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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition app received 72 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Don't Starve: Pocket Edition? Can you share your negative thoughts about don't starve: pocket edition?

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Love the game but mobile has issuesI love this game. I have it on my computer and I love it. But the pocket version has some issues. I can’t keep my own music playing in the background even with this app’s music turned off. Don’t get me wrong the music is good, but the looping gets to me after a while. Also some of the functions are twitchy. I’ll go pick a pile of items from chopping down a tree, and the character will just twitch in circles. This morning I was trying to arrange items and put some in a chest, and it would swap items rather than just put the items in the chest, despite how accurate I was dragging the item to an empty slot. It also didn’t let me stack the niter together in side the box. I had to take both piles out of the chest and combine them in my inventory. And while this seems trivial, it’s frustrating. I was trying to make room in my inventory so I could cook some food but I spent a good chunk of the night to get the inventory sorted..Version: 1.36

Pretty Decent but GlitchyIt’s not as good as Don’t Starve Together (especially Wendy and Abigail) but it’s still pretty good. Except when you almost die to an invisible ewecus. And when pigs walk off the earth and onto the water and never come back. Yes, I said onto the water. Like Jesus. There also seems to be a rare glitch where making food turns straight into rot. Oh, and placing walls/fences is absolutely terrible. Also, my game crashed when I made frogs attack a lure plant. Probably a bad idea on my part but it was funny. There’s also a weird glitch when you die and respawn at the statue, your character just starts taking off in one direction. I also had a fire hound spawn in my first winter. Kinda strange. Also, when your weapon breaks, it doesn’t replace the weapon even if you have the same kind in your inventory but it’ll do so good shovels/pickaxes/etc. Also, Abigail gets stuck offscreen all the time and there’s no way to pull her aggro off of anything. I let her die if she’s accidentally summoned and just throw the flowers at the spawn statue; that’s how useless she is to me here. Also, my world had no “totally normal trees” and I had to spawn a tree guard for living logs. It utterly destroyed me. But great game :D love DST so this is good way to play when I’m not home..Version: 1.41

Bit buggyGreat game but does crash randomly sometimes (iPad Air), I'm sure bugs will be addressed in future update..Version: 1.0

Needs MultiplayerIt’s a great game, but if you put in multiplayer, even just LAN, it would be much better..Version: 1.36

Can't get on to the gameAs soon as I get on the game it glitches out and I can't play.Version: 1.0

Cheap but is a bad gameI bought it and it was a let down.Version: 1.08

MultiplayerI wish this was mutiplayer because my sister bought this game and cried for a week because she wanted to play this game with me but it’s singleplayer..Version: 1.36

Better optimization for iPhone X, for the love of GodAre used to love this game on my iPhone 8. iPhone X has been out for how long now, and now we’re on iPhone XS? This developer has had plenty of time to optimize for the larger screen ratio, and yet the controls, even set at maximum size are super small. I can barely see anything on the HUD, and the action buttons are so close together, I press the wrong one by accident all the time which makes combat near impossible. part of the action buttons are cut off by the iPhone X notch, and then if you turn the following other way, the entire craft menu is cut out. Having a bigger screen is supposed to making play better, and yet the opposite is happening. Klei, people still want to play this game! Fix it!.Version: 1.34

No seasonal bossesIf you plan to play this game to play with bosses well this is not your game to play with because the developers doesnt even care to fix it, for the developer I need my money back!!.Version: 1.41

Great, but DST?Are we ever getting a Dont Starve Together Mobile? I mean, the Nintendo Switch got it so it’s not that far of a stretch.Version: 1.47

Good game but crashed and glitched a lot on IPad Pro 11I thought the new IPad Pro can handle this game but instead it crashed more than my old IPad Pro. Also, quite ridiculous message appeared warning me that the tablet can handle its demanding graphic. No such message appeared on my old one. The game is good but as a pocket version, it lacked all the constant updates and care that don’t starve together version has. This one has so much potential and I wish the developers would care more for this little game..Version: 1.47

