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Best game on the App StoreThis game is amazing! I absolutely love it. There are so many features to go over so I’ll make it short. It’s basically a cod game without a campaign on your phone. The multiplayer, with gunsmith, scorestreaks, a huge arsenal of weapons, tons of classic maps, perks, operator skills, and 10 loadout slots is top notch. It rarely gets boring as there’s so much to try out and perfect. The only downside is that occasionally when a new weapon is added it is be extremely OP however the developers will generally nerf it the next season. Battle Royale is nice (I like multiplayer more but that’s just a preference) it has 2 maps: a large 100 person map, and a smaller one for half as many people. On the larger one there is also a warfare mode with unlimited respawns and a 10 minute mode that starts with a tiny circle. I would love for them to put zombies mode back in or a campaign. The best thing however is that you can get all the weapons by leveling up, progressing in the battlepass, or completing seasonal challenges (which are all super easy). The only things that are hard to get and/or require money are really good camos for guns. They are admittedly pretty overpriced but they don’t actually give you any advantage. Keep up the good work devs (and please add zombies or campaign)!.Version: 1.0.19

Crash, unexpexted shutdownI love this game i swear i love it so much and enjoy it very well and consider myself a very good soldier lol but in the middle of the game it just closes itself. I have no other app background rather than cod and i have an iPhone 7 running the latest software and cod is updated too. Everyday it kicks me a few times and esp when I’m in ranked matches. But today really made me mad, i was in battle royale and it kicked 3 times and every time i am just wishing i hope anyone didn’t shoot me to death yet :( why me why 😭😢 Another thing I realized is whenever there’s a new bundle or crate coming to game or any new mission event, if I’m in the match it just freezes and kicks me as well and when the match is finished i see there’s something new in the game. And i hate it i do hate it and since i hate it so much i gave up buying cod points to get cordite zero and I really like it though:(.Version: 1.0.12

Reloading animationThat one star will be given when we have the reloading animation fixed in this game. Obviously we only have a very rough “speed reloading” animation in the game, and even without any animation of re-charging the weapon when the game character is reloading a empty mag. Gun smith is here, amazing features! I feel so much sense of belongings when I fight with my own customized weapons but only in TPS, I will never fight in FFS mode, reason is very simple: I am a firearm owner in reality, I can’t stand on a faulty reloading animation. Please fix reloading animation on your next update, please add on such as tactical reloading, speed reloading, empty mag reloading, etc. even I don’t mind to add in a very minor chance of action jam to make the game even more real. You have just added a awesome gun smith system, don’t waste it, make it the most real gun game!.Version: 1.0.16

Important suggestionThis game is great, it’s fun and loading in to a game is fast, no zombies or campaign but no complaints, however if I had to make a suggestion it would be one thing and that would be weapon nerfs, if every gun had the same base level of power or control there would be no more need of a “meta” gun it’s for this reason why there’s always a “meta” every season which guns are getting buffed or nerfed, the problem with this approach is causing players to use the same set of guns for every season like the typical QxR or mp9, if the “meta” approach was to be disposed off then more players would start to use all off cod mobiles Arsenal instead of the usual suspects which would create an even more diverse environment in which old or new gamers stand on equal ground, I’ve seen other call of duty titles implement the same tactic and the result is an endless thriller in which no two matches are the same, if that could be implemented then the need for new guns would slow down,and players with advanced skill would be forced to play in ranked matches since there would be no advantage in playing in a public lobby, meaning new players would be matched with new players, and veterans would be matched with other veterans, hope you guys consider this point of view, thanks for the awesome work keep it up.Version: 1.0.26

Use the same engine and do a zombie chroniclesImagine this same thing but zombies and it has all the best maps and guns like buried origins mob of the dead der riese die rise accession (unpopular opinion transit was good) town XI from BO4! Just bangers from all the cods but then give us the guns from them too like the PPSH41 (BUT MAKE IT SOUND AND FEEL LIKE THE ONE FROM WAW NOT THE CRAPPING REVAMP) THE BROWNING, MG42, MP40,TOMMY FROM BO2,RPK,(WOULD BE AWESOME to see some guns from MW and MW2 like M16A4, ACR, UMP, AK47 FROM MW, RANGERS, AKIMBO 1887S, M4A1).PUT THE FAN FAVORITE PERKS IN. Just thinking about this makes me excited. Let the stuff be chosen by the fans and you’ll get a lot of the old ones back! This CODmobile is the first thing I’ve played in a while and I love is because the game play has no bs just like the old ones. I cant tell you how much time I’ve put into MW WAW MW2 BO MW3 and BO2! I had 62 days of playing time on MW2 alone. I think if you get rid of all the bs and make one like the old ones people will come back stronger then ever. It could all start with tearing at our heartstrings with an old school all in one zombie mobile. I know it costs much less to make a phone game so try it see how it does and if people love it make a console version. Thanks for your time and if anyone is still reading this thanks for giving me your attention for a little.Version: 1.0.8

A Game ChangerCall of Duty: Mobile sounds like it would be a complicated, difficult to play mess, right? Wrong. Call of Duty: Mobile has smooth controls that are customizable, both by button size and position relative to your HUD, crisp graphics, amazing frames, and awesome gameplay! The game’s settings really do add adaptability to your device, as phones and tablets that have a greater power capacity can use High and Very High graphics with no sweat, although with Very High you won’t find maxed out frames. You’ll need it in at least only High for Max Frame Rate. Phones that seem to have a harder time maintaining battery can utilize the low frame settings, along with low graphical quality to reserve some juice. While there are a lot of IAP’s to make, you do not, I repeat, DO NOT, need to pay ANY money at all to play the core game itself. It is free to play, and honestly I feel as if this should have a $2.99 price tag at LEAST. This work of art shouldn’t be passed up or taken for granted, so you better enjoy the free Call of Duty experience right from your pocket! As being someone who started on the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, I can’t help but find another match to play Domination in! I love this game! And with these amazing mechanics and features, you’ll LOVE the battle royale!.Version: 1.0.8

Battle royalHey codm just wanted to say that your game is great and smooth I like what you’ve done to the game, but I really want the stem back just So you can have an extra bit of health. I also wanted to tell you about my problem with the load out system in br for some weird reason I can’t get my load out or any of my guns there isn’t a button to press for my load out to grab. But other than that issue the gameplay is out of the world.Version: 1.0.28

Surprisingly very good mobile gameBefore upgrading my phone, I thought I’d download a few games that I assumed my 6s would struggle with.. One of them was COD Mobile. I literally had no expectations about this game at all, thinking it would be massively laggy, dreadful controls and boring to play. I also assumed that unless you pay a fortune, COD Mobile would be heavily restricted and impossible to progress in... All my assumptions were wrong! The game feels responsive, fun and very easy (for a phone game) to get to grips with. If you’re a beginner like me, pretty poor at COD as well as very inexperienced playing games on tablets or phones, you’ll be surprised at how fast you can become competitive. Even on a 5 year old iPhone 6s with a tiny screen, I didn’t feel disadvantaged at all. Although the game will consistently bug you to spend your cash, It doesn’t seem like you need to spend any money at all to progress or enjoy. Absolute must download for anyone, and it’s free!.Version: 1.0.10

Great game - Battle Royale could be betterI don’t remember exactly how long I’ve been playing COD:Mobile, but it’s been quite some time now. I’ve enjoyed nearly every aspect of the game and have a blast playing it basically every single weekday on break with my friends at work. The multiplayer modes are all pretty fun and a good challenge and despite my use of a controller my friends are still usually able to keep up with the pace and not get beat up too bad by the enemy team (it’s supposed to pair you with other controller players is why i mention that). So far the only mentionable gripe for me could also possibly be due to my use of a controller. When I’m playing the battle royale modes, no matter how I adjust sensitivity I can never get enough rotational or aiming speed. It’s always very slow and makes hitting a moving target much more difficult. I haven’t played it without the controller to see if it’s any different, but if it’s not then I’d say the battle royale mode needs some optimizations. Outside of that I highly enjoy this game and it shows because myself and most of my friends group are in the level 120+ range. I’ll definitely continue to play and hope for battle royale mode to be updated for smoother gameplay and i recommend this for anyone looking for a quality mobile FPS game..Version: 1.0.12

I thought I’d uninstall immediately but..I’ll be honest. When I downloaded this game just after it was released, I had fully anticipated uninstalling shortly thereafter. Well here I am over a year later and I still play this game EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I started out with almost 0 experience with FPS games. Battle royale was completely new to me, I didn’t even know I was supposed to jump out of the chopper my first match 😂. I learned everything from the ground up, and now I am actually really good at the game! I play in private lobbies with 0 bots if I really want a challenge, so don’t assume that the game is always going to be easy. There’s ways to challenge yourself no matter what. I have grown so much, constantly learning new ways to improve my gameplay. I never in a million years thought I’d be making friends from all over the world, like real friends that I communicate with outside of the game. Lastly, the devs are always offering something fresh for players, be it weapons, maps, skins, game modes, etc. There’s never a dull moment. It turned this non-gamer, into a full-blown gamer girl. This is not your average mobile game, people! Give it a try and see for yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose, you get to play for free! I guarantee you’ll be hooked instantly..Version: 1.0.22

Cool :>The game itself is good n all but the in-game purchases n prices are hella expensive😟 like for eg. one legendary is $200NZD. again the game itself is absolutely flawless and extremely addicting💀 I’ve spent a lot of money on this game (which sometimes I regret😪) Although with spending you’re money you are getting better service in a way (the gun looks better, special weapon inspection, special kill effects, sometimes even unique gun attachments eg. the famous demon song kilo 141 optic and more) Everyone say's it’s too expensive but i mean- you’re getting what you paid for. Yes mythic and legendary weapons are expensive but they’re expensive for a reason, there are plenty of other weapons and skin operators you can acquire without spending a-lot of money plus in draws there are also other guns and melee weapons (also the battle-pass) which are way more affordable and still cool. prices are expensive but you are given what you pay for (the higher the price the better the deal) there’s also lots of events that happen which sometimes give’s really great deals. ANYWAYSSS- the game is really fun and addicting so beware you may get a really bad addiction😭😭😭 but its cool ig :D.Version: 1.0.37

Lot’s of enjoyment from a game I didn’t expect to be able to run!Call of Duty Mobile delivers an exhilarating experience that captures the essence of the franchise on a portable platform. From intense firefights to strategic gameplay, it's a must-have for any FPS enthusiast. One of the standout features is its impeccable shooting and aiming controls, which provide a level of precision rarely seen in mobile gaming. Whether you're sniping from a distance or engaging in close-quarters combat, the responsiveness of the controls enhances the immersion, making every shot feel satisfyingly accurate. With customizable settings to suit individual preferences, Call of Duty Mobile sets a new standard for mobile shooters, offering an experience that rivals its console counterparts. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the franchise, this game is sure to keep you hooked with its seamless controls and adrenaline-pumping action..Version: 1.0.44

Great gameI really like Codm, but, it has a few issues, firstly change the m4 look it looks weird, secondly there is too many ugly camps and not enough pistols, launchers and marksman rifles, third is that there should higher magnified rifles scopes for in ground war an BR, and you should be available to change magnifications in game while ADSing, and finally my last issue with the game is that there should be more tactically wise operators that are available to deploy, for instance a gillie suit, and other camo operators instead of ridiculous looking one like there is at the moment, oh and one last thing there is too many little kids under 17 playing the game and it ruins the experience. But other than this absolutely amazing game I love this and have played since the most recent season 1 but srsly please make these changes then it will be better than a five star game. 😁.Version: 1.0.40

Few commentsThe game is exceptionally done, but still requires few improvements. Very fun to play and I am glad that the devs didn’t do anything p2w that is completely broken. Almost pretty balanced. The few improvements that most players, i believe would like to see are the following: Separate PC players from mobile players. The reason for this is that the PC players have much more advantages compared to Mobile players. They can crouch while firing, jump while firing, aim quickly and many more PC advantages. Another is the disconnection problem that causes players to lose rank points. I’ve experienced this 3 times now, where after finishing a match, my game fails to load up the after match results, which prompts me to close the game. After closing the game, I would lose the rank points because the system saw me as a disconnected player. Lastly, in matches where allies disconnect, there should be a lesser rank point deduction to those who decide to stay in the match. This is specially crucial in Search and Destroy, where it is important to have equal amount of players in order to have a balance match. The game is still new, but I hope these improvements are not overlooked..Version: 1.0.8

Unfair match makingHello I would just ask that you fix the free for all game mode. There has been countless times when I have been put into a game with someone who already has almost 15 of our the 20 kills. Then it’s unfair and I waste time playing that match. Plus because it’s so late in endgame sometimes people even have score streaks so I stand even less of a chance. Please fix this.Version: 1.0.9

Lost accountFor some reason I got logged out of my account. My password won’t work and password reset always fails. Unable to get any support. If I could I would give the game 5 stars..Version: 1.0.17

THE BESTThis is actually the best game of action guns battle Royale and multiplayer modes nothing beats it am literally one of the first players who played it when it was only available in Australia and India everything in is just Overwhelming but would be really nice to increase the possibility of wining rare skins and guns in the purple crates also the old zombi mode was actually way better, also I have an idea why don’t you use the battle royal zombi mode in a way 50 players go zombies with special abilities and 50 players as tough soldiers and whoever stays at last wins also it would be cool if the zombies needs to hide in the houses in day light and go out in the dark like they can go out in the morning but not as tough at night would really appreciate it if you consider it, thank you ❤️.Version: 1.0.31

CodThe new update has taken some time to get used to but now it’s as if it were never updated. The only issue is that no one has seemed to fix the mics it keeps cutting in and out esp on BR. This issue may be small for some but it’s big enough for me especially since we communicate in battle Royale, to maybe consider another game. I’d rather not though because this is the best mobile game out. Please fix your mics..Version: 1.0.16

