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Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash Positive Reviews

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Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash App User Positive Comments 2022

Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash app received 20 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bingo clash: win real cash?

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Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash for Positive User Reviews

Excellent !!!Wow, I’m quite impressed!!! I’m not sure how I got so good at this game! But I love it. I have won over 2,000 and cashed out! The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that they do not direct deposit into your account. They do send you a digital check to your email. Which also does not show up in your primary mail. It does take a little bit to receive the money but I have gotten the money sooner than expected. They do tell you 15 to 30 days but every time I cashed out I’ve had it in less than two weeks. I’ve referred multiple friends to this app. And all of them tell me how much they like it! Very fun but can be very addicting. I absolutely love the fact that when you have been playing for too long the Apple tell you to take a break! And it’s appreciate it! 💙.Version: 1.9.9

I love this game!I'm an avid bingo player and used to frequent bingo halls when they were still a thing. Now that everything is on our phones, I've been trying out a lot of different bingo apps that my son helps me download. I have to say, this is probably the best one I've played. It's very easy to catch on to and get hooked. Things move very quickly so it's a bit different than traditional bingo, but I find that to be the fun part. It moves very quickly and I always laugh when I hit the tap number. I usually just play the ticket games because I don't want to put cash into this app yet, but I did with $1 cash using my tickets and turned that into almost $7. I don't know my PayPal account information because I'm waiting for my son to come help me set it up, but I will try to withdraw from there. Overall I have no issues with this app and have a lot of fun with it. Just a warning to other people, this game can be very quick so if you're like me and only young at heart, your hand eye coordination will be put to the test..Version: 1.9.6

Great Game!I really enjoy playing Bingo Clash! You could say I’m addicted to it! LOL! You don’t have to deposit money, you can just play with tickets & the developers are very generous with tickets for winning games & accomplishing daily tasks & progress. There are times you’ll go 10-15 calls before you get a number called & it can be frustrating but it’s a free game if you’re just playing for tickets! They offer 3 different power ups to help! Love the x2 power up! Especially when you have a Full House (all numbers on your card marked)! Suggestion to developers…. You offer great incentives, tournaments, etc! There’s a a lot of times when you hit a Full House that’s there’s extra time left on the clock. It would be AWESOME if you would consider extra points for each second left! 25, 30, 50, 75, 100 extra points…. Or whatever you think is appropriate! Please & thank you very much fin advance or your consideration on this suggestion! Get Bingo Clash! You’ll love it if Bingo is your game to play! ♥️.Version: 1.7.17

It’s LegitI’ve been playing this game for less than a month now and I recently read the reviews because I wanted to withdraw $50 that I won. So I was abit skeptical but I went along with it. So you do forfeit the bonus cash(free money) given, I think I forfeited about $16 so I could withdraw my $50 I earned. It’s kind of a bummer but I mean if that’s their rules sure. I got an email less than a week saying they have given me half of the money, I don’t full understand why they split it up but I did receive it on the same card I used to deposit funds to play the game. Now I’m awaiting my other half. I’m going to be patient because I really enjoy the game and if the other half doesn’t come through I will update this review lol but I did receive half in less than a week!! I’m not a professional yet I’m still learning the game so to get something from being a beginner player, why not!!.Version: 1.9.10

Don’t download this app it’s a rip offIt’s a complete rip off it was barley let j wins just a little bit so you think that you cannot get a chance to really win n won’t let you do anything till you add your money to it then it would let you keep listing and barley keeping a dollar or two just enough so you’ll keep trying and then after 100$ of dollars later after you lose it and don’t put money for awhile bam it blocked your account unless your adding money everyday don’t download this app a complete waste of time and a rip off almosr a year latter and several deposits latter when I stoped adding money for more than a week I get an message my accounts been banned with no way to contact anyone let along what money I already had added or still had left from last deposits nope nothing but a little blue box saying I’m banned contact support but there is no support to contact let along to send a message to who where don’t waste your time with this only reason I’m rating it five stars is so it willl be at the top.Version: 1.9.5

