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Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice app received 171 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about yahtzee® with buddies dice?

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Terrible gameI downloaded this game thinking it would be like actual Yahtzee but it’s terrible 100% DONT recommend. If you play in tournaments the game always win and if they’re about to loose they get a Yahtzee. Don’t download just buy the game instead.Version: 6.0.1

Can we quicken/remove some of the animationsAnimations like the weekly points rewards can’t be skipped, and now you have no choice but to see an end-game result even though you already have an idea what it is. The collectible dice masters are cute, but they don’t stick much to memory/interest and are more of a “meh ok so I’ve got you.” It’s still the same game I played before the changes took place, which is neat, but I feel that some of the additional features may have been too much..Version: 5.3.1

Rolls are not randomThis game cheats HUGE when you play against their characters (dice masters). First of all, you have to start with the first roll, which allows the game to end with the character having the last roll. So if you are winning, their last roll will throw you out of the winning spot. Also, when you are playing their character, your rolls will be controlled (or prevented from amounting to much) towards the end of the game. It allows the character to surpass you in points. And when you have one or two categories left, you often times are prevented from getting that number in your roll. It’s all about making money and making you feel like you need to buy extra rolls to get ahead. You can’t get ahead easily or quickly if you don’t buy their extra rolls. It’s fun to play but just know you won’t advance far unless you pay. I have never spent money on this game and I never will spend money on it. All of my progress has been gained without paying a penny. And when did Yahtzee ever allow for extra rolls? That has only been added to make money. It’s a money trap for people who want to pay to win...but don’t actually win. It’s gambling in disguise..Version: 5.8.4

Game is UNFAIR and SOLELY aimed at getting $$$!This game is fun when you play other human players (of which virtually none in this game are) but just know before you play that ANY time you play an AI player the dice are NOT random rolls. It is very irritating since you aren’t playing for anything of any value, even in the tournaments. Most games do this but it still is frustrating as hell since they simply want you to buy enough bonus rolls to overcome the odds stacked against you. I could understand that IF you didn’t have to watch ads ALL the time. Just make it fair. You’re making plenty on the ads. Not like this game has a lot of high end programming! Jeez. Just a late addendum to this review prior to me deleting this app: DO NOT LOAD THIS UNLESS YOU’RE OKAY WITH GETTING CONTINUALLY CHEATED WHEN PLAYING TOURNAMENTS FOR ALMOST NOTHING OF VALUE! It is ridiculous why the developers feel the need to totally take random rolls out of this game. I know stats and I know odds extremely well. Nothing in this game is even remotely random. Why??? Not playing for money! Developers, you’re really screwing yourselves. The tournament winners somehow have hours and hours each day to play. And virtually never lose! Oh, wait. They’re ALL AI players. Sorry developers, would have ponied up a bit of $ but you sucked the fun out of it!!! Good job!.Version: 6.12.0

Good game, bad interfaceLove the game, so many different variations of the game to play which is challenging and exciting. But the app is insane, it’s so busy it’s displeasing to the eye..Version: 7.4.0

Player SupportLove the game BUT VERY POOR PLAYER SUPPORT SERVICES👿👿 Yahtzee with shaking the cup to spilling out your dice and then filling in your paper ticket for each game... 👍👍👍 This online Yahtzee sadly is agreed with so many others reviews is more about the GREED the creator can make off selling absurd dice packages that are completely OUTRAGEOUS IN PRICE for the average player such as myself! Those folks who could afford the constant having to purchase dice to even stay competitive I can assure you are NOT spending their time playing this game at all!! Sorry SCOPELY BUT TRUE FACTS!! I am also in complete agreement with the ridiculous DICE CLAW and the over and over again receiving of yet again DUPLICATE DICE one already played so hard to win👿😕 That is honestly a complete OUTRAGE and do not for one minute even fool yourself into believing that SCOPELY cannot fix that major blunder!! Then there’s the SCRATCHERS... WHAT A JOKE!! SCOPELY... why the attempt at misleading the players with the 3type of scratchers one can earn and just make it ONE darn scratcher? Truth is there’s no true benefit to the alleged “better” scrstchers👿 The alleged GOLD and MEGA scratchers are no darn different/better than the RED scratcher👿 IF you’re going to entice the players with multiple types on chances to WIN BIG then JUST DO THAT! Seriously... SCOPELY GET IT RIGHT FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!.Version: 6.7.1

Great if you can get past the annoying stuffGreat game! Love it. And advertisements ok if you can stop it after a second or two. But the advertisements that go on blaring music at you and carries on for 30 sec are absolutely annoying. They happen after every two turns/plays. If it continues I’m not interested anymore. It’s frustrating. And if you change your phone you lose all the ranking you have played towards. If you can log in ( it refuses to let you change your password if you forget it) your lucky..Version: 6.8.2

Rigged GameThis was fun at first but then you realize that it’s rigged to 1) make you have to use extra roles most times to win and 2) almost impossible to win showdowns or tournaments unless you buy extra roles. The price of the extra roles are ridiculous. They charge you tiles to play in tournaments and 15 minutes of play can quickly use up $9 worth of roles. Also, 99.9% if the time you use an extra role the very same number comes up on the Dye. So ,you just waste extra roles and money. It costs too much to play to win so although I enjoy this game I will be deleting the App. It’s clearly built to take money out of your pocket and it’s very obvious it’s rigged. When you play Showdowns you rarely throw even 3 if a kind . Then you play buddies and , voila! Yahtzee all the time, 4 of a kind all the time. But not in a Showdown. They build your frustration to then get your money. Don’t waste it. Also, very dishonest. They provide offers to “ earn” roles but when you complete the action they don’t reward you. Then you contact support and you get an automatic email saying you have to provide proof but no email to reply and attach proof ; such as a screenshot. You can’t reply to their auto email. Dishonest. I think I’ll just delete the app and try some of the better ones out there..Version: 5.8.2

Too many ads and all the timeAds between rolls in a single game are disruptive to focus..Version: 8.2.2

Beware of cost to remove adsThis is the second time I’ve downloaded this game. First time around I paid a one time fee to remove ads from gameplay & I played to a level where I was unable to advance further (essentially I had plateaued at a high tournament level & was unable to meet the goal to advance to another level). While I was enjoying the game quite a bit, I needed space on my device and was getting bored with no longer moving up tournament levels so I decided to delete the app. Recently I downloaded the app again, figuring I would start over from the beginning. Unfortunately, this time around, the only option to remove ads is to subscribe to a prize pass membership for a recurring charge of $8 a month. When I first looked into this, I was having an average of 3 ads pop up in each game. I wrote a message thru the help/contact us link stating that this seemed like a steep price to pay to remove ads when most other game apps charge a one time fee around $3 to do this. The response I got was “some people pay the subscription price because they think it’s fun” I’m now getting between 8-10 ads within a single game. Feels like every few rolls of the dice I have to wait 15-30 seconds for an ad to play before I can move onto my next turn. Seems like they are trying to force people into paying $8 per month which seems ridiculous. I’ll be deleting it again and looking for alternative Yahtzee game apps..Version: 8.0.0

Masters cheat!!!!!!While I find the game great, I have found the game cheat me with the masters. The last game I just completed this is what happened. It came to the last roll and I was in 256 and the master was on 227. I had 2’s left and him 4’s. We had both put a 0 in on out yatzee so they they were out of play. By my calculation the most he could score for his last roll was 20 (4x5) which means he could only score 247. I win right???? WRONG!!!!! I roll a 2 giving me a final score of 258 and he wins with 270!!!!!! Where did his extra 23 points come from??????.Version: 5.4.0

Original Yahtzee missedI bought the original official Yahtzee app years ago on my iPad. When games were simple - if you liked the free trial you could pay a few pounds to buy the full game. No online options, no forcing you to play with other people, no in-app purchases. Gaming has been ruined since developers forced you to play online against strangers and make it impossible to progress on games unless you’re willing to pay. I refuse to buy any in-app purchases on these types of games so the game is being deleted like every other similar app. Yahtzee should be a simple, off-line game to play by yourself with a number of different play settings - like it used to be. App now deleted..Version: 8.0.9

One star only because you have to rate. Don’t bother playing this game!Rip off!!! Do not bother playing this game! You get caught up trying to win dice in the events and when you do, you don’t get them! Support does not help. When contacted, I had two different people tell me that I did not reach the level (which I did!) and both people told me I had reached lower levels. One said I only reached 9,000, the other said I only reached 18,000. I actually reached over 32,000 and once reached, I received a message stating that my custom dice could be found in my dice collection, but was never received!.Version: 5.8.0

Ads in the middle of gameplayI’m not opposed to ads in a game, I understand that I’m playing for free and they’ve done a great job making a fun game and this is how I pay for it. However PLEASE stop interrupting my games with 3 or 4 ads that are 15-20 seconds long. I’ll watch your ads quite happily after I’m done but doing it several times in the middle of a game makes the app unusable..Version: 7.1.1

Game Just Tries To Take Your MoneyWith this app, you have two options for gameplay. You can play one turn at a time with strangers, which can be a very time-consuming endeavor. If you want to play a game by yourself (against the computer) you have the second option of engaging in the adventure modes. This is the typical profitable app model that uses timer countdown limits (e.g. once you play one game, you must wait three hours until you can play again) that encourage the user to utilize in-app purchases to buy local currencies. While I’m not the biggest fan of this model, I understand that it’s very prevalent and I’ve become accustomed to being patient and looking forward to it. What is the biggest disappointment is that many of the games are clearly fixed (in order to gain any significant advantage you would likely need to utilize further in-app purchases). I am obtaining my master’s degree in statistics and the probability of some of these outcomes happening repeatedly and as constantly as they do is so remote that it has just become so discouraging. If you’re looking to play Yahtzee, don’t get this app. The design is nice and the gameplay is superb, but unless you’re looking for an app that you mindlessly check on every few hours or if you don’t mind spending your actual money on this game, then go ahead and try it. I had been really underwhelmed with the game that I had deleted it. After having recently re-downloaded it, I will soon be deleting it again..Version: 6.0.0

Great app!I really like Yahtzee and there are lots of different versions of the game to keep you interested. The ads can be annoying so I’ve therefore broken my rule of not buying any in-purchase deals which apparently stops all ads. Unfortunately, my ads are still appearing so I feel a bit ripped off. If the deal that I bought meant that ads would still appear afterwards- then that information needs to be communicated. Will be requesting a refund from Apple if Scopely doesn’t answer my query..Version: 7.0.2

Great game spoiled by lag and adsShame really. The concept for gameplay is great, the variations are creative too. However, on an iPhone 8 it’s tedious and there are too many ads to make the game enjoyable. The ads are now three times longer than they used to be. Scopely have killed the gameplay..Version: 8.1.3

Some good new things, which are quickly negated by the bad...I like the new version overall. Scorecards all on one screen, more new dice and frames and events and it seems fun!...Until you realize that they’ve screwed you once again. Been playing for years now and I will not spend money for extra rolls, and if you don’t, they make it more difficult to beat each stage in the showdown. They always have, so I’m used to that. Sometimes it would take me a little longer to beat the whole thing and sometimes I’d get close but couldn’t beat it before the event was over. Fine. Well now, if you don’t get extra rolls, you might as well forget it. I play frequently and have yet to make to beat one showdown. Honestly, they’ve made it nearly impossible. Now, I do have to say that they have made it easier to win extra rolls on the scratchers. I’d never won more than 3 before (again...been playing for years) and in the new version I’ve already won 5 extra and 15 extra. But I guess because that improved, they had to do something to make other parts more difficult to entice you to buy more rolls. Needless to say, I was pretty excited at first but after a few weeks I’ve become even more annoyed with it than I ever had been before. It’s a bit ridiculous. There are other minor things that would make it a little better, visually and whatnot, but I don’t even care because I don’t see myself playing as much anymore anyway. Quite disappointed..Version: 5.2.0

