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Universal TV Remote App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Universal TV Remote app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about universal tv remote?

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Want money backIt automatically subscribed you to a $5.99 a week.Version: 1.4

DO NOT GET THIS APPYou literally cannot use this app because as soon as you open it up, there are ads. Then every time you close an ad and tap the screen a new ad immediately pops up. Please DO NOT GET THIS APP..Version: 1.2

Don’t buy.The volume nor channel button works. Only works if you need to move up down left right on the screen..Version: 1.1

Didn’t work.Would like a refund. I already found a solution..Version: 1.1

Doesn’t work. Can’t get to debug?Unbelievable. Does not work at all. No help to speak of. Also got sucked into buying remote. Nothing works.Version: 1.1

Too Many AdsApp works. No denying it. The ads are ridiculous. It’s INSANE..Version: 1.2

Horrible customer service - no response when trying to cancel accountI have emailed customer service 4 times to cancel subscription over the last month and they will not answer and I keep getting charged. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP or else you will be charged every month and will never be able to cancel because they will ignore every attempt made to contact them. This app was not compatible with my TV and yet I am still paying and even Apple is unable to help. Worst customer service I have ever experienced on an app so far..Version: 1.4

Was good until i paidThis app worked flawlessly, I just didn't like the ads. The moment I paid for the app to be fully unlocked I have serious lag between the remote and tv i never had before now this app is unusable plz fix so i can go back to 5 stars.Version: 1.4

Can’t use it because an ad pops up every timeCant use this an ad will pop up for 20-30 seconds and you can’t click anything.Version: 1.1

Too Many AdsI get it they want us to pay, but the amount of ads almost makes the free version useless. $10 to remove ads is also ridiculous I feel like this should be illegal for company’s to do. After 10 button presses it triggers a 30 seconds Ad. Besides all of that Ad bs the app works great. I need a universal remote but the tactics they’re using makes me not want to give them my money. For the people trying it out you can bypass the purchase when you first open the app just close out the purchase screen..Version: 1.1

What a rip-off!Downloaded this to use as a remote. Then, before they’ll do anything for you, you’re held up for$9.99! Crazy thing is, once you pay them, the app is mysteriously broken and wants you to google the issue! Yeah, like telling else how this app developers found a way to make a quick buck..Version: 1.1

Can’t test it outI wanted to buy but I can’t even test it out. People aren’t exaggerating about the amount of ads. There’s an ad every 30 seconds. I’m not sure if the app it self lags or if it’s because it’s loading the next ad..Version: 1.1

The worstPlease don’t waste your money. Doesn’t work half the time. Not user friendly.Version: 1.1

Don’t getDon’t get this if your remote is already broken. Your save yourself some money, time and frustration..Version: 1.3

It is absolutely horribleThey went CRAZY with the ads like every 2-4 seconds a limited time offer pops up and after I close it after ten try’s it takes me to a 30 second ad then I bought the ad free version and it said it stoped working good the problem. It was a complete scam do not buy the ad free version or just don’t get the app at all..Version: 1.2

Horrible AppI would give it -1 stars if possible.Version: 1.3

Beware ScamWhen you first open the app, it gets you to click a button in the same location “Continue” over and over and then suddenly puts a “Try it for Free” button there, which will start charging you $5/week forever with no confirmation if you click it. Beware that the design is such that you will accidentally press that button after clicking “Continue” a bunch of times in the same spot. Also, lifetime is $20, so if you plan to use this for more than a month, there’s no reason anyone would buy $5/week. The fact that it sneaks you into the $5/week subscription so fast makes me nervous about this app..Version: 1.4

30 seconds adsThe ad version is not recommended due to 30 sec ads, and I’ll not buy the full version because I was not able to test the app..Version: 1.1

Waste of moneyYou pay first and the app doesn’t deliver. It failed to connect to my TV after numerous attempts. I want a refund!.Version: 1.1

Too many adsI understand that you need ads to make money, but the amount of them in this app is excessive. It’s really annoying when I’m trying to type in a movie title and I get multiple ads that go on for 30 seconds each during the process, I’m fine with ads, just please tone it down a bit.Version: 1.4

Save batteries but pay a subscription??Yet another ripoff app. It advertises saving money on batteries for your remote yet tries to force you into an auto-renewing subscription? How dumb is that? You easily buy a stack of batteries for the yearly subscription cost!.Version: 1.2

It’s a scamThe remote is a scam and doesn’t let you opt out of the services unless you completely delete it entirely from your phone. Don’t download it!.Version: 1.2

How does this app have such a good rating?!I scrolled through every review and every single one was 1 star. How does it have a 4.3 when no one has given higher than 1?.Version: 1.1

Don’t workDon’t waste your money only works for my fire stick, tv is another story very disappointed.Version: 1.1

Useless, unless you pay for it!!!!!Adwalls on this thing is crazy. I watched countless adds back to back just to press one button. Definitely cant recommend it to someone who are not willing to spend 5 bucks on a phone remote. Additionally, I tried its trial version, and the latency is crazy!.Version: 1.2

AdsYour options are to pay 20 bucks or get choked up with ads after pushing 3 buttons.Version: 1.4

