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Crumbl Cookies App User Positive Comments 2023

Crumbl Cookies app received 78 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about crumbl cookies?

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Crumbl Cookies for Positive User Reviews

AwesomeThe best place for cookies.Version: 5.6.1

Great appThe app is great and really organized and easy to use which I find very hard to do for a lot of apps and there cookies are great ofc 🤭.Version: 5.6.1

Love. Love. Love.What more is there to say?.Version: 4.1.2

Best everThese cookies are amazing..Version: 5.6.1

App isn’t so great and now I have to wait for a refund!I went on to the app last night to order cookies. The app gave me a time and I started my order but when I got to the checkout, it first adds a tip on automatically(even though I give a tip, not crazy about this) then when I submitted the order it told me I was ordering outside normal business hours (it’s 7pm and they are open till midnight, so no I wasn’t). I started the order again, this time when I got to the checkout, It told me it failed and to try again… I tried three times then got the message again about ordering outside of normal business hours. I didn’t get any cookies but the app charged my card three times! I called the store and was told “yeah the app has been know to do that but it’s only pending in your account and it should go away within 3 days”😳😡! This SHOULD NOT happen, if the order fails the app should not take money from your account! Now I have to watch my account and make sure the almost $50 will not be taking out of my account. If it does then I have to call the company back and tell them. This is bull and as it goes right now, I will probably not use this app again!!.Version: 3.9.3

Very good 5/5The app is very clean and simple to follow.Version: 5.3.4

Love this appI love that fact that I can earn free rewards.Version: 5.7.0

Love Crumbl!Crumbl Cookies are delicious and well worth the wait. So glad you made Edmonton your first Canadian location!.Version: 5.1.2

Actually amazingCrumbl cookies in general is pretty popular. Like you’ve probably seen their cookies and other treats on TikTok or Instagram everywhere. I love their idea of switching out the flavors every week but keeping the classics. My fav rn is New York cheesecake by the way 😉. The app is pretty cool too. You can add your birthday, which gives you a voucher to use on your special day to get a free cookie. Also, it has a menu page which tells you all the new flavors for the current week. Although.. my favorite part of the app has to be the options of getting free Crumbs (points) by doing simple tasks like writing an Apple review.. hehe.. and other things like referring a friend. Those points can get you free cookies (you read this right!). So what are you waiting for. INSTALL IT RN!!.Version: 4.1.1

It used to work perfectlyThe crumble nearest my home and perfectly on my way home from work has been open for the last year. I use the app to order cookies almost weekly. Last month another store opened closer to my work location, but inconvenient to anything on my way home. The app will no longer stick to the store I have always picked to stop for my cookies. It automatically switches to the store closest to me mileage wise. When the order is placed at the wrong store because of the faulty app setting, I am the one responsible for calling the other store to get a refund and I then have to wait extra long for my cookie order to be made at the correct store. The convenience is gone. It’s just a headache now. So sad..Version: 3.9.1

Brilliant marketing conceptLove having an app to see what the flavours of the week are!.Version: 5.3.4

AwethumsauceDat my favourite.Version: 5.6.1

Great app!Easy to navigate & use. Great layout and you’re able to order in app!.Version: 5.6.1

Great appEasy to use only problem is slight bugs When I add something to my bag and click my bag nothing happens.Version: 5.6.1

This is such a nice place and an amazing appHello Crumbl! I just want to thank you for all the effort you put into your cookies! So far my favorite is honey corn bread, it sounds kind of weird but trust me it’s so good!🍯🐝. All of your cookies are very good they have flavors for any one some are sweet some are not as sweet. I do want to say this though. I once went into the store and they were out of the cookie I wanted so the girl working at the front desk said that we could wait for 15 minutes to get them so we said yes. We waited for a couple minutes and the girl came up to us and said “ What’s the order?” So we gave her the name and she was so thoughtful she put everything aside and made our order! She was by far the most amazing employee I have ever met! Thanks crumbl for making such delicious opportunities!🍪.Version: 5.0.1

TffGod.Version: 5.4.2

So good!I love cookies.. more then any other desert or baked good. I have loved all the ones we have tried so far!.Version: 5.4.2