Impossible to play on iPadCombat is terrible. Even if I connect keyboard to iPad the game doesn’t recognise it to make combat accurate. The game doesn’t do simple things like change the tool on auto. The building stock list is the worst that I’ve seen from 1995. I have to keep in mind how much of what I need and then spend a day to find it in the list. Game and map is not balanced. I spent 5 days to find any rock. I cannot just restart the game on the same location for some dumb reason. Frustration - this is what this game will give you instead of enjoyment.Version: 1.46

Love the game but a glitch is driving me insaneLove the game, but the update has made it impossible to place any wooden fences or gates without crashing the game. A large warning box appears and the only option is to restart the game, which means all the progress I make is reversed because it is an emergency crash. Why fences no longer work I don’t know, but maybe fixing it would be good. It’s been ignored for a while and I’m kinda annoyed that the creators haven’t bothered to fix it.Version: 1.39

Please fix bug urgentlyHUD is frequently unresponsive causing pausing the game and subsequent saving impossible. Therefore, I am unfortunately forced to either walk around aimlessly or restart the same at an earlier save point, causing me to lose valuable unsaved progress..Version: 1.36

Won’t workWhen I downloaded the game it just keeps giving me a warning but I didn’t do anything this is a scam in till it works But I did hear it was a good game so just try it..Version: 1.40

Glitchy AfI really really like this game but I wish it wasn't as glitchy. Eg when I'm playing it will shut me out. Pa-lease fix this glitch otherwise I would give it 5/5..Version: 1.02

Opening map with a controller is annoyingUsing a controller is almost necessary, especially when fighting, but to open the map you have to click the shoulder buttons simultaneously. The problem is that it turns the camera either left or right and again when closing it. This makes it extremely difficult and frustrating to navigate and I end up running in circles. The easiest solution is to just make the map turn on button release, instead of button press. That or let us change the button mapping..Version: 1.14

Great game, bugs issueI absolutely LOVE this game. I could play for hours and never get bored. It’s one of my favourite games I have ever purchased and I still play it to this day. I have experience some issues with the game. I often encounter bugs, I often quickly change from the hud to the crafting menus, and the bug is that the character doesn’t move and cannot access the menu. It’s frustrating as I have to quit and load back and lose my progress. And I experience this bug often. Also the game should be updated for better improvements, gameplay and updated items like a thermal stone with a percentage show show how hot or cold it is like the pc version. I really hope the developers get this message because I love this game to bits and love to see it improved..Version: 1.36

Refund?Can i get a refund i just bought the game not knowing it crashes on mini 1 so plz can i?.Version: 1.0

LOVE IT But.....I do indeed love the game. It’s definitely fun and a good use of time especially due to circumstances but.. the only real problem I see is that I understand the title of the game isn’t Don’t starve together pocket edition and it’s just don’t starve. But the thing is that it gets kinda lonely and even kinda boring without having to look out for someone. I think that if the game added multiplayer it may be much more fun. It may even be a nice way to connect with friends or just other people when you can’t see them in real life. I understand that it may be difficult because the chat feature would have to be added and some other items but I believe that if multiplayer was added more people would get the game and it would be much more fun to play..Version: 1.36

Poor interface on iPadGame is too difficult to play with it’s terrible interface. No compromise has been put in place as compensation for its terrible UI. Not a fun experience, avoid this game..Version: 1.47

Good but needs a resolution fix for iPhone XRThe game is great but the resolution is weird when playing on my iPhone XR. A fix would be nice so it fits the whole screen..Version: 1.35

Abandoned By DeveloperIt’s fun for a little bit until you realize that Klei has since abandoned the mobile ports of DS; instead focusing what little attention they’ve to devote still to this IP on DST for various other platforms. Would be nice to receive the assorted refreshes for characters— but I’m not on enough drugs to actually believe that updates like that would come this way..Version: 1.40

Why does it keep auto attacking?I love this game. I love it to bits. I have over 160 hours on steam and I finally had the common sense to get the mobile version. The game is fun and works like the PC version, but I am incredibly frustrated because of one particular glitch. I like to make camp by the beefalo for protection and easy manure production, but for some reason, my player will randomly auto-attack the beefalo. Without my hand being anywhere near the three general control buttons, the character will all of a sudden decide to attack the beefalo. There was even a solid minute of gameplay where I had to keep moving the character away from the beefalo because it kept running toward them to attack! I’ve tried multiple things, but nothing works and it only seems to be the beefalos. I’ve had three games end because I haven’t found a respawn and my character auto attacked them only for them to kill me in two hits. It’s incredibly discouraging and disappointing :/.Version: 1.47