MehI downloaded this app and it connects but doesn’t work at all! Waste of time with 30+ ads a min.Version: 1.4

The app is garbage, and won’t let you type without paying...Be Warned!!!!Ive used the app for a year, but now I can’t type more then 1 letter without the app popping up an ad to purchase it. Don’t use it and don’t by pro, sorry if you already did..Version: 1.2

Stop working after I paid.Enjoyed the app for 1 day. App force closes and makes you reconnect each time the app is idle for over a few seconds. Now my tv nor my fire stick shows up. Will be contacting Apple for a refund. This is horrible ..Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workTried this app doesn’t work with my Phillips tv.?waste of time and money!!!!!!.Version: 1.0

What the heck! SOOOO MANY ads I couldn’t even try it!!I’d be happy to pay for a subscription for some thing if it worked… I have no idea if this even works because every time I press the button, an ad would come up for two minutes and I had to wait for that to go away then I would try to press another button, and then another huge and would come up and I had to wait two minutes; absolutely ridiculous! No thank you.Version: 1.2

Do not downloadThe app functioned as a remote for the first few tries but afterwards it bombards you with ads and pop up screens forcing you to get the paid version of the app. Missed opportunity..Version: 1.2

Clearly don’t have a remoteYou want us to check the debug option but HELLO I am using this app bc I I’ve a missing remote!!!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CLICK THAT OPTION WITHOUT THE APP... now I can’t use it... DO BETTER.Version: 1.1

Don’t download Way too many addsI hate to be a Karen but theirs so many adds you can’t even use the remote every time you click a button an add pops up.Version: 1.3

NopeIt doesn’t work for volume or channeling only the control button worked..Version: 1.1

Not satisfied no volume button not good.Please fix..Version: 1.2

GarbagePeople will do anything for money every time I press a button it advertised me.Version: 1.2

Do you enjoy ads? This is the remote for you!Prefer watching ads instead of tv? Get this app! Seriously I would consider paying for this if it was reasonable, like 5$, they want 5$/week or 20$ for lifetime. It’s a freaking tv remote, no thanks. I would maybe consider 20$, if they had a even SOMEWHAT usable free version, every other button I tap I have to watch ads or say no thanks to buying their remote, it’s just rude to potential customers.Version: 1.2

Tv RemoteAwful application! Does not work! I paid for this and demanded that the money be returned to me, but none of them returned me! Please don't make the mistake like me! Don't download this app ’.Version: 1.1

Rip offWon’t work for my Vizio, paid $9.99 for nothing. It see’s my TV but for whatever reason cannot connect and tells me to ask google for help..Version: 1.1

Terrible can’t even press 1button without pop upsTerrible can’t even press 1button without pop ups.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t work at allWaiting to see if they refund it.Version: 1.1

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 1.4

TrashOpened it up tried connecting to my tv and it didn’t work. I couldn’t connect to any of my 6 tv’s and would say “google it”. The app is broken not worth downloading.Version: 1.1

DisappointedVery delayed And if you don’t want to pay $14 a month then you have to put up with being in the middle of doing something and an ad pops up.Version: 1.1

Does not work!This app makes you pay £10 suggesting that if you unlock it, it will then function. It doesn't. It sees the TV and Sky box, but won't connect to either, the instructions on how to break through the Samsung TV security are out of date and don't work. I wasted £10, don't do likewise..Version: 1.1

Very disappointingThis worked for a couple days and now won’t connect to my device. Very disappointed because I relied on this remote and it seemed like it would work...Version: 1.1

JunkDoes not work and don’t go fo auto connect it does not work either and cost 7 bucks.Version: 1.0

App works fine enough, but is slow and $5/week is crazyThe app isn’t bad. Connecting was easy. It’s response time is like 2 seconds from button press to tv response which is kind of annoying. The worst thing is the pricing to pay for their “premium features” and how intrusive the ads are. The premium features are things like automatically connecting to the tv, and no more ads. Literally five button presses and a 30 second ad played. I’d be willing to pay a one time $5 charge if it was as responsive and easy to use as the Roku app, but $5/week is insane..Version: 1.4

Honest reviewI’ downloaded this app to try it out before purchasing or subscription; right away I haven’t even got to learn how to use this as I am trying and I get bombarded with 30 second to 60 sec advertisement; I understand but maybe you guys came off too harsh or too annoying on first minute of downloading the app.. maybe let the users or help user to understand how to use this app instead of bombarding them with adds every minute... good luck..Version: 1.4

Not ideal if you have time you don’t want wastedI decided to try to download an app in my phone to replace my remote, but this doesn’t work. It gives you an ad every time you touch the screen, it constantly asks you for a membership and it doesn’t even work..Version: 1.2

The remote doesn’t work.It won’t connect to my new Sony Bravia tv and it keeps saying it can help me and to google the problem which I did to no avail. I tried the remote connect and going manually through the IP address. Very disappointed I want my $9.99 back. If I get a refund I will take down this review but I’m very upset..Version: 1.1

Why should I report an issue with Universal TV Remote?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Universal TV Remote to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Universal TV Remote customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Universal TV Remote.

Is Universal TV Remote not working?

Universal TV Remote works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Universal TV Remote.

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