Best Ever!!Can’t wait to see what flavours are next !!!.Version: 5.3.3

AmazingSuch great cookies, and the app makes it easy to order! Especially if there’s a line up.Version: 5.7.0

App reviewSuper easy to use and user friendly app to order cookies.Version: 5.8.0

GoodBrilliant app.Version: 5.4.1

The Best Creative and Amazing Cookies EverMy first experience having these cookies was about four weeks ago, and I was amazed how delicious they were and truly haves had anything like them before. When I got home I went in search of Crumbl online and realized there was an app to order directly from and it’s top notch as well especially being able to order and pick it up and the selections without being there and always ready waiting when walking in the door also the Crumbl in my area has a drive through to pull up and receive my orders without exiting my vehicle now that’s amazing service and the staff always friendly cheerful and helpful handling the orders with care either in the store or the drive through. For such an amazing place with such delicious cookies and other delicious treats there would have to be an app to make things easier and readily available to order on the go or an function that’s come and an order needs to be place and Crumbl has done just that and then some when it comes to the app. Thanks again.Version: 5.2.13

YumLookin good.Version: 5.2.13

AmazingI’m so hungry I’m drooling love it.Version: 5.8.0

LOVE THESE COOKIES AND APLOmg thank goodness they are in Canada now! My go to place for cookies love you guys.Version: 5.4.2

Are You Ready To Have The Best Cookies Ever!!!!I downloaded this app to help me with not needing to search on Google to find Crumbl Cookies and place an order or look at their new weekly cookies and all that every time. Just one click of this app and you are ready to go! The app is very handy especially if you are out and about and you want to take home Crumbl Cookies, but you don’t want to get out of your car. They do curbside pickup. You are having a relaxing day, but you don’t want to go out and pick your cookies. They do delivery too! I use the app once to do curbside pickup and I had no problem with the ordering, paying and the pickup! Your taste buds will thank you for letting them taste these warm, gooey and fresh cookies! I’m curious of their holiday cookies will look and taste like?.Version: 4.2.1

App not always reliableI recently went to pickup a curbside and clicked “here” before I got to the parking spot. I kept waiting and noticing that several people were getting orders faster than me. When I first arrived, it said I was number two in line. Quickly after, it said I was number one. Finally, after sitting there nearly 15 minutes, I had to say something to the runner, who was delivering cookies to a car that had literally just arrived. He apologized and said that they were busy and he was the only one doing this. He went back inside and said that for some reason the computer put my order last. I knew something was weird when it gave me a confirmation saying my order was complete before I ever got my cookies. Fortunately this is the only issue I’ve had. Overall the app is usually fine. One last thing, I wish they could make it easier to edit delivery details in the app..Version: 3.9.8

Good… but could be betterVisually I love it. It has great movement and colors, the images are clear. Ordering is great. Pick up options are straightforward. Selecting your order times/location is simple. What I don’t like. I want to see the cookie descriptions in the ordering screen. Going in and out of ordering to the main screen to read descriptions, etc. isn’t as fluid as it could be when your trying to order from a store with a rotating menu and you have no idea what your about to put in your mouth. Customer service is meh. A couple weeks ago I bought cookies from a store I had never been to. We didn’t eat the cookies until we got home at which point we discovered four were raw inside. By the time the store was closed. Trying to find customer service and store contact information outside of the phone number was a pain. After three tries and a broken link I was able to get into the store I needed and their email but it took almost another 48 hours to semi resolve my issue but that’s another story. The in store service is so hit or miss. I am an experienced baker and own my own small business but we love trying the new flavors this is literally the ONLY ‘bakery’ we go to and they could do with a chik-fil-a training course..Version: 4.1.2