Love it! Addictive, fun and passes the time away.Great game. Most realistic FPP/TPP shooting game on the market to date. You don’t need to spend lots of cash on this game to compete with the best, the devs have created a game that’s fair for non paying players which is refreshing. I happily buy the season pass each season and love to grind away to make the top ranks, it’s a time killer and l need my daily fix. You can or could get carried away spending money on this game to get the latest guns/skins etc but it’s optional and as l stated not needed to complete with the best. If you do miss out on a gun or skin you can generally get them eventually by grinding away. Always new content added which keeps you engaged in the game. If you like to play Multiplayer FPS games or just love to play Battle Royale this is a must have game. You get lots of goodies whether it be guns or skins or characters just by having the season pass which is very affordable. Keep up the great work guys!.Version: 1.0.11

Lots of fun, recommendI highly recommend this game. I am playing on a 2020 iPad Pro and it’s running much better then I expected to be honest. I use a PS4 controller connected via Bluetooth, changed the controller setting in game to “Advanced” all this dose is enable manual shooting, it exactly like playing on a console now. Right trigger is fire, can use Xbox controller also. Texture and graphics are good enough, I haven’t came across any issues so far. Lots of game modes, this game to explain is like Black opps 1&2 maps with a couple of newer maps. There is Ranked mode, Standard multiplayer , Battle Royal e.g like war zone,PUBG ect and zombies. Many different maps, lots of fun. Ive spend no money and lots of fun, no need to spend. There is many objectives and things to do, plus this bit you watch adds optionally btw and in return you get a roll for free cosmetics ect. Not bad, way the dev can make money with affiliate marketing and the consumer can still play for free. I recommend this, but only with a controller. I was a PlayStation gamer, than PC. But tired this for fun and wasn’t disappointed..Version: 1.0.41

The GOLD STANDARDThis game is the gold standard for first-person shooters (FPS) and third-person shooters (TPS) on mobile. This game is constantly updated and has plenty of alternate ways to play that can bring back the player for renewed entertainment. Most items that you pay for will not improve your chances. The only downside I find is there is too much reliance on bots to fill the ranks on games. While the bot AI is very advanced and makes a good game, the bots still don’t perform team based maneuvers such as flanking or cover fire/ sniper team maneuvers. When a battle royal of 100 players is filled with 75 bots, my suggestion would suggest a smaller map with 24 players and maybe one respawn to keep the game at a high skill level for those on the pro level or higher. When only 15% of players are pro level or higher this would be a great game to add for those at the higher level, so during a 20 minute battle royal you not spending 15 minutes killing bots. The Alcatraz map is a step moving in the right direction of what I’m suggesting, but if it’s combined with the blitz mode for pro level or higher I would think that’s might be a great addition. The build-out is already there, just setting the parameters on the developer end..Version: 1.0.28

Really good but needs prestiges.Such a good game for iOS. Undoubtedly to me, the category leader in every department and the culture changer for mobile games. I have no complaints about Zombies or BR, and I look forward to Warzone 2 next year. However, I have always been an almost exclusively MP guy, and it’s good, but far from great. My biggest gripe that hurts me to my core as a long time COD player is no prestiges?? I cannot get my head around a COD game with no prestiges to be honest, that’s the whole game for me. There HAS to be prestiges in regular MP for any longevity whatsoever. They have to add it in, they just have to. Ranked matches are a good feature I play every season, but if they think they’re replacing prestiges with ranked levels, they’re out of their absolute mind. MP has been coasting for a couple years now, and needs a freshen up. It really badly needs more map rotation, how can I have about 45 maps downloaded and even across multiple game modes I only ever play about 6/7? It also needs more game modes. Demolition, Capture the flag etc. I also think fun modes like infected, gun game, one in the chamber would do great on mobile. I really like it and I won’t stop playing, but it is starting to dry up much quicker than before. 150 standard levels is garbage, I have 0 incentive to level up. I need something to work at, something to strive for, something to keep me coming back. Give us prestiges. Please😫😂.Version: 1.0.36

Surprisingly good gameYou know whenever most people see a mobile version of a game that’s meant for a bigger platform they always think of some bad graphic pixel game but even though this is a big CONSOLE game it can somehow work just as well on mobile as it can on any other gaming platform. Even after that it’s a better mobile game than most other mobile shooters. The only thing that I would change about the game is the way they balance teams, for example I would be playing with my friend (both of us are level 10-20) when we would be matched up with people that are level 30-50 on the other team. But honestly even with that you can just grind off of a.i. matches to get better weapons so you can be better prepared for serious battle. Overall Call of Duty Mobile is a really good game that I recommend to both serious gamers and people who just casually play for fun, because if your a serious gamer then you can devote a lot of time to it and it’s really easy at the beginning just in case you’re someone who plays a game for a couple days then leaves it for another. So while you were reading this I hope you were downloading it so that once you’re done you can go play because I really want this to be the reason someone gets this game. So please get it who knows I might see you in game..Version: 1.0.8

This should not be as good as this isI have been playing call of duty ever since the modern warfare franchise, and I have experienced a lot of call of duty to say the least. Now when I learn that there’s a mobile version of COD on the App Store for free, I thought I’d be some insanely bad game with micro transactions every where, but when I played my first few matches, I was totally shocked. The fact that activison, tencent and treyarch made a free cod game for mobile, and it’s actually not bad with ( to my knowledge) no pay to win, with actual people that don’t cheat is completely beyond me. Maybe it’s just that recently activison has been destroying the COD name so therefore if there’s a new COD coming out, my brain automatically assumes it’s bad, but this is amazing. The graphics aren’t that bad ( I’m on a iPhone 7+ so I’m not expecting 1080P 60 FPS gameplay) for a mobile cod, bugs rarely occur and if something does happen it’s probably just my WIFI. Also wait times are extremely short so that makes it really good to just hop without thinking of it. For a basic summary this game is extremely good for a cod mobile game, and I hope activison continues too update it, because this game is GOLDEN. For gameplay wise, it’s pretty good. As a Cod Game goes, this is definitely a recommended for me..Version: 1.0.8

Glitch 24/7I love this game, it’s so fun and addictive. However, the lag is just too much for me. I had this game multiple times but deleted it over and over again because of this issue. It makes me sad every time I delete it and excited when i re-download it. When I got this game this week I noticed it lagged every time I started a match in multiplayer or zombies ( I don’t play battle royal...just once )While my teammates were ahead of me I was still at the spot I spawned for 3 seconds or more. Now I didn’t really mind that because it was just at the beginning. But as I started playing more I noticed that it started affecting how I play. When I started shooting someone it would freeze and I couldn’t move obviously and when it stopped lagging I always found myself to have died. It’s so frustrating because I love winning and hate losing. And since it started affecting me I thought “could it be that I have used too much storage on my phone?” But when I checked I didn’t even use 1GB. And every time I’m finished playing call of duty I hop onto another game with similarities to it but when I do it starts lagging as well. Mind you, this has never happened before, until I downloaded call of duty. So PLEASE tell me what the heck do I do to solve this issue..Version: 1.0.10

Gamer tag# Topshotter20, clan tag# BritishEmpier-_-This game is an absolute insanity I loved it when I first started it in 2019 I played for couple months and stop due to not having time for games anymore and lost my old account came back 2 months ago with a new account and developed a high rate this game is unbelievable it’s like an addiction at some point you feel like you cannot stop playing it everything about it is very interesting I’m lvl 100 in a month if hard work got 5 account my own clan and been legendary MP & BR! I’m in love with this game everything about it makes it beautiful and very enjoyable I’m due to get battle pass premium on all my account and help my clan grow up to if you’d like to play with me join my clan it’s called BritishEmpier-_- , I’m giving away free battle passes to my clan mates that puts in hard work love and enjoy this game to w everyone.Version: 1.0.41

The Best game in the worldAll the games and App Store just the fighting games copy call of duty and this is best thing from these games like PUBG free fire and another on another they copy call of duty black Ops war zone ghost zombie they copy they didn’t get a good idea like this they copy called duty but I think I don’t social call of duty 0.0% sheet copy shouldn’t even think about a copy so just make his own ideas make everything she’s own this is the best game ever in my life I played this score game she did she like my life is different because Because Call of Duty has the best idea is if you’re bored nobody can copy these nobody can think about is this a smart things ever in the world I don’t think so: duty should copy any game pupils think so things could of duty she’s not the best game in the world I think for fire PUBG whatever Fortnite you’re the best game in the world but they’re wrong colour of duty is the best game in the boy I cannot believe they please play these games I really cannot bel.Version: 1.0.22

Change up the Map for WarzoneChange up to the Map to be like the console version and make everyone actual people not jus bots like cmon now.Version: 1.0.22

Needs zombies and other stuffMake battle royal feel like cold war when you run with one hand with smgs and other guns make the battle royal map a bit smaller. can you please add zombies back with transit and verructkt shima no mu and kino der totten and farm and some more bo2 maps for multiplayer and cod ghost maps and some guns from cod ghost and gives us more better skins for credit shop and more female skins because why not haha but yeah gives us better vehicles as well and get rid of most of the bots because there stupid and leave infected in the game stop putting as a one time thing it’s so annoying bring back the og weapons like the mg42, mp40, Tommy gun and just fix up battle royal with better game play thank I rate this game a 4 because it’s better then pubg hahah..Version: 1.0.19

Great game but some extras…My family and I have religiously played this game for 2 years solid (yes we are rather sad), and we love the gameplay. Some features that could be amended for loyal players would be great - get rid of the computers. Sadly we figured out that the “rubbish” players we laugh at and used to love in our team for the banter, are not real. I.e SammySlammy, Parlezvous, soccormom. This list GOES on. We figured out they are not real as we could not get why they still played when all they did was die. Looked at their stats, not real. Really sad to find it out and also a little disappointed that they are always in the teams. We rather play real players - can we win cooler character for free? Or, be like fortnight where we get the chance to create our own character, at least once - for the loyal players perhaps, not new joiners? - more multiplayer modes! Hard point is truly the best one. - zombies to be more like black ops 2!.Version: 1.0.29

So expensive 😭I mean overall the game is great… I never have bugs and the only thing that happens is lagging because I have bad wifi but I love the game and it’s super addictive. My only problem is that it’s so expensive 😭 I’m definitely not made of money and I can only get legendary guns sometimes but then I go broke and can’t buy another one until a month or so later, let alone getting a mythic 😪😪 I just wish it was half or a 2/3 of the price lol.Version: 1.0.43

Call of duty and what i cant improveHey call of duty developers i love this game so far its one of the most funnest games ive play other than fortnite and some others but the thing thats kinda boring is honestly the whole game dont get me wrong at some points its pretty fun of a game but what i think that could be added is more cod zombie maps i am aware that you guys will add a new map in season 4 but you might not whenever you do i think you should also add custom maps for zombies like on cod black of 4 and stuff like the simpsons map and things like that and also add packa punch but like show how it was change with more damage and new gun skins on it and maybe a power up if you get even further and another thing is new perk ive seen that cod on pc and that have way more perks than we do dont get me wrong juggernog is good and double tap but i think you should add all of them like the black widow or something like that thats rlly all id improve because on cod on pc and xbox and stuff its looks super fun to try pack a punch and fan made maps i know this would be hard to recreate but this is an opinion just to let you know but thanks for reading my comment on the game (if u have) but ye thats it..Version: 1.0.10

Everything is perfect!Hello there reader, thanks for reading my review on this game. Anyways, I just want to get straight onto it. First of all, everything is just great, there hasn’t been any bugs I have found yet, looks like everything is fixed from the start. You have done a great job on moving controls, shooting, scripting, literally everything! Secondly, this is one of the fewer games that are free and actually good, but sometimes there are stops into these kind of games, some devices aren’t compatible, (You can check the compatibility of your device in the description). For example I have a iPhone 6, when I first saw the trailer on Instagram I knew for sure I was getting it, after downloading it, it said it wasn’t compatible, I was sad after but I remembered I had a iPad so then I check the compatibility and it works! (Using iPad Air 2, yes I know not the best) It was probably because maybe ram or the processors aren’t strong enough to run it, but I get it. So, basically in conclusion in this review everything is great, can’t wait for new updates, seasons, etc! Controls, graphics, models everything in this game is great just like the real COD. Amazing graphics! Love it, Thanks, Sincerely, a happy player :).Version: 1.0.9

Dam!! coool🤯🤯Awesome.Version: 1.0.4

Fun but needs something from before.Can you please bring back the original zombies mode? Not undead siege, but the original zombies mode. I only got to play it once in my first months of playing this game, so can please can you bring it back? UPDATE: More ideas comin’ right your way! Can you please add a somewhat-campaign, that has the option to play with friends in a co-op in whichever of the missions? Could you also add the spec-ops co-op mode from Modern Warfare 2019? Also, look, I know you have made this game nothing but fair with the cosmetics not needing to have any actual advantages and the fact that when there’s a new gun being added and there being an event for it and even if you miss it, you can still earn it afterwards, and you want to benefit from the game because of the hard work and time being put into it, but can you please add more, easier ways to get CP for cosmetics? Even if you just have to earn it, it would still be amazing, and even if you don’t get a lot of CP for the tasks, it would be great. Especially for people like me, who want some of the cool stuff, like the gun skins, the cool character model skins, but don’t have the money for them. Can you please add all of these? Thank you.😁 Ps, can you please make the modes permanent?.Version: 1.0.33

Great but could be betterOne of the main things that bugs me in particular is the fact that for the 10 load outs, you can’t copy one and paste it in all the rest, the gunsmith changes you make to the weapon will in no way show up, neither do the changes on character customisation like their backpacks and such, so if you want to make your perfect load outs to be ready to play at an instant when your with friends when they join together it wouldn’t be such a pain to sit down and make all the necessary adjustments for loadout 2 or 3 or etc., I just think this is an issue that COD can fix very easily and it would be something that would save the players a hell of a lot of time when they want to make their loadouts!.Version: 1.0.17

