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MONOPOLY GO! app received 88 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about monopoly go!?

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MONOPOLY GO! for Positive User Reviews

Great game but frustrating!Great little game VERY addictive! Play with friends and level up. Card collecting starts off very easy and you complete sets to earn high amounts of dice. This gets so much harder the further you progress. Compete in competitions along with your friends to earn money,dice and cards. Just completed a car event which was very disappointing! The rewards were ridiculous after so much time and effort put in to complete. So many tweaks could be added to this game. Free roll for a double, more chances at getting dice after you complete most of your basic packs. With most games today it is designed to make you spend real-time money and it is not cheap! Although lots of different options available. I have really enjoyed this game and to say it has taken over my life would be an understatement 😂 I will continue to play but the further you advance the less appealing it is to play.Version: 1.8.0

Can’t open appI have an iPhone 13 Pro Max that is up to date in terms of software however when I try to open this app it doesn’t show anything perhaps some bugs need fixing or something as I’m not sure why I can’t play this game..Version: 1.2.0

The good and the badSo, I love this game because it’s something mindless I can do when my anxiety is up, and this distracts me enough but isn’t a mental drain like some of the other games I enjoy from time to time. I haven’t had to spend exorbitant amounts of money to enjoy it, which is why it stays on my phone. I don’t mind supporting devs, but some games get excessive with the money grab. What I dislike is the inability to choose your profile picture unless you’re linked to Facebook. I don’t use Facebook; I don’t like it and I don’t want to feel pushed into using it for one game. I don’t like that there seems to be no way to collect more shields or icons. They come along so rarely, as do new stickers (which again feels like a whole other way to push you into using Facebook to trade with other players). There’s no real in game way to communicate and work with other players, and if you have friends in game, there’s no way to tell how active they are. You will do a car building or bakery event where you need a friend to team build, but it’s like the group science projects in school where one person does all the work while the other enjoys the benefits. Anyway, I think those are the main things, but overall enjoyable if you don’t want to have think too hard when enjoying a mobile game..Version: 1.13.0

Not happy with recent changes.This app/game is extremely addictive and is fun to play. However, the most recent update for the newest album has this game not feeling like as much fun. I’ve had most of my money consistently stolen by bots every day for the last week, over 350 BILLION at a time every time. This isn’t fair, first of all, and really seems like the game is just stealing money so you don’t get “too big for your britches”. Secondly, the rewards are more minimal and harder to achieve, which means less actual play time for everyone playing because there’s aren’t dice to move around. The sticker sets are also almost not worth it for the minimal dice it gives you as payout for set completion, and one gold for every set, I mean cmon. Third, the algorithm for things such as wheel boosts is nonconsistent, and it would be nice if it was able to be counted on every few days/hours the way it was in the past, that way you at least have an alternative route to be able to receive rewards. All in all, I understand from a business perspective the need to change the algorithm to make money off of sales. BUT for those of us who use this as a free app and have for months, we’re disappointed that it seems to be only about making money and not upholding the quality of the actual game..Version: 1.10.0

DICE FOR LEVELSI am a recent convert to the game and i love it. i just think that the number of dice you get as you level up should increase .. maybe with each 50 levels you reach the dice reward increases. 50 dice for getting level 100 just seems a bit sad. 😊.Version: 1.13.8

GlitchI won 300 dice, then the game glitched and they were gone.Version: 1.7.6

Amazing game wife and kids can’t get enoughI really enjoy playing this game including my kids Few problems as the game develops but nothing they can’t fix/help Just a few things I’ve noticed lately And wouldn’t mind something in return as I’ve completed my cakes but haven’t revived the last prize for completing all my cakes Would be nice to get the 5000 dice to complete some more albums and continue playing.Version: 1.7.0

….Love the game it’s addicting. However this season was a rip off, prices went up for packs and prizes went lower. Also can yous do something about all the pop ups trying to upsell packs to us as soon as we open the app it gets annoying having to press “X” heaps of times just to start playing!! We don’t need the pop ups every time when opening the app 🤦‍♀️.Version: 1.14.1

Fun game with friends and familyGood game for all ages. Love being able to play with friends and family (gets quiet competitive 😂) but wish there were mini games to earn more dice. The dice reload time is pretty long for only 5 dice, and that doesn’t amount to a lot of playing time. The addition of mini games to earn dice, tokens, money and so on would add so much more to the game’s interaction and experience . Look forward to seeing what additions are made in the future 🫶.Version: 1.1.0

Where the hell is the end?It just keeps going! Both upset & happy at that.Version: 1.8.0

THIS GAME IS THE BEST!Hi there! I am a really big fan of this game and it is my number 1 go to game that never lets me down. It is so addictive and fun that I spend hours playing it and I never get bored. I think it is so great that I can play with my friends and make friends on the game. It is so much more fun with friends and I can play it whenever wherever. This game is the best on the market and I hope it gets more players playing! I’m so glad I put this positive review on this app because this game changes all those boring moments into fun moments! I hope this game becomes a great success in its career. You can also get it on the Google Play Store. I hope this review helped a lot and I also hope a lot of new players join the game! Bye!.Version: 1.11.0

Love it but…I love this game I play it every now and then and it doesn’t really bother me that I get duplicate stickers. I love the roll system and how you can get more rolls per hour when you level up. I like how you can friend people but maybe make it so you type someone’s name in and they appear. One problem is how you can’t trade gold stickers. My friends have had gold stickers I needed for a while but I am not allowed to get it off them. But overall I love the concept, love the game and it is overall a really fun rewarding game..Version: 1.10.0

Addicting but…I am really annoyed with the fact I gotta close 5-7 pop ups if I run out of rolls, it’s worse when you have like 5 dice left do a X3 roll close a bunch of pop ups the do a X2 roll and the shame pop ups show up.Version: 1.3.0

FrustratingThis game is great I love playing it it’s very addictive. But I love it the only criticism I would say is you get plenty of stickers but very rarely do you get new ones so you cant finish your albums. And when you want to swap stickers we’re all wanting the same ones cause no one gets any new ones and then some scam you for your sticker but dont give you any in return evan tho they promised please fix its very frustrating would love to finish my albums..Version: 1.7.0