Best cookies everI love this place.Version: 5.3.4

CookiesEasy to use app but limited choices for my location. There were only 6 cookie choices for my location. I’m hoping this is because it is just opening. Regardless, I like having the option of not going into the store. I do not think the cookies are overpriced, this is a treat, not something that is purchased regularly. Considering the effort andcleaning required for homemade cookies, it’s worth it to me if they taste good. I have not received my order yet. They are being delivered latter today. I may update my review after the kids and I taste them. Additionally, I do not tolerate sugar well so a sugar free option would be nice. Again, the store may have these available, but I could not determine this from the app. Hopefully, as they become established in the community the product availability will increase on the app/store..Version: 4.0.3

Decision to spoil your sweet toothTraveling east and west in pursuit of our dreams. We ride the wind and continue our journey following our destiny. A destiny to find sweet in the formation of cookies-that is meant to challenge people narrative and change their life. Do you think sweet is a given? it’s not. It’s a desire of life. Everything in life is worth living for and at best to be sweet. Finding this joy of life, I was excited to reside in Crumbl Cookies. Because everything you see is made possible by what you don’t see, and what we don’t see is how sweet life is when you get a taste of crumble cookies. When you’re not looking. I go to work, but I don’t go a day without seeing the sweetness of life. find your pursuit, find the sweetness of life through Crumbl cookies..Version: 4.5.6

Easy & time saving!I am so incredibly fortunate & happy that my first experience of purchasing a Crumbl cookie was done through the app. I made my first purchase on the morning of Independence Day. It took me a total of 10 minutes at most to download, sign up, choose my cookies and pay for it. I was a little apprehensive at first to make the purchase in that way, but I had a chance to try the chocolate chip cookie a couple of weeks before that & loved it! Sooooo glad I did! The app allows you to schedule the day/time and also tells you how many ppl are ahead of you. After I checked in, it told me there were 2 ppl ahead of me. By the time I got to the front door it said there was 1 person ahead of me but there was well over 40 ppl in the store and outside waiting. I think I only waited about 10 minutes before it was my turn and as the app told me my order was ready and I opened the door, I heard my name being called out. There was soooo many ppl inside!! Highly, highly recommended to use the app and trust that the cookies you choose will be delicious!! My personal favorite is definitely the chocolate chip cookie!.Version: 4.3.2

Amazing appGreat.Version: 5.2.13

Best place everCookies are so yummy.Version: 5.2.13

Delicious & App is EASY to useIf you have no been to crumbl you need to. Every week we go to try new flavors, it is our weekend treat. I love using the app to order ahead and they will bring it to my car so I do not need to take my baby out of his carseat!.Version: 5.2.13

Great appGreat app.Version: 5.8.3

Are you ready to Cr—um -bl!I heard about this place through word of mouth. I decided to give it a try. I googled it and decided to down load the app. I placed my order yesterday morning. I went there after my assigned time but no cookies. The were able to see no order placed. Well, I didn’t put my thumb on Apple Pay , so it didn’t go through. I tried again and my cookies were ready and I got the cookie cutter that helped us all taste the different flavors. This cookie does not disappoint . Each bite is like a party on one’s taste buds. These cookies are addictive. I will order for my co-workers(so I won’t eat all of the calories. Each week are new flavors. Here it is May and I wonder what they will come up with for Christmas. The cookies are warm and ooey- gooey. The facility is clean and the employees are polite and the sanitize their hands (yes, I did observe the operations). If you want a celebration on your taste buds then go to Crumbl..Version: 4.2.1

5 Star cookiesMy “Go-to” treat for special occasions and parties!.Version: 5.7.0

I am BritishI am a poor British child, that lives in a estate home, I download this to fake I am eating the biscuits . Proper fancy 🥂.Version: 3.9.6

Best. Cookies. Ever!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️Crumbl is amazing!!!!! I find the frosting to cookie ratio perfect and the texture exquisite. They know which cookies are better chilled and which aren’t. The flavors are fun and creative and sometimes they seem a little odd but they’re always delicious and definitely an experience to eat. My friends and I come here all the time and I’m not even that much of a cookie person. Not only the taste, but the cookies and facility are aesthetically pleasing and the smells are delicious. It’s a little expensive, but totally worth the extra cash. I also really love the way the menu changes each week. It adds an element of mystery and anticipation and excitement to the situation and it elevates the whole Crumbl experience. I absolutely ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this place and 110% recommend!!!!! 💖💗💝❤️❤️❤️.Version: 5.0.7

