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MONOPOLY GO! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

MONOPOLY GO! app received 161 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MONOPOLY GO!? Can you share your negative thoughts about monopoly go!?

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MONOPOLY GO! for Negative User Reviews

Awful Customer ServiceI NEVER leave reviews but felt compelled to because of how truly atrocious this games customer service is. The game doesn’t give you rewards that you earn sometimes (no big deal) contact customer service to get it handled and instead of giving you the reward you clearly did not get they send you useless cash and 40 dice. Then when you contact then back to explain that’s unacceptable that you just spent close to 8,000 dice to achieve that reward, they just refuse to respond. Even after this happening multiple times I still decided to play. Then my account somehow got deleted and I tried to recover it on my end to no avail. I contact them once again, they tell me they need to most specific information to locate it that you would only know if you had access to your account and could look at it in real time. It was things like exactly how many dice you have, exactly how much money you have. When I gave them other very specific information about my account (because who knows the exact of either of those numbers) they told me they couldn’t help me and ended the chat with no further explanation. I tried reopening the ticket and they AGAIN refuse to answer. They just literally ignore their customers. I cannot recommend enough that you do not play this game and you do not give this company a dime of your money. It’s obvious they don’t actually care..Version: 1.15.2

Not enjoying it anymoreEnjoyed the game initially but the higher level you get the crappier the gaming experience becomes. Cannot complete any competitions, dice rolls given as you rise each level doesn’t balance. Long wait times, it’s like they have programmed the game so you can’t complete any challenges. One moment I’m getting the train and then when that’s what I need for a challenge I don’t land anywhere near. Not sure whose coming up with the strategy ideas. Also not even worth purchasing anything too expensive. Good concept not so great execution..Version: 1.11.5

Gambling Simulator - Shallow Gameplay, Exploitative Endgame and MicrotransactionsI’ve spent a lot of time on this game, spouse upsetting levels. I’ve not gotten to the point where I have about 15 cards left to complete and I’ve been here for about 3 weeks… I’ve barely missed a roll, have opened countless packs, rolled thousands of dice and the only thing that’s moved me forward is the black market that’s sprung up around this game’s trading cards… which in itself won’t get you to the end game because some key cards are untradeable. The gameplay loop never actually evolves as you move through the game, you just increment your level and get slightly nicer pictures but in actuality a roll is worth less and less and is not balanced in the slightest. On top of all that the game is exploitative towards those who spend money on it? A pack with a guaranteed missing card might be £10 for one player and £100 for another because they understand who they can milk. Make no mistake this is a gambling simulator without even the chance of reward..Version: 1.8.0

This game is a jokeSorry but I can’t stand this game anymore, spent thousands to get no where and win nothing… no new cards in 35 days which isn’t fun!! Only ever get 1-3 star cards all because I’m such a high level I can’t do it anymore and you don’t make it cheap.. there are millions of people playing this game you’re profiting BILLIONS so please the only thing I ask is that make things cheaper these packs for $20 aren’t worth it neither are the ones advertised for $50-$100 +++ it’s ridiculous!!! Not a happy paying customer 🤬.Version: 1.13.0

SCAM GAME - TOTAL JOKE - DONT PLAYI started playing at first with my family. It was fun at first. I really enjoyed the fact you could control who you play with other than the options of random people in the shut downs. I just chose not to hit random peoples boards and I guess I got lucky because not a lot hit mine. At this point collecting rent and bank heists we’re still just people on your friends list. Then after a while I noticed random accounts got generated on my board and I could collect rent from them. There was no way for them to get back to my account and I couldn’t chose who I collected rent from so I just ignored it. Bank heists we’re still friends only. After that I started getting spammed by random account hitting me in shut downs, rent, and bank heists repeatedly in minutes completely wrecking my board. I can’t progress any more because of this and there’s no way to remove random accounts. Some Im sure are bots but there’s no way to report the account either. You can’t get in contact with anyone to figure out why. I normally don’t spend money on in game purchases and based off everything else I’ve heard I’m so glad I don’t. From the sounds of it they’re double charging, making unauthorized purchases, not giving rewards, etc and there’s no way to contact anyone to resolve those either. This game is a total joke.Version: 1.13.5

Account lost during software glitch & now they’re ignoring meI’ve been playing this game since mid May and on 5th July, it started repeatedly crashing. Scopely acknowledged this issue on their Facebook & app info pages. Later that day, I tried to open the app again only to find my profile had been totally wiped & I have absolutely zero access to my game at all. I’ve contacted them multiple times a day, every day to ask them to restore it. On some of the threads, they started to answer but then stopped answering once I told them what the problem was, but most messages aren’t being acknowledged at all. I’ve spent ALOT of money in the last couple of months so to lose my account through no fault of my own & then to be utterly ignored in my attempts to get it fixed, is totally unacceptable. I’m currently looking into whether there’s any way to log a formal complaint with either an ombudsman or financial service because this is full blown cowboy tactics. They’ve taken my money, accidentally wiped/lost my account because of some kind of software issue and they expect me to just accept the loss of both the money and the game progress?!!! WTH!! I’d give them ZERO STARS if I could..Version: 1.7.0

Another buy buy buy app, so annoying.This game is really annoying, it keeps annoying you to buy buy buy. I am rating it 0 stars in my books..Version: 1.1.1

Gone downhill!This game was great to star off with, now it’s horrible! The sticker packs you get are just full of the same 1 or 2 star cards, the golds are always a duplicate that you can’t even trade and the tournaments are absolutely rubbish. With 8 dice per hour and capped at 80 dice there is no chance of even coming close to winning when people get over 100k points when you are struggling to even get 1000 points! The rewards for completing sets is so small compared to last time..Version: 1.11.5

Developers only thinking about their pocketsPlayed this game since it was released. To get any kind of decent progress on the game, real money needs to be spent and it’s not cheap. It will bug and crash and you won’t receive the rewards but customer support is no use as it’s a robot (still haven’t received any reply from the 21st july!). There’s a new “season” with new stickers to collect, which was exciting, but after looking at the rewards for completing the set as well as there being a gold sticker in EVERY album, I’ve lots all enthusiasm to play and I know very soon it’ll be one of those games I just log in to every few days until eventually I don’t ever again. I know I’m not the only person that feels the developers have become greedy and players are now feeling like there’s no incentive to play. It’s a shame as it was a great game… but I’m not going to spend my time rallying to get a card for 100, 200, 300 dice (my boards are costing 12 billion to upgrade so pointless amount of dice).Version: 1.10.0

Great game…butI do really enjoy this game but the getting dice and cards is unbelievably frustrating. The concept of the game is brilliant and highly addictive but really needs some tweaking. Some people complete albums 3 or 4 times whereas others can’t manage to complete them even once, and it’s become even more difficult with this new set where you have to get a gold card in each set. This makes it much harder to complete sets and win dice, which are difficult enough to get enough to help win the cards. I started playing this and it began as a nice, relaxing game and now it’s a lot of frustration trying to get cards and dice so you can actually play the game. Also trading in the group can be almost impossible at times and there have been people who have been scammed out of cards and there also people selling cards for cash..Version: 1.10.0

The game can be fun but has quite a few issuesObviously it’s pay to play game, without spending cash it can be quite slow to get anywhere and get gold stickers , but overall is quite addictive and fun, there however needs to be an option for fair trading, Such as, an option to trade a card and an option to gift a card, the trading option should require both parties to select what card they want to trade, and they both must agree with what the other is sending before the cards are exchanged, as it’s very frustrating going into the link the game provides to trade on Facebook, and then constantly being done over and scammed trying to trade cards practically everyone on there trying to trade as been scammed out of cards at some point, because one side said they would send and then don’t, and there’s no way to recover a sent card.Version: 1.7.5

An addicting game.So I do enjoy this game very much…why did I leave the 3 stars??? ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1. I have informed them I cannot add someone as a friend, so in order to share stickers, I have to have them as a contact in my phone or Facebook. So although they have Facebook groups to exchange stickers… you can’t unless your friends in the game and I’m not about to add a bunch of people to my personal Facebook just for stickers ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2. Speaking of stickers…. You end up for 6 to 10 extra stickers on one sticker and barely get new ones, so to finish that challenge is extremely hard and most times not able to. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3. They will do team builds, you have 4 days to build 4 things with one other person per build. Sounds possible, but never once have I gotten all 4! I got 3 done, but unless you drop a crap load of money for extra rolls you aren’t getting it done. They need to give you at least a week to accomplish the goals. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4. I am pretty high up on the map, this is the main reason for the 3 stars.. I’m bored! They stop putting new cities up and start repeating… like I did Philadelphia twice and it’s the exact same thing. ⭐️⭐️⭐️So why do I still play??? I wanna try and get them darn stickers 😂😂😂 I am determined. Just wish they would fix the issues that have been addressed in a private message….. and no the adding new friends is not a setting issue with my phone… it’s an app issue..Version: 1.12.2

Unsure of this ‘games’ purpose?This is more like a glorified slot machine, and even then it doesn’t deserve that description. It’s essentially a platform to shove micro transactions down your throat. To attach the Monopoly name to this product is a crime. It resembles the nostalgia of monopoly in no shape or form. There are like 3 rudimentary functions or interactions which allow maybe 5 minutes of play, before you have to either wait or pay to continue rolling the dice (i.e. tapping a button repeatedly). It lacks purpose and varied, fun gameplay. Onwards to the next cash grab….Version: 1.0.1

Hasbro is making an awful lot of $$$Game is great but has a few issues. Love the graphics and extras like Cash Grab and Mega Heists. Great fun to play even if it’s not 100% clear on how all aspects of the game work BUT pop ups for paid content is relentless and pricing for extras is mega expensive. Why not just charge $10 for the game instead of $10 for a small amount of cash and dice rolls. Sticker rewards are boring and pretty much useless and collecting 350 icons to earn cash or dice rolls is impossible if you only use free rolls. Having to purchase dice rolls and cash is akin to online gambling - totally not interested. Also not interested in linking this app to my FB account. Guess I’ll just stick to playing twice a day when the free rolls hit 60 😊.Version: 1.1.1

No response?Has been well over a week since reporting that my game had glitched out while completing the “Wildlife Tales” album & that I am not receiving any greater rewards/ rewards at all! Unlike others I have seen whom have completed their entire album & have started over!! The customer service bot seems to be the furtherest I’ll ever get with Monopoly GO! In terms of my opinion having a foundation that matters as I’ve unfortunately become a paying customer to an overpriced system that gives nothing but low duplicate stickers & not so great features to the events at the time that, benefit you next to nill in hindsight. Overall the concept & twist Scopely has put on our all time favourite game is great fun & a neat new way to interact with each other forming bonds all over the world & bringing humanity some what closer by donating stickers without expecting anything in return!.. I just hope I’m awarded the dice & money I’m owed sooner rather than later. Thank you for reading my opinion. Kind regards, Kurt.Version: 1.7.0

Shutdowns everywhereThe game loops seems nice especially at the beginning, even with the many pop ups asking you to buy rolls. Then you get to a point where the cost of upgrading your board gets expensive. Which would be fine except a single person can essentially reset your board. Allowing your friends to choose to target you allows one person to shut you down many many times in a row. So you can be one level away from completing a board and progressing and then log in 2 hours later and see a fully reset board. Either limit the levels buildings can drop or limit how many times a single person can target someone. Deleting now as it is not worth the time or effort to play..Version: 1.3.0

Album completionI really like the game first off. I am upset for the second time though. The first album I was 3 cards away and stopped getting new cards. Now today on the second album I was literally 1 card away on completing the album I had a chest left to open but when I opened it I got 6 cards that I didn’t need at all they weren’t even 5 star cards for me to trade with someone. They were all 1-3 star cards everyone already had. Doesn’t seem fair at all. Being 1 card away from completing my album to not even get it done after I opened my last chest and won SEVERAL packs of cards is INSANE!! I feel like in that last hour people who are 3 or below away from completing their album should be able to unlock a “premium purchase”. For instance something like $2, $3, and $4 sticker packs and $3, $6, $10 chest up to 5 purchases or whatever. Spin a wheel or something. We trade and make purchases daily and to be that close and nothing make me not even want to play anymore I could see if I was 5 or more cards away but 1 like really???fr??? Then all the extra cards we be having towards the end of the album y’all are giving us everything but what we need; we don’t even win anything for all those extra cards like it’s a fun game but towards those last days to have the album complete it gets very janky and frustrating I almost deleted this game today I was soo mad!!! I am not a happy customer at all🫤.Version: 1.14.1

Frustrating!!Game is getting a bit to greedy. Should be able to trade gold stars and get more then 8 dice an hour…should not be so hard to complete task to earn rewards..Version: 1.11.5

Download if you want to lose money!!I have been playing Monopoly Go for a while now and I was really enjoying it. I did have to make a lot of purchases to progress but I was willing to do that to keep enjoying the game. However over the past 2 weeks the app has authorised purchases to my bank (via my apple account) and has stolen approx. $68 from me. I want to delete the app but then I won’t see any replies from support. At this stage support hasn’t responded despite multiple messages from me. I have also made a complaint to apple to try and get my money returned. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from downloading the game. I could not recommend it less..Version: 1.10.0

Mixed feelingsThis is a fun game when it doesn't have glitches, and others are able to destroy your villages during that time. Then there is absolutely no compensation, trying to reach challenges is impossible unless you are willing to continually pay money for extra dice or packs. Customer service if you ever do make contact with them you won’t get a reply. I have been playing the challenge which has been ongoing for over 80 days and have found as you get closer to completing sets, to gain the master prize all opportunities to win anything at all become less and less likely, not winning a new needed card, not landing in the required tiles to win little boosters extremely frustrating. It is addictive too so they have got you, if your one of those people who are likely to spend money and you want a game where you won’t then this in not the game for you. It’s certainly set up to entice people to pay, pay, pay..Version: 1.11.5