Top Notch Entertainment!I found myself in the doldrums earlier this evening, and thought I would give this app a try, and WOW! Not only do I not regret the choice I made, I would encourage everyone else who was suffering similarly to at least give MonopolyGo a chance. At worst, you will have wasted a few minutes of your time, but at best, you will have found a new companion of sorts during these difficult times. I don’t typically stick my neck out for products or services, etc, but that’s how much this meant to me. And I personally know lots of ladies who spend a great deal of time searching for something, anything, who can capture their attention and give them a reason to log on and wake up in the morning. This might be it! And if it’s not, I will keep looking. We’re worth it!! 😀.Version: 1.12.2

Cards cards cards…I love Monopoly Go! Played it for a while now as it got recommended to me, and found a few friends played it already, so I was late to the party! As much as I love the concept of playing, I play every day and still can never get the cards I need, even in pink packs I get doubles if not tropes or more than what I already have. Surely it would make sense to have gold trading days for certain cards, I’m not on social media so I only swap with friends I know and have added through contacts but my friends on fb trade and they never complete the whole sets either u less you pay for the cards you need and then your not guaranteed them as they could be copies when u open the pack. I don’t want to delete it out of frustration as I love playing it, I just think the card trading needs to be a bit more fair for everyone..Version: 1.10.0

Updated review, game now betterOriginally the game was pretty predictable on the prizes, you knew that you only were freed from the jail on the 3rd throw, for example. They have fixed that now, any throw can be a winning throw now. This is now a pretty good game, my original 2 stars is now 5. The app is constantly updated to fix bugs etc. Have noted though one bug, there used to be a countdown timer on the extra or bonus prize (land on tiles event, top middle of screen), that is currently missing..Version: 1.10.0

I recommend as a time classic to pass time!This is a great tool for sitting on the bus and board or on the train or just public transport. Or even free time at work to just destress or even to have a little gaming session before revising for exams or going to work. The problem people will say is the 5 dice per hour, however if you play the game sparingly and very carefully with the dice but also focus more onto the cards; you will have a great time. The 5 dice per hour is very balanced and the way we use them is certainly optimal in how we gain further into the game. It is a feature that makes sense and should be credited as a good feature to prevent the game getting too easy or boring over time by repeatedly rolling and playing until you succeed. The idea of having the plan how many dice you use and taking your time makes the game a good for a long time experience. Another good feature that will get you hooked is the idea of adding your facebook friends to then trade cards or have a friendly little break war between your landmarks! It is great! You and your friends able to help each other out and have fun while rolling dice to the old time classic board game to then allow each other to get higher on the leaderboard? Incredible! I would give 5/5 stars all around!.Version: 1.1.0

Need better ways for RollsIt's a fun game, I've been playing for about a month now. Everything is awesome about the game except that you have to purchase Dice Rolls or wait it out. Although I do enjoy no ads in the game I feel as if there should be an option to at least watch a video or do a little side quest to earn more dice to keep people who play this game a bit more active - it's a bit tedious waiting an hour for more rolls to come through. Another point is that the buildings are so expensive when you keep leveling up and using the multipliers to earn double the money but losing double the rolls is also a bit how ya going. Still a great game to play but should just put in other alternatives for Dice Rolls besides a million offers to "purchase" the Dice. Also, take away the bots from the game. It's not fun when you have to race against bots in the daily challenges and can never hit close to first place..Version: 1.3.0

Changes made!I wrote a review here a little while back explaining the issues I had, but as of the last update a lot has been changed! My main gripe was with the overly long animations that could not be skipped, but they have upped the speed of basically every animation, added skipping to a lot of them with a tap, and cut down on the time between rolls, greatly improving the feel and flow of the game. Allowing card pack opening to be skipped just with a tap instead of having to wait for the tiny skip button is a great addition too. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is still the amount of pop-ups to spend real money that plague a lot of the game time. We don’t need to see the same ‘buy more rolls’ and ‘invite your friends’ every time we finish our rolls, once is more than enough. I am still greatly appreciative of the changes they have made and hope this trajectory of improvement continues..Version: 1.9.2

MelissaSooooo much fun! Love playing it on my own or with my kids!!.Version: 1.8.0

No, it’sI like how it is like the real game and you have to spend rolls and get the Boris and I really like the game.Version: 1.13.8

Love Hate relationshipI love the game and play it often throughout the day. I do find it to be a bit glitchy, plus I bought two packs that stated it came with 80 dice plus 5% more and it only came with the 180 nothing more. Then I purchased the pack that came with 425 dice with 40% more and once again no extras. I found this to be disappointing, especially since I had purchased the smallest package of 30 with a bonus 50 dice and that worked. Mr. M you owe me dice!! It’s hard to earn dice, harder to get 5 star cards and the gold cards. The gaming community is cool as most will help you with trades. Graphics and tournaments are good as well. Love the Peg-E game. If you fix the dice issue that I purchased then I will change my star rating from a two to a four..Version: 1.8.0

UmSo i love the game but the constant pop up to buy dice etc is annoying its like 4-5 of them one after the other then once dice run low it does it again and then again after you run out , another Annoying thing is i keep getting the exact same cards over and over again no new ones ! Biggest thing out of all is you can’t trade gold cards !!! You should be able go trade them especially if you keep getting the same ones ! One last thing we need more dice not 5 every hour ! Not everyone can afford to buy dice ..Version: 1.1.1

Good game to pass timeThis game is great, however. Few things to point out. Sometimes the game glitches and the number on the dice isn’t how far you go on the board so you miss a chance at whatever reward you were going to get. Also the multiplier was a great idea but it takes the same amount of rolls you choose for your multiplier per roll which makes you not wanna use it at all because it’s not easy to get free rolls they cannot be shared amongst players. Maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet but I guess not every player can get new shields because I’m at level 30 something and still have an orange shield. Also you can’t revisit boards you completed what was the point in making them so nice if they don’t interact. Mini games inside of previous boards would be great so that we could earn rolls or shields for ourselves and friends. Cash grabs aren’t appealing because you rarely get over a million unless you pay for the game maybe I’m not sure. The time it takes to gains a good amount of rolls I could be used in a mini game so people would spend more time on the app. Also it’s keeps sending me to steal from my friends in heists and bank heist even after They unfriend me and it gets annoying maybe versing each other in mini games would be more fun but getting sent to the same people who have helped build toys etc is crazy. Game is cool though..Version: 1.12.2