GlitchJust letting you know I have had to delete the app. I enjoyed the 1st game I played, now I cannot see the dice as they are covered by boxes with names and my opposition I can see is waiting. I then had to close the game. I reopened it only to find it is doing the same. Help!.Version: 5.8.4

Pretty decent, but problematic.It’s not a bad game, and can be nice to pass the time with, however it’s also really problematic. As other reviews have said, it starts out with just the odd ad, but before long you’re getting so many ads popping up it’s ridiculous and very annoying. Also irritating that you have to wait for hours (or days) for people to make their play and that there doesn’t seem to be a limit for them not responding. Finally, the events are fairly good, but when you’re playing the dice masters it becomes pretty clear that it’s rigged. My biggest issue with the events at the moment however, is the royal wedding event; they’ve made the Meghan Markle dice master completely white!!.Version: 5.6.0

Don’t care about players. All about the money.I cannot recommend this game. I’ve played for a good while now. So much has changed and the majority of players are unhappy with the changes. They’ve taken away so many options to get free bonus roll dice. The stickers album is impossible to get unless you’re going to sink money into their game. They put better sticker packs in tournaments so it’s harder to win in tournaments unless you are using many many dice which again requires spending money as you get very little chances to get free ones anymore. Also they charge $7.99 US dollars for a prize pass. The price is also £7.99.€7.99. If your country has a better currency you’re paying more money for the same thing. The Americans get a better deal. This company only care about making money. Do not support their prize pass. Do not support the game. And their customer service team blame the app stores for the prices and say it’s “tax”. Seems legit... £2-3 tax on something that should be costing £5.90 ish to be same value as the USA pricing. Avoid!.Version: 8.0.0

Obsessed, but the introduction of ads are annoying. Please fixI’m obsessed with this game! The waiting doesn’t bother me, but the thing that doe it the ads. The only reason they’re bugging me, is because to begin with there were no ads. then I received a message saying ‘your ad-free game is coming soon’ (suggesting I already had ads to get rid of). But now I do have ads after every turn I make! Please change this. I don’t like that you’ve created a problem that wasn’t there before....Version: 5.1.1

Exits gameI have been having troubles with this game for months and nothing is being resolved it with just exit the app in the middle of a game and you lose the game even if you were winning. Ready to uninstall the app 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 8.0.3

Used to be fun, now too greedyDevelopers sadly have missed the mark. Instead of listening to survey feedback and fixing algorithm issues of lack of payoffs or wins in game modes and scratchers, they continue to add more and more zones, modes, and games within the game constantly. There is now too much happening, there is too many zones and modes within the game. REDUCE, simplify, and fix issues and fix the lack of possible wins of bonus rolls (dice)nuthatch are supposed to wins anyway, but we all say, the change of algorithm to make it near impossible to play much without in app purchase has got ridiculous. Reduce the celebrations, in between graphics and pointless animations that slow the games down and are nothing but draining graphics, and fix the root of the game. Make the wins more possible, payoffs in prizes more frequent and get rid of half the graphics and modes in the game. Keep it enjoyable to play, it a stressful expensive game. Surely that should be developers whole point, keep a game fun, achievable and addictive too players, not frustrating..Version: 7.1.1

Battery drainerSince the update a few months ago, this game is killing my battery. At the absolutely best, I lose 6% battery for 3 minutes of game play. Occasionally (please note that I did NOT say always), this game will cause my phone to heat up while I’m playing and I have to quit playing and leave my phone cool down. Again, ONLY this game causes this reaction in my phone. Tried finding a way to contact support and couldn’t find anything. Tapping App Support on the Yahtzee page in the App Store will load up a web page for scopely but only for a different scopely game, no options for any of their others including Yahtzee. Side note, there’s a freaking ton of ads that load randomly during game play that cause you to accidentally load web pages and the App Store as well as so many graphics just to clear off badges that it takes several minutes per area..Version: 8.0.6

Missing rewardsThe game is fun but I have earned many rewards, such as dice/tokens and NEVER spent them and they always disappear so seems like a waste of time - what’s the point of giving them if you’re not going to load them on my account?.Version: 6.0.1

Stay away ...Yahtzee is my favourite game and always has been. It is the one game I never travel without. It is a game I played with my siblings as a child and one I played with my own children. I have come to hate it because of this app. It was not always so; originally, it offered a choice between playing with others or tournaments. Victories over others earned dice which you then spent to enter tournaments where you could win even more. That is history now. Now, you are offered a mind-numbing array of moronic, useless digital prizes of no value whatsoever. Oh, you can still purchase dice to help you beat the sleazy AI’s, but YOU WILL ALWAYS lose. Indeed, what is the point of a game that inevitably leaves you frustrated and angry? Do yourself a favour and stay far, far away from this succubus..Version: 8.2.2

I'd give ZERO stars if I couldUPDATE: New Weekly Goal is ridiculous- I looked at the goals for today and who the hell can get 48 Yahtzee’s in one day???? Everything else is still the same: All the new changes are terrible! The layout is hard to follow, you can't find anything, they increased the weekly challenge goal to a ridiculously high number that is unreachable for regular people to get!!- I used to be able to just meet the goal in the original version but there is no way I can do that now without playing non-stop all week but hello I have a job!! It's like they want everything to be out of reach. They did start giving more dice in the scratchers but I am not seeing too much more than before. Also the score cards are all on one screen but they took away the how many rolls you have left countdown and it takes super long for the dice that cover the board saying what the opponent got to go away so you can see where you want to play! I never minded having to scroll down to see the rest of the board! I've also noticed that you don't get what you need as often on a roll as before, I've had to score zeros on my straights in this version where I never had to before! The only upside is that I have gotten more Yahtzee's with the new version than before but who knows how long that will last! I keep hoping things will change but I may stop playing before that happens..Version: 5.4.0

It’s Yahtzee but with a lot of unnecessary extrasAs far as I can tell this is the only official Yahtzee app. The game itself is fine, once you sort through the crap, it’s the childhood classic I remember. But the app itself is so busy and messy. There are so many pointless additional features, meaningless challenges and quests and never ending attempts to get you to spend money, it really get annoying. I would rather have an app with a small one time fee upfront that is just a simple Yahtzee game than all the ridiculous junk that’s been added to this version. It blows my mind that there are people out there willing to pay $139 for extra rolls..Version: 8.0.3

CONSTANT ADS. CHANGE OF RULESI used to love this game but 2 things ruin it for me Firstly it is the fact that on some levels you cannot score a YAHTZEE!!!! that is absurd. the entire game is centred around the fact you want to score a YAHTZEE!!!! regardless of the fact that on some levels the tile will change from 5 to 6 to 3x and so on eventually getting to a yatzhee it still takes away the literal essence of the game. and some levels you don’t even get the option to score a yahtzee!!! who ever is developing this game has no idea what they are doing. every time i come across this (often) it makes me so angry and every time i want to leave this review! it makes me want to delete the app. secondly is the amount of ads! do ads in between games. at the start and the end. but not 2-3 times in one game it is infuriating. learn how to make an app people actually want to play.Version: 8.1.1

Dicing with failureUnlike others reviewing on here, I haven’t had problems with it freezing (so far), and I’m used to the ads. As I will NEVER pay real money into any game I can usually find a distraction for the 5 second ads every 4th game, so the only issue with ads is the unfortunate occasional timing of their appearance. As for the game, it’s so obviously biased towards to the bots a lot of the time. Needing only a single four to hit the bonus, I have 3 consecutive turns without one showing up, then the free bonus roll banks too!! Happens too many times to be coincidence or genuinely random. The app knows what you need and avoids like the plague!! Playing against ‘real’ friends is fun though, but the people you don’t know are just bots, lets be honest..Version: 6.6.2

Crashes, Glitches, FreezesHave only had this downloaded for a few weeks, but I’m getting to the end of my tether with the app. Not sure what the developers are doing but, the amount of times this app crashes on me is just ridiculous. I’ve just had to close down and open up again 3 times during one match just to complete it. Most of the time it crashes is due to the amount of bloody poxy adverts that keep spewing up during the game. I also find it has an excessive drain on the battery of the device I’m using it on. Please, Please, Please sort these issues out as it’s a cracking game to play, but born to so so many frustrations.Version: 8.2.2

I like game but not customer serviceI had to contact customer service because I wasn’t getting the help I asked for in my “family”. I would hit claim and it would go away in the chat but the items would not be available for me to use. This happened for at least 2 days. I contacted customer service and got a response the next day about how to make sure my game was updated(it was), make sure I cleared temporary data(I did), force close the app(I do every time I get out of the game), and to restart my phone(I did this as well). They still didn’t show up so I responded that I did all that and they still weren’t there. I was, however, able to claim them for that day and they got added to my inventory. I got a response back from someone else stating that I got them for that day and used them and closed the “case”. I contacted them again and said I didn’t get them for the 2 days before that day. I got a response back from yet another person saying that I claimed them for the day before. They didn’t say anything about using them. I know I claimed them. The issue isn’t that it wasn’t letting me claim them. The issue was that I could claim them but they weren’t put into my inventory so I could use them. I’m going to continue playing the game but I refuse to spend any money on it now since they have shown me that they don’t care if their game messes up and doesn’t give people things that they are supposed to get..Version: 7.3.5

Good but has bugsLove the app and everything but whenever I try to go on family games or some tournaments it suddenly exits the app? Only problem with this app. Love it otherwise.Version: 6.12.0

So. Many. Ads.I was having fun with this game until I started to get ads every second roll. It’s too much. Also it makes my phone extremely HOT - deleting this app. Sucks cause it’s a fun game..Version: 7.1.1

Genuinely rigged against you.I’ve been playing this game for months. I have 300+ dice saved. It’s good. However, when you play in any event that requires a dice entry, the game genuinely makes you lose, I’d say about 30% of the time. Example being, you need to roll one 5 to win. And you have 3 empty slots to score in. You won’t get that 5. You can roll 3x, then bonus roll, then restart turn, re-roll 3x again and bonus roll again and you still won’t get a single 5. This happens to me WAY to often and statistically is extremely unlikely. Don’t rig your game. It’s so easy to create an RNG generator for dice. It’s not rocket science..Version: 7.4.1

Horrible app!The game is full of glitches that go unresolved for extended periods of time, if they ever get resolved. In game rewards are not rewarded when earned (and screenshots are provided of in game errors to support). Customer support either ignores your complaints or writes you off without reimbursing you what you’re owed. Used to be a great game, but as of late, Scopely and staff, have really crapped the bed. Used to be a great game, but has turned into nothing more than an overpriced money grab..Version: 8.0.5

TerribleThe game shows you what dice to click and there is no way to disable it. So essentially, you are not playing, the game is just telling you what dice needs to be selected..Version: 7.3.1

Worst customer serviceIn my 52 years of life I have never seen a more disgraceful and disrespectful customer service team ever. Send a message and you’re lucky to get a response from them in 2-3 days. Part of my paid subscription for a part of the app has been disabled even though I’m still subscribed and paying for it. Almost two weeks and despite numerous complaints to get them to sort it out they are ignoring the issue. If I could have given them zero stars I would have. Pathetic..Version: 8.0.5

Showdown bots cheatThe master showdowns are clearly fixed. It just takes the fun out of it at first thought nothing of it but the more I try to win the challenge the more I realise it is fixed. You can be at least 100 ahead and they somehow manage to get a double Yahtzee last minute to win the game or something stupid like that. Sounds petty but it’s not fooling anybody since I’ve already seen numerous complaints on it being CLEARLY fixed. Might want to sort that one out. Other than that rest of game is pretty good.Version: 6.0.1

App is completely frozenI have been playing both Yahtzee and Dice with Buddies for years. Scopely have kept adding more and more features to Yahtzee over the years, but they have never addressed long-standing defects with animations, game performance, etc. Now, the app is completely frozen on both my iPhone and iPad, both Yahtzee and Dice With Buddies. I have cancelled my Prize Pass subscription, this is completely unacceptable! Fix the defects you already have Scopely, and stop creating new ones!.Version: 7.6.3