Sigh….. the lack of major cards and stickersLet’s go monopoly! It can be a great game, if you aren’t broke. Otherwise it’s a money grabber and extremely addictive, pay to win game. And that’s fine because well, we all aren’t broke. However the lack of cards to complete the album is insane how the makers hoard it. And their paid packages are nearly worthless if they don’t provide good cards. I’m gonna stop playing the game if I don’t complete the album. It is too pricy especially if you aren’t going to get ahead. In addition, every level increase means prices of landmarks increase. I’m currently at 40 million for an upgrade. Cmon! Atleast make prizes worth it so we can advance without paying so much money all the time. If game makers want money, cool but don’t feed off and give people more bang. Give people more major gold cards. Allow gold cards to be shared. Also their Facebook group for trading is also pretty worthless as you can’t even post and just a bunch of people who do not give back. Lastly, please stop with the awful 50 dice at every landmark past. You should increase the dice count just like you increase property cost and cash prize. Other than that it’s a really cool game or whatever but I will lose interest just like I lost interest in Coin Blaster or whatever that game was called that’s similar to this one..Version: 1.8.0

Turned into a scamI used to really love this game until the Devs got greedy. I’ve had multiple amounts of money taken from my account, that I haven’t purchased. Contacted the app and was told to contact Apple, I’ve invited multiple people to play the game through Facebook (real accounts and real players) and didn’t get any dice reward. It’s way to hard to get dice without paying, the constant pop ups to pay and everything is extremely overpriced for what you get. The new cards are way to hard to complete sets, you can’t even get a one star new gold card. But get in every set no matter if you’ve won, traded stars, the house set wheel spin. All the same cards and nothing new. I have no clue what to do to even attempt to get a five star card considering I’ve won plenty of challenges and still didn’t get them. You don’t even get nearly enough rolls to play especially being on higher boards. It’s completely centred around paying, it’s turned into such a greedy game and it’s not worth playing anymore. If you go look in the Facebook groups multiple other people have been charged including four of my friends that I’ve asked who didn’t buy anything..Version: 1.11.0

Developers only in it for the money.Honestly, this game is a massive downer. It's not enjoyable at all, specially when you don't spend in it. Today's car partners event is just way disappointing. Altogether I may have spent a thousand dollars on this game and today I have decided to solidify those losses and cut on playing this game. There's absolutely nothing in it for you as a player. Have uninstalled in all of my devices. I feel as though you owe players so much for creating a game that purely revolved around real money. Not good..Version: 1.12.2

Terrible Support and Still Waiting for RewardsYes it was fun when I started and I joined a good WhatsApp group - as time when on I kept having rewards go missing, stickers not hitting my albums, money won not hitting my bank and with the new game rewards not showing to compete toys some 15,000 all up. I have sent at least 6 messages explaining all these issues and NO one has taken the time to get back to me. But they never have any issues when they take my money to buy dice. Please take some accountability and get back to me so we can resolve the many issues I have had as I am not the only player who has consistently messaged support and has never had ANY response and still waiting for our rewards to be delivered. Let’s see how long this takes for a response if any 🤷‍♀️.Version: 1.11.5

Boring!! I love the board game and card game. This is nothing like eitherBasically although you see the iconic boards which is nice. The game itself is nothing like it. It plays it’s self and it’s just you on the board going round. Although others sit on the board they don’t do anything other than when you land on the same property and then you get rent off them. The whole game is a bit dull. You don’t work your way round buying properties and then houses and hotels. You literally gather money every turn. You get extra dice occasionally and heists where you basically steal money of others. Or demolish their stuff. There’s some cards to collect and you get bonus stuff from making sets. But no skills at all. No puzzles or anything. I’m bored already and been playing it for 2 weeks. But the icing on the cake is today it won’t even load. There’s an error message and it doesn’t work so I guess this is my time to leave it..Version: 1.11.5

It’s okThe game is fun but it’s getting harder to get the cards you want I’m getting a lot of doubles and you can’t send gold cards which isn’t the greatest cause some1 has what I want and I have what they want to complete a set but we can’t trade and you need to make it possible to buy card packs with the money you earn from going around the board because I’m not paying to play the game it’s not worth it.Version: 1.2.0

STOP squeezing profits from your loyal fansFirstly -please fix trading limit refresh hours remaining. Currently not showing. It’s been a family app to play. I’ve spent money. I play it everyday. BUT it’s getting really expensive. As you get higher in levels, things get more expensive in the game - that’s ok. But that also means if you’re paying gamer, it means the higher levels you go, to keep the pace going, you’ll need to spend more. What his means is you play for a while, get to high levels and then quit! This also means me and my family will stop engaging with others and drag others into the monopoly go world. Suggestions : - higher level players unlock a trading community within MonopolyGO - higher levels buy more dice for less cost. NOT the other way around. Should be proportional to the ‘inflation’ as we go up in levels.Version: 1.10.0

Way too expensive , and friends needed.I have no idea why this is thought to be a good idea at all. They have monopoly as a stand alone game already. And that is fine how it is . Or you could play a physical board sure . The issue here is this free version. The only positive I can say is that I personally didn’t see any ads while playing . This game works sort of like moba games in the sense that you get energy used for playing/rolling dice . I started out with 50/30 energy on the first board which is NYC, also why did they start out with the best city as the first area ?? Kinda crazy . Usually it’s best for last. The other improvement they could have done is only have 1 board at all. The idea that you finish a board and then move on to another one (another level) leaving all progress behind is kinda lame . Imagine your playing monopoly with friends in real life , you start winning and then everyone starts over but says that you are on level two since you were doing so well last game . Also I didn’t get to experience the part where you like buy houses and hotels on spaces . When you land on any space on the board you quickly get a few bucks or lose a few I guess . But there’s no option to buy a property like in monopoly . You go all the way around the board and get 200 every time . You get money from the chance spots . And you get money from like , overall upgrading . On the beginning of the first level they give you like 5 main things to upgrade . Which improve your overall gameplay. Like I would start out upgrading the most expensive monument thing , then the bridge , then the tower , doing the cheapest monument option last . Once you max out all the monuments you move on to the next board . Basically restarting ur progress . So if you were “silly” enough to spend real money for the monopoly cash to improve on your board then it is essentially wiped clean on every level completed . The next two issues I have are personal for me but still, this is a main part of the overall game . So everytime you roll the dice your gonna land on spaces and sometimes you are able to attack other peoples boards . I’ve never played clash of clans due to the high expenses related to that free game but it’s the same idea . I think . I attacked about 3 players boards while playing . Each time I did so it showed me the players pictures . I signed up for this game through apple not Facebook so it would use my face for my board , but I assume most people will sign up with Facebook for this so when attacking others players boards I would always see there smiling face selfie profile picture when doing so . Your profile pic on Facebook is essentially your player in game . That’s a thing . Right before I stopped playing I landed on the space where a jackpot pile is created . The same thing you do in the real life game . Or at least what we did as kids . We would like keep a pile of money on the middle of the board until someone won it . After it took my money it said “add 4 more friends to start the mini game”. Why do I need to add 4 more friends ? This part should have been done on the game designers end . Imagine your playing call of duty and instead of it preparing a lobby for you it tells you to find friends and have them come to your house and to do a lan party . Just makes no sense : because if you don’t find friends your still playing the rest of the game with random strangers anyways . Huge fail . When looking on the in app purchases before I originally downloaded the game I saw it said there was a 50 or 60$ offer available. And I’m sure you could get this many times to speed up progress . So potentially you could spend hundreds of not thousands of dollars on this free game . The last thing I’ll say about this is just that thank god there is an option to buy the single player game , and there has always been that. I’ve had this game on computer for years . It’s fun to play a regular game against computers , or the option to play with others at home, or online . But this free version is just way too expensive overall. You could potentially play this game forever the way they set it up. Like candy crush or like any free game . There’s no end , no winning , or losing . Just your own real life time and money at stake . I still say just spend like the $6 or whatever it costs for the standalone single player version. Or buy a Physical board . This will always be a good game . But the free version is gonna be mainly for rich kids or whales . And this is gonna make so much money for the devs compared to the other games . I personally don’t think this is even worth a try. I knew it was gonna be bad going on but considering how many ads I saw on tik tok about this I thought just maybe it will be good . If they would have made it just be 1 board , and put u with some AI , not have the Facebook selfie faces for enemy’s , not wiped progress everytime you complete all monuments and not given the option to buy out individual spaces , or hotels , or houses , then maybe . But this is bad . Skip folks . Unless you have a few grand to waste ..Version: 1.1.0

FrustratedThe game was good at the beginning, I even enjoyed challengers including the cake bake. I had over 3000 dice which I used to move up. If I knew about this building challenge I would have kept them. Needless to say that I’m finding it very hard to get dice and it’s doesn’t help when you put the dice out of peoples reach by only landing on two or three sites. I refuse to buy the dice as it is way too expensive to get such a little dice in return. I’m now at the stage where I’m seriously going to delete this game. Not worth the money or frustration. There are other games just as rewarding and if you do need to make a purchase, it’s definitely worth while. My advice, players beware. Such a pity..Version: 1.11.5

GAMBLING APP IN DISGUISEThis game is garbage and rigged. If you think you’re rolling is by chance … don’t be fooled. If you spend money on dice, rest assured you won’t get the stickers you need. The pop ups for packages are overwhelming and ridiculous. When you open the game, several pop up. When you go to get free dice, you have to slide past several packages. When you run out of dice, more pops to spend money. The point system for the partner games are absolutely ridiculous and set way too high. You can clearly see the wheel is rigged to spin low and then high. It goes all the way around twice for one spin and will stop at 100 and then right before a 2000 point it’ll go around once and land on 80. It won’t make any difference how you spin it. It’s controlled by the app. The fact I’m on level 7000+ and have to wait HOURS for 100 die is stupid. That amount of dice is done in ten minutes !! Also, if you have a job or a life, don’t bother cause you have to spend so much time outside of the app to trade stickers to complete albums. This app will give you hundreds of useless stickers before you get ONE you need. The trade amount of five sucks too. People want a ridiculous amount of stars for stickers and the max we can send is 25 as if anyone has five 5 star cards to trade. HORRIBLE GAME. I wish I could get my money back. I didn’t realize what an endless battle it is..Version: 1.15.1

Scammers and costsThis app has allowed groups to be created to trade stickers. This app has has issues that it will crash or have a glitch and progress isn’t saved. They will let you know when there are issues and when it’s fixed and tell you they are reimbursing you. I have been been waiting since the toy glitch for reimbursement. I have spent A LOT of money in this app and I keep getting emails they are going to handle my reimbursement and it’s on the way and yet I still haven’t got it. People are scamming people left and right out of their stickers , and myself, again had spent money to get what I have only to have things stolen from me and this is happening way too much. We are losing what we have earned and not paid back for it. I have contacted admins and moderators and customer service it seems like nobody cares. The higher levels you need a lot of dice which costs money because they only give you 8 dice an hour, the wheel is set up for first 5 levels basically to win anything and you don’t get the cards you need unless you spend a lot of money to get there. People were cheating using airplane mode to get their winnings and those who are not cheating are being taken advantage of. None of this is ok and this developer probably isn’t going to care about any of this because guess what they are rich off of us. If you don’t have this app don’t fall for it. It’s a rabbit hole and you could lose out huge.Version: 1.12.2

Greedy developersThis game could be a great game if it weren’t so greedy! Been playing a couple months now and at first it seemed great, I even spent money on the game which is a waste of money as you don’t get any special cards or anything, just double ups!! Support is appalling and all you get is ‘please send a snapshot’ but most people can’t as the complaint t is usually about something that’s disappeared, I had nearly 300 billion in cash and went to bed, woke up and only had 67 billion left in a space of 6 hours. Complained and got no help at all then read on Facebook it had happened to a lot of people and no one was compensated for it! They make card packs where it’s impossible to get the rare cards and people are now being scammed from people around the world, this game is best left as a board game cause it’s creating a lot of nasty people out there and these devs don’t care about people just money, oh and there are also many people being overcharged for there purchase with a NO for a refund even though they didn’t receive the purchase!! Beware!!.Version: 1.7.0

Sticker and tournamentsLove playing monopoly but I wish they would increase the amount of trade you can do from 5 to 10 and when the do golden bliz do a all gold not selected cards. With the tournament reduce the amount of points to get as it hard to compete 30 I struggling to get 20 and the same with the daily 2 day event it’s hard to get the extra awards in 10 or 17mins to get 500 or 700 points trying to land on tax tiles. I’ve never be able to complete either of them. Also can you add something like if you collect reward diamonds without needing to spend any more you can use them to get more dices with so many diamonds points..Version: 1.14.1

Account resetMyself and a lot of other players have had their account stats/dice reset to 0 out of nowhere despite being linked to facebook/appleid, I contacted customer support and they said I had to acquire my original account user id in the settings that I never even knew about, in the game they have no information what so ever about the user id being able to recover your account so no one thinks to screenshot it or paste in in their notes..Version: 1.15.1

Started out great.The game started out great. But the longer I play the more annoyed I get. It is impossible to complete sticker albums even if you can get people to trade you still can't complete due to the gold stickers that can't be traded. The rewards do not match how expensive it gets when you progress further in levels. The community chest started out great with a high chance of winning the sticker pack but is impossible to win now. The free dice rolls are topped at 80 and that takes almost all day to fill. If nothing changes soon I will be deleting the app which will be such a shame as I have really enjoyed playing..Version: 1.10.0

Could be betterI love the game but they could and should have a gold trading day whether it’s a free hours or an entire 24 hours to make up for so many different time differences that people are able to play. Also the price of some of the packs is crazy. How do you charge 100 dollars for a pack with dice for a mobile game is insane and the few packs I have bought I regretted afterwards as I rarely get new cards and the last pack I was charged and never received. They responded and said to check for an update which I did need but I started looking online and apparently it was a known issue and I even submitted proof of my bank charge and still 3 days later I got nothing and it was supposed to be a guaranteed new card which would have finished my set and now I’m stuck trying to find my last gold card on my own because I’m not paying for another pack and I’ve spent so much money on this game already and every time I say I’m done spending money I spend more but this time unless I get refunded or an equivalent amount of dice and packs they were supposed to give me before the event ended as that pack would have finished it than I won’t spend any more money on this game as it can’t be trusted and their response or investigation team takes forever to respond. They will prob as boy responds after the event is over. Go figure..Version: 1.9.2