A Tale of COD MobileThe lone player carefully watches his enemy through the green smoke and white hot flames. They are oblivious to the concealed enemy plotting their doom. Their momentary success against the player's allies will be short-lived. They don't know it, but the spawns have already flipped. Amidst choking fumes, the player carefully watches his belt, as if waiting it to restock itself. Suddenly, looking up, he reaches into his pocket, producing a worn yet shiny object. His allies' plight would end soon. A shrill whistle is heard through the fog. The enemy thinks nothing of it, but their leader has already given up. In moments, men who braved space lasers and missile rains blotting out the sun would meet their end. As small objects detonate around them, paralyzing them for the rest of their short lives, the player emerges, showering his enemies with lead. The illusion of safety created by cover is shattered as heads explode. The few that are left cower in the corner. However, fate would not spare them. As a familiar silhouette appears around the corner, their full magazines are emptied into it, but to no avail. As they hopelessly ran, some back into the line of fire, and some onto the sparklers dotting the ground, the creature chased them down, not slowing down as he ruthlessly slaughtered them with his fatal bite..Version: 1.0.29

I love it but....First I want to congratulate Activision and Tencent for a greatly optimised game, like I have an iPad mini 4 and I can put the graphics up to the highest settings and I’m getting what looks like 60fps (playing a lot of games on pc where it’s normal to get that this is brilliant). Second the controls are simple and the combat is fun (I mean the game is lots of fun when overnight the game had 20 million matches played). I like that old maps and weapons are back and that with some gun skins you can unlock them by playing the game. But my issue with the game is the amount of money that you can spend on COD points is ridiculous, for example the premium pass for the battle pass is 800 cod points which $17 nzd... but then premium pass+ is 2000 cod points which between $40 and $50 nzd?! That’s very expensive for how little you get from buying premium+. Now this is not the best thing to do in my opinion, but this doesn’t stop me playing this game therefore I’m going to keep on playing but I’m mostly not going to spend any money in this game..Version: 1.0.8

/ PLEASE READ /I love this game, I really do, it’s super fun, enjoyable and doesn’t get boring. The only reason I’m not giving this game 5 STARS is because of an issue that URGENTLY needs fixing. What I’m talking about is people getting unfairly banned. I myself am legendary rank (the highest rank in the game) and I love playing ranked. However the ban system that this game has is that if a certain amount of players report you, you get instantly banned. No explanation, no reason, you just get banned. This means that if you play really well and the other team gets annoyed and reports you, guess what you get banned. This is really frustrating because I play ranked and get on average 25+ kills depending on the game mode and then after the game is finished, BANG, I get hit in the face with a fat 1 DAY ban. This isn’t too bad once in a while but I get BANNED EVERY DAY! I get banned for being a good player. This NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I’ve spent money on the game and I’m scared that I’ll eventually get the 10 YEAR BAN that some more unfortunate players have gotten for no reason. Please fix this..Version: 1.0.12

Fix the Ranked MatchmakingI’m one of the more competitive players when it comes to games like these, so I really enjoy played ranked for exclusive rewards, but the match making is really scuffed. I recently ranked up to grandmaster rank, and I was super excited seeing as it took me forever to rank out is just master. I loaded straight into another game, being my first in grandmaster and the matchmaking was really bad. The opponents were super good whereas I felt like I was carrying my enter team. My enemies where all really good players all around, with aim that would never break off of you, but my teammates’ aim looked like a robot, or a 6 year old shooting an AK-47. It’s was super annoying, but I blew it of as it was my first game and in grandmaster and the game was testing me so that it could put me into more fair game. After I lost the game, I loading up another, expecting a better game, but it was the exact same. Horrible teammates vs CODM pros. I was starting to get mad now and I gave it one last try. I lost again. 3 games in a row, where my teammates were all terrible and I was the only one who got any points for my team. It was super annoying because all my excitement for grandmaster had gone away because of poor matchmaking. I hope that this problem will be fixed next year and everyone will have a better time on ranked. Thank You!.Version: 1.0.42

THE BEST free mobile FPS GAME!!!This game is VERY good. And I mean it, you can customise your weapons and still have them being recognisable. The handling is great and the graphics are SUPERB, especially on the iPhone and iPad. Also, you can get so much variety on the level you play: one game you might be playing with so much better people and on the next one you are the best of all and kill 30 people (in frontline). This also acts as a way to boost your confidence and continue playing. This game is so good in fact, that if you get bored of it you shouldn’t uninstall it because it will not be long until you are back at it. Even if you decide to uninstall it you should keep your codes because you will reinstall it. The only thing that bothers me is the amount of upgrades the game has. And it takes quite a while to download each and every upgrade..Version: 1.0.42

Almost Perfect!I’ve never seen anything like it! Ten cent and Activision’s PUBG Mobile was good, but this was even better! I have a very bad iPad but when I turn graphics high, it’s like I’m playing on a PC! But my problem is that the money that COD M costs for skins and guns are very expensive and people buy them and it makes people rage a lot when they see they’ve died to a pay to win person. I do hope you lower down the prices so everyone can have it so it’s a fair game, and that there’s no very terrible issues for people because then they’ll rage quit the game and it wouldn’t be fair for everyone else because it would take longer for them to get into a single match so please patch up the prices and make them maybe $10 lower and then it can be played fair, thanks!.Version: 1.0.9

Good Game, Having trouble logging inI’ve been playing this game for a couple months now and I’ve really enjoyed it. There’s been a few glitches here and there. I’ve been having trouble logging into my Call of duty: Mobile account, I usually log in through my Facebook account, I went to login yesterday and it turns out it completely made me a new account through my Facebook? That shouldn’t of even happened now I’ve lost everything, my guns, my data all the levels I’ve reached. I really don’t want to be starting all over again. Can you please help me get into my account again as if not I’ll be deleting this app off of my phone 🙂.Version: 1.0.16

It’s FunThe game is pretty fun to play. My expectations were low when I considered it was a free mobile CoD game, but I have fun with it. Playing with friends and creating clans is a breeze. I haven’t spent a dime on the game and the profession so far is OK. There are weapons with exclusive perks that give a slight bonus to players with them, so it could be argued there is a slight pay to win factor since the main methods of acquiring such weapons are from buying the Battlepass or spending absurds amount of COD points on a direct purchase weapon. I still think the perks are minor and I do just fine competing against others that have them. My only real complaints are; sometimes there will be games with bots filled in that provide some cheap deaths, sometimes but rarely it becomes a battle of better connection (and you will notice when it is). Lastly, I understand it’s a free to play mobile game. Microtransactions are a given, however I feel it’s way too much and excessively shoved in my face. There’s a lot of ways to spend money and the game makes sure to constantly remind you through about 3-5 price notifications at a time. Overall, it’s pretty fun to play considering it’s a free to play microtransaction filled game. Graphics are fine, gameplay is better than expected, and it does feel like Call of Duty. I do plan to keep playing it..Version: 1.0.8

EA machine gun is a fully automatic, rifled auto-loading firearm designed for sustained direct fire with rifle cartridges. Other automatic firearms such as automatic shotguns and automatic rifles (including assault rifles and battle rifles) are typically designed more for firing short bursts rather than continuous firepower and are not considered true machine guns. Submachine guns fire handgun cartridges rather than rifle cartridges and thus are not considered machine guns, while automatic firearms of 20 mm (0.79 in) caliber or more are classified as autocannons rather than machine guns. As a class of military kinetic projectile weapons, machine guns are designed to be mainly used as infantry support weapons and generally used when attached to a bipod or tripod, a fixed mount or a heavy weapons platform for stability against recoils. Many machine guns also use belt feeding and open bolt operation, features not normally found on other infantry firearms. Machine guns can be further categorized as light machine guns, medium machine guns, heavy machine guns, general-purpose machine guns and squad automatic weapons..Version: 1.0.41

Ranked matchesGreat game overall lots of fun & each season has great content! Only down fall is ranked matches!!! Very low rewards as in almost pointless playing! Most frustrating is you can’t choose what you want to play! Search & destroy is a TOTAL WASYE of time & should be given as a choice if you wanna play! As a player that just wants to get in & get on with it, I find some of these game modes a waste & when I quite, which I always do, I lose points!!!! WHY?!?!? If I do g like a game mode, it’s my choice, why should I lose points & be penalised!!!! Let they players choose what game mode they want not you the developers!!! Search & destroy is a total waste of time considering this is a mobile version & most people want to come on, have a few quick games & not wait around for 5 minutes for people to finish till you can play again!!!! Sort it out & gives us, the players a choice to choose what we want!!! Also PLEASE start giving better rewards!!! The rewards you give are so low & worthless, there is zero incentive to rank up in most rewards you offer!!! BIG downfall!!! Make it more exciting to rank up & achieve rewards!!!!!.Version: 1.0.12

Could be slightly betterI’ve played for a year or two now and I really think it’s fun but one problem, why can we not use mechanics that you can in the real game which makes me frustrated. Thus I think that as soon as you go to battle royal, it’s so easy on the first time and I’m on a streak of 12 wins and I need a hard challenge but overall it’s really fun to play. An additional problem is that why can’t we use some of the guns in the real game, like yeah we get some that aren’t but one of my favourite guns (I won’t say it) isn’t in the game so I really think that we need those too, and please for the love of god, why are the notifications so realistic because you saying like mythic HDI 1080p 38gig per second PlayStation 3836 m16 is out. Just stop, thank you. The worst part is the hackers… just no. No. No don’t matter if it’s a normal (not ranked) game but please stop the hackers. But, I will say it is fun when players AREN’T CAMPING. Stop that thank you. If you can please automatically move there player if there in the same spot for more than two minutes. I hope you can make this happen, Thank you..Version: 1.0.32

DJ KENNY M gives COD 5 Star ReviewFinally an app that doesn’t mess around, uses the full capability of the phone and delivers a coin-op game worth playing time and time again. Addictive, fun and challenging too. I am a gamer from day 1, these guys have done a great job, best app. Can’t understand why everyone else can’t do their games and apps justice as they have proved here that just because it’s an app on a phone doesn’t mean that you can’t have a proper version of the original game. Thank you and well done. You have completely finished all the other competition and established yourselves as the undisputed leaders and number 1. Happy customer and overwhelmed with how playable this app is. Faultless. Again why aren’t all the apps and games as good as this. It really doesn’t feel like you are playing a watered down version or substandard version at all and because of this I am now even more likely to invest in the full ps5 and cod game as this app has reminded me how much fun gaming is and how important it is for amusement, quality distraction and mental health issues are definitely helped by gaming. It helps with self confidence and anxiety and depression. Thanks again so much for delivering a brilliant product and showing everyone it can be done on a phone. Amazing.Version: 1.0.19

Great game, snipers have to be fixed thoughI really like this game and I’m going to get straight to the point, this would be 5 starts if it wasn’t for snipers. Don’t get me wrong snipers are really fun and I don’t want them to be taken from the game but I think they do too much damage, your standard sniper kills anyone with one shot and fire too fast. Please make it so you have to at least a few seconds until you can shoot again otherwise it’s just a server full of people spamming an overpowered weapon, also please lower its damage because there are a LOT of snipers in the game and I can barely get anywhere with out dying of one shot to the leg by the standard sniper, make it do at least half of your health. Last thing, this isn’t that big of an issue but to make it fair can you make it so sniper carriers have slower movement because by the time you’ve caught them by surprise (usually behind) they instantly turn around and (as you know) one shot me. Snipers are very heavy guns so please fix that although I don’t mind an instant kill if it’s a headshot because that’s what they’re for really. Absolutely brilliant game, keep it up and maybe add a bit of campaign to keep it going.Version: 1.0.9

Love/HateI have enjoyed many hours playing CODM. I’ve even made real friends in the process. However, I have to speak on how the draws, bundles and crates are designed to make as much money as possible. It’s outrageously overpriced and I know people who are ruining their lives because they spend every dime they have on CODM. Pay to win mythics/legendaries plague the FTP communities and forces them to pay to compete. The weapons/operatives are amazing to look at and experience, but their value has gone down as re-released content becomes “not so rare and not so unique) With each season the game becomes more and more bugged. My phone now crashes almost every other game and I’ve done everything possible to prevent it. We don’t get a lot of love or recognition for our monetary contributions to the game creators and it seems like the more you spend the less you get higher valued items before the last, excruciatingly expensive draws. Please be good to us loyal fans and do the right thing more often. Or this cash cow is gonna get left for dead. The only way to do right by us even after charging Global server players far more than most any other country or place in the world would be if Warzone Mobile allows purchased in-game content from COD Mobile to be carried over..Version: 1.0.38

75/25It’s all fun until you reach a higher class. I can say “Veteran” is the last one where average players have chance and fun, after this class are just addicted players who play it 24/7 and you almost have no chance. It’s even worst that you reach better class too quick. In BR it’s like two-three good games and you are (for example) from Veteran I to Veteran II. These should take more time by my opinion. You should deserve higher class. Also fact that the game can put you into game what started 2 minutes ago is also annoying. On the other side: You don’t have to spend any money and you can enjoy the game (and that is very rare today’s). Many game modes and still making new so you will be not bored. Clan’s war is really good. Battle pas is not so expensive. So you can easily buy it every month (if you want it). Game is for me 75% positive and 25% negative. You will be angry at some point be sure of that, but you can have also fun there..Version: 1.0.28

The best game everThis will help you with the best game you ever see in your new life you can be happy and I wanna is your way you are not now what I do you want me your back I gotta go see ya boy bye love ya bye ya baby boy jack is the back boy you can go to work tomorrow night if ya can get a good luk I wanna is your a great night I gotta is your a new year yes I gotta was the night you gotta I wanna was the day you gotta I wanna is the day we were gonna you were here I was just wondering how your night you gotta go see your house I will see what your room you want I can get your house on my house so sorry to come back here I don’t have any idea where I’m gonna it now I’m sorry I’m just so so cute I’m so gonna I was like that I’m gonna is it for me and I gotta was the day I wanna was the day I gotta was the day mum you gotta go work and go work on the day you can come over here I gotta was the day I gotta go work day you gotta I gotta go work day I gotta go see you soon love ya bye ya baby boy jack and I gotta was a great night club and a good luk is your day you want me your back and I’m going home.Version: 1.0.29

