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Wild Edibles FullWildman Steve Brill has done an incredible job with this excellent app bringing years of research and personal experience into the palm of your hand for only $8. Steve is an extremely well respected expert on foraging and I would highly recommend you check out his website and books, I've been a keen forager for years in the UK and having moved to the US have been on a number of foraging courses over here. All the experts always recommend Steve's texts because he really knows his stuff. It's not just a hobby for him, it's a lifestyle, and he wont send you wrong. I've been out with the guy in the field and I can assure you he's the real deal. It's a great app for the expert and beginner alike with a great introductory section on foraging if you are new to it. Ignore the negative reviews, they have really done Steve an injustice as the app doesn't crash, it's not a mushroom foraging app and it never claimed to be, and if you think the pictures are bad you need glasses. As for the edibility of epazote- Steve clearly states it's poisonous in large quantities but fine as a seasoning, the negative reviewer simply didn't read the text properly. Well done Wildman and thank you for producing this excellent guide!.Version: 1.2

I won't leave home without it!This is a must-have for anyone interested in exploring the outdoors. Filled with not only culinary uses of plants, but also the medicinal uses. Easy to use, great pictures throughout, and much more. Growing up, we always had a copy of reference books for the household (plants, birds, home remedies) and now this is a go-to reference "book" for everyone in my home. Highly recommended, especially if you have children -- they will love exploring the outdoors and being a helper with this handheld reference app..Version: 1.2.3

Wild Edibles-Steve BrillThis app is fantastic. I have Steve's books and this app is the perfect compliment. I sometimes gets confused on some of the greens but these pictures make me feel so much more confident that I am selecting the right plant. I actually used this app on my daugther's Itouch on a sunny day and the pictures were phenomenal! I thought that I would need an Ipad but realized I don't need to go that far. Using it on the Itouch was easy and so clear especially when walking. It is so comprehensive. I have a Masters in Nutrition and am amazed at Steve's knowledge of science--he has taught me a few things. I love the folklore and recipes. And if you haven't been on his walks, I have to tell you that they are so much fun. I have been on a few as there is so much to learn and plan to go on more. Every school teacher should make learning this fun and easy..Version: 1.0

Very very informativeMy daughters class just had a field trip with Wildman Steve Brill that I was fortunate enough to chaperone. He is an incredible fountain of knowledge. When I got home I downloaded this app and began picking through it. It is endless! Full of all the information and answers to things I've always wondered while wandering through the woods. From historical native medicinal uses to very tasty recipes this app is one for the ages. I can't wait to go into the woods this weekend to gather garlic mustard and onion grass for a fantastic spring pesto! Highly recommend this app!.Version: 1.3

Best one out thereYou are not going to find a more reliable person when it comes to helping identify wild edibles. Steve Brill is not just someone making apps -- he has been out in the field, teaching kids and adults hands-on for 30 years. You can rest assured that the information within this app is the most accurate you will find because Steve's experience is unparalleled. Plus, he's out there every day, doing what he loves, refining and expanding on his already vast knowledge. This app is chock-full of information, from the pictures to the drawings to the multiple identification options. No need to waste your time trying out other apps -- this is the one to own. *** Just adding on to my previous review here, but this app has only gotten better over the years and it is still the one to own. You would be hard-pressed to find someone with more knowledge out there than the Wildman. He lives and breathes this stuff. As he might say, using this app will make you die…of happiness! ***.Version: 2.3

Great ResourceStarting my voyage into learning more about wild edible foods and I've really been enjoying this's laid out nice for an easy interface with clear pictures that help to identify different edible gets into harvesting, medicinal uses, the nutritional constituents, recipes, and more!......that's a lot of bang for the I like supporting people who are on a mission to educate others with healthy and useful information...cheers! Get this App !.Version: 1.6

Great, trustworthy, useful information!More than 30 years ago, I used to go on ‘weed walks’ in New York Central Park and Brooklyn Prospect Park, led by Wildman Steve Brill. I haven’t lived in NYC for 15 years and I’ve often wished I could get him to do another ‘weed walk’ where I live now. I am so pleased with this app! You tell it what region and season you’re in and it tells you what’s growing. You can also search for a plant by name. There are recipes and also the humorous asides I fondly remember..Version: 2.9

ImpressedI had the lite version for awhile and was hesitant in purchasing this no reviews and expensive. After purchasing 2 other less expensive edible apps and being disappointed. I payed for this app and have never been more impressed with an app it is undersold in the description and the lite version does not compare to this full version..Version: 1.4

Amazing App!This is one of my favorite apps. I’ve used it countless times and have had no technical issues with it. It has over 250 plants, but I wish it had more..Version: 3.0.1

