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Headway: Daily Book Summaries App User Positive Comments 2023

Headway: Daily Book Summaries app received 144 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about headway: daily book summaries?

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Headway: Daily Book Summaries for Positive User Reviews

Nerdy black girls unite!!This app has changed my life tremendously. Most of my screen-time on my phone is from this app. I have told all my friends about it. I read more than 93% of Headway readers w/ a goal of 38min/day, but i find myself listening to Headway w a headphone in while I’m cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, during flights and on long walks too. I have the motivational “quote of the day” widget on the home page of my phone that is the first thing i see on my phone and really sets my intention for that day! Next, I want to start taking notes on the books i am reading ! I find myself reading a lot of the books twice to pick up anything i missed or ingrain it into my mind with spaced repetition. I also find doing anything else on my phone like watching silly vids so boring compared to learning something new on here! I find myself being an overall better person. You are making our lives a lot better in these overstimulating times :)!! My favorite topics are technology, psychology, and self-improvement. I am an extremely autodidactic person so this to me is the equivalent of somebody getting their masters, except I prefer having a wide-range of knowledge. Thanks again!!.Version: 173.3

BEST AND MOST INSPIRING APP EVERI have had this app for three days now and I ended up buying a premium subscription. It was very good on the free version because you’ll get a book recommend it to you every day for free. If you end up getting premium you can download your books and listen to them without internet. I personally use them while I take my dog on a walk in the woods where there’s no Internet connection. If you get it during the holiday season I got a 70% off discount from premium so it was really worth it. This app has tons of different challenges like the 28 day wealth challenge and hundreds of different books to either listen to, read from, or listen to while you’re following along. Are usually don’t write apps but I felt very inspired to do so. Thanks Headway for changing my life!.Version: 150.3

AddictiveAbsolutely love it. I had so many books on “to read” list. But I didn’t have enough time. Now I only spend 15-20 mins and get the gist of each book. If I love it I can invest more time into reading the full book. I completely gave up social media as I’m getting interesting info every day!.Version: 231.0

Worth every cent! This app is life changing!I have always known that personal development and investing time into it was a key to being more content and successful, and I would buy book after book that I would start but rarely finish. Since finding Headway a few months ago, I have been able to meet my daily reading goal, and I have finished summaries of 34 books! Some I want to read more so I can get the entire book if I want, others I just take notes on how they apply to me and move on to the next. My personal life is immensely better, and I am having my best year in my 30 year sales career, even during the pandemic! I can’t imagine my days without this app, it is so worth it! Don’t even think about it - get it! Then commit to a few minutes a day and it will become habit. Im living proof!.Version: 153.4

Covers a lot in a short timeI paid for Headway some time ago but never got around to really check it out. I am a good listener, but when it comes to reading a book, I get distracted, I stop and lose my way in the book until I eventually lose the whole essence of the story. One morning while being alone with my thoughts, I decided to catch up on my literature, so I browsed their library until I found an interesting topic to read. Found out, I could actually just listened. I decided to listen, Wow! The book was so precise, exciting, informative and quick about 15mins. I was truly amazed as to how they summarized the book with all the important points, I received the whole message right away. At the end of the book they even had pointers to remember, so you can further meditate on essence of what you just read or listened. I loved it, I read three books just before I write this review, I think I am about to listen another after writing this review, it is that good. If you have an interest in reading and learning new things or you just like to listen like myself you need to have this app. You will not regret it. Thanks Headway for create this wonderful app..Version: 169.6

Nice app to read free books everydayTakes 15 to 20 minutes but with good information.Version: 201.6

Spark a hope bredI’ve been suffering from clinical depression for the longest time and decided i couldn’t live this way anymore. i was failing school. failing life. and most of all failing myself and the future i could’ve deprived myself of. i’m trying to work through and heal so i can become a better person for not only the people around me but myself. i’ve really enjoyed looking through and seeing the changes in my life that can be possible and start putting them into practice within my life. and for the first time in a long time i have the confidence and motivation to not put my future self at a level that i would have to fight at. i’ve been fighting my whole life and i like having the hope that i can change my mindset and have the idea that little things can make the fight less hard. the things they’ve suggested in a few of my books im just keen to put into practice and see myself in a happier swell being space..Version: 170.6

So good.Love it, the variety of how many great books you can listen to is astonishing, the personalisation is pretty good too..Version: 217.1

Best app for knowledge and time savingI have done 2 books in two days. These points I read would normally be the folds in the corner of the pages I make to come back and remember, which I never get around to. Now I can easily come back and review it again, to cement it in. Can’t wait to see what a year of this does..Version: 154.0

LIFE CHANGINGI was referred to this app by my mentor and it is now my daily go too I never was a fan of reading long drawn out books because for some reason my brain wouldn’t retain the information after the first chapter I’ve read. To find an app that would summarize a books key points give key tips and read it aloud was like finding GOLD for me headway has drastically changed my life I was seeking to know a lot more than what I already knew clarity on this I was unsure of I sought to better myself and to find my purpose here in life and headway not only helped me with these answers I was seeking but they’ve helped me to be the better person I knew I could be. When I’m in distress I no longer feel the need to reach anywhere for anything else but to headway because 90% of the time there’s a book I can listen to that will speak directly to what I’m going through which sets me right back on track. I would recommend this app to the world if I could because of it s life changing effects Big Thanks to the developers!.Version: 150.3

FabThis is a great app. I stumbled across it not really knowing much about it but it was perfect and a great way to start the new year in a positive way. I love all the different types of books and it’s really helping toward me changing my mindset. There is a bug however, in the library. If you click on the 3 dots, you get the options to ‘share’, ‘mark as finished’ or ‘remove from library’ and neither of them work when you click on them which is unfortunate. If that was fixed then it would be perfect! Thank you!.Version: 99.7

Worth every cent...I just read a few of the reviews about this app and am completely blown away by how many people out there in the world today are completely negative and have completely missed the point about what this app is about. I downloaded the free trial and assuming I’ve been charged (i haven’t checked actually) but already have found that the value I’ve got out of reading seven books has completely paid for itself already..!! If you don’t invest in yourself you have zero idea about personal development and people that are complaining about the cost of this app are completely deluded...and need the books even more than they even know. Yes there are a few spelling mistakes yes there are couple app development issues but every app in the world has problems. The content of the book is flawless and it’s already changed my life in one week from reading two books each morning and I am only on day 6. Thanks so much for the app developers we are always looking for improvements because we’re geared to be negative but if you guys can continue to improve by 1% every day and adopt some of the principles of your books I’ll be with you for life. Ben Physick WLCW.Version: 95.0

Love it but don’t stop adding features!I wish you guys would provide some sort of tiered billing membership service. This is my second account with you guys I love it. I was a top 76% reader in my last account. :).Version: 205.7

Really useful app for people that are commited to self developmentThis app is so useful in terms of accessibility. For people interested of committed to self development this app gives you access to all summaries of great self help books with challenges to complete as well. With all the books on reading lists that we don’t have the time to read completely this app has really helped me with their 15 min summaries..Version: 221.9

Perfect solution!For years I’ve been chasing my tail trying to read books and never having enough time to finish them. Now I can gain all the relevant facts and key points of a book in circa 20 min. Better to have gained knowledge from a book a day rather than trying to do battle with a 600 page book over the course of a year!.Version: 154.0