Hi DevelopersI’ve been playing Monopoly Go for some time now and I’ve really been enjoying your game. However, I’d like to point out a suggestion for the trading system. I use the Facebook group often and for all the good people I’ve met there are just as many scammers. I’d like to propose a new way to trade. For example, if I offer a sticker, the other user offers one back. This includes the options to accept, counter offer or reject. Therefore, players won’t get scammed as it forces other players to trade for their stickers and have the opportunity to back out of a trade or counteroffer. There should still be a section for gifting however, this would be a different button and therefore wouldn’t initiate a trade with a player. As I believe gifting is a nice way to incorporate newer players. I feel a trading system where both parties have an option to interact will reduce the amount of scamming. Rather than just waiting and hoping a person sends you a sticker back. Hopefully, you get a chance to read this as I’m really enjoying playing, I just don’t like losing all my stickers 🥲. Thanks team..Version: 1.9.2

Not so fast supportI want to start this review off saying how much I love playing the game it’s so fun and addictive I love the competitions such as the car show and bake offs trying to compete to win the different tokens is one on the many things I like about it. The only downside of this is you can’t get help when your having an issue in app I was previously on level 198 and had 150 stickers into the new album and I’ve lost my progress the app kept freezing which caused me to have to reinstall and sign back in and when I did so all my progress was gone I’ve reached out to the support team on several different occasions, on there different social media platforms and no one have seem to be able to help me, they can’t even put me in touch with someone on there team who could. I feel like they communication and response time could be 100 percent better. Also I want to let anybody know keep track of your player id number as this will be key if you experience an issue like the one I did and hopefully you won’t because this is very frustrating that you can’t get real-time help from there support team. I hope that this review reaches someone on the team and they get back to me as soon as possible..Version: 1.10.0

Have a few suggestionsDevelopers please read this. I love this game, I downloaded it a few days ago and haven’t stopped playing it unless I have run out of rolls. My only complaint is that I am 12 and this game is designed for 9+ so why are you asking us to go to Facebook and if we don’t we don’t get a reward. That really annoys me because a lot if the things on here are linked to Facebook and like I said most of us are probably children. So now I have done complaining I will tell you my suggestions: 1. When you get the houses I think that the player should be able to put them down where they want. 2. Same thing with the shields because you always over load so I think that every time you get a shield you chose one of your buildings to put it on. 3. Add mini games to win dice because I love this game but I don’t want to wait an hour for the dice. Thank you for reading I hope the developers of the game take some of my suggestions into consideration..Version: 1.3.0

Love this game but..I love this game and i think it’s well made but i think it needs a few changes such as making it easier to collect dice, and making the stickers less rare and maybe more milestones. i find my self thinking that once i won some dice what’s the point? like you keep wining dice and that’s the goal but the dice kind of mean nothing i guess we have the tokens and stuff but something BIGGER would be cool. other wise would be 5 star and i think the game is awesome!.Version: 1.11.5

Don’t think twice just download itThis game is not only great entertainment…. but also a safe space. I couldn’t recommend this game more. What more could you want after a long day at work the to come home, kick your feet up, and play some monopoly go? 10/10 game.Version: 1.7.0

Good game, but improvements neededI love playing this game and so does my partner. But a few things I think need to change, I am on board 56, and I don’t think you get enough money for completing a board and I think the dice should increase aswell. So for every board it should be times what board you are on, so if your ok board 2, it’s x2 and so on, also I think that when you land on a colour set, and get to spin the wheel, the money and dice should be multiplied by whatever multiplier you are useing at the time. I also think you should be able to trade your gold cards, as what’s the point in getting multiple gold cards if you can’t do anything with them? I think if these changes are made, then this would make the game a lot more better to play.Version: 1.5.0

Three Must Needed ChangesI enjoy playing the game but I think there need to be some changes. For starters, events need to last longer than 6 days because not many people can get all 4 bars filled by time the event is over. Event tokens are already hard to get with no dice and a low multiplier. On top of that, the dice regenerate really slow. Like why do I only have 14 rolls in two hours? Second, cards have to be more accessible. I keep getting a thousand duplicate cards and rarely get 4 and 5 stars, as well as gold cards. You guys want people to have fun, but the only way we can win the events and complete the albums is by spending money on dice. I feel like 10 dollars should get me more than 250 dice because that’s just a scam at this point. It’s no reason for me not to be able to complete all the albums within 90 days. It’s like you don’t want players to win which will inevitably push players away. I’m not saying to make everything easy to get, but at least decrease the rarity of certain cards. Lastly, there should be other prizes other than 50 dice and one star stickers after completing a board. We should get like a gold sticker or at least a card we need every time we complete a board. I literally get the same cards every time I complete a board which is a waste of time. But overall the game is cool, but could be better..Version: 1.12.2

FunFun.Version: 1.0.1

Daily dice needs to be increasedOkay I’ve figured at this point you all have already made up your minds on what this game needs to be or what it is currently right now monopoly is very enjoyable, regardless, if we have to spend to gain the amount of dice to earn progress, but I have to ask after progressing certain amount of net worth like, for example, the milestones wouldn’t it be fair and suffice to reward an increase of dice after passing certain net worth overtime, I understand you all want us to wait for our dice rolls for the free to play players etc to regenerate, but for people who are playing free and don’t have the money to buy rolls all the time through the shop should be able to log on every day and still benefit because as of right now the dice amount for logging on every day it’s just too low I think if the dice amount should increase that way if we waited for hours instead of getting eight rolls, every hour you should be able to earn more through logging on and saving your daily treats dice just a thought or an idea 💡 if you don’t want to change how things are now at least give us 1,000 dice on day 7 of logging on I think that would be cool for the free to play players.Version: 1.11.0

Trading stickers/Tycoon clubI think we should be able to exchange any sticker (ie gold ones) they should allow up to 10 to trade. I think everyone should have the tycoon club. We all play..Version: 1.15.2

Great game!!! 🎲👩🏻‍💻The game is fun and a great way to pass time. My husband is almost done with it, my daughter is playing and myself! There’s just a couple things I would change or maybe add to the game. All 3 of us think it shouldn’t be an hour before you get more dice and if you Lee it like that at least give more than 7. Second, we wish you could share stuff like DICE 🎲!! You should be allowed to send dice to your friends just like cards!!! People get bored when they run outta dice and can’t ask anyone for more and u have to wait an hour by then u forgot about until who knows when . That’s what happen to my neighbors family all 6 ppl started playing with us at the same time and when they ran out of dice they just forgot unless I remind them! And lastly, the cards being so freaking hard to get even when u buy or get blue and getting so many of the same one is a bit ridiculous!! I’ve passed 9 levels and still haven’t received any new cards neither have my husband and daughter, and my his is on level 110, my daughter just started not to long ago and she has been forgetting it as well sometimes but she’s on level 33 and I’m on level 71. If y’all could make some updates that would help even more for yall and us, but I doubt it. I’m sure this will go unnoticed and untouched. But beside those little thing it’s a great game!.Version: 1.7.5

