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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls App User Positive Comments 2022

Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls app received 105 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about talkatone: wifi text & calls?

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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls for Positive User Reviews

It's great and all butThis is a overall great app. I can call and text anyone as long as I got connection. BUT -since there's always a but- it's kinda slow. It could be my phone tho but, to be honest, that's not my main concern. The reason I came here is that I want to be able to call people on no caller ID. Just like if I were to put in *67 before the call and my number suddenly can't be seen. When I try this, it doesn't even ring. I want this to be an option. Yes I could burn my number but at the same time, I only got one burn. Unless I pay for more. And I'm not on this app because I got money. This is an overall amazing app but like I said, there is almost always a but. That's just all I gotta say.Version: 5.9.4

Great voice applicationThis works great! Sound quality is better than all other similar apps, you can also send your location to chat buddies. It uses less resources than skype and works better over 3G.Version: 0

SuggestionDear Talkatone Dev team. I love your app. You’ve been my top choice for 2nd line voice over WiFi/ IP/ LTE/ and 5G in the future for a long time. I’ve been using your service since the early google voice days. You guys have made so many improvements over the years and I’m sure myself and other long term users appreciate the hard work you do. I have some suggestions that I’m sure a lot of users would appreciate. I sincerely hope this doesn’t come off as negative feedback but if you could guys please update your UI to be slightly cleaner, add the function to send video as you do messages. Honestly, it would be a game-changing upgrade for the service. Talkatone would be headed toward being on par with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and the likes. I could easily see apple putting you as a staff favorite for the upgraded functionality. I think this would increase the numb could easily see apple putting you as a staff favorite for the upgraded functionality. I think this would increase the number of users which would ultimately aid in your advertising revenue..Version: 6.3.2

MrEver wanted free phone calls forever get everyone to download this app share location etc......and call. It's that simple It's tha awesome I don't even have a SIM card in my iPad2 but talkotone previously google talk+ You'll find them on the App Store type in google slide along to you find the jewel of the I........Pad that it . It is a jewel app tho..Version: 1.5.4

Please updateI want you guys to update the app so you can ask Siri to call but by the it’s amazing.Version: 6.2.8

Use to be my favorite Wi-Fi telephone appWhen it worked it was THE BEST! Since an 'update' somewhere earlier, AFTER it was working GREAT with my REALLY OLD iPad-3, I can no longer use the app on the same iPad-3 because I can't update the iPad to version 12. Unlike a lot of app developers that allow for you to be able to download an earlier version that worked, when I try to download through my purchased apps page, all I see is that [email protected] info regarding needing to upgrade my device! I have been trying to contact the company regarding this for about a year now, and I'm getting nowhere. As a result of the above, all I can do is caution people from even thinking about using this companies' apps. It is my opinion that they do not care about the customers' needs, but rather only the revenue that their apps can generate for their coffers. In other words THEY don't give a crap about the customer. End of story..Version: 6.4.2

Impressive and very useful applicationThis is the only application support gmail call phone feature. Really good voice and work same as from desktop computer..Version: 0

FERA best Facebook chat appIt feels like you are not on Facebook but chatting with friends. Nice app, you really stay updated with you Facebook message and email. Best app so far for facebook, no crashing like other chatting apps. Thanx.Version: 1.3.1

Talkatone is the best!!!You can text and call just like an iPhone on your iPod touch!! Only using google voice. Get it! Don't get Fring or text me or any other calling apps! Just buy TALKATONE! It's FREE!!!!!.Version: 2.0.1

CoolAwesome. A must have for all gmail account users.also allows free calls to USA n Canada..Version: 0.9.3

Work troubleHow to makeit work.Version: 6.3.9

It works!!!I'm in the UK and it works perfectly, both with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Some comments said it only works in the US and Canada. They have a point because Apple did not accept the contract with Google to launch Google Voice in App Stores outside of the US and Canada. But I can make calls with this app now (although the official Google Voice is not yet released on the UK App Store - I don't know about other App Stores)..Version: 1.3.5

Une application exceptionnelleIl n’y a rien de plus pratique que Talkatone. C’est efficace et indispensable. J’adore Talkatone!.Version: 6.4.5

