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Pretty good but Needs moreI am currently trying make a webcomic and while exploring the app I realized a couple things I really think should be added to the app. First there is no symmetry tool so task like trying to make a symmetrical body, face, and facial features is difficult and I would prefer not to have to copy paste one side to another on every layer so it would be helpful if they added that. Secondly I have a slight problem with how we can create custom brushes I do think it is a great idea to be able to import photos to make I just wish it where smother so that it doesn’t look like I am inserting tons of photos or prints but instead like I am using a actual brush. Besides that the app is pretty good it has good brushes and some very good tools and prints for creating brushes I just wish there was more to make it a more enjoyable experience..Version: 7.1

App ruinedAfter the new update the side bar where everything is located now pushed into the canvas and my hands always rubbing against it i hate it i cant move it or anything it ruined his for me please fix..Version: 9.8.3

Honestly disappointed in the updateI cant even express how frustrated I am right now, I was working on my art just fine yesterda and when I came back it suddenly changed format. Everything has moved and changed. theslightest pull back makes it so back to full frame. I’m genuinely sad as I think I’ll have to somehow transfer my art over to another app so I can actually work Very sad.Version: 9.0.3

This app is excellent, but missing a few thingsNot much of a review as it is a question. are there any plans to add layer folders (or am I just missing it?) or an option to select multiple layers? I love the brushes in this app, but it’s missing a couple things that I think would make the app a lot more convenient to use..Version: 8.3

Whats with the new update?What happened I just deleted it and then I re downloaded it and then I was so different IMA uninstall it because its just so hard to edit now.Version: 7.2

Rigged but goodThere are features that need to be paid to use (pro) but u can use a add for free use, when i watch the add its like 30 seconds of bs then on the last 2 seconds it pretends to glitch and u have to exit the add with no reward, apart from that it is excellent and an amazing app to use, free animating, tracing, and drawing.Version: 8.3

New changes are upsettingI’ve had this app for a few months now and I really liked using it. It was enjoyable and was pretty good for what it had available just for free. Unfortunately, as I tried to use the app today, I noticed that the copy paste feature that I usually use quite often no matter whether I am animating or drawing just so happened to not work and pulled up the tab that asked me if I wanted to watch a video to use it for 12 hours or pay for premium. I am not willing to pay $13 to unlock a feature that I’ve already been able to use for free for the past few months just because the creators thought it would be a good idea to stop letting people use this feature for free. I’m very annoyed with this because now I must watch ads if I want to work on my projects, unimpeded by being able to use the copy paste feature. Edit: looking at the other comments about the same issue it appears that the developers that are replying to these comments are being blatantly rude and saying things that do not show any intention of trying to keep their business with the people that have problems with the new update. I will state this upfront and say that I will no longer support this program the way I have before and will be using different programs, I already have to use multiple programs to do what I enjoy, i did like IArtbook but it will not be hard to get rid of it after seeing what the developers think of the people that don’t want to pay 13$ just to use the copy paste feature..Version: 9.5.1

Really goodIt’s good, but PLEASE make it possible to add audio to the animations, PLEASE!!! And if it is already possible, can someone teach me?.Version: 9.8.3

Update not goodI don’t know what updates were there or what update caused this, but it’s not the same and I don’t like it. I used to use this app a lot because it’s so fun and I myself love to draw. I like to use the thing that you can press the color and drag it to full paint, and back then it worked normally and it was really helpful. But I think earlier this week, something is not right when you use it. I don’t know how to explain it.. Imagine you have a circle and you want to color the inside of it. You can draw with your hands or you can use the color dragging thing. You would use the dragging thing to save time, but when you use it, there’s some parts that are not colored or some parts that go out of the line. Just.. the outline looks very messy. I hope you read this and fix it somehow because I use that tool a lot and I might consider getting a replacement app. But overall it is a fine app and I love it. Thank you for your time!.Version: 2.5.19

It’s ok but very sketchyI saw this app on TikTok and thought it would be great as I don’t want to pay money for a app like procreate. But, when I downloaded it I couldn’t get into my apps and it kept locking me out of my device. I was really worried because I thought I was getting hacked and I couldn’t delete it. In the end it was working. the app itself is ok, but I wouldn’t recommend it..Version: 8.2.1

Bad updatesThese new updates arent it man, I wish i never updated it 😭.Version: 9.3

