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Great appVery well organized and easy to understand for beginners. Have just started using it..Version: 1.1

Love this app!As someone who is new to homeopathy this app makes a wealth of information so easy to obtain! Very informative for someone who is learning everything for the first time!.Version: 1.4

Happy studentThis app is amazing the remedy cards have been very helpful in learning. Thankyou very much!.Version: 1.4

New to HomeopathyI am loving your app. Being new to Homeopathy this makes it so easy and stress free to get the potency and remedy correct. Thank you very much..Version: 1.2

Homeopathy at homeEasy to look up symptoms, basic level/anyone can use it and should own it, and tailor a remedy to suit the scenario best. Descriptions are easy to understand. Would love to see a few extra details in there, overall I enjoyed the app and have rated it based on the tiny exploration I have done so far. I have not yet looked at the other great links within the app. I would be leaning into four stars and very keen to discover more from it. It’s a great idea!.Version: 1.1

ReviewGreat app.Version: 1.4

Excellent homeopathy guideThis is my go-to for any ailment, it is so easy to use and finding the suitable remedy is quick with the subcategories. Thank you for creating this app!.Version: 1.1

Easy to useIt’s a very easy to use app with tons of useful information conveniently located on my phone!.Version: 1.1

GreatVery informative and helpful. Easy to use..Version: 1.4

Wonderful resource!Love this app! It’s loaded with info. Those new to homeopathy can use it with ease and confidence!.Version: 1.1

Exactly what I neededThis app lets you search remedies by symptom and has substantial information to help you pick the right one. Highly recommended..Version: 1.4

Great app for those new to homeopathyThis is a comprehensive app that covers just about any ailment that you can treat yourself. Also the website is a wealth of knowledge and the app is constantly updated with new information. A game changer for me as it helped reduce my pharmaceutical use..Version: 1.4

Great for newbiesThis is such a great app for people new to homeopathy. Easy to find remedy cards. Useful information at your fingertips..Version: 1.1

Convenient and organizedWhat a great supplement to a materia Medica- this is organized and easy to use and I love the access to courses on the app!.Version: 1.4

Love this app!This is a great and comprehensive app. I’m finding it very helpful for looking up symptoms and deciding which remedy to take..Version: 1.4

Great appAn easy to use app. Love it!.Version: 1.0

HelpfulGreat app very helpful..Version: 1.1

Amazing appSo much information at your fingertips! It takes the word of homeopathy (which can be quite confusing to beginners) and simplifies it in a way that you can understand, learn, and grow! Thanks Mary!!!.Version: 1.2

Love this tool!This app is amazing! Quick and easy search to find remedies..Version: 1.4

LoveAbsolutely love homeopathy & this app helps understanding it so much better.Version: 1.2

Good appThis app has lots of good info - I just wish it had a symptom of chest congestion..Version: 1.4

Great appI have already helped my dog with a growth on his eye. I asked for help and right away a homeopath got back with me and I am so impressed with the Facebook group because everyone is so helpful. So excited about this app and the group..Version: 1.2

Great appThis app is great. The section headings, remedy and the symptom listed are clear and descriptive which makes it easier to select a remedy..Version: 1.1

Homeopathy at your finger tipsWonderful friendly homeopathy app - search by remedy or symptoms - user friendly for the beginner and so much useful information for the seasoned homeopathic user - great layout and explanations of remedies. Links to consultation as well as courses. Highly recommended..Version: 1.2

Detailed informationI am very happy with the purchase of this app. I like the simplicity, but would like it more if there was a way to insert symptoms or ailments and see resulting remedies that fit the symptom. It is very nice though, better than others I have tried..Version: 1.4

Homeopathy at HomeAs a mom it is so great to look at the quick reference guides on the remedies. They help me to find a remedy fast! Thank you!!.Version: 1.4

So easyMy littlest just had his adenoids removed and has spiked a fever. Needless to say I needed some remedies fast. This app was recommend by a friend and I can’t believe how fast it was to find the the recommended remedies. Thank you so very much!.Version: 1.4

Great informationThis app is great if your new to homeopathy and need guidance. Can’t wait to learn more..Version: 1.4

Loving the app so far! How handy!So glad I found this app! It is so handy! Can’t wait to explore all of it!.Version: 1.4

Great book! Really simple.Great book! Really simple! Homeopathy takes years to study and I don’t have the time or inclination- but trips to your homeopath for simple things, blocked sinus for instance - it saves a lot of money and prevents discomfort..Version: 1.4

Good to KnowThe information you can find in this app will explain homeopathy in terms that everyone can understand. The layout makes it easy to search by symptoms or remedies. Newbie or experienced, this app can be used by everyone..Version: 1.4

Great appEasy to use with lots of info.Version: 1.1

InformativeVery educational and informative.Version: 1.1

Excellent resource for beginnersThis app accompanies the teachings and social media resources of Mary’s homeopathy. The app makes it easy to quickly browse remedies and learn more about them. It’s a must have for beginners to homeopathy..Version: 1.1

Makes homeopathy easy to learnGreat app , easy to use , used it many times for different symptoms.Version: 1.4

