery. Said it would be here at 2:35. Discovered they used DoorDash (would have ordered directly from there, probably cheaper). 3 o’clock rolls around, shows a second driver and still at store so I called. They hadn’t started making my cookies and said I was 10th in line and no idea 1,2,3 hours until I maybe received. Ordering several days in advance and paying so much for delivery, they should have had it figured out. Currently 3:30 with no updates whatsoever. Would not have used if I knew our whole day could be waiting on something to come. Now it is messing with our Mother’s Day and dinner plans. Must not just me as the nickname for this review “disappointed” was taken..Version: 3.8.13

Not available in AustraliaSo I been seeing some review video on tiktok and wanted to try the cookies soo much. I downloaded the app and try to order but it ask for phone number. I wanted to Australia phone number cuz I’m from Australia but it didn’t let me change. It only ask for US number. So I’m wondering if there is anyway I can order from Australia?.Version: 3.9.4

San Tan Valley store. DON’T GO THERE!!!We tried this store tonight instead of our usual but will never go there again! Out of 3 of 6 flavors like Choc chip, PB choc Chop and German Choc cake. They also did not have any Ice Cream! Told the hostess how disappointing the selections were and just shrugged her shoulders and said those were the most popular (tell you something?). Ordered 1 I didn’t want and then she showed me the frame to add tip! Nice guy -I tipped! Then as we walked to get our order they rolled out a cart with 7 trays of cookies fresh out of the oven. Told the server we would like one of those and she boxed one up but said since the one we ordered had been put in the box and put on the counter...she could not take it back. WHAT!!!!! She was the only one that touched it... is there something wrong with the counter we should know about. I suggested that if the have cookies coming out to simply ask if we would like to wait. And we would have waited 15 minutes at least. Don’t go to this store. There were 6 people working. Maybe they should communicate with each other and host needs to represent the buyer!.Version: 3.8.14

LackingThere isn’t a way to make multiple single box orders of one specific flavor without going through the entire process again (no qty button), so instead of being able to order 2 dozen individually boxed cookies of the same flavor, I had to call the store and they had me order 2 dozen (2party boxes) and put a comment in the notes box for what I actually wanted- they were very helpful-but now when I go to pick them up I have to be stressed about whether it will be done how I’m wanting them AND having to pay extra/again since I’m wanting them individually boxed and that’s not how I was able to purchase them via the app. Again, I could’ve done the entire process 24 different times, but it’s not very time efficient, so a simple adding of a “qty” button would be super useful on the app/website..Version: 3.8.13

Very frustrating delivery experience through appI have ordered cookies for someone who I don’t know well. I put their name in the app and special instructions about where for the cookies to be delivered. When I finished paying I checked the order status and it did not show the name of the person receiving the cookies or the special instructions. I called the Flower Mound store to ensure they would go to the right place. I was told DoorDash handles deliveries and Crumbl wouldn’t be able to help me at all. I asked if they could just talk to the DoorDash driver when they arrived and ensure they were going to the right building. They told me it “wasn’t on them” if the delivery didn’t make it to the right place. So I paid $6 for delivery, plus a tip and have no idea if the cookies will get to the person I sent them to..Version: 3.9.6

Great app with a major flawThis app is very user friendly and easy to navigate and Crumbl cookie overall is amazing. However, the problem lies with the communication from the app to the store. I get that you want to have the cookies as fresh as possible but I believe the store doesn’t get the list of cookies you ordered until you click ‘I’m here’ leading to disappointed customers when they are told the cookie they ordered is sold out. Either start making the order as soon as it’s placed or don’t take peoples money until after they receive the product. (Or maybe find an in between?) I also am not a fan of not being able to click I’m here until I am physically there - some people order on their app and get others to pick it up for them which makes it a bit difficult..Version: 3.9.3

No way to edit or change order once placed.I needed to make a change with an order. There is no option to do that on the app. Phones were never answered at the location even when I waited 15 minutes the first time and 45 minutes the second time. You don’t have the option to cancel an order on the app either. Delivery is with DoorDash and they couldn’t cancel the order. The store had to do it, but when you can’t get in touch with the store you can see how that would be a problem. On the app I scheduled a delivery for the following day thinking they reserve cookies for orders placed WAY ahead of time. I canceled me order bc they only had one type of cookie available and none of the cookies I ordered were available. When you have a delivery scheduled or in progress there should be an option to easily get customer service if needed. I hope the app improves..Version: 3.9.3

Doesn’t work if you don’t have an American phone numberThey say they have ‘international shipping’ but you can’t even make an account without an American phone number. I’m in Canada, so it’s not that far away. I’m a little disappointed as I really want to try them!.Version: 4.3.2

Opt-out Tips?!The app works alright, but I am giving them only 2 stars because I feel like they’re trying to deceive people into leaving tips on accident like just happened to me today. Here’s what I mean: Near the end of the purchase, they give you an opportunity to give the employees a monetary tip ... but it’s opt-out style, not opt-in. So if you’re trying to hurry and get your order placed and don’t pay close attention, you might get charged an extra $2 that you didn’t intend to. This is the only place I can think of that has an opt-out style like this: it doesn’t show that they are going to charge it to you until they also show you, MUCH more prominently, the Apple Pay button to complete the purchase. So if we’re in a hurry, we’re thinking, “Finally! After all those questions about my order, let’s wrap this up!” So we hurry to tap the Apple Pay button and double-click the side button to pay. Then, 😒 disappointment as I realize I just made a mistake, with the help of their app developers. Again, I feel like they’re trying to deceive people into leaving tips on accident like just happened to me today..Version: 3.7.0

Do not order deliveryThis was the most confusing process ever. I entered my address and it popped up a map and I ordered cookies for delivery. After a short while I got a text message saying my cookies were being prepared and the time they would be delivered. Then I got another text message saying that they were being delivered and if I had to meet my driver to please do so with a mascon. I went to the door and waited for the cookies to be dropped off so I could pick them up but they were never delivered. I called Crumbl who blamed door dash and told me to call them back in 10 minutes. Then I attempted to contact door dash only there was no order number since it was through the crumbl app. Finally I was able to track it through one of the text messages they had sent me and called and messaged the driver with no reply. I then called Crumbl back and they said they could refund me or I could pick them up in the store but they could not re-deliver. Even though I paid a delivery fee so why would I pick them up in the store? The store worker was very unbothered and offered no real solutions he was rude and short. Now I just get to wait 4 to 6 days to see if my money is refunded and my kids have no cookies which they were looking forward to…...Version: 3.9.3

Forced to have appIrritating that you have to download app to redeem gift e-card..Version: 4.1.2

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