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Unable to join... Lost ALL purchasesLost well over a hundred dollars worth of purchases, Mojang won’t help and Apple say they can’t. All my worlds disappeared after I requested a refund for one. Mojang say that I need to contact the world developer, even though the issue isn’t with an individual world, its with every word; dozens of them!!! This is BS, if you are reading this Mojang please help! AND.... I haven’t been able to join players in my household for months!!! Still unable to join players. I have tried ensuring that we are running the same iOS, the same version of Minecraft, I’ve even tried logging in an out of account using no account or using an account. It worked for ONE day after the latest update now we are getting the “unable to connect” error. My opinion is that you’ve gotten too big and you just don’t give a toss about your users - this is just a cash cow. Sad, before mojang purchased Minecraft I never had an issue..Version: 1.16.221

Minecraft is fun IF IT LOADSStraight up, I try for hours on end just restarting and loading Minecraft on my iPad , and practically there are days when it works and days when it doesn’t. It usually crashes on me nearly every time when I JUST open it and I don’t get to play in my world and look at my cat. Please can you make it usable without internet as well, for some reason it doesn’t work without internet as well, I have to always wait to find wifi before I can play , IN MY SOLO WORLD, I don’t do multiplayer so I thought it should work but no it doesn’t. nice game , if it loads.Version: 1.14.1

New emotes.No, Microsoft. Bad! Adding emotes that cost upwards of four dollars is a terrible addition to an already paid game! You have lost my favor, and I sure hope you get burnt for this..Version: 1.16.0

Good & BadThis app has some very good qualities but also has some frustrating and unfair bugs. Just last week I bought some coins from the store, the money left my account and there was an error. Although the money was taken from me, I haven’t received the coins that I payed for. This is a very frustrating matter. Exactly what happened was, the purchase “didn’t go through”. When I went into the app, after not getting the coins, something came up on my screen saying “incomplete purchase” and it asked me if I wanted to complete the purchase. After I clicked yes, the screen loaded for a bit and then told me to check my internet connection and sign into the App Store, because it can’t work. I have done many things to try and fix this. I closed everything then restarted my iPad, freed up storage, signed out then into the App Store again, signed into Xbox live, offloaded the app (deleted it but still had all the data), and did a lot of research on the topic. Apparently, lots of other people are having this issue. The exact same issue. The only reasonable solution I have read from someone say to sign into the Microsoft App Store, or something like that. I’m desperate for a solution. Seriously, I am tired of guessing. Please. Someone help me with this problem, and tell me if you have the same issue. Thank you for reading xx. Please fix this..Version: 1.7

Skins NEVER WORK CUSTOM SKINSSorry but this is my faviriote game I have a ton of experience but one thing that annoys me and please fix this my custom skins aren’t working when I download new ones they work but when I wanna go to a different skin that I got before the new ones it doent work and it say corrupted skin and also when the skins are in lan multiplayer and multiplayer online it shows every one with a steve skin and even if we manage to get our custom skin to work we look like an other player in the skin so I hate that please fix it mojang please and one last thing can u please do an ender update because it’s kinda boring and please add new bosses and emerald armour and tools with aswell rubbys oh and just so u know it’s a game that must always exist and PLEASE ADD THIS AS WELL when u hold a torch it will make light in ur hand AND PLEASE ADD DUELL HOLDING FOR EVERYTHING IN MINCRAFT AND please add a working gun because what’s the point with gun powder if u don’t even have atleast one gun I know u brew it and use it for tnt but please add new mobs like for the Savannah like zebra or buck and lions cheatahs ellaphant and snakes I LOVE MINECRAFT But please read this and consider it becuase every one I have spoke to says that it would make much more sense and much more fun they agreed that u should do it please I’ll rate this again but so far it’s 2 stars if u do I’ll rate 5 just please I’m desperate ok #aaaaawwww maaaannnn . Sincerely KimuraShok aka Dylan.Version: 1.16.10

Scamming gameI bought something from the marketplace and paid for it and I didn’t get it.Version: 1.16.50