What’s with the sticker packs?Usually love playing this, but I don’t get the sticker packs. What’s the point, especially when they can’t be traded for goods such as rolls, passes, etc. when a collection is assembled. And be able to keep collecting them to exchange. I get them heaps but don’t see the point so refuse to play. Would be nice if the super scratchers gave rolls and victory rush passes instead of xp. Realistically, why xp when we should be getting better rewards on those. It’s impossible to finish survivor and victory rush. Takes my tickets but doesn’t let me roll etc then time runs out..Version: 8.0.5

Terrible customer serviceThere are glitches in the game which I’ve told them about. One of them is you can decline a challenge for a game you’re already halfway through. There’s nothing to indicate that you are. And the result is you forfeit the game. It’s a massive bug, especially if you play high roller games. Unfortunately the customer help is appalling. I’m not sure if it’s some sort of dodgy AI because it’s so inhuman and dumb - every reply is basically ‘well the logs says this and that’s all I can see and I can’t even try to think outside of those parameters’. A strong ‘computer says no’ mentality from everyone I spoke to. It would be funny if I hadn’t already spent money on this game!.Version: 6.6.1

THE OLD VERSION IS BETTERSeveral times with updates, the app crashes OFTEN during game play...or it’ll crash when I’m watching an ad & then the free die or scratcher I’m waiting for isn’t rewarded. This doesn’t make it tempting for a player to keep playing when one has to continually open the app to restart the game! The older version was much better; definitely in two ways. 1) The player could purchase & choose the dice he/she wanted (with earned coins, not bought) instead of a “claw machine” randomly picking the dice & usually giving duplicates without the special effects! 2) The Showdown competitions posted the score the player needed to beat. At least this gave the player an idea of what the goal was that had to be reached. The current app version assures that a player, in most cases, will have to use extra dice to even attempt to beat the lineup of competitors in the Showdown. Doesn’t make for much fun when you have a good score & then the adversary’s last roll is yet a third Yahtzee! Rigged? Totally! Sure, multiple Yahtzee’s are possible. No doubt. But for most “real” players, it doesn’t happen in such a regular basis as it does for the app characters. If it weren’t for the fact that I play several regular competitors & for the time that I’ve invested over the years, I would delete this app. I’m glad for those who like the game, but it sure doesn’t deserve a 4.4* in my experience. UPDATE:: STILL CRASHING!!!!!!! 😡.Version: 6.2.2

Bring back Yahtzee AdventuresI used to have Yahtzee Adventures which was an offical licensed app, but when these people got their filthy hands into the licence and they turned it into a pathetic experience. It’s been turned into an app with in app purchases and the requirement to always be online. I used to use Yahtzee Adventures while on a plane to pass the time, but no can’t do that anymore. Don’t sprout information about upgrades etc subscription methods pay for upgrades because the old Adventures never needed to be updated!!!.Version: 5.6.1

I like Yahtzee but.....The prize chests are ridiculous even after you open it for some reason it keeps popping up in the middle of a game. With the new stickers and this multi colored wheel of chance there seems to be less dice being won than it use to be. Not impressed! Been playing this game since 2015 and it’s gotten worse..Version: 8.0.3

Killing my batteryI love playing Yahtzee, but the way it drains my battery is beyond ridiculous! The latest battery usage report on my phone has Yahtzee using 46%, the next is Candy Crush on 16%. If I’m playing Yahtzee while my phone is charging, I’ve even noticed this app is using more power than is being charged info my phone. And every new Yahtzee update makes this problem worse..Version: 7.7.0

Good game but too many ads!Love the game but there is way to many adds it’s crazy and it’s always the same add that’s why I’m rating 3/5 stars.Version: 6.6.2

A complete rip off!!!Unless you buy dice (which is completely pointless since they have no monetary value) it’s extremely hard to win any extra dice even o. The scratch cards!!! You used to be able to win you free dice rolls on your scratch cards now you are lucky to get 1!! I won 50 dice on a scratch card a few weeks but it was never adds to my account I contacted support to see what had happened and they said it was impossible for me to have won 50 dice because my account didn’t show the win yet I have have a screen shot proving I did!!!! There are way to few rewards offered that make the game worth playing unless you want to spend between $4.99 for just 9 dice to $159 for 365 dice which again is a waste of money because nothing can be redeemed for cash!!!! They seriously need to offer more rewards or they are going to start losing customers I know of atleast 30 of my friends who played with regularly have left the game because it’s just pointless so STAY AWAY DO NOT PURCHASE UNLESS YOU HAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO SPARE!!!!!!.Version: 5.7.0

IssuesFirstly wish to say thank you for the family tab, our family (Insomnia Gaming) love this and is great for help points, getting to know your team and being able to support others!! However there are so many issues which our family are discussing 1) too many animations to complete a game ie when finishing just move on keep it speedy.. or when you go to adventure and you get a sweeping into where you are and it takes for ever.. it’s not necessary and quite frustrating 2) some phones appear not to keep all the help points at the bottom and some family members state they have to scroll through our messages can this be rectified? We like to talk in our family and I’d also like to point out there’s not enough characters to talk 3) there’s some really glitches with freezing, scratch cards and also on events the right info not showing on daily reward in events - I feel again there’s just too many animations which are compromising the game!! We’ve had several members leave our family as they can’t take the freezing and the overall poorness I think there’s some great elements but there’s been a loss on focus of the game and led to looking more at special features which us who play daily just don’t want.Version: 6.0.1

Wow...total rip off with new update.Love this game but the new update makes me want to stop playing. Not only do I pay for the no ad version....which you all changed your policy on a few updates back. In order to get ad free, you have to purchase the monthly subscription for 7.99. Fine, I hesitated but tried it. After progressing in the tournaments. The prizes were realistic in terms of fairness. One of the prizes is an allotment of free tickets to enter tournaments and after they are used up, you then must use bonus rolls. Fair enough, right? Now you want us to use the free tournament entry tickets AND 3 bonus rolls to reenter a tournament?!! What’s the point of the blue free entry tickets if you you’re charging three bonus rolls and the ticket at the same time? Tickets are pointless now and our bonus rolls get depleted quicker if we want to progress our rank in the tournaments. If you’re going to do this why wouldn’t you also increase the individual tournament bonus roll prize so we can at least try to break even on the dice we use to play? Winner gets a certain amount at end of each tournament game and they are barely enough to continue playing. I’m really disappointed! I have been a loyal paying customer for a couple of years. I pray you all change this back..Version: 8.0.0

Okay but not as good as beforeI love playing the games and the Family I’m in, but too much is going wrong with the game! The emoji page won’t scroll, the scratchies rarely give you free dice, whereas before they used to give you dice regularly. Even the tournaments at times don’t give you your prize you have won. Too many glitches that aren’t being addressed and fixed! I sent a complaint in and never received a response. In my opinion the game needs work, and you could lose some of the extras that have been added, it’s taking away from the enjoyment of the game and the tournaments etc..Version: 8.0.0

Addictive but predictableThis is an addictive game that kills time while waiting. The negative part is that most of the online ‘players’ are fake accounts generated by the developer. Check out the player names and you see that most of the leaderboard in tournaments are names such as GreatfulGiraffe, SlickCorgi and AmiableHawk. Each of those names followed by a 4 digit number. Those three names finished in that order in the last tournament, 1st, 2nd & third. Rigged! Furthermore, when playing against a ‘dicemaster’ one the dicemaster’s final roll, if he needs something from the right hand side, he will usually pull it off. There is certainly no randomness to this game and it really is a con to sell overpriced dice packages..Version: 5.8.2

Messages app too limitedThe iPhone app is quite unbearable to use; but I was more interested in the messages app to play with actual friends. But it’s just half the game? Where’s the full game? Why the limitation? The 1 star remains until the game is playable..Version: 8.0.3

Worth Reading This!!!This game is fun if you enjoy simple matches like Player VS Player. However, at one point you will need extra bonus rolls. This can be done by spending a stupid amount of $$ , by watching advertisements roughly 12-14 of them and then you will be barred from watching any advertisements for bonus rolls from 24-48 hours. The easiest way aside from watching videos is by competing in tournaments. The first several leagues are fairly easy to pass. Once you get to a certain point it gets extremely competitive and you most likely will not win or advance unless you spend money on - SURPRISE, bonus rolls! There is also a portion of the game called Gift Grab which is obviously rigged and you end up spending all your extra bonus rolls and you might break even if you choose to spend anywhere from 12-30 extra bonus rolls. I have tried to give this game more than its fair share of tries and I have seen some improvements but after 3 weeks of being unable to complete the current league I’m on I’ve given up. In order to win tournaments you need an absurd amount of bonus rolls and where this game forces you to use them faster than the avg person would use toilet paper it’s really not worth it! I feel bad for those who are suckered into this scheme of a game/app!.Version: 6.8.1

Frustrating!!!I would give this app 5 stars if they didn’t have 24hrs for tournaments and also at times in family feast. I have been playing this game for quite a while now and having 24hrs makes it hard for those who have been trying for weeks to reach the top in family feast and in tournaments to get the thousands of points required to reach the next league. Also why tell us after each game what we have won twice which is a waste of time. If these issues were changed I would definitely give this app a 5 star rating..Version: 7.7.0

Frustrating GameI used to enjoy the game but found as you go along they make it harder & harder to get promoted because you cannot the points needed. Rewards are rubbish - there are three levels of scratch cards but highest level gives worse rewards than the lowest - often nothing more than a few xp when you need thousands to level up. Some games such as Prize Climb and Family Games are impossible to win and most of the time you are playing bots so have very little chance of getting anywhere. They have now introduced sticker albums - a complete and utter waste of time and serve no purpose whatsoever - you can’t ignore the sticker packs as you are forced to open them when you collect the limited rewards you get. Don’t play to win - you will be very disappointed..Version: 7.6.3

ZERO STARSThis game has gone downhill rapidly. The new version seems geared to the grade school age group. All the animations are annoying and add additional time to taking each turn plus they eat up battery life much more than the previous version. There’s entirely too much clutter on the home page, the colors are too bright and offensive, and it’s too difficult to find what you’re looking for. Having to tap on a page after you’re shown what you’ve earned to make it close is ridiculous and having to go elsewhere in the game to collect additional winnings is tedious. On top of these things, diamonds have been abolished (I had almost 18k that I couldn’t use because the old game never added new dice to buy) in favor of a claw game played with coins that has, so far, chosen the same two dice sets repeatedly. In short, don’t waste your time until you’re forced to because the old version goes away. That or just stop playing altogether if you want a fast, minimalistic game to play. I get that the developers are trying to change things up and make the game more fun but this was an epic fail. IMHO the original release was the most fun. Each change has sucked more life from the game - except being able to see the whole card at once. Maybe Scopely should poll its players in the future instead of soliciting bonus roll purchases..Version: 5.1.0

The Have’s vs The Have’s NOTI’ve been a long time player. In the last few months I have become more and more disappointed in the games. The creators have removed and and all chances of earning for winning bonus rolls; and using bonus rolls is the ONLY way to win games in Tournaments, Feast, Survivor, Dice World, etc. UNLESS you can waste A LOT of money. If you can buy Bonus Rolls, you can win. There used to be strategy in Family Games, but they’ve made it harder to win unless you use bonus rolls. The creators have the audacity to call it “luck” except statistically the rolls are off. If all you need is a “6” to win the game, you are guaranteed not to roll a 6 unless you use a bonus roll. The only 2 things I like is the Family Group, and the Buddy Games. Everything else is a ripoff. AND NoW, they keep dropping my wins. In the newly updated Tournaments, I will win a game, the screen shows it doubling my score, but on the Tournament screen, ITS GONE, as if I didn’t play. My prizes disappear when the screen freezes for more than half a second. I lose Survivor because the screen doesn’t show the level game, but the clock is running... can’t play. AND the latest update, The App is crashing..Version: 8.0.1

ConfusingFind it hard to use..Version: 8.2.2

Makes iPhoneX overheatNeeds an update cause as soon as I play this game my phone heats up and cools down instantly when closed..Version: 6.12.0