GreatI love this game, but it’s very slow. It’s very similar to coin master which I also love, but it’s needs more! On coin master you have a lot more tournaments and quests to earn spins and money. You can also buy chests with coins to get cards for your album. You can join a team and earn team chests and trade cards and get free spins. MONOPOLY GO NEEDS this feature. I’m waking up to my board completely destroyed with 50 rolls cause I can only generate 7 per hour. And then won’t play again til I have more spins cause they run out too fast and then what am I supposed to do ? Buy rolls ?? No thanks. I could play this game all day everyday but it needs more! It’s so slow, you can hardly do anything except fix your board, hit a few people and then wait an hour for 7 rolls. Please please please update this!! Take a look at coin master and get some ideas please. PLEASE LET US TRADE GOLDS maybe in a special event or give us a pop up of a certain gold we might have for someone in trades for another gold card they might have!! Please!! So close to finishing the album but only need golds and they are 5 star so I have to either search pink packs or purple which is impossible to get!! Also the daily treats need to be better. I got 100 dice for day 30 which is the very end prize when day 7 is also 100 dice. We need more!!!.Version: 1.8.0

Great game but let down by in your face pop upsI would 100% give this game 5 stars, it’s extremely fun but i’m honestly considering not playing it anymore and deleting it. Everytime you open the app you get greeted by the daily monetary offer. And then the next daily monetary offer. And then the weekly monetary offer. Then todays special board modifier. Not all at once but instead it’s one after another. And then you get the SAME pop ups when you run out of rolls for 3x rolls. Then you down the multiplier to 2x and get the SAME pop ups again once you don’t have enough rolls for 2x. Just put them in the notifications section or make a new section for it because as far as i’m concerned that’s what’s holding this game back from really going mainstream..Version: 1.0.0

Prevent scammingMonopoly Go is a refreshing take on the original Monopoly game and I’m here for it. Quick and easy to navigate and connect with friends. However, the trading aspect of the game leaves a gap for scammers to exploit which leaves a sour taste of dissatisfaction amongst genuine players. Here I was thinking how scamming can possibly be prevented then it struck me, the Pokémon go (Pogo) trading method. Basically with Pogo when you’re trading both parties have to confirm their trade in real time and you both see what is being traded before you hit confirm. Even if the person tries to change their choice last minute you will see it happening. Imagine if players are grinding to get their stickers or spending or both for it to then be taken without any preventative measures. This can easily cause a decrease in game play if left unchecked which can affect the overall stability of the game. If this can be implemented, it can making scamming much harder and the overall satisfaction of the game would increase. There’s a lot of dissatisfaction amongst the community and that’s largely due to the prevalence of scammers. I hope this is seriously taken into consideration for the overall benefit of the game and players..Version: 1.5.0

Wonderful GameThe first few reviews I read were bashing this game a lot. In fact one went on and on about how much it cost to play the game. I have been playing since the game first came out and I still love playing it. You don’t have to spend money to play lots you just have to get lucky with the dice. To me people that complain about games are usually bored with life and expect everyone to entertain them. Just tell them to get a hobby and stop dissing games all the time. Sorry just pisses me off to read these reviews on every game I enjoy because someone is dissatisfied with their life..Version: 1.15.1

Time to changeThe game is fantastic, and very addictive, but the amount of dice per hour is quite frankly unrealistic for completing any challenges. And as for stickers, well it’s about time you introduced wild cards that can be used to help finish sets, because as you have probably noticed no one helps anyone out in the so called sticker swap groups, they just take stickers off you to increase their own star scores for the higher reward safes, and never send what you traded for. And then there is the partnership challenges, to which when you end up getting partnered with some who either doesn’t play much, is of a far lower level and can’t get enough items due to the lack of dice, or they just rely on you to hit the milestones so they can reap the benefits with the contribution. And it is bad enough when people are selling dice and cards on eBay at ridiculous prices. This game needs to be more for everyone than just the profiteers!.Version: 1.8.0

Pay to winGames becoming a joke. Fun way to pass time for sure. But when you have events to create collections and you make some of them out of reach!! I realise higher value cards should take more to get but how can so,so, so many people all want the same card! I would probably spend some $$$!on dice or the likes within the game to help developers if I actually thought I’d have a remote chance to get anywhere. Sadly I don’t!.Version: 1.9.2

Takes money out of my account without askingI like this game and i enjoy it but i have noticed that it has taken 8.99 out of my account without me doing anything multiple times. My friend also had this exact amount taken out of her account as well. quite disappointed.Version: 1.1.1

Amazing gameThis game is really fun I literally play it everyday I’m not sure why people are so annoyed about the pop up, I don’t mind it and just press x, it’s a really cool game u get lots of cash and u can add friends. I can’t wait for the Christmas update cause it might have a million dollars for the Christmas gift . Download this game if u like money and if u are bored, please ignore the bad reviews with the negative reviews just look at the five or four stars reviews. Also MonopolyGO can u please give people 100 dice when people begin this amazing game,it will be helpful for the beginners and u might get more good reviews..Version: 1.3.0

🌖I only have one problem with this - the tournaments. So you have 24 hours per tournament to accumulate as many points as you can for a prize. Some people get thousands of points. It ruins it for the players who don’t spend money on the game. The people who don’t spend money on the game will inevitably not be able to obtain enough points to get first place for the top prize. Someone who spends money on the game will obtain more dice rolls than others. And recently I see someone went bankrupt. I don’t know if that was out of their own choice or if someone made that happen. But again, if you spend money on the game you can obtain more dice and money. I know you don’t have to spend money but it puts you at a huge advantage if you do. It’s a shame to see so many games have incorporated the pay to win/ have an advantage feature. I guess this is how big companies just make more money..Version: 1.8.0

