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Foraging with the "Wildman" App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Foraging with the "Wildman" app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Foraging with the "Wildman"? Can you share your negative thoughts about foraging with the "wildman"?

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Foraging with the "Wildman" for Negative User Reviews

It’s great when it opens properlyI actually really enjoy the app so far and have been excited to get into foraging, as it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. I’ve noticed though that sometimes when I open the app it just opens up to a blank page and I can’t do anything with it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it worked for bit but now it’s doing it again..Version: 3.0.1

Doesn’t workImages won’t download and at the moment having difficulty contacting support..Version: 2.9

St stock and will not budge vsThis app has some disclaimers that come up when you open it but it gets stuck in one of them every time and I cannot get any further.Version: 3.0

Update problemsI’ve been using this app since it first came out and have always enjoyed it. This current update sounded promising until I found out the app used up the rest of my drive space and it showed as 3.75 GB usage for the app. Yikes! Also it is extremely slow and glitchy on a 4S. Trying to view image resulted in images loading slowly in chunks (and that was with my very high speed wifi connection.) I can’t imagine trying to view an image in the field. Unfortunately I had to delete the app because it is pretty much unusable for me now. It will be easier to carry Samuel Thayer’s foraging books with me in the field than try to use this new version. I do hope they resolve this problem soon..Version: 2.0

Good App , but…The app has a section that says there is an offline download available but There is no way to download the app contents for offline use. Other than this the app is good..Version: 3.0.1

Minimal plant informationI’m getting big into wild edibles. I have two Steve Brill books, but this app sucks! Something common like the “self heal” plant isn’t in there. There have been so many common wild edibles I’ve found that aren’t on this app. Better to download a couple free apps than buy this one.Version: 3.0.1

No Place To Write Notes or BookmarkThe app says there’s a place to write field notes but that’s not true. There’s also no way to bookmark any plants you’ve found to quickly access them later. I was hoping I could use this for items I forage frequently for a quick double-check but the list is also missing some very common plants. It’s unfortunately not very useful. This app could be really great but it really falls short on a lot of simple things..Version: 3.0.2

Poison IvyI’m confused why poison ivy is color coded in green and not red when it’s poisonous? 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 3.0.2

Better in some ways, worse in othersThis is still a great app, considering the information you get with each plant and the hi res photos of different species at different seasons, growth stages, roots, etc. It has become glitchy though with the latest updates. The biggest one that gets to me is when you click the warning symbol to see what could be dangerous or maybe a poisonous lookalike, it shows the warning and there is no way to get out of that warning screen. You have to force kill the app and open it back up again, starting over from the beginning. This is annoying, but it’s still the best thing I have come across in either an app or physical book. There are other books on ethnobotany that are more extensive in species (I think one is even mentioned inside the app somewhere), but those books don’t have near the amount of usable information or various photos as this app does. I’m still very happy with this app and hope it never becomes unusable due to iOS updates without app updates. I just hope the little bugs are fixed sometime..Version: 2.9

Wild plantsBuyers of this app should be aware it really is intended as a U.S wild plant guide, rather than a useful U.K one. This being mentioned in the blurb would be very helpful given its price!.Version: 1.1

Doesn't workDoesn't work.Version: 2.6

Set up to failI downloaded this and it continues to crash - do not buy this app..Version: 2.9

Bad AppThis App sucks. Cannot do anything with it. Should be totally refunded by AppStore..Version: 2.9

Wild Edibles FullAmerican and completely useless for anywhere alse. Would have been nice if this was in the details! It's not easy to use and seems very difficult to identify anything. I would not recommend at all!.Version: 1.6

Wasn't worth the $I purchased the app and wish I didn't waste my money now. The search tab just freezes the app and to find something you have to select a region. My region isn't on the list. It says West Coast or South West but they are not inland BC..Version: 2.5

Not working!This update did nothing but make the app worse! Doesn’t work AT ALL!!.Version: 3.0

Good detail, too much spaceI love the design and the amount of information in the app, but the photos take up so much space! It takes about 2 GBs of room on your device. If an update comes in the future where you can selectively download plants based on your location, or some other solution to the space issue, then I’ll be happy to leave 5 stars..Version: 2.9

Lots of info, but could use more organization.I live on the east coast of Florida, north of Jupiter. I try to look up edible plants in my area and can't seem to narrow it down to my region. There is no database for the southeastern area of the US. I am nervous about trying the plants here, except obvious ones like clover and dandelion, because it is hard to find ways to match them to this database and then to my region. What would be good is to avoid the plant pages to what states they are seen in, and perhaps their characteristics so people can search by adding tags that match up. For example "Florida, spiky leaves, hairy stems, dark red berries", which would return any results featuring those tags, while filtering out the rest. For the money paid to own this app, which is great by all other standards except filtering, it would really increase its value immensely, especially in the field. For goodness sake, after all this time, please send someone to the south east to study the plants here and add them to your database..Version: 2.8