I like(d) it but……There was a recent update, now when you zoom out too quick, it zooms out the entire image? It’s really annoying! I’m trying to color my art and I zoom the canvas out a little and it goes all the way out and flips it around. I paid for the app so I could have all the premium services because I loved it so much, this new feature is ruining it for me a little, it pisses me off every time I make a piece. 😒.Version: 9.0.3

TERRIBLE ART APP😡😡It was good at the start then it became so glitchy I couldn’t even draw and every app I have is not a single bit glitchy so I guess iartbook is just junky. THIS IS A TERRIBLE GLITCHY APP!!! FIX IT NOW.Version: 9.7.4

Great..?I’ve been using this app for about 1-2 years at this point. It’s a great app for drawing. But my problem is that features that were free are now being locked behind a paywall. I remember copy/paste was free a bit ago, now you have to pay for pro to use?? If you don’t mind a bit of greed, this is the drawing app for you. Edited note: Just came back and lowered my rating to two stars. The app doesn’t even save images in full quality anymore as they should be. Sadly I can’t switch apps, as all my projects are here, but before you start on this, it would be good to look for another. An example of another app would be IbisPaint, as it even has a bit more features than here..Version: 9.5.1

Some bugs after latest updatesI enjoy iArtbook a lot, I use it more than any other drawing program and have been for a few years. I think I bought premium a long time ago, but I remember I still enjoyed the free version. After the latest updates I’ve noticed some bugs: When I exit out of a drawing back to the gallery the app will crash and forcibly close every time. Randomly the app will freeze and stop functioning, and I have to close it and restart it for it to start working again. This seems to happen most often when I’m adding/editing layers and using the eye dropper. Not every time, just often. The Color picker (eye dropper) isn’t working properly - it doesn’t pick the colors that I’m using it on, and sometimes only works if I’m using it on a layer that is multiple layers above the layer I’m trying to color pick from. I definitely prefer iArtbook over some other free/budget art programs. I like the brushes and it just felt comfortable and easy to use. The bugs though make it kind of annoying to draw with now, and it’s a shame because I had no issues with it before..Version: 9.4.2

Wonderful, but ridiculous issues.I adore this app, it's my favourite drawing program I've ever used. Weird and irritating issue that... really shouldn't be an issue. Recently (I've not had this problem before) I can't even save an artwork without being told I have to by pro features. I cant'. SAVE. An artwork... Not with original resolution or any of the other options. I'm not paying £12 to be able to save a drawing... and ever since I started using this app, the option to watch an AD for 1 day of pro features has never worked - I'm always met with there being 'no ads available'. What do you want me to do???? I can't win with this, everything has a paywall these days..Version: 9.5.1

I am now displeased after the updateI’ve been using this app to create many different artworks which I love, and I’ve been adoring this app too. But, after the update, my screen button placements have changed, and I hate it. Some brushes I’ve used and customized are erased from my history. I’ll also bring it up again, I absolutely hate the placements of buttons now. They are so much harder to work with, and I miss the old app when it worked perfectly fine and nothing was changed. I might delete this app soon and move on to another one. It was comfortable working with this, but now that things are changed, I HATE it. I’ve tried multiple time, checking if it was just my device, but I guess not..Version: 9.0.3

Why?To copy and paste it says I need premium, before it didn’t need premium…why did you do this?!?.Version: 9.8.3

I just lost my entire drawingThe app keeps crashing… Just completely kicks me out of it in the middle of drawing. Normally whenever it does that it just undoes like the last few things you did and i can just go back in a draw those back again but this time? No. It went all the way back to line art. Just completely deleted everything else i did. I was just about to export my drawing and everything, it was finished but then i noticed one little line i forgot to draw in so i tried to undo and boom! App crashes. i go back hoping it just undid something little like when i zoomed in or id even be okay with the hair being gone but no! All of my work besides the line art and sketch. Just gone, for absolutely no reason. I cant undo because it closed me out the app, i didn't get save it or even screenshot it.. Nothing. Im so upset, this is so annoying. I really like this drawing app, its a lot like procreate but the crashing is killing me and i think this time just finished me off. 3 days of work dude. This needs to be fixed..Version: 8.3

It sucks nowTHE UPDATES ARE SO LAME. i used to love this app, but now with th updates and all it's not as great..Version: 9.4.2

NiceThis is a good app I looked it for a while but then I realised colouring in was fun so I found the templates to colour, however there was only four and I got through them very quickly please add a lot more templates also for some reason I cannot draw on photos even though there is an option for that this may just be a bug but can you please fix it?other then that great game love it recommend to anyone.👍.Version: 7.4.1