AWSOME!!I am thankful to come to know this and starting to use it! The sound So clear! So easy!!.Version: 6.4.9

AmazingI really love this app. I first got it just because my account on discord logged me out and had the “Something’s going on problem”. That was the only reason I downloaded it, but now I have so much reasons why it’s good! This deserves a 5 star rating from everyone!.Version: 6.4.4

KiwiHonestly hands down the best international calling app to use by far my go to, Thank you so very much keep up with the good work I appreciate it ✨💯🙏🏽❤️.Version: 6.2.6

I love this app : Best of the BestSince the early days of pc2 phone back in 1999 I've been using VoIP systems without a doubt this is the clearest and most reliable I've ever used..Version: 5.5.2

Excellent App - Free USA calls from the UKWorks as expected. Purchased no ads merely because I felt as if I owed them something, as it’s free! They give you a free US number that can be changed anytime also. Calls to US numbers - Free Calls to other numbers - Use Credits (1p per min) Worldwide inbound calls - Free Only modification I’d make to the app is the ability to message whilst using the phone, but no issue!.Version: 6.4.10

Talkatone is connecting, please try again in a few secondsHave been using talkatone for many years. Last couple of months have been nothing but problems. Text messages still work, but that’s not why I use talkatone. Please fix and I will update this review when all is well again The fix suggested does not work. Uninstalling and reinstalling still comes up with the same error message. Was good while it lasted This update has brought back the Talkatone I am used to knowing, the one that works. Updated review to 5 stars. Thanks for the fix!!.Version: 6.3.12

Very Good AppI discovered this app a couple years ago and it was excellent. However at late there is too many adverts and these adverts stop and block your calls and your texting ability. Very irritating as if the company is forcing you to buy the advert free premium talk-a-tone. This is not fair at all. I also have credits from previous app before the upgrade so if they wanted to take the credit to remove the adverts I'm at the point where I would do that as the adverts put me off from using the app sad to say..Version: 5.5.6

Phones calls sometimes cut off at 3 minsBut not always, how can i fix this ?.Version: 6.3.9

LoveLove it.Version: 3.0.3

AwesomeThis is great for people that have iPods or iPads to share things through out the country!.Version: 2.1.2

Works brillLuckily I set up my google voice account while in the USA so it works here in the UK. I can receive calls to my google voice number and make free calls to the USA, works brilliantly.Version:

Not workingSince the update I haven’t been getting incoming calls ????.Version: 6.4.4

Great!I have been looking for a gtalk app since I got my iphone. This one is the best I have found. Its easy to use and you can stay logged in and receive messages whilst accessing other apps on your phone etc. Would recommend this :).Version: 0.9.3

The simplest and easiest wifi calling!No free trial scam or paywall. Just works right off the back and is reliable!.Version: 6.4.9

Fantastic app, credit to the developersThis app has been brilliant, very reliable and nice interface. I use it for work calls to the US from Canada all the time now. Great job..Version: 1.4.2

Excellent 100% FREE calling & textingThere are reviews on here that claim things like “it takes forever to send messages” or, “calls don’t work” or, “app takes forever to load” BUT, I personally have used this app and tried others that CLAIM to be free but then want to charge after the “free credits” are used - I have had occasional issues with the app “freezing” and sometimes the sound quality on calls could be better but, after restarting it, it works flawlessly and reliably and, it really IS 100% FREE ! Ok, so there are ads ... it’s a FREE calling & messaging app and, if the tiny, unobtrusive ads at the top or bottom of the window bother you, then pay to have them removed because NO app is going to give 100% truly free calling and messaging without ads. I only ding Talkatone one star for the occasional hiccups that I already mentioned but, overall it is a very good app that I use every day. Thanks and keep up the good work !.Version: 5.8.9

Giving it four stars because of the quality.Overall, this app is pretty cool. You can make unlimited calls in the US and Canada. Most apps would make you buy credits for all calls. Since I have no use for the international calling subscriptions for credit I don’t need to buy them. But the reason my review is 4 stars is the quality. I keep hearing static and some weird long beep and sometimes the caller on the other end sounds like they have helium in their voice. If you could improve the quality of calling, I would give it five stars. And also when I am receiving an incoming call and the app is not open, I click on the notification that I receive and it doesn’t answer the call. I have to call the other person back. Improve the quality and fix the incoming call issue and it’s five stars..Version: 6.1.2