Movement needs to be re doneThe movement makes it almost impossible to kite in combat even with the virtual stick controls. It is also very unresponsive..Version: 1.36

Multiple bug issue detected1. Unable to dismount beefalo 2. When riding on beef + click on wormhole = both beef and player disappear 3. When holding pickaxe riding beef + click on statue or rock mount to mine = beef and player disappear. 4. When beef fully tame. Impossible to hop off beef. Player permanent stuck on beef..Version: 1.40

Good game but a couple bugsGreat game. I love Don't Starve, it’s an amazing survival rogue-like. However, there is a bug that I’ve come across several times that is quite annoying. Sometimes a bug occurs in which the game won’t let you preform any actions except for using the joystick. It most recently occurred after I crafted a hammer. When I tried to craft, the craft menus won’t open. Similarly, the player’s inventory wouldn’t open either. The map and pause button won’t work as well when that happens. The only way to be able to do anything again is to restart the app, but that causes me to lose some progress in the current game. If that bug was fixed, it’d easily be a 5 star rating..Version: 1.33

Good game bad controlsI need to have my thumb over the tiny patch of screen I'm trying to look at whilst placing an item. This game is badly let down by an awkward, annoying and often unresponsive control system. Almost like it was written for mouse control, which would be silly! Because this is a mobile game....... over to you, lazy devs. A couple of years later update, just played again and came to exactly the same conclusions. Lazy lazy lazy programming..Version: 1.36

Needs OptimizationAfter playing for 3 in-game days eventually after taking 2-3 steps the game will lag so badly it freezes for 3-5 seconds. Saving and quitting is the only method I’ve found of fixing it, but it only lasts another day or two before the lag starts up again. Also, the interact buttons need to be spaced out a bit more. When trying to click the green gather button, if I’m near something that can be attacked my character will attack instead of gather. And when trying to click the red attack button, if I’m near anything that can be gathered my character will gather instead of attack. Sometimes if I click the gather button my character will go on autopilot and won’t stop gathering items until I click somewhere else on the screen or there’s nothing left to gather near me. This issues are *slightly* annoying, but I’ll only have to tolerate them until I can get Don’t Starve for the Switch! ^-^.Version: 1.47

Great game on PCThis is yet another amazing game that does not have the correct setup for a mobile device. Do not waste your money as this game becomes very complicated and on a phone it is stressful to play. Waste of money..Version: 1.36

Game crashesHello! Game crashes every time I try to open a bundled package :(.Version: 1.40

From somebody in this world btwThis game is super detailed and amazing the quality and features are great but I still wished you could refund the game but still the devs did an amazing job at this!.Version: 1.47

Houston we have a problemWhen ever I press play on my world is starts generating then at the end it goes black screen then goes corrupt file and won’t work. And no matter how new the world, it still crashes or goes corrupt! Other then that before it didn’t crash at all and it was great! So fix it or I want a refund!!!.Version: 1.35

BugsGood game but also have many annoying bugs. Please fix cuz i cannot throw away items and can’t use items on backpack. Also, no sound on ipad version..Version: 1.47

Saved games corruptedWhether it’s 3 days or 300, game saves always end up corrupted. I love the game but it’s heartbreaking having to start over again and again. Please continue to support the pocket edition!.Version: 1.36

If you are looking for something that is realistic and educational this probably isn’t itMy favorite pc game is the newest version of Oregon Trail. The one that goes someways towards teaching edible plant recognition and a few other things. When I asked a friend who was aware that Oregon Trail is my favorite game on windows, if he knew of any educational survival games on IOS, he recommended Don’t Starve. I now wonder if he was just assuming that it would be of similar educational level to Oregon Trail. I gave it 3 stars because it is probably great for the intended purpose of game. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something could potentially be used in the beginning of a class or to get young kids interested in realistic camping skills, you should probably look elsewhere.Version: 1.36