New Season IdeaThis game is an absolutely great game and I love playing it. I admit it has its times where I want to delete it but here i am still happily playing. I would really like to see a Peaky Blinders season with Peaky Blinders weapons, maps and skins. If you do decide to make a season out of it it would be great if the skins were not in the Payed-for battle pass. Instead they could be in the seasonal/featured challenges section in events. Some great character ideas are Polly Shelby, Thomas Shelby, Arthur Shelby, Michael, some of the Changretta’s, some of the Gold’s etc. An amazing map relative to the subject would be a Birmingham map set in the 1919 area. About the Peaky Blinders style weaponry it would be cool to see the Webley .455 Mk VI, the Colt M1911, and the Lewis Machine Gun. -Kind Regards Reagan..Version: 1.0.28

Needs more of the little thingsThis is an excellent game being one of the best shooters on mobile, the gameplay is good and it runs very smoothly on my iPhone XR. I may be nitpicking here but I would really like to see a system where you can choose which attachments show and which don’t. For example my favourite weapon is the QXR (mp7) and I love the look of it without a stock but if I want to keep it looking nice I’ll have to forget adding a barrel because I can’t have both looking the way I want them. In general more customisation such as this feature would be amazing and would improve my experience. Another thing I wish could happen was that all animations for the weapon reloads were the same as in modern warfare. all the new guns since the gunsmith was introduced have had the same reload animations at their modern warfare counterparts and I love ALL of them. If activision made all the weapons have the same reload animations as their counterparts in modern warfare that would seriously make my day..Version: 1.0.20

Best mobile shooterThis game is really really good and been playing a ton. Extremely live and fluid graphics, even on low. Smooth gunplay and not much lag. Perfect for a short lunch break or playing after school. Perfect game. Although, it would be amazing if you could convert, say 3000 cod points into 50 credits? As I would love to get the cool crates, but don’t have money to spend on the game. But play a lot, so have 6000 cod points, to use on not that good skins.Version: 1.0.8

ZombiesPlease bring back zombies 🙏🙏🙏.Version: 1.0.17

Fun GameBeen playing this for over 6 months now and am getting a bit bored of the same thing over and over again. Once you get half decent at aiming, hiding etc, killing new players is quite easy. The Battle Royal map certainly needs a change as I could probably tell you were I was on the map once I landed. All the weapon, item etc upgrades and camos for weapons are pointless, you could spend a day doing that for no reason, doesn’t make you a better player. When playing wearing ear pods the sound isn’t realistic enough as you have no idea where people are approaching you from until you’ve been shot several times. Also, if you’re playing as a team of 4 on Battle Royal, there should be an option to stop people jumping out the plane early if you’re the Team Leader - annoying as heel when people decide to do their own thing when they selected to be part of a team. There should be more reward when you finish 1st or in the Top 10 as a single player in BR. There are too many Arctic/Thermal sighted sniper rifles in BR...should be banned completely. Apart from all that the game does need a Zombies map/gameplay option..Version: 1.0.17

More zombie mapsCod mobile is my 2nd favourite cod game and I have been enjoying it a lot but I just don’t like that I can only play Shino Numa it will be even more fun if you could add Kino der totem or make nuketown a zombies map just please add a new zombies map or a zombies map from the previous titles and please add a bit more detail to shino Numa or make the map look like the one from cod world at war I mean like that game had literal blood on the ground with maggots in it.Version: 1.0.41

All in your hands!Closest thing to the online cod multiplayer experience which is accessible at your fingertips! The game itself may have the occasional lag when playing multiplayer however despite this it’s really good. Ultimately, would love to see more maps added to the multiplayer game mode (I.e ones from mod ware fare 1 & 2 etc) and also adding more options to the score streaks rather (Molotov is pretty useless) otherwise its the game is mean overall..Version: 1.0.8

Smarter bots would be greatI really enjoy the game, like how your always adding new firearms and what not. But the bots in br are so dumb, I want to get sniped from 300m by a bit or two , I want squads of bots to work together , I want a real challenge. Iv gotten to the point where I only use shotguns because every gunfight I get into with a bot is inside shotgun range. Also can you bring back select fire for select fire firearms on br, I like using AR’s at range in semiauto but can’t do that anymore..Version: 1.0.29

Great Optimisation and GameplayAs someone who has always played FPS games on computer, this was a new experience for me. From the time I started playing, I immediately loved the game. Tutorial was very helpful in finding your play style and teaching you the basic aiming skills you need. I love the idea that many guns can be earned, not necessarily just by buying them from the CP store, but also earning them through logging in everyday; providing an incentive to play everyday rather than some pay to win game that only limits you to the terrible guns. This game has very little pay to win elements/micro-transactions, meaning that your skill is dependant on your strategy and aim of your gun respectively, not the damage of your gun precisely. With all that being said, the optimisation of the game is exceptional (iPhone 7 can run high graphics on or above 60fps). The only downside is the consumption of battery, so it would be highly recommended to play while connected with a charger which is annoying to some but personally I don’t mind it at all. Overall, this game is great for phone FPS lovers who can’t afford to buy Call of Duty franchise for the mainstream platforms, or just people who want to give mobile FPS a try. Honestly, it’s probably the best FPS game you could find on the App Store..Version: 1.0.4

It’s good but....This game is amazing and I enjoy playing with my friends but I hate how much space it takes up. I have been dying to play this game with my friends and I have even had to delete a lot of things just to download this game. It takes up too much space but it’s a really fun game to play when your bored or when you want to do something with your friends..Version: 1.0.26

The best game I’ve played on mobileIve never left a review for anything in my life but I’ve been playing this game for around 2 years now since it came out and no word of a lie I’ve seen it start from scratch to what it is now especially the battle royal side of the game it’s such a good game you can spend hours on the game without realising when you get better at the game you start realising how tactical and smart you can play especially in modes like search and destroy one thing I would say the battle royal map has been the same since the game come out which is still fun but if you introduce a brand new map it would attract a lot more people to it as usually the battle royal side is mainly bots as not many people play it but don’t get me wrong it’s still rlly good but I would deffo give this game a 5 star you can build your way up with weapons or you can spend money too which I have. Keep it up guys.Version: 1.0.26

Love it!This game is addicting!! Me and all my cousins and siblings love it! All though some of my cousins dont really like playing because they dont know how to, i’ll always tell them to play and i’ll teach them how to play, in the end its just how we all bond, just by sitting there playing a game none of us would think we’ll ever play, but yes this game is fun and addicting we love it!.Version: 1.0.39

Nice and fun gameI used to have a guest account 2 yrs ago but brought way too many lucky draws, crates and bundles which I regretted it’s overall the best game worldwide exciting seasons and some events but this game is extremely addictive it’s not really good for health it’s hard to turn away from it and most players can be friendly fair and encouraging but others can be abusive cruel nasty & evil weather it’s on voice chat and some weapons they use that can be consider verbally abuse and intimidating which can be difficult to deal with but not all of them are like this and I now have a Apple one since last year in October and now I’ve linked it my activism account which I’ve created a couple of days ago and I’m only going for some lucky draw blueprints that I like most and only stick with those ones, I’m not criticising or but any of you down we’re not perfect just my thought about this game but I encourage you to not buy too many lucky draws crates lucky boxes ect they all are extremely expensive and not always worth anything buy the ones you’ll mostly use and love the most rather then trying to collect every single one..Version: 1.0.43

Very surprisedI have been playing cod games since I was a kid, I used to watch my brothers play World at War zombies on the PlayStation and the Black Ops I campaign. Since then, I have had much love for the game and have played every single one to date (they are not always the best but they are all still enjoyable). I have known about cod mobile for awhile now but haven’t downloaded it because I had very low expectations for it. I mean it’s a cod game on your phone, no way it could be good, right? Well I was gladly surprised that this game is actually a lot of fun, and while the graphics are not the best, they are stunning for a phone game. Cod mobile brings every single cod game into one and it is great seeing Reznov and Riley and robots in the same game. The only negative I can think of is that you have to pay to get all the good stuff from the battle pass. It is especially frustrating for me and some others because I have gotten good at the game and I can get to tier 50 really fast and get nothing while some guy that is absolutely trash at the game can shell out some money and gets a cool skin at tier 1. I understand that is how every other battle pass works but it is still frustrating at times. Other than that I love this game and it was definitely worth the download..Version: 1.0.16

CODM: Best Mobile FPSThis game does everything it needs to be good but better, the game is entirely skill based. Other shooters allow you to buy "armor" that gives you more HP. This makes most FPS feel pay2win. CODM doesn't do this making it fair for all players. The only way to have a disadvantage is skill issue. The gun variety is good having many different types. No gun overpowers another, only in the strategy required. Both MP and BR are very fun to play and have their climactic moments. The camo system is also very good in this game, instead of having to just buy them, you earn them by completing different tasks with the weapon. A gold weapon shows other players that you are a dedicated player, and a diamond shows that you have never touched grass before. BR is very good due to the randomness of it. One attempt you could get the best guns and sweep the lobby, and the second attempt you only find some ammo and get killed immediately. The vehicles are awesome too, from ATVs to hovering bikes to fighter jets, the vehicles are always exciting. Me personally, my favorite weapon is the ICR-1. It feels nice to shoot, low recoil, and easy to get good at using. Each gun in a gun type feels different to one another. Even though they are both assault rifles, the ICR-1 and the LK-24 feel different to each other. This is worthy of a 5-star game..Version: 1.0.40

Great but…. ExpensiveGreat game to play and have fun but if you want any cool characters or unique weapons then you better be prepared to spend a million billion dollars. The draws alone are stupidly overpriced as they go up from 80 CP (Cod Points) first then suddenly it jumps up all the way to 1500+CP to draw and all you’ve gotten is the lame stuff out of it and it’ll cost you another $50-$100 to get that kind of CP to open again and that still doesn’t mean you’ll get what you are after. It would be nice if CP was a little more obtainable without having to pay for it all the time or make the prices more accessible to everyone.Version: 1.0.22

Zombies release ?The game is really fun but it has made me stop playing it after a while and my character is just at lvl 49, reason being it feels the same and the only new items we are getting are skins and not actually new weapons to unlock. Currently for secondary pistols you only have 2 and some rocket launchers. The game seems to be focused on adding a lot of skins instead of new weapons. Another reason why i am inactive for the game is I am waiting for the zombies mode , ever since I saw the “coming soon” icon I couldn’t wait till it was released. But overall I highly recommend playing this game I have same experience years ago playing similar games like Modern Combat and Nova and I will say that this game is superior in terms of gameplay but probably not the reward system since you have to pay to get a good loot box.Version: 1.0.8

Surprisedly GoodIt’s very rare that a console/PC franchise can be transported to a mobile game successfully because most of these games fail to live up the expectation due to problems of converting console to mobile. Call of Duty is one of those rare games that managed to transport successfully with its own mobile game. Not only that, they manage to make the game enjoyable, similar to any other Call of Duty games. I am even surprised of how they manage to make the controller very fluid and easy to control. Memorable maps such as Nuketown and Firing Range are back with the layout to be better than I expected. Weapons and characters does not only bring back the nostalgia of old characters/guns but also introduce new characters/guns in later games of the franchise. Not only it has the same gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch and Domination, but it does introduce to special gamemodes such as 10v10 and Rapid Fire. Battle Royale is enjoyable in its own way. I hope that this game will continue to update us with more gameplay, characters, weapons, and other surprising events, as I am excited that Call of Duty can be played in mobile. I recommend this game for players who are a fan of Call of Duty and novice players who want to play a first person shooter for free. Highly recommended! P.S. Please bring back Zombies..Version: 1.0.19

CODDDD!!Call of duty is literally my favourite game of all time !! (Besides Roblox🤣😭) I spend everyday playing it and honestly it makes me so happy , this game is so fun and interesting , my whole family plays it !! Cousins , siblings , parents and me!! We absouloutly love it!! The one thing I would change is the price of everything , it's hella exspensive , again EVERYTHING and the game itself is very very nice . Love the quality , BIG W , and yea , I've been playing since I was 7 or 6 or 5 and now I'm 11 😭😜 Live , Laugh , LOVE cod 🙌🏽.Version: 1.0.42

Wonderful gameI really love this game, I got around 22 wins on Battle royale in the space of a week since getting back to the game again. Really smooth and it works fine. I have been playing with a friend of mine in battle royale and we’ve been winning a lot. Absolutely love this game, there’s occasional “is that guy an exploiter?” moments but maybe that’s just too many years of playing these types of games. Overall this game is probably the best mobile FPS game you could ever get and the fact that it is free makes it 100x better. To whoever wants an easy to play game I recommend getting this game. It’s even more fun with friends and it really brings out the teamwork in each and every one of you, especially if you play Battle royale. Now onto the regular call of duty game modes. It really brings out the nostalgic vibe to whoever has played call of duty modern warfare back in the Modern warfare 2 days. A few things have changed from the original call of duties but it’s still fantastic. There’s not a lot of exploiters at all, I doubt that there will be any exploiters in a mobile game either. Apart from that, get this game right now!.Version: 1.0.17

Must have game for iPhone! COD: Mobile is the FREE MULTPLAYER MUST HAVE.As if the experience of growing up on the console version wasn’t good enough, carrying a SOLID polished Call of Duty release with a 5 STAR gaming experience in my POCKET is AWESOME. The investment of a premium 4K console TV setup versus just an iPhone game looks unbalanced, but casual gamers and fans can rejoice at all the maps you remember, regular lobbies with Gun Game, 10v10 shipment (truly mental) and more. Fully 3D 60FPS. Killstreaks, nukes, seasons, BATTLE ROYALE, it’s literally Call of Duty. The capability of this game specifically on iPhone is an experience I can cherish as a fan of technology and a gamer alike. How well the game runs on terrible signal and believe me, I have played this game in the most remote places imaginable. Everytime, ranked lobbies load just as battle royale does. If I get salty I can jump into a MP Zombies and i’m instantly challenged again. The full in-depth loadouts as you’d expect on console make a massive difference and seperate easy games from frustrating ones. The developers deserve every credit their due and more; a FREE app the least you can do is download because as soon as it’s on (register for Activision account quickly) you can be playing the exact Zombie game you remember. Fantastic game. Runs the same on all iPhones pretty much! Massive settings menus to utilise especially if you have a Pro/Max. I played on an XR for a year and was blown away!.Version: 1.0.41