AwesomeMust have app if you want to be in contact touch with someone..Version: 1.4.3

Talkatone reviewBest app ever. I’ve gone through multiple phones and numbers, but have always been able to keep this one. Also, if you lose your phone you can download this app on somebody else’s and get your contacts and text history. Doing that though can sometimes add the contacts that you have on Talkatone to their contact book on their phone, so be careful about that. One other issue is sometimes incoming calls won’t ring, but you’ll usually get notified that you just missed a call, and can just call them back right away. Lastly, I personally have never paid a cent for this app and I’ve been using it for 6 or 7 years..Version: 6.4.5

TalkaphoneIt works as long as there is Internet connection, save me a long of money to ring home while we are on the road around Australia..Version: 2.1

Update for IOS 5Awsome google voice app. but it needs to be updated as notifications arent working on IOS5.Version: 1.2.1

Great AppGreat app for any Gtalk users. It would be better to improve the video calling facility..Version: 1.4.1

Need to be able toNeed to be able to change the texting colour but great and the phone bit should be for all people. But otherwise it is good..Version: 2.2.3

AmazingAwfully helpfull and easy it has saved me !.Version: 6.4.4

Awesome appsI really love this apps with google voice connection. Must have apps A+++.Version: 0.9.6

Just what I wantedGreat app for quick chat ... never tried calls..still does the job for me ...go for it 10 out of 10.Version: 1.2

ExcellentExactly what I was looking for, using this app through googles free USA / Canada calling I can call any number free from my phone and pay nothing. Thank you!.Version: 0.9.3

Searching in SMSPlease add searching to messaging..Version: 5.6.5

App doesn’t ring since the updateApp isn’t working since the update the calls don’t come through it’s getting frustrating plz fix this.Version: 6.4.1

Great app - I’ve been using w/same # for yearsEveryone knows my Talkatone number as a good and dependable second/backup way to reach me. I recently lost my cell phone while out walking and because of COVID-19 lockdown needed to order a new one online. Having Talkatone on my iPad, I quickly shot out a text message letting everyone know to call or text me on my Talkatone number until I could receive my replacement cell phone three days later... it was the first time I had to rely on Talkatone as my main contact number and the app worked flawlessly! Thank you Talkatone, you allowed me to keep in contact easily with everyone in my life during this crazy pandemic. Sincerely, Lynne B..Version: 6.3.8

Absolutely brilliantUsing this app for many years. No app comes close to this. Thank you talk tone.Version: 6.3.15

Does the jobTalkatone is a great option for a second line. I've used the free version for about a year and have gone through a couple of phone numbers without any issues. I've been able to talk (within USA), text and send pictures with no issues and all for free. I only use talkatone for selling stuff online and other occasional social events. As long, as the former owner of the phone number didn't post that number online or they owe money to creditors, the talkatone number doesn't get bot or phishing calls. That can happen with any number. I'm just having a little trouble finding the voicemail messages. I forgot where to retrieve the voicemails. Keep up the good work. Update: voice mail appeared again after reinitiated the app. I didn't reinstall but I enabled background refresh and it did the job..Version: 6.2.8

Better call quality than SkypeThis is brilliant!! I am sick of the call drops with Skype and Viber. My fiancé lives in the USA & I am in Australia, never had a dropped call or poor quality call yet!! There is an ad banner that sits on the screen but who cares, it's free!! I'd give ten stars if I could!.Version: 1.0

CallsIT good but call sound not please fix..Version: 1.0.4

SolidI use WIFI in one location a lot and I don't chat or talk when outside. Although, free app do not give up your SIM or SMS. I can not say how well it works when using SMS or SIMS from the major cell phone services outside. TALKATONE is perfect in home when everyone wants to use the land line phone. I can talk for a long time on my smartphone using WIFI & Talkatone. can make calls, rec’v calls for free. They have a reminder system that warns you to make a call before the assigned phone number is loss. In other words you must make a call every 30 days ,if not the account is closed. It happened once, then ,they offered another phone number and I have had it for years. I am going to try the low monthly service that guaranties never losing my number, + voice mail..Version: 6.3.3