Nice appI'm learning bushcraft and this app is a great learning tool when foraging for wild foods. This is an American app, it lists states that u can find the plant but more often than not you can find the plant in the uk. It had a great feature that tells you if the plant you wish to eat has poisonous lookalikes which is handy. Obviously if you intend to survive in the wild over a period of time you will not have the app to hand but it is great for learning so you have the knowledge. It's abit pricey but if u are a willing enthusiast on bushcraft wild foods then its a great purchase, plenty of pictures!! SuperTramp x.Version: 1.3

Excellent!A lot a detail, easy to use. The only downside is that it had only info about plants in NY state(and around). Would be nice if expert people contribute for other regions in USA and Canada!.Version: 1.6

Very impressed!This app is 100% worth the money. It is easy to use, full of great information, and, of course, a superb way to identify local edible plants! :D.Version: 1.4

A fabulous field guide for foraging in your pocketI love this app, it's worth every penny! The plants listing is huge and growing. I love that you can search by region and season! There is a tone of pics, info and listings and warnings about poisonous look-alike species. It ALSO lets you add your own field notes. You can add pics, notes and location markers to keep track of plant locations. If you are lucky enough, take a walking tour with Wildman Steve Brill. He's not only a wonderful teacher but also a real NY character! His entertaining tours are full of history, myths, culinary & medicinal uses, and family friendly cornball humor. It's a guaranteed good time!.Version: 2.8

Best wild foraging app. Period.This is amazing. I’ve always loved this app. I have had it for years but sadly watched it slowly stop working as no new updates were made. Steve Brill and crew are finally back, baby! A working app with the most in depth details about this stuff you will find anywhere..Version: 3.0.1

Critics Are MisguidedThe critical notes about the technology really miss the absolute wealth of information here that guides the amateur and expert foragers. All of the images and more information that you could hope for all at your mobile fingertips while you’re out and about on your foraging adventure. Unimaginable just a few years ago, and unparalleled in breadth of information, this app is a vital resource to keep in your pocket on your next woodland hunt..Version: 2.9

The only resource you need“Wildman” Steve Brill has created a foraging app for both the serious and weekend forager. He is the author of many books on foraging and has been giving foraging tours since the 1980s. His books are incredible in its detail and information, but really hard to carry around during foraging hikes. This app has all that information at our fingertips. His focus on details is evident in all his drawings. The app stands out by giving us the tools we need to identify all parts of the plant and in every season. He describes each plant, uses and medicinal values, harvesting instructions and even recipes. He is careful to advise us of any possible poisonous look-alikes. I think this is the best foraging app on the market..Version: 2.5

A "Must Have" Foraging AppI purchased this app in late summer 2011, so I am fairly new to foraging and have found this app extremely useful. The photos and illustrations are great and the detailed information is even better. The app is brilliantly designed as it breaks down the large amount of information Steve has on each plant into very clear and easy to understand sections. Being new to foraging, I am extremely cautious and triple check every feature. Having information like "Positive Identification", "Confusing Factors", "Cautions", "Poisonous Lookalikes", etc ... has been invaluable in making sure I have the correct plant. As with all of Steves content it is entertaining and easy to read. I love the personal take and not just dry facts. I highly recommend this application to anyone who is getting into foraging. You wont be sorry..Version: 1.2.3

Expert, accurate, user friendly, foraging guideThis is a Wildman Steve foraging tour in the palm of your hand! Tons of photos and very detailed descriptions for each wild plant make it easy to identify them and learn their nutritional and medicinal benefits. Lots of yummy wild food recipes too! This app is the next best thing to joining Wildman for one of his live Foraging Tours, but don't stop with the app. Treat yourself to a very affordable invaluable live tour. You will laugh, and learn sooo much while enjoying an afternoon in the great outdoors..Version: 1.6

Amazing AppThe app was recently updated and I love it. It’s so easy to use and a recipe feature was added...hundreds of delicious wild food recipes. I recommend this app for beginners as well as advance foragers. Happy foraging!!!.Version: 3.0

A Great Reference for the FieldThis app is a very handy guide to have if you are getting into foraging. Mobile yet detailed, it has a lot of great features that will help you learn and record your findings. I have had little trouble so far with the minor bugs mentioned. I am looking forward to social media being added so users can share info. If you get an opportunity to join one of "Wildman" Brill's foraging walks, for goodness sakes, don't miss it! It is a great experience..Version: 2.8

Best foraging app on iTunesI teach a natural history course that includes a foraging section in the curriculum. There are a lot of good foraging/wild edibles books out there, none of which a teenager is going to read or carry around in their pocket. The ideal solution to that problem would be an app for their phones that is comprehensive, easy to navigate and use, and has great photos. This app has all of that!! I have tried all and I mean all of the other edibles/medicinal herbs apps on iTunes and this one has all of them beaten by a mile! Well worth the purchase. The one and only thing that would make it better is adding a favorites button so you could add certain plants to a favorites list that you either like, encounter a lot, or would like to be on the lookout for while foraging..Version: 2.4