Head wayAmazing app!! I am outstandingly thankful for this app. It has opened my eyes in the conclusion of one week. It is more than helpful, so glad I came across knowledge and wisdom like this..Version: 176.4

It’s not free, won’t leave and wasn’t what I expectedIf you’re in here to see if it costs you anything, then yes it does. You can participate in a Free Trial like all the other apps. For me, I downloaded this app off an add I saw on my phone showing a certain type of test that the app lets u do. Sadly the first thing I saw was that it’s an app to read things on and to better your meant health and well-being. Which in itself is great but it’s not the purpose I downloaded it for and was rather disappointed tbh :( If your looking to use the app for its main purpose of reading for wellness then I’d say this is a great app. In the time that I had used it was very VERY good at sending reminders to my phone to notifying me to read something and it even offered 4 different discounts for the subscription, which is great but not what I needed. To try the app I had to make an account, which I did but once I decided I didn’t need the app I wanted to delete my account before I delete the app from my phone, but when I tried to delete my account it shut down the app 5 times!! It was annoying me so I left it and tried to do it again another day thinking it’s just a glitch for it only to not let me delete the account again which really annoyed me so I left it for like a good amount of time and it finally let me delete the account. (I wrote this review once before but it deleted my entire review so here it is for a second time👍🏻).Version: 191.0

It’s Cliff Notes for the professionalSo far, great range of books. The audio option means I can plug it into my car on the way to work, although I would like a way to skip back a paragraph rather than a whole chapter. I generally still take notes or return to a book - nothing takes very long as each book takes less than 20 minutes to complete, typically a good deal less. Also, I’ve been driven to find the full book at the library or order online when I want to learn more. As a recovering compulsive book-buyer, I’ve found this app helps me get through what end up being “one idea books” quickly and without blowing $20. Totally worth it for those with a desire to learn but without a ton of time or an ability to read quickly..Version: 151.0

Great app and featuresGreat app, it’s good that every book offers you audio that you can listen to, when your eyes are tired. I like that they are so many topics you can choose from and also so many new titles adding up. The voices of the audio are also pleasant to listen to. I read previously some comments about that you can’t cancel the subscription, I renew mine every time I feel like it, mostly monthly. It’s like any other sub. Yearly it’s too expensive for me, but monthly seems just fine..Version: 99.7

Time investedAfter reading over 330 audible books I decided to make a change and download Headway after it was recommended to me by a very successful friend. A lot of the time the message the authors are sending become very clear, very quickly as you read through the book. Picking out the main messages from different books has so far saved me hours of time. I’m not saying I’ll never read a book again 😅 and so far I’m very happy with the Headway app. 5 ⭐️.Version: 205.7

R. SIEBENThis app is very helpful I would recommend this to any individual, who’s coming full circle to doing the right thing for themselves and to have constant and consistent reading material that many great people we know past and present have become successful on their lives and in business success, if you have slight issues or don’t like writing or journaling this app is the way to go 10/10.Version: 179.4

Great app, shame about the bugsGreat selection of popular books with a beautiful interface! I really love using this app for the audio books while I’m working. It’s just a shame about the bugs when playing the audio books, once one chapter is finished the next doesn’t automatically start and if you press play again the same chapter it played, the same happens if you click next then play. Which means you’re having to unlock your phone and mess around with skipping chapters backwards and forwards for a minute or 2. I have terrible WiFi so I’m not sure if this plays a part. If this was fixed I’d be a subscriber with no hesitation, keep up the good work!.Version: 69.1

Want meaningful and lasting change to a better life?Devoting as little as 15 minutes of your day to learning to know oneself, trying things differently, and applying tried and true concepts into your life will bring about a new and improved person that not only benefits you and everyone around you but the world as a whole. The rest of the day is as simple as implementing and refining your new ideas and knowledge. Easy right? Yes it is, as long as you’re serious about wanting real change, not quitting when things get challenging or don’t show instant results and you have a desire for tangible success. But only after striving to make your dreams become reality by putting in a little work. And the best part, Headway let’s you identify what areas you may need improvement in or what you yourself want to focus on and the giving you all the tools you need to make it happen in their clear, concise and informative material. (Perfect people, there’s something for you as well!).Version: 200.3

That’s a WLove the app.Version: 202.6

MehranHazy.Version: 196.6

Makes it easy to munch booksEasy as brother.Version: 209.6

Great but could be betterI love the books, I don’t mind the robotic voices but PLEASE let us turn highlights into flashcards! The “insights” often aren’t as good as other parts of the text and I want to highlight parts to revisit in the repetition/flash card section but it doesn’t allow it. You just have to go find and reread them in the highlight section but the flashcards are way more effective. Otherwise, really helpful and cool app..Version: 141.3

Great App!I was hesitant but after listening to one audio summary I felt so inspired about life in general I decided to upgrade so I could read or listen to as many as I wanted every day. I’m not usually a big reader, I have a kid and have to move around all day. I listen to the books while I work, it’s super easy. The information has been inspiring, healing and life changing. I’m grateful that I took the leap and tried the free one book a day version. There’s lots of subjects and rabbit holes to go down. Loving all the books on communicating and having healthier relationships. I love the repetition flash cards. Definitely worth trying out if you want to grow, feel inspired and learn about almost anything. Great App!.Version: 173.8

PioneeringFor someone with ADHD, I always have a million things I would like to improve about my self and want to find efficiencies in everything I do. However, as a mum of 2, working full time and in a high level position, finding the time to do this is a struggle. And then when I do, the beauty’s of my condition kick in and finding the patience and motivation to sit and read a book on ‘how to get better at reading books’ just doesn’t happen! Headway has created a platform where it is quick and simple for me to learn and process new information on how to achieve my goals and improve aspects of my life, it has been an absolute game changer for me!.Version: 200.6

Practical for my ambitious mind and goalsBeing a mum of two young boys whilst juggling full time work and managing a home, I have found this app incredibly helpful and practical for my life and season. I am changing and learning something new every day and I can accomplish having read two book summaries in a day. Its brilliant and worth the investment if you are time poor or just have a full life. Highly recommend..Version: 157.3

It’s an interesting appIf you feel like you don’t know much about life like me…this is a good app which introduces you to a lot of interesting facts in a short form but also a brief detail which you can later browse more or let along with the facts they talk about it could be your conversations starter..Version: 205.7

Incredible Asset of an App. Can’t Wait for More Books to Develop on Here!This might be an Audible killer. I love Audible, but the kinds of books I mainly read is self growth & development in many phases of life. Headway is allowing me to form a library of key messages and reminders from books that I don’t have spend hours upon hours of time just to finish a good read. Realistically we don’t have the time to finish a whole book. We don’t have to Headway every book of course, but there are more opportunities for shorter focused reads than entire books. I’m personally enjoying this for my active go go life. I can only hope that writers and the makers of headway accumulate as many books as possible on this app to provide shorter and focused reads for all..Version: 96.3

AppSUCH A GREAT APP 100% RECOMMEND.Version: 219.7

Best app everEasy and handy app u use always, addictive honestly.Version: 205.7

Best app for self careLarge selection of books summarised. Great setup, easy to use. I've used it for one day and I am hooked.Version: 180.6

