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Arby's - Fast Food Sandwiches App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Arby's - Fast Food Sandwiches app received 45 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Arby's - Fast Food Sandwiches? Can you share your negative thoughts about arby's - fast food sandwiches?

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Arby's - Fast Food Sandwiches for Negative User Reviews

No online ordering?I love Arby’s. I get the app to add alongside my other fast food apps. I work nights and always order before I head out to whichever restaurant I plan to eat at so when I pull in to the drive-thru it’s ready. So I download and login to the Arby’s app and look for where I enter payment method info and nothing. I look around and pretty much all this app does is show pics of the food and nutrition information. Yeah I know you have roast beef sandwiches and I don’t care about how many calories or how much sodium is in them. I’d just like to order them online and pick up when I arrive. This app is pointless. Hopefully they hire a company to do a real app where you can order. If I want to look at a picture of a 1/2 pound roast beef sandwich then this app is great. Ugh..Version: 2.0.3

Gonna lose me as a long time customerThis app is almost akin to a 2010 app in that it doesn’t have really anything but a static page showing a menu. No deals are EVER posted in the app itself, you have to wait for an email, sign in multiple times just to get the deal added and it’s only good for a short time. ::thumbs down x 2:: McDonalds and Burger King always have deals posted within the app and doesn’t require you to constantly sign in every time you want to do something; this is a food app, not my bank. I always first look at the 2 above mentioned apps for deals and 90% of the time will go spend my money there. Oh and did I mention the lack of a rewards campaign? McD’s and B.K. have them and I’ve already taken advantage of them; def makes me feel like I’m a valued customer..Version: 3.6.4

Can’t order from it!All the 5 Star reviews here sing praises of ARBY’s food, which I love, but is not the point of the app rating. That makes those well-crafted “ad” ratings suspicious. App problems: First, the app requires you to create an account, which is impossible unless you exit the setup routine after getting frustrated with your first attempt, then renter setup which somehow finally recognizes your favorite restaurant choice (naming your fav store should NOT be needed to setup an account). Second, once you set up an account, you can’t place a mobile order!! What?! Why have an app, so we can peruse your menu? With Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and on and in...even Dunkin’ Donuts having mobile ordering capability, this was a giant and surprising letdown..Version: 2.0.7

The app is crapThis app allowed me to order at a restaurant that was closed at 6 pm… made me pay with CC for a pickup order… when I got to the store at the scheduled 8:20 pm time, the store was closed… found out the next day that the store closed at 6 pm (I created the order after 6 pm)… then the next day I ordered from an Arby’s about 5 miles away instead of the one closest to me, the order then cost an extra dollar and 40 cents… but it gets better, the order I didn’t receive the day before was paid by my bank “I NEVER RECIEVED THE FIRST ORDER”… When I called Arby’s to complain, the customer service agent threw up an apology but didn’t have any real concern doing it, like reading a script. As I was telling her the issue she repeatedly interrupted me, then said my money would be refunded in a few days… I WILL NEVER USE THIS APP, NOR WILL I SHOP AT ARBY’S… THEY DONT CARE, THEY BARELY FIX THE ISSUE AND FROM THE ATTITUDE OF THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY DON’T REALLY GAF ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS.Version: 3.4.4

Needs mobile order option.Needs mobile order option. I have CAPD, Central Auditory Processing Disorder & I am involved in the Deaf Community. We love mobile order because it is so accessible to us. — It doesn’t have to be a “pick up.” It can be ordered on your phone and you have the option of drive through or walk up inside & you show them the order number on your phone & they pull it up & make it. This way there is no miscommunication about the order. Burger King has there app set up like this & I love it! I don’t have to hear if they got my order right. — I know they did, because I rang it up myself!.Version: 2.0.4