A fantastic game with issues.The main problem is the cheats in the game which are quickly identified, they do obviously get reported and get banned but they reappear day after day using base skins and names like W48fT7vFF7y. These aren’t the Bots used by CoD as they are easily identified by sweet simple names like PumPKin etc. The next thing is the cost of Mythical skins and guns. A typical mythical Skin and Gun will cost you £150+ but you think you have it all, you don’t! To upgrade that Mythical gun to max will cost you another £200. So that’s £350. You see that £350?? Next thing is that the drop boxes always drop in the same pattern. Don’t think you can drop £10 and win good yo won’t. The price above is what you will pay. My advice is just buy the monthly pass. You are either a good player or not, Mythical isn’t going to help you. This game is purely based on skill and not pay to win. Watch videos and learn how to use the perks etc, once you get it there is no mobile game to come close..Version: 1.0.42

Help me please COD CREATORSHi!, I played this game since Oct 2019.. AND I TELL YOU I DONT WANT TO DELETE THIS GAME COS THIS GAME GOT ME HOOKED SINCE THEN.. But I did delete it a while ago cos I was trying to update the game but it wont update so I deleted it and downloaded it again.. But heres the problem, after it got installed in my phone, opened it, then I connected it again to my Facebook account just like everytime I played it but I couldn’t get to recover my account and all of my data are gone. I cant recover my previous Account and I cant play Cod anymore if I cant recover it again. All of my CP, my GUNS, MY AVATARS!!! HUHUHU PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE. MY LEVEL!! I DONT WANT TO GO BACK FROM THE START!! IM AT LVL 150 for months now and i dont wanna go back to lvl 1 and my battle royal rank is already at Legendary. Please help me please..Version: 1.0.17

First amazing mobile version of a gameThe developers did an amazing job with this app. Games such as PUBG, Fortnite and even the new Mario Kart come nothing close to this game. The game runs smoothly, the controls are intuitive and the multiplayer is really enjoyable. More importantly however the game is not ruined by in app purchases that so many other games are. All in app purchases are cosmetic and have no effect on the game. Overall amazing job by the developers and highly recommend for anyone looking for an amazing multiplayer shooter..Version: 1.0.8

My main game now 🥰Well I’ve always played games on my iPad Pro rather than fork out a fortune for a console or handheld gaming device and this game is the perfect example of why! Free to play. All the trimmings of the original COD play except for a storyline. Loads of maps and different types of games to play with regular weekly challenges, both basic or specific to a particular game play or map, then we have battle royale played on all the maps as a whole map thrown in 🤪 Yes there is the aspect of paying for certain benefits but it doesn’t kill off the game for me like certain other games do, as the playing field is still even, depending on how good you actually are. Now we have the zombie part of the game, a new map, this game deserves the title of largest mobile game launch in history. Believe the hype and pick your class. This is a great addition done right to mobile from the COD team 👍🏻.Version: 1.0.9

Good Game, Needs more Work...I have long awaited the arrival of Call of Duty Mobile, and when it was soft launched, I was totally hooked onto the game. The gameplay is very well put together, although I suggest that footprint and gunshot markers should be on the screen instead of the map, especially for the battle royale aspect. Also, Lag is a very big issue when it comes to a game like this. Some enemies won’t die until you put a couple clips into them, or you lag so much they appear as they are shooting you through walls. There are many game modes and things to unlock, and the game isn’t totally pay to win. For the Zombies game mode, it is not released yet, but I hope I will be able to play town survival with my friends online. I hope we won’t have to pay for the zombies game mode, but a game like this is worth paying money for. When the game launches globally, I’ll definitely buy the season pass. Excellent game, even though it is still being worked on. 5/5 Stars for you. :).Version: 1.0.6

Great but BuggyHey, The game is pretty sick and amazing but there’s some things that really irritate the hell out of me when playing in Battle Royale: 1) the audio cuts off sometimes when you’re driving any vehicle, can’t hear footsteps or anything man except your friends on mic. This is probably the biggest issue me and my friends have had. 2) the mic gets “timed out” — happened in three matches with me and my friends and in every match one of us had a broken mic that kept saying it was timed out, even after restarting the game. 3) there is some major lag, and the kind of lag that makes you reconnect over and over again until you have to restart your game because it crashed — it’s not just my wifi, I have pretty great wifi that can support a lot of intense games like COD, and my friends from across also experience the same issues that stop them from playing the game. 4) there’s this glitch after a lag that gets rid of your teammates on the map — it doesn’t really affect me much but it’s annoying as hell when you can’t see your teammates anywhere on the map unless you turn your screen to look for them. I think those are the biggest issues I’ve had w/ the game so far, and the fact that my game glitched so bad it wouldn’t let me back on after my teammate revived me so it’s been annoying as hell sometimes. I’m giving it a 4/5 bc I do love the game but it’s got some bugs that are so annoying to play with..Version: 1.0.12

The Best App - Probably!Apart from the crates being an annoyingly expensive and I mean expensive! So much so that I’ve stopped buying crates, bundles ain’t so bad. Nobody likes having their eyes taken out and I don’t think it’s a nice way to treat your customers? I’m an old player and have played many games over the years since the 80s and 90s this game is by far the best app I’ve ever had. It’s gameplay is smooth and intuitive, graphically it is superb. I find it more addictive than COD on my Xbox because you don’t get shot the moment you pop your head up? Maybe it’s algorithms are better at matching players? I don’t know but it’s nice to win sometimes. For a free to play you just cannot go wrong and if you have lots of dosh then you can buy some really cool stuff but I think it’s just way too expensive. However even without spending a Kings ransom you can have a blast. For those who like sniper games then there’s something for you and for people like myself who love to go ape with guns there’s lots of mosh pit fun m. In fact there’s something for everyone from kids to old kids this game just keeps getting better 5 stars easy. Smuddymudd.Version: 1.0.22

An amazing game with slight issuesThis game in my opinion is one of the best games to come out this year. It seriously is... has three different game choices (multiplayer, battle royale, and soon zombies), has a lot of content with many guns and many things to unlock and also has amazing graphics and controls. Unfortunately, this game suffers from one thing: lag/ connection. Indeed, i have played this game for 2 days now and i can confirm that at any point of the day the lag is very bad. I am unable to play as i get disconnected every 15to20 seconds and have to then reconnect to the game. Call of duty: mobile is truly an amazing game that unfortunately has some issues that really renders the quality of this game. But, i wouldstill recommend this game to any body, new or old to the call of duty franchise.Version: 1.0

Idc what y’all say it😜It amazing idk why y’all wana buy stuff when you can just play hard and get better rewards like be for real ? Complaining for what 😂just don’t buy it then you see the prices don’t you ? Like be for real if I saw a price I can’t afford I wouldn’t buy it. I’m just saying that if you think it’s too expensive then don’t buy it save your money like a good person 😜 ANYWAYYYSSSS LIVE LAUGH LOVE CODMMMM.Version: 1.0.40

It’s impossible to get gold shortyI have 2 years of progress platinum on all categories except launcher and pistols because the recent nerfs to the shorty shotgun pistol make it practically impossible to get the range kills to do it you need your opponents standing still and 1hp I just can’t do it pls change the game somehow so I can get gold shorty. Also if you are reading this please can you add a f2p way to get mythic cards I bought the new mythic m13 and I didn’t realise how much it cost to fully upgrade it it’s my first legendary or mythic and it’s not worth it. I wanted to get a legendary so I could melt people but it just makes an explosion and the body falls normally. I just don’t like it it’s a waste of my money unless I can upgrade its mythic lvl. The money I spent was from my birthday as well because I am 15 and have no job..Version: 1.0.28

CompatibilityHey activision and treyarc sorry bad spelling please make compatible with ipad mini 2 i have bought everyone of you games from cod black ops 1 to 4 and i love them all i really want to play call of duty mobile my last phone i had is now broken and i only have this ipad mini 2 and i have no more money for a new one because i bought the royale pass for cod black ops 4 and desperately want to play call of duty mobile and all my friends have it and i don’t i dont like pubg or fortnite but i love call of duty everyone should i will buy every thing you guys Have to offer so please make compatible thank you and ps i really loved call of duty black ops 3 and 4 my favourites i love your guys games.Version: 1.0.9

I used to have fun, but the game has slowly become a grind.When the game was new, there was a Battle Pass, and events that weren’t too intrusive when it came to obtaining base weapons. Now you have to join a clan and even worse, try to convince total strangers to pair up and stay in a match to complete an event a single time (out of several, often) or a featured event. That and play Battle Royal 5 times in a row just to begin your journey to obtain the weapon within and that’s just before needing to return to parts of a BP map with players who are attempting to complete the same challenge, or something random or obtuse. These things eat at your ranking and make progressing a slog, all the while a good battle royal match is roughly 20 minutes! I have the money, but I don’t have the time for all this bloat. I’d dial back a lot of the requirements for events before these become too impossible to complete in a month, let alone a week! This game behaves itself when it comes to monetization, which is why it’s so baffling that the game requires you spend so much time with it, when there is no grind-able currency. Period (which is a healthy thing for a game like this). You gotta fix your game guys. It’s fun without the increasingly bloated events, it’s becoming as bad a slog and as codependent as the average mobile game..Version: 1.0.31

Best mobile FPS game availableI have no complaints with this game at all. i have played most of if not all mobile FPS games available popular or not it's all i looked for in the application store. i love that finding attachments for weapons is easy and if you know where to look finding weapons is quite simple . i used to be a strong PUBG player but i haven't touched it since i moved to Call Of Dufy Mobile . game runs flawlessly not sure if its my phone and fiber internet or it was just built that well. the mechanics are quite fair for all players the gameplay is quite smooth when it comes to adjusting size of control buttons for easier access to them on your display and i have yet to catch any exploiters/hackers in gameplay which is a HUGE jump from PUBG considering i never knew if sitting in a house a bullet would come through the wall and kill me in one shot or every time i shot a guy he would prone to the ground before the bullet even reached him. all around very fun game i could play for hours if i had that kind of time todo so . game gets the best rating in my opinion i have no complaints whatsoever it's easy to learn for all players and the progression system is a fair paced setup with no pay to play progression needed to become a great player ..Version: 1.0.8

Small detailsOverall i have enjoyed my experience on this app of the call of duty series. Since its so good, when small details that are out of place, glitches or bugs happen it can really stand out. For example this season there is a lot of problems with desync, which can definitely be worked to make better if it get worse the experiences for fans that love to this sweat this game a lot like me is ruined. There is also an issue between the bridge before the new season came out and the start of that was the new addition of weaponary which started with the m13. The player who unlocked damascus for the weapons before the guns that cam after are having a big where the new guns aren’t unlocking damascus. Adding a feature to manage grinding camos can make the long grind more enjoyable but not having to stress about a glitch not allowing you to enjoy finishing the completionist task. Please add managing tool and resolve this issue..Version: 1.0.38

BugsPost an alert if you’re planning to update the game at a certain day and time so that players know why they’re not able to log in anymore. Been killing players with the hunter killer drone during MP but hasn’t logged as kills for the past two games. Also, I pop up randomly in different places on the map, please fix that bug too lol More importantly, it’s 2020. Have some free female skins for all the females out here playing your game..Version: 1.0.12

Amazing call of duty gameFinally, an app that doesn't waste time, makes full use of the phone's capabilities, and delivers a coin-op game that you'll want to play again and again. It's addictive, entertaining, and challenging. I've been a player since the beginning, and these folks have done an excellent job with the software. I don't see why everyone else can't do their games and apps justice, because they've demonstrated that just because it's a phone app doesn't mean you can't have a proper version of the original game. Thank you, and congratulations on a job well done. You've won every other tournament and established yourself as the undisputed champions and number one. Happy customer who is blown away by how enjoyable this software is to use. Faultless. Why aren't all of the apps available? as well as games like this. It doesn't feel like you're playing a diluted or subpar version at all, and as a result, I'm even more inclined to get the full PS5 and COD game, as this app has reminded me how much fun gaming is and how vital it is for amusement, decent diversion, and mental health issues. It aids in the development of self-esteem, as well as anxiety and sadness. Thank you very much for creating such a fantastic product and demonstrating to everyone that it is possible to do everything on a phone. Amazing.Version: 1.0.32

Can’t change nameAll up the game is pretty lit, I would give a 5-star review but for some reason since the first day I got this game which has been 2years I haven’t been able to change my name once, and I’ve been trying and asking but I’ve gotten no response, everytime I press change it comes up with “the name is encrypted” every name I choose even if I choose my last name it doesn’t work. What do I do?.Version: 1.0.37

Storage space is a concernThe game is really good but my biggest niggle is with the storage. Understandably, the developers have put in almost console-level graphics into this game as well as amazing game mechanics but so much of ur device storage is taken up by it. The app itself takes up 2GB but when you actually want to use any guns or camos, etc, you are looking at almost 12GB of storage used. On top of that, every time you update the game, you have to redownload everything that you have previously downloaded, so it can take hours upon hours to finally get everything to a playable level. Apart from that, it is a great game, and although there are many ptw attributes, FTP players can make their way in this game fine..Version: 1.0.29

Legendary lotteryHi I tried to Aquire a legendary gun but noticed that it’s an expensive process, it would have cost me over $200NZD to purchase this legendary gun as it was as fake as lottery that was giving me all the lower end prizes and doubled from 30 to 60 to 120 to 240 to 580 and so on I paid with cod points and credits and that was over $200 real money before I could win this so I quit before I ended up spending any more of my real cash and it was the biggest waste of money on my behalf… if you try to do this legendary draw be ready to spend over $200 for the gun🤔🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🙄🙄🙄🙄😰😰😰😰😰 I ended up continuing with the draw and lost $200 but got a legendary gun. Only to be let down again with how to acquire the cards to upgrade it… I think it costs more money again….Version: 1.0.33

