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Subway® App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Subway® app received 85 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Subway®? Can you share your negative thoughts about subway®?

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Does not accept paymentI agree with gentlemen’s comment from two years ago. The app may work sometimes all the way through the order and customizing your sandwich. When it came time to pay, I found my current default payment information had expired. There is no way to edit your default payment with new expiration date and cvv so I was forced to re-enter all my payment information again and save as default payment. After hitting “place my order” again I received a strange error message “Uh-Oh, error on property ‘update’ and on undefined.” Have no idea what this meant as I tried to enter the payment information four times with same error after hitting place my order. After four attempts I had to use the old fashion way of calling it in giving my order over the phone. Apps are supposed to make it easier and more efficient not cause you to waste your time. There is no way to contact developers thru the app except coming back to App Store to leave a review as your website wastes your time again giving no way to submit issues. Pretty sad!.Version: 24.0.0

Last update removed customizationsI can no longer make specific requests such as pre-crisping the bacon or wrapping each half of the sandwich separately, nor can I request extra toppings. This forces me to order in store. App is now useless to me!.Version: 29.8.0

TerribleWhen I search for my city or postal code, nothing happens, so I can’t order online..Version: 28.0.1

FrustratingOffers are only good for online orders. Never get the points when my app is scanned at the restaurant..Version: 29.26.1

Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from the inside.This app was nothing less than garbage to use. Wouldn’t let me enter a payment method or use my existing Apple Pay. Items disappeared from the menu as I tried to order. All this app seems to be able to do is waste storage space on your device..Version: 28.0.1

How is it great yet terrible?I’ve used this app for a very long time and I always run into problems when ordering. Right now the app is saying I have rewards that have expired and that I need to click manage settings or something when I don’t have any rewards on there so the option to manage them won’t even pop up now I wanted to get food before I go to work and I’m not able to do that because it’s not able to process my order without me removing something that can’t be removed. It should have an automatic reset if there’s no rewards, instead of making you manually remove them, the system takes it off for you it’s ridiculous how many times I’ve had to go through this also I hate how if I accidentally click a different link it’ll have to restart the whole page with the logo in the white background (ex: accidentally pressing the map link on the app and having to wait for the previous page to reload when it should not be that complicated) I love subway really but this app is just terrible and needs tons of work..Version: 12.0.0

Absolute GarbagePlaced an order at 5:20pm on the app for pickup at the Menominee, MI Subway. Completed the transaction and it told me it would be ready for pickup at 8:20pm. Three hours?!!! Called the store 20 minutes later to see if was really going to take that long. They haven’t gotten the order! She said it usually takes 15 minutes for the store to receive it. So they should have already gotten it. She said once they received the order that they would have it ready in 15-20 minutes. I called back in 25 minutes and they still hadn’t received the order! She asked me to give her my order over the phone and they would make it right away. I went to the store 20 minutes later and showed the woman my phone with the order details which show date, time, order number, store number, location, items ordered, amount paid, method of payment. Everything to prove it’s legit. I appreciate the employees willingness to resolve things, but the app is COMPLETE GARBAGE!!! The store had no way to look up my order, no way to cancel the order, and no familiarity with the app itself. They made my verbal order with one error, by forgetting to put bacon on my steak & bacon sub, which is a little frustrating. The app far outweighed the missing bacon in terms of visceral frustration. And on the Subway website under the Contact Us section, you don’t have an option to choose app problems or feedback. I’d rate the app zero stars if that was an option..Version: 22.0.0

Couldn’t sign upIt wouldn’t accept my gmail account, so they don’t get my business..Version: 21.1.0

Wish I could rate a zeroI ordered and picked up an order though this app on 7/23 and didn’t seem to have any issues. Two hours later, the store called me to tel me that my order needed to be picked up! I had already done so! Much to my chagrin, there was a different order - two sandwiches instead of the three I ordered. I thought it would be simple and the store would cancel the order - NOPE!!! The manager said they didn’t get any money for the sandwiches and they could not stop the pending charges or reverse them so I would have to submit an online request for reimbursement because I used this app - but wait it gets better - I submitted my request that day and waited patiently for a response, but on the eighth day I called corporate. Corporate told me that they would do anything for me either and I had to take the time to dispute the charge with my own bank:/! I was told this subway is a franchise and therefore not part of the subway corporation?!?!?! Best part is I’m the only on that is out of luck - the franchise and the corporation still have my money!!!! The lack of support and customer service has been appalling. I have now spent my time disputing this charge with my bank. Subway you have really dropped the ball on something that could have been so easy to correct ON YOUR END! BEWARE OF USING THIS APP! Shame on your practices Subway..Version: 25.0.1

Always have problems in the storeI’ve previously tried to have my barcode scanned in the store to earn points only to be told either the scanner doesn’t want to scan it, doesn’t work, or some other reason. Today was the first day I made an order on the app and went to pick it up. Not only was my husband’s order wrong but the female employee was not even trying to see my phone to verify that my order did indeed include a 3rd FREE footlong sub. I mean...absolutely REFUSED to look and even MAKE the sub! It was paid for ahead and everything. The other employee there did look at my phone and verified that there was in fact a 3rd sandwich in my order but ended up having to pay for it out of pocket himself?!?! He shouldn’t have had to have done that for my order to be made as the promotion was for Buy 2 footlongs and get 1 footlong free. The woman who refused to look at my phone then said that I shouldn’t place the order online anymore and just show them the offer in the store. I don’t know what the heck is going on but this app is more of a hassle than anything for the few times I’ve actually tried to use it..Version: 18.0.0

Need to have rewards card in Apple WalletPlease add the functionality of adding the rewards card to Apple Wallet. It would be so much easier and more convenient..Version: 11.1.0