We’ll it’s alrightSo I have had this game a few days now and it’s just alright. I would have given it 5 stars if it weren’t for the whole bonus cash concept. You can’t cash out bonus cash and I think you lose your cash before the bonus cash. I think they should just get rid of the bonus cash and all of the silly mining and spinning and scratching. It’s a bingo game why not just have bingo. I think the tickets are nice because it gives you a chance to practice. But I think they should just start you off with like $5 for free and make it a $10 cash out minimum. People would spend money on it even if they were losing just for fun. I do like that there are no ads but it would be cool if you could get like $0.10 for watching a few ads or something. Then they could still make money and give you a portion of the profit. There are just so many different ways this game could be better. But all in all it’s a 4 star game. I like it a lot and I’ll keep playing it. I’ll probably give myself a measly $5 a month loss allowance lol. You will probably not get rich playing this game unless you are just phenomenal at it. It does require a bit of skill which is cool..Version: 1.9.9

Good games, but fat chance for winning real $$I’ve been playing these games for around 2yrs. It’s very tempting to spend real money. You CAN save up your tickets & exchange them for real money to play the money games. It takes several months to get enough tickets for $10-$20. There are certain games that you can only play if you invite friends to get the app, which I refuse to do. I detest the annoying, pop-ups that pop up after every single game trying to get you to invite friends or deposit real money. Also, the way you maintain your level status is a crock. The ONLY way to maintain it or go up is to play real money games. If you fail to play enough, you loose status level. I don’t feel that’s fair. I do play this app ALL the time & support this app… maybe not with real money, but you get punished if you don’t play money games. If you’re looking for good free games, this is a great app., as long as you can overlook the pressure to invite friends or spend real money. You will NOT get rich or even get enough to cash out unless you’re extremely lucky or you’re a genius lol I’ve NEVER won more than $5 in a single game & that’s extremely rare. I think I’ve gotten that 1x in 2yrs. I do wish you could communicate with other players..Version: 1.9.6

This is GamblingI see a lot of people complaining about it takes a lot of tickets to even convert them to cash rewards, or that they don’t have any luck winning money. This is essentially gambling play big win big. The more money you spend the more perks and rewards you get back for certain tier levels. I’ve bet big and spent a good amount that the perks in return are amazing. I’m able to play $120 games as a perk of being tier L8. I’ve been able to cash out hundreds of dollars at one point in a single day I turned $60 into $845. Some might say well that’s dumb investing so much into a game well if you got it like that so be it. If you don’t then stop complaining. People see this “real cash games” and think man I’m going to make some fast money. Good luck because if you aren’t throwing down some money and playing the big buck games it’s going to be hard. The bigger the bet the more reward. Period..Version: 1.9.9

Quit WorkingI’ve been playing Bingo Clash on iPhone 6 for a few weeks. It’s great to pass time and I enjoy challenging myself to beast my precious high score. This morning I clicked to open the app and it looked like it was having to download it from the cloud. First time I’ve seen that happen. Once it supposedly was complete, I can’t play, at all. I usually played the 500 ticket challenge. Every game now says “Time remaining until next free game” and has a timer looking thing with all zeroes. Clicking on the preferred hame does nothing. I’ve closed and reopened the app, rebooted my phone, waited several hours and tried again, to no avail. I don’t want to delete and resinstall the app because I’ll probably lose my 33k+ tickets and my high score of just over 60K. Yeah, it’s no lost money or anything, but, as I said, I use it to challenge myself and practice, practice, practice until one day I may decide I’m good enough to play with actual $$$. Anybody had this same experience, or know a fix?.Version: 1.9.9

Fantastic so farSo I played this last year a lot, it was ok but I noticed that as soon as I deposited they started stealing $5 from me every now and then. I don’t remember seeing anything about a fee for the game, and I searched. The money was refunded but it happened a few times. And it was very hard to earn tickets to get money. Now! I love the updates they made. I swear the bingo is rigged. But they have a color match and other games that can be played for tickets. I’m crushing the colors and I’m color blind!! With that and other ways to make free tickets, I’m getting about $20 a week so far ish. The lucky card and spin system is definitely fixed. I never get over 200 tickets or cash on free spins. And the free lucky card only does 1k in tickets, never anything else. And the ads are annoying. I’ve had to restart my phone several times. I just hope they don’t give me crap when I cash out. Basically I might have to edit this review.Version: 1.9.10