Fun game dragged down by repetitive in-app purchase advertisementsThis is a good casual game which I have so far been able to play without spending any money, however, while I understand that the purpose of mobile games is to sell in-app purchases for profit, the amount of advertisements for in app purchases in this game takes a lot of the enjoyment out of it. Having to close three separate advertisements for in app purchases upon opening the game, then three more upon running out of rolls and another when running out of money is excessive alone, and this is without considering the various events that are going on in game with the purpose of selling in app purchases. It’s a shame because it’s a fun game but you cant help but feel it’s been designed to generate as much income as possible without any consideration into it being an enjoyable game. Has been fun for a few days but probably wont continue to play long term..Version: 1.1.1

Fun but starting to become a scamHave loved this game for months now but my friends and I agree that it is starting to feel a bit scammy. The fact that dice take SO long to replenish is crazy, and only being able to idly earn 90 maximum at a time is such crap. You can’t get ANYTHING with 90 dice. You can’t even do a x10 until you hit 100, so 90 is literally useless. Any dice roll under x10 is also useless. Once you hit a certain level, it gets to a point where it feels like you can’t actually advance where you want to be without paying, which I refuse to do. For one, the dice are insanely expensive. $10 for only 200 dice rolls, and when you are at almost 5000 XP and on board 128, you have to do a x10 or x20 on your dice rolls to actually earn any money to upgrade your landmarks and stuff. The stickers are also complete bull at this point. I never get new ones. I’ve had the same stickers for 2 weeks without getting any new ones and I play every single day, sometimes 2 or 3 times. Now THAT is a true scam. I sign in daily and look forward to that “Day 7” reward pack, and today even that didn’t give me a new sticker. How is this possible?! The max reward sticker packs should at least give me ONE new sticker. The developers of this app honestly just need to sit down and fix the dice and sticker problems that every user is complaining about, because a lot of people are talking about deleting the game at this point..Version: 1.15.2

Poor playing experienceBeen a new player, started to enjoy the gimmicks, and then found out about the stickers whilst playing. Got advised on FB to join a page to trade stickers, and found too many morons on there trying to extort higher value stickers because they paid to play. Then I find myself unable to post nor read comments on the page. Investigation found someone in admin had suspended me for 3 days without any reason. Unless you are happy to pay to win, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. Furthermore, the targeting of newer players by the more experienced players who always seem to have dice, is not monitored either, so is another source of frustration..Version: 1.15.0

Gold cardsIt shouldn’t be extremely difficult to acquire gold cards or even 4 star cards to complete packs. Please make them more accessible. So we can complete the sticker pack within a timely fashion. Also waiting 1 hour for more dice is pretty petty. We shouldn’t have to wait 1 hour for a measly 8 rolls. Come on Monopoly Go you can do better. Make it more fun and less stressful on your players..Version: 1.11.5

OkThis game is ok, you can get pretty far without ever having to pay anything. I do find it rather annoying going around the board and waiting for all of the game play pop ups to disappear. I find it so annoying having to wait for the card packs to open and showing me what I have won. I have no idea what these cards do and I don’t care for them. It’s hard to keep track of where you are in the game as you generally have no idea of what’s going on. It just makes all these noises and if you press auto roll it’s just like you’re watching the game and not really playing it? I would also like to be able to visit my past completed boards but you never see them again once completed. You can also win shields to stop your buildings on the board being damaged, I collect anywhere in excess of 100 of these each time I play the game, then my board report comes up and I can see only a handful of pepper have tried to damage my board but somehow I’m all out of shields and have to pay the Monopoly money to fix my board???? This makes no sense. I think I might stop playing this game, unsure, but it’s ok to pass some time on my break at work..Version: 1.12.2

Game won’t loadLove this game however ! When I download on my phone ( iPhone 12 Pro Max) The game won’t even load and just stay on the Home Screen with the logo “monopoly go!” It won’t even have the loading bar come up , but I can download it and play it on my iPad ? It’s annoying because I just want to play on my phone , have tired to uninstall it , restart my phone but nothing has come up , can someone help me understand why?.Version: 1.3.0

This is a money making enterprise masked as the game of your childhoodWhile the game is fun, addictive even, at first, that only lasts a few weeks. Then you get to a level where you have to purchase dice to make any progress in the game.. Rewards for tournaments or events are given late if given at all. There are continual glitches or errors which can see a player lose dice, or money, or points in the tournaments. There are also issues with in app purchases which see you either charged for purchases that don’t go through or double charged for a single purchase, with no Avenue for reimbursement. The social groups organised to trade stickers in the game (even the official ones, gained) are rife with scammers or greedy collectors who make it difficult for the average player to safely make reasonable trades. The admin/moderators are either not equipped or interested in dealing with the real scammers or rule breakers and seem to remove any post that highlights it might be a problem..Version: 1.12.2

RobbingI’ve been playing this game for probably two weeks now. You don’t get the bonuses that are offered on the advertisements, friend bonuses when they join etc. And if you decide to spend real money like I have, well over £50 already. The deals you purchase don’t follow through and give you what was advertised. When you contact support they will take a few days to reply. Which when your paying money to try and do well in certain competitions, defeats the purpose as by the time they do reply, that games over. More to the point the customer service will ask you for a ridiculous amount of information that seems to be done to make you just give up trying to follow up. I have sent numerous screenshots of my apple invoices and bank statements etc which include Id numbers, transaction times, amount etc and apparently it’s still not enough. I was really enjoying this game but as this is a problem you are well aware of as it is stated on you list of issues, and your customer service seem to be making raising an issue as difficult as possible to get resolved..Version: 1.1.1

1 hour is way too long to wait for 5 rollsTitle explains it all..Version: 1.0.1

Grosse arnaqueDéjà les jeux est pas si ouf y’a 20 mille pub et un jour sans faire exprès j’ai cliquer sur une et sa me l’a acheter et ses batard veulent même pas me rembourser.Version: 1.4.0

Sooo frustratingIf your thinking about downloading this app.. just forget it. The company are extremely money hungry & reduce dice prizes on sets in the album everytime! They are rewarding us with a couple of hundred dice and money that does absolutely nothing especially when your on a high level. They rig the game & make things extra hard so you run out of dice & need to buy more. So many people are leaving this game & the company are desperately trying to keep them by posting a pissy 25 dice a day on Instagram. Also everytime you level up to a different board you receive 50 dice each time even on level 110. You’d think they’d reward more. This game was enjoyable but it’s definitely not now. It’s not just me who thinks this either..Version: 1.10.0

Brill concept but totally riggedThis game could be perfect. It’s addictive and the idea behind it is fantastic but you need dice to be able to play and 6 rolls an hour is ridiculous. The sticker albums are absolutely pointless. Constantly receiving the exact same stickers with no gold cards. Iv ended up with around 6 sets just waiting for gold cards and all duplicates in sets. Coincidentally all the last sets with more stars or rewards are not rewarded yet, just the same old cards in the first sets. What is the point of that? Not to mention dropping the rewards for each set by more than half the amount of dice! It’s becoming boring waiting to be able to play with 6 poxy rolls or a free 25 for that matter! It lasts seconds and gets you nowhere!! I need hundreds of dice to be able to progress in events/builds/money etc. so frustrating 😡.Version: 1.10.0

Game is greatGame is great but one star cause who’s the insane people who play games in portrait mode. Give us landscape mode.Version: 1.11.5

GreedyGame is fun to play, interesting. But we all know yous just want us to buy more and more from you each time, firstly now you just been greedy with the albums, this round you're being a little stingy with dices, and not only that giving us 10+ dupes for cards, while we wait for the actual cards we need. I've spent quite a bit on this game but it hasn't even given me the actual cards I Need, and let's talk about 50 dices for each new level, you'd think the level going up with taxes and jail amount going up each level that the dices would go up as well? Do yous think this makes sense?.Version: 1.11.0

Used to be funHonestly, until they make another update that’s fair for players, don’t bother with this game. This game used to be so fun. Now, after the recent update, it’s become so slow and your chances to get ahead of the game has gone downhill. They want you to spend so much money on this game. It’s almost like they’re forcing pay-to-win. I didn’t mind there was an option to buy dice rolls but at least before the update you could still keep up with everyone..Version: 1.10.0

Gets boring fastIt was fun at first but then I ran out of rolls and you have to wait an hour just to get 5.Version: 1.1.1

Missing Rewards!!!!I entered a contest on FB run by Monopoly Go, to win 5,000 Dices….I downloaded an app, left it open for 5mins and nothing appeared on my account. I’m sick and tired of having to jump through hoops after winning a prize by something that MONOPOLY GO has posted. Why should I have to fill out surveys to claim my prize? The amount of money I have spent in Your App Store is insane so why should I take out a subscription to claim my Prize. #2….please do something about the duplicate cards where all getting. We should be able to trade and gift our Gold Cards when we want to. We worked hard for them. Not have to wait for a Blitz to happen…And we should be able to send more than 5 cards, their our stickers, and the reset time should be 12hrs not 18hrs. *I did contact Customer Service about this issue on the app download and there was a error in my message to them*. It all happened on FB on one of MONOPOLY GO Australia’s pages. *The amount of Scammers on Your FB pages Is disgusting to say the least* I had a player wanting to charge me $70 for a 5 star card. I Called him out on it. Kind regards Robyn.Version: 1.15.2

Keeps making bad updatesThey keep making updates where you get less stickers you are looking for , have to spend more dice. Therefor they want you to spend money in their app to buy more dice. Was good at first but updates keep making it worst.Version: 1.11.0

Almost impossible to win challengesThis game is really fun but the aim of the game is to complete an album of stickers. It is easy enough to get the 1-3 star stickers required. The 4 star stickers are hard to come across and need to be traded within the Facebook group to get what you need. As for the 5 star they are almost impossible to get which makes it hard to complete the album not to mention you can’t trade gold stickers which they seem to give you plenty of multiples. Personally I think scrap the idea of not being able to trade gold stickers if you’re going to make it near impossible to complete these albums. Remove the countless amount of pop ups when you go into the game - one is plenty!.Version: 1.7.0

Monopoly go’s flawsIt’s a great game to play especially against friends and family which makes the competition and the game more addictive however there are some issues as the game lags a lot and there are time where people can just rob large sums of money out of no where which makes no sense. For example, I had around 860,760,500 of the money inside my bank fro playing continuously and I just logged back in to see a random play robbing my entire bank out of no where when I can’t even rob someone that much. There’s also the problems with pricing when it comes to store deals which are far too expensive and should definitely not be that high some of the prices shouldn’t even be there and honestly makes you wanna quit at most parts. So someone should fix that. I know better games with reasonable prices for in-game purchase that mama it better and more addictive than this game.Version: 1.5.0

Game crashing and losing all your progressThe game crashed and reset yesterday…not a problem I thought so carried on playing. I won 64 cards yesterday for the new album and thought I had done quire well for the first day. Log on today and the games reset me back to zero cards! I then won 8. You can complain to an automated bot in the customer services section and from what I’ve read this has happened quite a bit to others and no one appears to get their items they previously won back even thou the games crashes and this isn’t your fault. I used to like playing this daily but now I’m feeling like it’s not even worth doing it if you can lose progress even with it being linked to your Facebook account! They have made the awards lower for completing sets and the gaining of the gold cards higher. The houses are more expensive to build yet you still only receive 50 for completing an entire board!.Version: 1.10.0

Better RewardsI love the game but it seems like the creators want people to spend all their money to get dice and stickers which have been duplicates by the way. Waiting an hour for 8 dice is crazy not to mention you can’t share with others. The game does not always land on the number rolled on the dice therefore it stops short of heist and other things on the board (such as chips for peg-e or other challenges that are taking place). Gold cards cannot be traded but most people have multiple and cannot get the ones that are actually needed. When you chat with someone through the app it takes forever to receive correspondence and they usually end the chat with a generic statement that is sent to everyone else. Since the update stickers have gone missing and the best they can do is send 35-70 dice. I would prefer to have my 5⭐️ sticker over dice. As we progress in the game (higher levels) the amount of dice should progress as well but it does not. If I receive 50 dice when I complete level one there is absolutely no way that I should receive 50 dice at level 11,913. There are so many scammers that it is ridiculous there should be a better method to trading stickers so people do not get scammed continuously. Stop making it so hard because the fun is being snatched out of the game and many people are quitting because of how it is being handled..Version: 1.11.5

Was a cool game but developers killed itBeen playing 3 months , over that time the developers are just getting worse. Really all these BS updates to cap players who can’t afford your pathetic in game prices for dice. Just another money hungry scheme if you ask me, I wouldn’t be surprised if the game population drops due to these unnecessary decisions. If your new , I suggest not even bothering trying to progress in this game, as the amount of dice you get for levelling up does not help you in anyway. You stole the fun , collapsed monopoly communities, it’s time to venture to a new game !.Version: 1.11.0

Not worth itAll these reviews must be bots because this isn’t a game. There’s constantly pop ups asking to spend spend spend for more rolls. You’re not actually playing the game. What a waste.Version: 1.0.1

The sad truth about the gameThe game use to be super fun, but the developers have gotten too greedy, the probabilities for getting higher star cards have dropped so drastically, the events are impossible for F2P players to compete in; this fun simple game just turned into a mega cash grab, & the offers in the store are not even reasonable! Use to love the game, but had to delete it, no longer fun.Version: 1.10.0

WaitingI am not totally sure how I feel about this game yet. So far it’s not very friendly to people that don’t pay. If you spend a lot of free time on this game you will see what I mean..Version: 1.11.5

Okayyyyyy (fair review)Monopoly GO is a fantastic game and extremely well made but there is a few issues. 1)Monopoly GO is so similar to Coin Masters that at some points it feels like the same game. For example. This game has heists which is exactly the same as Coin Masters raids, you pick one of your opponents structures and you attack it, they can then block this attack with shields. Another similarity is the roll system in this game, you collect rolls in varies different ways and then the number of rolls you have determined how many Times you can roll your dice and move. This sounds exactly like coin master! There are various more similarities which if you have this game you would definitely find out. 2)I downloaded Monopoly GO for a classic monopoly experience but it’s far more complicated than that with heists and attacks! I’m not saying this is a bad thing but if you want to play a classic game of monopoly online, this game is not for you. 3)I’ve experienced a few bugs such as the game itself not loading up in the first place and when I earned rolls it did not get added to my roll balance. Just because there are various issues with this game (in my opinion) that does not mean it a bad game. I would definitely give it a try as it is a beautifully made game. It’s your decision..Version: 1.7.6