Why no BLT option on the appI just want a blt man why do you not have a blt option on the app. You used to have it but took it away. Also i have a deal for 2 footlong ‘build it yourself’ subs but that also doesnt exist on the app and you cant use the coupon in store. :) Well done subway..Version: 29.26.1

App is defectiveToday I placed an online order for a what’s considered a spicy Italian sandwich and I’m aware that it takes up to 24 hours to load you points but something wasn’t right. Hours after getting my sandwich I went in the app and it read,” it wasn’t able to add my points”, so I checked my email to make sure it confirmed that I purchased it. In which they sent my confirmation, but the app continued to say an error occurred while trying to retrieve points. So I clicked the scan icon to see if anything would happen, and once I clicked it. Actually every time I clicked the icon the subway app would disappear, and it would go to my home page. So I checked my WiFi to see if that was the problem which it wasn’t, and then I logged out. Once I did that it, the app said its performing maintenance on their registration process. That’s just makes me upset because I don’t know if this maintenance is going to cancel the points I already have and on top of that I never got my points from the order I just purchased. There is no history of my purchase on the app (before logging out) because there was an error. So if I could be helped out I would really appreciate it. Also on top of that this was my first time using your mobile order, so this experience makes me skeptical of ever using it again..Version: 20.0.0

Frustrating appVery difficult navigation in this app. For example, I can’t find a way to create favourites. I’ve tried a few times and can’t save any favourites. I should be able to click on an ordered sandwich and add it as a favourite. Also, if I forgot to change what store I’m ordering from, I shouldn’t have to clear my section and start from scratch. Also, it’s not obvious in the beginning how I can add another sandwich to my order. I recommend redesigning this app, focus on how people use it..Version: 7.9.1

Needs apple wallet integrationAdd apple wallet integration, super buggy seem to get errors on most screens even with running the latest version. Tim Hortons recently released their rewards program app and it works perfect and wallet integration take notes subway..Version: 9.0.0

Ne marche pasIl est présentement 14 heures et l’application m’indique que tous les subway sont fermés, pourquoi faire une app si celle-ci ne fonctionne pas? On ne peux meme pas ajouter de favoris.Version: 8.5.0

New registrationNew registration is not working, when I key in my email, the apps keeps saying I need to use proper account. I tried gmail and hotmail still not working at all..Version: 26.0.0

No offers, where are the deals??Signed up with the promise of special deals... there aren't any. Don't waste your time..Version: 7.5.0

I got robbed on an order wasn’t able to get a refundSo I was testing out the app and accidentally placed an order, It didn’t really give me a confirmation to make sure that I didn’t accidentally hit the place order button, second of all I followed the steps to try to cancel which was only to call the store that I made the order from which I did and the store manager said they had canceled my order and that I should receive my refund, however I looked at my bank statement and realized i was still debited, so I called the same store back and they said there wasn’t anything they could do about it and that I’d have to go to the website. So I went through the website and it didn’t even have an option for any issues of such, cancellations. So I had to just try and contact them and send them a note and still haven’t received anything. So now I most about $20 and no food even. I hope they have a better way of resolving this typical issue otherwise I highly don’t recommend this app especially if you have a kid or someone that might accidentally push the place order button when you aren’t actually ready to...Version: 21.0.0

Horrible every timeI’m floored this app has such a high rating. I find it very cumbersome to use. Today when double checking to make sure I chose the “toasted” option it takes you through customizing and then the “add to bag” comes up again. So I needlessly doubled my order and received 4 foot-longs instead of 2. None of those darn things are toasted either. Secondly, the stores I frequent are poorly run. I’ve had numerous occasions where they’re out of guacamole and then look at me like I’m from outer space if I ask if they reimbursed me for the extra charge. Today I got to the car and realized they sent me without any napkins. They didn’t see my special request to put the meatballs on the side of the meatball sub because- kids- and there’s no option to just custom order a sub with pizza sauce, pepperoni and olives. It’s all so frustrating I had given it up completely then came back thinking it would speed up our road trip. Now I have a mess of 2 extra sandwiches, no napkins, loose meatballs and a crabby family all around. Not to mention I bought more sandwiches than I care to transport or eat. I won’t be back..Version: 25.0.1

Works Great If Order Is Correct - Good Luck If NotOur order was not processed on time. The app said it was ready for pickup. The app was wrong. The store had not even begun to process or make the order when we arrived. We had to leave because we could not wait any longer. The employee was fixing customers sandwiches who had just walked in the store instead of fixing our online order that had been placed over 20 minutes before. For a refund, we were told by the employee that they could not refund our money and that we had to call customer service. But the employee did not have the customer service number. There is also no way to request a refund on the app or anything to troubleshoot should an order go unfulfilled. When we finally found a number using Google (because the Subway website does not list a number), we got an automated message saying that app order issues can only be handled by sending a message through the website. Which is ridiculous. Perhaps a troubleshooting tab on the app. Or a way to request a refund through the app. Anything but having to go to your website and click through to find the right form. We did submit an inquiry on the website. Five days later, no response. And certainly no refund. An overall horrible experience. We just wanted food on time. Or perhaps an easy way to get our money back when the store failed to get the order ready on time. The app, the website, and any resemblance of customer service from Subway all failed..Version: 24.0.0

DeletedI want to select Zero Stars! I get that the app can’t know my local Subway doesn’t have the food I ordered, but why not let them communicate/adjust my order through the app? Instead arrive to find no order, just excuse and already paid through the app and no one knows how to refund!? Just go in and get a sandwich and delete this useless app..Version: 28.2.3

