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VinoCell - wine cellar manager App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

VinoCell - wine cellar manager app received 45 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using VinoCell - wine cellar manager? Can you share your negative thoughts about vinocell - wine cellar manager?

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Good but badThere is much to like about this app once all your data is loaded. But loading bottles takes a good bit of time. The absolute worst is when you try to place a bottle on a rack or relocate the bottle from one place to another. It is neither intuitive or easily accomplished. These folks need to hire a UX designer badly..Version: 3.8.6

BugLove the app. Great. But... Could you please fix the following bug. In my Cellar I have 28 bins (shelves) and have thus named each one Bin 1, Bin 2 etc. the problem is that it orders them by moving Bin 10 after Bin 1 then Bin 11. ie it sorts Bin 1-13 like so: Bin 1 Bin 10 Bin 11 Bin 12 Bin 13 Bin 2 Bin 3 Bin 4 Bin 5 Bin 6 Bin 7 Bin 8 Bin 9 Then does the same putting 20+ numbers after 2 Please can you fix this bug. Your app can't count It would also be great to be able to place cases in shelves not just bottles.Version: 1.7.3

Too long to enter 1 bottle of wineJust spent 11.99$ after reading reviews on this app What a waste…this app has such a great potential but indont feel like entering 350 bottles with so many details You would think they would have a scanning bar code to help enter wines quickly Very disappointed.Version: 3.9.1

Has promise but not there yetMostly this app meets expectations but can be quite time consuming as a lot of manual input of wine stats is needed. Ideally it should allow for barcode scanning to recognise wines and their details..Version: 2.6.0

Awful - avoidThe app looked promising at the beginning, but it is in fact absolutely awful. The number of clicks involved in adding a bottle of wine to a cellar is ridiculous. You first have to select the wine. Then you have to go to another screen to select the cellar. Then another to choose the rack. Only then can you click a "Place" button to navigate to the rack, then double tap the bottle and double tap the location in the rack. Multiply that by any sensible number of bottles, and you realise that this app is a great time waster. Not only that, but it gets slower and slower and slower, so that it was taking ten to fifteen seconds PER BOTTLE from the time I clicked in the rack until the bottle appeared. Broadly speaking, this is buggy and pretty useless for anyone with a cellar that has more than half a dozen bottles. Avoid..Version: 2.6.0

Need a barcode scanner unless you have 20 bottles or lessSeriously expect us to type in each bottle and search for the best complete info to choose? If I have days to inventory my wine and add notes that take forever then it’s a great app. But....this one feature makes it a waste of time and money.Version: 3.8.1

Basic Feature LimitationsLabels/bottles are not shared when using database, meaning that you always have to take your own photos and manually set the bottle shape and colours. 3D bottle looks great, but you cannot display them nor do they show on the product PDFs. Hope VinoDev updates these features!.Version: 3.4.1

Okay but not greatDuplicating bottles is a hassle. Easier to start from scratch. Reached out to them via their email and did not get a response. Thought I was missing something but can not figure it out. Also, no way to remove a wine that you May gift to someone. Only way I see is to indicate it as being consumed..Version: 3.8.1

DisappointingI downloaded (and paid) for this app as a way to scroll through wine in my cellar, basically to provide a function that much better (and free) apps like CellarTracker provide. There is a very limited database of wine, when adding a new one you seem to have to create it yourself. (Helpful If you can export from elsewhere) You have to upload all of your own images. Seems like an expensive waste of time, too bad here was no free trial version....Version: 3.8.0

DisappointingYou can capture dozens of attributes and the import from csv works fine. If you have a richly populated spreadsheet to upload that is one thing, but if you have a long list of wines with basic data you will be disappointed - there seems to be no way to enrich your data in any automated way. So then I started another approach of searching my wines using the app’s database. The search brings dozens of listings for the same wine, each with a varying quality of data - some of it just plainly wrong. And no images seem to be provided. Looking for an alternative app that is worth the money....Version: 3.8.4

