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What is Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash? Description of Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash

"Win real money playing bingo anytime, anywhere with Bingo Clash: Win real cash! Compete in classic, fast-paced matches to win great prizes! Oh, did we mention it's free!?

Download free and compete in exciting tournaments to win REAL Cash among other prizes now! We're committed to providing a secure gaming platform based on fair, social competition for all our players.


Play Free Games, Win Real Cash!
-Play for free using Tickets or participate in cash games to win real money prizes! Earn free rewards by logging in daily and participating in various in-game events. Many more fabulous prizes await you!

Experience a Unified Wallet System
-You'll have a single account under our unique wallet system that shares in-game Tickets and Cash across all games. This awesome feature allows you to switch among the 10+ games in the Pocket7Games all-in-one platform. No need for multiple accounts!

Play Against Real Players
-Match with real players of similar skill levels to compete in classic, fun, and fair skill-based cash games!

Play in Exciting Tournaments
-Join different tournaments with a variety of match modes. The higher you rank, the bigger your prize! You can practice for free with Tickets, then win REAL CASH and other extravagant prizes playing Cash Games!

Enjoy Safe and Secure Withdrawals
-Our withdrawal process is safe and easy with PayPal. You'll never have to worry about receiving your cash prizes! Our other trusted partners include Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Venmo to make deposits and withdrawals smooth, secure, and worry-free.

Win Extra Cash with Minigames
-Claim fabulous extra rewards and even real money by playing classic minigames like Lucky Box, Dice Tour, Fortuity Wheel, and a plethora of other fun features!

Enjoy an Ad-Free Experience
-Truly immerse yourself in our arcade-style games with no ads to interrupt your gameplay!

* Cash games are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, and VT. However, players in these states can still enjoy the fun with free games!
* Players must be at least 18 years of age. In some jurisdictions where Cash games are not available, players can compete in our free games. See our Terms of Service for more information.

Ready to join Bingo Clash?! Download now and turn your skills into dollar bills!
If you have questions and concerns, please contact: [email protected]


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Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash App User Reviews

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Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash Pros

Good games, but fat chance for winning real $$I’ve been playing these games for around 2yrs. It’s very tempting to spend real money. You CAN save up your tickets & exchange them for real money to play the money games. It takes several months to get enough tickets for $10-$20. There are certain games that you can only play if you invite friends to get the app, which I refuse to do. I detest the annoying, pop-ups that pop up after every single game trying to get you to invite friends or deposit real money. Also, the way you maintain your level status is a crock. The ONLY way to maintain it or go up is to play real money games. If you fail to play enough, you loose status level. I don’t feel that’s fair. I do play this app ALL the time & support this app… maybe not with real money, but you get punished if you don’t play money games. If you’re looking for good free games, this is a great app., as long as you can overlook the pressure to invite friends or spend real money. You will NOT get rich or even get enough to cash out unless you’re extremely lucky or you’re a genius lol I’ve NEVER won more than $5 in a single game & that’s extremely rare. I think I’ve gotten that 1x in 2yrs. I do wish you could communicate with other players..MommaD77Version: 1.9.6

Awesome GameThis game is definitely not a scam. It does pay out. What’s more is it’s a fair for all and by that I mean you win some you lose some. The fact that also they don’t force a bunch of video ads on you is a plus, sure you can choose to watch video ads for such things as doubling prizes in certain instances, but it’s a choice. Also you can choose whether or not to invest money into the game through in app purchases but they do not require you to. The only time I have noticed you have to watch video ads is for free spins on the fortuity wheel which is not a bad trade off. It’s a great game to pass the time if you have nothing better to do in any given moment and your a fan of bingo and while you may not reach millionaire status playing this game even a little bit helps in todays economy. Sure you can’t cash out bonus cash but you can take the bonus cash to play the money games to try to win money you can cash out. So far it’s been a fair game that is clearly not rigged that is a big plus. I have played similar games that were either rigged and you couldn’t win or that didn’t pay out. I’m glad this is not one of them. Also I’m glad they do pay out unlike so many games out there..JcblevinsVersion: 1.9.19

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Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash Cons

Used to be greatThis app used to be great but all the recent changes and insane amount of in game ad pop ups is incredibly annoying. Right when you open it you have to clear through 6-7 pop up ads before you can even select a game to play. I am not talking about the ads you watch to earn extra tickets. I went from winning quite a bit to barely winning a game after noticeable changes were made. I used to enjoy the daily task cause some did not involve money. Now the majority of not all task require you to spend money. As you move up in levels to get bonuses but now they have it set up that you lose points which means you can lose levels if you don’t play the games that cost money. You have to reach a certain amount before you can withdraw but with all the changes, one was also how you earn the money and wether it is withdrawable money or bonus money. Most of the money you win is categorized as bonus money meaning you can not withdraw it. I have been waiting for things to go back to the way they were before as I have invested a lot of time in the game but I doubt they will be changing back so once I clear out my tickets and lose the money I will be done. Sad when the developers become money hungry. I know it is always about the money and I have even invested some money into the game but they have taken it to the extreme and will not be getting any more from me..MelisD14Version: 1.9.19

Bummer, love bingo..hvnt won a game!!!I have tried this a couple times and I swear I have never won! Not once. Don’t know how that’s even possible but I do know this has NEVER been the case with any other bingo app I’ve downloaded. I’ve downloaded all of the best ones and I enjoy most of them. I’ll give this one, ONE more chance,after that I’ll rate it and comment about this experience every time I see an ad or find a community discussing bingo games but I’ll be looking for this heavily advertised one in particular. What is all this “rest assured” crap posted in response to so many reviewers complaining about similar experiences with your games? Rest assured is NOT the best response to reviewers. The BEST response would be to post proof that there are no bots playing against these people and proof is going to go a lot further than......take our word for your answers!!!!:(. Good luck to the few reviewers claiming good experiences with this app, to cover all basis I am going to test all of your bingo apps over the next couple weeks, journal all results and if it is as bad as we expect? Well, there are sites requesting this kind of information from AppStore users that are getting better at blowing the whistles on these developer behaviors..TriplemockVersion: 1.9.15

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Is Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash legit?

Yes. Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 78,619 Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash is 87.8/100.

Is Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash safe?

Yes. Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 78,619 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash is 88.3/100.

Should I download Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash?

There have been no security reports that makes Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

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Product details of Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash

App Name:
Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash
Aviagames Inc.
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
17+ May contain content unsuitable for children under the age of 17!
Games, Board, Casino
EN ZH   
App Size:
294.19 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
11 August 2020, Tuesday
Last Update:
23 November 2022, Wednesday - 11:57
IOS 12.0 or later

Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash 1.9.19 Update Note
✱ Version History

- Bug fixes.

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