Needs linger match times / higher kill limit to be more competitiveI have seen a lot of people complain about accuracy and getting shot to bits like it’s unrealistic but I have to say the ak maxed out with the best stuff on maps like crossfire and crash is really fun when I first started I jumped on the band wagon with a maxed out 50cal and just sniped from the normal spots but recently I’ve found a lot more points of advantage that have turned out to be very good for cover and at the same time lighting the other team up a lot of ppl think full auto all time is good when all you need is to have a good grasp on the trigger action if you can semi auto 10 shots quickly the gun is very accurate but when you hold it down and let them have it the accuracy is very realistic pulling away from target just got a new phone and updated now I have all new maps to go check out still only playing frontline and deathmatch but hey I like the old fashion shoot em up team v team if I could say one thing though I would def like a tournament of some sort for frontline and also maybe up the kill level by players choice Ik playing to 150 would get interesting I find that I can just figure out the opposing teams move by the end of the game and we reach 50 so quick now it’s legit a 5 min match it would def be cool to see what it would be like getting to play longer knowing their moves and vice verse.Version: 1.0.20

LOVE THE GAMELove COD Mobile I’ve been running with it since season 1 however can we update it a little bit? Like instead of final kill can we do top play like the console version? Don’t have a problem with bugs or anything and if I did I wouldn’t complain I’m not tryna count on you guys to make every single device run smoothly, that’s too much to ask. Idk every season it’s like new features but not that different from the last so surprise me next update 😍 Can’t wait.Version: 1.0.22

CodI’d like to start by saying, the missus hates this game. I started playing about a year ago and wasn’t that much into it. But then the missus asked me about cod what it is n how to play etc. I mansplained that she should just back off n go do the dishes at which point she turned red to blue back to red. She had a face like she’d just woke up at the gulag. now I’m not sexist at all but that kitchens not guna clean it’s self. And whilst she’s nagging on I can’t concentrate on upgrading weapons etc. I eventually found myself sat on the loo for over an hour at a time 2-3 times a day. Oh the peaceful playing time, but it didn’t last. On a certain day this past week she walked in and in no certain order said that if I didn’t get off my game then she’s leaving me and taking this kids. Well it’s been 2 weeks now and I’ve levelled up beyond belief, I’ve got the best weapons and upgrades. I think I’m in love. Call of duty we love you..Version: 1.0.20

Classic favouritesMy favourite hobby to do is to play this mobile call of duty game . Extremely fun, comfortable and you can jam with your friends. If you love an adventure that’s filled with challenging activities, head twisting modes, feisty game offs and sometimes smooth play offs, you are at the right place. One of the best video games to be created. Highly recommend my all time favourite classic game. Call of duty.Version: 1.0.26

After a year still gets me goingBest game ever.Version: 1.0.19

BR automatic classes should *NOT* deal damageI am a S&D and Respawns player. When I hop on BR, people keep hiding and using the ravager launcher to get easy kills, using K-9 unit to not hunt people down, since their main feature is that they can track people down using scent, but using them solely to get kills. Classes like desperado actually need skill to use the transform turret, and spotter can effectively clear out a position and can be used to rotate in final circle, eliminating campers and so much more. The laser must be pointed at the exact point where you want the cluster strike to be, and therefore require skill. To activate K9 and the ravager launcher simply press a button or throw a grenade and it will automatically kill enemies for you. These classes completely neglects the point of the game - to kill enemies by yourself or by your team through teamwork or through skill. Ravager launcher does not require skill, unlike igniter or spotter, doesn’t involve teamwork like defender, and it doesn’t even involve the player itself form doing things. This can easily be fixed by removing the damage with the enemy being disabled or wounded (like the perks), a short duration of time where the enemy is stunned or simply making it do less damage. It’s super easy and I’m sure a lot of people actually requested a nerf on automatic classes..Version: 1.0.40

Zombies!!Can you make more maps for zombies? I’d love to play different maps, preferably a remake of black ops 1&2&3.Version: 1.0.9

Thank youI can’t believe it’s finally here. I’m not much of a fan of the likes of PubG and Fortnite, but had to make it work because the COD platform wasn’t available on phones........... I am a COD girl through and through. Until now!!! And I must say, you guys didn’t come out to play. This game right here deserves all its ratings. Spot on with everything. Besides the limitation on maps, which I am sure developers will work on with future updates. Keep it coming! Definitely... love it. 💯.Version: 1.0.8

Truly awesome free gameI’ve spent nothing on this game so far and i’m amazed by how rewarding and fun it is. Usually in free versions of games you get to a certain task that’s impossible to achieve without spending money on upgrades, but not so this game. I’m a little obsessed with it, to be honest, and keep discovering new modes and challenges. The only thing bad to say about it is that it possibly gives you too many options. Almost anything you can do on the console version you can do on the mobile one. Minor complaint: It’s really tricky hitting the fire button on an iPad screen with nothing tactile like a button to rest your finger on (be prepared to reload a lot when you meant to fire!) but presumably all the other players have the same challenge, and i’ve done pretty well regardless. I love the Battle Royale mode, which is an enormous world to traverse where you have to find weapons first to kill the other players. Most of the vehicles in that mode can be operated including helicopters which is totally fun, and the graphics are stunning. I’m shocked a mobile device is able to play such a game at all, frankly, it’s that good. And i almost never have game crashes or the glitches you’d expect in a processor-intensive game. The developer has knocked it out of the park as far as I’m concerned..Version: 1.0.10

EPIC GAME FOR COD FANSI’ve been playing cod ever since I was a kid, and I think this is the best Mobile shooting game yet. cod of lovers even new people would love. this good game overall..Version: 1.0.4

COD: Mobile reviewI generally enjoy the game, even without battle pass it is a generally fun game to play, the mechanics are not too difficult to use once you get the hang of it, the only thing I want to see come to this game is Zombies, I’m hoping one day Activision if you’re reading this review, please, please, please bring back zombies once you’ve fixed the main problems of the game, you guys did a good job on this game and I hope to see more amazing content come to this game such as ww2 weapons or certain guns from certain COD games that are iconic, keep it up activision, I’d love to play a version like this on PC someday, either way keep up the good work guys 👍.Version: 1.0.11

Best mobile game of all timeHoly Jesus my mama this is good! Easy controls and challenging gameplay give you that feel of comfort! 3 amazing modes, battle Royale which is like blackout but much more engaging! Then there is zombies which Is, as you guessed, a zombie survival mode with bosses and a revamped revive system that brings new players in and keeps old players of original cods from switching to another game. Then we have the crown jewel of them all, multiplayer! Multiplayer in this game is so reminiscent of black ops 2 and I love it! You got that feel good of a kill and a revamped progression system that makes it it’s own game. And the monetisation is really good to. It is cosmetic only and the game is free of ads unless you choose to watch one for a few credits. My only complaint is the lack of single player and story mode. It’s taken the black ops four route with single player but luckily we should see that in the future! All in all, a great game with very little lag and glitches..Version: 1.0.10

Looking for a fun game?This game has many aspects that make it enjoyable, don’t call me a call of duty fanboy for saying that. If your computer or laptop can’t download call of duty, then this is the perfect game to get. Not only is it a great game, but it doesn’t need a laptop to run. Weapons are balanced and all matches have players in around about the same level. This makes it fair competition for casual players who aren’t looking for competitive matches. Another reason this game thrives, and why I like it, is because of how simple and easily manoeuvrable the controls are. No need to set up 50 settings to get the game right. The controls are easy on your eyes and brain and don’t require much setting up. And for my summary, the game is overall a fantastic game to play at home if you’re bored, or if you can’t run it on a laptop. All game matches are fair and there’s no need to find filters. Even if you don’t like this game, it’s just my opinion. I say give it a go, since I was taken in immediately after only playing one multiplayer match..Version: 1.0.34

Very Impressive But Zombies is disappointingThis is the best FPS on the store. What they’ve managed to do is incredible immersive online gameplay. It feels like a copy of a full COD game. However, the newest mode: Zombies, is horrendous. We were so excited to see Zombies return but it really needs some fine tuning. Firstly, Zombies should not be able to spawn inside the building. It is a cheap move that completely throws the teamwork element out of the window. The reason Kin Der Toten was so successful was it’s simplicity, they came through the windows, you would get overwhelmed naturally, but through teamwork and communication you could increase your survival time. There is no logic to the game mode and thus it alienates me. Secondly, Survival zombies are too OP. I unloaded 3 clips into one zombie’s face (while there are 15 others behind it) and it still didn’t die. There isn’t a fun element to the Zombie game modes at the moment. Please bring back standard Zombies, kind der toten before trying a more expansive map..Version: 1.0.9

Awesome gameWell done activision you have well out done your selfs on this game absolutely amazing I’ve spent about £900 on this game an I can honestly say it’s been worth every penny best game every I’ve been playing cod from day 1 on PS2 u have never disappointed with your games and especially with cod mobile amazing idea keep up the good work only thing I ask is you make odds on legendary weapons abit fairer put the odds up abit I don’t mind buying but there’s got to be at least once where u get a legendary just from pure luck without doing full draw I’ve bought 2 legendary guns so far an there mint love em an soon be my 3rd an the new feature the just for you gun is amazing coz it switches every 7 days to a new legendary I want the DLQ 33 holiday if you could make it happen don’t want to wait till Christmas lol but all round amazing game well done keep up the amazing work Activision.Version: 1.0.28

Love this but there are a few things.As an og CODM season 1 player, I believe many people who are new to the game right-now as of today will struggle because when you open the app there are so many things to click and choose. You guys should have stuck with the simplicity of season 1-3. The main menu screen with all the options to choose what game mode to play is way too clustered up. Getting back into the game this season I was struggling to play a regular multiplayer game because I didn’t know where to find it. Same goes for battle royal and the ground war mode that’s going on right-now. The weapon customization is almost exact to modern warfare’s weapon customization which is very confusing. There are new attachments that make the weapons very over powered. I haven’t played for almost 2 months, yet I started a match and finished number one in the top three with more kills than the entire lobby. Don’t think it’s fair for people barely getting into the game. Overall the gameplay is amazing. The maps are extremely beautiful regardless of it being mobile. Some buyable and un-lockable characters need some touching up but over all wonderful job. Keep doing what you’re doing. Just wanted to share my opinion. Love ten cent, Treyarch and activision very much!.Version: 1.0.16

A few suggestionsBefore I say anything, I just want to lead of with saying this easily the best FPS on mobile and one of the best f2p games on mobile in general. The controls are smooth, multiplayer is fun and competitive, the graphics are astonishing for a phone game, and battle royal is always a good time. This game is packed full of content that any Cod fans will love. My main suggestion is to add clip size and reload time to the weapon stats in the load-out screen. I know this has been done before and it is helpful piece of information to have when making load outs. Especially when deciding on what new weapon to drop some weapon exp cards on. Another suggestion would be to have a firing range, like in WW2, to practice shooting weapons. That way you can test weapon attachments and have a way to adjust/test your controls, because it is a real pain trying to set sensitivity and set a custom UI in the heat of a match. Not to mention the fact that you are going to have some angry team mates if you are in the corner trying to set your custom UI just the right way while they are practically carrying the match for you. I may think of other suggestions and add to this later, but right now that’s all I got. I’m just gonna end this by saying good work Tencent. You never cease to amaze me. Keep it up.Version: 1.0.8

Amazing iOS FPSPrivacy: For that, it loses at least 1 star. To save progress, you must link to a social media account. When linking, it will force you to use your social media profile picture on COD. I’m sad that I can’t select the menu music, to set it back to what it was during the Halloween period. Ultimately, a really good FPS on a touchscreen platform. Lots of adaptations from the PS/XBOX platforms (some really good, some debatable). However, a little overwhelming with options to “buy this and that!” and the continuous “internet connection lost, reconnecting” even on pages that don’t require the internet..Version: 1.0.9

Call Of Duty MobileFirst of well done for making an amazing game I actually believe that it is better than Call Of Duty Warzone because their actually have an anti cheat that’s amazing and the game has no hackers the amount of time I have already spent on this game is insane and I haven’t ran into any cheater Thanks Activison for making a truely awesome game In my opinion one of the best mobile games on the century so far..Version: 1.0.22

Need to have attack of the undead as a permanent game modeGreat game but it needs fixing. Killcams are not accurate what so ever they never actually show what happened at all which really doesn’t make sense. A lot of the time I have been hitting an enemy via melee or using a gun and it doesn’t register im not the only one who has encountered this as I have mates who are top ranked and still don’t have their hits register so could you please fix that as it will make gameplay a lot more fair. Also this is a bit silly but attack of the undead is honestly one of the best game modes you guys have can’t get enough of it but it only goes on for a certain amount of time and then we have to wait awhile for it to return again could you guys please add it in permanently. Another thing is to do with leveling up, it stops at 150 could you guys increase that as well as add a prestige feature to really keep players going and give them something to challenge others with like their mates. Other than that game is solid and definitely the best FPS game on mobile to date.Version: 1.0.22

Very very good game! With some hiccups...This is a crazy good game. Particularly because it’s very easy to play for free without the need to pay any more money to make progress (however I did so as to support it). The maps that are there are great and there’s plenty of guns with attachments to unlock. It feels quite good and there’s plenty of ability to alter controls as required. However, there’s not a huge amount of maps... for a total overall COD mobile app, it could really do with 5-10 additional maps at the minimum for multiplayer. The graphics although quite good, could be far better (kinda feels like a game made about 5years ago yet it was only released this year). Furthermore, new character skins are few and far between with no clear way of unlocking them. With so many iconic characters in the COD universe, it would be good to see a number join the line. Lastly, Zombies are an absolute must, that I can’t wait to be added. The sooner the better. However I know all this additional content will come in time. I really hope they continually and quickly increase the content available with maps, characters, Zombies and better graphics. So for now, 4 stars, but boy this is an amazing game, with great potential. Keen for the future of it !.Version: 1.0.8

Huntress_xoPretty sick, the graphics are clear, haven’t had a laggy game... although it can lag sometimes due to my trash asf wifi, but I’m pretty happy that it’s on mobile only bad thing is my mans can’t come to terms with me being better then him and getting more dubs then him... add & message my gamertag on cod mobile if you want a bleach blonde laying you on your toosh.Version: 1.0.20