Miss the old versionToo many gimmicks in the new updates, really miss the old version where the focus seemed to be in the game and not collecting “dice masters” that seemed targeted for 10yr olds and that do nothing. I have an iPhone X and just takes so long to load up to play by the time new bits and pieces show up, just has gotten progressively worse..Version: 7.1.1

Urgh!!!Was going great - then suddenly rewards were missing after I’d claim them !! App support is a sham! Keep getting a message ‘ ...please reload and try again ..’. Over and over. OR no reply at all. Also bugs out often - tells me I need internet connection when I already have it ... too much hassle ...Version: 5.5.1

CrashesConstantly crashing, unable to play and enjoy without getting frustrated at the crashing..Version: 7.1.1

This game is now impossible to enjoyI used to enjoy this game. However the developer has become greedy. It is now impossible to win at tournaments. Impossible scores of 5000 points and more make sure that you don’t win prizes, including dice. That means you have to buy. No more! Even if you have nine attempts at a go which will cost you 6 dice you can not win. Even in the daily events they will make sure that you may win one or two of the daily tasks but to win the full prize you usually need to spend money with high rollers. So enough is enough. Don’t waste you money and be frustrated. As well the team you choose keeps changing so if you had a successful team the good players are not there for you to choose further making it impossible to win prizes. They will not publish any thing that shows them in a negative light..Version: 5.7.1

Review of Yahtzee with BuddiesMAJOR ISSUES WITH THIS GAME!!! Very very expensive to play competitively. Most times earned rewards ARE NOT AWARDED. Playing against “competitors” often ends in the competitor miraculously pulling off extraordinary plays to swoop in and win. Tournaments and Challenges, (unless your willing to spend BIG MONEY) are impossible to complete!! Play at your own risk.Version: 7.6.3

Has some issuesWas excited that a childhood game could be played with someone in another city during COVID. It is addictive but has bugs. I got stuck with some sort of overlay that block the view of a screen I was meant to be on was behind it. I could see it move up and down as moved my finger on the screen - it was frozen in front !! Also if you have the sound off in the option setting - say for when you are on the train. Some ads play music - so need to quickly hit the mute switch. Then remember to turn it back on when you finish playing so I know someone is calling me. Please review these bugs ? Also there can be a lot going on - rewards, stickers, scratchies- I just want to play the game and roll the dice !!.Version: 7.5.3

Nate Doggy 2Starting to figure this game out. The more you play the better they reward you with extra rolls. But if your not making an effort to beat tournaments they basically only reward you with tournament passes. Then they decide to add “sticker collection” to the mix which you have a 0% chance of beating so thanks for wasting everyone’s time with that. This game is more frustrating than it is fun and I’m done soon unless they update the game.Version: 8.0.0

Good game but ads are out of controlThe ads in this game are constant and difficult to dismiss, with every 2-3 rolls showing an ad, often a video one. The games are 12 rolls so that’s up to 6 ads in a single game, and there’s no way to purchase an ad free game except once in a blue moon when there’s a special sale on (I spoke to their spectacularly unhelpful customer service over several days to figure that out). Their own ads to buy dice are also constant and difficult to dismiss, and this ruins what would actually be quite a good game, if I could just play it for more than 30 seconds between ads..Version: 5.10.0

Yahtzee needs to check its mathI have recognised this a lot, as first I wasn’t too bothered but now it’s annoying me one hell of a lot. When you’re playing versus a dice master the final scores are low but end up adding on about fifty points. The very last game I played versus a rice master ended with me winning with 262 points and the dice master at 218. I saw that it got 10 on fives and that would’ve left it at 228 (for Yahtzee makers, just in case you couldn’t figure it out) but it ended saying the dice master won with 265 points. This has got to be changed! You’ll lose many many customers because you’re ruining their fun. Possible customers who decided to check before buying, don’t bother! It’s not worth it!.Version: 5.6.1

RiggedNo way Tournaments are random, you need a pretty decent hand to win. A bit painful with all the “win this”, “win that” when all it is is a stupid character. Just want a simple me vs computer game of Yahtzee without all the “you get a star” rubbish of this game. Way too over the top... just changed to 1 star, it’s designed to make you lose so you pay RIDICULOUS money to buy dice and win tournaments..Version: 6.0.0

Looks fun but evilPretends to be random but variable rewards like slot/poker machine with more wins based on spending. Like a drug dealer tries to lure you in with free bonus rolls. Alas the paid rolls could be a dollar every few rolls. This game is predatory for anyone with a predisposition to addictive behaviour. Its design is unethical. Further for me I receive innumerable ads and it makes the game incredibly unenjoyable. Should be banned from App Store. Not ethical. Not a game of chance. RNG should be RNG. The owners of the company should be ashamed of themselves. Money isn’t worth hurting people and taking advantage of vulnerabilities. Don’t give them your money or time..Version: 7.5.2

Great game - Greedy DevelopersLove Yahtzee and this used to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately now you can’t really play to full extent or achieve any challenges unless you spend lots and lots of your precious, hard earned money. The developers aren’t interested in the players. They are only interested in money. Any support/help us also “pre-formatted, scripted answers” that don’t actually correlate to your problems/issues..Version: 8.0.6

RacistThe game has this feature called “dice world” where there are different challengers. Every month there are new challengers, which fall under a theme. This month I guess the theme is international women's day, which is great. But most of the challengers are white and depicted with jobs such as nurses and lawyers. One challenger appears to be an indigenous woman called “expedition guide”. I’m sorry WHAT. Expedition guide??? This is NOT okay in a post/still colonial time..Version: 6.13.2

Really?Hate the ads gonna delete because of it Why so many ads? This is ridiculous.Version: 5.0.6

Yahtzee feedbackAgree the algorithms work in favour of the computer so the only way to actually get any good dice etc you have to spend money and then it charged you more than is listed. $14 in the game resulted in $64 out of my account. Enjoy playing others but there should be a way to nudge them 5 times then if they don’t respond you win by default.Version: 5.5.3

Changes making the game badRecently the game has been changed in many different ways to make it harder and harder to win dice to play. It is pure greed designed to make you pay more and more. It was such a great game before and I didn’t mind paying for dice occasionally but I won’t anymore after they have made these changes. My favourite parts of the game were tournaments and family feast but now I can’t win any dice on these and really only those who have money to spend on dice can really win anything thanks to the changes. Change it back to how it was please!.Version: 8.0.5

TOO MUCH STUFF AND BOTS CHEATINGTOO MUCH GOING ON APP IS IMPOSSIBLE TO USE, MAKES MY PHONE GET SO HOT ITS CRAZY. It’s supposed to be just Yahtzee but it’s all other crap that makes this app impossible to use! Every single time I verse a bot they always get more than what they can actually get? They need 10 5’s to win yet they manage to win? And last game I was almost 50 points ahead when the bot played a 0 and then got a Yahtzee on the last roll just so it could win? It’s all a fix. It’s not like actual money is involved so what is up with that? Also there is way too much going on in the app. Too many things to do. Bonus rolls are impossible to get on the scratchers. Even the ones you purchase. I entered a challenge and was told I’d be paired with someone around the same level as me. I ended up being paired with someone triple my level and they had 3 yahtzees? Yeah right! This game is too fixed against you I can’t imagine why anyone plays it..Version: 7.1.1

Ridiculously expensiveWay too much expensive. So lame to charge 30 USD for adds-on!.Version: 8.2.2

Stop Cheating the Game.This is a pretty good Yahtzee platform, even if there is a few bugs....however; the way it’s programmed for the dice masters to win is dishonest, and frustrating. There has been so many times I’ve been way ahead of the dice masters, and there is no possible mathematical way for them to win, but they do anyway. Care to explain how they score 85 points when they only have the ‘4’ category left? You can’t. It’s literally impossible. I’ve spent money on this game, but refuse to from this point forward. Nor will I recommend this game to anyone until I see an apology for rigging the system, and a return to fair play. It’s shameful to create a game that does this. Seriously, you should be ashamed..Version: 5.6.5

Good game appThis is a great free app. And Yahtzee lovers love it. One problem I see with it, is that the adds are very repetitive and there is no way to opt out of adds for apps you’ve purchased. And occasionally there are a few very loud and frankly creepy adds or two that pop up and you can’t turn down the volume fast enough. A couple of the adds are very non-child friendly and I imagine children might be playing this game. I realize that’s the price you pay for “free”. As there is nothing free , I get that. But if you are easily startled or get the willies from a weird add this game may not be for you. But as far as Yahtzee goes? It’s good. I’ve been playing this game for a year. Consistently moving up the leagues so to speak. However during Covid people like me have many extra duties and time consuming responsibilities and I can’t play as often as I would like. What I’ve discovered is that after all the work of moving up. (Fun work) I’m getting demoted. Which means I earn less points. I do not think that’s fair given the work it takes to move up. Then getting demoted takes the fun out. I’ve decided despite the fun. One more demotion and I quit. Given the world we’re in Yahtzee w buddies is losing the “joy”. Come on give this Yahtzee world a break and stop demoting.......Version: 7.4.1

Good but such a fixThis game is really fixed and it ruins it for me! This could be a really good game if it was based on random play but it is such a fix it takes away the fun In it! You can see how much of a fix it is as you always win and do well first goes on things but as you progress it stops you from getting good scores and it just ruins it! Better to pick up some dice and have a proper game than a computer generated game that does not let you get very far. Should be down to chance with this but it properly selects rubbish dice draws. Make it more random and might play a little more!!!!.Version: 6.11.1

Ads, ads, adsThe game itself is great. Awesome gameplay and easy to navigate. BUT... my suggestion/request/plea to the game makers: for the love of all things holy, could you PLEASE tone down the frequency of the ads?! Free games need ads, I get that. But an ad popping up every three turns is just ridiculous. I love this game but you’re losing me with So. Many. Ads..Version: 5.3.1

AdsThis game was great until the ads started. Now when I play its not as interesting when you have an add pop up all the time..Version: 5.1.1

All of a sudden there is ads,delete!The look of the app is really overwhelming. Soooo many different ads for other games or things to buy etc. that I can deal with because the game itself ( once you wade through the sea of flashing buttons and the rest of the confusing interface)is fun. but today after playing the app for a few days now there is now the addition of video ads that just play automatically approximately every min or so. Sometimes while your playing, doesn’t even wait till your 5 second turn is over. Booo just deleted the app, ain’t no one got time for that..Version: 6.7.3

Was great... now deletingWas one of the best games I've downloaded. Lots of fun and addicting. Then September 2017 came. Recent updates have made the weekly challenge basically unattainable while having a life, have adding ads every few rolls, I defeat Sir Scratch-a-lot, but don't get the rewards, and if you are working on a ladder, the update resets you to the beginning. Sorry guys - you had me, but I'm now out..Version: 5.0.6

Cool until you get to a high levelI’m at level 29 and in some comps you don’t see the score and most of the time it’s around 470 and that’s hard to get and you can’t even get close unless you have 1000 dice. It’s cool if you play with friends but I have none on here. If losing doesn’t annoy you go ahead and play.Version: 6.8.0

UnhappyNice fast game BUT the graphics of the free challengers in Dicemasters are substandard ,Messily drawn fuzzy and generally awful And hate the opponents dice throw impeding my view of the scores Just needs a tweak, seeing cmments abt random “bots” with woeful names..... asneaky giraffe, great corgi etc i was told by a developer (and ROVIO angry birds etc) that these names are allocatd by the systm you dont choose them theyre not fake.... i wonder .... i had one of these players and he was woeful playing timewise.... dont think he was a bot BUT i wonder if im playing bots regularly i have tried to initiate CHAT and none of my regular 9 opponents EVER REPLY that is really suspicious.Version: 5.13.0

Why so hard to win??Why is it that you can rarely beat ANY dice master unless you play them 20 times?! 🤔 And how is it possible that I win less on the mega and super scratchies than the standard?! 🤔 Rigged and frustrating and I’m close to taking this off my devices again. Why would I ever consider spending money on dice when the game seems so unfair. What would I really get out of doing that? Seems normal when playing other competitors in a standard game but the rest are just too obviously set up against you winning unless you keep spending money..Version: 5.7.1

