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Poor fairnessGood game as I have spent many hours on it really addicting, but I do not like the algorithms they have in place to make it more ‘fair’. If your a skilled player and played many hours then you probably would understand but they cheat you out like making the white ball spin in to the pocket when it physically doesn’t line up, will move the guild line needle to far with a little flick to make you miss and will snooker you on purpose. This is many things the game does to you so you don’t earn coins hence to make you buy them! At the end of the day the can sell loot boxes ect watever they want but don’t make in unfair on the people who don’t want to waste money on your play money!.Version: 4.6.0

Unfair Play...You guys need to do an update for this game, specifically to do with opponents pocketing the other players ball and still getting their shot. Like I just played a game and my opponent called a pocket and sunk mine first then his and still got his shot. It’s making it way too easy for them to win and I’m losing hard earned chips and ones that I’ve paid actual $$$ for. If something doesn’t get done about this then I’ll be deleting the game!! Also the spin and win is rigged, I put a review up about it quite some time ago and nothing was said or done about it, getting a bit beyond a joke, because I did actually enjoy this game once upon a time. I’ve now moved on to Kings of Pool and hardly play this due to these constant reminders of how bad this game has really gotten...👌🏻.Version: 3.12.0

Completely cheated!At first this seemed like a really great game until it started kicking me out before I could even finish an entire round. Then I started to realise that I didn’t get my all my coins at the end of a winning match. Some times it would even take my coins at the start, then I magically end up at the home screen with no game and of course my coins are lost!!!! There have also been instances where my opponents win a game that they were clearly about to lose because the cue ball magically disappears and all of a sudden all their set has been pocketed without them even trying. If I could give this game a 0 I absolutely would!!!! So since I can’t, I will just give this as my rating.🖕.Version: 4.5.2

Control issuesExperienced a massive fault in the control where I’m trying to adjust the angle and take aim but find it’s drawn the cue back instead and released it barely rolling forward causing a penalty. This has caused the loss of several games and is highly annoying. The cue should not be able to be drawn back until the cue is aimed. If it continues to cause lost games I’m canning this app..Version: 4.3.1

All my cues are gone ?Do not spend money on this game ! I have spent a few bucks on the trash game and all my cues and VIP points have disappeared. To get a hold of customer service is non existent - do your self a favour get away from this app and go to o another pool game app PS Your were warned !.Version: 4.8.4

Game is OKFor some unknown reason my first account got deleted out of the blue after having spent a decent amount of cash in the App Store for in game coins/cash/pool cues etc. Had no other choice but to make another account. The way they match you up with an opponent doesn’t make sense, you can be level 40 and get matched against someone who’s level 140 and has won over a billion coins, or you could be level 40 and play against someone who’s a level 5 it doesn’t make much sense. It also seems that after you stop using the App Store to buy coins and only use the free coins they give that they match you against harder opponents intentionally to make you blow through your coins quicker. Another thing I don’t like is you can buy an upgraded cue with in game coins and cash or pay via the App Store but you have to constantly “recharge” the cue for its abilities of better aim/power etc to work and it seems as though the “charge” only lasts maybe a few games before the cue that you paid for works the same as a regular cue they give for free. I guess with any free app it’s never truly free, but with something so simplistic as 8 Ball Pool you’d expect it to not be such a pain to play..Version: 4.5.2

Very frustratedVery unenjoyable, there is no way to lose 15+ straight and losing millions and cue ball magically rolling/ curving into the hole without ANY rigging... or unless you spend some money. very greedy advertising, constantly pop up buttons wanting you to spend money... If you don't want frustration, walk away..Version: 5.2.7

UpdateI am disappointed with the game because for the new update it is saying I can’t challenge my friends because I haven’t updated the game but they have. when I go on the game it says there’s no update so I don’t understand why I can’t see an update and now unfortunately I can not play this game what I thought was a really good game and now because of this update I am disappointed by not playing the friends and family who I want and need to challenge in this game that I thought I hade no problems with before but now it is a outrageous. Hello there I am still very very very very very very very disappointed with the game because I sent a review not long ago and my problem has still not been fixed and I don’t understand why the game is not letting me update the game. Still nothing it’s been 55 secs and it’s not LETTING ME UPDATE THIS BLOODY GAME !!!!! Come on seriously I want to play my friends.Version: 4.2.0