Not what I expectedIf you have already played this game on PC, this will be somewhat of a disappointment, however, new players that don't know how much the PC version is better will love it..Version: 1.34

I really wanted to like this gameI’ve had to start over multiple times. There are zero customization options for ios. During winter you can’t move more than an inch from the fire or you die. Day 21-35. So 13 in game days of just standing next to the fire. Seriously!?!? Are you freaking SERIOUS???!!! That is BORING!!! My guy went from happy, sane , surviving well to completely loony-tunes insane in one day of winter. Insanity in this game makes no sense. Instead of gaining sanity from eating, you loose it. I really wanted to like this game. The whole winter thing has really put me off it. Don’t bother unless you like your tune to die. There is no tutorial, no help at all. I really hate games that force me to cheat and look up stuff such as HOW to play their game. Would not buy again. Will not deal with this company again. Spirited Treasure.Version: 1.14

Error!!!Warning message appears when trying to “use” bundled supplies, please fix it!.Version: 1.40

Recurring corrupt fileLove this game but you spend ages exploring the world, collecting resources and getting your base camp together only to have the file corrupt which cannot be recovered. Has happened several times now. Frustrating as you invest hours and hours only to log in one day and find out the file is corrupt yet again. Happens with shipwrecked also 🤨 Running on iPad Pro so surely the device is not to blame. Please fix this bug, spent 8 bucks and expected more..Version: 1.34

Love the game, dislike the App!Don't starve is one of my fav games, however I've had the app on my Samsung, and now on my new Iphone and all in all there's always little annoying issues with it. Now for instance there's no sound. Really disappointing for an app you pay 4,99£ for. Hope they fix all these little bugs sometime. That reminds me, writing to customer support is as hard as ever, not good when something needs reported/fixed!.Version: 1.34

Please updateI have been watching so many don’t starve together videos and really want to play those updates so just please update the game.Version: 1.36

Privacy risk going forwardThe developer Klei is being bought out by Tencent and therefore their games are a major privacy risk going forward. It’s too bad. I was a fan of the studio. But I cannot abide Tencent. Goodbye Klei..Version: 1.36

OkI do not like it because it’s kind of creepy and I am just not the type of person that likes this stuff but you might.Version: 1.36

Just not for me I guessI played it for a few hours, but just kept dying over and over again. So I put it to easy mode but then realised that with out a goal beyond survival and with the days being so short to do anything before you have to stop and you’re getting food all the time. I realised that I was just not having fun. Maybe I’ll come back, but I don’t have much free time and if I put 3 hours in a game and feel that I’ve wasted it I think I should move on..Version: 1.33

Crashes!!!It's crashes randomly !!! You loose all the progress!!! Now I'm even having trouble just loading a saved game!!! But the game is still great..Version: 1.0

Just something.I’d appreciate if Hamlet got a mobile port alongside some of the newcomers (Wortox, Wanda, etc) as either paid extras or hidden similar to Webber & Woodlegs, Overall a terrific game. 5/5 Bought the PC and Xbox ports alongside Don’t Starve Together..Version: 1.43

Serious gameplay issuesSince the option for creating saddles and taming beefalo was introduced I’ve noticed three major gameplay issues. First, going into the ruins is all but impossible. When you drop down the game immediately freezes and if you’re lucky you might be able to return to the caves above, but the game is just more likely to crash. Second, in Adventure mode, once you reach the second chapter there’s continuous freezing; the game pauses and you can’t interact with the characters or access the player’s resources. This freezing lasts anywhere from a few seconds to half a minute or more. Third, the game will randomly drop out and lose any played progress made from the last moment saved. This is an awesome game and it’s been very frustrating dealing with these glitches. I have an iPhone 11 that’s running iOS 14.6, and I recently reset my phone. So it’s not a problem on my end. Please fix this!.Version: 1.40

Please fix this bugEvery time save/loading game will let the giant of that season disappeared. Also going to cave. I do love play Don’t Starve on my cellphone, but this bug is really annoying. Every time you wanna save and quit or go to cave, you have to wait and kill that season’s giant also need before next season coming..Version: 1.36