It’s a good game and fun but...I’ve been playing this game since it was released and it was all good until the latest update... the game crashes every 3-4 mp games but 2 every br game and it’s really annoying when your enter for their third time and just before your ready to get into the plane it crashes and it annoy me so much. And another thing I keep getting a error saying check your internet connection even tho I have a very strong connection so I haven’t been able to play all day and that’s the main reason why I’m writing this review. P.s could you please bring or consider to bring back zombie as that’s the only mode that I played before it got taken away and I under stand the reason why you did as not that meant people seas playing it as you would if liked but that was the main reason why I got the game to begin with and I would love to have it back even if it was just for an event in the next update to see if people would play it again. I hope you do see and reply as I never Wright reviews on anything 😅.Version: 1.0.11

Amazing game but recently unable to playI have been playing this game since day one, one of the best mobile games out and even better you play with your friends. Unfortunately I have had some glitches that has impacted me severely wether it was from receiving a character and it doesn’t show up to my character selection to now not being able to play any games at all for the past 2 weeks. I go and start a game but just before the game starts it says “unable to connect” I have re-downloaded the game amongst other things and nothing seems to work. I have used the in game support but no one has responded. Other then that it’s a great game..Version: 1.0.29

Pretty decent game but some minor issuesOver all this game is pretty good and all but there are a few thinks you should change maybe 1.Multiplayer gamers are longer for example make the search and destroy 10 wins instead of 5 i think it is. 2.You should definitely bring back the zombies i really loved that and it was very good for getting skins and stuff. 3.I feel like the XP cards for guns is to much it used to be 15 levels now it's 50 it's very high and unless you have the battle pass it takes a fair amount of time to lvl up a few guns all the way. 4.When i first started this game i had the OG ghost skin and my brother had the second seasons Jade skin (red colour) we didn't play much for the next season but when we came back we lost our skins and you can't get those back which is sad. 5.At certain points it lags in higher ranked multiplayer like for example one i have seen a lot is people running around without there heads 😂. 6.The controls this is a big one i feel like you should be able to delete some of them or something like some are kind of useless also they can get in the way during certain game modes. 7.Not really a problem but i really like that mode where people are running around as zombie things and you have to survive then use the nuke at the end to win i just want it to come back more often like every Saturday have that game mode also sometimes that mode lags with the zombies also i tend to see a lot of hackers in that mode as well so yeah..Version: 1.0.20

Why doesn’t it work?I was really excited for the game to be released to the mobile and been waiting for it to came out and saw that it works on the iPhone 6 but it doesn’t. Really disappointed guys been waiting for months and not to be able to play it?? If the creators get a chance to read this here what I think. 1, like pubg mobile, you cans downgrade the graphics a bit for older models because I’m fine with that, I just want to play the game. And 2. a lot of people are complaining about this, so if it works for iPhone 6, fix the problem as soon as possible and also it say it’s compatible on the apple store and when loading the game up it says its doesn’t have the requirements Overall Im disappointed.Version: 1.0

Wuii 🤌🏽 | 10/10I've been playing Call of Duty Mobile for years and can honestly claim that I went from a learner to completely moving like a pro 😂. Making teams with friends on multiplayer is a lot of fun, and the competitiveness of each individual player's and team shines when they ask for a "rematch." Anyone reading this review and wondering if it's worth it to download this app, I can tell you it's 100% ⭐️ worth it, but I can also tell you it's really addictive, and I have to set a timer to stop myself from playing so I can get some work done 🥴. All in all, enjoy!.Version: 1.0.39

Very cool game. Definitely recommend it.Call of Duty, as a whole, is one of the greatest games of all time, if not, the greatest of all time. I really enjoy playing this game. It is so fun, and is very cool to play with friends. It might be a bit pay to win, though if you master playing with an epic gun, you could play better than people with expensive legendary or mythic guns. It gives many MANY free operator skins EVERY season. The support team is FLAWLESS. I cannot find another big game that has a support team this good. They respond within 2 to 5 hours, if not, sometimes even MINUTES! The free stuff it gives you is more than you can buy with money. Even if the battle pass isn’t free, it’s only $3. Also the other things are SO expensive that you won’t see that many people using them. But the true diamonds are the free ones. They developers are constantly updating and making the game better. I know I’m saying this again, but Call Of Duty, is one of the greatest games of all time, if not, the greatest of all time. I highly recommend this game. You MUST play it!.Version: 1.0.43

HackersI love this game been a call of duty fan since modern warfare 2. So with that said if you have played call of duty games as long as I have you would obviously understand how to play the game. I’m no way saying this game is bad I love it so much. Call of duty in the palm of your hand literally this game is amazing especially for a mobil game. My only thing…. I’ve been playing cod mobil when it first came out in 2019 so I’m fully aware about the bugs and the work that had been done over the years but…….giving the circumstances that this is a mobil I feel like they should look into an anti hack system or something. I like to say I’m a decent player with or without my controller but I have seen some hackers on certain game modes like gun game one of my favorite game mode of all time but I can’t be the only one who hasn't seen any suspicious game playing when they get killed. I’ve seen kill cams showing me what they see, how to know when to shoot, when someone is coming around the corner, etc. at that point it makes the game un-enjoyable. Again I get that this is “a mobil game what did you expect when you play it” save it I know what I’m talking about but other than the hacker situation I love this game and highly recommend..Version: 1.0.29

The game doesn’t know how to operateLook it’s a great game, don’t get me wrong or that, I love playing the game but the thing that doesn’t get it 5 stars is, every other game like fortnite and pubg and cyberhunter, their all battle royal and campaign ect: plus cyber hunter is a japan and Thailand and China servers. I’m from the UK and I never have connection problems with either of these games let alone servers but however, with call of duty mobile I’m constantly getting kicked of the game, I’ve had to start from level one 3 times now due to lag spike and resetting me and especially battle royal where I’ll freeze like 30 times just because it says I need to connect to a server. Now I definitely know it’s not my Wi-fi as I own 3 homes, each have perfectly fine Wi-fi but when it comes to the game, the servers are terrible. As I’ve said I don’t get this with other games so I would like you to address this and I would appreciate it if it got sorted soon, kind regards J Darlow.Version: 1.0.8

The best game everThe game is the best but activation shed make a call of duty off-line because some people don’t have Wi-Fi to play all the time but we should make it Wi-Fi off you should just make another game that don’t need Wi-Fi I and you should name your off-line Wi-Fi don’t need game was on to but don’t put too long loading up by the way coffee is the best game ever but The first time I downloaded Call of Duty I deleted it because of the long loading No I love the game. And why do you guys not a glider that you can use the game battle royale Some player need to have gliders call of Duty why does Fortnite have gliders but you don’t you guys should of data game you guys have an update a game for so long.Version: 1.0.37

EXCELLENTI have played for months now and never had so much fun before compared to other Mobile PvP FPS and Battle Royal. The character models are stunning, the maps are awesome, and the guns are perfect. It followed through with its predecessors of the original Call of Duty versions. I would leave 5 stars now but I have noticed a few bits that needed improvement. It is really hard to reconnect once you had an internet lag or spike. I wish I could apologise to your teamates why you can’t connect anymore. It is also hard to play when all your enemies are sniping with a team that is feeding. Maybe nerf the snipers on multiplayer at least? The current BR map is starting to get old. I know the new season brought about some tweaks on visual...but I think it is about time to make a new one. And finally... do a one day sale of old Character Models please. I really want to get the Cpt. Price one. Thanks to all developers and more power!.Version: 1.0.12

Great game, yet still have extreme potential!!This game is fantastic. I think the creators did a fantastic job on it, yet there are a few things that I have in mind that could really boost its capability of being ‘game of the year’ IN MY OPINION Firstly; I strongly believe we NEED longer games. They are far to short (maybe it’s just because I’m playing). Just messing around. But, seriously. It would be amazing to be able to play games that go for longer. It feels as if games can last up to 2 minutes MAX. And the score is too small! I want 2 nukes a game! Not one! Haha. With that said, I think it should be equal to what we have on console. Secondly; I feel, we as players should be able to have the ability to modify the controls more! Maybe I’m missing something, but I would love to be able to remove some of the buttons from my screen. They can sometimes get in the way of things in certain situations. This would really help out! Im sure there’s more to spot out, however for me, I feel these two suggestions should be considered. It would work wonders for us. Truely. To the creators, I want to congratulate you! You have made a great compatible COD mobile game. However you know as well as us, it still needs a lot of improvement! Anybody who loves COD, this is a must download..Version: 1.0.8

Fixed whoop whoopIt’s me tanker2009 again I see you have fixed the slow motion at the end. It’s a five star now. I just wanted you guys to know that this is an amazing game and I will play it till I’m 30 or something like that. I’m a bit ocd and when a player shoots you and kills you and you were trying to climb a ladder you don’t fall back to the ground you just lie in midair that’s just a suggestion for you guys but it’s still a five star. Amazing work on the game keep up the amazing work guys. Yours sincerely Tanker2009 🤯.Version: 1.0.8

Best gaming experience mobile had to offerI’m a gamer who plays predominantly on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch and after trying this game I’m surprised that other companies haven’t been able to offer the same caliber of playability and graphics performance on mobile devices. I used to be sceptical of the idea of mobile gaming, but Call of Duty Mobile has changed my mind completely. I hope to see lots of updates and optimisations in the future to perfect an already excellent game, and for the love of god please avoid making this game pay to win. I’d hate to see something so brilliant be tainted. Give this game a crack and don’t knock the controls till you’ve tweaked the hud layout in settings, control, customise or once you’ve adjusted your sensitivity because I’ve found I can kill quite efficiently one I’ve suited everything to my device and capability..Version: 1.0

Play it for a whileWhen I first played this game it felt weird because instead it being on ps4 or a ps5 it was different because it was mobile then this is when it started to get fun. When I started playing for a while I got pretty good at it after a few weeks then after a while they stated to release updates and it was fun! And trust me you get to do other modes just like the ones on the ps4 and ps5 and they also made a mode where you can practice if you want to be very skilled I like this game give a try you might like it as well I recommend it and if not like it it’s okay it’s your opinion you can play another one but I do recommend if you want to be good at this game like me I say play at lease once or twice in a week at lease hope you enjoyed the game like I did ceya in call of duty😁.Version: 1.0.26

Need helpCustomer support is broken and chat also this months update fell short I can not get Heist from the vault instead vault shows I received Heist even though I did not can COD please fix this issue please other than that I still love COD and will stay and will continue my subscription which I do absolutely love to have every month hi me again I tried to use the contact support and found I can’t get any help it’s broken I’m looking for help I just want to be able to use the vault this month as said beforehand I can’t get Heist it claims I already got it but I don’t I also want to spend money and I’m afraid to i wish I could contact COD but it’s impossible too I’m in bad situation and I think I’m stuck having to wait till next months up date to see how that works out I love this app but as for getting help I think it’s hopeless not to mention this December COD is having a major upgrade that’s on the way I’m looking so forward too i already preordered for the automatic download please COD help me out fix my glitch this is crazy im still having problems and COD is the problem hopefully one day support won’t be worthless and the app will work properly I will still be playing COD but it’s only fair that I inform everyone beware of issues that will pop up.Version: 1.0.41

Dang Good For Not Having Controller SupportI’ve been a long time call of duty player and this one hits the sweet spot for mobile. Only it doesn’t support controllers yet I guess? Shame on you Activision. Aside from that though, the on-screen controls are really pretty good. They do get in the way sometimes and I fumble around looking for the right spot to press and that’s not good when it’s a twitch game. I need that split second reaction to switch to knife or toss a grenade or to duck or whatever. It’s mostly just that it doesn’t support controllers.. The game itself I’m very pleased with as actually I generally dominate in this version of call of duty. In all the others I work as hard as a mule and I can barely scrape the middle of the scoreboard. The fact that I do so incredibly well on this one without even paying for anything has me really happy. I love seeing all those kill streaks getting used. I love seeing that I’m getting 20+ kills per round. I love seeing that I’m MVP most of the rounds. One has to wonder though - what is it that causes such a thing to happen? Is the system just matching me with players my level or lower? Is it just that most of the players I’m playing against happen to not be that good? I don’t know - it’s strange. I kind of don’t care though..Version: 1.0.8

New Update CrashingI recently got addicted to this app (it’s so fun and definitely worth a try) and I have absolutely no complaints about anything EXCEPT the constant glitches and app-crashing since the new update. At first I thought it was my internet connection but when I played online with my friends, they said they’ve experienced numerous amounts of screen-lagging and glitches as well. I’m kindly asking to fix this 🥺 please, I love this game so much! And it’s the first app ever that’s making me write a review. Thank you 😊.Version: 1.0.12

Almost perfect!!The best FPS mobile game I have ever seen in 9 years! Superb graphics, multiple modes , awesome customisable load out options. Great fully customisable controls , great gameplay. Tremendous range of weapons and kill streaks. Amazing rendering of classic maps. Best of NO pay to win,. I was a WOT blitz player but Wargaming destroyed that game with the absurd pay 2 win model and thereby creating and enabling an unfriendly hostile, toxic player culture where 90% of stock tanks are literally canon fodder for overpowered for shop tanks. Anyway point is you do not have to spend a single dollar to be competitive in COD mobile. The purchasing is predominately gorgeous looking skins for your weapons. So I’m very greatful to activision and tencent. Only criticism: there is not many MP maps, 5 for frontline ( and 9 for TDM ) . Still I’m certain as it’s only early days new maps will be coming. Awesome guys everything a mobile game should be..Version: 1.0.8

PurchasingCareful when purchasing. I recently purchased a package only to find out there was also other two packages suddenly on my bill that I did not approve of. Now they don’t want to refund me..Version: 1.0.20