Unfair matchmaking and pay to winRecently there was a New Years event on this game which I thought I would like to play I win 6 games but after the fifth one I got paired against a level 138 when I am level 12 this player was also able to spend around two minutes playing around with the ball from the cue he bought, Also I never got a turn that game as he was able to hit them all in from spending way to long lining up these shots and using the physics defying mover where he could curl the ball after hitting it I looked up what this cue was based on what it looked like and found out you can only get them out of boxes that you can’t spend in-game money on as it requires the micro transaction cash in the game to get Overall I feel the game is unbalanced and should remove benefits from certain items you can only get with real money to make the game more balanced especially in event matches where level 12’s will be paired up with level 138’s as it would make the game more enjoyable and funner to play as it shouldn’t benefit the people who spent money in the game an idea I thought of was like what fortnite has with the item shop which has COSMETIC items that have NO ADVANTAGES in game so people could still spend money but it doesn’t mean the could perform better from benefits from special items It’s a letdown as I feel I’ve had my time wasted by playing this game and I have no plans of playing it from a while.Version: 4.6.2

8ball poolThe game is generally good fun but I feel as though I no longer wish to play due to one aspect. When you slide across to the different versions I find the game can open a city for example Vegas even though you were sliding across to select Moscow. Therefore I have no choice but to spend 10,000 coins when in fact I only wanted to spend 500 coins. You then have no option to get out of the matching process as even when you select back it still matches you and starts a game. You then end up losing so many coins which then makes it harder to gain more coins. I feel as though when you want to play a game it should say something like "are you sure you want to play?" As like a safety feature to stop you from losing what could be an extortionate amount of coins. I have also spoken to a number of friends of who play and have found the same problem in particular one friend has given up playing and generally only goes on to collect the daily rewards and play the odd game every now and then. Could this be looked into please?.Version: 4.8.5

Glitch and cheatsAt first I was so addicted to this game as I just loved it. But before long I started to dislike it more and more after buying two game passes when it started lagging such as people were getting extra shots even though I had potted and not made a foul & the game scores between people seem to change without having not even played them, I’ve even added someone from playing with them randomly but yet it says that we haven’t played any games together at all. The main thing for me though is the fact it allows people to do a foul snooker and you can’t move the cue ball which is basically cheating & in 8 ball pool game you Can pot your opponents ball as well as potting your own but yet in real life in both uk and American pool it would be a foul. So the game developers are clearly uneducated in the rules of the game, Not to mention that there is all sorts of cheats & hacks online which totally ruins any fun legit gaming so if looking to play a fun honest game then don’t bother as your only get cheaters and hackers so if you want to pay to be cheated out of your money then feel free to pay for the game pass. So all in all the game is just a big joke.Version: 5.2.7

Enjoyed it but had to deleteThis game is great fun, very addictive and lots of variety of games and tournaments, but and it is a big BUT, you will have to pay real money at some stage to improve your cues to give you any chance to win the big money. My biggest frustration and actual anger is that after having spent months building up to poker chips of over 10million, the game automatically lands on the highest entry fee option after each game. I have on a few occasions tried to slide the screen across to a cheaper entry fee and one slight mistake and you end up in a room you don’t want to be. This happened on a 10million pound game, I lost and ended up with a few hundred thousand poker chips! I was then Instantly offered the chance to ‘buy’ 4.5 million chips for £100. Quite frankly you can shove this and the game. I was happy to buy the odd cue and cash occasionally but the game just rips you off and will keep taking. I’ve now deleted it and will never return. It’s so close to being 5 star but right now, Miniclip can fcuk off!.Version: 3.13.1

Stupid gameThis game is rigged because when someone shot the ball it curved in. when i shot it it curved out and it was really near the hole too😡.Version: 4.2.0

Frustrating gameI’m a billiards player. Game is reasonably accurate until your close to finishing your rack. Then suddenly the cueball takes a hards turn and leaves you snookered. Happens consistently. Stay in low pay games. You’ll find the play is more accurate and fair. Don’t play the tournaments.horrible. More i play, the worse it gets! If you don’t pay, you don’t win. Garbage and frustration.Version: 5.2.7