A buggy money grabThere are so many bugs, this game is literally unplayable at time. Kind of shocking for a game that does everything it can to drain you of your money. Is it fun? Sure. When it works..Version: 5.13.0

Change algorithm so you can’t win!!I’ll start with the good. I love the game and playing against partners. I love how they offer various dice collections and give you a chance to win new dice (although it’s almost an act of Congress to win the tokens to get new dice). I love that it has groups called families that you can be a part of and get opps to solicit help from other players. Overall, I like the game but have been very frustrated with it and this is why....I’ve been playing Yahtzee in this app for a while now. I have played long enough to see the flaws within the game. The seem to change the algorithm when it comes to their showdowns, tournaments and special games they do. You can generally make things work when playing against a partner. However, the game flat out changes when you play within their special games. I’m convinced they won’t let you win against their computer because they want you to buy extra turns from them. When you play the same Dice Master over and over and over again or the same Showdown character over and over again and the algorithm won’t let you get the final prize, it gets old. I’m pretty much ready to find a new game..Version: 6.0.1

I Loved This Game and...I loved this game and still do. However, I spent a lot of time and MONEY making my way up the tournaments. Just because I don’t play for a week or so you begin to demote me down to the previous tournaments. Now I am expected to make my way back up again, only now I have to spend as much time and possibly as much money, yet I get none of the benefits of reaching these tournaments. This has irritated me to the point I no longer care to play the game. If you are on the earlier levels you may not understand the time and difficulty of winning the amount of tournaments it takes takes. If you do not reach the tournament in a week I understand having to start over. But if you have rightfully won a trophy then you do not take it away. I really enjoyed this game but this has extremely discouraged me from playing anymore. You are always asking for opinions or suggestions and I feel this is one that should be reviewed. I have spent quite a bit of money on this game over the past 2 years and I played on a daily basis. I may just be one player, but I doubt I am the only o e that this has happened to..Version: 6.8.1

I used to like this gameThe game used to be fun and you were able to make things work without putting money into it. Not any more, everything is based on money. The quality has suffered as well, the amount of bugs is ridiculous slowing game play and confusing players at every turn..Version: 7.5.3

Ridiculous amount of Ads in this gameThe game itself is fun, but after a while you can’t bring yourself to play it anymore without wanting to throw your device for the ridiculous amount of ads that continually pop up. For the free version, this is still an insurmountable annoyance and you will end up hating playing it. Every few seconds it’s another ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, argh! Don’t bother unless you can stand being bombarded. I use other games and they are no where near as bad as this for ad Pop ups. I’ll be sticking with those games from now on..Version: 6.2.2

Hanging up and heating up my phoneSince the new update the game keeps hanging up or crashing completely. Very frustrating. Considering just uninstalling. I noticed my phone heats up considerably..Version: 6.8.0

Too much of everythingIt’s a fun game but there’s just so much going on! Dice collections, stickies or whatever - and those I have no idea what they are, seriously? It takes forever to unwrap and what is it for?? There’s a hundred different things. I don’t collect anything, I just want to play Yahtzee and win (or not) dice. That’s it. Now the tournaments are also cluttered with unnecessary and honestly unclear stuff. The more you add the worse the experience is - stop!.Version: 8.0.2

Support is non-existant, games a money grab.If you love throwing your wallet at your phone, you have found your holy grail. Has the game not given you your tournament rewards? Place the phone down and throw your wallet at it. The game freeze up and won’t play correctly after a reinstall? Place the phone down, throw your wallet at it. Want cool new, anything? Throw wallet, at phone. Want to play another round after the very first one they let you play for free? Wallet, throw, at phone. Do your dice rolls feel downgraded, almost as is you suddenly can’t win a game to save your life? Buy bonus rolls, ta-da it’s magically fixed, until you need to buy more. The support staff only have the ability to redistribute the bonus rolls the game will constantly refuse to reward you - as well as craftily take from your accounts total - blaming issues they can’t discuss. Other than that the answer to your problems will ALWAYS be “we have forwarded this as feedback to our development team. Nothing will be done about it but don’t you feel better now?” ALL new updates REQUIRE real money to use and NO issues are being fixed. They even delete old broken systems so that yours, amongst many others, issue then disappears. There’s another version of this “game” floating around, flock to it. Unless you’re real world rich, than by all means, download and get your wallet ready. Invest in a screen protector..Version: 7.6.3

Constant problems with getting rewardsI originally downloaded this game months ago and happily played tournaments and worked my way up through the levels, I frequently bought top up packages and dice to play for longer and spent quite a lot over the months which was fine until about 2 weeks ago when problems started, you can still buy dice etc but you can’t collect your tournament wins, I tried removing app and and downloading again, I tried getting help from support who admit there’s a problem but they can’t fix it, so unless you like winning but hate receiving your trophy then steer clear..Version: 8.0.0

Why did I feel connedThe game started off as not too bad and just what I wanted. Little did I know that was just the tutorial. You start a game then you have to wait until the other person is ready. I know that’s not always a big deal when there are people who play a lot but some games I found people didn’t want to take a turn because they knew they were going to lose. I found the single player games and figured that’s what I wanted so let’s play them. But wait you can only play once every 3 hours? Unless you pay? Took me less than 48 hours to be sick of waiting and delete the app..Version: 5.1.0

Pathetic ServicePlayed for a week with no adds - then adds appeared every few rolls of the dice. Go to settings - remove adds - takes you to the store where there are no options to remove adds. Would do so for a reasonable price but only items available are ridiculously priced dice packages. Go to help. No ability to contact the developer on the matter that I can see. Look at recent reviews - all 1 star. Sounds like this was a great game that has steadily gone down hill. A shame as it has great potential..Version: 5.8.4

Waste of spaceSo I just got this game, and its incredibly confusing!! I don’t know what to do, and it’s COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC!! I roll the dice, and it tells me that I can have a fourth roll!!?? Now I may not be, the smartest person in the world, but in the actual game yatzee, you don’t get a forth roll. And I know sometimes a game is faltered sometimes, buuuuut?And don’t get me started on how the dice are. I always go for fives, but it like never does a five? I would have a better chance at getting a yatzee in real life. Now, my family never wants to do anything really with me, let alone play a board game. Buuuut, I would probably have more fun playing even if the people I’m playing with don’t want to play. Because the game is just too unrealistic for me. Now, I know everyone has their opinions, and you could say something COMPLETELY different than what I’m saying, but, this game could definitely be a little bit better. And please don’t be rude about what I think, cause everyone has their own opinions. And also, I was playing, and I was in the middle of a good game it was all going just fine, and it was like I hit the home button. But my fingers were far from it. And when I went back into the game, it was like I closed the app? Please the people that manage this game, try to fix these things, cause their kind of getting on my nerves. Thanks if you read this and have a good day😁.Version: 5.10.1

Seriously?There needs to be an option to remove ads even if people have to pay money for it. So frustrating! I’d spend all my time on this game if it wasn’t for getting an Ad after every second roll. Ridiculous..Version: 6.13.2

At the Mercy of Computer Generated DiceThis game is horrifically addictive. I mean that in every sense. As you play more, the cloud of addiction spreads to reveal how poorly randomised this game is. Often landing improbable combinations of dice, you truly are at their mercy. When playing multiplayer, you often seem to experience the exact same roll as your fellow player. Often the dice seem to to be against you, mocking you with their unforgiving rolls all the while relentlessly begging you to take a bonus roll. This mockery is well hidden by the flashy colours, seemingly random animal figurines and character names from Dr Seuss’ nightmare. Be wary of this game. It’ll make you want to bang your head against the wall and drown your phone..Version: 5.7.0

Latest changes kind of stink (as usual)I love this game and play it everyday. I love my Family in the game and a number of other things. But, I don’t like the changes to the tournaments. I used to like them a lot and now I don’t play them as often. They’re harder (all that means is you have to use more dice). I don’t like the changes to Adventureland. I used to get one set of dice every time, but now it’s impossible to do that. You are forced to select sticker packets (which I avoid like the plague because they’re stupid). I’d love an explanation as to why the ability to win Dice Masters in Dice World has gone away. I love the ones for this round (old TV shows). I never finish Dice World anymore because we can’t win them and add them to our collections so there’s not enough of an incentive. At least they did give us our collections back (yippee). It makes no sense why they made this change. Oh, to make room for the stupid stickers? It’s near impossible to win with them. After the first week or so, you don’t get any more new ones. I’m 81% complete and have been for 2 weeks. The FunFair wheel is kind of a joke too. And reduce the flashiness of it. It’s completely unnecessary and cause a bunch of glitches and crashes. The people in my Yahtzee Family and I are convinced the developers don’t actually play the game. Otherwise they’d see the error of their ways (so-to-speak)..Version: 8.0.3

DisappointingThe new version is a huge disappointment. Ruined by stupid intrusive animations that slow the game down and ads that pop up randomly in the middle of games/roll turns which make you extremely frustrated. Dice masters -whatever they are - are useless and unnecessary. Get rid of them, along with the useless dice. There’s no value in “winning” them when most are difficult to read. You also end up with a heap of games when as rematches from both of you lead into 2 new games, rather than the one same game. Not a lot of thought has gone into the practicality of the game.Version: 5.4.0

Computer wins....I could get over all the ads (there are a lot) but what bugs me is they are always trying to get you to be in “tournaments” and “showdowns” where you get special prizes if you beat the “dice characters” (aka the game). But the game always wins (well like gambling I guess they let you win maybe 5% of the time so you think it might not be rigged). Even when you think you’re way ahead, suddenly they get bonus points and a second Yahtzee. Or you’re on your final turn and you need to throw as many 6’s as you can and you literally get none on any of your three rolls, (which when you’re playing against other players is pretty unusual) and the computer wins by 2 points. It’s ridiculous. Kinda fun playing against other people. But the computer algorithm is rigged and sets you up for failure. Overall, kinda disappointing. They remove the feeling of it being a game of chance..Version: 5.3.0

Wasn’t taught out properlyTook 20+ mins to get into game after non skippable learning seshion (whi needs to learn how to play yahtzee? Why isn’t this skippable) and then had to play a full game vs an online player to be able to access the game menu to finally play a game vs my spouse! Why?.Version: 8.0.5

Fake bot players everywhereThis game used to be enjoyable. It used to be about playing actual people and having fun. Chatting to other players. Now it’s all about money and rankings. Around 70% of my current games were actually against bots and not people. I’ve just spent 1/2 hour going through my ‘buddy’ list and blocking 73 players as they are bots. The bots all have the same stats. Huge number of games played and high rollers games but all are zero on showdowns. Because there’s no point in getting bots to play showdowns. If I want to play a computer generated opponent I play a showdown. When I play a game I WANT to play an actual person. All these fake players are what allows scopely to make claims about huge player numbers and rankings as most popular Yahtzee game. It’s just wrong..Version: 5.8.2

Do not try to buy anythingI was charged and never received anything this isn’t the first time at least last time I got one my boy friend tryed to pay in 3 times later found out he was charged all 3 times and never received a thing so he just deleted his account so they couldn’t steal from him anymore.Version: 8.0.0

Ads and crashingI love playing this, but lately I’m taking 3 turns then get an ad. It’s completely over the top and geez it’s not even an ad for something I may be interested in and the same ads over and over. So frustrating!!! And then the app keeps telling me I have poor internet connection - I have full connection and no issues with any other game bar this one? Seriously want to delete but am hoping there is some bug fix soon to make me stay.Version: 6.7.2