TalkatoneHello, I downloaded this app on my iPad to see if I like it and what I think of it, I really liked it and I think it's really good, Its a bit like Facebook but a little bit different, I told some of my friends to download it and try it out, They told me the next day that they really like it and they will keep it, Some of my friend and I really like they app and we will keep it, Thanks for inventing this awesome app, Thanks again.Version: 1.3.2

Simple and cheapBrilliant system, simple and cheap. Ideal..Version: 6.3.9

DecentThis app does everything that a normal Smartphone would, but I only have one problem with it. The problem is that in order to receive calls, you have to have the app open in the background, and calls appear in a notification at the top of the screen, making it so that if you are in another app, you have to quit whatever you were doing, and rush to the app to answer the call. I recall missing a call at least once, and today my Mom called me, and sense I swiped away all my apps, and couldn’t answer the call. She had to call a different number, and let me know that it didn’t work. That really frustrates me, but other than that, the app works just fine. PLEASE fix this problem, and other apps like Skype or FaceTime just interrupt what your doing, which in my option I like a LOT better than missing the call every time..Version: 5.8.4

Talkatone 😎Hi can you please fix just might be me but when i press send email then i go to my email (on my ipod) it doesnt work and my inbox is empty plzzzzz help?.Version: 3.6

Extremely poor customer serviceThe concept is wonderful. The ability to enable incarcerated loved ones to maintain family contact is extraordinarily positive. The consultants can be incredibly rude and even vindictive if they don’t like you. I have had the most absurd problems trying to reload credit onto my account, despite having had the same number for over 7months! I have been wondering if global tel link prefer to employ extremely rude, inconsiderate and poorly trained employees as opposed to providing a good service to people who are prepared to spend considerable sums of money reloading phone credit! Get it together GTL and sack poor workers! It won’t bother me to go back to letter writing if your employees continue to provide such a poor service!.Version: 6.3.2

This app is awesome!This is a great app. I can make calls on my iPad for free! As long as I have an Internet connection, I'm good to go. Great app! It imports your contacts from your contact list on your phone or iPad so you don't have to copy and past numbers. It lets you text anyone without using your SMS on your phone plan. It even works in another country if your on a trip out of the us. As long as your connected to the net, you can make calls, send texts, and check your voicemail! Absolutely amazing!.Version: 2.0.1

Good stuffEasy to use..Version: 6.4.8

Great appSimple, easy to use. Great reception, even over 3G!.Version: 3.0.3

I have made Talkatone my primary number.I give my review after a couple of years of using Talkatone. Overall it’s been great. I can use it with talk, text, pictures, emoji, gifs. Everything associated with phone use. No hesitation no echo. The only downfall I’ve came across is lost connection. This can be a issue when trying to place a call in time sensitive matter. Although most times it will reconnect quicker when closing and reopening app. Biggest downfall NO EMERGENCY CALLS for first response. Leaving me to still carry my cell phone. Oh did I mention, I have an iPad Pro. I carry it with me everywhere also. Would love to only have one device to keep up with. Thanks for your services they are well appreciated..Version: 6.3.6

Goodbye Ipod touch hello iPhoneUsing with IPod touch 4g; when in wifi zones. Will save u $100s on phone bills. I use my IPod touch in conjunction with google talk&chat as my primary phone. Only for the cool kids..Version: 1.2.3

TalkatoneI found this app, FANTASTIC :).Version: 1.0.3

AMAZING!!!OMG THANK YOU!!! I just verified my youtube account with your amazing app! I give this a four because its pretty good!.Version: 3.9.2

Perfect for Scambaiting!Went scambaiting with this app and it works a treat!.Version: 6.2.8

I never write reviews for apps...buuuutI never write reviews for apps, but this app is wonderful. It does drain the battery a bit; but the reason it does that is because it’s constantly running in the background. I need an app that acts like a genuine phone. That means anyone can call me...anytime! The other apps shut down entirely after a period of time. That means missed calls, missed texts and well.. just not what I’m looking for. This app also sends full photos (MMS) texts and does not attach the application logo or link. The recipient receives typical messages without advertisements! Other apps don’t even let the recipient open photos unless they download their texting app! This one works like a regular cellular service, which no others seem to. Love it!.Version: 5.9.6