Prices Too HighYour prices are way too high. For only a million coins it cost £99. I went on a website and got 1 billion coins for £6, that’s right 1 billion for only SIX quid. Fix your prices, whoever is setting those prices obviously doesn’t know anything about business. If you set the prices like I would, 1 billion coins for £10 or even £15 you’d get a lot more people buying from you and make more money than you already are instead of a website from the internet. On the upside it’ll workout for both the people running 8 ball pool and the customers. I’m not really bothered about it as I know a cheaper way of buying coins but it’s always good to mention. June 2021 update: this new 8 ball pool update is garbage you’ve added the Monte Carlo and Venice rings to the collection which makes my profile look incomplete your just forcing us to buy your overpriced premium version which I won’t fall for. Plus the gameplay doesn’t feel the same since this update, run it back and go to the previous version..Version: 5.4.2

UnfairI’ve been playing this game for a while, but after I write this review I’m deleting this app. First off why should you have to play a player 300 levels above you, you don’t stand a chance. Every time you think your doing good and might win a game, boom straight line shots that you know will go in don’t. The daily spins are rigged and will never give you more that 500 coins. Second once you get to about level 50, you never win, if you even get a shot at all the player your playing is going to win 90% of the time. All it want you to do is lose your coins so you have to buy more. I have never paid actual money for coins and never will. The clubs are so rigged it’s crazy, join a club and you will se yourself, if you don’t pay 8$ a week for pro membership you are playing against someone that plays Venice witch is 150million for a win and don’t have a chance in winning! It’s a money driven game and if you don’t pay for the membership or pay for coins it’s impossible to level up. And the rings are a joke. Now mini clip made it impossible to get any decent cues and forget about getting a legendary cue if you don’t pay you will never get one. Now you have cue trophies? And other rigged tiers you are trying to get it’s simply UNFAIR for new players..Version: 5.0.1

Videos in return for CoinsWhenever I’m running low on coins, I rely on the coins collated from the advertising videos. However, once I have finished watching these videos, to the end, I’m meant to be rewarded with coins, but it never comes. Please update the app on iPhone, someday, that solves this problem. I am fed up with it always happening when I run low on coins..Version: 4.2.0

Not good anymoreI used to love this game before it became rigged.. like a lot of games these days it’s all about how much money the companies can make. People argue that it’s not rigged but I’ve been playing it for years and I can tell the difference between it now and back then so I know what I’m talking about. Don’t buy any coins etc because as soon as you do you’ll win a fiew games but then the ball will either go in off at an impossible angle or you’ll be snookered on the black the majority of the time, the ai will add spin to the ball or add power to your shots unfairly to hamper you from winning fair and square so you need to buy more coins.. it’s completely unfair and frustrating and all you’ll do is start pulling your hair out.. unfortunately these computer game companies get away with this and it should be stopped. I hope more people boycott the game so it’s returned to it’s original state however I’m not convinced that will happen! Very disappointed and frustrated at this, nobody I know plays anymore because of this and you’ve lost my custom as-well, it’s a brilliant game apart from that, the set up is easy and it’s easy to figure out but unfortunately the company got greedy and ruined a perfect game! Gutted tbh.Version: 4.9.0

It could have been so goodDo not get me wrong, I love the game... if only I could actually play it, especially as I had earned a decent amount of coins, achieved a level I was happy with and had a great cue. What happened? That at one particular point it just kept on crashing and I haven't been able to load the game ever again. As soon as I try to open the app, this shuts down a few seconds later. This for me warrants the one star. The game, like plenty of people before me have said previously, was never perfect and had a few annoying flaws but I still loved it because I could play it but now I cannot even do that. And even if it suddenly starts working again, I have the feeling my account will have lost everything I had achieved. Like I said in the title, it could have been so good... UPDATE: I got my account AND points back BUT a few times, despite winning a game, it does not add the coins to my total (annoying when we are talking about 500k coins) nor it adds the new win to the total towards getting a ring (and this would have been my 20 out of 20 thus winning me a ring). NOT HAPPY.Version: 3.14.0

Good but badWhat I love about this game is the competitive feel and when I'm occasionally matched with someone who doesn't know how to play. What I really HATE about the game is how it's so rigged. Matchmaking is ridiculous, I'm level 18 and I join a match, I don't have much skill and I'm still learning how to use a few features, and oh look, I'm pared with a level 134!! I don't even get a turn at the game, while they get an achievement that reads denial. They spin wheel is FRICKEN ridiculously rigged I've always gotten blue which is lowest only once I got epic box which is nothing special. Get this game if you don't care about losing an all in (when you spend like a week grinding cash) and then matched with someone who's 12 times your level. And then losing. And who knows, if all this was fixed, maybe I'd make some in game purchases like the pool pass and stuff..Version: 4.9.0