Terrible game, too busy, dice throws not randomThis is a terrible game. First impression was that it was far too busy, loads of crap going on in the game that I have no idea what they are, and even after a week of playing I still don’t know. Navigation is not intuitive (probably because of all the crap in the game) It keeps throwing rewards at me but I have no idea what you do with them. It all distracts from the game. But what is most annoying is that, once you navigate through all the crap and actually play a game, the dice throws are NOT random. As an example, I have just started around 10 games, and in all 10 my initial throws (by which I mean the first roll out of the three) threw up either 4 two’s or a “small” run. I have noticed similar trends from the start of playing where you seem to get the same result in multiple games. Basically, if you want to play Yahtzee try a different game, I am..Version: 7.1.1

Ruined by greedy corporationsThis is a great game and very addictive and competitive and I have really enjoyed playing however once you get to certain levels the cost gets more and more. I enjoyed the tournaments the most and did very well on them but spent more buying bonus rolls than the end prize so constantly going backwards. The other big issue is the “Grab a gift” daily play is very greedy and to buy back in costs bonus rolls. The problem being it tells you that you will miss out on “example 112 bonus rolls, 26 scratchers” then you buy in only to receive half that amount. I have written to Scopley and they are aware of this which makes me think it’s done purposely to take money from you. Sadly for me enough now..Version: 6.0.0

TOO. MANY. ADS.I love this game besides the fact that it’s computer generated and screws me over a bunch but that doesn’t matter much it’s to be expected. The more money you put into it the nicer the computer will be. But what gets me is I can’t play 3 people back without having 5+ ads. Right as I open the game with someone it’ll pull one up. And right after I roll it’ll pull one up. It’s just excessive, ridiculous, and unnecessary. If this as well as incessant pop ups that make you do random things that you can’t back out of weren’t a thing I would’ve given it 5 stars. I don’t want to go play some random tournament with a dice dog, I just want to play my games. It’s nice to have the option to do these things but I don’t want to be roped into it via pop up without it letting me back out even thought there is a BACK ARROW that won’t even work when I press it. I’d also work on fixing the unfair computer. It gives me impossible rolls sometimes to where my only option is to spend money on extra rolls. It’s super scammy and makes me not want to play. Make the rolls actually random and not pinned against the player..Version: 8.0.9

Enough adsFor the first 2 days, ads were really no issue, they were between games and not in annoying places, however that’s now changed and it’s ads every 30 seconds, during game play, after, starting anything, ending anything. It’s ridiculous and there is no option to one off buy to get rid of them, it’s a pay by month system and that’s just ridiculous. Could have been 5 star but no..Version: 7.7.0

Too much going onYahtzee used to be fun, now there’s way too much going on and often the Adventure map , Dice World etc are not achievable in the time frame without spending many many hours daily on the game. Deadlines to enter Dice World Race are not specified in the rules, you don’t find out that there’s a deadline until spending days and hours to get to the end. Way too much going on for the normal person who has a life other than playing games. Things need to be paced and be more realistic to achieve in a more appropriate time frame..Version: 7.1.1

Worst customer service - DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!This game has faults and instead of fixing them and giving excellent customer service, the customer service team threaten’s their customer because they express their disappointment at receiving nothing and the fault not being fixed..Version: 7.0.2

New but so disappointingThe old game has been given a make-over but has now become difficult to make any progress in any of the various game challenges. Weekly challenge to achieve 32k points!! You’d need to spend every minute on the game to achieve it! Dice Master games have now become virtually impossible to achieve. Scratchers that are confusing to understand initially and then the prizes don’t appear. Overall the new revamp is designed to may you pay to play and progress. Parents be aware if you let your kids place this game as it is easy to make in-app purchases. DISAPPOINTED.Version: 5.1.0

No❤️Yeah the creators just want money out of this game.Version: 8.0.7

They’ll STEAL your money!!!I’m not one to write a negative review but with this one I’m forced too. After spending some money extra spins I decided to earn one extra rolls by purchasing an item through their partner section. After the purchase was made the extra rolls were supposed to show up after 24-48 hours. Unfortunately, they never did. I submitted a support ticket which took days for them to respond. When they responded they asked for the additional information that was submitted the first time on the original ticket. I responded with the information again and was forced to wait another few days. By now it’s past the point of being worth it. I got another response saying that since I wasn’t responding they assumed I wasn’t interested in my purchased rolls. Lol Who does that?!? I once again responded with my displeasures about their customer service, lack of functionality, and response time. You would think a software company would have the money, cause they sure as hell rip you off on the cost of the extra rolls and such; of this magnitude would have engineers on hand to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen. Totally unacceptable and frustrating. Don’t waste your time and don’t waste your money on this app..Version: 7.1.1

Yahtzee with buddiesI’m liking Yahtzee less and less. So many bugs which don’t seem to be fixed while continually rolling out new feature which are nothing more than Free Roll eating behemoths. Taking away red scratchers for game play stinks,especially when the game is so slanted in favor of the house. Your customer service people are either misinformed or liars as they continue to repeat that the red scratchers for person to person games are in the treasure chests, one shows up here and there but that’s it. It’s ridiculous to think, odds wise, that one cannot roll a specific die one time in a game, unrealistic. You can see the dice rolling and jumping off the die you need. Feast, too long and too frequent. Roaming players jumping from family to family and not participating when let into a new Family is getting old. They need a time out or something if they are chronic abusers. Punishing players who do buy from you by taking away their free ads for several days to several weeks is ridiculous. Many of your customer service people appear to be either incompetent or liars. Additionally, the winning of repetitive dice in the prize claw. Can’t believe you still haven’t fixed that. And why did you take away our Dice Masters. I’m reminded of that great game from years ago called Mafia Wars wherein The greed and incompetence of the company and developers magically made the game lose popularity seemingly overnight and then it was gone.Version: 7.5.1

Update has broken gameThe last update has broken the game. It runs slowly and often freezes. Finding myself having to quit and shut down to make it work again. Please fix it, it’s the only game I enjoy. I have reviewed this game higher before and will again when it’s fixed. Just now it’s almost unplayable. You know what would be a good addition? A location marker or time zone marker, I play a lot of folk in the USA so my main rush of play is around midnight GMT (bedtime for me 😉) A location or time zone marker would mean I can choose players in and around my time zone..Version: 5.2.1

Meh...Yahtzee addict! Was excited to find this app. It’s just so so, though. “Dice Master” showdowns are mostly impossible, it seems like the algorithms are jacked. It’s rare to win against them and make it to the top of a tower, or whatever they’re called. Absolutely zero skill/luck involved, the computer is almost always going to win. I’ve been asked to leave feedback and take surveys several times and I don’t think the devs actually take it to heart. Obviously you can’t win them all, but to not be able to win one for weeks at a time isn’t fun. That being said, PvP matches seem to be almost 50/50. I’ve played over 130 games with the same person and we seem to be evenly split between wins and loses. If you skip to bot side of things, it’s usually a lot more fun. Tournaments are cool and give you a chance to get more bonus dice without having to pay. Overall its good for killing time. If you’re super competitive and wanting to play machines you’re out of luck, you won’t really get anywhere at all and you may try to snap your phone in half. Seems pretty okay for something to do with a friend though..Version: 5.13.0

Huge IssueI’ve played Yahtzee for many years and love it ... but a couple months ago I started having issues both on my iPhone and my Kindle. I've contacted your company several times ... my issue NEVER gets fix and the support ticket just gets closed. When I try to play on my iPhone I keep getting an error about experiences delays. When I tap on a game to try and play the game freezes up. You can see the sticker album icon is missing. It’s just been bad lately ... I feel I’m missing out on a lot of opportunities as I can’t play Survivor, tournaments, family games, and I haven’t been able to collect stickers. I’ve logged out, turned off my phone, and deleted and reinstalled the game ... nothing helps. I’ve sent several messages in game but has be resolved. The latest response I received was, “the information that you indicated above, it is taken into account and for this, we send you the items as compensation.” I’m not looking for compensation, I want to be able to play and have my app work! “Thank you for contacting me, if you have any other concern, please let me know.” My concern is I can’t play the game! I don’t know if it’s really just me or if other people are also having problems ... it’s very frustrating..Version: 8.0.0

What happened?Yahtzee with buddies...you were my favourite game now things are just bad. You just glitched me out of my survivor game and that was the last straw! Survivor is the best game in there and has become extremely glitchy so you can’t get through it anymore. Then, these new sticker collections are rubbish. Not worth striving for and you moved out of focus the rewards which were worth striving for, although not since the stickers came in. And the ‘buddies’ all of a sudden they all have names structured with an emotion, then an animal, then a number so clearly mostly bots and having creepy bot chats. Bring back the basic idea of playing with real people, connecting across the world and earning some free dice rolls. Over complicated yourselves out of a brilliant game..Version: 7.5.3

Trying to keep the faithI have been playing this game for sometime now and while I love Yahtzee and I appreciate the complexity in this online version, the number of times this game glitches is increasing and just becoming downright annoying. Beyond technical things such as screens freezing, and game boards not displaying properly, the number of times the scores don’t add up correctly sometimes they are not even close! The ‘randomized’ roll of the dice has a bit too much predictability for me and although I don’t want to throw the towel in I am losing patience. Please please fix this..Version: 5.8.2

CrashThe game is constantly crashing!!!!😡.Version: 5.0.5

Beware...total money grabThis game used to be really good. You could actually play for free. Now you are pretty much forced to purchase rolls to play and if you ever happen to win anything (which is pretty much never) you don’t get back near what you put in. *UPDATE* - now the game is constantly lagging and crashing. Pretty much unplayable.Version: 8.2.2

Worst Game EVERThis game is overall a scam, the developers have too many ads. Why? Probably so you spend the majority of your spare time wasted on a game that’s infested with THEIR bots. A game called “High Rollers” is a game where you can gamble with other players and try to win their currency. Clearly what they’ve done to the game is much to rigged. Yahtzee has bots that really, only if you have plenty of “dice” they’ll challenge you to play with them. If you look on their profile you can see too much information that proves they are fake. They will only ever have “General Game Stats”, and only play “High Rollers”. They don’t interact with players otherwise. Such as tournaments and family feast. This game has too much cons. There are so many other problems about this game I don’t recommend playing it. The notifications are disgusting too!.Version: 8.0.9

I was enjoying it, Deleted it now🤬At the start this was great, until you get constant game requests , challenges etc by people around the world which you can’t turn off! Having adverts is one thing but all the cling on aps etc are rubbish 🤬.Version: 7.3.1

Ads are spoiling the gamesI love Yahtzee and have played it daily for a long time. However, recently the ads have gone crazy, with as many as three 30 second ads in one short game. Also, if I’m playing in a tournament and the end is approaching, I may be trying to play as many games as I can in order to improve my score, but the ads swallow up precious time and interfere with play. This has caused me to lose interest and I am playing less and less. I know providers need revenue from ads but you must surely realise that turning players away defeats the object..Version: 6.3.0

Beware of a rigged gameWhile playing other individual players is fun, and you win some and lose some, watch out for the Showdowns. These are definitely rigged. You will be getting a normal score ( if you’re lucky) and the “Dice master” you are playing will be getting miracle second and sometimes third Yahtzee’s in most if the games. These are arranged in towers and you will play game after game and keep losing. They have added free showdown game tickets recently and I got six of them as a reward in another contest. But they were useless as I lost, yes, six in a row to the dice master throwing all those miracle Yahtzee’s. There is an option to buy dice, which you use to be able to play another Showdown game before the required several hours pass before you get another free game. I think this is their goal. Have you keep losing the free games which are only allowed every few hours or lose the games they give you free tokens for so you have to buy “ dice” to enter more games, which, who knows if they even let you win any of those? Right now I am stuck at the last stage of a Showdown tower and this is the second time this has happened to me. There is no joy in having to play a game over and over that is rigged and you never win..Version: 6.0.1