Money Hungry- have to wait one hour for 8 dice. So that would be about 10 hours until you can get the full 80 for your bar to be full. - prices are expensive in game, not affordable for reasonable amount of dice. - many bugs after another, seems like a polished game but it is not. - slow customer support - the amount of dice you are using for rewards doesnt matter in tourneys bc you’ll just win the amount you used. - SO many gold sticker repeats. - everything includes money to obtain really, if you dont like these kinds of games. Dont even bother downloading, i already deleted the game. Not fun at all anymore….Version: 1.10.0

Egregious Pay 2 Win SchemeThe satisfying monopoly loop around the board collecting rent from properties is what you want out of a game like this, and when you have that for 5 minutes at a time (because the devs have implemented limited rolls) there’s a decent product here. That’s it though, it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t insist on popups shoving actual reasons to play the game behind a paywall once those 5 minutes are gone. I have no reason to keep playing a game where the only effective way to make in-game money, is to empty my wallet to a corporation. A quick monopoly game is a cool idea, but it is executed in the most fiendishly scummy capitalist shill of a ‘game.’ I want to enjoy this game, the core loop is there, if you want people to whale on a game, power to you, but you have to have some semblance of remotely enjoyable (even if limited) Free 2 Play experience..Version: 1.0.1

Don’t play unless you’ll payThe whole game is made impossible past a point unless you spend money. All tournaments and events are unachievable, and not just by a small margin where dropping £10 will do it. Possibly £60-£70 and more. Completing the sticker album is also impossible without spending a ridiculous amount of money as the events to get the stickers are impossible. I’m level 19k so I’ve played a long time and spent a lot of money so I can tell you it’s not worth it. You’ll hit a wall where your only option is to spend money. It appears like a game of chance where you have chances to get lucky and do well but it couldent be farther from the truth. Dice rolls are purposefully modified depending on the event, on the events where you need utilities etc you’ll never land on them, but as soon as you don’t need them you’ll land there every other roll. Greedy company that doesent even play their own game or listen to their players. They consistently make changes to make your life worse off and increase the need to spend money. Don’t bother..Version: 1.11.5

Rip Off Coin MasterThe game is a copy of coin maser, the tutorial is so long and he talks a lot. And in game costs money.Version: 1.1.1

The game has changed and is terribleI’ve had this game for a few months and for the first few months the game was really good. I wouldn’t say I’m high level or anything yet. Yesterday when i was playing I spent 400 HUNDRED dice and didn’t land on a single shield and chance?! That’s ridiculous… and today I spent all the dice the game gave me which was around 130 and only landed on a shield once and still didn’t fill up my shields all the way. The game never used to be like this, also when there are events or challenges which in order to complete them you need to land on certain tiles and the game just rigs you to not land on them but once the challenge is over you’ll land on them a million times. This game has changed and it is unfair, it’s a scam in a way because they’re just trying to make you spend money but seriously 400 dice and not a single chance or shield….Version: 1.7.7

Good game but could be betterI love this game but I do have quite a few things that irk me about it. There is way too many gold stickers that can’t be traded. I think it’s ridiculous getting extras of these if we can’t trade them. We should only have 1 per set for the albums. Changing boards and only getting 50 dice every single time is such a set back. Considering everything else goes up when you change boards. The dice amount given should go up, the higher you move boards. I’m now on the board 160 and still only 50 dice is given? That’s crazy. I get you guys need to make money but improving these little things will have people enjoying your game a little more..Version: 1.7.5

Monopoly goGood game as you start, then as soon as you hit the higher levels they almost make it impossible, have to wait an eternity for rolls and then they give you the same cards for weeks on end so that you don’t get the perks…. Then when they recommend the fb card swapping pages you get scammed. How about upgrade the game and make it fair for everyone? and stop being so stingy with everything. So annoying, but I guess they plan it out so you have to spend money for you to actually get anywhere 🙄. #dontdownload.Version: 1.5.0

Fun but manipulativeIs the game fun? For the most part, yes. Even if the majority of the play features require little interaction (you tap and hold GO for a second or two and it auto-rolls, and everything is pretty much done for you except shut downs and heists), the game is fun. HOWEVER, opening the game requires one to close down at least 4 or 5 sales pitches for buying dice or money or both, which is tedious to me, and pretty much any of the special games (collecting stickers, holiday incentives, etc) are almost guaranteed not to be successful. As soon as you get close, you suddenly don’t land where you need to, so you cannot collect the things you need. The sticker collecting is a joke. And I understand it is all a ploy to entice people to spend money on the game so they get more rolls, but dang! The one time I did spend like $5, I was rewarded with a bunch of rolls and whatnot, but that doesn’t matter because they don’t result in anything. Also, good luck if you have a problem with the game. I have had several instances where I have not been able to get the game to function, and there is no way to contact customer service. I went through the game store but when you tap on “Contact Customer Service” it bounces me back to the main page. I can’t use the in-game because once opened, the entire screen is non-responsive so I can’t access settings. It’s been 2 days since I’ve been able to play, and I’m about done with this game..Version: 1.14.1

They lie about what you’re winning.Customer support is useless. The game is addictive enough, in fact it’s the only mobile have I’ve spent real money on in the past 10 years at least, but the game flat out lies to you about how many dice rolls you’re supposed to win. I won 20,000 rolls and never received it. I’ve contacted customer support over the past month and a half, not a single reply. I noticed I was short changed on a lot of the other wins too so I kept contacting them with not 1 reply.. just a couple times they put 70 dice in and a bit of money. I removed the app and cancelled my Apple Arcade subscription. It’s just a silly game but it’s incredibly frustrating when they take real money and don’t give you what you’ve won..Version: 1.11.5

Can be a great game!!I have played this game so much and I love the concept 100%. I’ve put a lot of time and money into this. I’m all the way on board 135 so I definitely got enough play time to critique it. So the things about this game I don’t like weigh heavily on my rating. I don’t like that once you have gotten so far on the map that the boards start to repeat themselves. I feel it would be better if they allowed you to complete all the boards that are currently available to give you that sense of accomplishment for the time being until a new update that put news boards into place. Instead I got a sense of disappointment when I kept seeing the same boards over and over. Another MAJOR issue is the fact that there is no safe space to do sticker trading, I have had many people through the official monopoly Facebook trading group take my cards and block me leaving with nothing. I feel the game needs to put a trading space into the game that could at least penalize the party in the wrong during the trade. The customer service is non existent for anything so you will not at the current time reach a positive solution if you are scammed out of cards. Hence why everyone has been scammed in the community and also I feel another problem which is minor is the bet to prize ratio if I bet x100 I deserve good prizes not the same prizes or stickers someone betting at x1 can receive mainly talking about the completed color sets..Version: 1.5.0

I love the game but…The game is awesome except when it comes to the some of the dumb rewards you get. Like cash grab is dumb, rent frenzy is dumb. High roller is really dumb. Need less of those and more dice, and packs of card. I love collecting the cards for the albums the most but y’all make it really hard complete the album. I play this game everyday and still can’t complete them. For the rolling to build stuff like the cakes or the cars for the last one. I swear I spend more to spend it the wheels for not a good enough amount to. Like 20 chocolates to just get 80 points and it’s not easy to get chocolate. I swear you can only complete these things if you actually spend money on the game which is a no go for a lot of people. Sooner or later we’ll end up quitting because we can’t complete anything. Y’all really need to improve the rewards…. There’s no reason when I constantly spin the wheel and can’t even land on the blue pack (4 star). After a whole week worth of dailies, I only get a little bit of dice, money and a 3 star pack?!? I feel like this game is going the opposite direction that it needs to go. Making near impossible to win anything, making near impossible to complete the partners events and every other event. I know a bunch of us are just gonna quit the game soon if we do not see improvements…..Version: 1.12.2

Horribly addictive, massively frustrating. devs really need to fix card odds and trading!I love this game, I can’t stop playing it! However it’s near impossible to complete sticker sets unless you trade with others. There are plenty of groups on social media to help with this, but sadly they are full of scammers who either want a ridiculous number of stars for one sticker or who just don’t hold up their end of the trade. Why adults choose to scam others over a sticker says a lot about society. There’s also the issue of certain stickers being near impossible to pull from packs, so everybody is fighting for the same ones. Like most games, you can buy in game packages, the odds of pulling a sticker you need are less than finding a genuine person to trade with online. I’ve spent loads just trying to pull stickers or to get extra dice to play with. A few tweaks here and there, better odds of sticker pulling (maybe putting packs on the board or a free pack a day?) and if the developers stepped in to stop scammers then the game would be perfect, but right now it’s a horrible mix of being really addictive and massively frustrating!.Version: 1.7.6

Scopely have become far to greedyI started playing Monopoly Go around 2 months ago. I was hooked straight away and thought it was brilliant. Then reality set in. When you start the game the rewards seem fair. The more into the game you get the rewards seem harder to get. Then as you progress up the boards, I’m currently on 185, the game becomes next to impossible. You can get anywhere near enough dice to complete the boards, competitions or daily challenges. The game is rigged so you don’t get what you need when you need it and the reward of 50 dice stays exactly the same regardless of how far into the game you are. It’s ridiculous. On top of that you only get 8 dice every hour and when you need to spend 1000s of dice daily to complete challenges or win the competitions you literally have no chance of winning anything unless you pay for dice and let’s not get started on that! You pay for dice at an extortionate rate. Roughly 200 dice for £10? What planet are you guys on? That’s gone in a couple of minutes! They don’t care about us and really only want the money. It’s definitely a pay to pay game and only any good for the super rich. Fun for a few weeks then a complete joke. Bye bye Scopely. I don’t be playing anymore.Version: 1.11.0

Games good but too difficult to complete without spending moneyLove the game it’s addictive but it is also a bit of a joke. I’ve been waiting for my last gold card for weeks and a pop up came up the other day saying finish top and win a guaranteed missing card. I finished top and did not get the missing card. As you progress in the game it’s too difficult to get dice unless you spend money. It puts you off playing the game as I’m now at the stage where I only get a few hundred dice a day making it impossible to complete. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money on this game and not being able to complete the set has put me off and I certainly won’t be spending anymore money. Daily rewards and dice rewards should grow as you progress in the game to help people. I’m at level 5578 and still only get 50 rolls for completing a landmark. Makes no sense. There’s a lot the game could do to keep people more engaged at later stages of the competitions..Version: 1.9.2

Overstimulation: the gameThis game is fine. It’s inoffensive and honestly a pretty good time killer when I have a couple of minutes with nothing else to do. What’s annoying, however, is the incessant number of pop ups, whether it be micro transactions, events, random rewards for things you didn’t know were happening or whatever, that bombard your screen every time you roll your dice. It’s ridiculous. I really do mean it when I call it overstimulation: the game. The most annoying one, I think, is the pop up micro transaction asking you to buy more dice when you run out. It does this every single time. The gameplay also just gets annoying if you play for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I’ve found myself getting annoyed when I am rewarded with more dice, because the gameplay itself is boring and I just want it to be over so I can close the app and get on with my day. The gameplay is also nothing like advertised, by the way. This is NOT monopoly with friends on the go. What this actually is is going around a board by yourself and building up small towns with the money you make. You can attack your friends and they add to your community chest, but that’s it. Honestly, the game itself is fine, but it’d be nice if they advertised it as what it actually is, instead of calling it a mobile monopoly experience..Version: 1.15.2

On the Whole ok But…On the whole the game is extremely addictive and you get into wanting to protect your properties and destroying other peoples. But I find it glitchy. When adding trade ups on the properties you often add the required money and the money amount for the next trade up goes up but the counters to say how many trade ups you have left to complete that property doesn’t!!! The Jail dice rolls glitch and you find yourself say there waiting for the game to catch up. Also there are things that are unobtainable without buying add ons. There is the temptations with high dice amounts to win but as soon as you get close it seems your time runs out!! Even though you’ve been monitoring time perfectly well. And the war for stickers is just that!!! They encourage you to join their Facebook group to trade stickers, yet everyone is after the same high value stickers, so it has become a rather large scam!!! People just collecting stickers to try and trace and even trade for money!!! It’s getting all a bit unmanageable!! And again there is no chance to complete the sticker sets because the high value cards are no where to be seen!!! All in All spoils the game..Version: 1.5.0

It was fun for a bitThis game was fun before this new album and sticker packs came out. Now you need to spend lots more for better stickers, most will only give you up to 3 star packs and it’s so hard to acquire 5 star and gold star stickers. The online forum isn’t better in helping with trades as others want a ridiculous amount of stars to trade one card. Perhaps make the reward chest be 1500 for the top one again and not 2500. At least then we had a chance to finish or trade what we needed. Taking 10 hours to fill your dice bar is maddening and as you go up in levels you get more money but the dice amount stays the same. Make it make sense..Version: 1.13.5

No prize, can’t download n slowI had been collecting so many tokens was on the leaderboard coming first i was waiting for several hours and as soon as it went down i came first place but i didn’t get the prizes it was meant to give you need to fix this, i deleted the game and now i can’t download it back all because i need to pay for it honestly bro it’s ridiculous now i have no way on downloading it back because i need to pay for it aint no one wanna be paying $8.99 for a game that should be free and why is it that we have to wait 1 hr just to get 5,6,7 rolls whats that ganna do we got people busting our buildings down and yet we don’t can’t even get a chance to fight back because of the long wait and 50 rolls for everytime you complete a board is not it, it needs to be more well over 100 so other people get a chance to build up there money so they can build there board quicker.Version: 1.5.0

Extremely disappointedHave been playing for months and on multiple occasions now my Monopoly money has just disappeared! Now there appears to be a glitch which means I cannot buy any properties without the game crashing not impressed and expect compensation frankly to continue playing the game have lost 2,000,000+ monopoly dollars. Very disappointed how difficult it is to contact the company if it was easier I would’ve spoken to someone there first before leaving negative review!.Version: 1.13.0

