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CookiesCookies were unreal.Version: 3.9.0

You cannot go wrongI love to check the app on Mondays to see what’s new at Crumbl, I don’t know how they do it but the flavors are always so inventive and always so delicious! My personal faves are Churro and the classic Milk Chocolate Chip… if you love chocolate cake any of their chocolate based cookies will be a win for you, anything cinnamon or vanilla and flavor of theirs is a winner for me! This is a great treat to bring and the cookies are huge and cake like so bringing a box of four is good for sampling for 6 people who don’t want to go totally crazy…. But, you could eat a whole cookie if you were dedicated lol. The app is awesome. I like to order ahead for curbside and earn points!.Version: 4.0.5

Canadians loveDrive down from Canada and the first thing on my list is to order the best cookies in the world!! Crumble!! So delicious!.Version: 4.0.3

Crumble cookie reviewYessss!!!👍👍.Version: 3.9.3

Great Cookies, when you can get themMy wife wanted me to stop by and get a dozen cookies on my way home from a 1000 mile trip. I wanted to come home but lost the fight, and there was a fight. So I ordered the cookies via the app over 2 hours ahead of my arrival so I could save time with curbside pickup. Six chilled sugar cookies, six chocolate chip. I arrived at the time I requested in the app and hit the “I’m Here” button in the app. Forty minutes later a girl comes to my car and tells me they are out of the chilled sugar cookies. Guess which cookies my wife wanted? So, not only did these cookies, which are very good, start a fight that shouldn’t have happened, they also exacerbated the situation by not having what I ordered 3 hours earlier. Top it off I had to go inside to get a refund and didn’t have a mask with me thinking I wasn’t going to need one. If they app communicated with the store appropriately it would be awesome. But based on my first experience all I can say is someone owes me and my wife some free cookies!!!!!.Version: 3.8.13

Crumbl Cookie FixinsLuv luv luv 🍪 that’s why my family nicknamed me “Cookie”. I’m so delighted they are just around the corner I can get my stress fixin...Lol My favorites are the Oreo Birthday Cookie and Milk Chocolate Chip so far. Cookies are big, made fresh baked and served warm. So yummy 😋! think and If you download their Crumbl Cookies app you can see what flavors they will have for the week in their “weekly menu”. Crumbl Cookies make ordering fun not only thru the app or online but also in the store. You can customize with a special note for any special occasions or just because and comes in a cute pink box. Today I am trying the Lucky Charms! Cookies make the world a better place. Go get your nom nom on! 😁.Version: 3.8.10

Great App Excellent CookiesCrumbl has got me with their cookies, and since they change their selection every week, I keep coming back weekly! This app makes it really easy to order the cookies and pick them up. Having pictures of each cookie just makes my mouth water too. The one thing that would take this from a great app to an excellent app would be an app integrated way to show how long I need to wait until cookies that are sold out will be baked and available for order again. Currently I have to call over to the store and ask them how long it will take per cookie. I’m sure they get plenty of calls like that and it might save them at the store some time answering phones and it would make the ordering experience more straightforward..Version: 3.9.4

Crumble Cookie to make someone else smile!It all started while sitting in a church service. He was taking about JOY! We need to get our joy back and reminded us of the things we do have to be joyful about. So true. Then he began to talk of things that being him JOY…cookies…Crumble Cookies to be exact. I couldn’t help myself as I passed this place today. He helped me remember the things on my life that I have to be JOYFUL for so I decided I would spread the JOY. I stopped and bought him a cookie. If we look around us we can find JOY even in the midst of this crazy world. May God bless you and bring you JOY and some Crumble Cookies! We live this place. #churroisthebest.Version: 3.9.4

First VisitI hadn’t planned to buy but to see. I was very impressed with store cleanliness and a smiling, young staff. I expected to see a cookie showcase with a cashier that would take my order but instead I used a tablet to order. The tablet displayed only what cookies were available and asking the baker behind the glass, custom orders were not a choice. This placed, I told my clerk, reminded me of the Mall of America store in Minneapolis called, “Ookie Cookie” and they decorated cookies ‘custom’ if requested. I was disappointed finding the tablet did not accept cash so my custom order was canceled until I could produce a credit card. I like the store location and plan to go back a little better prepared. John.Version: 3.9.3