CrashesThis game won't even start it always crashes!.Version: 1.0

UI Needs WorkDied countless, and I mean countless times just trying to juggle my inventory using the given UI layout and behaviors. Please update the UI a bit. Will happily change to 5 stars. Edit 2/ Also when you have a torch out and try to use the joystick while something like a tree is directly underneath the joystick, you can’t move because it’ll keep bringing up the light/examine dialogue box. Only workaround is to rotate screen and hope you’re not in the middle of a forest. This has killed me even more. Edit 3/ I know for a fact that there have been at least 30 player planted Saplings and Grass Tufts that have just simply disappeared from my base. This is crippling. I won’t make it through winter now. It’s day 18 and I’m meant to be at base collecting all the twigs and grass I want while I cook up whatever I can pump out through my farms with fertilizer. Please fix these sorts of harsh game altering bugs. I went and got more once already so technically this happened twice this save..Version: 1.46

I love Don’t Starve. But not when I pay this much for a mobile app that’s too big for my Xr screen.I can’t even see my first inventory slot unless I drag it over. I’d really enjoy actually seeing what’s slotted there all the time..Version: 1.36

Fun, but...This games fun. Seriously. But it gets kind of redundant, and honestly, this game would be way better if it had multiplayer. Even if you had to pay for it. You guys could probably even triple your money if you added that. Even if it only supported two people! Because hey, almost any game is fun to play with other people, and that includes this. I got this over a year ago or so, and i deleted it eventually. (And i don’t like deleting apps i paid for/got in app purchase(s)) But if I found out they added multiplayer, even if it was like five dollars for it, I would immediately re-download this and get it. Three stars, lost one for the game being really repetitive, and another for no multiplayer. If you fix those issues, then I’m sure my ratings will change..Version: 1.33

BugThe game bug every time I enter in the second cave. Fix it please.Version: 1.41

Came back after years can’t place stuff nowFirst it was the crops I made a row of 6 horizontally put one under the last 6 and now I can’t place another under ANY of them where I would be able to place 6x3 across... then the drying racks right beside the crops I put them going vertically so I’d not have that problem again... the top one I can’t place and the two bottom ones I have literally right beside them.. years ago you could place things so close together now you can’t even place some things beside each other for no reason...Version: 1.36

Can anyone help me find the rope tab? Or i want my money backCan anyone help me find the rope tab? Or i want my money back.Version: 1.47

Corrupt save file ALL THE TIME!I have 4 times corrupt save file, around 100 days to 271 days. I swear to god I have closed all the running apps while playing the game, there’s 100% no accidentally closing down, there’s no long pause during the game(longest time was within a minute). I don’t know what else I could do, please fix this bug then I will change this review, expect that I love this game..Version: 1.36

Controls are badI bought this pocket edition probably 4 or maybe even 5 years ago and I’m a big fan. I took like a year break and after updating the game I noticed that controls on the bottom left corner were switched to 4-sided controls.. which is not very comfortable in combat. I used to run and chose direction with my left hand and combat/collect with right, now I need to just run with both hands moving all over the screen..if it makes sense. I’m a big oldie fan of don’t starve, I always come back to this game. I still enjoy the mobile version but this inconvenience makes me rather irritated :(.Version: 1.36

Crashes too oftenA shame for such a great game..Version: 1.03

Don’t understand what’s suddenly wrong?I’ve purchased a new Ipad. I’ve played this game before it’s my all time favourite game so it was the first thing I’ve downloaded. I don’t understand why I got a message saying I would experience lag in gameplay? Surely if it worked on my older IPad, it should work on my new one? How disappointing. Gutted..Version: 1.41

Can’t listen to other audio while playingI am such a Don’t Starve fiend! I love this game so much that I play on console while home and try to play the pocket version while out and about. The pocket version is surprisingly playable but the controls aren’t perfect. After much practice, I’m not scared of dying because I’m not clicking in the right places. But the main reason I give it 3 stars as opposed to 5 is that the app doesn’t allow you to listen to music while playing. Most apps will interrupt your music but you can resume the music once the app has launched. This app will not let you listen to anything. I always open the game excited to play, remember I can’t listen to music or podcasts, and then I close the game and do something else. I have read other people commenting about this so I hope it’s fixed in the future!.Version: 1.36