Icy wyattI started watching icy on tiktok and I always have supported him and his decisions. People start bashing him and I always take up for him. I watched him one day and seen where he kept advertising the game “come play games with me in my bio” a lot of people were saying “it’s a scam” “it’s fake” “he’s just trying to get your money” so I decided to give it a shot and I started playing and now I’m addicted to it now the only thing I would change is when some cash with tickets and I would really appreciate if bingo clash would quit ripping me off 100 tickets when I when. I’m not bad at math but I’m pretty sure when you have 1.7k and you win 500 tickets it should add up 2.2k but I always get 2.1k. But another thing would be if the speedy skemish you didn’t drop out if it and have to start over. Thank you and o hope you really read my rate. Have a good night and you should promote icy bc he is always advertising the game. I love you icy keep your head up and keep moving forward!!🖤🖤💯.Version: 1.9.10

GREAT GAME AND VERY FUN FOR EXTRA CASH!!!I’ve had this game for a little over a month now and only play the bingo since that’s my favorite and I enjoy it in real life as well. You can’t expect to win a bunch of games right away!! Practice with tickets till your good enough for cash games. You have to be quick to get the most points. I play the tournament for 2k tickets and win 1.50$ so much and once I have enough I do the 5$ or 10$ tournament and actually win!! I’ve won over 250$ in a month and only spent a few dollars most of it was free. YOU ACTUALLY GET TO WITHDRAW AND KEEP YOUR MONEY!!! It’s not a scam it takes a little time to process then you’ll get an email confirmation and a few days after that you’ll get another email and from there you can click on a link and have a check for the amount won sent to your house. 100% LEGIT.Version: 1.9.9

This game requires skillYou honestly don’t *have* to deposit anything, because I ended up winning $100 off my last daily bonus of just 60 cents (which is the minimum for betting real cash). You have to know how to use your power ups, be able to daub fast, and be able to be disciplined enough to assess risk/reward when betting what you have. I was able to earn $100 in 6 hours.. What also helps is a minimum deposit ($5-$10) to get to L1 because the perks you get from that can help you level up easier and just off that and skill, you can easily level up and get more off your play. The *ONLY* thing now is waiting for the deposit. It’s been 3 business days and I was told $25 of the $60 I wanted to withdraw was sent, but I was told it may take an additional 10 days, possibly more, to actually show in my account depending on their payment platform Xsolla. It takes an additional 5 days to process and send the rest. I am still awaiting the funds, so if I’m able to get them in a reasonable amount of time I would hands down give this app 5 stars for fun and fairness..Version: 1.7.0

🤩🤑💰🙌Listen. I waited a good couple months before even attempting to write a review. I wanted to make sure it was going to be something that would actually be good advice to a potential new member. I wanna really stress that It’s gonna take you a min to start really consecutively winning, if ur reading reviews that say, oh it’s a scam, they don’t give u this number or that, or that the game works against you in some sort of way…don’t feed into it. By no means should you expect to be able to download the game and start raking in the cash cause u won’t…. At first. However I promise if u put in the time and patience, and learn a few tricks here and there, it will eventually pay off. U just gotta not get mad at something that isint at fault. U just gotta practice. There is always someone out there a little quicker and sharper… u just gotta find that perfect time in the day where u have the most focus and slay! Lol… Download a few other bingo apps. Just to play around with. U will eventually come back to this one and realize they have a good insensitive thing going on here and those other apps I told u to download? Keep ‘em. It’s still good practice ! Good luck to you all and have fun playing!!!❤️🥰.Version: 1.9.10

P7G Bingo Clash Is Great!I've been playing a lot of Bingo Clash lately. For those that don't know, it's a free to play, for cash, multiplayer bingo game. You play bingo against other people online, their matchmaking system is automated and matches you against people that are judged to be at the same skill level as you, and you put money up for stake and the winner takes all! It's really cool, a ton of fun. I also found this app at a really great time. With all the time I spend inside because of Covid19 I find that I have a ton of time on my hands, and this app helps me to deal with the boredom while making some sweet sweet side cash at the same time. BTW, I have tried some other apps that give you money for paying, and they are just not up to the same quality as the p7g apps, try them if you want, but I think you will keep coming back to this once you've tried it. I so highly recommend it..Version: 1.7.15