Amazing cookies, pretty great app!I love Crumbl cookies, and the app makes it so much easier to get them and track the loyalty points I earn. You can get your cookies mailed to you, order them for curbside pickup, and even have them delivered to your home on the same day from a local Crumbl store. Just a heads up: if you order your cookies for same day delivery, they’ll be delivered through DoorDash (at least in my area). Unfortunately, you can’t track the order and the store has no way of tracking the order either, the app only gives you an estimate on when you can expect your cookies. If there was a way to track your delivery, that would make the app even better (hence the 4 star rating instead of 5)!.Version: 3.9.3

So easy to make, even easier to enjoy!When making curbside orders, this “cookie” loves the CRUMBL app. You know what you’re getting, due to the easy “load your box” service. Options are at your fingertips. No issues, even ordering today for a pickup tomorrow! The staff will find their day already mapped out, when the lights come on to start up the mixers and ovens. This business plan serves it up right. We’ve never been disappointed, which in these times, you want to feel good about supporting local. CRUMBL deserves cookie kudos. 🎁Now if there could be a return cookie box special. (Not for a while I’m guessing!)We’ll keep recycling them then. Thanks CRUMBL! You’re the sprinkles & frosting in our day.💖.Version: 4.0.5

Best cookies EVER!!!Today was my husband’s birthday and since he already had a birthday cake, I decided to stop in Crumbl and grab a cookie for him. Wow! Was I blown away by the whole Crumbl experience!!! From the moment I walked into the store! Never having been there before, I was able to navigate through the experience at my own at ease. Upon entering I had no clue what to do, but it was pretty easy to figure out and the whole cookie tasting birthday surprise was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced!! Instead of purchasing just one birthday cookie, I got four; boxed beautifully for the occasion! What an experience! I will absolutely be returning and telling everyone I know about Crumbl!.Version: 3.9.6

App not always reliableI recently went to pickup a curbside and clicked “here” before I got to the parking spot. I kept waiting and noticing that several people were getting orders faster than me. When I first arrived, it said I was number two in line. Quickly after, it said I was number one. Finally, after sitting there nearly 15 minutes, I had to say something to the runner, who was delivering cookies to a car that had literally just arrived. He apologized and said that they were busy and he was the only one doing this. He went back inside and said that for some reason the computer put my order last. I knew something was weird when it gave me a confirmation saying my order was complete before I ever got my cookies. Fortunately this is the only issue I’ve had. Overall the app is usually fine. One last thing, I wish they could make it easier to edit delivery details in the app..Version: 3.9.8

Thanks for your supportToday we had a school district meeting for gearing up for that first day of school and beyond, including all of our staff (everyone employed by Durham Public Schools). When we walked out the door after the meeting, there was a truckload of cookies. One cookie was provided for every single person that attended (thousands). For that alone, I was very impressed. Then…. the cookie, nearly a meal, so delicious. I will always remember what you did for us and will respond by asking you to make more for my next event, or even as a gift for someone special. Thanks for your support of our school system!!! It says a lot about your business……..Version: 3.9.3

Usually GreatUsing the Crumbl app to order cookies is usually pretty easy and very straightforward in terms of navigation. I did run into a problem when trying to place a catering order for a Halloween party I’m going to on Friday. The minimum about of the mini cookies that you can order is 50. That’s fine and probably all that I’d really need for this occasion. The problem occurs when I hit 20 cookies and was told I had hit the max for the amount of cookies that I could order. Keep in mind the minimum amount is 50 cookies and it’s currently a Tuesday and I’m placing this order for Friday leaving nearly two and a half days for preparation. So why is there a discrepancy in how many I need and how many I can actually add to my order? And now apparently I’m just not going to get these cookies since I can’t order them through the app at this point in time. Maybe I’ll try again for Thanksgiving or something..Version: 3.9.6

Nice App, Needs More OptionsLove that the app updates every week with the current menu. It is well designed and easy to navigate. It would be nice to have more options however. You have to order the half pints in quantities of 4, which I did not like. I only wanted four cookies and a single half pint of ice cream, but that wasn’t an option so I just didn’t order the ice cream. I get that maybe they want to encourage you to order more, or maybe even trying to prevent drivers from wasting an entire delivery trip on a single half pint of ice cream, but that can easily be solved with a delivery minimum. In fact in situations like mine, it has the opposite effect - I ordered less because I didn’t want that much ice cream..Version: 4.0.5

I am BritishI am a poor British child, that lives in a estate home, I download this to fake I am eating the biscuits . Proper fancy 🥂.Version: 3.9.6