Good app can be betterI wish the images a customer saves is uploaded to their server and standardized so that when one searches the database, it allows us to import standardized data. Something like what the Vivino app does..Version: 3.8.6

Too complicated…Not an app for the weekend wine enthusiast, it’s more geared towards the massive collections. I have an 80 bottle wine fridge and there are no settings in the app for a shelf, only stacks or bins. FYI, some of us don’t buy wine by the case… A single row option would be nice. No auto fill, I have to enter every detail over and over. Every change requires going in, clicking edit, going into that menu, clicking edit then doing it all in reverse. I’ve been trying so many of these apps and have yet to find one that’s intuitive and simple. Spent an hour trying to figure out how to enter 3 bottles of St Emilion and ready to eat my $8 and move on.Version: 3.9.1

Data entry nightmareOnce you get everything entered its great. But I’d rather use Cellar Tracker for the simple feature of being able to scan the barcode or label to enter the wine. This app has everything else going for it though..Version: 3.7.3

Too complex, misses the essentialsCould be such a great tool and then the developer fails at the first hurdle: how to conveniently enter wines. I may change my mind if ever he comes up with a workable entry interface I may change my mind but for now it was a waste of money..Version: 3.0.3

VinoCellI find it difficult to use - eg, it is not easy to simply delete a bottle or to movement bottles into different cellars. It is also necessary to keep creating entirely new files for another year of the same wine..Version: 3.9.1

Better (free) apps out thereSave your money. This app may have been great years ago but it doesn’t compare to the apps these days that can scan the label and input all the details for you. Having to enter everything manually is a huge pain, especially if you are starting from scratch. For that reason I would not recommend.Version: 3.9.0

Seriously, no database lookup??This is one of the most expensive cellar tracker apps on the market and yet it lacks a critical feature: the provision of a wine database from which you can look up your own wines based on either the label or barcode (or ideally both). The very first wine I attempted to add is not exactly obscure – a Penfolds Kalimna Shiraz! And yet the app requires me to enter all the details manually. Even some of the free and very cheap apps have decent databases! Come on guys, get your act together with this expensive app..Version: 2.5.5

2020 technology pleaseThis is a great app but lacking basic search by camera functionality available on free apps. From my perspective, lack of this functionality makes the app not usable. Would pay extra for this function. Sent the developer feature request June 2019 and their response was that this feature is coming within few months, here we are in 2021!.Version: 3.8.6

UselessWhat a waste of time, very complex, hard to enter info and impossible to record bottles drunk. No data base of information..Version: 1.7.3

Obscure interfaceVinocell captures all the data you could imagine about wine. Entering the data is a confusing and lengthy process. Definitely not intuitive. Despite being on Apple platforms it doesn’t take advantage of the graphics capabilities. Lots of room for improvement..Version: 3.8.4

Great for cellar managementGreat for cellar management however I believe that the mix of vivino and this app would be perfect!!!.Version: 3.1.0

App can’t scan your bottles to load themScanning of labels, bar codes, etc has been around for a decade now on smartphones I clouding other wine finder apps. For whatever reason this app requires you to manually enter all the details, or google search style enter the name and vintage to find it. In 2010 this would be fine... it’s 2020 going on 2021 and this app was nearly $10. This unacceptable..Version: 3.8.6

Not meeting expectations.This app seems good on paper and does have many great features however I am having trouble with freezing and crashing when searching within the online database, making it very frustrating to use. This is a disappointing bug to find in a $13 app for which I had high expectations..Version: 2.6.0

Disappointing for Aussie wine loversIf you have Australia wine this app is not for you. Don’t waste your money. It’s also not that user friendly so if you are over the age of 50 you might struggle to get this to work for you..Version: 3.7.3

No barcode scanning ability??For a paid app this should be able to import data via barcode... there are free apps that do this... huge disappointment honestly!.Version: 3.7.2