Great....thing👍🏻I love this game and it is enthusiastic for everyone .so I'm sure you love it 😍.Version: 5.6.5

SupebTalkatone is amazing to use as it saves me lots of money. Hope it remains free forever as if only then we can enjoy using it but if it gets paid then will be worth no more...;).Version: 1.5.4

Nice app to stay always online!Keep u always logged into gtalk but voice chat could be little better.Version: 1.3.3

GoodReally useful app. Adds are annoying, but thats my only complaint..Version: 1.4.2

Best app everMe and my friends don’t use it for its purpose but to prank call places. See we don’t live in America so we can just call places up there and it’s brilliant.Version: 6.2.6

Nice one !Easy to use! Good voice quality.Version: 1.0

One of the best apps in the marketThis app works perfect, for those of you who are complaining about this app, you need to read the instructions carefully. Having gmail account alone is not enough, you need to log into your account click the email sent by the talkatone follow instruction, accept terms and conditions and come back to the app to make calls. I live in the UK and make calls to US for free and no obligations..Version: 1.3.5

I'm not jokingYou may see that there is lots of bad reviews but this app is really good because it's like a real phone yes you need to top up your credit but isn't that what you need to do with real phones also you can call everyone on there phone and msm people that you can't on iMessages but first you will need a google account to start it up! Get it really good.Version: 3.0.3

Excellent!Great software. Allows me to be online...always!.Version: 1.3.1

Help me please!Talkatone logged me off and won't log me in. Says it needs an update but it's been all updated. Why won't it log me in? I use Talkatone everyday and I need it....Version: 6.1.3

WORKS WELL ESPECIALLY FOR FREEMy son found this app for my granddaughter who is 7 so she is able to use her “new cell phone.” It’s actually an older phone that my son gave to her to use with select people and there is no charge like you would have if you needed to activate and buy minutes or a phone calling card. He pre-programmed the numbers she is allowed to call and now that her and I and a few of her friends from school and in another state that they used to live in can have phone conversations for as long as we want as often as we want we are all happy. I found the app very easy to use and have not had any issue thus far. Neither has my granddaughter. It also works on my tablet so that we can text if wanted but she is only starting to write sentences and its just easier for her to talk. She does get a kick out of this as do I. Thank you for keeping it free..Version: 5.9.2

Hands down the BEST VOIP app Great value, great serviceMy mobile phone stopped working and I needed a texting solution. After reviewing and trying several options, I couldn’t find an app that was free unless you were contacting someone else who was also a subscriber to the same app. Then I stumbled across Talkatone! The free version allows you to dial and speak to anyone on any number whether the subscribe to Talkatone or not. I loved it so much I upgraded it! Now for only $1.99 + $3.99 per month I have no ads (which were not intrusive at all anyway) for the $1.99 and a stable number, voice mail transcription, call forwarding and other great features. That’s less than $6.00 per month for a full-featured VOIP service with crystal clear calls, MMS texting, address book, unlimited domestic calling, voice mail and customizable options like ringtones etc. I just cannot stop being impressed. Even with the free version you get unlimited domestic calls and MMS. It puts Skype and so many other apps to shame. Download it and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed..Version: 6.3.16

Ticked all the boxes of what I neededThis app was recommended by a friend after I complain being frustrated having used 10 diff apps that either lied about their services. I was skeptical initially but after 2 month plus now I can say this is the best. No issues at all and will recommend it..Version: 6.3.4

ReviewTalkatone call is excellent with no noise interference or any kind of disruption..Version: 6.3.11

I think it’s a bug but...?The app does its job very well, I’ve usually been able to call and text with little effort. However, the last few days I haven’t been able to access my contacts or my text messages (it shows the previous text, but not the name of the contact/their number) I presume this is a simple glitch that they’ll fix quickly, since with that exclusion, it’s a very good app. It has ads, but they aren’t really annoying or excessive, which I like. But yeah, just want to rate an app for once and will definitely change it too 5 stars whenever the glitch is fixed (or whenever it stops affecting me who knows lol).Version: 6.3.2

It's okIt's not bad but not the best I would still recommend it but I'm sure there r better apps then this but try it anyway.Version: 3.9.2