Time SaverI happened upon this app, after listening to an audiobook on self improvement. The audiobook took about 12 hours to complete. After downloading this app, I tested it by reading the summary of the book I just listen to. And I realized I could’ve saved myself 11 hours and 45 minutes. Since then, I have completed the summary of multiple self-help, self growth, and educational books. I would never have the time to complete all these in real life with my busy schedule. Any subject I want to dig deeper on, has links to buy the book being summarized. This app is a must have for busy schedules that want to improve their lives and streamline learning into small digestible chunks..Version: 202.6

A must have appI’m thoroughly enjoying this app, it’s well worth the money, and I’m loving that the books are summarised in 15 minutes.I Personally find Self help books rather hard to read after the first two chapters however this approach is working for me..Version: 93.1

Love this concept. Improvements needed1) I choose to turn airplane mode on and jog (my miracle morning time involves no notifications). It won’t skip past the first chapter to the second. App just needs to download the whole book not one chapter at a time so I can listen without iPhone notifications from other apps or needing to be connected after book is downloaded. Suggest app downloads whole book as it’s not that big anyway! 2) the voice needs to change (I’m happy to note I’ve read this is going to happen) 3) sometimes continuity issues after finishing a chapter. It gets stuck. Could be WiFi Access related..Version: 81.3

I love itThere is such a great range of books there so concisely written and easy to read and informative I think as well worth of money especially if you get a discount like I did I think I paid just $50 for this subscription for a year which is really nothing when you were getting this much knowledge. 100% would recommend that the price I paid..Version: 190.0

AmazingggThis app is amazing so many options and opportunities to read books and improve yourself. Absolutely inspiring. Yes there is a free version but it does not allow you to have a lot of access for obvious reasons being they take the time and energy to create this app and contents. I have gotten a great discount too to pay like $46 for a whole year subscription, which is amazing! I recommend..Version: 150.6

ExcellentThis is exactly what I needed. 15 minute reads that deliver more valuable information then most 200 page books I have read. Free trial is very generous and it clearly states that it will renew to a yearly 12 month subscription afterwards. It isn’t the app developers problem people don’t know how to click on their itunes account and manage subscriptions. Maybe consult your device’s basic instructions before playing around on the app store. Highly recommend A++.Version: 77.3

Best Subscription I've Ever Been OnSo many books I've wanted to read but don't have the time to properly read them, are on the app. In read mode, you can highlight certain points. Such a good idea having a non-fiction book compressed into easy-to-read or listen to sections!.Version: 197.3

RefundHello, i cannot fund a contact number however i just purchased this service. I have never even opened this application in about 2 weeks i and would like a refund. i can not afford this at all and meant to cancel but i had a family emergency which involved me flying to a different city and it completely slipped my mind. i’m kindly asking for a refund as i can no longer pay my rent because this payment has been taken out of my account. i’m asking you from the bottom of my heart to please issue a refund. i’m begging i really cannot afford this..Version: 1.0.3

I want to meet whoever made thisI want to meet the team who put this together! Hug them and have a coffee with them! I am in Australia - Gold Coast. You guys are fenomenal. My journaling has improved so much, because now I have words to describe what I feel and what I need to improve. Before, I couldn’t express my visions or blockage. I love you guys!.Version: 129.1

Bit sized KnowledgePractical way to gain information when we don’t have the energy to research it anymore! There are also smart notes and ways to maximize learning..Version: 205.7

MindfulnessThis is actually jogging my memory back to mindfulness- listening- learning- ripple effects- Good Boss - Great workforce- Great workforce Steadfast Company. Healthy eating and drinking as con-try to belief the mind doesn’t determine your mood ; day; life etc your Stomach does it controls everything, so fuel it . (Don’t believe me look it up ) I work better on an empty stomach with a cup of coffee - Creator didn’t make us eat breakfast first . Mine is McDonald’s about 11 o’clock after I’ve done 6 hours in the office..Version: 184.4

Circumventing the ImpossibleWhen you get a significant leadership role, the first piece of advice relates to the numerous books you need to have already read or need to read immediately- as if the role or the time you spent climbing the ladder could afford you the time to read any of the books cover to cover in a month! This App circumvents that impossibility and has the best collection of books from which to choose. Wish I’d known about Headway sooner..Version: 198.7

Very UsefulLike many of us, I try and follow the patterns of successful people. Many of those patterns include reading 50 books a year. With the best will in the world, as a parent that’s a big hill to climb. Headway is a very useful intro to many of the books you see in Waterstones or airport departure lounges that you wish you had time to read. The app is not ‘cheap’ in singularity but I would bet that the price of most of the books therein is around the £10-15 level, so in that context it’s money well spent (on yourself). I have recommended it to many colleagues..Version: 156.1

Tips for improvementHello, I have been using the headway app for a month now and so far I have enjoyed it very much. While many things about it are great I thought I could help point out a couple things to improve the headway iPad app. I think a great way to get ideas on how to improve the app id by looking at the “Books” app from apple. I’ve been using that for years and many its pretty amazing. Anyways, here are somethings I noticed: 1. iPad Landscape mode. This would be a great add since a lot of the iPad cases don’t allow you to place the iPad on portrait mode. 2. Font size at max seems to mess a lot of things. Line spacing is small. Highlight is hard seems like i need to point below the words for them to be selected. 3. Be consistent with font usage. I believe font consistency between paragraphs, quotes, and header might make it more visually plesuarable and easy to use. 4. Background color, the Books app from apple does a great job with this. It would be nice if you guys can add 2 more backgrounds. Black, and sand. 5. Highlight, i would also look into the Books app they do a great timed highlighting feature instead of highlighting something and showing a button. Also, sometimes when I highlight the button doesn’t show up. Sent from my iPad.Version: 135.0

Greatly thought out appDo you like audio books? Want to read a book but don’t want to pay $34.99 for it? This app gives you the highlights as a preview for books but emphasises on the main points to make them memorable and impactful. The best part is being able to “memorise” phrases and add them to your stash to be reminded about later so you can remember them. The books are about 15 minutes long and you can choose to either listen, read or both at the same time. Little achievements are earnt as you progress through the app. Honestly such a greatly thought out app. I am considering buying at the end of my free trial.Version: 187.6

A fun way to increase knowledgeI have gotten into a great habit of listening to a headway book every morning. Knowledge is powerful.Version: 198.6

Would recommendTook me a year of seeing ads for the app to give it a try. I’ve enjoyed starting my day at 5am with a bike ride followed by a coffee and a quick read of a book summary. It’s become a ritual for me. I don’t have the attention span to read multiple full books, so this works well for me..Version: 196.6

Great concept 👏Great idea to have a free well trial. Really like this idea of reading summaries of books, condensed information but it gets straight to the point, it’s easy to read and understand, not into one book you can quickly move on to the next (don’t have to read until the end), loads of books to choose from, love that you have the option to scan through titles and briefs then add to your library to read later and lots of relatable topics to choose from as well..Version: 174.6