Learn from other fast food appsWhen placing mobile orders through an app: 1. If you have a drive-thru, A) customers should ne able to specify how they want to pickup, not default to making people get out and walk in to get their order; and B) you should be making the food fresh when people roll up. Not forcing people to choose between ASAP (ready in 5 min) schedule it 30 minutes or more out. The result is, you get there and your food is going cold or you have to wait 10 minutes or more for them to finish making it. Just make it when we get there. You already do it for people using the drive-thru anyway 2. Why can’t we report when something went wrong with the pickup order but we don’t find out until we get home? It happens all the time. Today, they forgot my bloody curly fries. I know , I should check the bag before I leave but sometimes you’re in a hurry or hey, you don’t like being stared down by the 2 employees at the counter while you check their work. 3. Let us add sauce in the app. Straight from the menu. You can get as much sauce as you want in restaurant but Arby’s treats it like gold when you go through the app or drivethru. Don’t have packets? Try little plastic cups with lids. It’s not rocket science..Version: 4.21.17

Does Not WorkThis app is garbage. I really like Arby’s food. However, I have never successfully placed an order through the app. I have tried many times. They advertise a great deal that you can only get through the app. I guess they assume people will go ahead and order food off the regular menu once they get to the restaurant and the app doesn’t work. Today, I tried to order the 5 for $5 classic roast beef. I tried for 30 minutes to get the order to go through. I went inside, they can’t do anything about it because they don’t have a special button on the register. Another family was trying to order the same thing and had the same problem. It isn’t just my phone..Version: 4.9.15

Could be betterThis app compared to other fast food apps is average or slightly under average. I enjoy going to Arby’s but the app is not one of the things encouraging me to go compared to other fast food. I don’t use the app often because of that so when I’m in the area and thinking Arby’s, I end up having to login just to view deals. I’m now seeing my order history no longer exists. Doesn’t help last time I tried to use the app I had to re-add my payment (which went through though the app tossed an error). If I didn’t check my bank, I’d have paid for food and not even gotten it. Last, there’s only 3 deal’s available. I think the average is 4 from what I can remember and it’s usually not anything noteworthy to remember..Version: 4.15.19

App needs a lot of work!!I’m writing this as I love Arby’s and hoping they see what needs to be fixed. Their app development partner has produced a useless app. The previous app was just a menu and they’d fallen behind every other fast food chain offering online ordering and deals. This was a welcome update… except it does none of the things it’s advertised as doing. - No locations around me for miles and miles offer online ordering. Their franchises apparently are not ready for this. - The login/signup do not work. Every time you “log In” it shows you the same login/signup button and you’re never actually logged into your account. - Before I selected a location I tried their online ordering selection and I couldn’t even change the curly fries to crinkle cut fries when building a meal. It simply showed me a blank select screen. The same issue was experienced when choosing a drink. The basics of selecting a meal are broken. - There is no section for deals or coupons as any competitor has and as this app claimed would have. This app is in a sense a prettier version of the previous app where it was only used as a menu..Version: 3.1.2

Coupons in the mail but NOT on the app?? This is ridiculous!Coupons in the mail but NOT on the app??Okay since Arby’s started and originated in Ohio it is an AWFUL shame that their are NO coupons in the app! What is the issue Arby’s’?? It would save paper and I can guarantee you that more people would use your App to buy Arby’s!! WAKE UP ARBY’S!! Get with technology and use the app instead of clipping coupons!! Burger King uses both and it’s pretty sad to see an Ohio based company like Arby’s (I’m a PROUD born and raised female in Ohio!) that does NOT utilize the app and special offers more often! Use the app for more deals/discounts Arby’s!!!! I do like searching and browsing through the menu to see what’s new and the nutritional labels are a FUN time when we see how much sodium is in everything!.Version: 2.0.4

Least useful app I have ever seenYou can only view the menu and nutritional info. You can’t order with the app like many, many other fast food restaurants already have. It always give me and error message when I try to add my local Arby’s as a favorite, as if that would be somehow beneficial to me without even being able to order online. In the profile section, the birthday field won’t even let you enter anything in. But it doesn’t matter because of the worst part of the whole app. The worst part is that even though there is an “offers” tab, there are NEVER any offers. The many, many people that have given this app high reviews are likely Arby’s employees that were instructed to do so..Version: 2.0.4