Great game to play in your downtimeThis isn’t your average afternoon Sunday bingo. Each round pairs you up with an individual or group (depending on the match) to wager money for a cash prize in a round of bingo. The numbers are called fast, the players are tough and it forces you to rethink what you know about bingo. The money is legit and each round is evenly fair as the game mainly relies on skill rather than luck as your opponent is given the same bingo card with the same numbers called. As with any form of gambling when you win you win. But when you lose you lose hard so it’s certainly important to know when to cut your losses. If you practice and get good enough you can make actual money but wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job to pursue competitive bingo. That being said it’s a super easy and fun game to get into, and you don’t always have to deposit money to win. There are additional side games that constantly gift you tickets or chances to win bonus money. I’ve been able to turn a couple thousand tickets into $100 with enough winning. Just remember to play responsibly..Version: 1.9.9

Make money playing bingo!Video games are awesome! And now they are an awesome way to make some money on the side. A side hustle if you will. Bingo Clash is one of the best games to make some side cash with. It's just like the classic bingo but with a casino twist! You play against other people online in a cash stakes game and the winner gets the money. It's fun and fast paced, a game only takes a few minutes, which makes it perfect for playing during coffee breakts, or for just doing something while you sit on a zoom class or something like that. The company that makes it is also really cool. They always have events going on, like doing charities for animals or other good causes, so often times you can also help to make the world a better place, while also making some money for yourself, and having a good time to boot. There's no downside! Bingo Clash is just a perfect app!.Version: 1.7.14

All gamesThey are great a lot of fun good matches, it’s a little to understand it says 1$ games but you put .60 cents so you only win .40 cents and the one game you bet tickets to win money so an example bet 2,000 tickets to win .60cents if you win you get .60 cents but you lose your tickets I was playing 8,000 tickets to win I think 2$ and if I won I get the 2$ but they still take the 8,000 tickets so it’s like buying them it’s not fair it’s not right I know I can’t be the first one person to notice this.????? It should be more fair if you bet 1$ you should win 1$ or even if you play for tickets and you win you should not lose your tickets. I understand the person who owns this app has to make money but they are raking it in from all everyone who plays they are cleaning up from all directions. Am I playing wrong any tips would be appreciated or if I have it wrong maybe someone can explain it to me please. Thanks thank you..Version: 1.9.9

The best bingoLike I said this is the best bingo I found along with pocket 7 but there is one big down side of this game if you don’t know yet just heads up, I made a $100 deposit the other day and ended up winning little over $300 I went ahead made a withdrawal and per their policy rule your withdrawal money will go back to the original way you made your deposit that being said I used one of my credit car to make the $100 deposit and today I get a message of my withdrawal details so they split the $300 in one thousand pieces possible, $10 in one card another $10 in another card $160 on another card and so on etc. Now detail of this story is I have deleted all my cards of this game except for one the same one I made the deposit with and yet they sent some of this ridiculous split of my withdrawal to a card that don’t even exist anymore and this is not the first time this happens, they can’t even follow their own policy rules 🤦🏻‍♀️..Version: 1.7.5

Okay so truthEditing this to say I’ve gotten over $100 on this game and it all went into my account today. This isn’t a scam you just gotta learn how to play 😊 I downloaded this app a few days ago and put $50 into it and lost every dime I put in, BUT I thought it was normal bingo, there are tips and tricks to this game and I’ve figured them out mostly and I won back the $50 on one game. There will be people better and faster than you. So bad reviews for losing is unfair. Also you can watch the 2 player games after you’ve played and you’ll see that you get the same card and they call out the same number. It’s about who’s the fastest and most skilled at this game. So if you lose you should probably practice with tickets and get the hang of it before you play with cash like I did. All in all it’s a really fun and great game. I will write another 5 star review once my $50 gets deposited into my account, they say it takes 7 business days so I’m waiting for the money to hit either my PayPal or account and then I’ll write another review. Tips to play: -hit the number fast you get more points -if you get a x2 bonus SAVE IT. -don’t press bingo until the very end of the game. If you have a x2 wait until the last 10 second and press that and then press bingo so it will double all of your points. Another tip- don’t leave a bad review just because you’re too stupid to figure it out. 😉 All around pretty fun game..Version: 1.6.3

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