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App does has some bugs, but works wellThis app is really good. It shows discord on a Apple Watch. The reaction time is good, speaking and typing. It works really well. Suggestion: To have red dots to be able to see who has messaged you and whos pinged you in different servers. Bug: When you are on Personal Dms, it shows someone else’s name at the top from the person on the actual message..Version: 9.5

Pretty goodWorks pretty well overall please just add voice calls.Version: 9.9

Really good and something about voice chatThis app works just like discord. You can see images, scroll back in messages, send messages, and go through servers. The voice chat doesn’t work yet, but judging on their update schedule, voice chat might be available in a few weeks or less. Really good app, basically discord on your watch..Version: 9.9

Good app Despite’s load timeLoad times can be high if your in a lot of servers or have a lot of dms.Version: 9.9

App Works Well!I was skeptical to try this app, given the number of negative reviews. But without an alternative, I decided to splurge and give it a try! So far it has worked well! I can see my servers, DMs, and all the messages in my servers. Responding works well; messages send quickly. 2FA works with QR! Some things like reactions would be nice to have, but I can live without. But from what I saw in the app description, these features are in development! Thank you for building this great app, and also for not collecting any data from it!.Version: 9.5

Best app ever!It lets you do EVERYTHING with a really nice user interface it even supports flick type and QR code login, also the support team is the best and responds quickly and are very kind! Pay the money to buy this it’s the most efficient way to put discord on an Apple watch.Version: 9.5

Thank you for developing!Really appreciate you making this app! There’s some improvements I would make but overall I’m really glad you made this app otherwise I wouldn’t be able to communicate in servers on my watch. Changes I would make: Is there anyway you can make make push notifications? I only get them from the actual discord app which I can’t respond in. Also, if there’s a way to show where new conversations have been posted like in actual discord (where the channel is a brighter white then the rest) that would be great! Keep up the good work and thank you for doing this! Otherwise I wouldn’t have a discord on my watch!.Version: 8.0

Great app in about a month.The developers are constantly working on it and I’m happy to say that even with the steep price tag it’s incredibly convenient to be able to be able to view Discord simply from your wrist. Long term I’d love to see VC be possible, but more than that I’d like gifs and other files to be viewable, and server folders would be fantastic..Version: 9.5

Couldn’t LoginI opened the app, logged in, disappointed to see an error message. I did all of the steps, still nothing. I will not give a 1 star rating because I am sure it works fine..Version: 7.0

Discord for Apple WatchBest app ever if you don’t feel like using your phone, but rather your watch to use discord. Definitely one optimization is needed, then it’ll be buttery smooth! Other than that this app is awesome and I cannot wait to be able to use it to join voice channels soon across discord servers. Highly recommended!.Version: 9.9

It’s better, but...It’s still crashing a fair bit on my watch. It’s certainly faster and much more legible now but the crashing is still there. You’re doing a very good job and it’s coming along well..Version: 7.0

A little buggy, but it’s getting there!It’s an awesome idea, with an even better community surrounding it. It has some bugs, but they are working hard to fix it..Version: 9.3

Very nice!Smart little app. Happy to pay even though 2FA isn’t supported yet. Hopefully this is completed quite soon. Keep up the good work..Version: 9.7.2

GreatSo amazing how I can send messages with my watch. And the flick type support just makes it so much easier. Couldn’t be more happier with the update.Version: 9.9.1

The best discord app for WatchNever seen better! I can chat and do almost everything on here! Would rate 10/5 but I can’t..Version: 9.9

I recommend itYou can send messages with this app on discord and view many things and send messages. If you use discord and have an Apple Watch you should get it. You can’t use the voice channels tough. Good app for discord users. I wondered about getting this because it had a rating of 1.5 but it’s a good app..Version: 7.0

Love itI honestly love this app. It’s convenient especially while I’m working and can’t pull out my phone. I’ve had no crashes or any of the bugs the bad reviews have mentioned and even if I did the dev responds quickly in their discord..Version: 9.5

Just what you needThe app does all that it is supposed to do. The updates have made it a lot more stable and reliable. It does take a little while to load servers/dms but they do work. This app is an efficient way to respond and view discord messages..Version: 4.5

It’s getting betterBefore the helpful updates the app was unstable, prone to crashing. Now crashing has been getting rarer and I hope that more features get added..Version: 9.8

Perfect for Apple WatchI downloaded minidiscord for my Apple Watch, and I love it. For Christmas, it was $2.99 instead of $3.99 which may not seem like a lot, but still that was pretty cool. I was surprised how small it is, how tiny the community is—it really is a very cool and useful app. I noticed a lot of people mentioned bugs and crashing, but so far it runs very smoothly. 10/10.Version: 9.3

Good app but amazing devMini discord has some serious potential to be amazing but at the moment it lacks features like voice chats that will be added later on. The dev is what really sold me on the app. He's constantly active on the discord server and communicates everything that is happening with mini discord..Version: 9.3

DiscordHey lovely app, I actually know Brad quite well from ur photos haha. I just bought the app but somehow can’t figure out how to download it on my Apple Watch.Version: 5.1

Omg this app is awesomeI am not allowed my phone during the week so having this app is amazing, soo far I have only encountered one issue, some things can be quite slow during the setup process. I am amazed I can look at all discord conversations and message back, it is quite fast but there are some things that can be slow to do, apart from that I highly recommend getting this app. I am not a bot and I have not been asked to review I did this review to help others.Version: 9.9