MY DAD IS IN CHARGE OF ARBYS APPHe’s been gone for 11 years and I’m freaking 50 and was a late baby. But how else could you explain a company that has completely ignored the reason for having an app in the first place. ordering. But noooooo....instead they give you the opportunity to “sign up” for their “email offers”. Wow. So avant garde. Really cutting edge. I just wish they could “fax” their offers to, you get the point. Make no mistake: unlike the millennial idiots that are posting about the food to this app review, I’m quite in agreement that Arby’s rocks in that regard. But their savvy as it relates to technology is lacking. Savagely. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a movie back to Blockbuster and stop by Tower Records to get the latest Brittany Spears CD..Version: 2.0.4

App problemsI was ecstatic to find out that Kewanee Illinois was getting an Arby’s two years ago Arby’s finally came and I have been so happy except for the app has refused to acknowledge that Kewanee Illinois has an Arby’s so I cannot use it for deals or coupons. Arby’s is my favorite fast food I haven’t been able to use my app for two years now I wish you would please get this problem fixed I would sure buy a lot more Arby’s food if I could only get some deals little too expensive for me right now I am on a minimum wage job and don’t have much extra for food let alone fast food. please fix the app to include all of your newer restaurants or at least update the app to include everything a lot of changes have been going on in two years. Thank you for listening..Version: 4.4.18

Offers never openSeems to have lots of bugs or either they have settled for a very cumbersome way to get things that should be very obvious to use in an app without errors and requiring the user to troubleshoot. It should be a very basic app with very few features but even those 3 features don’t work right. I occasionally open the app to see if they have fixed the issues but as long as I’ve had the app it’s basically worthless which is almost a year now. I feel like I have given Arby’s plenty of time before leaving this review. Get your act together! Honestly love Arby’s but this app experience has me going to other places more often just because of this app not working..Version: 2.0.8

Limited featuresIn my opinion, this application is of little value when compared to its competition. The payment options are limited. It doesn’t offer PayPal or Apple Pay.. it doesn’t offer a loyalty program or offers. Since Arby’s paper coupons are widely available, customers end up incurring a higher total cost than customers not using the application and using coupons. The application requires customers to pickup the order inside the restaurant. It doesn’t provide for drive through or in car pickup options. In my opinion, this application offers little customer value. Competing fast food restaurant applications offer far more feature functionality..Version: 3.6.4

Better, but still needs workThis app used to basically just give you their menu. Now it at least gives you mobile ordering and the option to use coupons and deals, but it needs a REAL rewards program like everyone else has (with points redeemable for free food) and the ability to have your order made upon arrival (something else the competition has), rather than the choice of immediately (great if you’re a block away, not so much if you’re not) or at a preset time 30 minutes or more in the future (which may mean waiting a while for your food)..Version: 4.9.15

Suggestion(everybody out there reading this comment please let Arby’s know if you like these ideas or don’t, thanks) I can’t seem to find a condiment button in your app, maybe add buttons to choose what condiments you need on the side and how many. My second suggestion would be to lower your prices back down to the outrageous 2019 prices. I have went from buying Arby’s one to two times a week to one to two times a year due to your pricing. My third suggestion would be come out with some real discount coupons. The ones you have right now are useless and a joke, they are of no value. I guess a good example would be your two-for-one offer. If I remember right you’re charging almost twice for a single burger as it would cost for one in years past. Other restaurants have started doing the same thing maybe you should be the one that stands out and gets the better value for a meal. Overtime you’ll see a larger number of customers eating at your restaurant and dropping the other restaurants. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have another suggestion that I would like to email you, not phone in, did I’d rather not make public so you can make it proprietary..Version: 4.6.11