Great gameMonopoly go is a great game. I got the game because all my friends were playing and I wanted to see what the hype was about. I instantly got addicted to the game. I was having lots of fun and wanted to play with my friends but every time I would put in my phone number it would say that it was invalid. I have come to the conclusion that the reason it was saying in valid is because every time I would click on Australia region in the game then type in my phone number it would change it to cocos islands which is also 61 like australia and would say invalid. I don’t know how to fix this or any workarounds. It would be very nice if u could fix this or tell me how to do it if I’m doing it wrong..Version: 1.7.5

Great game - Wish all rewards would scale with levelsLove the game have been playing it for months now! Just one thing that constantly frustrates me is the lack of scaling rewards when your getting up to higher levels. For example the colour set complete awards in which you get to spin a wheel. When your getting up into the higher levels to upgrade a full board is around 700 million $ and the rewards are still set for someone who has a level 10 board. For example spinning to land on 5 rolls, and for cash either 1.6 million $ or 4 million $ if your lucky. Not a big deal just thought it would be good for the developers to know how a higher level player might feel while playing the game. Same goes for the daily chest rewards in which when they have a present you can land on and still might only get 300,000 which in reality is not benefiting you in the slightest as a passing go on my board is around 1.5 million $. A great game to pass the time and you can apply some strategy but mainly just luck..Version: 1.7.0

Cool game ! Never usually into phone games but this is great fun. !Good game, pretty addictive lol it’s very tempting to pay to get more dice rolls. You get into it and then an offer comes up when ur out of rolls and you think hmm should I?coz u just want to keep playing! Lol but overall I enjoy playing it free. Minimal ads, playing free I feel is better then paying for advantages , I’d rather play free and that achievement feeling is greater . I do recommend . It’s even more fun if u connect it to Facebook and ur contacts it’s more fun if you play with others who are playing but don’t worry you can play alone with people around the world and anyone u send the app to will sign up anyway! And u get points for doing that and connecting ur contacts :) not usually into phone games but pretty hooked on this lol.Version: 1.7.0

Glitching stickers and diceWhen I got up I knew I could have worked two of these off cause I know the two parties the fourth one I wasn’t concerned for I was trying to gain but I’ve lost more than I gained monopoly the 500 wheels was okay but I believe the game could do better I believe that yall could put wheels in the boxes that are earned. It’s hard to gain cause you put the prize so far out there that it’s ridiculous. I spent the last five months collecting 11k dice on my own without paying for any of it. And by the end of this event I’m left with 9.5k dice no rewards and don’t get to finish the car event.. I like the game but I do believe a lot can be done to make this gaming experience a lot more better…. Like the stickers are repetitive after you get so many you can’t trust someone to send you what you ask for you have scammers out there and they’ll take and not give I’ve had it happen to me. I’ve been playing for almost a year now and I know it’s a really relaxing fun game but the ambition is set extremely high…. The rewards are far fetched… literally please look into bettering the reward on all events for the cars and wheels…. Better the stickers to where you at least get all sets completed within desired time….Version: 1.13.0

Feature suggestionsGame is a good time killer, I think what would make this game better would be adding a separate trade function for stickers. Like having a Gift Sticker and Trade Sticker for fears of being scammed for higher star stickers. Maybe a far out feature of having the stickers be NFTs too.Version: 1.8.0

I LOVE IT BUT WHATS UPI’m writing to address the matter of the game not loading, just recently i’ve been getting error messages aswell as it not loading in at all & telling me to restart. I’ve deleted the app & re installed it & it has not fixed the issue. I was participating eagerly in one of the tournaments & was waiting patiently for my free dice top ups so i can place top 5, but now due to the game not functioning well for not only me but my family i’m worried i’ll lose my placement with only 4 hours left. If you can & i ask nicely , please look into this fast. Nothing else has been a issue with the game, it’s fun & excites me when i get dice top ups. But this problem really hurts. Thankyou..Version: 1.11.5

AddictiveIt’s fun and ADDICTIVE!.Version: 1.7.0

Good game overallI absolutely love this game it is really fun. I have been playing this for around 3 months now but it is still so much fun. I like the fact you can knock down buildings and steal from others but the only problem are the rolls. For me it is not much of a problem because I go on and off my phone all day but with people who want to constantly play the game they can’t or the just will run out of rolls and have to spend money. Overall however decent game..Version: 1.1.0

Pay to winI have really enjoyed the game since I started around a month ago but one thing becomes clear the higher the levels you go .It is very difficult to complete albums if you only have a golden sticker left to complete as these are extremely rare to come by and they are not tradable!!….another major setback is that if you are not prepared to pay money for dice you only get up to 8 dice per hour and when you are competing in tournaments against people who are obviously putting large amounts of money in there is no chance of you climbing the leaderboards to win more dice or rarer sticker packs . The amount of dice you get later in the game makes it near impossible to advance. It is a shame because in the first few weeks of playing I would have given 5 stars as the gameplay is very enjoyable and addictive but from playing the game daily the more I play the more frustrating the game becomes ….I hope the developers take my thoughts into consideration because if they don’t I can see them losing a loyal player base ….Version: 1.8.0

Changement de tableau50 dés pour un changement de tableau me paraît très cheap , 200 dés avec toute l’effectif qu’ont y met serais bienvenu….Version: 1.15.2

Fantastów game.I had seen to game on ads and thought it wouldn’t be good. I decided I would download it to see. It turned out this game was spectacular. It was so addictive. I do have some little things I would like to point out just that I think could be improved or added. Firstly the waiting time to got new dices when you run out it is just simply too long. 60 minutes of waiting before I can continue playing is really annoying stating the fact it is so fun to play obviously up until you run out of dices. Another thing is when it says your allowed to buy dices it costs £10 which is really expensive. What I’m saying is maybe you could lower down your prices as they are very high. Apart from that I think the game is awesome. It has several different features and is overall a very nice and detailed game..Version: 1.10.0

Fun game and easy to pick up/come back toReally enjoy that I don’t need to be playing in the game 24/7 to progress and can come back to it when rolls regenerate. Only negative I have is the amount of in-app promos that all open up when you click into the game - having to close 7 promotions consecutively before actually being able to play is quite annoying. This also happens when you run out of rolls, the same 7 ads come up in a row - I get self promotions but 7 is just too much….Version: 1.4.0

Baking PartnersA friend and I are close to prize 5/5 on this “Baking Partners” challenge, but for some reason my game won’t load her progress and contribution. I’m annoyed and frustrated, have even deleted and re-downloaded the game in case maybe there was a glitch or I wasn’t on the most updated version. We’re in the final hours of this challenge now, and I’m very disappointed because if this doesn’t get fixed/resolved, then this challenge was a waste of time..Version: 1.7.0