This is app is great!MiniDiscord is a perfect way to talk to people on your watch, definitely recommend it!.Version: 9.3

Definitely the best Disc app out there right nowGive credit where credit is due. This app isn’t perfect, but so far, no real issues of any kind. I am awaiting voice chat functionality but it is quite reliable as it stands..Version: 9.9.59

Works wellI posted a review a minute ago complaining about not being able to log in and demanding a refund, then realized it was cause I hadn’t updated the app and that’s my fault for not paying attention. The app works well, and I enjoy it..Version: 8.0

Useful App, but Keeps Crashing randomly...I love this app, it’s ver handy; however, it keeps crashing randomly, making it almost impossible to send messages at times. Also, an edit feature for text and rich text formatting support would be nice additions..Version: 7.0

Works perfectlyI saw the other review and just thought this works perfectly fine and as expected.Version: 4.8

GoodThe app is good for a Apple Watch app. It’s easy to send messages but just a bit slow. Maybe it’d because I’m on a series 3. The only problem is sometimes it just crashes and when I go to big severs, it just crashes as well. Plus when I go on a Text channel in a big server, it just automatically go to a random one. Plus is there notifications? Overall very good app..Version: 6.1

One urgent suggestion please read!This app is borderline perfection. I mean everything for the server ui to the dm section is great. Other than being able to show gifs and videos there is nothing else I could ask for except one thing. Add a complication to the watch face that can bring you not just into the app, but into your most recent or favorite server. So I don’t have to go app>server>channels>text channel every time. This would be so great. Love this app though!.Version: 9.9.56

Developer!!!For starters this app is OK, the crashing bugs were fixed but every so often the servers glitch out and are just blank. The app also freezes a lot but is overall more stable. What is definitely bad is that you can access all the channels in a server including staff and private channels that you should not have access to. Please remove this feature as it is considered an invasion of privacy. Thank you! Edit: Thanks for info 5 stars now.Version: 9.3

Buggy, but shows promiseThe im recipient title is almost never correct, yet the chat is, and I wish you could choose to load less messages for faster response time. Other than those complaints, this does what it is is supposed to. Would love to see where this goes in the future. Worth it..Version: 9.9.59

Great app, has some bugs.The app works great, the sign-in process was a little hard since I had to sign in using the watch, not my phone. The loading times were quite long (although that could just be because I’m using a Series 2) and when I open the Messages section the app crashes. Overall good app..Version: 5.1

Stop one staring itThis person is working hard and I don’t see anybody else making a discord for Apple Watch, it has amazing potential and for the bugs and stuff he/she is actually responding to the community and is fixing them just join the discord and have a little patience..Version: 9.5

Does just what I want it to do!I was skeptical of this app at first because it only had 2.4 stars, but lone behold it works perfectly. The main reason I wanted this was to text with friends, and I can. I was able to respond and see group messages and DM’s. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to use discord on their wrist!.Version: 9.3

Overall a really good app with a few small bugs here and thereA few small problems to work out but overall good. I would like to have VC support someday..Version: 6.1

Not very goodI logged in and it did not show my servers or my messages..Version: 7.0

Server IssuesI’m having some issues with servers. I tap on a channel and it brings me to the incorrect channel. I would really want this fixed, Thanks..Version: 6.1

This is an amazing app idc what y’all sayThis app is great, I haven’t had any issues with it so far and it works wonders. Servers show nicely with even the server picture next to the name, and messages are sent without delay. The only thing I’ve noticed was that it takes some time to load the messages in a server when you first open the channel but that’s not an issue at all to me. I’m excited to see the future updates involving voice chat with this app. Thank you developers :).Version: 9.9

Works mostly wellIt works mostly well but has a couple problems. When choosing what channel to go to in a server the one you tap on doesn’t come up but one way above it and when using FlickType keyboard you can’t erase anything the back button doesn’t register.Version: 6.1

Some fixes u can doCan we please be able to message people that are offline, and when someone messages you, it pops up on the Contacts page up top..Version: 9.5

Awesome App!I love this app, it always works. The only issue is the rate limiting, but the owner said they would fix that! I recommend getting this app, it works, and the money is worth it..Version: 9.8

Get the job done.The app is very sketchy but very convenient. Can check and reply to all my servers. Voice channel, text channels, an more. Needs more polishing and bug fixes. App crashes 2/3 times before actually working. Overall great job. Keep pushing updates and bug fixes. enrich the UI, delete button does not work, when typing..Version: 3.0

Latest fixes improve Watch app!My main use case for this app are DMs on my Apple Watch. While it’s missing voice chat features, this isn’t a dealbreaker for me. REVIEW UPDATE 9.5 Since the last version a week ago, the developer has fixed quite a number of issues! Consider me impressed, and thank you for resolving the main pain points! They’ve resolved the following: - Numerous crashes - Added the loading spinner - Caching the contacts and servers - Missing contacts seem to be there now, but you need to go to the settings screen and increase the DM contact load count - Added notifications Only suggestions I would make: - Load the DM contacts in order of most recent message - When scrolling down the contacts, instead of loading the fixed amount, page them in 20/30 at a time - Cache the last 30 messages, happy to page those in as I scroll up too - Need a way to “refresh” the QR code for login instead of closing the app, Discord sometimes doesn’t recognise the code I’ll keep revising this review as updates are released, but as it stands, if you’re using just the messaging features and can accept a few UX issues, this should be good enough..Version: 9.5

AmazingWorks great with my Apple Watch SE, could be a bit faster though. (Edit) Faster Now Amazing.Version: 9.7.1

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