Love it but I wish all this stuff would just stop!!!I love Minecraft but the only reason why I gave it one star is because they should stop locking me out of my Account every time I load in the game I made three accounts so far and I gotten to. The point were I will delete the app on my iPad re-time I try to recover my account it keeps on saying up wrong password when I know that it’s the right password because I wrote it down. I just wish they would stop locking me out every time and every time me and my cousin load into a game we always hear weird sounds in the. Background and we no it’s not the Version of the Minecraft and I have recently been looking at the Internet to see what people have been saying about that but nothings come up and I just wish that all the. Stuff would stop. I thought this game was Supposed to be a kids game and the stuff me and my cousin hear in the background is very scary and would give kids nightmares at night no it’s not me because my parents also here it and they are also wanting to complain..Version: 1.16.220

CRASHINGEven in the 1.14.3 upgrade, every time I go to the nether it crashes and most times I log in it takes me 4-5 tries AND the game stops/crashes mid session. Even pressing save and quit made my ipad lag. It is an IPad Pro with one Terabyte, minecraft is at fault here. That is sad for a game that is more than a decade old.Version: 1.14.30

Great game! But it wont stop loading on the loading screenI play Minecraft Everyday Until this week.. I went to go play and it started loading like normally I waited for a about a Minute and then I realised something was wrong and it just was not loading I Re-Loaded the App and it started loading so i thought i had it back working and It just did not work i Then re-booted the device ( IOS iPad ) and after the re-boot i went to Minecraft and it started loading and then... You guessed it. 👏🏻 It 👏🏻 Did 👏🏻 Not 👏🏻 Work 👏🏻.Version: 1.16.201

Great but.....So it’s a great game and I love it. But, since the Xbox live update I have been loving it less. I don’t have anyone to play with at home, so I found servers and realms really helpful and absolutely loved playing in them. But now since I don’t have an Xbox live account I can’t play them anymore and I get bored not being able to play with anyone. If you could return it to the original state of being able to able on servers, realms etc then that would make it an Amazing game once again. I’ve read other comments and many say the same as me so please please please fix this issue.Version: 1.14.1

I can’t load into my worldsI like Minecraft but when I’m loading into worlds I can’t go in it just keeps saying generating world. I even waited 15 minutes and still generating. Please fix this bug..Version: 1.16.101

Doesn’t loadMinecraft is only opening to the loading screen which freezes before it reaches the end and minecraft never opens. This has been happening since the 17th/18th of January and now it is the 21st. The most recent minecraft update was 1 month ago so I don’t know why minecraft has this sudden bug. It isn’t just me that is having this issue my whole family is also having the same issue. I have found an online forum that also suggests that many others if not the whole pe community is having the same issue at the moment. I love minecraft and would like to rate 5 stars however I won’t give 5 stars until this bug is fixed..Version: 1.14.1

1.14 Update sucksEver since the update of 1.14 I can not open Minecraft. All it does is comes to the white Mojang screen, loads for 5 seconds then stops like freezes I guess and just does nothing. The odd time it will also crash. It’s not my device because I have Minecraft on my iPad and phone and both are doing the same thing. Please fix this. Minecraft is usually a great game, but now I just want it gone u less it gets fixed cuz it’s just so annoying now. So Mojang fix the problem. I’ve read others and they have the same problem, so fix it please.Version: 1.14.1

I Miss The Old Minecraft!I have been playing minecraft for about 5, 6 years and it WAS the best. I remember playing MC PE with my best friend all the time and we loved it so much, there was no creative mode, no water that you could place and there weren’t even infinite worlds. Obviously these changes were good and adding different dimensions, creative mode and a load of other things made the game soo much better. But these last few updates they have made are horrible (or at least in my opinion). Now I don’t know a lot about what’s been happening over the years to minecraft but I think Microsoft have taken over minecraft, I’m sure that’s not the problem to all these updates but man I really do miss the old minecraft. You know their saying in this game, “the possibilities are endless” or something like that, if anything it feels like minecraft is way more limitless than before. The new inventory has to be the worst part about the updates, like why did they have to make that change. Anyway mojang please bring back the old minecraft, even if you make a new minecraft where it has the old versions I will gladly pay whatever money you set to buy that. That’s why I’m giving this a 2 star rating..Version: 1.4.2

This new update sucks!Switch it back, this update absolutely sucks.. A phone is nothing like an xbox and it's harder to choose blocks now. Absolutely terrible planning and bug solving. I freeze every 2 minutes and crash. Uninstalling this piece of horrid planning..Version: 1.2.2