Well...So now, the games have been reordered. Now the most recently played games show up first. So I’m playing games from 3 minutes ago before games played 6 hours ago. If you want to play the oldest games first (as I’m sure most do), now you have to go back to the main screen after playing every turn. Ridiculous. I couldn’t get through all my games before because of all the time wasting animations, and now it’s just been made worse. I can see games expiring before you can get all the way through to them. The towers are a joke anymore too. The scores to beat are ridiculously high. I understand the challenge of it, but I can barely get halfway through them before needing multiple Yahtzees to beat them. I’m happy with the new look and features, except for all the animations. It takes way too long to get through all my games when every time I get large straight it has to run an “Awesome” or “wow” animation. The longer I play, the further behind in my games I get. For me, these are all unnecessary (I don’t mind the Yahtzee animation though). Also, what happened to all the different borders when you select the dice?! Now it’s just an ugly lime green. The borders were half the benefit to different dice! Please bring back the unique borders to the dice!!.Version: 5.2.1

Don’t bother spending money on this, play with friends or random people but don’t spend moneyWhen you have video evidence of an incorrect complete scoreboard of an on going issue where you can’t beat the dice master showdowns, it confirms that it’s RNG biased towards the computer and is really wanting you to drop money on re rolls. Watching the dice master get 229 with only 3’s to get. Needs at least 9 points to get a 35 bonus and magically hits it but end scoreboard is 275 which is mathematically impossible, it says to me at least that the game is unfairly biased and gears it towards you dropping money where it’s just a complete waste..Version: 5.6.1

Trop difficileDepuis la dernière version gratuite du jeu, on ne gagne presque plus de lancers bonus. C’est désolant! Notre pécule descend très vite et est presque impossible à remonter. On dirait qu’ils veulent absolument qu’on s’abonne au jeu payant!!!!.Version: 8.0.1

Money grabbing and riggedI downloaded this game again after a while and remembered why I uninstalled it in the first place. It’s very hard to win against even the lowest dice masters, you could be doing well and then suddenly you can’t get anything at all so you end with three 0’s and lose the game. Occasionally you can win but it’s very rare and very frustrating. I give it two stars because although you can’t win any tournaments, events, or anything up against the computer, you can still have fun playing against your friends. Just be sure you know them as the matches they suggest are against the computer, not a real person..Version: 6.0.1

Good app with some room for improvementI really like this app. The game is fun (its Yahtzee, of course) but there are a few things they could improve upon. First, the roll randomizer seems really screwy. I cannot count the number of times I have rolled my non-held dice and gotten the same numbers again. I don't mean in just one roll, but two and three times in a row. Really? Secondly, the tournaments need work. Your score is cumulative. That means each time you replay, the score is added on top of your current total, win or lose. Play three times and score 300 points, and your tournament total will be 900 points. Therefore, winning one only means you were able to spend enough dice to increase your score above everyone else. It's a serious pay to win problem, especially because you can buy dice with real money. Lastly, the app constantly complains about the internet connection and locks up a lot. I believe a lot of this has to do with all the fancy graphics and glitter type things it always does (sparkles, shines, flashes, etc.), and there is no option to turn any of it off. Not to mention how obtrusive the ads are. Though, you can pay a monthly fee to remove those. All in all a good app, it just needs a few tweaks..Version: 6.0.1

ShockingGame was good until this update now it doesn’t only rip you off by not giving rewards earned from playing it doesn’t even give you the ones you buy🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 8.0.0

Too many adsDownloaded this game and for a week had no ads and was winning quite frequently against the “tournament” rivals. Now I get an ad almost every 3rd turn and I’m over 50 points ahead of a rival and then they roll and score 8 but end up like 20 points above me? What’s that about? Might delete game, too many ads now..Version: 6.2.2

TOTAL RIP OFFI accidentally bought a $70 package instead of the $4 package of dice - and these jerks REFUSE to give a refund. Absolute CRIMINALS 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 7.5.2

Fun game with unique score cardsHowever, this company is GOUGING you price wise. You can’t play more than an avg. of 2-3 rounds per game because you have to pay big bucks to keep going which is just disgusting. There’s kids that would love to participate and you’re telling them that they don’t matter. This should be a great way to bring a family together and to have fun, but rather it’s an expensive family game that I just can’t be a part of..Version: 8.2.2

UghI love this game. BUT it is incredibly rigged. Of course when I play other people sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Perfect. The Showdowns are absurd. It’s all but impossible to win them. It’s so clearly not random and is incredibly frustrating. Somebody mentioned that sometimes it seems the computer’s points don’t add up correctly and I just noticed that myself. Of course it’s difficult if not impossible to check the math during play. The tournaments are mostly fun and can be won, although when you lose you get the sense it was rigged again. XP is fairly easy to come by but extra rolls are won few and far between, as are the tickets that can be used to play a tournament more than once. It’s also really hard to get enough coins to get new dice or play the Adventures. All in all, while parts of this game are great, the rest has potential but is seriously lacking. It’s so frustrating that it’s often not fun. I did pay to get rid of ads which also gave me extra rolls, but other than a few occasions like that I do not and will not pay for the items necessary to get more play time. I’m not sure how long I can stick with it. I know the developers could do a much better job if they wanted to. The name of the game should be changed to Get Screwed..Version: 6.0.1

Addicting & fun but I really hate itIt’s so addicting, but now at level 103, I find myself so frustrated saying, “OMG, I hate this game!” more and more everyday. At first, it’s fun and easy to level up, then it becomes so mundane and practically impossible to advance your player experience level & tournament leagues. Then they’ll add new features, events, mini games, limited series, etc. and it gets super fun again!! I don’t understand it but maybe one or two days a month I’ll have the best luck and win, win, win! But the other 95% of the time all I do is lose, lose, lose and can’t get a good game to save my life. It once took me 2 weeks, 4-5 times every single day, to defeat a single Dice Master in a Dice World event. It was outrageous. I’ve also spent over 800 bonus rolls just to complete a Victory Rush event to win a limited edition dice and frame set....I will say, Customer Support is amazing! The absolute best I’ve ever had experience with in any game I’ve ever played and trust me, I’ve played 100s. They respond quickly and are happy to credit your account (Not nearly to it’s entirety, but to a certain point)any items you lost due to game glitches. There are a few really, really, really annoying glitches that still occur at the very worst moments and have really screwed me, but not a ton of them at least. I love this games as much as a perfect 5 star game but I also hate it as much as a 1 star game so that’s why it gets 3 stars..Version: 7.5.2

App faulty?I have really enjoyed playing this during lockdown but recently it just doesn’t seem to work for me. I thought maybe it was a problem with my phone so I switched to my iPad but am still getting the same problem. The game keeps freezing and I get a message saying “Sorry we’re experiencing delays. Please wait.” So I wait but nothing happens. This has been going on for days now. I’m wondering whether to delete the app and try again but don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve made in all the events..Version: 8.2.2

Love Yahtzee but....I love this game but they have gone from buying dice that you roll with some of the bonus dice packs. Where you paid and got what you paid for. Although rather expensive it was much better than this stupid claw machine where there is no choice or exchange the doubles you get aren’t even for the super dice and frankly shouldn’t even be there if you already have them. They keep track of what you have their computers know. Also they lie bonus rolls are not everywhere and every time they update they are harder and harder to get. Don’t let the black mega scratchers fool you, you mostly get experience points almost never dice and frankly with the word mega in the name there should be at least 5 dice on every single one of those cards and 3 on the red ones. OMG they act like these dice are made literally out of gold. It use to be so easy to get new dice to roll and bonus rolls they’ve made it so much harder that I sometimes hate this game. It’s even harder to roll what you need now. Random I don’t really believe it. Cheating is more like it or bonus rolls wouldn’t be needed so often. In the actual game with actual dice no one needs or gets bonus rolls and people manage to play and win the game and get the rolls they need. I have played this game more in real time than on any computer. Dice don’t roll like that. Also they steal the scratches half of the time when you win them..Version: 6.2.2

Potentially great, but ruined by ad implementationThis game offers the standard game of yahtzee and allows you to play against friends, family, or strangers on the internet. You can also play against the computer in slightly different versions of Yahtzee and win prizes. It really could be a fun game, but the downsides really impact the level of fun this game offers. The biggest, and most in your face is the way they implemented ads. In the middle of a roll, it leaves the game screen and goes to a full page ad. Sometimes you can click the X and go back to the game, sometimes you have to watch 5 seconds, others 30 seconds, sometimes there are more than 1 you have to watch. The X isn’t always in the same place. By the time you get back to the game, you have to figure out what turn you were on and what you need to go for. The interruption from the ads is really bad and it is very frequent; approximately every three turns. You can get rid of the ads for the crazy price of $8/month. On top of the ads, something doesn’t seem to be coded efficiently as this game burns through your battery so much faster than anything else. There are a lot of in app purchases that are priced really high for what you get. I really hope they decide to offer an option to go adds free without signing up for the prize pass and figure out how to make the game run a little smoother overall. It has great potential..Version: 8.2.1

Do not download until you read thisPlease before you download read my review. I downloaded bc my elderly mother wanted a game we could play together, and we do. It is fine if that is all you want to do is play someone you know and realize it isn’t a game of chance. Quite the contrary. It is a game that the person with the “extra rolls” wins. How do you get these? I’m glad you asked. Much like the way I have seen drug dealing portrayed on every movie or show, “they give you a little taste, and then they get you on the comeback”!!! There is no better way to describe this game. When you play against the “computer or house” mode, you will lose 85% of the time unless you have “free or extra rolls”. If you have these, you almost always hit your number and it rewards you with a win. Understand this point more than any I have made, you have to spend money or you will be utterly frustrated. because you would have to be an idiot and not have an 8th grade basic math education to not quickly understand that this is not a game of chance and is absolutely rigged to prey on weak people who get a rush when they “win” in this ridiculous format. Thanks Mom for bringing this into our lives. Lol, jk I will play this with her to keep her engaged in her final quarter of life. And if you want to play with someone for similar reasons, it’s moderately adequate to that end. Buyer beware!..Version: 6.6.0

HorribleAds after every roll. Shouldn’t have to pay 10 bucks a month to get rid of ads. Unplayable because of the ads..Version: 7.4.1

EXPENSIVE GAME!!!The game is very addictive and filled with tournaments and a variety of events to interest everyone. You are playing against people from all over the world so you meet a lot of nice people. The problem is that you need bonus rolls for a free turn or to participate in some events and they are very expensive. You can earn some free rolls but some players can earn 4 while some may earn 10 or 20 each day. They offer special packages or events but some players have access to them while others won’t. Prices on some of their packages also vary from player to player. My husband plays as well and one of us will have a better package offer than the other or may have an event that they don’t. It’s meant to be a competitive game yet Scopely doesn’t level the playing field. They create ways within the events to make you spend your bonus rolls if you don’t want to drop out of the game. Their graphics are nice but a little overboard and real battery wasters. Do I really need to see a dog jump and then bark every time I get a Yahtzee? They have a dice claw that you earn tokens to get free dice and players often get dice they already have. Many complain about duplicates but are always told that it will be discussed at their meetings. If I were rich this would be the best game ever...but since I’m not, it’s a big aggravation I shouldn’t have from something that is supposed to be fun..Version: 6.11.1

RuinedI’ve been a die hard player for years spending quite a bit of money here and there. I’ve tried the new version and currently still trying but more then likely I will delete this now and look for something else. It’s now confusing, slow, and unenjoyable. What was a great, simple game that anyone could play is now so confusing and hard to navigate I’m not sure why on earth such A major over haul was needed. From being able to earn scratch tickets for every game you finished to now having to earn them is a bad choice. It takes forever to move onto the next ticket as you have to watch some annoying cut screen. To having several different kinds of scratch tickets. To the new way of getting customer dice. I literally have had enough tokens to get several dice but instead I keep getting ones I’ve already gotten. To my real name being used instead of my profile name. This new version is garbage. Maybe you get more players and continue to grow but I wonder exactly how many people you will lose by trying to get cute and adding a bunch of nonsense and extras that really only add to a new clunkier version. This is the most horrible upgrade to a game I’ve ever seen no matter what platform..Version: 5.1.0

New dice?Disappointed in a few aspects of the game. The last few times I have used the dice claw game hoping for new dice, I have received dice I already had. Dice masters are too hard to beat so these days I rarely finish the tower before time is up. The dice adventure game is not as good as it used to be, rarely get anything out of it now except xp, similar situation with the dice climb. I would rather go back to earning diamonds to purchase the dice I want, than to go through the dice claw game and keep getting duplicates or dice I don’t want. Very addictive game in the beginning but I am losing interest..Version: 5.5.3

