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Universal TV Remote App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Universal TV Remote app received 59 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Universal TV Remote? Can you share your negative thoughts about universal tv remote?

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Universal TV Remote for Negative User Reviews

Honest reviewI’ downloaded this app to try it out before purchasing or subscription; right away I haven’t even got to learn how to use this as I am trying and I get bombarded with 30 second to 60 sec advertisement; I understand but maybe you guys came off too harsh or too annoying on first minute of downloading the app.. maybe let the users or help user to understand how to use this app instead of bombarding them with adds every minute... good luck..Version: 1.4

My thoughtsGreat remote app just a shame it’s so expensive to get rid of the advertising.Version: 1.7

HkkdhskshTerrible Lots of ads Very cheap Such a pain.Version: 1.5

FraudPaid 17.99 for life time ad free version, ads started coming back after 3 days! Awful..Version: 1.13

CrapI paid for this only for it to have to be re set up over and over again! Constantly having to reconnect to the TV and it takes too much time to keep reconnecting, I have had to enter five codes in the last 10 minutes. This is stupid and I want my money back!.Version: 1.13

TrickedOnce downloaded I was advised that I require the physical remote to set up. I don’t have the remote hence why I needed the app. It also doesn’t connect to streaming box.Version: 1.13

Non helpfulI came on this app for a remote to connect my internet to my tv and then all of sudden I need internet To get a remote.Version: 1.13

Save batteries but pay a subscription??Yet another ripoff app. It advertises saving money on batteries for your remote yet tries to force you into an auto-renewing subscription? How dumb is that? You easily buy a stack of batteries for the yearly subscription cost!.Version: 1.2

DisappointedVery delayed And if you don’t want to pay $14 a month then you have to put up with being in the middle of doing something and an ad pops up.Version: 1.1

WellThere was so many ads I couldn’t even tell if the remote worked enough to pay for it. I’d save yourself time and not download this. Many other apps that work fine. Took me 15 mins to figure out the good ones and subscribed to uni remote it was way better. Only 2 ads before I could judge if I wanted it unlike the 12 ads from this one.Version: 1.12

Do you enjoy ads? This is the remote for you!Prefer watching ads instead of tv? Get this app! Seriously I would consider paying for this if it was reasonable, like 5$, they want 5$/week or 20$ for lifetime. It’s a freaking tv remote, no thanks. I would maybe consider 20$, if they had a even SOMEWHAT usable free version, every other button I tap I have to watch ads or say no thanks to buying their remote, it’s just rude to potential customers.Version: 1.2

Insufficient device support, do not download if you use sound bar.Downloaded this app, connected to network, seemed to work fine until I turned off the system using their app to go to bed. Next morning the app would not turn on the TV because surprise, surprise the TV needs to be left on at all times for the app to find it in the network. What’s more, not only did it turn off the TV the previous night, but it also turned off my sound bar which needs to be left on in order for the TV to find it. So now I have to use the original remote to turn on the TV and physically turn on the sound bar in order to use the app. In my haste, I bought the $20 lifetime license which, by their definition, as long as the application works correctly there is not a problem. Except that, in my opinion, if it turns off all devices connected to the TV it is shooting his self in the foot, because when a device is turned off,It cannot receive and interpret information from the network. Hence it is unable to be turned on. To me that is an error in application engineering therefore I should be entitled to a refund, but they say the app is working correctly and therefore I am not entitled to one. If you happen to have $20 to throw down the drain, then feel free to download and buy the lifetime license for this piece of poorly engineered garbage. I suppose I will have to eat this one but I’ll try to be more careful in the future..Version: 1.13

Useless for fire toUseless.Version: 1.10

AdsIf your looking for a temporary tv remote while your waiting for your new one to arrive THIS IS NOT IT. The amount of ads there are is completely unnecessary. What's the point in making a app like this if your watching more ads then actually using it..Version: 1.7

Can’t use itWhen you first download the app, hit asks you to go to your smart tv’s settings and select “allow usb debugging” then the app connects and it works. The problem with that is, I cannot select “allow usb debugging” on my smart tv because I do not have a remote, and there is not a way for me to make any selections on my tv with one…. Which is the whole reason I downloaded this app. So I’m back to square one with no remote lol..Version: 1.10

To much addsThe amount of adds is annoying and I thought the app was being nice and let me remove adds but I gotta pay 5 bucks I’m not spending a dime if I can get a app that lets me block adds.Version: 1.13