IdeaAbsolutely love playing this game. Avid fan. Just an idea… when trading cards do a 1 day or 2 day special especially as it’s getting closer to ending the album open it to trading gold cards so it can help with completion of it…. Doesn’t have to be often maybe just one time per album maybe. (I’m one of the few that’s finding it difficult to compete it). Just a idea. Many thanks regardless still be playing this game for a while. Also today 28/09 Been having difficulties with the game it keeps restarting on me while in play and then it keeps glitching. HELP.Version: 1.11.5

J’adore!C’est le fun, j’aime bien ☺️.Version: 1.0.1

I’m bankrupt in real life.Monopoly Go was introduced to me as a care free, enjoyable and overall social game that was fun to pass the time with and a good way to keep a conversation going amongst friends. As I discovered the high of completing sticker packs, finishing cakes or cars, destroying monuments and seeing that you have over 2000 rolls, I became completely addicted. I started to play it every waking moment of my life without apology. Constantly chasing that thrill of success which I never have gotten in real life. I have cut ties with all of my friends, my family no longer speaks to me and my wife left me and won sole custody over our 3 year old child. She wouldn’t even agree to at least compensating me with Momma Mammoth which I thought was very unreasonable. I have emptied my bank account and maxed out 5 credit cards just so that I can purchase more rolls and stickers. Now I have a lien on my house from a $200,000 dollar loan I received. I’m happy I did that because it got me all the way to board 74! Being on board 74 is without a doubt, my greatest accomplishment. Thank you developers for changing my life for the better. I have a direction and a purpose now. I owe that to you all. God bless you and keep up the good work!.Version: 1.8.0

Great game but dice rollsVery fun game got addicted to it with my group of friends. However, once you get to a point where there is no additional sources of dice, the game becomes very dead and progress plateaus and you either have to pay money to buy dice or just wait it out and 80 dice every 24 hrs is just brutal. There needs to be more ways to earn dice after finishing most of the sticker packs. Also the scaling in the game needs work.. How can i be receivinng the same amount of dice scaling from town 1-2 compared to town 51-52??.Version: 1.7.0

Addictive, then frustratingGreat game and super addictive. A great way to play with friends!! Two issues so far: 1) The Stickers. Fun to win and finish out the lower star value collections until you just get duplicate after duplicate of these ones all of the time and only getting a small handful the packs with more stars. I’m at the point where I dread getting stickers as rewards as I know I’ll just get what I’ve already got and rarely get a new one in a pack. 2) Dice. Sometimes easy to get on a roll (🤣) with them then it’s really hard to either win them in tournaments or when free parking does a ‘land on these spaces and get x amount per landing’ thing..Version: 1.12.2

Just these couple tiny things holding the game backI never really play games on my phone and If I do it’s never for long but this has me, my friends and family on a hold! It’s all we talk about, it’s all we do and it’s the first game I’ve ever spent money on so well done lol. Now I think there’s only a couple issues with the game. Number one is when you open the game you have to press x on about 4 goddam offers it’s such a small but kind of infuriating thing. Put them all together on the screen or something or let me swipe through them all, anything else other than pressing x that many times every time I load the game. Same goes for when I run out of dice it’s so annoying to have to press x so many times put them all together or something!!!!! I also think the rewards for completing a full set and the boxes you can trade for loads of cars duplicates are a little stingy. Other then that love the game well done x.Version: 1.5.0

ARE YOU KIDDING MEHello! I’m writing in regards to the developers of this game to do something about people scamming each other for cards!! You guys promote the Facebook page through the actual game, yet people are being dishonest with trades and there is nothing we can do about it ?! I have now been scammed 4 times! With stickers that have been so hard to get !! There needs to be a system in place to rate players or something based of trades because this is just unfair! & you cant play much without trading & isn’t the whole theme around monopoly about trading!! This is so annoying and unfair. I’ve spent a lot money on this game!!! Please do something about this!!!.Version: 1.4.0

An absolute scam of a game and is completely rigged!!!This game is horrible, complete scam. It is designed to only let people progress and be rewarded in the game IF you spend hundreds of dollars. It’s a waste of time and completely unfair. It is constantly crashing, glitching and has all sorts of bugs and again, is so rigged - only lets the people who pay ridiculous amounts of money win. Then, the rare times you win a tournament, you are given duplicate stickers so you can’t win rewards! Absolute joke..Version: 1.11.5

No diceI have been playing this game for a couple of months now, I am level 5300 and the past couple of weeks I have just found it impossible to get dice I am only getting dice from the free gifts and the 8 per hour apart from that I get no dice. The tournaments are imposible to get to the top places I am always 40th place or so and the stickers are so hard to get I only need 4 and 5 star cards now and I just can’t get them and I’m constantly being scammed on Facebook. Also the community chest I have only got the five star pack about 3 times in the many months I have been playing please make it easier to get and maybe when you are a high level like I am make it so you get 4 star packs when you finish every five levels instead of a two star gold pack. Also the wheel when you finish a colour set is so annoying I never land on the four star pack I only ever land on the two star pack and rarely land on the safe. Apart from that it is a very addictive game and awesome when you are bored and have dice to use..Version: 1.11.5

Love the game!!Could you please add a way to make dice and cash faster, eg. Mini games, the ability to ask for dice from friends and family would be sick, besides that this game is cool, im really enjoying it at the moment but it just gets a bit boring having to wait 60mins just to collect 5 dice. 🙏🏼.Version: 1.0.1

Great Game BUT…Takes way too long to load rolls… would be nice to be able to earn them another way instead of waiting, especially when your waiting 1 he for 5 dice… and even with full rolls you can’t play very long. Other great game, have played it almost everyday for 2 weeks. Great time waster (in the best way lol).Version: 1.1.1

Love the gameI love this game. But I will only give 4 stars as this is a pay to play game. You don’t advance anywhere or get any of the big rewards you need to advance without paying. Even with the events you barely get anything. The thing with the sticker album used to be my favorite but I’ve bee. Stuck at the same sticker amount for 2 weeks now. Which I get can’t them all quickly but I have 17 of multiple different cards. I have multiple of the gold cards as well. Can’t ever seem to get cards I need but many of the gold cards and I can’t even trade the gold cards. The car event going on right now I do love the partner thing but unless you use a multiplier to get more at one you only get one but it requires 20 of the part to even spin once. I used 400 dice today and didn’t even get close to landing on that many. I just wish you could advance better and have a more fair chance at getting the bigger rewards than paying to play. Or at least get more dice daily. And more than 50 dice when you advance to the next board. 50 dice might have been something up until board 20 but at board 50 that isn’t anything at all when you have to use the multiplier to even make enough cash to upgrade a single landmark once. I do still love the game but it’s annoying that it is mostly a pay to play game. Not as friendly and kind to those that aren’t paying..Version: 1.8.0