Enthralling game.It is the first time that I have found adult game play that does not become tiresome. It would be nice if players could say "you're welcome" in response to a player saying "thank you". I recently introduced a friend to the game but when we tried playing each other ( he on a desktop computer, and I on my iPad) we were not able to do so. After much trial and error we found out that we are not able to play because it is not possible for two people to play when they are playing on different devices to one another. Can this be changed, I wonder? On another note, there seems to be some kind of glitch when it comes to earning game dollars by completing the various quizzes? I have completed the quizzes on numerous occasions but the game dollars are not credit to me even after waiting for days?... Can you please fix this glitch?.Version: 3.12.3

PoorNeeds less computer controlled players who some how turn into amazing players when they are at risk of losing lots of money. I cleaned up the half the solids with my break then took my second shot and all of a sudden my connection was poor....ended up losing all my time on my second shot supposedly and the computer took over solids!! Miniclip need to sort this out ASAP as it’s so frustrating when your stupid computers ruin the game for good players..Version: 4.9.0

SpeedThis is a awesome game and I do love it but I’m probably going to delete it. The game spends most of its time "connecting" and I’ve lost games because the timer was still running even though it was connecting and I couldn’t play. It’s not my WiFi as I play Xbox wirelessly from the same room no problem and play other high bandwidth games on my phone it’s general lack of server function and is incredibly frustrating when your trying to play one game and it doesn’t connect and spends minutes after each shot connecting. Why it takes so long for a game which isn’t exactly internet demanding when it a simple game running as about 10 FPS is stupid that is cannot maintain connection. Also looking at other reviews you always ignore those referring to connecting issues and only reply to those bad reviews that sent connection related. Adding on when the game is reconnecting the timer still runs in the background and switches to the other player yet when they are unresponsive and don’t hit the ball and the timer runs out the are able to hit it after and it doesn’t switch to me??.Version: 4.3.1

BuggyEvery time I try to collect a mission reward it makes me join a high tier game of 50k or up I have lost so much of my hard earned money I just give up on this game.Version: 5.3.1

Well it WAS great . . .As for actual pool game goes, it’s pretty accurate except a couple odds and ends like, if you pot the 8 ball on break you really won the game — this doesn’t do that. There were a minor glitch or two here and there in the app. But not really that big of an issue that’d really interfere with your playing. Before the latest update my biggest two complaints were the fake/bot players and not having the ability to sell your pool cues that you no longer use. But now, since the latest update, on my iPhone it won’t load and on my iPad it forecloses every time I enter into a game. The only way I can play is in practice mode. As before, the ads are annoying af and as well as the constant cue upgrades on cues I NEVER USE. I do find the game a little rigged. Once you get your coins up a good bit, suddenly it hard to win games and you’re paired up with someone who’s at a greatly more level then you (for example: you’re level 22 and the person you’re playing against is at level 122). And this app hates slow connection speeds, it either won’t load or freezes up periodically during play. I hope the app developers fixes the bugs since the latest update for the iPhone and iPad. On my MacBook Pro, through Facebook’s website it’s ok, but not great..Version: 4.5.0

Bonus wheelI like the game. The only thing is the bonus wheel never gives more than 250 or lower. As I have never gotten over 250. I would like to bigger winnings. They still haven't updated the wheel to give more than 250 might get 500 if you are lucky..Version: 3.10.2

AddictiveGreat game.. BUT it feels rigged! Every time I make a decent amount of money it seems like I lose so many games in a row just so I can spend money out of my bank account to buy more money on the game. There have been multiple times where my cue won’t allow me to aim & it keeps spinning & therefore I lose a turn. There have also been multiple times where I haven’t gone to hit the white ball & the game had glitched on me & tapped the white ball, causing it to not even move & then it forfeits my turn!! I play this game both on my iPhone & iPad & have had the same issue on both devices!!.Version: 3.12.3

🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️Beaucoup de bogs Too much bogs.Version: 4.8.5