Bad customer service / account loss issuesWriting to say I’ve tried to contact yous multiple times about how I lost all my account progress and have gone from level 9110 to 0. I know others who have aswell and I just want to remind you people pay to get to where they are. This isn’t fair. I did enjoy the game but it’s come to that point where I think if it’s really worth it. I hope yous fix these errors so it doesn’t happen to people in future..Version: 1.9.2

Game fun, but competitions are unwinable if you don’t payGame has been fun. Recently, we’ve had partner events that are almost impossible, except if you pay (or cheat with the offline thing). What is the point of playing if it isn’t winable? That isn’t fun any more….Version: 1.15.1

Please do something different!?I do enjoy this game a lot, but I find myself getting more and more aggravated with the game each day. It freezes very often resulting in not receiving rewards. Also, some of the reward links are timed which I can understand but I believe there should be at least a 24 hour window for the links. For instance the most recent huge reward link was 2,000 dice. To my knowledge the link was only available for maybe 3/4 hours. This truly upset me, I didn’t get to the link in time. It made me want to quit the game entirely. Lastly, the duplicate stickers for the album are just ridiculous. I still have yet to finish the album because some of the stickers just seem impossible to get. After a certain amount of time invested with no progress is disheartening and altogether exhausting. I’ve lost interest in the game because of these things taking breaks for weeks at a time just to see if anything will change and nope. No changes at all. My suggestion is the gold stickers should be tradable at all times closer towards the end of the album. This game in my opinion has brought a lot of people out of depression stages resulting in really depending on the game. So, yes it can be really fun and addictive but also just aggravating and exhausting waiting for these things to be fixed/changed..Version: 1.13.7

AnnoyingEvery time you run out of dice pop ups happen asking you to buy more dice. Stop trying to force me to spend money..Version: 1.1.1

Good but….It’s a good game, however there is too many pop ups asking for money. There should be a limit on how many they should have. And if you do want to collect the stickers it’s have to go to Facebook to trade. This is where your personal information is breached due to having to use another system to ask for cards. Not only that, there is a link that you can share to use for the game. However this link will open you up to multiple concerns. As people then steals them and sell the links off to other people that then can get access to your personal information. If you don’t want your information stolen then this isn’t the game for you..Version: 1.5.0

Do not even waste your timeThe game was great for a long time but lately I noticed with some “updates” they been letting complete strangers hit your structures and rob you, which has been a feature on the game but it’s become different recently. Now if you spend a certain amount of time on one board or have a large amount of money and not doing anything on your board they will try to “force” you to use it by having “strangers” (might be even bots) steal as much money as possible, sometimes all of it. How I know is because I had almost a billion on there and ONE person who I’ve never interacted with before on the game was able to steal 981 million dollars from me (which was all my money) at one time. I’ve had this game since the beginning and it’s never had this type of aggressiveness until more recently with updates. I never was in a “rush” to finish my board before. Sometimes you might be trying to save your money to create your board all at one time. It’s understandable some people will rob you or collect rent from you while you waiting for your rolls to come back up or the free gifts or whatever the case may be, but the extreme aggressiveness the game has gained now on trying to get people to do their boards and finish landmarks is annoying & unfair to me. Don’t even waste your time downloading it unless you just going to be playing it every hour or is willing to make purchases like getting more rolls & money..Version: 1.11.5

Bad gameNothing but pop up ads to pay money, link your facebook, or purchase in game items for a stupid amount of money, if you want to feed a dopamine addiction play this, if you dont want your brain to rot dont download.Version: 1.15.2

Just a bad gameNo idea how this has so many 5 star reviews it’s so boring, as a game it offers very little ‘fun’. You roll a dice and the whole time you hope you land on a train in the hope you can heist or randomly bulldoze someone else’s landmark. So you’re hoping you get to screw over another player. I went to sleep with over 20,000 in money and three shields. Woke up with 16,500 less and three shields. What’s the point of a shield if you can lose most your money anyway. Then spun and got nothing, then was asked if I wanted to spend £4.99 on extra spins. Are you mad? For what? So I can Rob someone else, or hope to have the chance of adding a house or building a landmark. I only played to London and for maximum less than an hour and even by that point it was clear how repetitive and boring this game is and how much they would try to push you to spend in game. Really no thought went into whether this would be fun to play, thought went into how to get people to spend money first. Really this is garbage..Version: 1.8.0

Not fun anymore just a daily choreHonestly the game was very fun in the bringing until you reach a certain point. Now it costs way too much, probably well over $3 billion, to complete ONE board and theres definitely not enough dice given to maintain gameplay. Even when collecting the max dice and combining with the free daily gifts, call it luck or call it the algorithm of the game (I’m going with algorithm) it does absolutely nothing. It’s gotten increasingly harder to win any challenges or win any gifts from challenges even when using multipliers. The bars for the challenges hardly move, I will land on 3-4 people for shut down on X10 and the bar will still not move more than an inch and that’s not even being in the top 30 of the challenge. The community chest has only been landing on 3 people and falling on the same key daily to open immediately after for about 2 weeks now. This just feels like the developers are making it harder to give any free gifts as a ploy for you to purchase rolls, money, stickers, etc. Personally, I don’t have extra money to blow on a game, I play this to take my mind off of the stress in my personal life and disconnect a bit, not too blow a paycheck and stress some more. Plus even if I did want to spend $4.99 on 50 dice, there’s no incentive for it truly, the way the game is set up you won’t get your moneys worth unless you splurge on the most expensive offer. I see no point in playing this game any further. It’s stagnant..Version: 1.7.5

Deserves no stars and my old review is goneGame needs to be removed from the App store. It’s the biggest scam. All rolls are pre determined to avoid anything worth winning. It’ll drip feed you and lead you on. Then screw you over. Don’t every spend money on this it’s the biggest rip off scam please. Stop funding this type of game. It’s a joke. I experience more frustration then enjoyment from this game. This game is horrible. The constant pushing advertisements in your face, the fact you can buy money and people can steal that. (Mainly bots) games s straight up joke. Hard as to get rewards unless you buy dice. Even then they thankyou and just take all your rolls from you by landing you on nothing worth landing on. Till you run out. I hate this game. It’s never gonna be worth it. It’s only designed to make money off us out of Dice and cash. Which they have full control over when you play. The dice aren’t yours. Good like trying to focus on one task. They’ll make sure to avoid the tiles you needed to land on till you buy more or run out.Version: 1.15.1

Good but could be greatNeeds a better/improved way to trade cards. Currently, you are only able to trade VIA social media and you are constantly being scammed out of cards. There is no policing of trading cards and there is no consequences for those that do. It makes trading pointless/impossible especially as it’s happening more and more often and people are becoming increasingly hesitate to send first. Some events/challenges are extremely hard to win if you’re not buying in-app purchases. Lastly, the amount of duplicate cards you get is crazy. I spent ages trying to complete my album, used in app purchases to try and help and played every day without fail yet I was still left waiting for 3 gold cards. I completely all tradable cards with over a month spare and still never got them. Instead I was constantly given repeats. Yet some people had completed it 2/3 times over and had never purchased anything from the game. Also, when the game had Bug/error fixes the compensation given to people were completely different/unfair. For example, my game went down for about 7 hours in the middle of a timed event. I was then compensated 25 dice and others were given hundreds of dice and a purple pack of cards. Bizzare. Apart from these let downs, it can be a fun family game and is an enjoyable combination of monopoly and building levels..Version: 1.10.0

Close to deleting the appI’ve been playing this game for months now and I feel like I get cheated on just about every event that happens because I don’t have the money to buy extra die. I love the concept of the game and how fast paced it is, but when you make no progress and see other making TONS of progress it becomes frustrating. The die cap should be more than what it is because how do you expect a player to progress if they can’t buy extra die. There should be more partner events where people have a chance to get more die and cards. Speaking of cards…why is it so hard to acquire even 1 star cards without getting tons of duplicates on other cards? Why can’t we trade gold cards all the time? I get that it’s supposed to be a special event but this just makes me not want to play due to having duplicates of golds I can send people and not being able to if the event for them already passed. Axes for the “moonlight adventure” game should not be so hard to aquire as well. People have finished because they buy dice meanwhile someone like me who can’t spend money on things like that miss out on so many idols and cards. This just feels like a game where you guys want to get as much money for as little effort as possible. I love the game but I will delete it if things don’t start to change..Version: 1.15.1

Awful gameWith no luck with a reply with the in app help centre I have no choose but to write about this here. The game as a whole is ridiculous and is so clearly fixed, I just kinda played it even though I knew this from early on playing the game. But the other day I finished 3rd in the tournament and they didn’t give me my sticker pack, the game conveniently froze up before opening the pack, I did swipe up on the app and come back on, for the pack to come back up on the page and say this offer was previously claimed, even tho it didn’t get around to opening it. As annoying as it was I just ignored it and though it’s just one of those things, to later then complete one of the partner events. And surprise surprise it done the same thing, but this pack wasn’t just a normal pack it was a guaranteed missing sticker pack. I’ve tried to message them in the in app support but nothing. I don’t see why I should miss out because if this glich..Version: 1.15.2

It got absolutely ridiculousI use to love playing this game because it seemed like you were always winning or at least had good chances to win but the developers got greedy. The higher up you go the more impossible it becomes to enjoy the game. They expect you to buy stuff to get up and it just gets ridiculous after awhile. Don’t even get me started on the tiny prizes and the sticker albums!!! You will get a million duplicates of regular cards AND GOLD CARDS that you don’t need or can’t trade. Yes, they make gold cards you can’t trade and give you 100 of them for no reason. The season I’m on now has the smallest amount of dice as a prize for completing a sticker pack which makes it almost impossible and not worth it to play. My friend, my cousin and my partner use to love playing and we all quit when the new season came because we weren’t getting anywhere and it got boring. So disappointing because we once enjoyed it. Everyone seems to be doing the same though it’s just now it use to be. You’d think they would change up after all the complaints they get but they thrive off those who are addicted and spend ridiculous amounts of money. NOT WORTH IT DON’T BOTHER.Version: 1.11.5

What a sham.There is nothing random about this game. It’s a total fix and as entertaining as it is it will get to almost everyone eventually when they have worked out how fixed it is. The cards will see you get them all but maybe one or two. I exchanged 1000 stars and was given such a ridiculous selection of cards back I would have been better off keeping the cards I had for trading even though I’ve on it got two people to swap with. The side games are a joke. I was in the lead by some considerable distance with a minute or so to go and then was 4th by thousands of points in an instant in the last minute. You watch the wheel you spin speed up so you don’t end up on the better prizes. 6 times in a row I got the lowest score, then middle tier score then another 5 bottom ones. Nothing random about that. I’ve now had my max dice I can roll restricted to 20 from 500! Seriously don’t play it. You will love it until you realise what a fix it is. I’m not alone either. All 8 of the people I know who played it all gave up for the same reason, something I found out whilst complaining about it to them. Which is shameful for the developers who could have a solid fun game on their hands only to kill it off with greed. Same story as many others unfortunately. 0 out of 5 purely for greed and thinking their customers are mug enough to put up with it..Version: 1.15.1

Average game, nothing to rave about45 minutes for 5 dice rolls are you having a laugh? That’s is ridiculous, then expecting people to spend their actual money for dices at silly prices..! You NEED to change how you get dice because if not I WON’T be downloading this game again as it’s like waiting for paint to dry how can a game be fun when you can’t actually play the game?!! When you level up you should get a full refresh of dice instead you get silly stickers which yes go towards dice but you have to collect a full set of stickers to then get the dice so in order to get stickers you need dice to play to open sticker packs… WOW and also yes you do sometimes get dice when levelling up but this isn’t often at all and you only ever get a small amount. Basically to achieve this game you need to spend loads of your real money to get dices, then you need to play the game on X3 X5 X10 X20 roll as this gives you biggest wins and values of money but uses more dice rolls so if your willing to wait 45 whole minutes for 5 rolls which would be 2 rolls at x2 and 1 roll at x1 // or 1 roll at x3 and 1 roll at x2 // or just 1 roll of x5 // and then 5 rolls at x1 Either way don’t even download it..Version: 1.1.0

Constant Pop UpsOpen the game and bam, 4 pop ups of different offers the game wants you to buy. Roll the dice, bam, 3 more pop ups to buy more rolls or other offers to buy. Just crazy..Version: 1.4.0

The EA of mobile gamesVery much PAY to win. A fun little game that gets quite addictive, but that doesn’t last long and it becomes a serious grind. The game is a SCAM, nothing more. Unless you are paying, you are getting nowhere. You get 8 rolls an hour up to 80 in a day. This sounds fair, but when you get past the early levels you soon realise you need dice to win or do anything. They push ads to buy, in your face constantly, the game is rigged and no randomness to it at all. It’s a shame, it has the potential to be so good! Don’t be fooled by it being number 1 on the games chart, that’s people reviewing loving the early levels! The rewards are so bad now, they used to be good but inflation must of hit the world of monopoly, they are half or less of what they used to be for collecting stickers. Oh and stickers, they have a Facebook group with rules for trading, but that’s bull. Everyone on there will steal yours and give nothing in return. They don’t listen to what their gamers wants either, they are pushing cosmetics as rewards now, people screaming for dice! Now I know there needs to be some level of competitiveness to a game otherwise it won’t be fun, but this is taking the biscuit.Version: 1.11.0

Funnest scam you’ll ever play!!First off I absolutely love playing this game. It’s a ton of fun and brings you back to your childhood memories of rolling and trying to conquer the board. Unfortunately the game is set up to cost you a ton of money to remotely be successful. Even if you progress through the game you cap at 80 rolls that seem to take forever to replenish. Not to mention that you can’t get anything done with just 80 spins. The creators count on you to get antsy and purchase more rolls at ridiculous prices for the amount of rolls you receive. $20 of rolls is gone in a mere few minutes. The tournaments are a joke as well. Five minutes in and some has person already has 10,000 rolls and can’t be caught. Don’t even get me started on the mini games. The spins are rigged. Takes you forever to build up spins and then you land on the lowest amount multiple times ensuring that you have to keep on spending as usual to level up. Perhaps the worst part of it all the card collecting. You can’t trade the cards you actually need(gold cards), and “card groups” are a scam 75% of the times. You have to try though because in the 70 days you’ll get the same cards literally thousands of times. They dangle this huge amount of spins and money and a new token in front of you hoping you keep on spending just to fall short anyway. If things aren’t improved, people are going to get frustrated and just stop playing, myself included..Version: 1.13.8