Hate itIt always stays on the Minecraft loading screen😡😡😡.Version: 1.14.1

White screenWhen I open the app, it shows the logo and then it get stuck on the white screen..Version: 1.7

Adding ThingsHello! Where to start?! Minecraft is absolutely an amazing game and it is an incredible experience to be able to craft things with any ideas from my mind! I know there has been a new recent AQUATIC UPDATE and it is one of the best updates yet! I would just like to suggest a few new maybe upcoming ideas for another update. Like some reindeer, pandas, other animals in different biomes please. Maybe some new features when building houses, like curtains, other kitchen accessories? That’d be great and I hope you take my ideas into consideration as I’m sure other people would love it too! Thanks.Version: 1.4.2

I’m triggeredI love Minecraft but I’m extremely annoyed cos I was destroying the chests cos I was changing the lay out of my house when most of my stuff disappeared. Keep in mind that this stuff included 8 diamonds that I had found the same day, a diamond enchanted pick axe, a diamond enchanted sword, but this is not all. This is including all my wood my quartz and all of the stuff. I was left with only a stack of apples and a bit of cobble stone. This isn’t the only thing wrong with this game. Sometimes I can’t even load any of my worlds, but when I do manage to they can be very laggy. I mean for eg: when I break a block it doesn’t give it to me, or it randomly breaks blocks by itself. Plz help me Because I want my stuff back and I’m extremely sad now. 😭.Version: 1.4.3

????? Update crashed I can't open the app anymoreI got the newest update and I can no longer get onto the app !!!!!!! FIX THIS It just shows the white mojang screen then kicks me right off of the app..Version: 1.13

Can’t updateIt won’t let me update but it’s a great game.Version: 1.16.210

PLZ HELPHi I’m a mad Minecrafter and have been for years. I’m not sure if I’ve just been extremely lucky but I’ve never experienced any major bugs ect.... that is up until about two months ago. I’ve now had invisible chests-to which I lost a lot of valuable stuff, I’ve had chests disappearing altogether. Now my game glitches out every time I’m playing it and every single time I get back on my horse is missing and so is the name tag and armour. I know everyone is probably saying report all this to mojang well easier said then done as it’s truely such a difficult & painful process that I just give up. You would think after how far the game is and the money it’s worth now that mojang and Microsoft could put some money into an easier more user friendly way to report bugs. Once I logged into my mojang acc it asks for answers to my secret questions which I have forgotten so it has a link saying reset your secret questions so upon clicking the link and then going into my email and clicking the link it brings you back to login page so I log in again and again it asks for answers to my secret questions. The whole process is just exhausting and as much as I love Minecraft I won’t continue playing it if there’s so many bugs and no easy way to report them. Just my opinion but my Minecraft was fine and as soon as Microsoft took over I’ve had nothing but problems.Version: 1.14.2

Does not support keyboard with iPadI recently bought and iPad keyboard and so decided to relive my childhood and bought Minecraft, under the impression that since I had a keyboard and my iPad was in desktop mode, I would be able to use keyboard controls. This was a foolish illusion. Despite enabling keyboard controls, I could only use the keyboard in chat and not in actual gameplay. After a quick google search, I discovered that this was an ongoing issue that many players had and did not become apparent until after they had purchased it. Considering this app isn’t free, I’m quite disappointed that it does not support iPad keyboards in gameplay and I will continue to be disappointed as Mojang announced in 2017 that it recognises the issue and will not solve it, meaning iOS players do not get the same experience that they pay for. So now I have a fully functioning keyboard to play with, but I am stuck using the terrible touch controls which are awkward to use and are, quite frankly, inconvenient. Overall, disappointed..Version: 1.16.20

AnnoyingKeeps saying unable to join world when i try to join my friends.Version: 1.16.221

My solution for crashingYou should Power off your phone or iPad.Version: 1.16.210

My minecraft does not workkkSo my minecraft does not work it takes like 30 minutes to load the game and it doesn’t let me in my worlds it just glitches me out so you gotta do something about this.Version: 1.6.1