MadThere is to many ads and I can’t even click a button without a ad popping up or having to put the pin in to many times bc it unconnects and it is getting annoying and I’m not paying for the ads to be removed when it’s only temporary until I get a remote.Version: 1.13

Poor appIt should not be named as universal.Version: 1.10

Don’t recommendWay to many adds, sometimes it doesn’t even load you have to pay for it to work I think it’s pointless honestly my remote just broke only reason I’m using..Version: 1.10

Good appWould be great if you could click out of the ads like on some other apps. You have to watch the 10/15 second ad, then sometimes reconnect the app. If that wasn’t an issue it would get 5 stars from me. I just won’t pay to be ad free..Version: 1.10

Way To Many Ads, Completely Trash!I get adds like every single time it appears whenever I touch the remote like 6 times it’s freaking annoying!!!.Version: 1.7

Do not downloadThe app is slow and laggy and has ads after 7 buttons are pressed. Do not download this one it Doesn’t work well whenever you try to use it the tv has to already be on even though the remote is supposed to turn it on, the ads are long and the X to click off sometimes glitches and doesn’t show up don’t download this..Version: 1.13

HardTake a while to set up.Version: 1.7

The reason i give it a three is because ……The reason i give it a three is because when ever like you click anything on the remote mor then five times you have to watch a ad :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(.Version: 1.8

Not working without the original remotely for on and offNot working without the original remote. I have to use my remote to switch on the tv and then to give permission usually every time . So tha to make a bit unconvincing.Version: 1.7

Way too many ads too oftenLost my tv remote, needed an app to use my tv. Ads pop up every 5-7 seconds and you have to watch a good 15 seconds of them before you can go back to using the remote. Do yourself a favor and download the SmartThings Samsung app if you have a Samsung TV. It’s completely free and no ads..Version: 1.13

App works fine enough, but is slow and $5/week is crazyThe app isn’t bad. Connecting was easy. It’s response time is like 2 seconds from button press to tv response which is kind of annoying. The worst thing is the pricing to pay for their “premium features” and how intrusive the ads are. The premium features are things like automatically connecting to the tv, and no more ads. Literally five button presses and a 30 second ad played. I’d be willing to pay a one time $5 charge if it was as responsive and easy to use as the Roku app, but $5/week is insane..Version: 1.4

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 1.4

HorribleDo you want a tv remote. THIS IS NOT IT. An over excessive amount of ads and pop-ups. 🤮😡😔 Hate it zero stars..Version: 1.13

UselessUseless.Version: 1.6

Good, but searching for TV foreverIt can’t find my TV no matter what, it’s searching forever. I have a couple more remote applications and they instantly find and connect to the TV. One star because of this. On the other hand, if I connect it manually to the TV’s IP, it’s a very good app, it has all bells and whistles someone needs in a remote and nicely laid out. Five stars for this. In conclusion, I’d like to keep the app, but it’d be very inconvenient to have to put in the IP manually every time I want to watch TV, so I’ll skip it..Version: 1.8

Too many adsI understand that you need ads to make money, but the amount of them in this app is excessive. It’s really annoying when I’m trying to type in a movie title and I get multiple ads that go on for 30 seconds each during the process, I’m fine with ads, just please tone it down a bit.Version: 1.4

UselessIf I had a remote I wouldn’t need this app.. so the app is useless without the original remote .. I don’t recommend this app... waste of time.Version: 1.5

Misleading descriptionThis app is described as working exactly the same as the original tv remote with no need for additional equipment… this is absolutely false however because it requires both the tv and your phone to be connected to the same network which requires a network router. When was the last time you connected your remote control to your Wi-Fi network? Never I assume, because your tv remote uses ir most likely. I needed just a replacement remote control, not another app hijacking my home network..Version: 1.13

Horrible customer service - no response when trying to cancel accountI have emailed customer service 4 times to cancel subscription over the last month and they will not answer and I keep getting charged. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP or else you will be charged every month and will never be able to cancel because they will ignore every attempt made to contact them. This app was not compatible with my TV and yet I am still paying and even Apple is unable to help. Worst customer service I have ever experienced on an app so far..Version: 1.4

Beware ScamWhen you first open the app, it gets you to click a button in the same location “Continue” over and over and then suddenly puts a “Try it for Free” button there, which will start charging you $5/week forever with no confirmation if you click it. Beware that the design is such that you will accidentally press that button after clicking “Continue” a bunch of times in the same spot. Also, lifetime is $20, so if you plan to use this for more than a month, there’s no reason anyone would buy $5/week. The fact that it sneaks you into the $5/week subscription so fast makes me nervous about this app..Version: 1.4