GreatAmazing.Version: 5.3.4

Crumble cookiesAll of them are so good and so feeling dead worth it.Version: 5.6.1

I’m rating the cookies 5 starsBut today I bought 4 cookies for my mom and I to share for her bday and I spent an extra $1 on a sticker and a bow and it asked if I wanted to leave a note, so I put “Happy Early Birthday Mom! I love you!” What I got was a happy birthday sticker and what looked like a woman’s black hair tie…I’m assuming that was the bow? The cookies are amazing tho. And there was no note I could find that I put for my mother. I ordered online and didn’t tip. I’ve been buying my mom other stuff for her bday too, and you’re cookies are great but they aren’t cheap and I don’t have a job. So it’s hard to leave tips. Maybe if you leave a tip you get a REAL bow and they put the note in…but we waited in the freezing cold for 5 minutes, so had I tipped and all that still happened I would have had an even worse experience. So I’m the moment I was glad I hadn’t tipped..Version: 5.0.7

CrumblHad a great experience today. Best cookies ever.Version: 5.6.1

Love it!Love it! I’m just excited for curb side order..Version: 5.3.4

Love itApp is very organized! Love it.Version: 5.6.1

Cookies are life changing!If you have one last meal that you’re allowed to eat, don’t grab that crème brûlée, fancy Baked Alaska or whatever your favorite is. No, none of those! Instead, your last meal has to consist of at least one mouth watering smack-your-momma-in-the-face-it’s-so-good Crumbl cookie. Oh, yeah they are THAT spectacular! The cosmos have never seen anything like it before! Songs are certainly being written at this time exclaiming the delightful sugary-buttery deliciousness that is Crumbl cookie. So, if your pondering what all of the hype is about, get in your car and go grab a box! Don’t have a car? Go run, skateboard, ride in a buggy being pulled by a horse, moonwalk, or whatever mode of transportation you desire! I promise that you’ll be glad that you did!.Version: 4.0.1

AmazingEasy to use app.Version: 5.6.1

Works great!Love getting advance notice of the cookies that are coming!!.Version: 5.4.1

Great App Excellent CookiesCrumbl has got me with their cookies, and since they change their selection every week, I keep coming back weekly! This app makes it really easy to order the cookies and pick them up. Having pictures of each cookie just makes my mouth water too. The one thing that would take this from a great app to an excellent app would be an app integrated way to show how long I need to wait until cookies that are sold out will be baked and available for order again. Currently I have to call over to the store and ask them how long it will take per cookie. I’m sure they get plenty of calls like that and it might save them at the store some time answering phones and it would make the ordering experience more straightforward..Version: 3.9.4

Usually GreatUsing the Crumbl app to order cookies is usually pretty easy and very straightforward in terms of navigation. I did run into a problem when trying to place a catering order for a Halloween party I’m going to on Friday. The minimum about of the mini cookies that you can order is 50. That’s fine and probably all that I’d really need for this occasion. The problem occurs when I hit 20 cookies and was told I had hit the max for the amount of cookies that I could order. Keep in mind the minimum amount is 50 cookies and it’s currently a Tuesday and I’m placing this order for Friday leaving nearly two and a half days for preparation. So why is there a discrepancy in how many I need and how many I can actually add to my order? And now apparently I’m just not going to get these cookies since I can’t order them through the app at this point in time. Maybe I’ll try again for Thanksgiving or something..Version: 3.9.6

Confusing!This app is definitely not user friendly, it’s quite the opposite. Example, we ordered cookies from the APP. On Saturday, we got there and was told to come back on Monday. So right off the bat, I was getting angry. Then I also tried to call customer service and was on hold for 37 minutes, before I hung up, the recording was even more annoying, because it said I was “Caller number 6, and wait time was 2 minutes, then it said caller number 5, WAIT TIME was up to 30 minutes, we drove all the way to the location, and my call was still not answered. Then I returned on Monday, for curbside delivery and I prepaid for the tip, (which was really non deserving). So all in all my FIRST Experience was Terrible! The Sugar Cookie was good, but, is it worth the hassle, for I never received my curbside delivery either🤯.Version: 3.8.12