For the love of all that is good connect your email addressI paid for a yearly subscription and have loved using headway. Ive recommended it to so many people and I’ve been using for well over 100 days. I was signed in but I guess not enough?? I lost all my progress when I switched devices. It’s now almost annoying to go in and sift through all the books for what I have and haven’t read as well as see my progress in different challenges I had begun. If I’m signed in, it should automatically save the books I’ve read. If I sign onto instagram on my phone and then go on instagram on an iPad it doesn’t erase all the posts I’ve liked on the phone, right? This app should apply the same logic..Version: 205.7

Clear summaries of books, some technical flawsOffers both audio and text of summaries. Many book options. However, each chapter has to be played manually and the previous chapter replays when the next chapter is selected. Can not browse books while listening to one either. Overall pretty great, the price might be steep, but it’s comparatively cheaper to buying individual books and more likely that you will actually complete a book with this app..Version: 73.0

Ambitious or would like to be? Download itHeadway is such a great application. It saves time providing summaries of books, and it will bring up precious books that you never heard of; you can listen, read, highlight stuff you think is valuable and share with family, friends and others. It’s an application that will make you a better person overall..Version: 179.4

Great for ADHDMy squirrel brain means reading a whole book is an overwhelming task. These book summaries seem succinct but comprehensive, and give enough room for further independent exploration if desired. The app interface is great, it has some amazing functionality (easily switch between text and audiobook), and seems to have a great range of books available. Very glad I purchased. (P.S you can get 70% off if you’re patient, I paid aud$50)..Version: 163.7

Excellent quality summariesClear, concise, digestible book summaries that capture highlights of the greater book. Awesome app that is designed well and super easy to use. Like that there is new content or new recommended content daily. One suggestion I would offer is improved toggling between the rotation of books under the “Discover” heading. When you read the quote and click into the corresponding book and finish reading some or all of the book, you are not sent back to the Discover list where you left off. You have to click the list again and the books are randomly re-ordered every time, meaning I have to go through books already viewed. I’d like to be able to pick up where I left off in the Discover list and for the list to stay in the same order. Also recommend expanding the search features to pick up on key phrases in the books. Sometimes I want to look for a category of book that isn’t listed in the set category list. Also, please add more fiction books!.Version: 204.3

DoableA 15 min read is doable and you can get enough tips to inspire your day. 15 minutes a day creates momentum..Version: 135.0

Sdowns7Top app.Version: 193.6

10mins per day can go a long wayI’m not a reader but I enjoy listening. 10-15mins per day of the small bite helps me to build this reading or listening habit. Happy reading everyone..Version: 189.0

Day 1 of using HeadwayAt first I thought I was going to spend 15 minutes at the most on this app but this app is amazing. I have already spent more than 15 minutes on my first attempt. I feel like this app is very tailored to my needs, from when I selected what I am looking to gain from it. Headway is very insightful, it gives a summary as oppose to me having to physically read so many books that I do not have time to sit down and read and there is any option for the app to read things to you. I find the Headway app very useful, efficient and effective and I would highly recommend it to people. I am so happy I stumbled across the ad for Headway via instagram, it has made my day. I plan to keep using this app to assist with with self-development in the foreseeable future. I am very impressed..Version: 142.4

Just truly grateful and amazed.Lol who knew how hard trading can go in your life 🖤🖤 I’m amazed that i found writers that have written books that confirm thoughts about elevation that i never knew to actually be like law in the universe. i thought i was the only one which made me self conscious all the time. Whoever made this app in the way they made it was genius and i’m so grateful. It would probably of took a few more years to be able to read these books because i just didn’t have a way to do it or a way to figure out how to read these much needed books. i’m so grateful to the creators of this app. and that it found its way me. not to sound corny but i’m grateful for the chance to read these books and then it helps you with time management; its just out of this world. may they continue to bless the world with their ideas 🖤🖤🖤.Version: 154.0

ZacDay 2 and I couldn’t be more motivated.Version: 218.2

Amazing appIt’s worth it to be honest, the books given are all great & easy to read and understand, it’s an overall great learning app if you don’t have time to always read or want to get in the habit of reading just put in 15mins 20mins trust me you’ll see something that will catch your eye.Version: 231.0

Great app, love how much I can learn so quickly!Highly recommend.Version: 156.1

Good I’d love to pay for this subscription againI ain’t native speaker so this audio is bit fast for me ( I bought this for my English reading skills ) and only two voice actor reading all the summaries ( especially boy’s actor ) the reason why feeling little bored and also sometimes it doesn’t match with summaries article between audio ( just some words) But still good quality of information, so much helpfulness, can savings a lots of time and voice actors are really sounds comfortable. Thanks for make this amazing service. I’m really appreciate :).Version: 219.7

Very happy with itI previous subscribed to Audible but found whole books hard to focus on. Then I got into Blinkist which I thought was great, but got bored with it and the style of the book reading. I’ve found the Headway app my favourite of the lot so far. They set challenges and select books for you after a detailed analysis so every time I open the app I see something I’m curious in. Also feel like Headway has had more books that I’m looking that I couldn’t find on Blinkist.Version: 180.6

100% downloadI saw this on the App Store as I was looking for an app that could help me improve myself, and I am SO glad I downloaded it. This app has a ton of book summaries and it breaks them down into bite size pieces so it’s really easy to understand the gist of a book. The coolest thing about this app, though, is that it’s made me start reading again. I actually bought a few of the books whose summaries I read in this app because I wanted to get the full experience, and I think this app really made me want to do that. I wouldn’t have bought and read actual self improvement books if I hadn’t first seen them here, so I’m really happy I found this app. It makes you appreciate good books and actually makes you WANT to read them, which is really cool. Definitely recommend.Version: 153.4

A pleasant surpriseI am a big fan of reading and audio books. I don’t like the idea of book summaries; but took up a trial offer for headway, and within 15 mins - I love it; can read summaries, and also listen to them. I have already read two books this way. All whilst my 2 year old was sleeping. Thank you 🙏.Version: 160.6

Informative, relatable and appliableI love short self help lessons but most of them have many ambiguous examples that are hard to relate to, making it difficult to implement their premise in to my own life in an any type of easy or entry level sort of way, making the possibility of any transition highly improbable. So far I’ve heard only two books on this app and I have more notes and simple actions that I can take, at any time in my day, to actually start the process of positively changing my own life. I highly recommend this app to anyone struggling in any areas of their lives or even just want to become more intelligent and realistic about the unrealistic expectations and beliefs of this world. Great job!.Version: 205.7

Good appThis is a good, trustworthy app (not sure why people are saying it a scam, lots of apps use the tactic of a 7 day free trial in the hope you forget to cancel your trail and get charged - this isn’t uncommon). Good selection of books, really easy to use too. The one thing I’d say is that I found some of the strong American accents REALLY annoying, to the point that I couldn’t continue to listen to the book - but that’s a me problem!.Version: 135.0

Convenient and helpfulThis app has helped in many ways, I usually read books from cover to cover but this makes it so much more convenient by taking all the main points of a book and fitting them all in 15 minutes or less. I would recommend this app to anyone who is into self development and would prefer a more quicker and convenient way to learn new things..Version: 180.6

Enjoying but could be some improvementsThis app has been great for my goal of listening to self empowering books. My main feedback to the developers is that it’s been frustrating that I can’t seem to queue anything and so sometimes will have a book finish during my commute and can’t then touch my phone while driving to get the next one started.Version: 129.1