Wild EdiblesThis app from the famous (or infamous, if you are a NYC Central Park official) Steve Brill is my favorite app ever! Incredibly comprehensive and easy to use, with clear and detailed photos for precise identification. It is a field guide, a cook book, and everything in between. So much information that even an experienced forager will find wonderfully juicy tidbits. (Like Brill's commentary that hairy bittercress is neither bitter nor hairy, enabling me to put a name to the unknown brassica that I've been eating enthusiastically for years!) The quality of his information and research is impeccable, and the tone is relaxed and friendly, (Brill being famous/infamous, depending on your perspective, for his jokes as well.) If you have a passing interest in wild edibles, or a full-blooded obsession, get this app!.Version: 1.3

Master HerbalistShortly after graduating from the School of Natural Healing as a Master Herbalist, my desire to explore all of nature's green treasures grew. Although skilled in utilizing medicinal plants, it became increasingly clear to me of the necessity of tackling the vast, somewhat frightening subject of wild edibles. Fortunately, with "Wildman" Steve Brill's new, and easy to follow app, my journey had become much easier than expected. Whether a die hard plant enthusiast or just a curious onlooker, you'll be amazed by the information this remarkable man has garnered over the past several decades..Version: 1.6

Great job on this appThis app goes into great detail about many facts about the harvest, truly interesting. Each plant has recipes to medicinal purposes if applicable. I like the color pictures, I like the part where you put the type of environment you are in help you identify if you are not sure. ( I do have this on my iPhone too) The comparisons between different look alikes is important. In fairness I must say I bought his book first, but wanted something even more handy...Version: 1.6

Superb foraging appWildEdibles is truly an outstanding resource for anyone interested in identifying and using wild foods that grow in Northeastern North America. The app is impressively comprehensive. It packs in a lot of helpful information on plants and foraging generally, as well as provides a very useful glossary. The meat of the app is found in the very detailed description of each of the wild plants/foods: for each entry one can learn a plethora of information, ranging from the optimal growing seasons and habitat, how to identify the wild food, what it can be used for nutritionally and medicinally, and there are even great recipes for most entries. Extremely valuable are the descriptions of how to positively identify the plant/food, as well as the important descriptions of what confusing factors might be, and what similar plants look like. The numerous photographs of each plant/food are very clear and helpful for making a positive identification. What I love is how organized the app is. I would recommend this app to any novice or experienced forager - it is a super aid to have out in the field, as well as at home in your kitchen. Buy this -- it's a super deal!.Version: 1.3

Your friends will start calling you a hippie.I can't walk down a sidewalk without checking the cracks for lambs quarters, or seeing which trees have edible parts. Which makes this app handy for all the other flora I might miss. The app is second rate to actually taking a tour with "Wildman" Steve (which I highly recommend), but in a pinch, you'll get a lot of useful information with great photos and identification. My only complaint is sometimes it's tough to get the arrow buttons to scroll. Maybe I just have fat fingers from eating so many wild edibles?.Version: 1.3

Wild Man Steve Brill is the man!As a chef, I absolutely love the Wild Edibles App. I'm a beginning forager and this mobile app allows me to identify wild plants w/ photos + supporting background information. I am thankful for the awareness of toxic plants and what not to harvest. Wild Edible is incredibly easy to use, it allows you to base your foraging off of the season + region you are in as well as what you are looking for seeds, weeds, fruits + etc. Thanks Steve for creating such a wonderful foraging app! This is #1. Chef KPE.Version: 2.4

It’s back and again my go-to source for wild edibles!This app has been my trusted go-to for 10 years! With Apple updates breaking past versions, it now works seemingly and is rock solid and full of valuable info , i.e., identification, harvesting guidance, recipes... I highly recommend this app for beginners and advanced foragers. Happy hunting. :-).Version: 3.0

Wild about Wildman Steve Brill's AppThe thing I love about his book I own is the absolute wealth of information and wide scope of plants it covers. The things I didn't like was the book was too large to be conveniently toted around in the woods to help me ID on site and it lacked color photos. His app has remedied those issues wonderfully for me! Now I can carry all his wonderful plant knowledge with me out into the field taking up no more space than my pocket! And with all the beautiful color pictures to boot! I'm just starting to use this app, but it's already apparent to me that my money was well spent and that the app is a true travel-ready treasure trove of wild foraging knowledge! Thanks for a great App Wildman Steve Brill!.Version: 1.2.3

Classy Job with a sense of humourGreat app! I use it often. Educational and reliable. More northern (north of 50) plants would be great but there's enough here to get me started. This guy is a pro..Version: 1.4