Great game, just a few changes to makeIt’s an amazing and addicting game. Just a few tweaks that would make it better. It’s game that you play with your friends and trade stickers but you’ve limited to the amount of stickers you can trade per day. Get rid of that because it holds no value. If you want people to enjoy trading then get rid of the daily limit for trading stickers. Also, the amount of pop ups at the start when logging in is very tedious, I’m okay with 1 but when there is about 3/4 each time you close it down and restart is a bit annoying. You need to do something about gold cards as when you get a duplicate, they’re pretty pointless as they can’t be traded and you need 1500 stars to get the best pack. At least make it if you have 3-5 gold cards you can trade it for one you actually need or something? Otherwise they’re just as useless as the 11x 1 star cards you have. Other than that, I love the game. Please keep updating it with new things 👍🏼.Version: 1.5.0

Not enough dice!I use to use 3 different phones to play this game! I spent money and a lot jus to win a tournament or get the dice! Also I am on level 271 and still getting 50 dice for advancing ??? That’s crazy!!! I no longer by dice I jus wait for the 7 dice a hour ? Now the makers of this game if that sound like it’s fair you and your family and friends must not play because you know it’s a scam! You developed this game and had everybody in a chokehold playing it and losing sleep especially me! I no longer want to play the partner games because some of the partners don’t even attempt to try! Why agree to be a partner to someone if you not gonna at least try? So I pick up the slack for the lazy person and they reap the benefits by doing nothing! I should be able to cancel that person out if they are not gonna help! And why am I giving up 100 stickers but getting 5 of the ones I already have? Not a new one in sight! This game has fell so far from what it was in the beginning! I get cheated out of my dice for the tournament, I get cheated out of stickers! And I get cheated out of playing with partners! You developers should be shame that you had something so great that made so many people happy jus to turn it into a cash grab !.Version: 1.12.2

Addicting game but frustratingI find this game to be so fun especially to fill extra time, it’s engaging and there’s always something new to work towards which is so nice but my main issue is the stickers. Firstly, there should be a feature to make trading between players smoother and prevent other players from scamming such as a trade mode/gifting mode etc. Gold cards need to be changed entirely too, as a quality of life feature for all players. These cards are extremely hard to obtain, which I understand is their purpose, but there is no way to guarantee you will receive a gold card (e.g gold card only sticker packs) and when gold cards are received by the player, they are more often than not a duplicate, which cannot be traded. So these duplicate cards you get after working towards getting a very rare purple sticker pack, hold absolutely zero value. Either gold cards need to be more common and easier to obtain to ensure players can get them or make them tradable as the trading aspect is what makes the sticker function so popular..Version: 1.9.2

Great game, can’t get enough!I don’t usually right reviews but I felt the need to as this is one of the best out there. I get that people are annoyed by the pop up adds when opening the game but it doesn’t force you into watching adds and it’s free to play you don’t NEED to buy anything. It is very, rigged sometimes…but other than that it has become very addictive and I’m already in the hundreds boards. Hopefully someday there will be a better system for Gold cards as you cannot trade them, and it seems people look for the same cards around the same time so that could also be worked on but keep up the good work!.Version: 1.7.0

You would make more money by……I think MonopolyGO is a great game to pass time and for you and your friends to play and attack each other on but one thing people complain about on their reviews for this game the most is the dice it’s 60 mins for 6 dice I personally think you should add some short ads in so you can get dice so like 5 ads for 10 dice which ain’t that bad or lower like 6 or maybe 8 if you added this in not only would you be making more money to support the game for future updates you would get a load more of satisfied people and better review which would attract more players and make less haters which means more money for you to develop things on the game I would really appreciate it if you took my thought into consideration thank you for your time.Version: 1.4.0

Not fair to playI wanted to give 5 stars however after few months playing I decided to give 1 star instead. The longer I play the worst experience I have. First of all, the stickers reward system is a joke, when I used 100 stickers to trade back all of the stickers I already had, so I lost the sticker for nothing, been happened many times. Or the golden sticker can’t be gifted, but I have extra golden card! Why can’t gift to someone really want? And I’m pretty high level now but the higher I achieve the less reward I have, 5minutes 200times roll is a joke too! Which is a scam, you roll more quicker then you lost it quicker, but they treated as a reward, so bad! Then the wheel lucky draw also is a joke! Yo would never have a chance for blue stickers!! Never! I been playing more a 500 times but still non! Even though sometimes I’ve spent some money for reward but I didn’t get what I want! They didn’t give you chance for complete anything but just want your money! If you don’t care the reward then just play this game for kill time.Version: 1.11.5

NiceI enjoy the game, it’s a great thing to pass the time. Although there is a long wait for more dice once you have run out, there are various challenges in which you can earn more and they make it quite interactive with friends. Only downside would be the in app purchases, there are a lot of advertisements for them and they are quite pricey for what they are. I haven’t needed to purchase any to progress far in the game, been playing about a month and quite a high level. It’s not a game you can sit and play consistently unless you win or buy a lot of rolls but it’s not one you really need to consistently play. I check mine in the morning and a few times in the evening once I’m finished work and always have rolls available when needed! As you progress you earn more rolls and shields, it’s a long run game, which makes it more enjoyable rather than just sitting and playing it aimlessly for hours..Version: 1.7.0

“Skip button” or a “Turn off SFX” setting.Love the game and how it’s interactive and let’s you engage with other players, but there’s one thing that I find annoying. It’s the special effects every time you get a reward or complete something. It’s a bit too much for me and it’s time consuming too. Every second watching those effects is a second too long. Could you make a skip button or a turn off special effects setting to bypass all the SFX. I’m very impatient and just want to play the game. I don’t want to watch the special effects, and I’m sure there’s other people that agree with me. Please and Thank you!.Version: 1.12.2