Great appEasy to use. Easy to earn points. Great!.Version: 5.7.0

Mississauga locationLove it, best tho ever 🍪🍪🍪🍪👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🥳🥳🥳.Version: 5.4.2

Great Cookies, when you can get themMy wife wanted me to stop by and get a dozen cookies on my way home from a 1000 mile trip. I wanted to come home but lost the fight, and there was a fight. So I ordered the cookies via the app over 2 hours ahead of my arrival so I could save time with curbside pickup. Six chilled sugar cookies, six chocolate chip. I arrived at the time I requested in the app and hit the “I’m Here” button in the app. Forty minutes later a girl comes to my car and tells me they are out of the chilled sugar cookies. Guess which cookies my wife wanted? So, not only did these cookies, which are very good, start a fight that shouldn’t have happened, they also exacerbated the situation by not having what I ordered 3 hours earlier. Top it off I had to go inside to get a refund and didn’t have a mask with me thinking I wasn’t going to need one. If they app communicated with the store appropriately it would be awesome. But based on my first experience all I can say is someone owes me and my wife some free cookies!!!!!.Version: 3.8.13

Easy to use!Happy I downloaded the app - makes it really easy to place an order for curb side pickup. The app is intuitive and very easy to navigate..Version: 3.9.3

Simple & Effective!I like the simplicity of the app, perfect for pre-ordering.Version: 5.2.13

So delicious!So happy they are now here in Ontario.Version: 5.6.1

Best cookies if you like SOFT cookies!I know some people like crunchy cookies. I know some people like think crisp cookies. Not hating at all, but this isn’t the place for you. For those of us who choose the lower bake time on our home cooked cookies- for those of us who eat the cookie dough or the brownie batter.. this will be your favorite desert place for cookies. And I know, it’s a cookie… what gives? How could a cookie be that good? With crumbl, it’s an experience. The homemade icing, the topping detail. The weekly rotating menu, even taking ideas from customers! This company is on top of their customer outreach and community integration… not to mention the app is cool and the presentation is very on trend with a beautiful aesthetic. These cookies taste like heaven. Thick, soft, with the perfect amount of icing on top. RUN. Don’t walk. You need crumbl in your life (more like IN YOUR BELLY!) 🤤.Version: 5.1.2

Cookie selectionThe app does not let me select what cookies I want if I am ordering for the next week. I ordered through the app on Saturday 2/12. It showed me a pickup date& time of Monday feb 14 at 5:30 but would not let me select the cookies I wanted. Then I got to the store thinking that I would just order in the store. So I put in an order at the store and found out that if you order for the next week you can’t select the cookies because the menu changes each week. New menu comes out on Sundays. But after getting there they started processing the order I had put in via the app as well as the one I did at the store. Ended up with 8 cookies instead of 4. Lesson learned but being a new customer and this store just opened recently, does not leave a positive feeling. I feel that the app should advise that if you are ordering ahead then you will get random cookies and not your choice. This could be risky too for people with allergies, potentially..Version: 4.0.5

Crumbl app is the bestIt’s so easy to use and doesn’t lag at all! Love the setup!.Version: 5.6.1

Churro cookieAs a baker of international renown, I have tasted countless confections from around the world, but I must confess that the Churro Cookie from Crumbl is one of the most exceptional creations I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. From the moment the cookie arrives at the table, it is apparent that this is no ordinary treat. Its delicate, golden exterior shimmers with a subtle sheen, enticing the senses and hinting at the sublime flavors that lie within. Upon taking a bite, the cookie reveals a tantalizing interplay of textures - the gentle crunch of the exterior yielding to a tender and yielding interior that is infused with a complex and alluring blend of cinnamon and vanilla. But it is the sheer artistry of the cookie that sets it apart from all others. The delicate balance of flavors and textures is nothing short of masterful, and the overall effect is one of pure indulgence. In sum, the Churro Cookie from Crumbl is a testament to the skill, artistry, and creativity of its master bakers. Its exquisite flavors and textures are sure to delight even the most discerning of palates, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it as a true masterpiece of the baking arts. It is a triumph of culinary invention that must be experienced to be fully appreciated..Version: 5.2.7