Used to be goodUsed to be an AMAZING APP kind of like a dupe for procreate but after the new update it turned into a really bad app. there’s an ad evrytime u exit or enter a drawing or page and there’s no more layers feature used to be my favourite now i hate it please bring back the old version.Version: 9.1.1

Fix this bug :/Hi i really love to use this app but when i try putting layers the thingy glitches and it makes little dots everywhere on my screen erasesing what i drew could you please fix this bug it would be really helpful..Version: 3.5.1

Used to have less adsI moved from ibis paint to this app for my ipad a year ago, it had way less ads than now.Version: 9.7.2

Good but the app crashes every second??😃I use this app to draw ofc since it’s a drawing app and has many good brushes and stuff but sometimes when I draw it crashes like it doesn’t let me click on anything or draw and I had to swipe the app a lot of times to get it work again but idk what’s wrong with it but not very good app unless ya want a app to crash every second so yeah.Version: 6.0.5

Before this last updateI’ve been using this app to draw out my ideas for a few years now, but since this last update I’ve been having so many problems it’s making me want to find a new drawing app, it’s freezing whenever I try to do anything and it changes my brushes without any input. I just lost four days of work I put into a drawing because I can’t undo anything because it froze. I loved this app to the point I bought it, but I want to uninstall because of all the problems I’ve been having..Version: 9.1.2

Help !I love this game but this funny thing happened the next day It changed and I was no longer able to change the size of the brush so please help.Version: 9.1.1

CrashI used to love this app, really easy to use. Some time ago, some of my art started glitching or not charging at all, meaning I couldn't modify or add something to them. After that I couldn't draw on any other frame than 1640x2360 and now nothing charges up or it freezes my entire iPad before crashing..Version: 6.2.1

?????Can this app not crash for like 5 minutes bro😭.Version: 9.8.2

It was great I guessIt was really fun and I liked playing about with the detailed stuff but when ever I wanted to draw on a photo it won’t let me here’s how the story goes: I found a photo IT MADE ME GO OUT OF THE APP!!!!!!!! I don’t know if it was just my iPad or the game if it has happened to anybody else I think it’s the app if it is the app pls make sure you fix this problem ASAP Thanks😊.Version: 5.1.2

Stopped working properlyAfter the latest update, I can’t rotate a specific part of my artwork, it will just rotate the canvas. Was a great app before this.Version: 9.1.1

WompwompI don’t like the new update..Version: 9.3

App crashes when using colour dropper toolI have been using this app for a while and it has been great, way better than most drawing apps I have used, however half of the time when I use the colour dropper tool it freezes and crashes the app and deletes some of my progress. I hope this gets fixed soon..Version: 9.6

Here is something wrong please fix itI was using app I have a lot of videos in it was my favorite app but everything changed when for copy cut and pasting you need to select then go to copy then you copy then you go to copy AGAIN and tap on cut then you go on copy AGAIN and add it only to move the thing! :( But when it was my favorite app I needed only to select and there on select it said copy then I copied then I could easily paste and cut but when that copy/paste bottom appeared now I am crying and I can’t animate please fix it :(.Version: 8.0.4

This is outrageous.The new update makes no sense at all. There are pointless things for no reason at all 😡. And this app never saves my work. I spend half an hour on a drawing, then the app freezes and when I open it again, all the work is lost. You guys seriously need to fix this. Drawing quality is great but you need to work on saving work. Also whenever I get an ad, it glitches. That’s when my work is deleted. Please fix this.Version: 7.1

This app is not the bestSo i was using this app for a really long time and i was literally obsessed with it bc there was so many different paint colors and textures and fun canvases and that it was 100% free but then one day i was drawing this really cool picture and once i finished the drawing i looked at it but it was upside down🥴😮‍💨and it was really frustrating me so i had had enough of it and was burning up so i tapped the little canvas that was on the left of the screen thinking i could try to flip it the right way i tried many times but it didnt work and i ended up tapping the button that said clear at the bottom of the little canvas and thinking it would only clear the litlle canvas and not the whole drawing i tapped it and it deleted the whole drawing. And your probably thinking omg!! Did she really think that it woulden’t delete the drawing!?🤨😳so that part was all my fault but then i went to see if there was a recently deleted button somewhere but there was none anywhere. I was starting to get really angry. And eventually i lost it and burned up inside with anger. So anyways thats my story also i was really clueless so it was parshley all my fault but still i think that every single drawing or painting app should always have a recently deleted section😡😡so anyways thanks for reading my review. But now i’ll never see that painting again😕.Version: 9.7.6