Good app for the most partI am unable to order from any of the Subways around me using this app. I can only use it for the subway by my brother’s house. Also every time I order extra sauce it comes as light sauce. I originally thought this was a worker error, but it happened for months on end. I finally switched to ordering the regular amount of sauce and I get way more sauce now(still not heavy unfortunately.) I have also had several instances of ordering the buffalo chicken sub, but buffalo sauce is not an option so it came as plain chicken even though I paid more for buffalo. Despite my complaints Subway is absolutely delicious and it’s awesome to order through your phone instead of in store. I would order far more often if the Subways by my house were compatible(I can’t understand why they aren’t). I also once had an order that never made it to the restaurant which caused a series of inconveniences that ended with me spending over an hour in the store and eventually ordering manually. The inexperienced worker was very understanding about it despite how slow he was and slammed the restaurant was. He tried to call the manager for help who did not answer. Why the manager left a new kid all alone for a rush was beyond me..Version: 27.1.1

Canada?Why does this app not work in Canada? I go to start an order and it ask me to search for a location... enter city, enter postal code... and nothing..Version: 28.2.3

Wallet support?Beside being confusing, the app is actually not that bad, but you know what really grinds my gears? No wallet integration?? Why? I download this app for my rewards, and I can't put my reward card into my wallet where ALL of my other 15 cards are. Can't even have a code to copy it into Stocard. Why? PLEASE take 15 minutes and add a magical button so we can add it to wallet. Lots of reviews talk about it, please do it. I much prefer double-clicking my side button to show my card instead of actually opening the phone, find the app, open the app, wait, find the card. I'm really disappointed that there's still no support in 2019. Please fix that and the app and it's going to be worth a 5 stars..Version: 9.0.0

Ripped Off, Deleting AppFor some unknown reason this thing changed my order time to 3:35 PM when I’m trying to order lunch at 11:30 AM. Then it charged me. I had no idea it had set it for four hours later, until I went back to see when my order was going to be ready. If you go to try to cancel the order in the app it just gives you a number to call the restaurant location. The restaurant location told me they couldn’t even see the order until it was 15 minutes before the time. So there is no way to cancel this order, unless I sit and wait around to cancel it at approximately 3:20 PM. Well, I have a job to do, and I don’t have time to be thinking about canceling this order in their magic window. I’ll just go to Hardee’s. You’ve got $8.55 out of me, Subway, and I’m deleting your app. And I won’t go stand in line, so I guess I’m done with SUBWAY®. If I can order through the app four hours ahead of time I should be able to cancel the order in the app four hours ahead of time, or at least cancel it through the restaurant without having to be scheduling a call in a magic window..Version: 25.0.1

Good idea doesn’t workWorst food app ever I think. It keeps clearing the cart. You have maybe 3 minutes to complete the order or you have to start over. If you manage to get an order placed you then find That it was a waste of time because regardless of what is entered into the app you will be picking up what the sandwich maker wishes to prepare rather than what you ordered and then you will be told that is your fault. You have to step them through making the sandwich. They have an aversion to not toasting a sub. I ordered 4 subs, none toasted as that is an option in the app. 3 of the 4 sandwiches were toasted and the one that was not was in the same bag steaming and getting soggy. They actually told me they always toast the subs and threw their hands up when I insisted that I ordered exactly what i wanted - app has choice of toasted or not, and I ordered not toasted, but that seems wrong to them. Lol. Meat on about half the footlong had to be spread out. Just awful. You have to actually direct every step or they will just throw it together with whatever toppings they choose. Or better yet save time and go somewhere else..Version: 29.3.1

Simply doesn’t work!I would give a 0 star rating if I could. The app wouldn’t was not working at all about 1 month ago while visiting one of my local Subways to pick up a sandwich at the end of a long day! The clerk/server ringing up my purchase did his best to scan the App to apply/redeem my points to no avail. As I happen to carry the card that came before the App with me as well, he tried to swipe the card (which has always worked before) and the end results was a total lockout of my account with the message to contact Subway. I had to make the purchase without my points! I did contact Subway the next day and after several minutes, the customer service rep found the solution to my problem. Problem solved; hardly! Two weeks later, I went to buy three sandwiches at one of my local Subway locations. This time out, the App just kept spinning and spinning as if it was prepping to open. It never did! Thank goodness my old card worked this time out. A couple of days after, I tried to open the App at home just to see what would happen. It opened up without a hiccup. Gee Subway, I need the App to work when I am actually interested in ordering food, NOT when I am just sitting at home not interested in eating your food that day. I expect to have a helpful, functioning App at the time of purchase instead of a message to contact you guys, or to simply not have the App open at the moment of truth! Frustrating!!!!.Version: 15.2.0

Location in CanadaI can’t locate any store in Canada.... so, this app is only for US ????.Version: 7.5.0

Says failed when my order actually went!I'm not one to write reviews but This is getting old... This app is still terrible even after the updates. Twice now I have attempted to order and it says "something went wrong please erase your cart and try again" or something like that. One time I completely gave up and went somewhere else only to get a call asking if I was coming to pick it up. The staff was nice enough to keep it on record as an I owe you and redeemed that later. Another time I tried a second time to get the order to go through as the directions stated and when I went in to just order it the normal way they stated the order went through twice and one ticket had 3 meals ordered. I only told it to order one meal a time.. Get this SH@$ working already.. This is going on over a year for Subway having an epic failure of an app. Keep saying they fixed it with every update... Do you even use our test the app? Someone isn't doing there job right. I'd feel pretty miserable if I was in charge of application development! Hope they're getting paid well for nothing! Almost every other food ordering app from other places has a 4 plus most over 4.5 plus rating... I think it's time you take a look at how they are doing it. Maybe throw up the white flag and call for help.. You literally have nothing to lose. Rant over..Version: 7.2.0