How do u call?How do pick up and call from facebook using an iPod? The msges works.Version: 1.0.4

Mr PhillipsSatisfactory.Version: 6.3.2

Very good so far...I use 4 separate apps from the app store to ensure I will get my calls and SMS texts; I am one of the few remaining people who doesn't have a real cellphone and cellular data fees! No cable television, no real TV, per se, at all. Luckily this is one of the most reliable and usually even Goliaths like Google and Facebook get looped into accepting a VoIP number. If no txt, l try to make them call the bloody number and speak the code or whatever. I'm sure it's not the cheapest one up there but I have invested in this and one other app for being my reliable solid solution to no hardwired landline that I could count on to work, even if the power is out. So. If my landlord doesn't ruin the router settings again and the power stays on, I should be okay. I will say though that many of these apps ride Verizon in the US, and for weeks now I've been seeing a Technical issues banner in all of the four. Incoming calls texts and voicemail and pics etc., not problematic because those ride Canadian providers and we're notoriously much better set up, infrastructure and applications. But I digress. Talkatone is the best app I have found yet, and I have been using the iPad and iPod touch, newer ones as they get cheaper, as my complete way of keeping a real connection to the outside world. Even if I have to hook the door shut from the roaring wind, this apartment comes with everything included, and that means I can actually afford to pay the rent. I get all heat and AC I can get (heat pump!), unlimited wifi and therefore TV, netflix, YouTube, and even Apple TV now. VPN is fab and Talkatone never has had a problem with all my hiding away. A little delay between receipt of things between devices, including 2 MacBook Pro's, 2 iPads, and 2 iPod touches so I will see it somewhere. Wish I had the silent vibrate option!.Version: 6.4.5

Really good appGood app, just a bit finicky with international numbers, make sure you get all the prefixes correct. Also I'm a bit suspicious of how quickly it starts ringing... I don't think it really starts ringing on the other end straight away. Otherwise works great!.Version: 2.1

ExcellentTalkatone works great. I’ve tried a lot of similar apps and find Talkatone to be one of the best for communicating with other devices with or without the app. Using Talkatone on multiple devices works perfectly..Version: 5.7.7

This App Works So WellSo as a 15 year old with a small family and low income my mother doesn’t make much money she could only afford to pay for service for one phone and I couldn’t call or text people so I went on a hunt to find a legit app that would let me talk and text for free it was hard but I came across talkatone this app is AMAZING not even joking I can now call my mother and text her or anyone else FOR FREE this app works and is definitely work downloading no free trials needed the only problem is that we can have ringtones from songs in our Apple Music section but instead we have premaid ringtones that would be nice to have custom ringtones if possible but otherwise this app works very very well and I do recommend downloading this app if you can afford service to call chat or text people I give it a 5 stars.Version: 6.1.2

The best app😎My?2 best app you can call on!!¡😆😆😎 But try: line 2. it's good to.Version: 2.2.3

Good but one problemEverything is great about it except I can’t see that somebody is calling me unless I open the app. This leads to a lot missed calls and people I have to call back to explain that I missed it. Notifications for this would be good.Version: 6.4.12

Best oneYou have to own google voice for this to work, this app it give access to your google voice with out adding verification number. I used it from UK to USA with out costing me. If u have no google voice pls don't download it and give bad rate..Version: 0.9.7

Thanks!Great update and smooth switch over to the new services, works really well and very happy I can still use this app. I got a perfect phone number local to my friends, thank you.Version: 3.5

Four and a half stars!!UPDATE: I’ve been using this app for years.. same phone number, no issues. Recently I found need for another 2nd phone number (hehe) and after trying out all the others and checking the subscription pricing.. I realize Talkatone is the best value too! I got lucky with my first number as I got in at the beginning when they offered one time fees! I rounded up rather than down because people should know how wonderful this app is and how much it's simplified my carrier switches. With Talkatone I have been able to keep a set number where I can be reached. I can text and call and my credits usage seems to be nonexistent. I tried many many other apps and when I found this one I knew I had found a keeper. I spent the $10 (one time fee) to go ad free and it feels like a normal part of my phone. The only complaints I can find is the poor ring tone selection and that I wish voice calls were a bit louder.. All in all, it's exactly what I needed! Have recommended this app to many!.Version: 6.3.1