Good game!! Except!!!!Would of given this five stars, but sometimes I get booted from a match and lose my coins, even if I'm winning or I get booted then it brings me back, I missed my turn and the other player has ball in hand! Really?!? Sometimes in the very beginning of the game when you get the spin to win I will start spinning and it will automatically click into update mode and then I won’t win whatever the spin table lands on, it won’t even show me what it landed on. It just goes right into the game and I lose that turn. Then, I’m a level 50 and consistently the game puts me up against a level 120+!! are you +*^%#*# serious?! Needless to say yesterday I had over 1 million coins now I’m down to not even half that. You should have the option to see who you’re up against and you should have the option to back out of that match before the match starts and before your coins are dropped into the pot.! I mean think about it, when you go to a real pool hall in real life you get to see the person or persons play before you play them and then if they ask you to play them you can decide whether you want to or not before the match starts or before you put up any money. I’m just saying give us a choice on whether we want to play against that guy or girl that is 70+ levels ahead of us!.Version: 4.3.1

Could use a couple of adjustmentsMostly good. However, correction of several issues could make me give 5 stars. 1) when I get ads sometimes I get 2 or 3 back to back. I understand that it’s a free game but several ads in a row is unacceptable. 2) with the boxes we should be allow to open more than one at a time without paying. Some of the boxes can take up to 12 hours to open and it’s too long to just open one box. 3) when playing tournaments we should be able to play against people of a similar level. Currently I’m on level 15 but in one recent tournament I was playing against a level 120 player. We should be playing against people on a similar level otherwise it just takes the fun out of it..Version: 4.3.1

Money takerYou have to spend your money continuously, rip off.Version: 5.2.3

DO NOT DOWNLOADMost rigged game I’ve ever played, been playing 8 ball pool for years and have realized how much of a scam this game is, they shove micro transactions down your throat, in the instance that you do purchase something, you will get on a good winning streak and then all of a sudden you wont be able to get any balls in, you miss ridiculously easy shots or get the cue ball in a pocket by magically curving the ball into the pocket. I’ve lost over 1,000,000 coins in one day playing multiple 100,000 games. Miniclip is a rigged company, do not fall for their micro transactions..Version: 4.5.2

So badI never get over 500 Coins on the spin wheel and whenever I play a match they match me with someone that has a way higher level than me.Version: 4.8.5

The game allows you to cheatAlthough the graphics on this game are very good. there are a couple of major problems with playing this game as an app as opposed to reality. Number one when you scratch the ball should be placed on the area where the ball was placed during the break. In reality you can place the ball anywhere from the bumper to the imaginary line where the ball was placed during the break and you can only line up a shot on the balls ahead of that line towards the far bumper. The app allows you to place the ball anywhere on the table that you like and because of that when people do that they are cheating they know it but the game doesn’t stop them Which is odd because throughout the game you can’t shoot your opponents ball but in reality you can shoot the opponents ball you just lose your shot if you make it. The bottom line is because the game allows you to place the cue ball anywhere you like on the table to make any shot after a scratch destroys the games credibility and since you can’t chat with your opponent you can’t tell them hey you can’t do that even though they know. before I play this game again you will have to fix that glitch it is very frustrating to know people are cheating and the game is allowing it and you can’t do anything about it that’s why you get a one star.Version: 4.6.2

Like the game, but many areas of frustration.Way too many ads for “deals.” I’m always the lucky recipient of pool cue “pieces” that I don’t want. I upgraded my cue and I’m fine with it. I don’t need 25 other cues that are no where as good as mine! The daily spin is fixed! 90% of spins land on 50, 100 or 500. Any sensible person would be able to figure out that it’s rigged. Scratchers are the same, I’ve had a few big ones but I know they are just to bait me. And the trash talk and silly slang comments are not for any mature adult, I have disabled the chat feature (once I found out you could) and I enjoy the game much more without being harassed by juvenile acting people. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing with bots. I believe when I began the game a few years ago, I played every single person in India. Now all I get are people in Brazil. Nothing wrong with either country, just makes you wonder how your opponents are chosen and if everything with this game is on the up and up. Like I said, it’s fun....just don’t spend a lot of money, play within your means, disable chat unless you like it and be careful when selecting your game, it’s programmed to put you in the most expensive game you can afford and I’ve been suckered early on into some high coin games because I was too quick with my finger. Slide, don’t tap lol..Version: 4.6.2

8 ball PoolThe game is good, although the time out for taking a shot is annoying. What my gripe is, like so many of these companies they do not offer direct support. App support is an FAC which does not understand the fact I do not and never will have a Facebook account. So you end up writing a review, which is probably not necessary and what’s more probably worthy of more stars. If the owner or company would like to reply to this, I may get my issue sorted out and give more stars. I am at the moment logged in as a guest, I tried to set up a “miniclip” account but had issues and wouldn’t allow me to do so. The other option is sign in with your Facebook account, this do not have and probably never will. Call me old fashioned, whatever, but not something I’m interested in. I look forward to a response from the owner/company, and give me something where I will be able to contact them!!.Version: 4.2.0