Overall great! But things need changeI love this game and a little addicted now but this new update is fun and better! The only things that I would like to see if better chances or better odds at getting more dice! The set rewards are not worth it unless you finish the entire album! Just saying, if the prices were matching the dice amount, then it would be more interesting to buy dice. 3200 is nowhere near enough. Example: if it was 10k dice for $100 and 5k dice for $50, then it would be more enticing to get dice and spend money for those tons of people that spend money on the game! But instead there are a bunch of scammers and people that get people to send stickers and finish their own sets and album before everyone else. They end up having tons and tons of dice to use while the majority of us have hardly anything to use on the game. We aren’t having fun if we can’t get any good amount of dice to use. The amounts that are on the daily events that go on, those amounts are so high that people get to a point where they are so close and not enough dice to keep going and finish. If you can kindly take that information into consideration, that would be much appreciated! As for myself, I’m one of those that is just stuck doing the everyday login steps and that’s it..Version: 1.10.0

System needs to be betterI really like the game, it is way too addicting to be honest; however, it is so annoying with the whole trading cards situation. Like yeah the whole trading cards like Pokémon is fun, but there should be a better system for it because how come I can easily get 10+ packs of cards a day, but in every single one of them I get not a single new card? Also why is the trading done outside of the game? Yeah the Facebook group is useful, but there’s a whole black market there like people are getting scammed over CARDS like be so for real. And what’s the point of the “stickers for rewards” if I’m still going to get the same 3 repeated cards? At this point I’m just wasting stars. And the sending only 5 cards a day is lowkey annoying too because then what’s the point of having multiple ‘friends’ to trade with if you can’t trade multiple cards while having a time limit to collect multiple cards, then either add more cards to trade, reduce the time span of when you max out on the amount of cards you exchange, or just don’t have a time limit for the albums you have to collect. Because that way you can’t trade your cards and the cards you are getting yourself are just repeated ones so there’s no advancing. Thank you for coming to my ted talk :).Version: 1.14.1

ComplaintI love the game very amazing very addictive but there is only one thing maybe 2 but it’s the shut down you get them really frequently and can be annoying and also a easer way to get dice and roll as it take long and can make it boring when u have no rolls so make it a bit easier to achieve and earn them but back to the shut downs I look forward to bank heist especially since the are rlly fun and you never k ow what you can get and are just so so fun but the shut downs can be boring as you get them loads and moth the time you don’t get nothing except a million sometime but it wouldn’t help players with a higher ranking the need more money to get thing like me but except the the game is amazing..Version: 1.8.0

It’s good but frustratingI really enjoy the game, and look forward to playing it each day. What I don’t enjoy is that it is becoming unrealistic to complete things. The higher up the boards you go the more expensive it becomes. Which is understandable but the daily rewards don’t match that. If I log in to get the daily rewards the most I can get is 100 die at the end of the week. That doesn’t go far. Before I could upgrade a board with around 1 billion now it takes around 5. Yet they daily prizes are only in the hundred thousands, it’s barely enough to upgrade. People say they can complete sticker packs without purchasing die. Yet, this time around I have purchased and still need 3 stickers to compete and with 6 days to go I doubt I’ll get it. If the multiplier is on, it would be nice if the game matched that ie multiply the sticker by the multiplier. To give people more of a chance. So if there is 6 stickers in a pack and you have 5 multiples times that by 6. We should be able to trade the gold star stickers. There should be an option to purchase sticker packs with the money you win, like the board upgrades. Instead of the weekly rewards, why can’t you make a monthly one, where if you check in each day the reward are more likely to increase. The daily tasks, why can’t there be better rewards to match the levels you are in. Some days I get 15 die, or one sticker. It’s like the game is designed to solely spend money to get anywhere. Yet the games is very addictive to play..Version: 1.9.2

Kinda rigged…I’ve been playing this game for a while now and overall it’s quite decent. The chance of the shut downs you get when landing on a railroad is nearly CERTAIN because once I had to go through 7 shut downs before a bank heist!!! The sticker system is also kinda rigged too. Every time I get a sticker pack it either gives me a) all my double-ups b) only one sticker that’s new. The game kicked me out every time I wanted to exchange stickers. Like why??? So, developers, pLeAsE rEdUcE tHe ChAnCe Of gEtTiNg a ShUt DoWn AnD uNrIg ThE sTiCkEr SyStEm!!!!.Version: 1.15.2

FunOne of the best game ever.Version: 1.8.0

Only problemThe only thing I don’t like is that when you finish a board I think every other board you should get a card to finish your album instead of them constantly giving you the same card over over over again and on top of that mega heist they cheat on that because if you roll a dice and you get the 15min mega heist they don’t let you get all your heist. You will go around the board multiple times on shut downs so you’ll miss like 3 mega heist so out 4 mega heist you gonna get maybe 1 because they’re gonna change it to a normal heist and I think it’s not fair. It’s fun because you have friends you can laugh knocking down properties lol and doing heist but that’s my major problem and sometimes when you go around the board it glitches so if you know the number on the dice it’s not gonna let you land on that card on the board. I never like to play board game because I think family cheat sooo this the ONLY way I’ll play lol.. Another thing if you report something to them they’ll ask you for a picture but if the people that’s playing constantly complain then fix the problem. It’s hard to get rolls I feel it shouldn’t take hours to get rolls and I feel we should be able to share rolls with each other if someone don’t have anymore.. But other then that it’s cool game.Version: 1.9.2

MAKE GOLDEN STICKERS TRADEABLEMonopoly GO is genuinely such an amazing game and really addictive but something that takes away from the excitement of the game is that the golden stickers are NOT tradeable!! This is really inconvenient as you get multiples of the same card but are not able to trade with someone to help them out and vice versa. Also, when you have gotten all of the tradeable cards and only have the golden cards left to complete the album, it becomes really frustrating as they are hard to get as you basically get nothing valuable in the normal green sticker packs :// one other thing i suggest that could help to improve the game is the higher level you are, the more dice you receive after completing a level… 50 dice is not enough when you have 100+ million to pay to upgrade your buildings. All that being said, this game is honestly so good but those minor details could be improved to make the game easier + more fun/enjoyable for players :)) Hope this is taken into consideration for the next game update! Thanks :).Version: 1.8.0

Good gameReally good game if you are looking for a laid back sorta 20 mins a day with friends. Unless you pay money you can only play for short periods of time and then wait for your dice rolls to reset.Version: 1.0.1

TycoonThis game is one of the best tycoon games ever recommend a lot.Version: 1.8.0

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