Very usefulI have endless books sitting bought with good intentions but unread on my shelves because I haven’t time to read them all. I know that they contain interesting and life changing information but life happens. Headway has helped me cherry pick the very best info and insights without the huge time investment of reading cover to cover. I am an annual subscriber now (previously monthly) and I imagine the app will save me a small fortune and gain me a head full of new things..Version: 174.6

A great way to digest Inner WorkThis app kept popping up in my feeds. In planning my year ahead, I wanted to focus on incremental improvements and this collection of summaries and related infographics made it easy. It’s still early but I l*ke what I’m seeing!.Version: 205.7

Worth a tryFrom the first two books that I read it give’s you the feeling of being on the right thing to do and not only I think that it widens your way of thinking and in the same time the way you react with people. Everyone should try and see for himself how the readings in this app it’s going to help, individually it will be different for each person. Just my opinion tough..Version: 164.9

I absolutely love this app!I cannot recommend this app enough! There is a huge diversity of information that is very easily accessed through either reading or listening the book summaries. I feel like just using this app has helped me grow as an individual! I normally do not purchase premiums in apps, especially ones such as this with such great free access but I have for this app and I cannot recommend it enough! This app is amazing and I am so happy with how it has impacted my life and helped to give me perspective on a variety of areas. Cannot recommend it enough!!!!.Version: 194.1

Most useful app!For someone who’s intimidated by thickness of books and work as a full time employee, Headway is definitely a very useful app to ‘speed read’ books. I think Headway summarises the book in each chapter, the only question I have is how well they cover all content from the book. However, I would say Headway has pretty much included all important information from the chapters, I read some of the summary from books I’ve read before. Overall, I really enjoy Headway and I hope they have more books coming..Version: 184.4

Most worthwhile appThis app has changed so much for me. motivated me to start reading again and allowed me to know so much more about the world and myself in easy to manage amounts. it takes all the waffle out of books and helps you understand the main objective..Version: 171.4

Great app, just needs a few additionsI definitely enjoy this app. The first thing I did was review the summary of a few books I’ve already read, and I’d say the summaries are pretty close and cover the main material of the books. If you’re like me and can’t find the time to read an entire book within a reasonable time, this app is definitely for you. That being said, I still think there is room for improvement regarding features. Something I constantly find myself needing is a tab to make notes that I can refer to later. Also, being able to tab notes and highlights would go a long way. Overall, it’s great and will continue to re-purchase my subscription if they add these features!.Version: 197.6

RecommendedReally good application. Recommended to everyone.Version: 160.6

Wish I’d found it sooner!I’ve only been using Headway a few days but I’m really enjoy it. I love to read and also like to keep learning and challenging myself but with a hectic work and family life don’t get to enjoy books like I used to. This is the answer! I get the key take outs from a new book everyday and am also now regularly taking 15mins out for myself whilst learning something new or seeing a new perspective. Highly recommend..Version: 170.6

Life changing potentialVery much enjoying the app - life changing sounds a bit dramatic but it has certainly changed my perspective on a number of things. Never been a fan of self help books - they can be horribly repetitive and cult-like. Having a summary of the key points has given me enough of an overview to put some things into action, try and see if it works for me and if it does invest in the full book. I’d like this to reading the news from multiple sources - if you just read The Telegraph you end up with a skewed view of the world, if you read all of the broadsheets then you have a more rounded view. There are a few little things that I would love to see in app - one would be a landscape view as I often have my iPad on a keyboard and like to flick between apps. The next would be a separate “bookshelf” of favourite books. Currently they are all in the the read section and I have to keep a separate list of the ones that I like. An option to take notes and add reflections in app would be great along with the highlights. I’ve also never been a fan of daily streaks - I don’t see the point of this in Headway as I like to read things at my own pace. Some days I will read more, others I don’t feel like it at all. Would be nice to have the ability to toggle it off for those that aren’t so keen. Overall, really great work and love it..Version: 227.7

Great but can be betterThis app is great for those who don’t have time to read a full book but want to get the essence of it. Some feedback for developers: 1. If I want to find a quote mentioned in the book, it thinks I’m trying to read it again and prompt me to continue reading it when that’s not my purpose. If the app can determine that once a book has been read and no longer needs to be read again, can it not ask me to read it again? 2. Can you allow users to add their own quoted messages to the “repetition” tab? I think rn it’s just the preselected quote but that’s not necessarily what I want to remember. 3. Why is there a need to have a “repetition” tab? Not sure the purpose of this and I don’t use it. 4. If I want to buy a book after I read it I would like to do it from your app… can you include that in your next iteration/ business plan ? Appreciate this app a lot! Thank you! Al.Version: 156.1

Just 5 minutes a day and my life is changingI was sceptical but needed desperately to make some changes my life but was already feeling overwhelmed. 5 minutes a day felt like something I could do… and I haven’t every day but as soon as I tried and made an effort to stick to that 5 minutes other areas of my life started improving. What a fabulous way to learn without being bogged down in full books, especially if you find it’s not for you!.Version: 170.6

Great AppI quitted Audible / kindle unlimited after using this app. At first, i was hesitant to pay 139 dollars in the beginning, but the variety & the amounts of summarised/visualised/ audio added books in this app blew my mind. You will definitely enjoy reading through the visually explained books! I spent over $500 dollars on books last year, so this app actually saves my money in long term. I will keep using this app and save my money to buy limited edition books on the side, heheh..Version: 219.5

BrilliantReally enjoying the summaries. I’m up to 3 books, I usually don’t find the time to read, but having summaries read at 1.5x works for me. Awesomeness..Version: 183.4

Perfect App!I never write reviews but this app deserves one! I was kind of skeptical at first because I was introduced to this app through an Instagram Ad. I was kind of bummed to see that it was just summaries of books and not the whole book. After reading the books suggested to me for the past couple of days I feel in love with this app! The recommendations are perfectly tailored to what I wanted to keep track on! And the summaries are super helpful and informational even thought they’re 7-9 pages long. I’ve also discovered books that i’d love to buy as well as read books that I’ve been deciding on buying but then didn’t find as useful or what I really wanted. I can’t get over how much I love this app at this point! Just with the summarizes i’ve read in 3 days (I’ve only had it for 3 days) I feel like I have taken in so much useful information that I think about all day! It’s absolutely worth the time and money!.Version: 176.4

This was created for me.I’m really not one to post reviews, specifically, this is the first one I’ve taken the time to write in the past decade that I’ve been an Apple user. That’s how much I’ve enjoyed using this app. As someone who grew up reading every chance they could, reality has hit and I’ve realized that I cannot keep up the same amount of reading as I once did. Using this app has slowly helped me strengthen my retention and focus while reducing the information overload usually presented with most books. I love listening to podcasts already and the listening feature the app offers is similar enough to where I can now absorb this information without having to be on my phone. All in all I can tell this will be a great tool in my life..Version: 154.0

Amazing appIt is a great app for the beginner’s who want to start reading books. Some times we feel reading a whole book is hard and we may postpone or skip reading. But in this app we are getting a good summary of the book and it is straight to the point. Once we become habitual reading summaries then slowly we can start reading books. Moreover there is a feature of Free daily read, which we get one random book summary everyday to read for free. We can also listen to the audio instead of reading..Version: 192.5