More updatesCould you please have more amazing updates for minecraft its started to get boring, I think that if you updated it more often it wouldn’t get boring super quickly and you would get more exited because there could of been an update only 2 weeks ago and there could be another just this moment. So pleeeaaassseeee update minecraft more often because it’s getting boring. Also Me and my friend try to join each other’s worlds but it keeps on saying that the world is outdated and not letting us join each other’s worlds please fix it! I think that the minecraft’s flat should be exactly like an infinite but with no hills so there are trees and that sort but there is no hills to climb over so you can make a fun survival out of a flat! Hopefully that makes sense thanks :) I really like it and keep the good work going, just could you make it fair and we have the same updates and tools to craft like the computer people because in my opinion it’s not fair..Version: 1.12.1

I will delete the game unless the xbox live is fixed!!!!!!!!!I was able to join servers now I can’t because of Xbox live not everyone has a Xbox little lone a console and the new update is great but not fair the presents aren’t fun and are just mostly skin packs and items are harder to find I have money but I don’t want to use it on packs or world why can’t they be free it’s not like the people who made it cost them money waist of money!!!!! And now it costs money to buy it I understand business but seriously to much. I’m a big fan but please fix the problems. I also want to be able to ride the ender dragon with a saddle or sit down on a seat and eat some food like bacon and eggs. And working elevators to transport you and also the command block to be in the inventory. Needs more animals like goat to milk or bears for skin and meat to put over a shelter. Or the server called zombies apparently you are going to add it. And sometime the worlds are to hard to make into the perfect landscape please add something for that. Because sometimes it takes me longer to do the landscape then the build. I will delete the game unless the Xbox live is fixed.Version: 1.2.8

Minecraft bed glitchMy friend keeps getting stuck as a bed in minecraft and when she tries to leave it kicks her off the game and when she presses open chat it goes to a transparent screen where the loading screen is behind the chat. Please fix this immediately.Version: 1.16.20

Big glitch causing people to loose progressThis game is very fun except sometimes you have to start completely over and reset everything! This has happened to me twice before, and each time I had multiple very accomplished worlds. What happens is that one second, it’s working just fine, and then when you try to get on it next time, you can’t even make it to the loading screen without it crashing. When this happens, it keeps happening, and you can’t get onto your Minecraft, not even onto your home screen, so you can try to find out what is wrong. Every time this happens to me, it is completely hopeless, and I end up deleting Minecraft. Then, when I redownload it, I lose all of my worlds, skins, servers, and everything except your Xbox live account, which you have to log back into. It is the most annoying thing ever, and I hate it so much. The reason I am actually writing this review is because I am hoping someone at Mojang will see it, and try to troubleshoot the problem. Also, when I tried to look up my problem on Minecraft forums, it looked like a bunch of other people have had the exact same problem, and it’s not getting fixed. If this problem doesn’t get fixed, I’m deleting Minecraft altogether because it was a complete waste of my money. I really hope this problem can get solved, because I really enjoy playing Minecraft, and I don’t want to loose all of my progress. Thank you for reading, and have a good day..Version: 1.7

Annoying updatesI really like minecraft but I liked it better when it was simple. All these new updates are annoying because it’s hard to find stuff, make stuff, change settings, and all of that, while it was simple before. Oh, and, talking about settings, that leads me onto my biggest complaint. Ok, so me and my cousin where trying to join one of her worlds, and what happened was one of us was on creative, while the other was on survival! The settings don’t work, this “ Xbox sign in” is utterly useless to some people, e.g they don’t have an Xbox (me), and it just makes what used to be my favourite game completely complicated and frustrating. I can’t even keep up with all the updates! It’s just update after update after update. I’m fed up with this! There’s SO many comments saying (roughly) the same thing as me, so I’ll tell you what to to, stop all the updates, or have one more to make minecraft more simple, and LISTEN TO WHAT EVERYONE IS COMPLAINING ABOUT AND FIX IT! From, A very annoyed and fed up player. P.S I have anger issues sorry.Version: 1.2.8

I love Minecraft butSo like I got it on here for the first time, I’ve never really had any issues with Minecraft before but now whenever I open Minecraft it’ll either work (with WiFi) crash with none, or just crash with WiFi and cause my phone to freeze for up to a minute in the process (screen unresponsive, won’t turn off etc. I have over 100 GBs on my phone so I don’t really know what the issue is. anywhos thanks sis loves mc. if it’s just me then reinstall? but if it’s like heaps of us maybe an update for bugs? :).Version: 1.12.1