Always an issueThere is always always always an issue with this app. I know that there’s another bread available when I go in the store. It’s the 9 grain honey oat. I only saw that option once on the app. The buffalo sauce was unavailable for a couple of months (except for the buffalo chicken sandwich was the only way to get buffalo sauce on this app). That issue is fixed now. BUT NOW, I ordered today and there was no possible way to get the bread toasted. The toasted option wasn’t there. Only on the artisan flatbread was the only one with the toasted option. So on the “special instructions “ I put the word TOASTED 3 times all in capital letters. And guess what, my sandwich was stone cold and not toasted at all. The egg whites came straight out of the refrigerator. I don’t want cold eggs. And it would be nice to have ALL of the seasonings available. Sometimes there’s only one available, sometimes there’s 4 available. Even if there’s 4 it still doesn’t display them all. There’s always an issue with this app. There were times I bought cookies and chips and I didn’t receive them. I don’t think I ever had a smooth experience with this app. I only still use it because I like subway..Version: 28.1.2

Doesn’t reflect food items at store locationsSubway doesn’t update the app! Food items are still listed even though they have been removed from the menu. Also, local store inventory is not in sync between corporation so the app doesn’t know if they have items in stock or are temporarily out... so if your lucky you will get a call from the store location telling you they don’t have what you ordered or the items not on their menu and you have to give them a replacement order over the phone on the spot. Or you get to the store expecting to pick up your order only to find out they don’t have the items and you need to make your sandwich/s anyway. And... that doesn’t take into account the possibility the price of what you then order for replacement is a lower price then the original order but that’s just to bad, because you already paid the price for the higher items so you’re expected to “eat” the difference in price because you ordered and paid online on the app! So that’s just to bad for you... convince comes at a price and we definitely pay that price with subway... if you like gambling then this is your app... you roll the dice every time order....Version: 17.0.0

Apple Wallet?Nice app. But according to the description the app supports Apple Wallet, I can’t seem to find any way to add the rewards card to the Wallet..Version: 9.0.0

Doesn’t workApp won’t let me register so it gets a 1 star for functionality..Version: 26.0.0

Not great...Especially compared to the competition (places like Taco Bell, Sonic, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks, which all have excellent apps), I find this app to be buggy and inconvenient. Adding toppings and sauces to subs is more cumbersome than it should be and I usually experience a lag when trying to remove toppings. The options online often don’t match up with the store. Salt apparently isn’t an option using the app, although pepper is? Maybe the issues lie with my local Subway’s inventory, but I also can’t select chip options that I know they have in store. There’s no way to specify what kind of fountain drink you want if you add it as a stand-alone item (can only specify if it’s part of a meal). As a result, I have to use the special request section to correct my order since it isn’t accurate and even then I just end up having to grab everything myself when I get to the store. Also, ‘Make it a meal?’ shows up for subs but not for personal pizzas, even though every Subway I’ve ever gone to offers up the option of making my pizza a meal. Had to try adding my credit card about 4 times before it finally saved it (even though I didn’t change any info from the first attempt to the last... it was just being buggy). Buggy and slow when trying to remove items from the cart. Finally, it’s probably human error somewhere in the process, but the tracker often won’t register that I’ve picked up my order, so I’ll see a reminder on the app homepage saying I have an order ready..Version: 27.0.3

Needs improvementDiscounts don’t apply and can’t even list participating stores. Some store locations your order won’t go through “something went wrong try again”. Interface is clunky and could be smoother and more efficient..Version: 28.2.3

Cannot sign up with emailCannot sign up with email.Version: 26.0.0

TerribleEDIT: the app does now allow me to order a sandwich. So that’s an improvement. Everything else below is still bad though. Added one star back. Favorites are impossible to manage and weirdly include the restaurant so you need multiple favorites for the same sandwich if you live and work in two different places or if you are traveling, you can’t use your favorites. Selection of location is cryptic and often results in being stuck unable to add food to purchase. Can’t change restaurant after picking food. Why can’t I choose to use my points as a payment method?! This update has actually made it impossible to order anything. Error every single time I have tried the last couple days. So many opportunities to do better it’s impossible to list them all. Whoever you all got to rewrite this a few months ago should be fired and possibly subjected to the game of thrones walk of shame. Worst implementation of a simple storefront I can imagine. Seriously, I just want to order a sammich and have it ready when I arrive. The app used to do that amazingly well..Version: 7.1.4

Took money yet never delivered foodAbsolutely terrible app, automatically takes payment with no customer support number. Cannot issue a refund since I cannot get ahold of anyone. After two hours of waiting the delivery said it was delivered and just never arrived..Version: 29.26.1

Quite literally the worst app i have ever usedWhere to even start? i have no idea how the app has 4.8/5 starts because every time i try to use this app, i run in to NUMEROUS issues to the point that i give up and usually end up getting food elsewhere. it’s slow, and doesn’t even work half of the time. when it does, i encounter error after error. it asks you to confirm your order location approx FOUR separate times during the ordering process, you cant use a gift card unless the balance covers the entire order total (cant split between a debit/credit card and gift card - so dumb) and editing your sandwich is so lengthy and unnecessarily difficult. setting a payment method is a nightmare and again, i don't think you can even use a gift card loaded to the app in person at a subway unless it covers the whole total???? the app also shows pop up ads CONSTANTLY throughout the ordering process which is just annoying and a nuisance. takes you to the final order page after every item you add - also annoying - and it’s so tedious to try and edit an item added to your cart. overall the WORST experience i have had using any app ever, not just food wise. do better subway..Version: 25.0.1