So inspiring and works with my busy lifeLove that there is an audio option so that I can listen while I am doing something simple like house chores or a puzzle… I think the information sinks in better when I am focused… rather that putting myself to sleep reading at night when I am tired. Love it..Version: 158.3

Quick and easy to get to the main pointsEasy to use and loads of topics to explore.Version: 186.0

A good start!I’ve only really just started using Headway as a way to try and improve myself. I love the idea and think it’s great to simplify a lot of difficult information from different books into one central hub. One thing that could be improved is the Audiobook voices. I feel like it’d be great to have multiple different voices to choose from for differing books. I find it quite hard to listen to the books rather than read them because of the computer-like voices. Overall, really like it and look forward to learning more! Thanks.Version: 196.1

Great optionGives you other ways to deal and think about things in a very simple concise way.Version: 182.6

State ownedI downloaded this app when I was going through a shocking time mentally, thinking it would help and do you know what it did!! I sat for hours on a night where I was considering ending everything and made notes from fantastic advise given . . Then plot twist I was in a hole where I kept listening to the books on offer and somehow ended up listening about finance a lot. This is not so good. Very Americanised and not relevant to any other country. Would never follow the advise of invest invest invest unless you are educated on what you’re investing in. None the less thank you RM the creators because the mental health side of things I take my hat of to you there is some fantastic advise ❤️.Version: 227.7

Love the app but have one issueLove this app. I’m all about daily improvement (being a better me than I was yesterday). Particularly love the flash card element if this to pound those important concepts in. Highlights are mostly great BUT… you order the highlights in the order they were highlighted and not in the order they appear in the book. Why?! This makes going back reading them, really confusing if I decide to highlight key bits after the fact. Please could you address?.Version: 125.3

Wonderful option of your are busy!Love this app I stumbled across! I am notoriously terrible at finishing books. There is always something else that needs to get done, or the fact that when I do read it is before bed and I fall sleep after a page or two. This app pulls the key points of the book and distills them into a 15-minute read or listen (think Cliff Notes from your high school days). At the end of the day, I get the benefits of so much information in the time I have available. Highly recommend for anyone that is short on time, or attention, but is seeking the opportunity for continued growth and self improvement..Version: 194.4

My thoughtsThis is a very useful app for those wanting to practicing the art of reading. I believe in building a better world future through the art of reading. I believe this app needs more support and to encourage self development. I think the app can improve with more features and needs more assortment of different books..Version: 192.5

Genius App 👏🏼I have little time to read and when I do get to, I prefer a great thriller, mystery, crime, etc. So these summaries are extremely brilliant. Although “summaries” seems an understatement. These are not at all mini summaries that you get when reading the back cover of a book… but so much more! These chapter breakdowns of books on personal growth, productivity, psychology, happiness and joy, health and fitness, spirituality, and more are the books that are important to read but not my preference. With this app, I can read and/or listen to these motivating stories and profound books in about 10 minutes a day. I listen while driving or walking and… it’s sincerely a genius idea. A genius app..Version: 154.0

Great app!I love the summaries which are useful and right to the point. This apps allows me to get the most put of my reading..Version: 202.6

Literally life changing.I start my day with this app and I love it. I wish there was a way to jump right back into the challenge you were working on, but it’s not that big a hassle to just scroll and find it again. But the summaries are great. I love that I can read them, listen, or read and listen. It would have taken me months, maybe years, to get to all the books I’ve been hoping to read. With headway, in 3 days I’ve consumed the major takeaways from 3 massively influential books, and the insights have, no joke, changed my life. So, I guess that makes Headway… life changing? I’ll stand by it. P.s— to headway team: Please keep working on your beautiful interface to be even more intuitive and user friendly. Not that it isn’t great already, I’m just a dreamer of perfectly accessible apps that anticipate everything lol. 5 stars are still yours..Version: 180.6

Enlightening, inspirational and provides focusI saw a tweet that reading 20 minutes of non-fiction a day helps with personal development, and with the developed mindset you can achieve more. The same day Headway popped up as an ad. It interested me so I got it. I have only read 2 books so far, they were enlightening, inspirational and to the point which provided focus, instead of beating round the bush and losing interest. I hope this helps you, get reading..Version: 168.0

Brilliant!!Not going to lie, I bought this app on accident after forgetting to cancel the free trial and got it annually. Well if I’m honest il be paying again next year. So far I’ve read 50 books and love the highlight section. As for the spaced repetition, great idea love it. If I could improve one thing it would be to have spaced repetition for specific books only. I.e. choose the books you want to practice with until it’s completely remembered. Anyway, if anybody is hesitant about purchasing the full app, remember, it’s the actions you take that define where you will be in the future, INVEST in yourself. Love the app, thanks to the creators 😀😀😀.Version: 150.3

Best Investment to App to YourselfI don’t read books because they are too long or aren’t straight to the point. Especially if I don’t have the time for it. I stumble across this app and decided to give it a try. The fee was something that stopped me at first but I decided to get it as an investment for myself. The books are easy to digest, informative, helpful, and fun. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. Definitely give it a try. I know reading isn’t for most people but think of it as a way to understand yourself and how to change your mind on the world around you. We are so consumed with useless information that we forget about ourselves. This app gives you necessary information about what you need in life..Version: 198.5

Worth its weight in GOLD!!This app is just what I was looking for! As a person who breaks out in a cold sweat walking into a library or bookstore with all of the choices, I really love the quick summaries and easily digestible information chunks of each of the chapters. The “try this” at the conclusion is an easy way to test out the concepts in each book and see if the ideas resonate with you! If they do, then you know that book is worth the time to read all the way through. No more lost time and money reading books that will just be forgotten in a few days and collect dust on the shelf. Honestly, this app has changed my life for the better! Thanks for making it so great!!!.Version: 150.3

Love this fantastic self development appIt’s not easy to find time to sit and read a book not to mention self development in a busy lifestyle. This app is probably the best compared to other competitors. The app has small test to tailor your own areas of interests and goals based on your preferences. The mascot of the app is super cute. It definitely lifts my mood when I open the app. The UI is easy to navigate to explore different features of the app. Each book has chapter summaries and a final summary. The summary is nicely done include key quotes in the chapters. The final summary also included key learning points. So I can compare with my own notes. I really like the feature that each book we have the option to read/listen and options to forward/backward the chapters when needed. I wish this app will include dark mode options. I do hope it will allow horizontal view on iPad in the future for comfort in near future. The app may not have as many books unlike its competitors. However, the quality of the books and summaries available are better presented. I would prefer quality over quantity. I have no worries more books will be available as time goes. 😉Keep it up team Headway!.Version: 211.5

HeadwayGives great summaries and key points to remember from life changing and informative books..Version: 183.0

Perfect for my morning and bedtime routine.I don’t normally have a lot of time during the day to ready a book so this is a convenient way to fit it in my schedule. Would highly recommend if you enjoy reading but you’re always on the go. Plus it’s always good to have a preview before fully investing in a new book🤓.Version: 183.4

Not a bad appThis app has helped with my anxiety it’s actually surprisingly easy to listen to and I didn’t loose concentration even know I have adhd honestly needed to hear some of the things it had to say absolutely would recommend it to most of my friends. Not paid to say this in case y’all wondering it’s just generally a good app :).Version: 230.3