I can’t believe I fell for this.It’s slow and horrid. Takes ages to add wines. Pretty but dumb. Please avoid. I’m genuinely sorry I wasted my money on this. Feel shafted..Version: 3.8.2

Most frustrating app.The waste of $8.99 is the least of my worries. I lost a couple of hours trying to import my data from Cellar tracker using their useless import link. There’s nowhere for me to put in your score in the import CSV file (so I have to give up on all my wine scores??). And after a couple of hours transferring the database from Cellar tracker to them, I keep getting the error message “Wines can’t be imported. The CSV file structure contains an error, please verify it” without any other explanation, Argh!!!.Version: 3.8.2

At this point, just use ExcelThis app was truly a disappointment. It’s “powerful” in the sense that it has numerous attributes that can be added, but you have to add them all manually. There’s no database that it pulls from except a very light version of incomplete user-added data with multiple vintage duplicates. I was very disappointed by this as I was hoping to find something with just a bit more detail and pizazz than CellarTracker..Version: 3.8.1

Waste of TimeThis app is impenetrable. Duplicative steps that drop data. It requires multiple steps to 1) add a wine ... not a bottle and then 2)a completely different edit to add the number of bottles. Then try to edit any errors. You'll pull your hair out and want to smash your iPad with a hammer..Version: 3.9.1

Difficult usingCan't even get past building the cellar..Version: 3.6.1

Needlessly complicatedI need to track wine, I do not need to launch a satellite into space. The app is so unbelievably complicated it makes even the simple tasks so hard. Want to move a bottle of wine from one shelf to another? Book out a weekend and good luck to you. Want to update the number of bottles you own (ie add one)? Retire from your job and work on this full time. I have gone back to a Google Docs spreadsheet because, you know what, it does exactly what I need in 1/5th of the time..Version: 3.7.5

Limited database, overly-complex interfaceI spent a good three hours just trying to enter 10 bottles of wine and assign them to slots in my cellar. 2 out of 10 came up in the database—I had to type in a ton of details manually for the others. Assigning bottles to shelves and slots is an exercise in futility. Even trying to increase the quantity to multiple bottles is way more work than it should be. This app feels very outdated and clunky. I found that Vivino has a cellar function so went to that instead and just put the rack number in the notes. Much easier..Version: 3.9.1

12$ CAD pour rienCest moche on ne peux meme pas scanner les Bouteille… Il fait Tout inscrire a la mains.Version: 3.8.6

Adding wines accurately is just too much workVinoCell’s app works great and is powerful but since you cannot “accurately” add many wines without a lot of legwork, it is a nightmare to use. My primary point here is that there are too many matches to choose from when searching for a wine in the app. When searching for wines I have purchased, that I am trying to enter into my cellar, there are many times just too many scattered matches; many users have entered their own version of a vintage release, so picking the right one with the most accurate information is a daunting task. Basically, if someone volunteered to enter all of my wines for me, I would use this app for my cellar management; but only then. I overlooked all of this because I wanted an app that shows the visual layout of all of my wine racks in my cellar. This app can do that portion and do it somewhat well, but in the end I just need to be able to know exactly where every bottle is placed in my cellar and be able to quickly add new wines as accurately as possible. CT is still the best app out there for this. I do wish CT had some aspects of VinoCell’s interface; but in the end, accurate and thorough organization and barcode/label matching is the clear winning component of CT’s features which unfortunately still beats all the other competition out there in app-based cellar management..Version: 3.7.5

Do not buyHorribly and pointlessly difficult to use. Simply underdeveloped. I bought it about an hour ago,.. tried several variations of making it work... now erasing it,... save your money and buy a sharpie to write on you wall,.. that would be technologically superior to this App..Version: 3.8.2

I have to do all the work?????You literally have to enter every bit of information on the wine yourself. Vivino and Cellar Tracker do it automatically and both of those apps are free. Absolutely ridiculous. There are plenty of negative reviews saying precisely what I’m saying but this app has five stars? I’ve been duped. Congratulations..Version: 3.7.3