Auto apply coupon don’t workCoupons don’t apply automatically.Version: 28.2.3

Horrible appI don’t know what’s up with this app but it keeps changing my name to my husband’s name but as soon as I go under account and click on ‘name’ it clearly shows my name then changes the name back to mine. It caused a problem today when I ordered online for pickup. My husband went to pick it up and they claimed it didn’t go through. Then I go in and show them the order number and they claim it was never received by them and they suggested I reorder in person and pay again. Upset, I leave. Upon getting home, the app shows my order is ready for pickup so I call the store again. They claim they still hadn’t received the order and that it must be an automated notification. Three hours later I receive a call from said subway asking if I am going to pick up my order as it has been hours since it was ordered online. I tell the person they must be joking because I was there hours before trying to pick it up when they said it didn’t exist. It was apparently under my husband’s name somehow. You would think they would have asked my husband if it could have been ordered under his name somehow but neither of us even thought about that. You would also think when she asked me for my order number something would have showed up in their system. Worst experience ever..Version: 25.0.1

JunkApp wouldn’t let me make an account. Said I already have one. I do not..Version: 21.1.0

App needs work - NOT like ordering at a Subway shopThis review involves the remote ordering and delivery on the app. The process is very poorly designed. I expected that the app would be like ordering at a Subway shop but it is not. You cannot order things on the app like you can in a store - they restrict the available vegetable toppings and actually don’t allow you to add certain topping that you can normally just choose and point too. Secondly it’s a very limited choice of condiments. No Chipotle or Sriracha. No Ranch?!? Seriously. Items normally available at the store (like the toppings and chips that I know were at that Subway) were not available. Also at payment time it crashed and told me my payment didn’t go through, and I would have to clear the cart and start over, but it still charged my card. And the order did go through. But if I had redone it as the app said, I would have had 2 meals...Very disappointed in the app and it’s lack of selection to be able to create the sandwich I want. That’s exactly why I appreciate Subway. Don’t like the app at all..Version: 29.4.0

Absolute waste of time of an appThe app in itself is pretty good save the fact that it’s not crystal clear how to apply the deals to an existing order. However that’s not the reason why I’m writing to you. I just downloaded the subway app about a week ago, and I have used it four times so far. The first THREE orders had missing items and not just simple items I mean like the missing guacamole in the turkey bacon GUAC wrap. 🤦‍♂️ luckily we live in walking distance so I just walk back to fix the order. Now the fourth time is the kicker and it is pretty much the sole reason why I will never ever use your subway app again. I dialed in the order and it gives me the ready time of approx. 15 minutes. Totally fine. I show up at the approx. time and it’s one person who just showed up to their shift for that night and has no idea where my order is. He spots the ticket order on the counter and is confused why no one has taken care of it since it’s been 15-20 minutes since that ticket order has been ordered and PAID through your app. Apparently your (probably way underpaid minimum waged) prior shift employee grabbed the ticket, set it on the counter, and clocked out without even communicating to the next shift employee about it. I’m giving your app a one star not because your app is insufficient but because you failed to realize that you expect your franchise to employ competent persons to execute orders that is generally meticulous in nature..Version: 26.0.0

Horrible at choosing locationI have a subway right across from my job, we were pretty busy so I ordered food through the app so I can just pick it up and go back to work. However, the app threw my order to a subway that wasn’t near me. So when I went to the subway across the street, the cashier said she had not received any mobile orders all day. I showed her the app and confirmation and we said that the address wasn’t this location but for the subway down the street. Already agitated I just had them do the order there and I paid. I called the subway where my order was placed thanks to the app and they said they couldn’t cancel it because only the manager knew how. I called the next day and spoke to the manager (Ignacio) and explained the situation to which he said “ I don’t know why the staff didn’t call me to explain the cancellation process because now it’s too late to do it.” He did offer store credit to which I refused because that location is not near me plus I had already bought the sandwiches again from the subway across my job. The manager said he would call me back in a few minutes and of course two days later I have yet to receive a call. I disputed the charge through my bank, deleted the subway app and am never going to subway again. Thanks Ignacio for being so unprofessional and unhelpful..Version: 16.0.0

THIEF’S NEVER AGAIN!!First I placed an ordered for delivery. Upon arrival I received one out of three sandwiches and the one I did get wasn’t correct at all. I looked to see if there was a way I could fix this through the app and there wasn’t. This was the beginning of my problems. I then called the store as directed by their page and was met with the most rude and incompetent person. She refused to cancel it/refund it saying there was nothing she could do. When I asked for a customer support number she said she didn’t know, when I ask okay how do we fix this? She stated in the most annoyed tone “I don’t know, I can’t do anything” when I asked for a manager she said I kid you not, “oh I don’t know” are you serious? When asked for her NAME she said she didn’t know. Eventually I just hung up and was going to dispute it with my bank but she did call me back and suddenly was magically able to cancel the order. The second time I attempted to use the app, I placed an order on the app for pick up this time attempting to avoid the same issue, the order stated it went through and they where “working” on it. However when I arrived the place was completely empty and closed!!! Not a single employee in there. How the app allowed me to place an order is beyond me. I had to dispute the charge with my bank since I couldn’t even call and corporate is a joke. Over all screw subway, NEVER AGAIN..Version: 29.7.0

Worst location intuition appToday I spent $24 dollars for an $8 order. I use food apps all the time and this app is by far the worst at picking up my location...I only order in two locations and every single time it picks the wrong location...other apps see where I am and what locations I most commonly use and when I place the order it’s always in the right location...today I had an order go to an Anaheim location, and San Pedro location (West St). The problem is I wanted the order to go to the San Pedro location on Western (which is the only San Pedro location I ever visit). I have never visited the one on West. I even tried to cancel the order and the person on the phone said they didn’t know how this could be done and unfortunately they could refund me...long story short two locations today got $8 from me and I am not picking up the food. Spent $24 today and I only wanted to spend $8. This app by far has the worst location intuition of any food app I have ever used. Thanks Subway for the fun day! My recommendation for anyone using this app is to diligently check the location even if you go to the same location every single time!.Version: 7.6.0