Fun but......It’s not just this game but a lot of games you can not play in profile mode, which is not a game breaker but most stands do not work with games like this. On to more important subject. I know people create apps like this to make money. But I am very disappointed that every three rolls I have to watch an add. It wasn’t like this the first couple days I was playing. I think maybe an add in between each game would be cool, but I was getting frustrated. Trying to roll and the screen goes to an add. 😞 Secondly, if I wanted to drag out a game by waiting three days for my opponent to take their turn, I would’ve down loaded an RPG. Still waiting three days for who ever it is I’m play to take their turn. And yes I understand some people don’t mind playing like that. But I for one am not a fan of it. Yes I know there is a computer opponent, but it doesn’t feel the same when you win or lose. 😃 It would be nice if there was an option to pick games against other people and there was a time limit attached to it. Or a bonus attached to the turn in progress. “Roll dice with in an hour, and get double points.” (Could be two hours, I know people like playing more the a couple games at once.) If they don’t do that, then the game is forfeited after two days..Version: 6.6.1

Don’t waste your time or moneyNothing but glitches and it costs a fortune to play..Version: 7.7.0

Long long frequent adsLove the game - ad breaks are longer than play time. No affordable purchase option available. Such a shame as it’s a fantastic site.Version: 6.8.1

DisappointedI’ve played this version on laptops, I pads, mobiles etc and up to now found it to be a pleasant time passer, however this latest version is covered in what I term as hold ups, certain games are a total waste of time playing as you realise from the onset that all its doing is trying to make you give away your dice to try and achieve what turns out to be impossible, only lady night I was on smash and grab, going very well, lost another life which meant me losing 24 dice , however as I had accumulated 31 I requested to play, which was totally unacceptable, having tried attempts to carry on it kept blocking me, then it “ crashed” taking the 24 dice off my total and went straight back to the home page, total rip off, I’m no longer going to play this version of a very popular game.Version: 8.0.0

Frustrated & DisappointedThis is by far my favorite game to play, that is until yesterday when the latest version was released. The new banner ad blocks the score and the back arrow leaving you no choice but to shutdown the game and go back in if you want to get to your home screen. The game is also constantly freezing up now. Again, making the player shut down and go back. When this happens, you lose all progress and rewards. I think the biggest thing I am disappointed in is the new cost to continue to play Family Feast. Really developers? You state, “These recent changes encourage broader participation by helping all family members achieve a greater contribution.” Please tell me how raising the cost encourages “broader participation”! What it has actually done is cause LESS participation because players don’t have enough dice to continue to play! Go back to the way it was!! The old saying of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” says it all! It wasn’t broke so why did you find the need to fix it? It certainly did NOT improve game play or participation. 3, 4, then 5 dice to continue to play? Get over yourselves and give back what your players want or your game will quickly become a 1 star game with no one playing..Version: 6.7.1

Complete money scamIf you play long enough you will see! If there was a zero star option that would be my choice. This game used to be fun until you can’t progress without paying cash for bonus rolls. Even when you get lucky and win a bunch you all the sudden start losing until they are all gone. There have been times during tournaments I have been in the lead by more than 10,000 and did not stop playing until times up and it stops you from re-entering. And boom all the sudden I was bumped to 3-5 place. Not possible with that big of a lead when you’re continuously playing and winning the rounds. And it’s happened several times. Also when you complete a tournament and there’s not another stage to unlock you don’t get advanced to the next stage when it becomes available. You have to beat the last stage you have already beat to unlock it except you don’t get the rewards for beating it after the first time. I have beat the current stage 3 times and still haven’t progressed and lost all my bonus rolls in the process. And when you report these things you get nothing but excuses and they do nothing about it. So unless you want to waste massive amounts of money this is not your game. Total money scam..Version: 6.12.1

Money makerScopely and Co have ruined the gaming experience by making major changes to tournaments costing you more in dice, making it harder to place in the top 3 unless you spend money. They’ve also reduced prizes by a large margin. I use to play in almost every tournament but don’t anymore. The sticker albums are designed to force you to buy stickers because theirs no way you can complete it regardless if you collect all stickers from the games. They’ve ruined it so they can increase their profits at the same time the gaming experience has dropped significantly. I’m canceling my prize pass subscription because it’s not worth it anymore. Don’t spend money in this app, it’s not worth it!.Version: 8.0.3

It's a great gameIt's a awesome game but I'm always lagging or else it glitches and goes completely out of the back back to my home screen. This is the 5th phone I've downloaded it on and the same problem has happened to all 5 phones. I wrote a review about it 2 years ago and the problem still has been fixed..Version: 8.0.0

Fun! But keeps freezing!So frustrating when it freezes. Can’t reboot it. Fun addicting game! Love it..Version: 7.3.1

Too many ongoing issuesI used to love this game but after 6 months of my phone freezing up and having 3 different phones all doing same there’s some serious issues going on . U are adding too many games and changes. The fg won’t let u go in first time u have to go in twice . The feast is not ticking the last bag now , everyday the game freezes up or when I leave to go to another ap it freezes up , your help people don’t understand and all ask me the same questions I repeat over and over with no help , the freezing problems started in June , why can’t u fix it !!!!!!.Version: 7.7.0

I haven’t even played a game yet......but already I’m being invited to join a ‘family’. But you can’t continue to use the app until you’ve joined a family the app has suggested for you. You don’t even get to choose which ‘family’ you join unless you close the app and reopen it. I did this in the hope the app will let me play actual Yahtzee™️ only to find you still can’t continue until you join a family! I would actually like to play with my ACTUAL friends who may also have the app, but it seems I can’t even do that until I’ve joined a family of complete strangers! I wouldn’t recommend this app to children, for personal safety reasons, and I’m also thinking of removing this app from all my devices. I love the original dice game, I even still have the original board game (if you call it that). But this app isn’t how I expect it to be and is probably intentionally built to operate where it’s likely to make more money from its players. Very disappointed!.Version: 6.7.2

FunToo many glitches lately. I believe they have added way too many side games and things, Instead of just playing Yahtzee , which is causing so many glitches now that the game is more annoying then anything. Rewards disappear, or never even show up when they should. Support is slow to reply, but they eventually do respond , sometimes days later, sometimes weeks but they never seem to resolve any issues or reimburse for missing rewards . Game used to be fun , the family group feature I do like as we can play on teams , in fact that’s the only reason I don’t delete the app, i don’t want to make my team suffer because the app malfunctions so much. my biggest complaint is there are way too many other side games and pop ups going on that it distracts from playing just good old Yahtzee , for example sticker albums , too many pop ups, dumb side games , etc... really wish they would go back to just Yahtzee like it should be, we don’t need all the other things , it’s annoying and distracting and totally takes away the fun of playing in this app now. I do like the team/family games and the tournaments, but then the developers seemed to just keep adding and adding and adding things that in my opinion make the game so annoying I’m considering deleting it..Version: 8.0.9

So. Many. Ads.I love this game but the ads every other minute is ridiculous and obnoxious..Version: 7.3.5

Too much UI noiseFor such a simple game this app seems to fail to do the basics. the user is bombarded with so much distractions and unwanted features that it can be hard to actually play a game. i got frustrated and deleted the app. It’s kindof like going into a store to pick up a loaf of bread, and the moment you go in, you get a marching band walking in front of you with a clown juggling and sales people trying to sell you everything except the loaf of bread you wanted. As a UXD professional i’m going to be using this as an example of what not to do when you are building an engaging user experience, so i’m grateful for that!.Version: 7.1.1

Victory rushI absolutely LOVE this game and been playing it for a few years. But, I feel screwed over. I’ve been going at it on victory rush trying to win the corgi dice because I wanted it SO BAD. I usually don’t play those because eventually it takes a lot of dice to play. Well, I’ve spent OVER 300 bonus’s rolls because at the end the game is literally impossible and if you lose it sends you back to the last checkpoint and asks for 5 bonus rolls for a rematch every time. I did it over and over and over and would get to the last match just to get sent back before I could get the corgi dice. IMPOSSIBLE. I never got lucky with my rolls, NEVER, and with how many ads I watched, omg, I just wanted the dang corgi dice. So here I am with 5 min before the event ends writing a review just cause I am so disappointed. I worked so hard to get to the end for NOTHING. A stupid scratcher. Didn’t even get bonus rolls from it. Or practically any of them. I’m so disappointed and feel like I wasted time and all of my dice that I had been saving up. The last 3 levels should not be that hard. But I never never never got lucky with any of my rolls. I tried to beat that last game for a whole day and it didn’t happen. I’m just very disappointed because I was so excited I made it to the end and now I feel scammed. I really love this game but I’m giving 3 stars because of how much effort I put in and came out with nothing. I know others are in the same boat.Version: 7.4.1

BrutalConstantly kicks me out. Takes 3 minutes before I can play because it takes that long for everything to load. Too many ads. Sick of it freezing and getting the ‘We’re experiencing delays. Please be patient’. Patience just ran out.Version: 8.0.8

Great App - poor performanceHave loved using this app however : 1. Games in progress do not refresh unless I close the app and re-open. I initially thought this was because I have the app on my iPad and iPhone but that is not the case as I have deleted off one device and the problem remains. 2. I appreciate that ads need to pop up however is it necessary after each roll of the dice? Others I know, who use the same app, do not have this issue. They have Yahtzee related ads but none of the hundreds of ads I have. 3. Sound should be able to be turned off for all pop ups - have you ever tried playing the game, with noisy ads popping up all too often, when everyone is asleep?.Version: 8.1.3

Tournaments EndI love the game it’s quite addictive. However, two tournaments I have entered ended before I’d finished the game. The first one I had amazing scores and was on my last spin of the dice and was told the game had ended. The second game I’d just spent two dice to enter had one throw and was told the tournament had ended. I didn’t get my dice back. Surely you can fix it so people can’t enter a tournament for the last few minutes. It’s nearly as annoying as all the adds!!!.Version: 5.8.4

Glitchy AF!There are too many times i have gone onto my yahtzee app and my profile hasnt shown up correctly, my dice doesnt appear, and there are loading glitches and times it tells me im not online, when my phone shows me, and performs otherwise, and alot of frozen game issues! Wished they would update and fix it!! I have an iphone 7 plus which is 6 months old, so its not my phone!!!.Version: 5.3.1

Lost it’s appealThis used to be my favorite game to play, however recently it has lost its appeal for a number of reasons. The newest change forces you to join a family. I’m not into social media groups on the computer and resent being pushed in them to play a game, even though their family may not fall into that category; I’m just not interested, my real life family keeps me busy enough!! The frustration with trying to outsmart the game has deterred my game playing significantly - a plus for spending money though!! Their methods for accumulating dice is one where you now can end up with duplicate sets, yet other than your own bookkeeping, can do nothing with those duplicate sets in spite of assurances for well more than a year that changes/improvements were coming for “enhancements” for those duplicate sets!!! What a huge joke and waste of your money!! They have that improvement on the back burner and we’ll never see it!! It was much better when you could buy what you want. I could go on, but why bother, it falls on deaf ears. I’ll just stop playing and wasting my money until I really see some positive change. There are plenty of other games out there to play and actually I can change some habits and make better use of my time and money..Version: 6.1.2

Not true to the principles of YahtzeeI have been playing Yahtzee for years with proper dice and a marker scheme on paper. However I wanted something a little more portable and also to ensure I didn’t keep on loosing my dice. If you are looking for a true Yahtzee app then look elsewhere. The introduction of bonus roles and ability to play your dice again ruins the strategic nature of the game and removes the calculation of probabilities, which is what this game is truly all about. The game is gimmicky and unless you are willing to spend a lot of money to effectively ruin the reason for the game then look elsewhere..Version: 5.2.1

Why should I report an issue with Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice.

Is Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice not working?

Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice.

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