Add drive thru pick up and fix the credit cardSeriously, app developers: Add drive thru pick up and fix the credit card save option. The stores near me let you pick up in the drive thru, but I still feel like an entitled jerk sitting in my car disrupting the flow. Add a drive thru pickup option properly so everyone can be most efficient. Literally all the other fast food apps have had this for years. Also, I can’t get the app to save my credit card info; tried three times so far and just get a “network error” message. I HATE having to get my card out and type everything. Get with it, Arby’s. Also gave me the wrong location for my order today. I HATE THIS APP and will now be deleting it..Version: 4.20.17

People, rate the app not the food!When something is good I believe in sharing that. When something is bad I’ll share that too. Is Arby’s food good? Absolutely! Does this app open and display without issue? Yes. Does this app do anything I can’t accomplish using Google or my browser? The answer is a resounding NO! I might as well use Yahoo search. Oh, wait. That’s useless too! I can’t order on this app. I can’t see what’s available at my local Arby’s either. To add insult to injury, Arby’s is what I might politely call stingy with offers. So what (besides eat up space) does this app do? I can locate an Arby’s. I can look at the corporate menu and the nutrition. I can also do that on my browser. So why, people, is there all the love for this app??? You don’t love the app. You (as do I) love the food. Stick to the facts: this app is useless. Arby’s: You might have the meats but you don’t have the offers..Version: 2.0.8

Hit and MissApp not working. Keeps putting $0 value for items and crashes when I try to select items to pay. Can’t order from the store bc apparently the deals have to be ordered in app and is full price on store. Going somewhere else for lunch. Previous experience: So Arby’s got the app to order food ahead of time. For the most part it works but whenever I use an app coupon and fulfill the requirements, it never works. I usually have to add way more items pass the minimum to get things to work or just randomly add and delete items to see if it will take. Incredibly annoying. Also, I’m not sure if app orders cause employees to throw tantrums, but I ordered on the app while in the store to skip the guy at the register. He had a cow about it and announced it obnoxiously to all his coworkers that there is a customer ordering food on the app while sitting in the store. I have no idea why. Maybe he was just a douche and is upset he works at an Arby’s as a career..Version: 4.13.12

SchoolI’m actually doing a short paper on mobile marketing for my college. I’m picking this app because it’s just a menu. It’s way behind in terms of competitors online ordering options and coupon availability. I wish you guys would take note of this, great food but get with the times. The app is lackluster and leaves much to be desired. The Facebook option to sign in doesn’t even work. This company still relies on coupon mailers to attract customers. I throw those things away and always forget them if I were to go to this fast food place. While I enjoy your food you’re losing valuable revenue dollars. You could be achieving greatness through mobile advertising such as that of McDonald’s. Anyways I wish you the best, but this app is too bad to pass up for critiquing in class by providing examples of business practices in advertising..Version: 2.0.8

Useless appUnlike every other fast food app, you can’t actually order from it. The app will only show you the menu, locations, nutrition, and the non-existent deals. All of which can be done on their website, which begs the question... why does this app even exist? The main reason other restaurants have apps is to streamline ordering, but Arby’s doesn’t want to do this either because they think it won’t be useful (which it would be) or because they’re cheap and don’t want to spend the money to allow mobile ordering. And since there’s no mobile ordering system, you may as well use the website with the exact same information, rather than having this app be a waste of space..Version: 2.0.8

Can’t schedule pickup date / time with latest update.The latest app update says that it will now allow you to schedule a future date / time pick up for an order. however, when I try to actually place an order, the only options available for date and time are ASAP and ASAP. The app will not let me choose an actual date or a time for a future order. I’ve tried placing orders at a couple different Arby’s but I still can’t can’t change the date or time. apparently ASAP is the only available option when using the app? If I go online via a computer to Arby’s website, it will let me choose a date and time for any of the Arby’s locations that I choose but that doesn’t do me any good if I want to use the actual Arby’s app on my iPhone..Version: 4.7.24