Excellent App!I have been on several foraging tours with Steve Brill over the past few years and he is someone whom I trust to provide detailed, accurate, safe and easy to understand information on edible plants. While there is no substitute for learning hands on from an experienced forager, this app is simple enough be great for the beginner as well as to serve as a field guide for the veteran forager. After either lugging Brill’s book around with me or often wishing I had it with me at times I did not, I am exited to now always have this handy field guide in my pocket ready to use whenever I may encounter some wild edibles. This app also pays for itself in saved grocery bills after your first time out using it to help you forage!.Version: 1.0

Food FreedomWild edible forage helps free me from buying, planting, fertilizing, watering, and weeding much of my food. If people ever catch on to this they will look back in wonderment that they nearly poisoned themselves to death using chemicals to grow inedible landscapes and genetically modified organisms- and furthered the problem with toxic fossil fuels for packaging and transporting them. If we are to survive as a species we absolutely need to create and share with all good creatures a diverse perennial food forest, from coastline to coastline, continent to continent. When that happens we will all be a long way toward being truly free. I praise Steve Brill for his contributions. Sylvia Williams RNBA Wood Fawn Community Food Forest.Version: 1.2.3

Love the new look!I purchased the app a while back before the update. There was a lot of great information, but it was a little buggy. The new version seems to work much better and looks great! Definitely was worth waiting for. Would recommend this app to anyone with an interest in foraging our culinary uses of wild edibles..Version: 3.0

Very useful & informative, best foraging app availableI have referenced this app nearly every day at some point since I got it. Great pictures, descriptions and even recipies are provided with each wild edible in the library. Even when I am just looking for a specific plant, I like to thumb through the whole list first to try to glean some new knowledge each time. A lot of time and care went into the creation of this app. I have other apps on the subject that are horribly organized, only have one picture per plant, and possibly the worst... have erroneous information..Version: 1.2.3

Very user friendly and handy.I started with the light version and was pleased and now full and very pleased. Steve Brill is very knowledgeable about foraging and best that he is always accessible. Whenever you have a concern or question he is there for you and will do whatever it takes to find an answer for you. This app was made from experience and passion. It contains multiple photos and accurate drawings, and written information to safely guide through your forage experience. Even if not a forager this app would be informative for someone who appreciates nature. The recipes are plentiful and though I'm not a vegan or vegetarian it adds to variety of more healthful and unique foods that you can't find in any store yet are right under your nose and feet. I sense Wild Edibles will still grow like the weeds so I look forward to its progress. Hope to see more plants soon Thanks Steve!.Version: 1.4

Right from the SourceI bought this app from Steve the Wildman Brill for one reason; it was created from first hand knowledge and he is accessible to meet and talk to. He offers first hand accounts of all the plants he speaks of. I am using this on a 4th gen ipod touch. I like the categories that each plant entry offers (uses, recipes, warnings) and the ability to take your own notes. There also seems to be good vision for future enhancements. My kids and I are already out gathering and cooking great stuff!.Version: 1.6

Excellent Tool For Outdoor Enthusiasts!This is an excellent app with lots of useful information for anyone that spends time outdoors! Very nice layout with an excellent search function. Mainly based on wild edibles in the East but many of the same grow on the western coast as well. Money well spent! Thanks!!.Version: 1.2

Learn and laugh!Great app, packed with useful infos wrapped in a great sense of humour..Version: 1.4

Great foraging app!!!The information is laid out clearly in easy to navigate sections, there are several pictures of each entry with captions to help you identify each plant, there is even information on harvesting and cooking. This is better than any field guide I've read, and much more portable. It's almost like taking your own expert out in the field with you. Well worth the money, it will more than pay for it self with what you'll save in groceries! Wildman Steve brill is also very active on Facebook and more than willing to answer any questions I've had. The latest update has made it easier to navigate and more comprehensive. I've been using it for almost 2 years and I'm still thrilled with it and use it all the time..Version: 1.3

The best resource for wild edibles!This app is definitely worth the cost! With so many pictures to help you identify plants, it's better than a guidebook when out in the wild. Steve Brill is extremely knowledgable, I would consider him a top expert in the field of wild edibles, and also in a way, a pioneer in this field. He provides so much information on each plant, with recipes and ways of preparing and eating them. I look forward to learning about more plants in the future!.Version: 1.4

A great source of info!I started with the light version to check it out, make sure that I liked it, before buying the full app. No regrets! It is a great app with plenty of photos, descriptions, possible plant look alikes, regional and seasonal info, harvesting, food and medicinal uses, and even some recipes! Wild man also throws in some humor and personal experience, which keeps it from being dull. I would recommend this app for anyone who is interested in foraging and plant identification and uses. An all around great app! Check it out..Version: 1.2.3

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