ImprovementsChat should be like a proper chat where you can say whatever you wish I understand for bullying purposes why you wouldn't have that but still the chat messages are only really supportive and I don't like how you pay for them It's unfair being a level 8 and put up against a level 40 or even 15 it really turns me off tournaments and special games because I have no chance of winning unless they leave the match which never ends up happening Why does every game need to be linked with Facebook just so you can't play as a guest it's super annoying cause not everyone has or likes Facebook or any social media or even needs it The cues spin quite fast and it's hard to keep control of try and make it so they have slower movements and don't go 100 miles an hour Try and put people up against people in the same country or have a function where if you don't have Facebook you can play against people in your area The game is otherwise ok and still sorta good because it's so realistic but it's far from perfect.Version: 3.10.2

Where is version 4.2.2I love the game but after a week of play with friends, all of a sudden it tells me I need to update to play with friends. I use the update button, it takes me to the App Store and there is no update. I open the App Store on my phone and refresh the update page but no new update. My gf is running version 4.2.2 and i am running 4.2.0 Heeeeeelp.Version: 4.2.0

Too many glitches...The game itself and everything is great. But it’s full of glitches which ruins the experience. The worst one appears way too many times after you pot the black. Imagine this. You pot the black, then after your usual load screen the game reloads like you have never potted the black and says you ran out of time. Or it will reload with 1-2 sec left, giving you no chance at all to pot the black. I lost 10 million coin matches due to this. One time I risked all and put up 10m. Guess what. Pot the black and the glitch happened. I lost all. I thought I’ll give it one more chance and rebuild everything. Guess what. Happened again...Me, lots of my friends are having this issue way too many times, we all just deleted this game after a while. There are other glitches too which totally ruin everything like it automatically goes to an error / frozen screen making you loose all your bet. Sad as this could be a great game. The graphics, challenges, controls are all great. But I got too fed up with loosing as the game is full of bugs..Version: 5.2.7

Game instability only gets worse w/time; WAY worse.Same bugs/obvious algorithm cheats & player hacks are worse 5+ yrs later! Same glitches-worsened w/time. I experience SAME bizarre probs reported for yrs by the masses! PLUS, now seeing entirely new mutations of BS. Last 24 hrs of play-no matter if I win/lose; chg to new [email protected]/diff level of play-higher stakes, etc.,I am not given my turns at the break?! Even tried rebooting, etc.,zilch...Not once..game used to trade off :( not anymore?? 12+games-not given any of my many rightful turns to break Updates are now worthless waste of GIANT data gobbling inconveniences. ZERO fixes/improvements! Wthell is going on at miniclip? You seemed to have a very successful, fun & lucrative gig going. It’s slipping/slipped thru your hands. Your most devoted, longstanding & loyal patrons are bored with the lack of accountability. Truly disheartening/disappointing. No effective measures taken to correct CORE probs. No help given to rectify wrongdoing-loss of coins, game drops, time/clock hacking-sinking shots only to have ball(s) “pop” back out of pocket, loss of turn AND remaining balls in play are SCRAMBLED!?!?? Wld Love some actual remedies in the form of restoration of lost coinage/credits/vip levels/badge tiers that deliver on their promises?! Explanations welcomed-as is-this is just plain sad, it’s reflection of Y-O-U....Version: 4.7.7

Annoying..The Developers are too greedy!This game is good in parts..but the developers are so greedy it’s obscene! The game it self is ok..but all the developers want is your money! The prices of the cues are ridiculous and they really don’t make much difference..The developers don’t give you much back for nothing..Then there is the notifications..every 5 minutes..someone you played months ago and you foolishly agreed to friend..from the other side of the world is playing..Like so what? And the wheel at the start is fiddled to give you the bare minimum..then they want another £1 to give you nothing much more! The developers must be millionaires 20 times over....and they just want more and more and more! Play the game by all means as it can be fun but don’t spend real money on it! And when you finish the game bang! Within a minute a tedious notification to get you back playing the game..as someone you will never meet is playing..This game drives me mad! But it’s too addictive to delete! And if you switch the notifications you lose benefits..Version: 4.0.1