Grand Opening GoodyearWent for the first time to try a Crumbl cookie and went on Grand Opening Day at the Goodyear location. Place was nice and staff was polite and welcoming! The only complaint or suggestions I have would be to have samples for people to try. I thought for sure there would of been samples for people to try and decide on what cookie to buy and especially on first day opening but they didn’t and that was a little disappointing but I took a stab and picked peanut butter cookie to buy and it was delicious! But I really wanted to try their other flavors and I possibly would’ve bought more but didn’t want to take a chance not liking any other flavors. But will be back to try other flavors but I’m hoping they have samples out to try..Version: 3.8.10

3 stars butI gave them 5 stars because they are so good. But my first experience was a 3 star rating.. I am going to give them another try, because they were so good. I have 2 complaints; I am a shipping customer and did not know that shipping customers do not receive the honey butter icing on the cornbread cookie. Second, a few of my cookies in the 12 cookie box were a bit undercooked in the middle. I love soft cookies I don’t care for hard cookies but my cookies were undercooked slightly. Since they were so delicious I am going to give them another try (this time knowing that I will not receive my cornbread honey butter icing, their should be a disclaimer for shipping customers)..Version: 3.9.6

I was a little hesitant at firstI was a little hesitant at first from the first review, but I didn't have any issues. It was actually super easy to pick up my order. One of the cookies I had ordered was out by the time I picked the order up but you kind of have to understand that all the cookies are fresh and if they run out, that's just the nature of getting a fresh product. I'd rather get them when they're in their prime than have them set one aside that gets stale or something. Plus all their cookies are amazing it's no problem to pick something else its a chance to try something new and different. Great experience!.Version: 3.9.4

Easy to navigate!I am put off when apps are not easy to use. The Crumbl app is straightforward and simple! Oickordering and picking up were a breeze! Highly recommend the app!.Version: 4.0.5

My first visit.I went to the Lodi store for the first time. Wasn’t quite sure if the procedure to order. So I ordered the way I thought I should but when I got to the register I realized I missed putting my name on the order. I told the girl I had never been there before and I didn’t know how to order. She had very little if no customer service skills. She never said how to order, nor did she show me how to order. I felt like an idiot. I also did see any signage showing instructions on how to order. I asked her if I needed to reorder and she didn’t answer me. She hardly spoke it was pretty strange. But that was my first time experience with Crumbl. Cali Poso.Version: 3.9.4

How good it looksI was coming back from my job and it was not the best day I had an a Long time. So I went to the App Store and see what I can download just for fun because I get to do whatever I want on my break time at home before the kids start asking me to help them with their homework.😱 then when I found it the perfect apt to buy my favorite dessert🍪 crumble, I downloaded the app and I was so happy even the kids were like what is this heavenly app. My 11 -year-old daughter was so happy that I got the app and set it up so that we could get cookies every time my husband got to reach his goal at the end of the month👌🏽.Version: 3.9.3

SUCH A NEAT LITTLE BAKERY THAT IS OH SO DELICIOUSThis was my first time to visit this bakery & I was greeted immediately, such sweet young adults working that were all smiles & honestly seemed to LOVE their job! Best of all, they were so detailed in telling me all about the bakery and how it worked with new cookies each week and then what each cookie of the week I was buying was made of & some ideas of how they tasted & what seemed to be the “ best seller that week” as I was there on Saturday so the last day of those specialty cookies that week ! Highly recommend! A fun treat that is large enough to literally cut into 1/4 and still have a tasty treat to last your several times! Will definitely be going back, following new finds each week and then doing a lot of extra walking it sounds like ! ♥️😉🤣.Version: 3.8.11

Crumbl cookies areYummy.Version: 3.9.0

App isn’t so great and now I have to wait for a refund!I went on to the app last night to order cookies. The app gave me a time and I started my order but when I got to the checkout, it first adds a tip on automatically(even though I give a tip, not crazy about this) then when I submitted the order it told me I was ordering outside normal business hours (it’s 7pm and they are open till midnight, so no I wasn’t). I started the order again, this time when I got to the checkout, It told me it failed and to try again… I tried three times then got the message again about ordering outside of normal business hours. I didn’t get any cookies but the app charged my card three times! I called the store and was told “yeah the app has been know to do that but it’s only pending in your account and it should go away within 3 days”😳😡! This SHOULD NOT happen, if the order fails the app should not take money from your account! Now I have to watch my account and make sure the almost $50 will not be taking out of my account. If it does then I have to call the company back and tell them. This is bull and as it goes right now, I will probably not use this app again!!.Version: 3.9.3