No longer usable for online pickupI used to eat at Subway every week at least twice. The app was extremely convenient for me to order and it be in the process of being made while I was driving over to the location. Eventually, every attempt to make an online pickup order for the past year has not worked for me. Oftentimes, it simply denies submitting my order right as I go to check out. When this first started happening, I would just submit my order over the phone. When they made it against company policy to put in phone orders for pick up, I stopped going because I was deterred of standing in line during the pandemic. I went months not visiting subway because of these issues. I just tried the app for the first time again today, and it failed to complete. Thankfully the cashier allowed a phone order this time. Hopefully they figure out the app issues eventually. With how Covid is, if I am denied doing over the phone, I'll have to go back to not even going here. I really love subway, and I want them to sustain through this pandemic..Version: 29.7.0

Useless app and terrible customer serviceI placed an app order at my local Subway Sunday evening at 8:40pm. Store hours online said they were open until 9pm and the app showed them available for taking orders. Placed an order and got a message from the app saying my card was charged, the order was confirmed and would be ready shortly. I went to the location (verified twice) and the store hours on the door said they closed at 8. No big deal, hours change, but then why did the app allow the order, confirm, and charge for it? So, I went in to the store today, showed them the order (which the app still lists as pending), explained the issue, figuring since the order was shown as paid, they could simply make good on it now. I was told that they couldn’t make food for that order, that I would have to order again and dispute the previous charge with my bank!! I just did and got my money back, thankfully. I also tried contacting Subway directly before my bank, but their 800 number would only tell me (by recording) to report app issues on the web site. Clicking “help” in the app takes you to that same site, and the answer to “how to report an issue” on the site says to click “contact us” under “help” in the app, but no such option exists. There’s literally only “help” which takes you to the web site which says to report in the app……...Version: 29.1.1

Wallet supportLiterally downloaded the app for the wallet support it claims it has in the store. It does not have the support it claims. Please add this!.Version: 8.1.0

Charged for sandwich by closed restaurantUpdated: heard back before I had to go through my credit card company and they are refunding the purchase. Still hesitant to trust the hours in the app going forward though Ordered a sandwich through the app for a restaurant that was supposed to be open until midnight (according to the app), received my confirmation email, arrived at the store at 10:55 and it was very clearly closed (with hours posted as open until 11:30pm). Couldn’t cancel the order since the only way to do that is by calling the restaurant who obviously didn’t pick up. Only customer service contact is a form, so filled it out explaining what had occurred and asking for confirmation I wouldn’t be charged. Four days later my credit card has been charged and I have no response from customer service, looks like I’m going to have to deal with this through my credit card company. Clearly deleting the app as it defeats the purpose of ordering ahead if the restaurant might not even be open and they charge you for food you don’t receive.Version: 10.0.0

Broken, Buggy, and just plain BadThe Subway app has updated and changed for the worse. First is that the app makes it ridiculously difficult to select or change the store your ordering from. Sometimes even refusing to do so after you select the store you want, and given the no refund policy it can hurt having the sandwich you payed for in the wrong place. Second the app constantly runs into errors having once completely ignore my order, after I had ordered it and everything. Lastly the app charged me TWICE for one sandwich. The app order history says one sandwich, when I picked it up I had one sandwich, but my transaction history on my bank account has two separate identical charges for the sandwich. I am currently trying to see if this can be resolved but be warned. With the above said there are more rough unintuitive parts of the app like accessing your cart or editing it bar those problems don’t bring actual consequences like misplaced, unplaced, or double charge orders like the other problems. Before the update the app didn’t have these frustrating problems but now I just say, call the store ahead instead and save yourself the trouble..Version: 17.0.0

Junk app. Can’t even sign up or sign in.Absolute crap. Subway has hired morons for app developers..Version: 28.2.3

Wrong orderMade a.Version: 29.26.1

“Just wait a hot minute” says the girl who…So I already had problems from the start of my desire to order my subway sandwiches from one store for curbside pickup and was told when I called there that they had to cancel my order because Covid showed up with two of their staff and they couldn’t give me my order. I totally get that and was sorry to hear they were affected and pray they’ll get through it unscathed. So I asked if they could forward it to another store and they said know. So I placed an order at another store on my way home. When I got there there was no one in the store and the young man started my order from what I could tell and completed it and put it to the side because a family walked in along with a female employee. I’m in parking lot watching this. So she joins him to help with family order but I’m wanted to get going tsp I called to ask about my order and she answered the phone. I told her I was ready for my order to pickup. She said, “Just wait a hot minute” and proceeded to hang up on me. I feel I had ordered way before the family walked in and should have mine completed and delivered first before starting in another. Then I get home and my sandwiches were not prepared according to what I had ordered. Very disappointed. Don’t appreciate the disrespect either. I was nice when I called, didn’t deserve it. Won’t go there again!.Version: 29.7.0

Dont dowload itYou cant even make your own sandwich and even if you get a sandwich you like you can modify it or nothing, useless app.Version: 29.26.1

Can’t even subscribeI downloaded the app. It seems I can’t even create an account since the app is constantly out of service. The only phone # in United States , while I am in Canada.Version: 23.0.0

No wallet supportNo wallet support for rewards even though it states it does. At least update your description so it’s not misleading..Version: 10.0.0

*edit* app is horrible and rarely works!….*Edit* this is the worst of the food apps i use. Rarely does it work when i want it to. And of course why would the restaurant uphold the coupons that the app offers? That would be too convenient to the customer. Customer service is as rare as a unicorn these days. Im only leaving this review based of a recent experience I had using the app. I ordered a sandwich from a local subway shop, I got a call almost instantly saying that they were out of almost everything, at that point why they were still even open I dont know, so I obviously didnt want any other sandwich of the two bad options I had with what they had left, so I asked them to cancel the order, and the employee said there is no way to cancel the order on their end……so what are we suppose to do when this happens??? They offered me another sandwich but i did not want another one and then they said I could pick up a sandwich tomorrow…but I dont want the sandwich tomorrow. Now I have to deal with this during work in order to talk to the manager and possibly corporate subway to get this figured out. Subway is quickly going downhill and its sad to see..Version: 29.4.0