Has potential, but it’s a huge money grab.At first I really enjoyed it, fast paced and I was getting so many dice, I would be able to play a good 30-40 minutes. And the first 15-20 levels are not what it becomes, my screen is covered and plastered with “deals” and “special offers” I can barely see the monopoly board. And now almost an hour to get 5 dice.. basically 1 turn. You can’t defend yourself or build shields or rebuild unless you have left the game alone all day to recover your dice. Or spend money. Now I can’t even open the game to play without having to “X” out of multiple offers. 95 dice for $5 what a rip off! If you use the multiplier to actually get decent rewards that’s like 9 turns. -( In this game your number of dice is how many turns you have, but using 1 dice per turn gets you $1,000 compared to using 5-10 dice per turn to get $10-20,000 to build a town, and 1 building can cost up to 7-10 million dollars. Hence 5 dice an hour will yield you NOTHING) I was mildly obsessed with the game for 48 hours and that faded quickly into frustration and now I’m like it’s not even worth the time and effort. I went back to my old games. So unless you want to splurge your hard earned money for 5 minutes of fun, in this economy, save your time. I wish the developers would not be so money hungry..Version: 1.13.0

Starts well…then incessant payment requestsThe game started well with good progress on the first couple of boards but once the initial supply of dice run out the game completely stalls. Have to wait an hour to get another 5 dice/ rolls, very short play then until the game stalls again. Incessant delays and pop ups wanting payments. Only thing to do is play once a day, after enough time has passed to build up a supply of dice that will allow play for more than a few minutes. I only play the basic game, no trading, Facebook linking, etc. and find that the game gets tedious. There’s no game strategy or planning involved AT ALL. With real Monopoly there are issues about buying properties, developing them, etc. With this game there’s none of that. There’s a little interaction with “attacks” and “heists” that yield random outcomes. The different boards/ cities are just more of the same, the tasks are all the same, it just takes a higher score to earn a reward or move to the next level. It’s interesting initially, but VERY annoying demands for payment constantly; but it soon stalls unless payments are made. After a while it gets boring, with the same repetitious tasks—only really tolerable because the payment demands mean I’m only willing to play it once or twice a day until my free moves are exhausted. I might play it another couple of days until I finish this city/ board/ level; but unless the next level/ city offers more interesting game-play or challenges I will delete it..Version: 1.11.0

Monopoly Go will steal your money!!Like many others, I have been playing the monopoly go since it has launched. The game is entertaining but it continues to have glitches, a lot of times I have made purchases I have been charged twice for one offer purchase. At first I wasn’t sure because they wait days to send a receipt for your purchase that you make at the time. I have spoken with many people that have had the same problem so I have contacted MonopolyGO about the issue and for a refund and they send me to Apple to request a refund. Even after sending in proof that I have been charged double they have continued to denied my request and email that the purchases are not eligible for a refund. I have been contacting Apple about this issue for months now and still they will not refund the money for the double purchases. They will charge for the offer that you do purchase and for the second charge will say it is for something else. There have even been charges for days that I am 100. Percent sure that I didn’t make the purchase. This has been the worse experience I have ever had dealing with this game. If you purchase offers on this game watch you bank/credit card statements because they are stealing money and refusing to refund it. The bad part about this is I have only requested refunds for the double charges and they still refuse to refund my money. Before spending money with this game think twice..Version: 1.12.2

Fun at first eventually boring-Developer greedLevel 110 & I’m starting to get to the point where it’s just about $1b to complete the map. This is getting ridiculous & not fun. I used to be on this app every other hour trying to complete maps, sets & those little challenges at the top. Now I’m getting on like 2/3 times a day bored being that I can’t really trade to complete a set, everything’s so expensive & I’m running low on dice. I refuse to spend any more money on this game because they clearly know what they’re doing making it a pay to play game. It was cool spending a dollar or two to actually gain something in return but this game’s so rigged you end up going through half of your rolls before winning anything at all. I used to love this game & I’m starting to hate it as it lead me to write this review, this used to be fun & competitive now it’s not. Just boring as maps recycle & them wanting us to pay to play. It isn’t right for us that enjoy playing the game without having to spend money. Inflation is high enough. They quite literally exposed themselves on this newest album. I used to defend them as console/PC gamers pay for (depending on the game) VIP, cool skins, game money etc. now it’s getting out of hand. I should be given AT LEAST 500 rolls when I complete a map as it took me maybe 1000+ to complete! & 100 rolls after I run out & wait the hour. This game went downhill unfortunately & had a lot of potential. Many people disappointed & deleting the game..Version: 1.10.0

Amazing to What happened?I fell in love with this game because of the card collection, dice payout and amazing events. Now after trialling the first two seasons you’ve decreased dice payout, increased one gold card per set and decreased the chances of finishing sets so easily. The layout of the albums in the first season was a lot better - possibly even decrease gold cards by one because they were so hard to collect. The dice payout for each album made it enjoyable to play because it was so high - that’s what made it an addicting game. Now with lower dice payouts there is less motivation to play and has turned into a pay to win game which is quite disappointing..Version: 1.10.0

BoringThis game was fun for 5 minutes until you run out of dice.Version: 1.11.5

It’s Ok But Classic Pay To WinThe game starts off really well and your progress pretty quickly which is great. But then you hit a massive wall half way through that you can only get past with pulling out your wallet, up until that point the game was extremely fun to play but now I hardly ever open it and regret putting any money into the game. This has also made it harder to progress with their new update as in the new update of the game they have increase the bar you need to hit to get rewards, so the rewards don’t come as often as it did before. Wouldn’t recommend..Version: 1.11.5

RidiculousDon’t waste your time! Too many pop up ads. Too much money if you actually wanted to get a few more dice. Stickers: it’s been a month since getting a new sticker! It is no longer fun to play! It shouldn’t be a free app, as clearly all they want you to do is spend a crazy amount of money. You should be able to trade extra gold cards also! Choose a different game to play!.Version: 1.12.2

Addicting and expensiveThis game makes you want to spend your real money. After playing this game for two months and spending over $50 on stupid stickers and dice rolls, I’ve realized that this game is rigged. I didn’t play this game for 24 hours and all I earned was 125 rolls. That is really lame. The rolls you gain per hour should increase when your landmark costs balloon to +$30 million. Just starting the game and when you’re about to run out of dice rolls, the pop ups become constant and annoying! Like stop it already! I know I’m running out of rolls! More concerning issues: My dice rolls don’t go to the correct space, the promotional tournaments and special games don’t let you succeed, you have to spend and buy extra dice rolls to collect more unique stickers (you’ll never achieve collecting all because they rig the game), and there are bots in the game that sabotage you i.e. there is one player that targeted my landmarks 67 times in one day. How is that possible? You have to land on a Railroad to have the opportunity to shut down another players’ landmarks. How can one player land on a Railroad 67+ times? Is he only playing 1x per dice role?! Don’t play this game unless you have $ to spend and don’t let your kids play this game. It’s rigged and there’s very little reward. But if you do play this game, don’t buy anything! I’ll continue to play Royal Match..Version: 1.12.2

Be warnedI started playing this game not long ago and quite enjoyed it. I made a few purchases and was happy with what I received. Forward to a few days ago went checked my games account and yes confirmed I had sufficient funds to make another purchase, BAM declined. After some careful investigation and a call to my bank I discovered that there was a fair amount owed in transactions to the app. These transactions had not come out as requested rather the app developer tried to take them as a whole rather than each time. I keep very careful records of what I spend in my game transactions so i knew the amount being charged was not right. I looked further into each transaction and discovered there are 3 transactions that I did not make yet have been charged for. Discovering this I firt tried to approach the app themselves but received NO response at all so went directly to apple. I was honest and stated I made this this and this purchase but i am disputing this this and this transaction. I was advised to give this refund request 48 hrs to resolve and not even 24 hrs i was given the result of NO refund. I have appealed this decision but dont feel it will be resolved. I did not authorise 3 transactions that i was charged for so infact these transactions are fraudulent. I will have no choice but contact my bank if this appeal is denied. Sadly I have also removed this app and no longer play it. Be very careful with any and all app purchases from this game..Version: 1.3.0

Charged for items not receivedI was charged 3 times for a dice set that never got uploaded onto my account. I have filed a complaint and chargeback with Apple. Very disappointed.Version: 1.9.2

Got so much potentialJust like all the other reviews here the game is great for literally less than 5 minutes. Also not impressed with the constant pop ups trying to force me to make purchases. Once is enough but after every time you finish rolls or do anything, here comes a paywall and it’s not just one either, there’s multiple. I’m also confused when you get shields… I counted on one round I got 50 shields. I finish and close the game and come back to in an hour and all the shields are gone and my buildings need fixing? Yet the notification says only 1 person attempted to knock down my building? I don’t get it. Has so much potential to be a great game. Just a shame it’s another moneywall scam..Version: 1.0.1

Very shallow game with tons of in your face adsOverall, the game is extremely shallow with very little you can actually do or interact with. It starts off great, as these micro transaction games commonly do.. but then you get three popups after everything you do in the game asking you to spend more money. Maybe I would but I still haven’t even established what the real point of this game is. It has a long way to go if you hope to get people spending. Right now the game is far too shallow and boring.Version: 1.3.0

Frustrating experienceSo I live playing this game but experience with customer service is absolutely frustrating. I have spent few hundred $$$ on this game. Recently they because of a glitch and known issue rewards were not awarded. Every time you want to reach out it a chat bot and it opens a new ticket and closes the chat before you are able to communicate the full issue. Bad customer service. I wish I could give zero star.Version: 1.7.6

Reward went missing and investigation ongoing until who knows whenPlaying everyday and spent some money to built up my level.. finally able to complete the challenge and received the biggest rewards of 5000 dices.. while playing I achieve another reward from gizmo gourmet milestone of 2000 dices but then system glitched and all gone.. this has caused me not be able to complete other challenges.. lost the chance of winnings 1100 dices and 3800 dices!! It feels like this game making people so desperate to the point they need to buy dice to keep playing then when they got reward the system down?!?! Surely you have better system to support this issues?? Why the glitched never adding more reward but you stealing back the reward that people supposed to have?!?.Version: 1.11.5

CUSTOMER SERVICE NEVER RESPOND!!!I downloaded this game and really enjoyed it at first, however the more levels you complete the harder the game becomes. The rewards do not increase, it doesn’t matter what level you are on, the wheel boost rewards are always the same which is stupid. It’s almost impossible to get dice and stickers and even on the new album the rewards have become really low so it’s almost impossible to do anything! I had an issue with one of my rewards from the daily tournament too as I didn’t receive what I was meant to, I have messaged customer service about 5/6 times now and still have had no response and this was over a month ago! Also the tournaments are almost impossible to complete if you only have a low amount of dice! You can’t change your partner on the events either which is ridiculous when they do nothing and have 0 the whole way through! You should be able to kick them off if their score is 0. Would be an amazing game if it wasn’t almost impossible to get dice or a response from the customer service team!! They are rubbish!.Version: 1.10.0

SuggestionsGreat game, got me hooked. Sucked my friends and family in as well. Only issues is that I’ve come across is that they need to scale rewards for completing boards to the level you’re on. As you progress 50 rolls barely scratches the surface of what you need. Also the wheel boost for completing sets also needs scaling, spending soooo much in game money to potentially be rewarded with 5 rolls or green sticker pack is almost insulting. I know these changes would move away from the Pay to Win Model in place but it might help retain players for the long term. Another suggestion would be to implement some sort of actual trading system where both parties must agree before stickers are sent. To prevent people being scammed out of stickers by sending first. Also adding in the ability to send rolls / money could be a good idea, so friends can help friends better. Again I know that might not work with the pay to win model. But merely some food for thought..Version: 1.9.2

Don’t buy dice! Don’t spend any money on this game!Use THIS as a warning!!!! I tested my theory to make sure I was on to something and I was right. They and their AI technology alter the game when you spend money and buy dice. Spent money in the game. And on each occasion they rob you. Almost 1/2 of my dice I bought landed me on almost nothing. But if I don’t buy dice and just use the dice they give, I land on great spots and the shutdown and bank heists are evenly given. Once again, I tested my theory. When I bought dice and I did land on the railroads, they made sure to give me back to back shutdowns. No bank heists and no mega heists, until the end when I was almost out of dice. They do not want you to be top 5 so they heavily cheat the game to make sure you’re never top 5. I would be in the top 3 and would take a short break and out of nowhere the same random players are pushed to the top at ridiculous heist/shutdown numbers. I’m telling you as a warning, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING IN THE GAME! Peg-E is VERY USELESS & it cheats you too, especially if you have a lot of chips to drop in it. And when you have to have partners to build stuff as a competition, they let you get 3 good partners and 1 partner who does nothing so you either can’t win the entire 4 partner competition or if you do, you gotta pay to be able to keep up to win, on your own. You can’t swap out partners either which is super dumb. So once again, they rig the game when you pay for dice. Don’t pay for dice!!!.Version: 1.14.2

Wish we got more rolls.Let me start off by saying I LOVE THIS GAME. Im talking to friends I haven’t talked to in years because we all have this as a common interest. I’m on level. 100+ I don’t know exactly. I understand games get harder as you go but I’m finding my self bored as I don’t have enough rolls to get anywhere in the game without buying them. I need 1,300 points for the competition to get 700 rolls. When you’re only getting 10 rolls an hour it makes it very hard to win prizes. Especially the sticker packs you need to complete them to get more rolls. If I use my rolls first thing in the morning I have to wait 9 hours for my rolls to fully replenish leaving me with only 90 rolls. And to be successful you need to do atleast x5 to be able to receive rewards and more dice. I just feel stuck as I refuse to spend anymore of my own money on this game. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars already and I’m ashamed of that honestly. I recommend making your game more friendly to those of use unwilling to spend money. People still will because we want those rolls. But people are starting to lose interest once we get to higher levels because we are stuck. I also suggest that if we win more rolls we should still be able to receive our full 90 rolls or whatever the max is on your level. I really love this game and don’t want to stop playing but a lot of us are stuck and bored with it..Version: 1.15.0