Crashing.Im not sure why but whenever i open the game it crashes. I checked if ds works on this ipad, and it says it works, but it crashes..Version: 1.41

ScamI was charged 6 USD for just downloading the app(which I never got to authorise). I never got to play the game because it crashes when I try to open it. I want my $6 back!.Version: 1.03

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IS NOW UNPLAYABLEFFS PLEEEEEASE FIIIIIX!!!!! I LOVE this game. It's such a shame it's almost unplayable because it crashes all of the time!!! I just tried to play it, 8 crashes in 20 minutes. Please fix this!!! Please!? It would be a full 5 stars otherwise. I am playing on an iPhone mini 3 UPDATE: Crashes when you try to save or when it auto saves. UPDATE: still doesn't work..Version: 1.03

Limited potentialI've played the steam version over 100 hours and I can tell you that you will have a much better experience there. The Mobile system is simply not powerful enough to run the game. Crashes do happen and frame rates are terrible. There are two ways this can be dealt with. 1. A full set of graphics settings. 2. A better optimisation for the device. I own the borderline Ipad 3 that is required to run the game, I knew it is not going to perform nearly as well as on the computer, but non the less I made the decision to purchase the game, I hope they.Version: 1.03

Bugs and glitchesDon't down load !!! U be sorry u download this game Other wise u be paying for a glitched game ! It crashes , on iPad Air and iPad 4 even after the updates,.Version: 1.04

Don't Starve is great but....Downloaded this app and was really enjoying playing until the crashes started. Please fix, I want to get back to playing! Not my iPad as it has the capability..Version: 1.02

GlitchesI would play for like 15-30min and it would suddenly stop working and i wouldnt be able to anything but move. Had this on my old phone a couple years ago and never had this problem. Other than that its a great and very unique game, but its very annoying because id lose a chunk of progress every time the glitch happens :(.Version: 1.36

Excellent game, but just one thingI’m just going to keep this very brief. I’m writing this in the hopes that a developer somehow finds it. Although this game is amazing in every sense of the word And exactly my style...the thing that all of the internet and mostly reddit is complaining about is the fact that, if you were to try to play a song or a podcast of any kind while in the app it will stop your music and will not allow you to resume. It seems like a very small problem but to some it’s a rather big deal. The game is great and interesting, but once you know everything there is to know about the game, seen everything there is to see, and slain every beast possible, it gets boring. That’s just how all games are and there’s nothing can change it. But if you can listen to a podcast or entertainment of any kind, then the game once again becomes very useful. It will function as something for the eyes and hands to do while the ears are otherwise occupied. This not to say that the ambience, FX, and in-game music aren’t enough, it’s just that it gets repetitive and mind numbing after a while. So on behalf of me and the group of fans who love to play a relaxing game with entertaining audio media I ask that you change it. btw wasn’t as brief as I thought.Version: 1.36

Great Game but Terrible InterfaceI play this game on my smart phone and it has the most annoying user interface. The attack button and the interact button and tiny and RIGHT next to each other on the screen. In addition, they cannot be moved nor can their sizes be altered, which is typical in other IOS games. Meanwhile, clicking on things on screen consistently clicks on the wrong asset. I tried to open a chest but instead Wilson goes to chop down a tree! What?! My most recent character death happened when I was trying to cook in the crockpot but Wilson instead attacked my domesticated beefalo who then killed me. Don’t starve is a great game on other systems but this port just isn’t playable. You can’t reliably kite enemies, interact/attack mix-ups make the game incredibly frustrating, trying to pick up certain items in tight spaces is next to impossible since the grab button will seemingly grab things randomly while touching the screen isn’t reliable either. It really saddens me to see the game like this. I really do enjoy Don’t Starve on other systems, but I just can’t bring myself to play it on mobile any more..Version: 1.40

SavingWhy can't you save this game without quitting, cute game but see no point in playing it without a save option.Version: 1.01

Please add better controlsCan we please get a better set of controls. Many other mobile games use a sort of digital analog stick to control movement. It is much easier and more comfortable to use not to mention more responsive. At the moment having to tap on the screen where you want to move to makes the game quite hard to play in a comfortable/relaxed handheld position. Aside from that, the game is great!.Version: 1.36

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