Very well functioningThe app does a great job of tracking your crumbs and the amount you have on your Crumbl cookies card.Version: 5.6.1

Highly recommendFast & friendly service, delicious cookies!!!!!.Version: 5.2.13

Really simpleEasy and simple to use. Love the pink and black..Version: 5.0.6

DeliciousnessSo thick with sharing flavours!! Yum..Version: 5.3.1

GoodI like the app bc it’s kinda cool but I wish it showed sneak peaks of the new flavours.Version: 5.4.2

Crumbl CookiesSo soft and big!.Version: 5.6.1

Love at First SightI first heard about Crumbl’s cookies when I visited my Son and his family in Hilliard, Ohio. My grandchildren had me sampling cookies everywhere because they know I love cookies. We went to the Ohio State University campus and had cookies from “Insomnia “ and they were great. The cookie test really came when I was taken to “Crumbl’s cookies”!! Love at first smell and sight, I had arrived in Cookie Heaven😋. My first flavors were gingerbread and snickerdoodle. Of course, we had to get 6. We had chocolate chip, double chocolate chip and waffle. The waffle even came with a side of syrup. Oh, to find we actually have Crumbl’s in York was Devine! The Cornbread cookie was just like eating a serving of cornbread. Now I must ration myself, 1 cookie in a day or 2. These cookies blew Insomnia’s cookies out of the game..Version: 5.0.7

SUCH A NEAT LITTLE BAKERY THAT IS OH SO DELICIOUSThis was my first time to visit this bakery & I was greeted immediately, such sweet young adults working that were all smiles & honestly seemed to LOVE their job! Best of all, they were so detailed in telling me all about the bakery and how it worked with new cookies each week and then what each cookie of the week I was buying was made of & some ideas of how they tasted & what seemed to be the “ best seller that week” as I was there on Saturday so the last day of those specialty cookies that week ! Highly recommend! A fun treat that is large enough to literally cut into 1/4 and still have a tasty treat to last your several times! Will definitely be going back, following new finds each week and then doing a lot of extra walking it sounds like ! ♥️😉🤣.Version: 3.8.11

Awesome AppThis app allows you to do it all! I really like the option where I can rate the cookies I like so I can remember the ones I like vs the ones that weren’t my favourite!.Version: 5.3.4

Love these cookies!!The cookies were delicious and they are huge! Customer service was top notch. Everyone was kind and friendly. We will be back for sure..Version: 5.4.2

Amazing!!Crumbl cookies have been a favourite of mine when choosing something sweet! And the app makes it all more easy and accessible.. I’ll be using this more and referring def worth it!.Version: 5.4.1

Nice appGood for looking at what you want ahead of time.Version: 5.3.4

Crumbl ConvertI wasn’t a huge fan of Crumbl at first simply bc I’m more of a thin/crispy cookie kinda person, and thought Crumbl cookies were too thick and cakey. However, my boyfriend started working for their corporate IT department and got a gift card to go to different stores and test their systems for bugs. I went with him to a few stores and tried some of the weekly special cookies bc I had only ever tried the classic chocolate chip and wanted to understand the hype. And oooooohhh. my. god. I tried the chocolate Oreo cookie, Mother circus animal cookie, mallow sandwich fr Oreo cookie, dark dream cookie, lemon poppyseed cookie, hazelnut mudslide cookie, blueberry crumb cookie, cookies n cream cookie, birthday cake cookie, etc. And I am BLOWN AWAY every time. I am not ashamed to say that I’ve spent $25 just to have a 4 pack doordashed to my house….multiple times. They’re just that good. If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re missing out..Version: 3.9.2

Crumble cookieAbsolutely amazing cookies have a soft chewy inside while still maintaining a cookies crunchy outer layer.Version: 5.6.1

W foodAmazing no cap.Version: 5.6.1

Great appApp is awesome.Version: 5.3.4

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