Horrible appThis app isn’t horrible, but it’s not good either. I’d put it at Eh at best. • It doesn’t save your card info so you have to constantly put it in. • It doesn’t automatically go to the nearest store or even let you set your home or favorite store. • It doesn’t let you cancel an order if you make a mistake like say putting an order in at the wrong location because the app didn’t put you at the nearest location. You have to take the time and call a number, go through prompts, wait for an operator, and then answer multiple questions to get the order canceled and your money returned. For as expensive as the food is at Arby’s, it’s a massive hassle. Especially when you’re in a time frame like a 30 min lunch. • And the worst of all is that it automatically charges your card the moment you place the order instead of waiting for you to arrive like most other apps. And since you can’t cancel an order without jumping through tedious hoops, you pretty much HAVE to go get it. Fix those problems with your app Arby’s and the app will be as awesome as your food and service. Sincerely, Mike, a loyal and long time fan..Version: 3.4.4

They don’t even care…Ordered from the app. Showed up 30 mins later. Well outside of the time I was told to arrive. Show up and the door is locked because they’re short staffed, so I proceeded to the drive thru. I get to the speaker and let them know I’m here for a online pickup. They say back that there’s nothing showing for any mobile order, despite me having a confirmation email. She tells me to pull around to the window. After waiting 15 additional minutes waiting to get to the window, I’m then told there that there is no order, and they could not make it without me paying again even though I was charged. I then called customer service to try and fix the issue. When I spoke to the rep, she hurried me through the refund process without even trying to save the order and quickly ended the call. The lady I spoke to sounded like she does this exact function all day. Disappointing. They say they got the meats, but I cry foul! Where’s the beef? 😒.Version: 4.1.4

Can’t loginI can’t login on my iPhone. I’ve tried everything. Deleting the app and reinstalling, creating a new account with a different email, removing pop up blocking… nothing works. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It’s the only fast food app I can’t access on my iPhone. Maybe it’s because the login takes you to a webpage? I can, however, access my account on my desktop. In fact, I can login to all three emails I tried using on my phone. Weird huh? And, no, I’m not going to try using my Apple ID or my Facebook to login, I don’t do that. And, why should I? It should work with my email. It should work just like literally every other fast food app. And yet, it doesn’t. I guess I’ll just have to print my deals out on paper and bring them in to an arby’s and have them just look at me like I’m stupid or something. Or maybe Arby’s should hire a different app developer..Version: 4.2.18

Great food, sad appThe Arby’s app is disappointing to say the least and the info in the App Store is misleading. You can’t order through the app like virtually every other fast food. They claim you will get access to deals but there are never any available. If you want to find an Arby’s google works better. There is a new restaurant near me that had been open a couple of months and it still doesn’t exist according to the app. The only thing the app is useful for is it gives nutritional information on the food and lists a fairly accurate menu. If there are special local or regional offerings I wouldn’t trust this app to have them listed. I am uninstalling for a second time..Version: 2.0.8

Do Not Waster Your Time DownloadingApp has not worked in months and nobody cares. You uninstall/install and still same problem of will not accept bank/credit cards - you will get a “Network Error” trying to add it and save it. Guess when Arby’s bought BWW in 2018 and messed that up even more for $2.9B they had to cut their losses and shut down the Arby’s app and mess with their original customers too. Arby’s has gone downhill on quality like a toboggan bobsled ride. They want you to pay more for less on a bun and then take away what actually worked - potato cakes. Look at the traffic at their locations. People only show up when coupons are in the mail..Version: 4.9.18