Lost our Order??The cookies are delicious! Yum!! 😋 The store however could be bigger with tables and chairs to enjoy and wait. Need a sign that shows whose order is ready so people can see it and come pick up to avoid confusion. Customers are sitting in their cars waiting up to one hour or more for orders on the weekend. Yikes! Dangerous to have the girls running all over the parking lot yelling out names trying to find people. By the time we asked them inside where our order was they couldn’t find it and some of the cookies we had originally ordered were not available. 😢 it’s a brand new store so we get they are super busy. Probably need designated parking spots with number markers to assist in organization. Bet they would even sell more that way too! Wishing you great success going forward!.Version: 3.8.7

CRUMBLBest cookies ever!.Version: 3.9.8

Great app but I wish ...I use app often for other locations but not my home or friends near me. So, great with the exception that if location is equal or even closer but the app closes a location I would prefer not do business with. I should be able to choose who I want to do business if within a certain amount of miles! Each location has there own dynamic and service level. I have 2 location with location almost exact, would prefer give my city (Chandler) the business and the app is set on the Phoenix location which I have had a bad experience with.. so I no longer can use delivery which isn’t fair for me as customer since the Chandler location is actually closer to me as well..Version: 3.8.11

CookialiciousCookies are delivered warm and are amazing. The app needs to clearly explain the cookies at the ordering point. Meaning what is in them and if warm or cool. Also if ordering for a future date you should be allowed to order cookies currently out of stock. If out of stock for the week an alternative cookie flavor should be added. In my case it was the standard chocolate chip that was currently out and I was ordering for next day. I could not add them even though I can’t imagine they won’t have them tomorrow. At minimum let me order them and put in second choice if still not available tomorrow. The cookies are large enough to share so keep that in mind when ordering.Version: 3.6.3

CookiesEasy to use app but limited choices for my location. There were only 6 cookie choices for my location. I’m hoping this is because it is just opening. Regardless, I like having the option of not going into the store. I do not think the cookies are overpriced, this is a treat, not something that is purchased regularly. Considering the effort andcleaning required for homemade cookies, it’s worth it to me if they taste good. I have not received my order yet. They are being delivered latter today. I may update my review after the kids and I taste them. Additionally, I do not tolerate sugar well so a sugar free option would be nice. Again, the store may have these available, but I could not determine this from the app. Hopefully, as they become established in the community the product availability will increase on the app/store..Version: 4.0.3

Cookies are life changing!If you have one last meal that you’re allowed to eat, don’t grab that crème brûlée, fancy Baked Alaska or whatever your favorite is. No, none of those! Instead, your last meal has to consist of at least one mouth watering smack-your-momma-in-the-face-it’s-so-good Crumbl cookie. Oh, yeah they are THAT spectacular! The cosmos have never seen anything like it before! Songs are certainly being written at this time exclaiming the delightful sugary-buttery deliciousness that is Crumbl cookie. So, if your pondering what all of the hype is about, get in your car and go grab a box! Don’t have a car? Go run, skateboard, ride in a buggy being pulled by a horse, moonwalk, or whatever mode of transportation you desire! I promise that you’ll be glad that you did!.Version: 4.0.1

Fun Concept!We love using Crumbl app to order treats for our loved ones that we don’t live close to. It’s easy and actually sept cute too..Version: 3.9.6

Cookie selectionThe app does not let me select what cookies I want if I am ordering for the next week. I ordered through the app on Saturday 2/12. It showed me a pickup date& time of Monday feb 14 at 5:30 but would not let me select the cookies I wanted. Then I got to the store thinking that I would just order in the store. So I put in an order at the store and found out that if you order for the next week you can’t select the cookies because the menu changes each week. New menu comes out on Sundays. But after getting there they started processing the order I had put in via the app as well as the one I did at the store. Ended up with 8 cookies instead of 4. Lesson learned but being a new customer and this store just opened recently, does not leave a positive feeling. I feel that the app should advise that if you are ordering ahead then you will get random cookies and not your choice. This could be risky too for people with allergies, potentially..Version: 4.0.5

Easy to use!Happy I downloaded the app - makes it really easy to place an order for curb side pickup. The app is intuitive and very easy to navigate..Version: 3.9.3

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