Love it but would rather have procreate!I love this and it’s almost perfect but procreate has some details I wish this game had like I would like if you didn’t make a perfect circle or a straight line you could hole down on the screen and it made it perfect, procreate has that and I’m thinking of buying that app instead! Also I would love this app to have a blending tool where you could blend colors together, for example I wanted to make some lips just for a little drawing and I added the colors that I wanted blended together but I couldn’t find a blending tool! And procreate has all of that and extra effects! And I wish you could erase without erasing the whole picture! I wish like if I made a person and I wanted to just delete the eyes so it would delete the eyes but not the skin and just show the background! Otherwise great drawing app for beginners! I think I still recommend procreate instead of this app!.Version: 7.6.3

The animation studio…The drawing software for this app is amazing it’s the animating one that I’m worried about first I would like to address the fact that you cannot add audio to what you were trying to animate and so if you were trying to match something to an audio then you’d be going out to blindly the second thing I’d like to address is the layers on the background in the overlay the background in the overlay should be able to have multiple Windows but the only option for it so far is one single window and I find that kind of inconvenient also the third thing I’d like to address is the fact that if you lower a single layers of Pasadena it doesn’t affect the rest of the layers so you have to go back through and change the opacity for all of the layers in that section I would like an update with features like this but the main thing I’m worried about is the animation audio one you may not see this but if you do see this please address the issue..Version: 7.1

New updateThe new update is bad, anytime I move my art piece it zooms out to original size. The side bar is also different and now the layers are on the top instead of the size, I don’t like it. My app also keeps crashing and I’m losing all of my recent art progress.. really frustrating..Version: 9.1

DisappointedI have been on this app for a long long time now and I have an iPhone 6, which means I can’t update to iOS 13, and the app now says it only supports iOS 13 and now I can’t use it. There is not any good apps for drawing like this one and can’t find a good one. Please make it available to people who don’t have the updated versions please!.Version: 3.5.1

Very upset with last weeks update.Its so confusing trying to use the panel thingies!!! I just want the little circles back. Its nearly impossible to use those slidey things! When i first opened the app i thought it was glitching or something, but no. After checking the updates tab, I WAS HORRIFIED. I only really prefer this app over all the ither because of its high quality and non pixely photos (calling ibis paint out rn because everything is so pixely.) And because it was simple to use. I dont think I can continue with the app because I cant even find certain tools or things anymore. It’d be really great if possible to maybe add a feature where you can choose between the new ‘ui’ versus the old. Love the app, best app ever for me, really helped me grow my skills, but sucky update. Kinda like fortnite lol I didnt mean the app was like fortnite I meant like how everyone hates fortnites new updates 😭.Version: 9.0.3

Super annoyingWhen you import a photo and zoom in to get the detailed bits or wont let you paint unless you make that very small bit the whole painting.Version: 9.3

Incomplete AnimationsMy animations will never be complete. I wish to be able to select frames, copy, and paste them in that order. I cannot do such things, and now I’ve not a single animation finished. Take a guess why. I need to have effect loops. From the grains on an old tape recording in a series to the rain in the background of a movie about a haunted house, I need those on loop. I cannot go and hand draw each and every frame of effect along with the characters and movement. That’d be completely absurd, and I cry for the people who do actually create animations in that manner. To put this simply, please, developer(s), read this and add a new feature to an upcoming update where you may select, copy, and paste frames into your animation, contrary to duplicating them one by one and repositioning them the same. Thank you for your patience, and I appreciate you taking your time to fully read this review. I hope that eventually I may get a response, and possibly a new feature in an upcoming update..Version: 8.3

Was 5 *I’m mad actually…was doing great! I was a digital, learning fool! Then the update…loved the look, loved everything about it….then a few days ago….I was drawing, enjoying myself….and pop…the app closed, now I’m doing an app called Sketch A Day….so I’m busy…..I opened the app back, which was something normal, art was always ready to start where I left off……..NOPE, START OVER ! 4 paintings… when you aren’t doing small little things and you are in the middle of the project…starting over is a stab in the dang heart! It just happened again, for the 5th time…..it makes me feel so angry, frustrated, bummed….etc. I just want to scream and punch someone! I don’t want to start over! Especially when I don’t feel good, on prescription cough meds, and other meds for severe cold and upper respiratory infection….and I’m trying to keep my daily streak! I chose your app over all the others…..you were great, please make it great again!.Version: 7.0.4