Very poor customer serviceOrdered using app, was ready about 8-10 min later. They were very busy so we overlooked the wait. We were more than happy with our sandwiches…but the curly fries (literally every one of them) were about an 1/2inch long, dried and overcooked. They were all like that. We asked if they could replace it and also stated that we knew they were busy, so whenever. After several min. I went back up to inquire. Carter, very rudely and disrespectfully informed me that we shouldn’t have expected them to be relaxed, they were busy and the curly fries were fine. To which I responded that “I was used to having good customer service.” Manager must have heard the rudeness, handed him the curly fries (much better…wish I had taken a pic of the others) but, obviously didn’t instruct Carter to apologize for his rudeness. Very disappointing..Version: 4.9.15

App seems to break if no nearby locations support online orderingOpen app for first time, then look at menu. Can’t customize sandwich toppings. Anything that offers a choice (side item, drink, 2 for $6) fails to load the choices; selection screen is blank. Only after further poking around in frustration, did I finally discover how to search for a location, and learned that apparently no locations in Colorado support online ordering. Maybe that’s why the menu is broken, but you’d think the app would be smart enough to either make the menu function by itself since it doesn’t prompt you to choose a location first, or else force you to choose a location first before being able to access the menu. It also would be much more helpful if the list of locations indicated which ones support online ordering. Currently you have to select a location just to see what happens, then go all the way through the ‘find a location’ process again just to pick another one, over and over until you run out of nearby locations without having found one that accepts orders, then delete the app out of spite for wasting so much of your time..Version: 3.1.5

Incorrect InfoI’ve been trying to use your app to narrow down restaurants where I can purchase your limited time country ribs sandwich. It seems as though all of your Arby’s stores do not offer the sandwich at this time. However when I walk in and talked with your staff at three different locations, they say they’ve always had the sandwich and it’s been available. I asked him if they had any shortages due to supply issues and they’ve said no. The app is very lacking in keeping track of information and making it available to your customer base. It would be nice to be able to use the app to track where we could purchase special order items as well as purchase orders online prior to going to the store similar to McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, or even Jack in the box..Version: 3.5.2

Poor Service Through AppI placed an order through the app… Just a few minutes later, I get a call saying the items I ordered were not available. I ask them to cancel the order and am hung up on, so I go to the restaurant. No supervisor available (on a Saturday night no less). First, I am told I have to cancel my order through the app… For which there is no option. Then I am told I have to call… Where I show the employee on the app that the phone number given is for the store I am currently standing in. Finally, I am given a 1-800 number to call to get a refund. I understand that sometimes products run out, but the store should have to verify product is available before confirming the order and taking the funds from my bank account. It should not take a 10 to 15 minute phone call at 10 o’clock at night to get a refund for something that is not my fault. This app has some issues that need to be fixed and I believe this is going to be the last time I will ever use the app for anything. I also will not likely be stopping at Arby’s again anytime soon..Version: 4.13.12

Coupons?UPDATED REVIEW: Restaurant added mobile ordering which was a big improvement BUT… COUPONS and DEALS PLEASE and actually have them and not an empty deals page! Once you add those it will be a very good app. ALSO, please follow the example of other restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s that have unlockable food rewards. For example for every so much you spend you get points which can unlock free food. If you want me to eat at Arby’s more then do this otherwise I’ll eat at these other places which value me as a customer more than you do. ORIGINAL REVIEW: The restaurant is fine as I love the food. But 3 Major Issues: 1:) No option for mobile ordering - This is a must for a restaurant app and without it this app is useless. 2:) No Coupons / Deals - Your Arby’s app hasn’t had any coupons for a long while now rendering this app useless. Most other places have coupons / rewards. Why don’t you? Stop being greedy. 3:) No Rewards Program - The more you spend the more points you can accumulate to get free food. I suggest Arby’s Corporate study the apps from Wendy’s and Burger King to see how a restaurant app should be done. Because your current app is pathetic..Version: 3.2.9