App froze and cannot access my 14 $2 rewards!A week ago, my app froze and a box keeps coming up saying A problem occurred CONTACT SUPPORT or SIGN OUT” If you “contact support” it takes you to a website with only options that are irrelevant to the issue. I ended up going to the desktop site, where I could sign in but when I check my rewards it says “ERROR please try again”. I literally go to subway seven days a week and accumulate a ton of points and redeem them one at a time when they’re about the expire. I’ve used this app since it came out two years ago. But suddenly now it froze and I cannot do anything. I have a gift card connected to it and $28 worth of accumulated points that I cannot access. I’ve gone to the main website and filled out a form under “app issues with apple phone” three times in the last week and have heard nothing back. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but the error still comes up. The only way to use it again is to sign up for a new account back at zero. If ANYBODY has information on who I can actually get a response from someone, please post here. Ridiculous!.Version: 29.9.0

Version 20.0.0. Nothing new for such a massive version.Wow, at least introduce a good promotion or some new feature for such a massive version number..Version: 20.0.0

Can’t Sign UpNot in the app, not on the website..Version: 27.1.1

Vole2x je passe une commande et ça me dit au final que ça fonctionne pas. Mais l’argent est débité de mon compte et il n’y a aucun numéro de téléphone pour service client 😡 2x.Version: 29.26.1

Yeah no thanksApp popped up with a message asking if I was "enjoying" It after using it for less than ten minutes. It took all of those ten minutes to get through the glitches so it would actually allow me to order, so I said no, I wasn't. The next pop-up was the most condescending "Oh no! Do you want to tell us more?" I've ever seen. I hit yes, thinking it would take me, like.... anywhere. Here, maybe? To a form that you can submit on their website or through their app (if you can get it to work long enough to find it)? Nope! It asked if I wanted to call them. The ONLY option it gives for feedback about a bad experience is calling and talking to someone on the phone. What year is it?? I get that it took them four years longer than any other fast food joint to actually have an app in the first place, but surely, *surely* they aren't only giving that option for frustrating experiences because they know very few people will actually call, right? That can't possibly be it. Sure, there is literally no reason to *only* have a phone option in the year 2020 for a major fast food joint, but.... okay, there's no but. So hey, congrats! A one star review and a rant, just like you really didn't want me to ◡̈.Version: 27.0.3

Tokens cannot be retrievedIt has been more than a week now and every time I log in to check my tokens, I get the message ‘unable to retrieve your tokens’.Version: 7.9.1

Don’t use this app!!Horrible!!! First it took 10 minutes to get my credit card saved. Then I placed my order figuring I could save 30 minutes waiting in the drive thru when I got to the restaurant. Turns out I still would have had to wait, and I was pressed for time. The I tried to do “contact us” and it won’t let me!! GARBAGE!!!! All I wanted was a healthy lunch.Version: 28.2.3

Needs Apple Wallet SupportBought this app expecting it would work as advertised in stores. I guess Subway lied about Apple Wallet support???.Version: 9.0.0

Card to walletGood app. Can you make a feature to add the card to wallet. Makes it so much easier to look for the card..Version: 9.0.0

Apple WalletWhere is the Apple Wallet support?.Version: 9.0.0

No apple wallet?All the focus seems to be on ordering through your phone here. Nobody really wants to do that. Needs to have to ability to scan your MyRewards QR code through apple wallet, can’t be that hard to implement.Version: 10.0.0

First time used is now the last!There is a limit of six for each order, so I had to have two orders. This app is not updated with locations that have advertised deals so calling each location before you order. Plus the new sandwiches are not updated which means maybe you won’t want BBQ on a BBQ sandwich. Due to training every location makes condiment sandwiches even if you request “little” or “light” sauces. On my second order I received two of the of one sandwiches and clearly made the order not this way. Disappointed after getting home then traveling back to the location to get my money back for just the wrong sandwich I was told NO. They could not refund just one sandwich and told me I possibly could go through something online. There is nothing on the app for this option. The only refund is for the whole order, at location, and then repurchase the sandwiches that were made correct. Thanks for the lesson in total $60 for two orders and not what I ordered. I won’t use app or order at locations again..Version: 25.0.1

Needs Apple Wallet exportSounds nice but I want to be able to export the card in Apple Wallet. It says here that’s the app is compatible with Wallet, so... Thanks.Version: 9.0.0

Login BrokenI cannot login using the app but I can on the website. Fix it...Version: 29.26.1

Needs a location improvementIf you use different subway locations (you travel for work), it will sometimes revert back to the location from your previous order. I was in Highlands Ranch, Colorado making a delivery (I’m a trucker) not 200ft from a location. I changed the location in app to that store. As I placed the order it reverted back to the previous order location in Longmont, Colorado from 3 weeks earlier and sent the order to that store. When I got the confirmation email I noticed the mistake and called that store to explain to them what happened. The store manager told me “it’s an electronic payment and there’s nothing she could do”. I asked her not to make the sandwich as I wouldn’t be able to drive 2hrs with traffic for a $7 sandwich. I contacted subway through the email I found on the app and they responded with each store if individually owned and there was nothing they could do. So I was charged the money anyway. I know it’s not much money but if it happens to even 1% if the people that use the app it’s a lot of money subway if profiting for nothing. It’s a simple fix that they need to do. If you only ever use one location it’s a great app but if you use multiple locations for lunches at work or something it’s not worth the time you’d save. I’m deleting the app and subway isn’t in my lunch rotation anymore..Version: 19.0.0