I felt more of those negative thoughtsI felt it in the long run of playing 8 ball pool. First its fine ,good, enjoyable. But now in more of annoyance. Like something fishy is going on in most of the games. Like, there’s someone manipulating every aspects in the game. That someone is pulling me away from winning or losing most of my coins. Even if its obvious that im the winner. It turned upside down. Sometimes my preparation for the next balls is excellent, the table & balls moved. Sometimes i’ve potted all the balls, except the last ball. When i’ve potted the last ball and I’m the winner, suddenly the last ball came back to its place where it was before i hit it, and suddenly the opponent turned out to be hitting the ball. And frustratingly, the opponent wins. Let me clear it, I didn’t potted the cue ball. There are many more of something odds or irregularity that I am feeling while playing. Even the sequence of opponents, sometimes there is something odd. An hours ago, & even yesterday, i always bet & always 50K for double the money. Ever being irritated, so I double-tap or triple-tap the 50K coz I’m annoyed already, yet still variety of 200, 500, 5,000, & 20K are the games that being given to me. I’m catching up to bring back my losed coins while having a feeling that thats not fair. So I steadily bet for 50K. But what do I get? Who will be happy when this is happening t you. You want to play for enjoyment, but what is this!.Version: 5.3.1

Totally unfairThis game is unjust it does not let you verse your own level say your playing a match and it could be the cheapest one day in London you can still verse a level 150 and your a level 25. As you can tell this is totally unfair. Also your cue might not be the best but it is all you can afford but the other player has the best cue in the game or one of them at least. I believe you should all have the same cue to make it more fair. But you know this creator might not be the smartest of people so I completely understand that he is not the brightest. As he doesn’t even know how to make a game fair this game is also nothing like real pool. You shouldn’t be allowed to move the white ball wherever you want. You should ably be able to move it along the white line. But hey this creator isn’t the brightest remember.Version: 4.8.4

It’s ok, but you never get ahead in this game.As the game starts out you are matched with players of a similar rank to you resulting in you regularly winning games. As you progress you start being match with players well outside your level (for example I’m level 31 and I have been paired up with someone at level 128) often at the curious times. For example, if you’ve been grinding away on the lower dollar tables and you make enough to play a higher dollar table you curiously get paired up against a player 30 of 40 levels higher. It appears the game is trying to force you to pay money to progress. The obvious stacking of the deck against the player is not only frustrating but makes the game unenjoyable - I’ve now deleted it. The game is addictive, but much like an actual pool shark, you never had a chance to begin with..Version: 4.8.4

Pool Pass Cue !!! Pay to win.At first a good game & enjoyable but then you get so far and no matter how you play you can’t win playing against someone who has got a pool pass cue 90% of the time, frustrating and annoying. Example playing someone rubbish but they’ve got a pool pass cue and you can clearly see the line of there shot and it’s a mile off to go in the pocket !! but i bet it goes in and yeah it goes in and then my line bang on the pocket but 90% it misses playing someone with a pool pass cue & my cues good before you ask. I have started to quit the game straight away when paired with someone with a pool pass cue because the odds are a lot in there favour & that’s how the game has got me. And now i don’t do that as it’s DELETED which is a shame as it is a good game and i enjoyed playing it. DEVS the Lucky wheel why have it now when all you win is 250 coins or the odd rare box if your very lucky, has that changed to if you got a pass cue then you’ll win ? Ok It’s FREE and they have got to make money but come on players are Deleting the game because of how it’s got. Eventually all the game will be is players with pass cues so developers take note. Bech43 UK LEEDS.Version: 5.2.3

AnnoyingI love this game. But the biggest downfall and probably the only reason I’m deleting it is because it’s unfair that people can leave the screen for so long and enter back into the game. I shouldn’t have to sit there for any longer than 10 seconds while an opponent is writing a text. I feel that if they leave the screen for longer than 10 seconds they should automatically forfeit.Version: 4.7.7

Worst game on the App StoreFor a while it was fun but once you have reached a certain point ur opponents are unbeatable and I have become increasingly annoyed after losing over 1million credits simply because everytime my opponents would get there first turn they will get every ball in first try. Excellent way to rip people off of money, I will never play this game again and will certainly never download another game by this developer.Version: 4.6.0

