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Cart not flexibleOverall the app is good but recommend 2 areas of improvement: 1) if load a previous order into shopping cart to save time you can only delete items and not add any additional items. For instance 5 items from last order added but want to change one item—can’t do it—if you delete item and go back to order the new one the other 4 items are no longer in your cart so you are essentially putting in the whole order anyway. 2). Can’t seem to change my email address in the Edit Profile!.Version: 1.43

User friendly all the wayToast Takeout was easy to set up. I was able to use Apple Pay to pay for my order or I could set up another payment method if I wanted to. I live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. It was a pleasant surprise to see many restaurants on the app. Our first order was placed at Kalapawai Market. We were able to pick between placing an order for pickup right away or a delayed pick up at a later time. The full menu was on there and placing the order was easy and smooth. There was a box to leave comments to customize the order the way we wanted. Checkout was easy and seamless. There were also buttons to add tip if you wanted. When the order was ready for pick up we received a call from Kalapawai and it was right at n time. Great app! I would recommend to all my family and friends. I think this is going to be my go-to for ordering out from now on..Version: 1.75

!! Our information has been leaked!!I have received a notification about a leaked in regards to our information that we have saved on this app. Can you please verify? I am did saved my credit card on file for a fast check-out and now, I am concerned about this leak. I have frozen my credit card, also.. I can’t login to my Toast account. I get a wrong password notice. I have tried contacting your department on this matter and other, but I can never get a hold of anyone. I asked a question and was answered with a question....Version: 1.45.1

Good for takeoutOn fathers day I ordered food from my favorite local Thai restaurant. The app told me my order would be ready in 20 minutes. I arrived at the restaurant for the pickup time and was told my order would be ready in additional 30 minutes, I canceled my order by talking to the manager. They were very busy with other other takeout orders from bite squad, Uber eats and grub hub. It would be nice to be informed on the app when the food prep will take longer than normal. I guess I will now have order from the app and call the restaurant before leaving to pickup my order..Version: 1.49

Hands down the BESTThis is the absolute best to-go experience we’ve had since SIP started. Chef’s ability to translate her dishes into takeaway form obviously was a tremendous work of love and skill. Quality is spot on, flavors are amazing and bright, and don’t get me started on the cocktails. We order from Top Hatters at least once a week and I even did a large group order for our social bubble one special evening. Favorites are the entire cocktail menu, spring salad, vermicelli bowls, the mochi sesame balls (which are exactly like my grandmother’s “lek doi”!), and the pepita little gem salad. 💜.Version: 1.38.1

Great for local food, needs updated functionalityI’ve used Toast for some time now and really like the ability to order easily from local restaurants. Overall it’s a good app and does what it promises. The app does need some very basic functionality added especially to profile management. There is no way to update information such as your email address. Payment method management is also non existent. To be useful in the long run it needs more professional level functionality..Version: 1.58

How to Pay?Decent App. Use it every day, but I have two problems with it: 1) Setting up Payment- there seems to be no way to set up a new payment option (new credit card) without first trying to purchase something. If you go to your personal profile, you can see your payment options, but there’s no way to edit them! What the...? You can delete them, just can’t add or edit. order something, then click payment options, THEN you can add a different card if you want. Not easy in a hands free world when I’m driving to work, approaching my garage and want to quickly place my order before I park and head to the coffee shop. What am I missing??? 2) someone recently gave me a gift certificate to that favorite coffee shop mentioned in 1) above. On the back of the gift card, it’s says “powered by Toast”, and there’s even a scannable barcode. But guess what? there’s no way to load the gift card into toast. Soooo....while I have this cool app, and I have this gift card to my favorite coffee shop, all powered by TOAST, I still pay for coffee at my favorite coffee shop with my old credit card, and I’ve got 50 bucks sitting on a gift card I don’t use because my coffee is all paid for (on my old card) when I get there. Uggh!.Version: 1.29

Repeat order — defaulted to pickup instead of deliveryI used the “order again” button for one of my usual orders. I always use the delivery option. I optimistically placed the order too quickly to realize that it was a pickup order by default. My food sat at the restaurant for 40 mins before I thought to look at the order details. Very confused as to why it wouldn’t have set it to delivery since that’s what I used on the previous order that was copied. Be sure to check so you don’t make the same dumb mistake!!.Version: 1.72.1

Love the app, but minor frustration…In concept, app is awesome, but it will not save my cards for future purchases so I have to enter my card info every time. I check the box to save payment info, but it never does. In the settings, there is a place to manage payment cards, but there isn’t a way to manually add any (it says “use a card on your first purchase to add one”…I’ve made over 10 purchases now!). Thus, I’m stuck in a cycle of manually entering card info every time I dine out. Wish this could be fixed in a future release!.Version: 1.80.1

No hidden feesThis is the only delivery app that doesn't add $1-$5 to every menu item, then charge an additional service fee, delivery fee, tax, and tip. I've compared several options on the app to online prices from the restaurants and they always match, unlike doordash. Next time you order doordash, check the price of the item in your cart compared to the restaurant's price for the same item online. They always deceptively add several dollars to every item and then charge a bunch of fees on top of that. Toast is cheaper and faster than every other app I've used, even for delivery (as of March 2023 at least). What they lack in available restaurants they make up for in honest prices..Version: 1.92

Solid basics, but needs 2 key featuresWorks great for your basic orders. But please give us: —Ability to edit/add to a saved order. I have my usual favorite order, but today someone else is joining me. I have to start from scratch, as no way to edit the reorder cart, and trying to add my reorder to other items in a new cart wipes out that cart. So I have to manually reenter the entire combined order. That’s kludgy and silly. —Let us heart or otherwise save our favorite restaurants, then view them as a separate list. Pretty basic functionality in most apps with a huge list of options..Version: 1.40

Easy to useSome of my favorite local restaurants use Toast for their curbside offerings, and it works great! Once I find my restaurants that I want to order from, it’s super easy to use. I wish it were possible to pin or flag my favorite restaurants so it were easier to find them on the app. The app is location dependent, and I have to enter an old address since these stops are in a different neighborhood than where I live now. Maybe in a future version of the app we will be able to save certain restaurants so they always show up at the top of the app when we log on..Version: 1.40

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