DecevantPas du tout intuitif, impossible de scanner code bar. Appli du moyen âge.Version: 3.4.1

Wine visualization doesn’t workThis app was a bummer. It has a ton of features but I purchased it due to the reviews talking about the cellar visualization. Essentially, you put in the specs for your wine rack (for example, 10 x 10). Then you are supposed to be able to assign a bottle of wine to a specific spot in the rack so it’s easy to find the bottle you’re looking for later. Unfortunately, when I go to assign “location info” to a bottle, the app is unresponsive. It looks like this app hasn’t been updated in awhile, so it likely is a compatibility issue with the latest version of iOS 14. Unfortunately this was the most important feature for me so the app is pretty useless now..Version: 3.8.6

Good wine cellar management appOverall in concept this app is a good tool. I manage my fridge and bottle locations with the app, but only someone with a touch of OCD would spend the time to do this. The app takes way to much time to load up the bottles. The search function brings up bottles that other people have already loaded including all of their errors. To create your own entry takes several minutes. 10-15 depending on how detailed you want to be. Multiply this by the number of bottles in your cellar and you have a serious project on your hands. Other apps can find your bottle simply by taking a photo of the label. Not this app, it is manual entry only. I don’t think this app is good for the everyday users but serious cellar organizers will appreciate the features. The developers have a lot of room for improvements and they should start listening to the feedback..Version: 3.8.1

Extremely disappointing!I can’t comprehend how this app received such positive reviews. From what I’ve read, I thought this would be an “upgrade” from using Wine Cellar. It’s actually just infuriating. This app requires way too much manual work. It does not allow me to import my existing inventory with cellar rack location. It won’t even add wines by scanning the barcode. I’m sticking with Wine Cellar..Version: 3.7.5

No barcode scan to entre winesWill Need a very long time to enter even my small sized cellar without barcode scan capability.Version: 2.2.3

If you already use Vinocella, the change is a lot of workI have only given this app 3* because I am rather disappointed by the amount of work it will be to move my records from Vinocella to Vinocava. To be fair, the notification email I received from the author explained that only wine info could be imported, not numbers of bottles or cellar location. Having played round with the app for a few hours, it has become clear how much effort and time this will take. The explanation offered is that database structures are completely different; this seems a pretty feeble excuse: moving data around is a pretty standard computing activity. There are some things to like about the new app: there are more attributes that can be entered about the wine and an improved way to enter regional/appellation data. One thing that is more of a nuisance is adding bottles to a cellar. Each bottle must be handled separately; it requires 4 taps to put a bottle in a rack, compared to 1 in Vinocella. If you already have Vinocella, I'm not sure I'd recommend the new app, if you have a lot of data already stored. Maybe I'll change my mind, if I spend more time with Vinocava. It is, after all, from the same stable as Vinocella, which I rated highly..Version: 1.0

Intensive Wine ManagerFor most enthusiasts this application is overkill. It is probably the most complete database wine management tool available. Some of the ‘web link’ functions were cumbersome or did not work at all. If you are looking to have a book chapter on each wine this app is for you. Most of us looking for a simpler page level database; year, winery, name, geographic origin, inventory, cost, value, tasting notes and maybe an auxiliary notes field..Version: 3.8.6

Terrible to useThe user interface is terribly cumbersome. Unless I’m missing something, you have to place each bottle individually; each time it takes about 5 actions. So to add a case of 6 bottles takes an age. Don’t understand why you can’t add 6 bottles, visually touch each position and save all in one go..Version: 3.6.1

Rip-offI’m not sure why this app is rated so highly. It must be used by people who spend all their time detailing the collection. Cellar tracker, a FREE app, is better than this. You can at least fill in the vineyard automatically, as well as the wine type. This app does none of that, and it costs $9. I want my money back..Version: 3.7.3

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