No Customer Service - Use At Your Own RiskThe basic functions of this ordering app are fine. Nothing too amazing, but mostly functional. However, the app and Arby’s have nothing in place for when something goes wrong. This means that if something happens you will end up having to fight for a refund, if you ever get one at all. My evidence for this is my experience using the app for the first time. Placed the order, went to pick it up, turns out the store had technical problems and had to close early. Things like that happen. Unfortunately, my attempts to get a refund from Arby’s have all been unsuccessful as the limited Customer Support for the company directs me to the store, but they can’t issue a refund because payments through the app are processed by a 3rd party. Sadly, this is a common issue with a lot of similar apps. Once again, the app works fine for the most part, but it has nothing built in for when things inevitably go wrong. A direct link from an order to customer support seems like an easy fix. Too bad it was left off the design table..Version: 4.2.14

No iPhone 6 Facebook login support?Tried twice to create account on iPhone 6 by clicking the Facebook login and the choose restaurant does not allow a selection during signup. Tapping the field anywhere across that section has no response. So the signup button never enables. Can not go past it. Who designed this? Frustrating Tried again using just email and not the easier Facebook login route. This time I was able to select a location but it would not allow me to create the account because it said my email was already in use. Most likely from the Facebook login attempts which never actually completed. Dumb Created a new email to login to the app and got all the way in just to see a screen that says no offers available at this time check back later. What is the actual point of this app? Most people get some kind of signup reward or at least access to some money saving coupons. This was a waste of time..Version: 2.0.8

“No locations” but there are 31So apparently this app doesn’t work in Oregon or Colorado (from another reviewer). I wonder how many more places it doesn’t work. There was zero verbiage on the app that lets you know the locations nearby don’t accept mobile ordering, it just says there are no restaurants in that area. The menu is laid out nicely so I’ll give you that. But your marketing and developing team seriously needs to read their reviews and take them into account to continue getting the business you want. I know it’s a chain but still, you could be bringing in so many more customers or returning customers with the ease of being able to order online, especially in these COVID times..Version: 3.6.4

Lacking Customization in Ordering MenuCustomization that mirrors a dine-in, or at best, a drive-thru order experience equivalent. No one should have to ask for extra sauce (be it honey mustard, or the amazing red ranch, or even ketchup) upon arrival to pick up a pre-sealed bag. That completely defeats the entire point of ordering in the app, & its efficiency. You can’t even change a B&C to have a sesame bun. That’s absurd. This app doesn’t reflect the dine in experience. Usually, Arby’s will make it happen if you ask. Not in the app though. Inconvenience and inconsistency is bad business. The functionality seems relatively seamless, and the Ui Is clean. But this app is too basic. Have you seen ChickFilA’s app, it’s absolutely flawless and you can do things like ask for extra ice, or napkins? You can do better..Version: 4.9.9

App screwed us over.Placed a mobile order and they said they didn’t get it. We paid of course but they wouldn’t give us the food with our confirmation in the app. Said we had to wait up to 30 mins for it to come in. 30 mins gone by still didn’t come in. We were asked to go park for a little longer and come back around. We went back around to the speaker 10 mins before closing and they put the automatic closed recording on and we pulled up to the window and they hid in the back of the store. I filed to have my mobile order refunded through the phone customer service. We will see if it actually refunds. Almost a $30 order..Version: 4.2.14

App FYI - Improvement SuggestionAs stated in the title, this is more of a user FYI and developer improvement suggestion opposed to standard review. The app does not auto locate the nearest Arby’s nor does it warn you about previous location used, and therefore it is pretty easy to make in order to the wrong location. Add to that the fact that the app does not have an option to cancel your order you were only left with two choices. You can drive to the location or do you have to call the location to cancel the order. If you were able to do so, the store will only be able to not make the order. You will have to contact Arby’s customer support to convince them of your need for a refund. While I realize that this scenario can be avoided the app actually create a situation to where you are set to fail with no immediate actionable recourse. It would be preferred to locate Arby locations within your area, but just as well not have the app. Remember, the last location used and or have a built in ability to cancel the order. Also along the lines of app improvement, it would be useful to be able to modify your order in such a way that you can choose a regular bun as opposed to an onion roll. If these things were present, this app would be at least a four-star given the ease of utilizing the app to create your order..Version: 4.11.3