It’s fine.I paid the one time $20 for ad free and more (rather than buy a new remote) and it continues to go back to the free version with ads at least twice a week and I can’t auto connect because of it or keep my favorite channels selected. The ads every 5-6 clicks is really the worst of it..Version: 1.10

AppI have been using this app for some time now and i am deleting. There are too many ads its ridiculous. Stop the ads idiot.Version: 1.10

Won’t connectI tried connecting this to my Samsung TV and it worked at first but now it stopped. Idk what happened but now it won’t connect to my TV. I made sure everything was right and it was. They are connected to the internet but it won’t work..Version: 1.13

AwfulThe amount of adds are disgracefu! Ruined my night, ruined my TV experience. Kids crying now, nice one, cheers..Version: 1.7

UselessSame as my remote but with irritating interruption. Zero benefit.Version: 1.6

A little disappointingThis app is amazing but I rate it a 2 bc of those adds it’s getting annoying when I try to click something a add comes on also it was working perfectly fine when I got it and today when I opened it, started loading but that’s all I had to say.Version: 1.11

Review - TV RemoteThe app does work but I wish it was free.Version: 1.7

It worksIt works but very laggy.Version: 1.13

The app is ok.The app is really good, it’s useful when i can’t find my remote but there only one thing i hate about it. The Ads. I don’t get why there has to be an ad just to use a remote but other wise the app is good..Version: 1.13

Will not connect to my smart TVWon’t connect and can’t get my 29.95 I paid back. Worst app and developer ever.Version: 1.6

Does not work!This app makes you pay £10 suggesting that if you unlock it, it will then function. It doesn't. It sees the TV and Sky box, but won't connect to either, the instructions on how to break through the Samsung TV security are out of date and don't work. I wasted £10, don't do likewise..Version: 1.1

What the heck! SOOOO MANY ads I couldn’t even try it!!I’d be happy to pay for a subscription for some thing if it worked… I have no idea if this even works because every time I press the button, an ad would come up for two minutes and I had to wait for that to go away then I would try to press another button, and then another huge and would come up and I had to wait two minutes; absolutely ridiculous! No thank you.Version: 1.2

Too many ads to even try to useI downloaded this looking for a remote app with a keyboard. I was more than willing to pay the $20 lifetime fee if this app suited my needs. However there are WAY too many ads to even try to test the functionality of this app! Every 5 taps and you get 30 second long ads and a pop up to download an app. Connected easily but Not wasting my time trying to Wade through all the ads to see if this app has the features I need. Deleted within 5 minutes of downloading..Version: 1.13

Too Many AdsBesides the ads the app works good , but every 20 seconds (literally) its always a ad and its annoying , chill with the ads , if you could stop putting so many ads i would make my life easier . but you guys aren’t gonna do it bc you’re only in it for the money ..Version: 1.7

CrapNot free. And doesn’t work..Version: 1.11

Too Many AdsI get it they want us to pay, but the amount of ads almost makes the free version useless. $10 to remove ads is also ridiculous I feel like this should be illegal for company’s to do. After 10 button presses it triggers a 30 seconds Ad. Besides all of that Ad bs the app works great. I need a universal remote but the tactics they’re using makes me not want to give them my money. For the people trying it out you can bypass the purchase when you first open the app just close out the purchase screen..Version: 1.1

Horrible AppI would give it -1 stars if possible.Version: 1.3

It's okay :/Okay, I know your looking at the title right now and thinking “why should I listen to you” this app is great don’t get me wrong but it only allows you to click 5 remote buttons and then an ad pops up like come on. I’m so tired of the ads, and I most certainly do not wanna pay to remove apps for a tv remote. I’m not a Karen. just please remove the ads..Version: 1.11

Too many ads 😡😡Waste of time.Version: 1.7

Utter GarbageConstant annoying ads, deleted immediately..Version: 1.7

Ads are annoyingIts a remote app this does not need ads every 1-2 minutes It does not need ads at all take them away..Version: 1.7

TrashIt’s ads first remote second.Version: 1.10

There is no rating low enough for this awful app.I was forced to use and PAY for this awful app as at least it worked, sorta. It was slow, crashed 1/4 uses, but it changed channels. In the last update, they ADDED Ads to the ppaid version, making it almost impossibile to even change the channel. DO not use this app if at all possible. It wiull frustrate you and charge you for the experience..Version: 1.7

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