Great concept, Flawed design!This game is terribly addicting! It’s fun to try and complete the albums. However the 5* cards are incredibly rare to get. You can’t trade gold cards with anyone and you only get 5 dice rolls an hour. Even then some of the rewards are 2000 dice rolls. Unless you get gifted cards or spend money there is little to no chance of you progressing in this game. The game suggests a Facebook group for you to trade in, which is full of scammers who receive your card and block you. The game should have a trading system inside of it, where you can add a friend, enter a card and they can do the same. The card only leaves when both people confirm the trade. This would help so on the rare occasion you do get a decent card you can trade it knowing you will get something in return. The daily limit of 5 trades needs to be gone ASAP. And the maximum amount of dice you can earn per hour needs to increase. If these things happen then the game would be incredible. For now, unless you’re spending a ton of money or incredibly lucky. The game stinks..Version: 1.8.0

Not happySigned in with Apple ID then switched to Facebook to play with friends and froze but things are still moving and won’t let me do a thing have deleted it and tried to play just through Facebook account but still frozen fix please.Version: 1.15.2

Good platform, horrible reward system and customer serviceA lot of aspects of this game are great - collaborations between other players/friends, long-term game play etc. But don’t expect any assistance when the game starts to bug out and glitch. Rewards you clearly earn in the game don’t correlate to anything, even when contacting customer support with proof - they close your support ticket with no assistance whatsoever - without a doubt a game that cares very, very little about their customers and only about getting as much money out of you as possible. New patches/updates continuously make it harder to do well at the game, and visibly clear that the game is rigged to never work in your favour (nothing new from these styles of games, just be prepared). Keeps going down hill as time goes on..Version: 1.14.1

This game doesn’t let you win unless you payFor the sticker race I have collected every pack every week, I had don’t well in events I need 11 more cards that are untradable but yet I can’t get any of them I just get the same duplicates over and over. The game is absolutely garbage is the same cycle of roll, spend, get disappointed I’m saying this because I’m level 3700 so I know how bad this game actually is.Version: 1.8.0

This is not MonopolyThis is the furthest game from Monopoly, do not install.Version: 1.1.1

Not fun anymoreMonopoly has got to the point where it isn’t fun to play anymore. There’s a difference in a game being difficult and a game being near impossible. This game was fun to begin with but as soon as you level up you get 8 spins every hour and can spend days trying to buy a landmark. It’s just not fun anymore. The album is rigged, in the beginning I completed them at a steady pace not needing to trade. Now I can’t complete it at all and have double ups of cards you can’t trade. I’ve also spent money on the game, which is fine, but 0 benefits. The dice go so quick and you land on jail, just visiting, income tax or community chest. So getting money can be hard once you reach a certain level. The game needs to be more engaging if you don’t spend money, it should be difficult but not impossible. I will be deleting after this album..Version: 1.9.2

Boring!!New to the game came in on the end of last album and was excited to start new album and get into the swing of stuff… But unfortunately I came in when the game had a massive turn around with hard to get golds, and expensive packs! It’s taking to long now to get ahead in the game as I get stuff all spins daily and because I haven’t been playing long and already bored with it I do not want to spend money, the minimal amount I have spent I was disappointed with what I got for my money and it didn’t even make me get further in the game so definitely put off purchasing more… This game is very similar to Coin Master and I still prefer CM over MG.Version: 1.11.0

Game has been wrecked by greedI used to love this game. It was similar to another board game app I used to play until they tightened it so much that it was aggravating. I’m afraid the same has been done to Monopoly Go now. Although once I could sit and play for long moments at a time that’s impossible now. I would win more dice and more money at a level 10, then be able to increase it to 20, winning more dice and money, then increase that level etc. I could actually finish building each property in a group. Now, the rewards have been reduced. I’m lucky to get to a level 10 before running out of rolls. I have to leave the game with properties unfinished which allows other players to shut me down before I have enough rolls to continue playing. Whereas once I could play non stop for half an hour easily I now run out of dice after about 10 minutes. This isn’t fun anymore, each day’s game is too short, and to get to the next board takes FOREVER. This game has been tightened up too much, the daily dice rewards are significantly smaller. The money grab game has gotten too easy. I get every bill every time and the amounts of money seem to be smaller. This should be more challenging and a larger reward if one is successful. I am not going to play a game that takes me a week to advance to the next property level, it’s like crawling to the finish line. I’m deleting this. And the only reason it gets two stars is because it was fun a few weeks back..Version: 1.13.0

Game is fun, but deleting account is nearly impossibleGame was fun at first, but if you are looking to complete any card sets, good luck. They make it so you HAVE to spend money to complete. But that really isn’t the 1 star review. My problem is deleting the account. As “sophisticated” as the game is, you would think deleting your account would be with a click of a button. Remember, some of your personal information is linked to this game and before I delete the app, all I would like to make sure of is that my account is completely deleted. Well, 4 days later and after providing much more information than I should have needed to, I get ZERO response from them about deleting my account. They so for your user account, how much in game money you have, the type of device it’s on initially. THEN they come back asking for a copy of the receipt of your last purchase. I had to DIG for that receipt because it was such a small amount months ago! But I provided that and still ZERO response in regards to deleting the account. So, basically, this game wants to either keep your personal account information OR think they can keep you addicted to playing this game so you can do more in-game purchases. NO…I only go in to check if they really deleted my account and get off. I’ve sent them at least 3-4 messages already in the chat regarding the deletion of my account. I’ve never seen anything so hard to delete..Version: 1.14.1

PLEASE LET US TRADE GOLD CARDSThe game itself is very good the whole concept and how it kinda brings people together (apart from the scammers!) it is an absolute nightmare to get dice literally have to wait one whole hour for 8 dice, all of the packs available to buy are all £60-£100 it’s just not realistic! So many people are stuck because of the gold card situation myself included it feels impossible I end up buying the packs because I’m desperate for the gold cards and do not even receive one 😔 for £100!!! Not even one of the cards I need yet so many duplicates of the other golds and nothing to do because what’s the point in trading them in the vault when I just get the same cards back it’s a horrible cycle the game needs to be more like it is at the beginning with cheaper packs (which includes more dice) and better options for gold cards because it’s really a problem! Apart from that the game is really good the car event was good you should do more events like that but give the option to change partners if yours isn’t helping!! Also please respond to customer services faster I’ve been waiting almost a week for a proper response!!!!!.Version: 1.8.0

DisappointedI understand companies are money hungry and that’s just what it is but if you’re gonna stop making special dice packs $20 after certain level and only make them $100 every time then what is the point of even selling stickers in dice packs then when we’re collecting sticker packs it’s only stickers that we only ever get in the only time you do get new stickers is if your in the top five of the tournament I only need five more stickers to complete this album pack and I’ve bought so many sticker packs and only get duplicates. I’ve been in the top five numerous times and only get duplicates. I’ve been number one multiple times and never gotten new stickers and I’m finding this game unfair because there people on TikTok who are showing glitches that they have over 1 million dice and complete the sticker pack numerous times to the point there Thor hammer is now gold and I can’t even complete it once the Facebook group is a joke people get stickers from you and then block you. I’m not understanding how come when we’re collecting stickers they’re just new every single time that way it’s fun for everybody. That way people can literally complete an album you can only share gold stickers on certain days I don’t understand how come the daily wins we’re not winning stickers every time, it only changes when the album is coming to an end where you can get the purple sticker packs in your daily wins.Version: 1.14.1

Don’t recommendUsed to be a great game. Now they make it nearly impossible to finish events and get new stickers. They changed the sets in the album to have a gold card in each, yet you can’t trade them and are constantly getting duplicates of cards you already have. They increased the amount of points to complete the partner event, yet the lowered the amount of items you can collect through tournaments. They’re constantly pushing people to buy their items, to which they still receive duplicate cards. Pretty sure there is also shadowbanning going on in the app too. They fill tournaments with bot accounts so people can’t gain dice/cards. Not worth the time to play. Don’t recommend..Version: 1.12.2

FIX THE GAME!I have played this game since April when it came out and the more I play it and spend money on it I start to feel scammed. The dice cap is ridiculous 80 dice won’t get you no where minus the fact y’all charge 5$ for it!! How can you expect people to keep playing the game when we don’t even have rolls!! Cards too! 15k dice sounds real nice until you notice 70 days later you keep getting the same cards… Not to mention the “trade groups” filled with a bunch of scammers! I’ve spent 100s on this game just this year alone and haven’t got anywhere. And the tournaments are RIGGED! U have “people” with 10 thousand plus in the first 5 minutes it’s sick! A little constructive criticism from someone who plays the game everyday.. the idea of the game is great but with things like this you guys will eventually become a memory! And why can’t you trade gold cards you should be able to trade ALL cards! It becomes sad when we have to pay our way to PROBABLY win… I understand it’s a game of chances but when is my chance? Y’all have HUNDREDS of people on Facebook asking you guys to fix your game literally we are telling you what’s wrong with it and yet and still .. nothing done. Is this just a scheme to get money? I’m not getting it if you really want your money you would FIX YOUR GAME to keep people around cause if not I WILL QUIT and not just me EVERYONE will start to quit it’s only so much we can try before we’re gone forever then what? fix the game brahh.Version: 1.13.0

Fun game butI think this game game and know many people who play it too. When I started playing the partner events were only 60,000 points to complete then they changed it to 80,000 and without extra links or spending money you can’t win. The dice links aren’t worth the money for so little dice and the event shouldn’t be so hard in the first place to win. When you get to higher levels you still only get 50 dice for completing a board when you should get more because 50 dice get you nowhere in terms of getting closer to upgrades. Mega heists are glitchy and whenever I have a mega heist, I get it on the very next bank heist and then for every bank heist following that one it’s just regular when the mega heist timer is still counting down. Fun game but could be so much better. If Scopely wasn’t looking to try to force people to spend money to get the same prizes in the partner events. 90% of the spins land on low points. I’d be okay watching ads to earn things like other games have. There are already 4-5 pop ups every time you log in or run out of dice. Please make the partner events easier or send out links for pieces for spins. Make the mega heist work for the whole timer and once you get to higher levels give us more dice for completing a board than 50. It feels like there is no real incentive in completing a board for only 50. This game could be so much better..Version: 1.15.2

This game is great IF YOU HAVE MONEYI’ve been playing for a good 3 weeks now and this game is completely pay to win there is very little skill or strategy involved they are going to push their in app purchases to much every time you open the game or go into a new menu it’s ridiculous I haven’t been trying to spend money because it’s a phone game and you shouldn’t have to spend money to compete with what feels like bots in my torments, just passing me by the thousands at a time I just have to deal with it I saved my dice for 3 days had 2400 something like that I have 1 strategy I use for rolling and it gets me good results because I get to use my highest multiplier on the bank heist 50x then when I’m out of die I have a good amount of barrels for the tournament almost 6.5 k so I get off get back on and of course someone’s got exactly 10k right on top of me in like 3 maybe to five minutes max now this is either a clear scheme to get me to spend money or someone really just bought that much dice but keep in miss each in the store is 1400 for 50$ sounds crazy to me but i would be sending this in as a problem in the game but their is like no report or give report button only to report someone that hit your board ngl I played monopoly sents I was young and it’s sad whoever made this game uses your nostalgia of monopoly to get you here and money hungry people try to get you for every dollar in your card 🤦🏽‍♂️.Version: 1.11.5

Fun but hard to get anythingBetween 3 and 4 stars is what I would give. I’ve been playing for a while and while it’s a cute and fun game, it’s almost impossible to get all the stickers without spending money. The gifting sites are ok but not great since everybody really needs the same things. It’s been weeks and I haven’t gotten anything new from sticker packs even though it says you will by upgrading boards, completing daily tasks, etc. It seemed like this time with new stickers would be better because there is only 1 gold one in each pack, but it’s so rare to get anything once you’re needing 4 and 5 star stickers. Not only did the up the biggest safe from 1500 stars to 2500 stars, but they also upped the contest that you play with friends. You barely get the wheels you need to spin. Realistically the only way to get anything you need is to spend money. The tasks at the top make no sense sometimes. Ex. You need 35 brooms for 75 dice but then you need 150 brooms for 200 dice. Then they get unrealistic of needing 3500 for a new piece and 300 dice. The plinko game is rigged now to never get to the end. The first couple of times I was able to complete to the end, but it’s about impossible now. They’re baiting people into spending money by making unrealistic goals. That just about takes the fun out of it. Other people may be willing to spend money on a game, but most people aren’t..Version: 1.12.2

Put the game back to the way it was!The game has glitches and they have been reported many times by players around the world and the creators are not listening to the players :( they have made the game harder to play and earn the tokens required to complete the tournament and are not responding to the reports players have created!.Version: 1.10.0

Game want you to payHad roughly 35 dice to roll left and they dropped me to 2 and proceed to show there multiple bundles to buy more dice....Version: 1.0.1

App need an update for 20K plusSo Im a mega fan of Monopoly GO and have been playing for 8 months or so. The game was really fun in the beginning as you shut down your friends and collect the stickers etc. HOWEVER once you pass Net Worth 20,000 points the game is very slow and hard to do anything. There are no more upgrades to Net Worth, the properties are Billions of dollars so its hard to collect money and upgrade as you collect so little through the game. The wheel boost the prizes need to be relative to your level not the same for all, collecting 5 dice is pointless at this stage. The co-op events are very repetitive, same prizes just things are a different colour etc. Hey look I love the game, they just need to introduce new features and better rewards as you progress..Version: 1.13.7