The new skin menuI absolutely LOVE the new updates to minecraft and how far it has come over the years! But with the new skins update I noticed that I can’t import my custom skins anymore, like they just go invisible and I like to change them a lot so this is kinda bugging me, I really want to keep role playing with my friends but I can’t do it if my skins don’t work, and the minecraft website won’t let me report a bug so I’m doing it here, again love the game, hate the bug. (2020 edit) One more bug has happened to me just now, minecraft won’t even let me in, it keeps freezing and then kicking me out when I try to sign in it just closes the game, I uninstalled it then reinstalled it but now my iPad is just doing the same thing I open the app, app kicks me..Version: 1.14.1

Mojang please read this.So, like I love this game, but like Im just gonna point out things I hate about it because they really make me not want to play. Despawning I really get discouraged when my items despawn after 5 mins. And I can’t get back to where they are. It’s annoying when you find ore and you keep mining then bam you die for some reason then when you get back your items are all gone. Like at least put like a tombstone or a marker where you die so you can get it back. Or just like make it have your coordinates saved in chat or something. The controls I know, there isn’t really anything you can do to fix this because touch screen is very limited on how you can use controls. But it’s really difficult to turn around and hit someone at the same time because you have to touch the screen for both, but the controls could be better, something like being able to customize it more to my preferences and what works for the player would be nice, or maybe I could adjust the height of the buttons on the screen because when you playing on a phone the jump button is really low for my fingers, (but I have stubby thumbs) I would like it so I could at least have bigger buttons. (Mine are already at max) Hackers I know this isn’t really a thing that should be in here and I should talk to the server owners themselves but I hate it when I’m playing on a server and I see someone hacking in a mini game to win. (It’s really sad if you do that though, who is so bad at mini games that they have to cheat?) Lag Sometimes it can get really glitchy and I would just get kicked off, like in mini games when I’m playing bedwars or something I get kicked and I lose the game. It can get glitchy like that. Though that might just be my phone or my internet, both do play a key part in it. Other than that I think the game is fantastic and peeps should play it, it’s just frustrating and discouraging sometimes. 8.5/10. Not trying to hate..Version: 1.12

Just bought the game for me and my daughter and typically it doesn’t workHave been playing minecraft since alpha, mostly on console, today decided to buy me and my daughter it for our phone and iPad to play together as she doesn’t like to play console, game opened to the menu the first time froze and then closed have tried numerous times to open since and it won’t load past the minecraft loading screen this is on both her iPad and my phone! I now know the game has crash issues but I can’t help but feel that I was robbed as I have paid for something that doesn’t work! Not to mention the disappointment in my child’s face when I told her she finally could play minecraft with me on her iPad but it doesn’t work!! Too many issues with this game at the minute the pay was on Xbox a few weeks ago where’s u couldn’t craft nothing or you lost your items, and the glitch were you lost everything to your last save, I’m getting fed up with all the issues around this game. As I have said I’ve played for years and in the past couple of years there’s been non stop problems with the game! And the ‘help’ I got from the minecraft team was also a joke ‘turn off your data’ done that didn’t make a difference no further help was given and wen I asked when the issue would be resolved I got an extremely rude answer which was of no help!.Version: 1.14.1

Can I uninstall the latest update?I just did the latest update and now cannot open the app at all. I REALLY hope this is fixed soon! Can I get my $10 back since the game will still not open!?!? Not impressed!!!!.Version: 1.13

Worlds not working?Ayo so I love Minecraft, but three things I've noticed as of late are that my skin (and other players) will always show up as Steve in game, my skin can be seen in the skin editor but will always be loading in the first screen, and for a couple of days now, I haven't been able to get into my worlds. It gets to "Generating World", get's almost through, then the loading bar disappears and it just cycles through the game tips until I exit the app. Oh, and my friend managed to join me and successfully get into my world over Wi-Fi when it was still cycling the loading tips. Hope ya'll see this and can fix these bugs, also I checked compatibility and my iPad Air 2 is compatible. And I have the most recent update as of December 16th It's now 10th March 2021 and the world thing is still happening. It's kinda getting really annoying now, it works perfectly fine on my friends iPad (exact same as mine), but never my iPad. I really don't want to delete and redownload, as I would be losing years of progress and memories. I really, really hope ya'll can fix this..Version: 1.16.210

Why should I report an issue with Minecraft?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Minecraft to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Minecraft customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Minecraft.

Is Minecraft not working?

Minecraft works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Minecraft.

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