Small problemsI have been using this app for like a couple years now, it’s beautifully crafted and the color palettes, the brushes, everything is really well made! But then I’ve been getting messages that I don’t have enough operative memory? Okay, I’ll just delete some of my art. It still says that, so for a couple months I’ve just been ignoring the warning all together and the app has been really slow, even crashing sometimes when I changed brushes. At this point, I just deleted the app and redownloaded it to get the memory back. I lose all my art, my brushes, my color palettes, basically everything, and when I go to finish one of my ocs, what message do I get? Not enough memory. I have been trying to find tutorials online on how to get more operative memory but nothing, and as far as I’ve seen no one else has had this problem. Other then that, seriously good art app!! You guys did a really good job, and I’m not sure if it’s my phone or something else screwing things up at this point.Version: 9.8.3

No measurement options for canvas set up.Hi, I’m a professional illustrator… I was actually looking forward to trying this app out as I came across it by accident &like the look. The first thing I went to do was set up a canvas… looked at preset & struck me as strange ppi options, I then did a manual set up & there’s no other measurements but pixels. I went no further, it’s useless for me as a professional. I need options for set up sizes in cm, inches or pixels, I also need dpi not only ppi, as much of my work is printed as book covers & card games & my professional friends will feel the same. It’s fine if your working purely in digital realm, but most illustrators will have work printed at some point..Version: 7.4.1

It’s glitchyYes, this app is nice. I can draw and stuff. But, after a while of using it, it glitches and doesn’t work. It doesn’t even let me shut down my phone! I don’t recommend getting this app. I’m sorry..Version: 6.1

GlitchingThis app has been great and I would recommend it. It was amazing and loved the brushes and special features, although after a year or so, it started to glitch and it’s quite annoying. I’ve tried to go out and come back in but it still glitches and takes a long time to respond to my drawing. If you could fix this it would be highly appreciated! Thank you for the drawing experience so far!.Version: 8.0.4

Please reverse the updateThe app was perfectly fine and I used it for everything art related but recently due to an update now it’s filled with bugs that completely ruin my capabilities to draw even the most basic things one bug I don’t hear people talking about is how whenever I try to undo something by accident like a random line it’ll not only undo the mistake but also another line before the mistake itself this was never an actual issue but now it’s annoying to the point where I’m considering just getting rid of the app.Version: 9.3

ProblemThis app seemed really good so I downloaded it but I usually use layers for alot of things but when I used this app I couldn’t figure out how to add layers because there was no clear button for layers so I had to delete it I would have kept it if they made the layers button more clear also this is no hate to the creator(s) but if you could make things more clear then that will be great it’s just I need layers for my art :).Version: 7.6.3

EraseHow can I use an eraser.Version: 8.0.4

An amazing up but..I love this app so much, it’s great to work with and i love how it’s free, it’s so underrated. However when I add another layer and switch layers my drawing goes completely wrong and becomes pixelated. If i switch to one layer that layer isn’t pixelated but the other layers are and it’s a mess. You obviously need layers for drawings and I don’t use too many, only like 3 but my drawings get ruined and I hate it. Even if I export and save the picture the outcome comes out messy and pixelated. Please fix this glitch.Version: 3.6

Plz readThis is a great app I just think u should add a text to canvas and I am new to this app it’s great but glitchy!!! I also think that it should b like this much more like procreate just a little like if I was to draw a circle if I hold it down it would make it a perfect circle and if I was to put in a pic I could move it around but otherwise luv it 👍🏼✨.Version: 6.2.1

Wish you could add audios for animationsThis is app is pretty good sure they don’t have all the cool design pens like procreate would but, it basically is like procreate for free. The only problem I’ve discovered recently is that when I wanted to start animating there was no option to put an audio to make sure the animation was in sync. I used to have FlipaClip for animating but the whole drawing process was so difficult with the limited pens. Which is why I switched to iArtbook which is an amazing app. Even the animations are easier to do it’s just hard to animate to an audio unless you edit it using an editing app. But that would be a much more difficult and longer process. But I do hope in the future you guys could add the audio features considering I have paid this app for premium features but I still can’t draw as professionally without the audio feature..Version: 7.6.2

Stress!!!!!!!App is amazing but today i encountered something that really just stresses me is i changed the panel setting to look different by some accident and its really getting me upset for no reason, how do i change it back tonits original setting?.Version: 9.0.3

StabilisationWhy is stabilisation so hard to use? I spent so long editing the stabilisation and it’s still not straight!.Version: 9.0

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