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Share Location: Phone Tracker Positive Reviews

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Share Location: Phone Tracker App User Positive Comments 2022

Share Location: Phone Tracker app received 22 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about share location: phone tracker?

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Share Location: Phone Tracker for Positive User Reviews

Great appApps great for sharing , but isn’t free for sharing over 45 mins.Version: 8.4

The appI love this app and it’s not because u want it keep track of my man cause he’s great he is just really bad at answering the phone or he leaves it in the car or his ringer is off and he works overnights so I can tell he’s is safe and My stressed out personality can relax lol.Version: 10.0

Find my friendsBrilliant because I can track my dad.Version: 10.3

Loss of connectionThis is a great app but why when settings on both phones have been set for indefinite monitoring does the connection drop if one phone need re-charging? Surely once te-charged the connection should be resumed automatically????.Version: 12.0

Keeps reminding me to rateI wish it was more accurate, but that might be a problem with my gps.. cool features and does what it says.Version: 5.1

EVERYONE (mostly)wants to know!After getting permission to splurge on a location sharing sp, I’m going a little crazy signing up interested individuals! So far,thus fine service has my coveted “iWheel of Approval!”.Version: 3.5

The location app is great! :) ❤️❤️😍😍 and AWSOME😊I love the location app bc I see my friends all the time and some of them don’t know where I live so I send them my location and address and it really helps it’s really helpful!! :)❤️❤️😁😁😍😍🥰🥰😚😚😘😘🥳🥳🤪🤪🤩🤩😎😎😍😍🤓😝.Version: 8.3

Love it 😃This is pretty cool love I can see where my daughters at no stressing wondering where she is and I can’t get lost either..Version: 7.5

NiceAwesome.Version: 12.6

Find my familyWe have a towing business and sometimes I need to know location of my husband but don’t want to bother him while he is working. Also sometimes I need to bring him equipment and this saves us time as I can drive right to him to bring him what he needs..Version: 2.7

Locate friendsLocated pretty closely to the mark as long as they don’t shut the app down on their phone. That’s not the apps fault. It is the fault of the other user..Version: 7.1

AppThis my shareable link to find your Freinds way better than your others ones on your mobile phone.Version: 3.1

LegalMuito legal saber onde seus amigos estão, além da família pessoas próximas.Version: 5.0

Love it but u shouldn’t pay extraLove it I can track my kid whenever his phone is off but I think you shouldn’t pay extra for ads and all that crapp 😬.Version: 5.0

Time to track down addresses😈😈😈.Version: 9.8

Find my FriendsExcellent App to find Family and Friends..Version: 1.6

Love this appFirst of all this app is great more people should download it. If you don’t have it then I am sorry for you. Without this app only my friends can link me..Version: 3.1

Mr.Great app for tracking the kiddos. Wish there was an option to erase the tracking history if you wanted. The screen can get very cluttered with lines..Version: 12.3

Amazing appIt’s amazing it’s so cool because you can share your location with mom or dad your friends a lot I just Friendzone mom and dad only people this is an amazing app.Version: 6.8

Fantastic appMonitoring and tracking suspected cheating wife,Technology can be really really beguiling. There are so many apps and what not that promise awesome results if you can just get hold of your spouse’s device. This has always been a huge limitation for me as I’ve always wanted to see everything in my spouse’s device without getting hold of her phone or her finding out. She began acting suspicious and being all secretive and I decided that something drastic had to be done. Thank God, Paul came my way after checking through positive reviews , how he helped a woman catch her cheating husband red handed.I reached him via his mail at Leadtechspy (@) gmailcom and he requested for certain info such as my spouses phone number and phone model. Within hrs I got a notification popped up on my phone it was from Paul . he gave me a spy link which I accessed with my phone web browser there I was able to see all of her texts, call logs, WhatsApp, Snapchat, deleted conversation, social media shared pictures and videos etc as if I got her phone in my palms. It’s really a great opportunity to use the services of leadtechspy (@) gmailcom, if you got similar issues right now I’ll strongly advice you write him for an excellent spying and tracking services. This is the most highly recommended and genuine services that works efficiently than the spy apps..Version: 12.1

Okays ssssssessdeeseOkay.Version: 8.8

ChuffedBrilliant app. Real peace of mind.Version: 9.9

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