It's ok, but..What I really wanted this for was adding pictures to geographic locations, so I could look up what plants I found and where I found them. I just wanted to be able to add a pin with a note and picture attached. It seems I can only add a note when I'm in a plant entry. I like the idea of being able to look something up, yes I too use my phone, there's not a lot of plants from my western, scrub-oak environment on the ap anyway. It's already too big, though. I had to delete a ton of stuff (I have 16gb) just to get the ap to finish. I just don't think you can fit enough on there to be able to do that offline..Version: 2.0

Can I be Refunded?!?!?!If I could give this app zero stars I would. After paying for the app, I can’t even use it. I try to open it, and the content has some error downloading and an email screen pops up to send an error email to support. I try to press the send button, but it won’t even let me do that!! And when I try to press cancel on the email tab, it won’t let me!! I have to force close the app to get out of the screen. So not only can I not access the app AT ALL, but I can’t even send a support email!! What a WASTE of money. This is the first ever app review I’ve actually written because I am just livid for throwing money in the garbage for this buggy app. I pray someone on your tech team reads this and issues me a refund if they can’t at least fix this. Straight up practically stole my money..Version: 2.9

DisappointedThis app is broken. It opens with an error report email which will not send, you must click cancel to get into the app. If I am even able to get into the app there is so much information missing. There is only one berry posted for the west coast and it’s a black berry. There are no photos available to help with identification. This app has high hopes but is very disappointing. I wish I could return this and get a refund.Version: 2.9

Too bad...Sadly, the app doesn’t work and crashes..Version: 2.9

Bought the app, now I have to pay extra for upgrades?I bought the app and felt it was a very useful resource. I appreciated the note in General Info about the Future of the App that indicated that the author would support the future of the app by offering free updates with more information, so you can imagine my surprise when Steve charges us $1 to add two new plants plus 500 recipes. TBH, I didn't buy the app for Steve Brill's recipes. I bought the app for his knowledge on identifying wild edible plants, and to charge $1 to update the app with two new plants after claiming to support the future of the app with free updates seems disingenuous. I was considering purchasing the $10 iPad version but I would anticipate more of the same half-truths..Version: 1.3

Update doesn’t workI’ve enjoyed this app for sometime but since the recent update it just doesn’t work. Disappointing..Version: 3.0

Warning - do not initialize unless you are on wifiI didn't open the app until I was on my way to the park for a walk this morning. I then did the normal "agree" to location services, and waiver, then had to go. I ended up leaving my iPad in the car during the hour walk. When I came back, I saw I had 3 notices from my data plan. Now two days ago, I'd just purchased the 3G/$25/3month add on to the 10% I had left of the previous 3G. This usually lasts me quite a while (6-8 wks) without LTE being turned on. I was quite surprised to see 3 notices popping up to me about data volume exhaust. 9:36am - 20% data warning 9:44am - 10% data warning 9:53am - 2% data warning There are 266 high def pictures which need to be downloaded. I paid $8 for the app and I just finished paying another $25 for these surprise pictures I had no idea existed. Sheesh!! I guess my bad, but I thought the app was already downloaded at home. And absolutely a warning while I wasn't on a wifi network about this data volume would have been nice. I don't really know how to rate the app itself. I haven't used it yet. This has just got me really annoyed at this point. Even on my wifi- the downloads just finished now, 2:17pm. The app will consume 2.5G of memory. So, this is a pretty hefty program. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. I'll come back & up my stars if it's fun to play with but right now, I'm just irritated..Version: 2.3

Mostly works on iOS 13App mostly works with an iPhone 11 Pro and iOS 13. When you launch the app you get an error and an email pops up to send an error log to the developers. Hitting send or cancel on the email doesn’t work. BUT if you just leave the app open for a minute or two the email goes away and the app works, and most of the images even download successfully. (You probably need to be connected to WiFi the first time you open the app to get all the images.) Basically just ignore the error and be patient, the app still mostly works, albeit badly needs a bug fix update..Version: 2.9

App fails to open 90% of the timeI was really looking forward to using this app but it’s nearly unusable. Content seem to be pretty good if I could ever get to it reliably. Hoping I can get my money back at this point or maybe 9/10th of my money. Possibly the most disappointing app purchase ever..Version: 3.0.1

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