Good potential, poor implementation in a time that’s needs this function.Although the experience of pushing a few buttons and in a matter of minutes enjoying a good sandwich is incredible, I must review this app relative to other companies achieving the same functionality. This app is clunky and full of disruptive popup ads. It frequently gives errors and long load times. The favorites function is unusable. Also, don’t add a gift card to your payments because if it isn’t enough to cover the tab it doesn’t allow you to use an additional payment option to finish the order. So, if your gift card is worth $10 but your order is $11, you can’t use your gift card at all. A waste. Also, you don’t get notified about any progress of your order through the app. You’ll get an email when your order has started to be made. Emails aren’t instant so it’s often that you’ll never know when your order is ready. Hope this helps both Subway developers and customers..Version: 28.0.2

DisappointingI’m a big fan of eating at Subway because of how much you can customize things. This app doesn’t let you do that nearly as much. Items like the Steak & Cheese don’t give you the option to select a Footlong, which is frustrating because Subway currently has an offer of $5 footlongs if you order 2 on the app, which this prevents me from taking advantage of. Entire menu items are completely missing from the menu as well, like the Ham and Turkey sandwich. Also, other ingredients, such as bell peppers, are completely missing from the Customization page; but when I go into the local store in-person, they have them in stock. I also sometimes like to add other meats to existing menu items, but the app only allows Pepperoni, Bacon, or Guacamole as custom add-ons. I know from working at a Subway restaurant in the past that it is just as easy to add items like Salami, or almost anything else, onto an order; yet the app doesn’t allow that. All in all, these issues with this app have prevented me from being able to order what I want from Subway via app. The Subway website has all the same problems. During this pandemic, that means I cannot order from Subway at all..Version: 25.0.1

Errors, Unable to orderUpon opening the app I’m greeted by an error. Every button I press gives me an error, sometimes the button works anyways, sometimes it doesn’t. Ordering doesn’t work, I’m provided yet another error. Dysfunctional and useless..Version: 29.6.0

App crashed but still charged meI placed my order in the app but when it came time to pay the app gave me an error message and asked me to try again. I did so. Then it gave me another error and said my cart had expired, create a new cart. I closed the app, relaunched the app, tried again and had the same problems. I finally gave up and called the store directly. After placing my order over the phone, I thought to check my email. Sure enough, there were two messages waiting for me confirming my orders from the app. I checked with my bank app and guess what? Subway had charged me three times! Two times from the app and once from the over the phone order. As I was looking at this information, the store called me back. Thankfully they noticed a duplicate order. What’s that you say? A single duplicate order? That’s right… Only two of the three orders showed in their system. Some thing was definitely not working right. The store was only able to cancel one order and is going to wait an hour or two to see if the third one shows up in their system and will void it at that time. What a horribly, unreliable app. And for people who don’t catch the extra charges on their bank account right away, a horrible inconvenience to have to call the bank and try to prove that these charges should not have existed in the first place..Version: 29.7.0

$$$Too expensive. 12 dollars for a basic 6 inch that they’re tentative to let you customize. Subway is no longer value for your money..Version: 29.26.1

BrokenI tried to place an order with a coupon. Turns out the coupons aren’t accepted at my local subway. That’s fine. But the order said it’d be ready for pickup at 9:30 PM which was HOURS after I placed the order. I called the Subway and told them I wanted to cancel that order and that the app said it would be ready at 9:30 PM. They said no order came in. So I said that’s fine but I don’t want the order if it does. Unfortunately there’s NO way to cancel orders from the app. Here I am at 10 pm getting angry calls from Subway saying hey come pick up your food, we’re trying to close. I explained to them that I called and canceled hours ago but no order was showing. So when my order finally showed up they made it and charged me. I told her I wanted a refund which at first she wasn’t going to give me. Eventually they decided to refund my money. I’m not mad at the subway because it’s the app’s fault for not having a cancel option. I imagine after hours they had done forgotten about my phone call and fulfilled the order not thinking anything of it. Either way, I’m deleting the app. If my local Subway isn’t going to utilize the coupons advertised, there’s no real incentive to keep it anyways..Version: 24.0.0

Worst app ever!!I placed an order on the app an hour in advance and realized that it was at the wrong location. The app doesn’t allow you to cancel an order, to do so you would have to contact the restaurant. I called them and they said that they haven’t received the order and they hung up in my face. I called back and the guy said that he checked the orders and mine hadn’t shown up. He asked what time i placer the order for and I told him 8:15pm as it was about 7:20 pm. He said (with the rudest attitude) to call back closer to the order time to cancel. I said I would and I placed an order for the correct location. I called them at 8:05 pm and nobody answered. I called them at least five more times with no answer. I decided to go to the restaurant and handle it inside. It took 30 minutes to get to the front of the line and the girl couldn’t do anything. I was extremely late for work waiting on that line and I HAD to take the sandwiches. They were prepared incorrectly on top of all of it and I still had to pick up my order at the correct location. I’ve never know an app not to have a cancel option. This is ridiculous and I want a refund. Never using this app again. It was a complete waste of time and money.Version: 23.0.0

Looks good, but it’s buggy and confusingThe visual element of seeing the sandwich ingredients is great. Nice idea, but it stops there. That’s it for the positive side. When I try to use the app, I get stuck in endless loops. The navigation in and out of menu items is nonsensical. It always seems to make me pay with ApplePay … twice for each order. It’s super, super frustrating..Version: 28.2.3

No Canadian Offers?I’m getting all these offer alerts but it’s not valid in Canada. Seriously? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m deleting the app. No point going there if there’s no offers at all..Version: 29.5.0

AppYour app never works. Like literally it has never ever worked for me..Version: 29.26.1

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