Amazing Mobile Shooter GameThis is by far the best Mobile shooter game that’s available right now. The graphics and gameplay is amazing. I love how it’s not pay to win like other games. This game actually requires skill, not just good guns. One thing I should mention is that the game does have some very cool Mythic And Legendary guns (and characters) which are guns that have extra detail and have death affects. These guns must be paid for most of the time in lucky draws, BUT… it does NOT make the game pay-to-win. Those “cooler” guns are for anyone who would like something even more visually crazier and slightly cooler. This game is amazing with the gameplay of Battle Royale and Multiplayer/Ranked. There are many amazing game modes and maps that will never leave you bored. They even got the shoot house map and other insane maps. There’s also a very good Camo system for the guns. One slight downside for SOME is that there are a lot of Resources to download even though you already got the game from the App Store. This also is a good thing so people can control how much storage the game takes in their device. Although I recommend download ALL if not Most of the resources for a better experience and visuals in the game. I can’t make a giant review so I will leave it at that. I Highly recommend the game. You won’t regret downloading it especially cuz it’s FREE! Get this especially if you don’t have a laptop or PC for Warzone or Modern Warfare! Deserves 5 STARS.Version: 1.0.42

Great game but issues with the zombies modeI don’t know If I just have higher expectation for zombies as I love that mode, it always why I get it but in this game the zombies are just bullet sponges. I think they should remove the auto revive and make it more like the other zombies game BOZ for mobile. It may just be because you want them to be different experiences but just having like 3 brutuses chasing you, it is just dumb. It’s kinda like BO4 and it’s map IX just to many of them. And they can appear on normal maps. And also just thought I’d point out that the guns all feel the same and you can see the damage and it’s very close. Some guns do 74 damage per shot (dps) and some do 78 dps it is just to similar. And for the map I think they chose a great map and please add more. If you don’t want to add maps like kino der Toten as it is in a different game and you may fell it’s redundant, but please continue adding maps with lot’s of space..Version: 1.0.9

A Needed Nerf Or RemovalI recently returned to this game after taking a break and I realized that this game has had many additions over the course of 2 seasons. However, with these new additions came one of the most overpowered and poorly designed things I’ve seen in a mobile shooter game. The Shock RC car. This streak takes a very little amount of points to obtain and it is about the most obnoxious streak ever added to a Call of Duty game. After suffering a 3 second shock assuming that the victim has tapped their screen about 20 times, they are still rendered useless until about 3 more seconds after the shock. Thusly, for about 6 or so seconds the victim is left frozen in place repeatedly because of how often the streak can be obtained. Not only is one victim shocked (the car takes about 10 bullets to destroy btw), the car can shock multiple people at once. It is similar to having an automated roaming tempest that seeks out multiple victims and annoys them until you finally arrive 10 seconds later to eliminate them. It has ended many of my streaks and I can’t think of anything else in the game that annoys me more than having it ended by something that requires no skill and feels constant. Please take this review into consideration. *I should probably also add the fact that it is unobtainable unless you got it from an event or paid for it or something.*.Version: 1.0.12

Changing mobile gaming foreverHats off to the developers. This mobile game feels like your playing on a console. The graphics are excellent for a mobile game. The only slight negatives I have is I hope they bring out more ways to unlock items instead of loot box’s. I’m not a fan of these, but I in the same breath the game is free so revenue needs to be made from somewhere. I purchased the season pass purely because I felt like I should be paying something for this game. To say the game is free is simply astounding. I hope in the near future more classic maps are added as after a little while online does become slightly repetitive. Battle royal mode leaves PUBG and Fortnight for dead. I’ve uninstalled both since downloading cod. Another little tip would be to un-clutter the main menu screen, it looks a little tacky. Please, please, please enable controller capability even if you can only use the controller for certain mode’s that would give this game a completely different feel and it would genuinely feel like playing a console. Keep up the good work🙌🏼.Version: 1.0.8

This is a great game.This is very entertaining, very fast paced, very dynamic gameplay with great graphics. However it comes to my attention that whenever I attempt to run past a hoard of zombies my character glitches and appears smack dab in the middle of the hoard. I try and I try but when I play zombies I don’t have any way to escape zombies when playing on my own. Also I spent two hours playing endless survival mode and I had two main issues, one is that after two hours and over four thousand kills I only got shards. Not a lot either. Two is that endless survival is not endless. It lasts for a little over three hours and then it ends! I think the axe - lava should have a longer reach as opposed to the knife. I noticed that when a player is trying to kill me with a knife I can be right up against their character and attack but it doesn’t work, then the one with the knife runs up and after I dodge the attack I die. I also think that sticks and stones mode should be a full feature with the gravity spikes and throwing axe as full features as well. If these issues are fixed with the ideas I had being listened to I will play twice as much. I’m thinking about buying premium pass plus and so you will make money from my end. Have a great night and Merry Christmas..Version: 1.0.9

Plz read games amazing just some thoughtsThis is the most amazing FPS game on mobile to date this could be taken even further to being one of the greatest cod games ever if new guns were added more maps and a campaign the biggest thing that would make all of us call of duty fans happy would be a campaign most of us dislike the battle Royale and much prefer the classic all of duty campaign feel if you added this guaranteed this game will go down in history of greatest cod games to date!! Ps. Pls add the desert eagle probably my favourite handgun of all time in cod history thanks and if you could change the points/writing you get each kill and score streak call in to yellow that’d be amazing huge call back to mw and bo1 Kind regards a big fan.Version: 1.0.8

Please add weapon skin customizationThe fact that our people that would spend a whopping $300 for 1 mythic draw is insanity! It literally drains the heck out of their money. I think adding a weapon customization system should do the trick, Instead of literally gambling for a gun that is not guaranteed to get. Say somebody has $50 worth of cod points to buy a mythic draw. They would not have enough to even get it! Just to buy the first part of the draw alone is $150, to upgrade the mythic is taking another $150. I know this is efficient for money making and I understand, but the fact that more than half of the community is spending this much! This is a great game, and maybe even the best mobile shooting game. But this can’t just continue till everybody is just poor. I think a lot of people would really like a weapon skin customization option, don’t you think it’s just better instead of buying a mythic for over $100? I know this makes me sound F2P but we need this system because even P2W players think it’s insanity! Anyway just add this system, it will help a lot more players than you think. I know it sounds like everyone will just be running in a match with free mythic guns, but it’s for our community so please add this system. Again this a great game!.Version: 1.0.41

Suggestions(a bit wordy, but interesting)I have two suggestions regarding statistics, and the bragging rights that can be associated with them. I suggest the addition of one new statistic: KPR(Kills Per Round applying to the multiplayer game mode). If this could be added that could make for some very interesting bragging rights, and could take how good some players are to the next level. As for my second suggestion: A new option to participate in a three stage tournament based off of player’s Kills Per Round in multiplayer. I believe that this would be a welcome addition to the game as a whole because it would not only give players something new to work towards, but it would also give them an incentive to be more competitive. If this optional multiplayer tournament could become a reality: the requirement to unlock the three stages of the tournament would be to reach one of three levels of kills in a single round of multiplayer(10, 20, 30+). Players would be pitted against six other players on their kill level. Highest number of kills being the objective. A few new perks, weapon modifications, and a trophy badge appropriate to their level of tournament completion next to their name in the multiplayer screen will hang in the balance..Version: 1.0.20

Game glitchesI have been experiencing problems in this season people not being seen until I have been killed mic not working even though it’s on in lobby lag is worse than ever and even though I’m not in new vision city I’m hearing the welcome to new vision city I hope all these glitches can be fixed as I love playing this game and I have come along way in this game would appreciate a little bit of feedback and resolve on the subject.Version: 1.0.36

AnnoyingAs great as the game is it is too buggy. I have spent a whole day trying to unlock the Peacekeeper M2 by doing the 30 headshots with an SMG challenge. I have gotten a total of 45 headshots with the Razorback and 72 headshots with the RUS-79U but the thing is stuck on 3 and wont go up. I have tried restarting my game. Deleting it and re downloading it and everything. I am playing on MP Ranked and Unranked so I don’t understand why it isn’t going up. It is annoying because I don’t have the money to buy the battle pass and I don’t have the time to work hard on the battle pass in order to unlock it from that. This means I can’t complete the challenge which also means I won’t be able to unlock the Legendary Echo challenge so I won’t be able to get that gun either. Since I am only level 84 I need these decent guns to help me since everyone else is using pay to win and they are all better than me. Fix your game..Version: 1.0.19

Please fix XP penaltyLove this game but I have one question, why do we have to lose XP in ranked match just because we happen to not win a match, because it gets really annoying actually trying to rank up in rank matches and having to lose 10+ XP every time you don’t win a match, especially if your someone who lose’s ranked matches frequently like me. I have probably lost at least 2 Master ranks worth of XP (over 800 XP) from losing matches alone and a majority of those matches I actually was near or at the top of my teams leaderboard. So I was wondering if you guys can maybe have it to where if you lose a match and your at the bottom of your team (4th-5th) you don’t get any XP but if your in the top 3 of your team you get some XP, like maybe 10-20 XP for actually doing good. Also can you lower the amount of XP you lose from quitting a ranked game because multiple times I have had I where my phone ended up dying mid game and when I log back on it shows I lost 40-70 because I left the match even though I didn’t actually leave the match. Basically I ask if you can make to where we don’t lose XP after a lost ranked match and lower the amount of XP we lose if we exit or disconnect from a match, because it would make it more fun and somewhat easier for less experience players to play ranked matches :).Version: 1.0.10

Shockingly good...I’m suspiciousSo I’m not a mobile gamer. Generally I feel like mobile games fit in one of two categories, obvious cash grabs or quality games with wonky controls. I have to say, this is suspiciously good and falls between the categories from my playthrough so far. The simplified controls are great for mobile. And the advanced controls add a bit more depth for certain play styles. But either mode you choose, you don’t feel handicapped (as long as they keep those playing with touch controls out of matchmaking with those using controllers, if they ever reenable that feature). There’s plenty to do early on, and for a pick up and play game for brief breaks throughout the day, I love everything about it. I actually WANT to play this one with people. It comes with both regular multiplayer and PUBG style battle Royale mode. They play really well even on LTE and an older IPhone 8. Smooth and crisp enough to discern the enemy (the red highlights on the uniforms also helps). Compared to PUBG and Fortnite, I feel like everything was refined from those experiences on mobile. Hopefully we get the same crossplay functionality they have for the battle pass part of the game like Fortnite gave us sometime in the future. But like I said, it’s all too good to be true, right?.Version: 1.0.8

Feels like the Call of Duty Activision wants...... in terms of monetization. The game itself is great, feels like COD and plays like COD. No mobile game catches i.e. cool down mechanics to reduce play time and lock you out for 24 hours. But let me tell you, this is probably how Activision wants to monetize their full release COD games. Tons of things you can buy with cash (CP), minimal you can buy with credits (earned in game currency), and low key misleading sentences that might trick players into paying for something they don’t. For example, the battle pass. It’s a good deal if you’re down for the $10 pass. If you get to lvl 92, you can use all 800 CP you get to buy the next pass for free and so on and so fourth on future passes. However, after you unlock a tier in your pass, it always mentions how you can PURCHASE tiers for addition rewards, while displaying rewards later in the battle pass you can earn for FREE by completing the challenges. Anyways, read the fine print and know what you’re spending your money on, as always. The blue/purple rarity weapons have additional perks i.e. gun reloads faster after a kill. Nothing available feels P2W as of this review. I’ve recommended this game to personal friends so I clearly enjoy it and don’t thing it’s too malicious to your wallet if you’re careful..Version: 1.0.8

Where is skill-based matchmakingAwesome game, love it, but I feel like there isn’t any skill based matchmaking because I’m constantly getting MVP and winning all my matches, I feel like I’m only playing against half descent bots most of the time aswell and in the final killcam if it’s not me, it’s only slow sluggish movements and the crosshair moves at a constant speed the whole time it’s aiming so it stays the same speed in the same direction towards an enemy, if you get rid of bots and have actual players, then this would be a perfect game and my review couldn’t be anything below 5 stars, there is no problems with bad servers unless your internet really is trash, I have not found a single bug or hacker in the game my whole 6 month experience and is compatible with a Bluetooth controller I will test out soon, this game is definitely worth getting and I play it almost every day.Version: 1.0.26

A great game... when it’s not laggingI really enjoy this game. They done really well to bring COD to mobile and make it easy enough on a screen. As a veteran cod player who’s played on console for over 10 years, I like the way the game is mapped out, with the range of weapons and operator skills which are taken from various cod games to mash a little hybrid together. The Battle Royale mode is really fun and I’m not usually a BR fan. I don’t play Warzone and have never been a big fan of battle royale style games but the BR on this game is very fun indeed. Sadly though, I’ve noticed the game becoming more laggy and even maxing my settings to increase frame rate makes little difference. Ironically, 99% of the time, it happens in the middle of a gunfight meaning I always get killed. Very frustrating! Also, I’ve started come across some cheaters in league play (I’m PRO I which might have something to do with it) I’ve had a few guys know where I am all the time despite no UAVs and I’ve seen a few that can ‘Instakill’ everyone in the lobby. After looking into cheaters on this game, it’s sad to see that they do exist. Both of these issues ruin the experience, especielly the lag, so please sort it out. Otherwise, a superb game..Version: 1.0.20

The best game 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦I’m from Canada 🇨🇦 and it is the best game out there wow 🤩.Version: 1.0.17

Great Mobile FPS!This game is probably the most if not the best first and sometimes third person shooter. As a kid who practically grew up with the Call of Duty franchise, I like how they implemented some of the characters from modern warfare and Black ops. But of course, like all games, there is some issues with the game. They did step up on the cinematic properties and such but in game it could use a little more polishing. Though the game itself isn’t owned by Activision or, at the time I writing this, Microsoft, what I’d like to see in the future battle passes is a total amount of 300 free cod points per season. That might sound crazy at first but it would boost F2P (free 2 play) players morale. It would give them something to work for as well. I don’t feel like they should nerf anything but in my bias I want them to buff sniper scope time because, ever since the nerf, snipers aren’t too viable with certain exceptions. I’d also give fmj (or dubbed “wall banging” or wall punch through”) to all weapons instead of it just being a perk and also reducing its original effectiveness in its normal perk state. They could overall leave fmj in the game but as for extra wall puncture chance. Lastly I’d like to state the fact of infinite slide cancellation in br as well as adding a mechanic for sliding down slopes, to make the battle royal feel all the more real. I hope to see this game grow more and more popular and I’d like to see everyone have a good experience in this game!.Version: 1.0.31

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