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Fam - make new friends live App User Positive Comments 2022

Fam - make new friends live app received 92 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fam - make new friends live?

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Fam - make new friends live for Positive User Reviews

GoodBetter than expected but the fire thing is annoying..Version: 8.3

App issues TODAYI did the update today, now when I try to go into the app is shows that I have no friends and when I try to join a call it just goes back to Home Screen. Can’t even really access the app.Version: 8.41

GreatGreat app would recommend.Version: 16.117.1

How good the app isIt's amazing and it seems like it's gonna help a lot i would suggest downloading it to get to k ow pepole and make more friends.Version: 8.1

I rate it 5Goood lots of socialising.Version: 8.3

It’s good, but there are a lot of bugsIt started out a fast working app and it was fine, but then it started not even loading my notifications or my messages page. I would get notifications that people sent me either snap and when i opened the notification it would just take me to the app and nothing would happen. The only thing i can view without a problem is my profile, but everything else either always says it’s loading or it is just blank..Version: 16.117.85

GreatGreat,would reccomend.Version: 8.3

GameThis game is so good.Version: 8.3

It’s great however…Wish you could start a call and have an age limit to who can join that call keeps a child in a child’s place. As an young adult, i was bullied and called very derogatory names, when i tried to report nothing happen but a glitch that boots me off the app. I’ve deleted the app because i know my worthy and don’t have time for children. The only other thing is when they have multiple people added to the video chat it lags bad id say work on that other then that everything is great.Version: 16.97.9

JackGreat app for people to reach out to others and grow there social media.Version: 16.106.2

IdkNice.Version: 16.110.5

Sooooo goodWorks sooo welll so many new friends.Version: 16.106.3

Idk manDon't download it, it's kinda stupid but i get free stuff for putting 5 stars.Version: 8.52

Good appBrilliant app.Version: 7.9

NiceLike it.Version: 16.104.3

Pretty goodMe and my friends have so much fun on this app. U should fs check it out..Version: 16.78.0

YgfStill shut.Version: 8.1

ExcellentLove the app.Version: 8.3

Love itI love this app it changed stuff in ma life very quickly.Version: 8.52

Not badIt’s not a bad app but, I do hate the fact that it adds your whole contact list even if none of them have the app and the fact it went straight to the main page to talk to random people when I was looking at my profile, I feel like the app would be real nice if it was more layer out and not as 1.) laggy 2.) hard to control 3.) really boring. Other than those I feel like the app has potential. Ps. #3 ISNT based of facts yet I’ve barely used the app these are just a few bugs I noticed a few minutes into using the app..Version: 7.7

Bf fGreat.Version: 16.107.3

GoodGood.Version: 16.106.3

MidThere’s not any instructions to tell me if someone is added or not. and when i decline a request it goes back again. i don’t really understand how it works but after that everything else chill ..Version: 16.117.84

This app is greatThis app is so good it’s works like a charm and I would highly recommend it..Version: 16.113.8

FamWoW!!.Version: 16.106.2

💫Best app for meeting new friends :).Version: 8.3

DHSJSJSFbdbdn.Version: 16.106.2

HaahHaha.Version: 16.110.5

FamA great app that’s really good it actually works I love it.Version: 8.4

👁👄👁Great app ig.Version: 16.104.1

Amazing gameGood game to get more friends and get to know people and I highly recommend to get the app.Version: 8.2

BadNot good.Version: 16.108.8

Needs improvement or changesThe icons on the screen covers the persons face and it can’t be taken away soo it just stays there and I would change it so that if you want them to come up just tap on the screen and they’ll just pop up anyways please try Changing that and also I would like for there to be a turn camera around option. Another problem that’s been happening is that sometimes it just puts a black screen and it says that people are joining but it doesn’t show then it’s just black and no sound. Oh and sometimes it lags and it doesn’t allow me go to the next person as much as a click to go off the current person I’m chatting with it doesn’t work at all..Version: 7.5

I love this appI love this app it’s just like houseparty and I am very happy that we have this now.Version: 16.112.6

Best game everBest game in the world.Version: 8.3

❤️Really good for meeting new people and making new friends.Version: 8.3

GradeJshsgwg.Version: 16.111.6

Amazing!!This app is really fun. I go on it everyday and meet new people!!.Version: 8.3

Fam app5 stars.Version: 16.104.3

Pretty coolSeems easy to use and has a nice layout.Version: 16.107.3

AppThis app is so cool.Version: 16.104.3

My account got disabledWithin a few minutes of starting the app and trying to figure out how to use it. I got a notice saying due to offense behavior my account has been disabled knowing I haven’t done anything. Yet there are men on there showing their nether regions and it’s a whole bunch of little kids on here.Version: 7.8

Ok okNice.Version: 16.104.3

CoolCool.Version: 16.104.1

Great appIt’s still under work but it’s good.Version: 7.6

Pretty goodIt’s a pretty good app but they still need major bug fixes. They kick people out after it glitches and even when u join with your regular service, WiFi, or WiFi with a vpn it still glitches and kicks you out. I want to be able to actually chat.Version: 16.96.11