DO NOT DOWNLOAD (Honestly a wast of data)Honestly the food is great at Arby’s. But I just can not understand how people are rating the app 5 Stars. I wanted to order through the app, and found that I couldn’t. Upon further inspection I looked through the other reviews and everyone is having the same problem. People can’t customize items, people can’t view prices and only because each location you choose says that it won’t support online ordering in that location, even if you wanted to order through the app you can’t. It was honestly a let down and I hope they update it soon but all I can say for now is I’m deleting the app, don’t download it.. Or I mean I guess you can, but you’ll see that it’s basically just an Arby’s locator app and menu … nothing more.Version: 3.2.9

App Doesn’t Work At AllI have an iPhone 11. I downloaded the app, but it doesn’t work at all. In order to do anything, I have to create an account. The last step of account creation is selecting your favorite location. The app won’t recognize any locations at all! When the search based on my location failed to find anything, I entered the exact address of an Arby’s a mile away from me. It still said it couldn’t find it. Thinking maybe there was something wrong with my closest location, I tried others. I couldn’t get it to locate a single Arby’s location anywhere. Then I tried to just avoid it by signing into the app with Facebook. But every time I try that, I receive an error stating, “Oops...something went wrong.”.Version: 2.0.4

Not worth itI didn’t use the app much before other to look at the menu. Started getting offers like a free sandwich via email and thought why not download the app again? It won’t recognize Apple Pay so it said I have no payment methods. Went to add 2 different credit cards and it won’t save. Just says there was a network issue. Tried on cellular and wifi. I even tried to login on my laptop. None of that worked. Stopped by a local restaurant and they can’t honor anything in the app. All “help” forms just want feedback about the restaurant. Called customer service and they passed on my issue to tech support 5 days ago with no call or email update..Version: 4.19.5

Probably the worst mobile ordering appI can log in with my Apple account, but not pay with Apple Pay. In fact, there's no way to even save your payment info once you've entered it! You have to put in your FULL card info EVERY TIME you order, which eventually you stop doing because why would you use something that's just a glorified menu app that lets you order badly? There are never any Deals, and when you place an order for ASAP, it could be 30 minutes out, and the order doesn't show up at the restaurant until maybe 10 minutes beforehand! Plus, you can't cancel the order, so you're stuck hanging out in the damned parking lot. This app makes me eat t Arby's LESS than I would otherwise, because it's so annoying. That's how BAD it is..Version: 4.1.5

App never works rightThis app seems totally abandoned by the developers… yet they release special pricing and things through the app. In the 3+ YEARS I keep trying to use it I have only managed ONE successful order to go through ever. It always declines my payments which never makes sense. No matter how I try to input it or whatever card or debit I use, it will never work and the money is there for sure! Also constantly keeping outdated coupons in the deal section is weird. I will check and the coupon will be posted AFTER the expiration date so it was never usable at all anyway. It makes no sense. I wanted to get the special pricing recently from the app and they will not honor it in person without paying through the broken app so I just went elsewhere. I’ve managed to avoid going here for years now because they won’t take my money. But I’d love to actually order through the app and it work..Version: 4.15.19

Why can’t you order sweet tea on the app?!?Very disappointed in our very first use of the app today. Our primary beverages we order from Arby’s include ice water and sweet tea, but neither of these are available to order on the app!! My husband did select two cups of “iced tea” on the app, and assumed it would be sweet by default as there was no option for sweet or unsweet. Once we got our order, however; both teas were listed as “unsweet tea” on the receipt. We realized we’d wasted money on two beverages we did not want. Whoever designed this app messed up big time, as many people prefer sweet tea. It should be basic knowledge that there are two options for tea. There also is only an option for bottled water, not ice water as I prefer. PLEASE ADD AN OPTION FOR SWEETENED TEA AND ICE WATER!!!!!.Version: 4.1.9

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