Well doneWell done guys but I still recon you should bring callin support for australia. But a very good job.Version: 1.3.4

JjjjjjjVery good.Version: 3.0.3

Best Calling app EVER!!!This is the best app ever because you could call any phone or message any phone for free. So this app is a really good app for iPod touch😄😃.Version: 2.0.1

Inbound Caller ID with NameHello “Developer Response”, I think you misunderstood my last question. I am referring to when someone calls my Talkatone number from somewhere else, say they are calling it from, a land line, etc. On the Talkatone app when they call me, I can only see their number. are there ANY FUTURE PLANS to add this, where you have THE INBOUND CALL also show the name of the person calling my Talkatone number, other than just the displaying phone number? Yes I know I can save their name as a contact to see a name, but I am referring to having this for all other inbound calls. This is called supporting CNAM. Any plans for this? Thanks!.Version: 6.3.18

The only fone App that accepts calls from 3-digit numbersI throughly enjoy this app, free so far, I’ve had it for months, no strings, unconditionally mine. Truly an unsung hero from an intuitive App, one of the few with messaging, and from THOSE, the only one who allows me to accept calls from 3-digit phone numbers with respect to authentication. A larger-than-life app!.Version: 6.4.9

Best oneBest one on the market for using google voice even using google talk or gmail messenger That's why I've bought their paid version. Really great. Keep your good work going talkatone.Version: 3.0.2

WorksYup google talk works! This is awesome and it works in the background with iOS 4! nice :).Version: 0

Best Free Text/Calling AppThis is by far the best free app I have used. The pandemic has left me jobless, my phone and internet turned off, and recently my car taken. You could say it’s been rough for my husband and I. This app has allowed me to at least have contact with the outside world again when I’m able to acquire free WiFi or at a friends house. The interface is very easy to use and clean. The adds are in no way disruptive which is totally amazing compared to the other apps. The best feature by far is the FREE calling. I don’t have to buy minutes- and right now I’m struggling to even feed my self so having a tool that is free for me to use has been a blessing. Thank you Talkatone for everything you do!.Version: 6.3.7

GreatAwesome app.Version: 5.5

Easy. Simple. Works.Somehow I think I bought something from this app.. but not sure what it was lol. Anyways even with out accidentally doing that .. this app works awesome!! I was using Google Talk, and because I couldn’t remember my password from years ago due to being locked up... I had no way to Prove my Identity of being so and so.. SMFH. It was seriously bullsh*t because ALL/EVERYTHING from Money to Conversation I can’t get back.. will never be replaced. This app (forgot the name haha) is the best app I’ve used since Google Talk. It works . It’s sufficient. No dropped calls. All that good stuff! Ya welcome!.Version: 6.3.6

Nice appI can talk with all on gmail.Version: 0.9.6

Works fine in AustraliaFYI, it's the free calls that don't work here. But if you put money on your google talk account you do get very cheap international calls over your Internet connection. The app is a little clunky, but it's very useful.Version: 2.1

Best app for free calling and texting!I’ve downloaded plenty of apps for free calling, free texting and just plain free everything according to what a regular cell phone owner would need to make it through the world without having money. I that j can really find out if life can be freely lived even for people who are born in a unfortunate place or situation and THIS APP! ITS the only one to provide everything I was looking for in everything else. I couldn’t be more happy to share that to people and to start seeing more people used this app! It’s so easy, very good with protecting your privacy you don’t have to purchase anything or feel the number is unreliable because it’s all 100% free, 100% reliable and most importantly all to provide your needs at your desired time!.Version: 6.3.7

ShadowjoSimply the best App ever.....! With out this App it would have cost me a fortune to keep in touch with family and friends in the USA....Thank you !!!.Version: 3.0.3

TalkatoneThe best app that allows you to still call anywhere in the world, from your phone. Using this app links with the gmail talk. Allowing me to make clear calls away from the home computer. Good wireless is a must. Cheers..Version: 3.6

Sign upWow it was so simpleton sign up loving this app already but do you have to be calling another talkative user or can you call a mobile phone?.Version: 5.8.2

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