As a non-native English speaker, thanks for the look up feature!I read one book and directly bought the app. This is exactly what I was looking for and worths well the price. Excellent recaps of a lot of books that were on my to-read list. Now I can finally get a proper idea of what they talk about and in 15 min! I really want to say a hugs thank you for the look up feature. As a non-native speaker, this is pure gold for me, I can review these words and memorise them super quickly. Just love Headway!.Version: 154.0

Perfect for the busy personIf you’re too busy to read book after book but at the same time want to learn and grow this app is perfect for you. 1) You can read the shortened version of the full book (usually takes less than 20mins) 2) You can listen to the summarised book. 3) If you like what you’ve read/ listened to the full version is just a click away to buy..Version: 227.7

Skeptical at firstThis app is amazing. I didn’t purchase it when hearing about it over a year ago. I thought just another ripoff scam to get some money out of you by referring already written books. Why not just buy the book then? But the truth is that I didn’t buy the books. I own two full versions of the books that I’m now reading through this app on a daily basis. One of the full version books is very long and it took me ages to get through it. In the app it took me 20 minutes. This app provides you with versions that really get into the meat that I was after in the first place and skips all the extra that in some cases really is just extra. Or it inspires you to chose one book out of 10 to purchase. Also this app includes great lessons in remembering what you read by repeating important highlights and showing you flash cards so the points stick in your mind. I love it and feel it’s working and it’s worth the money.Version: 150.3

Solid but could improveI’m enjoying the summaries of the books included, and there are many, however… they include some editorializing in the summaries which is not useful and gives rise to suspicion they may be, even if inadvertently, editing the authors intended message throughout the rest of the summary. Regarding the audio versions, the human read summaries are well done and easy to follow, only occasionally using mismatched inflection or cadence. But the machine read summaries are of little value. The software’s attempts at inflection are more often wrong and the pacing/cadence of the reading often confuses or obscures the intended meaning of the text. The reminder cards, snippets of the summary are useful but would be better at bolstering retention if they were presented as a question, maybe fill-in-the-blank, instead of just the quote with no real recall required..Version: 129.1

Fantastic concept with room to growI listen to a lot of audio/audible books in various for of strategic self and business development. The problem I have is that sometimes books drag on. What could be said in a half a book can be condensed to a chapter. I love that this app provides a way for me to listen to the main idea(summary) of the book in a condensed manner. If the summary doesn’t feel like enough, or if I just really want to hear more about it, then I know it’s worth getting the full book on Audible or possibly hard book. I rated 4 instead of 5 stars because not all the books are read by a person. Instead, it’s a robotic like voice that’s an absolute pain to digest. I find myself distracted from the books content because the delivery of the message is just botched. I read from other reviews that they are working on changing them all over so I think with time, this app will get better and better. I’m more than satisfied with the year price I paid and plan on using it often. I hope that in the meantime while they work on getting these robotic voices replaced, they provide a filter for their selection so I can exclude those from playlists..Version: 144.1

SusiePUnfortunately you lost me when I realised I had to pay for a year . In Australian dollars that’s $197 . Monthly would be manageable but yearly is not an option . It seems all your disputes and bad reviews are based around your annual fee. Why not consider monthly subscriptions that people can budget for . You would double your subscription base.Version: 180.6

Get itQuite good so far. Fun way to learn some decent info quickly.Version: 210.0

Latest App you Need to Tweak any part of your life!This has to be the best app I’ve downloaded in a long time. I’m constantly finding ways to absorb new information. I have books on top of books that I get through about 1-2 chapters a week. Although it’s progress. It doesn’t get straight to the concepts I’m looking for. Since I’ve read a ton of books already I have a general idea of what exactly I’m looking for. This app has saved me tons and tons of research and time. Repetition is the key to mastery. The second problem I have is integrating new concepts into my life. Taking notes can lead to lots of time lost. Instead I find all the books I’ve already read and add them to my library so I can study them frequently so it truly becomes part of my life. It’s like going to the gym with your lifting partner for one week then you stopping and expecting to have the same excitement, push, and motivation to make lifting a new habit. Headway is my lifting partner for my mind..Version: 159.3

Learning is important!I had lost focus on learning since graduation. I actually tried very hard NOT to have to learn anything for several years. I figured out I was using more energy not to learn than I could use learning new things. They don’t have to be complex subjects, anything you think might intrigue you or benefit you, learn about it. Since changing by horrible thought process, I’m very much loving learning and growing. It’s very important to use our brains so that they don’t get lazy and always take the easiest pathways. Don’t take the easy (turns out harder) road like I did for too long! Use this app to learn some key concepts and run with it. The app saves so much time by not having to read a whole book too! I can listen to one on the way to work or while running errands in town. The time I take driving around is no longer wasted time! Thank you Headway! 😀.Version: 176.4

Normally don’t click on Ads but this one…I could be interested but I had to check comments when the ad popped up on my tik tok and I also checked out the reviews on the App Store. I downloaded it and so far second day in and I’m already inspired, motivated and ready to change a few things in my life. The books I read so far helps with the time I have for myself when I’m not looking after my 9 month old son but also some tips to help adjust to this life called parenthood. I definitely recommend this app if you’re wanting motivation in depth but simplified. So far so good and personally feeling good about myself. The best thing is looking forward to what book I’m reading next and what it’s going to do to inspire me in that moment..Version: 220.5

My first ever abridge type app for books & readingI must admit, I do love reading books to discover the thinking behind the authors written word, but I must admit, this app gives me, I like being and getting to the point quickly, bit of an essential thinker, just the fact with minimal reasoning as it like small talk about purpose filling activities that help move my life forward swiftly. So far a great app to consolidate reading.Version: 218.8

I agree with Ben’s review!Literally this is the best app I have ever purchased! I don’t know how much it cost but it’s so useful and has so much value within that it pays for itself within a couple of days of owning it. Self development should be a consistent thing that everyone does and teach there children to do- and this app makes it extremely easy and condensed. I am reading more than ten books a month !.Version: 169.1

In summary awesomeA well put together app. If you like gamifying things there’s collections of books to master new areas of growth. You can search their entire collection for a specific book. Anytime you you highlight a phrase it’s stored in a convenient area to revisit as well as a neat repetition feature to help the long term memory capture it. I’ve always been one to claim I don’t have time to read but this app has helped me prove myself wrong as sometimes I’ll read two summaries a day! Certainly helped carve some of my social media time for more productivity!.Version: 192.5

Easy app to use, definitely recommendAmazing! First day using it and fallen in love, would recommend to anyone. I love the option of listening or reading as well as setting a goal. It’s crazy how a few small books can change your whole mindset!.Version: 187.6

Best Book app ever!This App is amazing! Great books, great content. I love reading but I don’t read very long and long books normally make me quit them. But this short book that you can read in 16-20 minutes is perfect! Suggestions: 1. I will like to see a check Mark next to a book I read. Right now if you wanna check you have to go the library and check if you read it. This feature is common sense and is missing. 2. Customize feature that allows you to choose a book journey route: meaning you can choose all the books you want to read next and have them set up like the challenges are set up now but with each book set up from first to last in a creative way. 3. The ability to review each mini book once you’re done. And to show each books reviews easy..Version: 173.3