Debbie HershThe app has been wonderful as it makes available to many who are searching for answers a place to come. Mary is so knowledgeable and generous with her time. Thank you Mary!!!!!.Version: 1.2

Love this appIt’s the main homeopathic app for my use.Version: 1.4

Amazing !It’s great that everything is categorized and easy to use . Love the fact that dosages are in the app as well. The explanations are great ..Version: 1.1

Very comprehensiveI love how comprehensive this app is! I’m always searching the internet for homeopathic remedies and now I have a ton of information all in one place. The information is well organized and easy to find..Version: 1.1

Wonderful resource!I have been using homeopathy for years with my family and often reference multiple resources for guidance. This app is a wonderful quick resource to help when you need it. I am very happy to have found this!.Version: 1.4

Fantastic resourceThis app gives you access to an experienced homeopath’s knowledge and guidance for a plethora of situations and symptoms. I love having it as a first line reference! I’m amazed at what all Mary was able to include in the app!.Version: 1.4

ExcellentAn easy to use app regarding homeopathy. If you need more help you can get it 24/7.Version: 1.4

Finally!Easy to use and good, simple descriptions..Version: 1.4

Excellent and comprehensive guide for home use...The information is precise, relative and most comprehensive (from a sea of Materia Medica) for the best and quick application and usage by a layman / mum ... the remedies work for acute and daily issues very well....Version: 1.4

Awesome AppThis is a great app for for the beginner homeopath and student. It has tabs for symptoms, remedies, learning, Mary’s courses, finding a homeopath, etc. A really nice tool to have on your device! Thanks Mary!.Version: 1.2

Great AppFound this a great help. Thank you.Version: 1.4

Great App for beginnersI am just starting to learn about homeopathy and this app is so useful! There are many remedies to choose from and this helps narrow down my choices. So happy to have found it..Version: 1.4

Great!Really enjoying the plethora of knowledge..Version: 1.1

Great handy app!I’m new to Homeopathy so this app is coming in handy as I learn to navigate symptoms without having to consult a book. Bugs with kids can come about so quickly so I love that I can have this at the tip of my fingers for those nighttime ailments and I can quickly learn what to grab and easily know what to administer! Looking forward to learning more with this app!.Version: 1.4

Newapp-reviewThis app is easy to use and convenient when you don’t have any books on hand at the moment to refer to..Version: 1.1

Great resource!This app makes finding the right remedy easy even for beginners. It covers most common ailments, along with the common remedies. You can also check the remedy profile to confirm that it’s the right remedy. Very easy to use and understand. Highly recommend..Version: 1.4

Great infoReally helpful to have on the go. Always find the information I’m after!.Version: 1.4

Great and easy to useVery useful app, so easy to find remedy or a symptom!.Version: 1.2

Love this app!This App is so helpful and easy to use. So thankful I came across this!.Version: 1.1

App is amazing!I’m new to homeopathic medicine and trying to figure how what and how to administer to my toddler. This app has been a lifesaver for us and has made me feel more comfortable knowing what he needs depending on how he’s feeling. Would highly recommend!!.Version: 1.4

Love this appVery helpful in learning and maintaining knowledge on herbs, doses and breaking down symptoms to identify the right problems. Thank you..Version: 1.2

Great infoI love this app! It has taught me so much as a newbie. I can’t wait to learn more..Version: 1.4

Looks like a great app to help the beginner.The intro page is scrolled too far to the left when viewing on my iPhone - the other pages seemed fine..Version: 1.1

Excited there is an App!Been on this homeopathic journey for about 1 year now, constantly looking for more information. Super excited to have it easily accessible on my phone! Such a budget friendly learning option-want to buy some Books but they are all pretty expensive- this will get me started..Version: 1.4

Great AppThis is one of the best homeopathy apps - so easy to find the remedies for specific symptoms..Version: 1.1

LifesaverThis is such a wonderful resource to have at my fingertips. Quick. easy to use. And organized so nicely! Must have!.Version: 1.4

Great appThank you for making this app. It is helpful and descriptive..Version: 1.4

Great for a newbie!I am just learning about homeopathy and this app has been a great help as I learn what each remedy is for and how to help my family in acute situations!.Version: 1.2

Happy momThis app is great makes me more confident to be able to treat my little kids with whatever may come our way this cold season. I love how concise it is which makes it so much easier to understand and narrow the right remedy down to a T. Thank you for creating a wonderful app that is quick at my disposal and making me a more equipped to get to the right remedy..Version: 1.1

Mary is amazingWe work with Mary for both my children. She not only is patient with learning the circumstances, she’s so well versed in the study of homeopathy. Homeopathy is an amazing safe tool and I feel extremely comfortable treating all my children with it..Version: 1.1

I love homeopathy. Doctors and prescriptions are great too!I just downloaded the app and already it's helped me assist my sister in choosing the right remedy for her son and it's helped me find a homeopathy resource for labor in childbirth! I’m so glad to have this resource so I can help my kids! A few months ago I started using two remedies to help with my depression and anger. It’s been amazing!.Version: 1.4

This is a fantastic appI love that the information is available at my fingertips! A valuable tool for everyone who uses homeopathy for total health!.Version: 1.1

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