ReviewYous are amazing I am getting so much add s.Version: 8.4

Best appI think it’s perfect in quratine u get to know new people and just wow.Version: 7.9

GoodI love it.Version: 16.117.36

OkayWe getting 200 🔥 for dis so.Version: 8.0

My reviewNice app to find friends.Version: 8.4

Moealkrad1The best app ever.Version: 16.110.5

FamI like the app. It’s New and it’s easy to navigate. The one thing I would say is my biggest issue is if your friends with people on Instagram or snap chat. If you sign or put your account name in why doesn’t it just automatically bring up your friends that have Fam. Cause that would make it a lot easier for user..Version: 8.4

Good appI recommend a lot.Version: 7.8

It’s gudIt’s gud.Version: 16.104.1

It’s a good appIts a good app for wen u are not allowed out bc of quarantine.Version: 8.3

Love this appAmazingAdd that you could do so much with. I’ve made so many new friends and always keep making friends which is a lovely experience for me. When this app is finished it is going to be very popular and a lot of people are going to wish that they started using it more often because there are a lot of great conversations with people on here.Version: 8.52

AmazingGreat awesome app that you can meet new people on i love it!.Version: 8.3

IdkeHarddd.Version: 16.104.3

Extremely Awesome!!I love it! The People Reply and actually talk to you! you can also meet new friends and new people from your school. I just found this out from a friend named perla. She’s a good friend but it’s lovely to actually have someone respond. So far she hasn’t added me back because she’s in school rn. I’m doing online so I get off at around 2:30 shes there till 4:30. but, it’s awesome to actually talk and message the team! There awesomely nice too! make sure not to be mean and they will be mean back lol. I was mean cause I thought they would reply but they did and this app is lovely!.Version: 8.16

The fam appI think that this app is good it’s just that you get notifications when you get a feed back from like a 19 year old and like 30 year old man and it’s kinda weird but over all I think that it’s a good app for me so I think you should get it!!.Version: 16.91.17

Good appMade a lot of friends.Version: 8.3

FamI think this app is amazing and i would highly recommendable.Version: 8.3

ReviewReally god connection.Version: 8.2

Try it!!Its nice so far!!!.Version: 16.106.2

UmmmmOkay app.Version: 8.4

My reviewThis is a good app to use.Version: 8.1

HiAcc amazing love it found new friends.Version: 8.3

Fam MadisonThis app helps you get more people on your map and also helps you get more friends to you will grange twice as many as you have tight know quick go to the App Store and download fam trust me you will like it I love it just go downloaded it please and if you do not like it witch I don’t see why you would not like it but if you don’t like it you and delete it so please just trust me and go download this app go to the App Store type in Fam then put in the password and BOOM you will make lots of more friends and your snap will blow up.Version: 16.95.5

55 star.Version: 8.3

ReviewI really like this app.Version: 8.3

I need bonusHello.Version: 16.106.2

DamOne of the best apps on my phone easily.Version: 8.3

FamI want my account back that I had like a few minutes ago because I got banned for no reason all I was doing was twisting my hair and what do y’all really be banning people for some people get banned for no reason I hope y’all are not racist because if so that’s crazy I just want my account back that I just had I didn’t do anything wrong that crazy how y’all be banning people that didn’t do nun that’s messed up.Version: 16.110.5

UmmWell I don’t know if it’s actually good just yet because they basically forced us to give them 5 stars.. just Sayin...Version: 8.3

WowI love this.Version: 16.104.3

Good app 👍Lol.Version: 16.104.3

CoolYup cool.Version: 16.104.3

Niceحلو.Version: 16.104.3

Get this appGet this app you can make so many friends and boost your snap score so high.Version: 16.115.3

I love this appThere amazing and you should definitely get this app they love to get your snap score higher talk and make new friends and have the most fun ever i think this app is the reason i opened up to people and got to know people i made friends and my social anxiety has definitely improved i love this you can get your snap score up while meeting new people it’s life changing I definitely recommend this to you and your family and your friends tell everyone you know it would be a great experience..Version: 16.98.8

CrackingBest so far!.Version: 7.6

NiceGood little app for boredom.Version: 7.6

AmazingSuper friendly.Version: 16.104.3

SuperSuper application facile a utiliser.Version: 16.109.4

What do I think about Fam?Well I honestly think this is a very good app to meet and make new friends because u can really share a lot of things that you have in common wit a large variety of people around the world. And that it’s not just you who has something that you do that other people don’t many people on this app are nice and others are just rude or are just not you know use to people being nice but what I am saying really is that this app Fam if made for people to discover new people..Version: 8.24

Sushiman9So fare it’s alright.Version: 16.117.73

SadYou can only talk to people near you.... and it automatically selects that I want to match with men. I do not. It won’t match w same sex. There’s no options to change the age group. It only searches for people 17-23 even tho I turn 24 this month.... good concept...lots of “but-“. Will use this when they allow true random matches alike Omegle..Version: 8.35

ClassAmazing.Version: 8.3

OkMeh I mean it’s ok.Version: 16.117.43

ReviewPretty good.Version: 16.104.3

LaognabfkfifDaddy came in me.Version: 16.111.6

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