Listen length options - more flexibility pleaseApp is great. Main pain point for me is… I want to be able to adjust the listen length for my books. When I set up the app for the first time, the app asked me how long I want to spend on each book. For some books, I would like to take a deeper listen. But can’t seem to find a way to adjust that time preference..Version: 160.3

Best way look like at life.Definitely the absolute best way tool look at life. We are not unique in that fact we have problems. It’s what and how we choose to deal with our problems. The problems we choose are our own personal choice. And seeing our problems as challenges to work through, making us smarter and stronger for the next challenge we choose down the line. 10 Gold Stars. I no longer give a 🤬. 😉.Version: 204.6

Brilliant Book BingesSometimes I find I have so many books that catch my attention when I’m browsing and I want to read them all, but of course most of us live increasingly busy lives. I tend to find in between reading full books I’ll download audiobook summaries with two intentions: 1) to get an overview of a book and see if I want to buy the full version. Or 2) take the most salient points from a text and see if that gives me enough to apply a tool, technique, habit or lifestyle change to my routine and see how I fare with it. Often after reading a summary you can simply type in the specific tidbit or tool you find relevant and people will have blogged about it or published articles going into more details. Nothing is an adequate substitute for properly reading a full book attentively but in this age of market saturation, adding a few summaries to your reading schedule can often prove really helpful. This app is very neat and clear, simple to use and I’m finding it intuitive and good at recommending titles that might be relevant to me. It’s definitely worth a trial at least but of course it’s worth baring in mind that it’s an expensive subscription after the trial expires..Version: 93.0

Love it!I have Lymes disease and Graves’ disease, both cause confusion and “brain fog”… not to mention the depression, guilt, trauma survival issues, and then a self esteem drop as my modeling career went down the drain, and the cherry on top… being abandoned by my daughters father in NYC during the pandemic, she was only 1yrs old but she knew what he was doing and was crying and trying to bring his bags back in…. I’m terrified I need to get myself together fast please please please do the trick I am trying hard and do extra work when possible. I need a job in NYC, Bronx Area so that I can take care of my daughter. This app taught me things to teach her and work with her for self esteem and money relationships. I really do like this app, I feel like I’m doing something good for myself. Thank you.Version: 150.3

Amazing 👍🏽unique appThis app really gives you a summary of all the good books out there. I totally think it’s a good app that can change someone’s day to day living. I see this app as a self improvement app as you come across books that you can relate to and that can help you growing. However, I think there should be more categories like nature, science, autobiography etc which will give us a variety of stuff we can sort of tap into. I don’t agree with the yearly price, I believe it’s a bit expensive especially for newcomers that see it as a game changer. I believe if the app reduced their price this app could even surpass other ebook apps..Version: 1.16.1

Headway Game ChangerGame changing! For those who have an unrelenting pursuit of excellence and that constant thirst to learn, making those incremental improvements each day. This is for you, fitting learning in with work and family life it can sometimes be a challenge and a chore, this app is mind blowing in the speed at which you can absorb new lessons / information the key is the bitesize chunks that allow you to pick up frequently each day! Excellent app!.Version: 195.9

Just subscribedFind the app so useful. By this times of long hours at work and family deserving our attention, this is an easy way to combine love for books and time with beloved ones. Good as gold!.Version: 190.8

I’m really enjoying headwayI’m feeling like I’m a bit more in control of my brain after reading on here I really appreciate it 😃😊.Version: 184.4

A little confused at firstI wasn’t really sure of the purpose or function of this app initially. I have ADHD so it took a a bit to really focus on the utility here. Once it clicked that this app provides a summary of larger books ( the keynotes) I fell in love! As I mentioned I have ADHD, which makes it difficult for me to read, I get lost in text of a book as my mind starts to wander. This app reads to you and you can follow along with the text, that has made a huge difference in what I retain. It’s also a great way to get the keynotes and help me decide if I want to read the whole book or can I just take away the summary and put it to use. For Gen-X the best way I can explain it is this - Cliffnotes and the speak and spell had a brilliant baby and it’s Headway! Hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me - total game changer!.Version: 154.0

EnlighteningDespite being simple summaries of books, I find it very informative in the limited amount to read..Version: 194.4

For the efficient entrepreneurI am a learning machine but I do not have time to keep listening to full books on Audible. I noticed that over the last year and a half I hadn’t used it, and my husband did. I run multiple online businesses, manage a family business, wife, mother, and chronically ill. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this platform..Version: 205.7

Headway helps me a lotHaving a summarised version of the books I am wanting to read on self improvement and enjoyment of life is such an advantage. The key points help me to remember each chapters teaching throughout the day..Version: 213.2

Great booksWhatever you want from this app the sheer volume of reading will help you. I love the fact that each ‘book’ is only fifteen minutes so it is quite easy to slot them in. Listen on the way to work, in the gym, when running etc. some of the recommendations could make more sense but other than that this is quickly becoming a part of my daily routine..Version: 154.0

Nice concept and need some improvements in app to perfectI like how this app gamifies reading and make reading more fun and enjoyable. This is a value add on top of the book summary which is what you’re really paying for. Not free and I think it’s worth it assuming there will be more books in the future. Having said that. The app still needs some work and refinement. 1) App crashes occasionally. 2) App doesn’t resume where you previously stopped. Having to start from the beginning of the chapter is quite annoying. 3) Listening stops at every chapter. The whole book is already short. I would like to listen the whole book in 15-20mins without keep hitting play again. The app doesn’t need to stop at the end of every chapter. 4) If you open or listen a few lines just for exploring, the book stays at the bottom of you Discovery tab. I’m nitpicking here but I really need a way to remove it. 5) In reading mode, the bottom of the page is cut off on 13 pro max screen. Some fine tuning on layout is needed. 6) App should allow user option to pick pay plan rather than defaulting to annual..Version: 175.3

Great app, great contentI highly recommend Headway. I have needed inspiration for my journaling practice & this is the perfect nudge for that. I’ve tested the curated pieces on books I’m familiar with & books I have not yet read. It provides a really accurate summary of all the key take-always for the books I’ve read & guides me to my next books, eliminating the ones I would find to be a waste of time, efficiently & effectively. This app has been both a good investment of my dollars & time!.Version: 219.7

Perfect app for Book summaryI love this app due to precise and accurate information on each and every book of chapter..Version: 179.4

Great ideas in nutshellsI signed up to Headway when I was feeling overwhelmed. I have so many things I could enjoy doing at my fingertips but the inability to get off my *ss and do them. My head was letting me down. I set myself the target of reading Headway articles for at least 10 mins everyday. In just three days I have found really, really helpful advice and information that has helped me realise why I am behaving like this and what I can do to help. Worth every penny. I will continue with my 10 mins a day therapy to find out more..Version: 230.3

Thank youBest app in my life. Pull my life out of the social media which is disturbing from time to time. I wish more and more people will know about this app and achieve more in your life. I also saw the review from ben physiwk. 100% agree with you. We should focus on the purpose of the product, rather than picking on the bugs. The best book I have read in this app is the 5 second rule. Make me action quicker. Lol.Version: 111.2

Cool appI don’t typically read much but this has gotten me into reading, I am however only using the free version which gives me one daily book since I cannot afford to pay..Version: 183.0

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