Pop-upsReally enjoy the game, it becomes quite addictive the more you play! The only think that stresses me out and makes me want to stop playing is the amount of pop-ups you get when you first open the game (I think about 6 separate things to close off), and then the same again if you run out of dice!! Also, once you’ve used up your dice there’s an hour wait to get 5 dice! Absolutely crazy!! It just means I’ll log off and forget about it until tomorrow or a few days later I’ll log on to play again. Even if you had 1 free dice every 5 minutes, it’s more of an incentive to stay logged on and keep playing. Whereas now I use up my free dice, get bombarded with pop-ups wanting me to buy things, then just close the game off because I can’t play for at least an hour - by which time I’ve no interest in coming back on the game..Version: 1.13.0

Glitches and goes nowhere! Annoying Pop up adsThe game isn’t live as you battle your mates, and the boards read different. You think you are beating your friends, but if they are live it’s delayed. No one wins, as you attack it looks like you have knocked down their buildings , their board says it hasn’t. Also in many occasions I never received money rewards after winning certain things, it just disappeared. The clincher is the dumb ads pop ups to buy this and that really annoys me. After enjoying the game for a fair while putting up with these glitches, I decided it just doesn’t go anywhere so I deleted it. After this they took two payments for in app purchases ? Apple didn’t give a rip. Apple are just as greedy! I questioned them twice! How do I buy something when I didn’t even have the game app in my phone? The game just tempts you and not many get the big rewards as it very rigged. Its all about getting money off you in in app purchases . Some days you just cannot play as you get hardly any dice..Version: 1.15.2

Great game, but unfair at timesI love the game. I hated monopoly in life, so ain’t that something lol. Being on level 90-something and strategically trying to get more dice shows my insanity and loyalty to this game. I think the developers need to continue working on a good amount of things. I joined the Facebook trading group as I realized how important it was to complete these albums. However, other people are ruthless and disloyal. They say they’re going to trade with you, but then they ghost you. I was surprised when I traded the first time that it wasn’t really a true trading system within the game, just a way to gift. There’s no way to track your trading either. Just like the history tells you someone shut down your landmark, it should tell you that you traded (blank) card with “said person”. However, I also like the idea of gifting, so I think they should implement both options in the game. The game is also rather glitchy. I needed 10 more coral to will 1,100 dice in the limited aquatic series, but I woke up this morning to find I needed about 90-sum to get it. Like what??? Oh sometimes my dice roll will have me land on something one more or less than the number I rolled. But maybe that sort of thing just happens. 🤷‍♀️ Also, I hate that my odds are the same when I do high stake rolls. Its great I get more $$$ per the rolls, but at least allow me to have s a higher chance of high value cards..Version: 1.10.0

EhThis games has its moments of being fun. However, it is hard to get anywhere when you have to have sooo many dice . Buying packs of stickers is a waste of money as you mostly get repeats. The fact the the golden stickers are not able to be traded yet somehow get more of those than the ones that are needed, is garbage, maybe would be better if the game could realize you have the sticker and don’t need it?. I’ve had several sets simply need the gold sticker for two weeks now and still cannot get no matter how much time I’ve spent playing the game. I’ve been stuck at 140 stickers of 180 for over a week now. Even with following the trading group. People are so stingy when it comes to simply getting something you need. You never get any more than so many dice unless you happen to get lucky or spend unnecessary money to buy. Then you use those all up trying to get somewhere with stickers/money/ and competitions, and get no where! Also, a competition can start and literally within an hour, someone have 5k collected and you are struggle getting anywhere with collecting anything. Also. When you complete a board, I’ve noticed regardless of how far in the levels you are you ONLY get 50 dice but can spend (where I am at) almost 300 million to complete the board. The game is good in its own ways. But I think it has a very far way to go to make it a game that you can actually get ahead..Version: 1.11.5

Annoying clicking to closeSo many pop ups I’m constantly closing the same things over and over and over and over and over , while everything gets more expensive as you advance, be prepared to pay .. stupid game.Version: 1.11.0

This game deserves 0 starsWhere do I start? There’s a multitude of issues with this game . ALL this game cares about is money . They took away dice links , they don’t allow gold star trading , it costs WAYYYY too much to buy dice and those dice will get you nowhere. Everythjng that was good they discontinued. This album there is barely any rewards for finishing a set , so you can’t even win tournaments with the measly 400 dice you get from finishing a set. There is absolutely nothing fun left in this game and I know they are also buying bot reviews. I know so many people are rating this the 1 star it well deserves Congrats monopoly , you ruined your game ..Version: 1.10.0

Facilitate trading high value cards.To avoid people being scammed, maybe the developers could look into an option of facilitating trades. Develop a trade meeting spot in game where 2 people meet and put their cards in the middle. Let the participants choose a timer limit whether it be 30 seconds, 8 hrs or whatever where the cards have to be put into the middle. The trade being successful only if both cards are put in within the agreed time. Probably heaps of admin but you guys are promoting a FB page that a lot of dishonest people operate in. Gifting cards on the other hand just leave as is for people to send cards freely at their own will, have trade option seperate..Version: 1.9.2

Pay to win.Game is becoming too much of a pay to win I get you need to make money but common it’s crazy… we gotta wait an hour just for 5,6,7 rolls??? That do nothing cause you land on nothing. Also the spin the wheel is ridiculous for the amount of rolls and money we spend just to get one spin and to land on something as useless as 5-15 rolls or 4million is insulting. You guys promote trading through facebook yet when we get scammed we can’t do anything about the scammers…also the 50 dice you get for completing a city is ridiculous as well considering the amount of rolls we go through to finish a city….also with the stickers which are crazy hard to get nowadays whats the point of not being able to trade gold ones when we receive them more than normal 5 star ones? So stupid y’all need to fix this.Version: 1.7.0

Good gameLove the game, just needs more options when landing on the railroads to keep game interesting. Also can’t login to another Facebook when I log out which is really annoying.Version: 1.15.2

Bugs and money grab letting a good game downConsistent bugs that get patched and release more bugs. Pay to win is a huge thing here, you’ll have no chance getting up on tournament leader boards. Daily and quick win rewards are so minor it’s kind of a joke, community chest is impossible to get all the way for the sticker pack, played the game for months never got it. Complete a board and go to the next with the same rewards regardless of level, should at least increase dice and money amount given with each board completed. It’s a fun game and it’s only being let down by lack of decent rewards and ads shoved in your face everytime you open the app. Fix these issues… please.Version: 1.7.0

Looks good, boring gameplayMinimum amounts of strategy, extremely repetitive and one dimensional in terms of gameplay. Apart from the good looks, this is nothing but another braindead game..Version: 1.2.0

FrustratedFor a whole week maybe two I haven’t been able to load into the app on my phone. I missed finishing the car show event in which I missed the chance on receiving one of two gold cards I need to finish the album. Maybe I wouldn’t be so frustrated if there wasn’t money spent to help me get where I am in the game. I still am unable to get into the app through my phone regardless of me updating my phone, resetting my phone, unstalling and restalling the game. I have contacted the support team many times in regards of me not being able to load into the game, thus resulting in me not finishing the car show event with zero compensation towards this error. I had to log into my account through my childs device in hopes I had some form of compensation, yet none. I’ve enjoyed this game until now..Version: 1.9.2

Over it!!The game starts off really well and then all of a sudden it slows right down when you’re coming to completing the album. Too many dupes of stickers are given from all packs that are for the first 9 sets completed, that becomes really annoying and really doesn’t justify anything because when you use them to open the vaults (all 3) you really are getting more dupes. The amounts of rolls you get every hour is not enough. It’s not worth buying more dices to play a game that really takes more from you than what you get from it. Gold cards should not be dupes because we can’t trade it and it really doesn’t help when opening the vaults (all 3). People are scamming others when trading and then it makes it harder for the one who got scammed to complete sets because they have nothing worth trading. People are also selling stickers which makes no sense as there is a rule against that. Somethings got to give because there’s too much struggle in completing an album and therefore, taking the fun out of the game. Increase the dice given every hour to an amount that’s gonna be worth playing the game. And make the GOLD STICKERS tradable!! Otherwise stop giving out duplicates of a sticker that can’t be traded..Version: 1.9.2

Hopeless!The limit on daily trading just limits anyone from getting anywhere in the game. There are hardly ever any good cards up for winning. Saving up stars for a vault is genuinely the biggest waste of time and downgrade. The game is not about your own skill in any sense. You just get scammed by other players, the algorithm is awful and it’s impossible trying to find people to trade with most of the time anyway because most players are trying to get similar cards. Loved the Egyptian treasures and partners events but you can’t get rid of partners who don’t pull their weight and it’s difficult to get enough tokens to finish these events. More mini games and interaction would be really cool. It’s getting so boring and depressing..Version: 1.14.1

One star 👎🏼7 pop ups before i get to play the game.Version: 1.1.1

Lost progressScopely has done nothing to help me recover my lost account progress I was at level 12,863 when I reinstalled the app and went to log in with my Facebook acc I was reset to 0 I’ve given all the necessary information they’ve asked for to still not be able to get my account recovered I’ve spent a lot of time and money on this game to have the developers not even try recover my acoount what a joke not to mention all the constant bugs and glitches.Version: 1.13.5

If I could give less then a star I wouldThis game is extremely boring and money hungry. You will NEVER finish an album the dice they give you daily is a joke. Trying to buy the next level is stupidly expensive and then you loose it all if someone bank heists you so your starting again from scratch and their partner events are a waste of time. Unless your spending big bucks and I mean BIG bucks you ain’t gonna get far in this game. Oh and their pop ups as soon as you open the app or run out of dice you spend like 30minutes closing them. Deleting this waste of space. And I know I’m not the only one. It’s a shame, good idea but when the developers are money hungry morons who actually don’t care about their customers or users that’s when things go wrong. Save yourself the hassle and don’t download the game.Version: 1.15.1

Fun while it lastedLook this game is fun for awhile until you actually start to get anywhere. It’s not a free game and is 100% a pay to win game each update they make it more difficult to actually earn anything. Everything wrong with it: -8 dice per hour that doesn’t increase, pretty much impossible to do anything when builds start costing over 200million. -cards: haven’t opened a new card in 25 days yet still need 37 to complete the albums, why because I only ever get 1-3 star packs and they are always duplicates. - the chest: I open it every single day and yet not once have I hit the X50 multiplier and won the sticker pack. -Spin the wheel:last season you would win the top prize every so often , this season haven’t hit a gold card pack once especially the blue one. -Events: unless your rolling x50 minimum good luck making any progress on the events (you’ll never win one unless you either get extremely lucky or are rolling x100) -Want to bank your money so you can do your builds, good luck someone will come along and heist all your money because you can’t protect it like your builds. -Want to trade cards through the Facebook group? Everyone needs the same cards. Unless you want to throw money on a mobile game for 2 seconds of fun I wouldn’t bother playing it and will be deleting it once I finish this season..Version: 1.12.2

HorribleWas fun at first, then it started purchasing/stealing money from my card, due to it being attached to my Apple ID..Version: 1.12.2

Manage ExpectationsAt first this game was so much fun, really hits back on memories of playing the board game as a kid. It has definitely changed from the time I started playing till now, the expectations to compete or complete their daily or two day tournaments has become insanely ridiculous, the partner challenges are close to impossible to complete. The only real way to get ahead and be on the top leader board is to buy dice and use the higher multiplier. That being said, it brings me to my next point of leveling up. No matter how high you get, you’ll be capped at 80 dice for a full reload without needing to buy dice, no matter how high you get on completing a board, you’ll only ever get 50 dice for completing the board, mind you at this moment in the game, it takes me roughly collecting $35,000,000 to fully complete a board, and for what? A reward of a couple million dollars and 50 dice…’s a joke. If the dice reload and dice rewards would increase as you progress higher, it would make sense but it doesn’t. I won’t even touch on collecting cards for the season album challenge, unless you’re buying packs that guarantee you get a card that you’re missing (which isn’t often) you’ll be stuck. And yes there are tournaments where you can win said pack, but you need to be first, and roughly every competitor I’ve gone up against is racking in about 50,000 points, if you play the game, you know how ridiculously hard that is..Version: 1.12.2

Pros & ConsThe pros are it’s a decent game if you’re willing to get through the system crashes. It’s a free game but it does push you to pay for dice to continue to roll/spin to move. You’re supposed to have in game rewards like completing sticker albums gives you extra dice/money. If you played on the previous album you know that since this newer album has dropped it’s harder to get cards/stickers. The rewards are skimpy & the prices have risen. The events & tournaments do you way dirtier, it used to be easy to land on what you needed but the game algorithm changed to where now you only land on those spaces every now & then. Also there are 100% bots during those tournaments that come in last minute if you make it to 1st so you have to watch out. You’ll have a mega heist going for 15 mins & they’ll maybe give you one person to actually heist. You also have to watch out when trading cards because since the game has become so difficult to play people will now scam you out of them, some are even making others pay to get the cards they need. I do enjoy playing it so I’ll still give it 3 stars, but on the previous album I had no problem spending money on this game as to me it was more worth it, but since the new album & update I refuse it’s just not worth it to pay extra..Version: 1.11.5

Fun game but….This is a really fun and addicting game, but I’m at the point of deleting it. I’ve seen majority of the reviews talking about the cards and I’ve had pretty good luck with it but my issue stands with the bankruptcy. I don’t know why but it seems as if in the middle of the night these random accounts attack my bank with these high dollar amounts (hundreds of millions) and steal some if not all of my money. It’s becoming a daily thing and I’m honestly sick of it. Since I joined through Facebook apparently I can’t do bank heists outside of my friends and it’s really frustrating because it’s only these small amounts that I can steal. It’s completely not fair that these random accounts can take my money but I can’t come back and steal theirs. Like please make this far, if I can’t steal from random accounts they shouldn’t be able to steal from me. I feel like there needs to be an update for this. Another thing is the dice. It’s truly aggravating when I have to wait over an hour just for 5-7 dice. Please update to where you can share dice between friends. Overall, you have a nice concept but please please do something about people stealing tons of money. I find it very suspicious that anytime I make a huge amount it all of a sudden gets stolen. Seems like a tactic for the app to get me to spend money. If it is, it’s wrong and a SCAM..Version: 1.8.0

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