Crashing and un able to add people to friends listEverytime I try to add my friends it won’t work, if I quit out of the app and go back into it then we are no longer friends, game always crashes out, I have an iPhone X, so I know it’s not the phone and definitely the app, keep on getting notifications that I’m getting challenges, but then go on the app and not there..Version: 4.9.0

Glitches or intentional?I like the different game goals (rings) and the look of different tables and options it gives, but other than that I’m not impressed. One problem is it doesn’t match you with players in your “ranking or experience”. A beginner may end up with an opponent that has been classified as a pro or better, depending on how long they’ve been playing. Also too many interruptions when playing with challenger banners or wanting you to challenge your FB friends. The cue stick charges don’t last through a game if you have a bad break then you may have to recharge more than once for consistent shots and that’s in addition to placing a bet. The balls sometimes can hang half over a pocket to drop then it jolts back towards the table, but the cue can too often roll with ease for a scratch. It’s just a bit fishy when you AND your opponents ball should have dropped but jolts back from the hole. There are a few more minor issues that are annoying like not being able to type your own text for chat. I’d rather it was emojis than some of the stupid pretext messages and then you have to buy more if you want to add some. Shows a lot of greed. Plus it’s anybody’s guess as to who is going to break. If you play 5 games in a row with a different player each game you may not get to break on any of those even if you lost previously. All of this is even after purchasing the app. 🙄.Version: 3.11.0

Facing big money tablesHi, the game is ok but I don’t like how it quickly refers me to big money tables based on the amount of coins I have in balance. I suggest after each game ended, it should just refer me to the lowest money table, safer than a big money table pops up unexpectedly and I accidentally click on it. Nobody wants to risk to lose all their coins that quickly. You might have to change the colour of the 500k (win) table because it looks like the 100k (win) table. Thanks..Version: 5.2.2

It a good game, almost of the time.I do like this game and have spent money in it also. However it does still have some bugs. The one that pisses me off, is when you’re trying to hit the eight ball and in the slide rail for when you’re trying to push the ball into the hole doesn’t appear on your screen. So your lift without being able to shoot. I have lost a number of game because of this now. If someone could address this issue I would most definitely add more stars.......Version: 5.0.1

This game is starting to irritate meI like playing the game but there are a few issues with it that really irritate me. 1. In tournaments you go against people who are way over your skill level. Say you are level 50 and they match you with a level 128. The guy has a better queue and advantage over you before you start. 2. When I watch videos to get coins sometimes I get the coin and sometimes I get nothing. If I am wasting half a minute on watching ads why are you not giving me the coin. Very unfair. 3. Sometimes there is a lag. I have lost over 150,000 because it put me into a top game because I was trying to get out of the screen. Why put the top game that takes away half your points first?? To me that is cheating us and counting on us making a mistake and losing our points. start with 100 and let us scroll up not down!.Version: 4.0.1

Could be so much better...Just seeing how the game is structured, I am not leaving it just yet and the possibilities and opportunities for this game are completely shattered when you see how delayed your progress can get whilst trying to enjoy this app. For example, time after time, the game reminds you of its rubbish matchmaking by always putting you in matches with players of a way higher level and skill, and this also favours people who spend money on the game. It becomes so hard to even try to win matches when gaining more trophies is abysmal, annoying and definitely a waste of time when it comes to rewards like chests. I’ve seen the different transactions and they are all overpriced, you would end up spending loads of money just to get a chance to progress fairly. Rewards like the wheel spin are unfair and you will most of the time end up getting something not worth the time and paying for more of these is a huge risk. It is luck based and paying money for these doesn’t at all increase the chances of getting something decent (for example, giving players better rewards with extra wheel spins and much higher chances of getting something decent). I would really recommend players to avoid paying for things in the game until the developers make this app fairer, I’m not against micro-transactions but money spent should at least be seen as an advantage and not a gamble for ways to be lucky and progress throughout the game..Version: 5.3.1

Algorithm determines who will winFull disclosure, I’ve only been playing this game for a few days (albeit, for about 7 hours each day — hey, I’m self-isolating :)), but I’ve already noticed the most annoying feature. First the good...great graphics, lots of choices of play, and you are able to upgrade cues fairly quickly if you play a lot. Now the bad...it seems it is sometimes predetermined who the computer wants to win the game. I have — on many, many occasions — been down to my last ball (or two) after running the table. I will hit the next shot in the pocket only to have the computer suspiciously make my ball roll farther than it normally would have and to place it in a position which I cannot finish the game. At first, I thought it was just me. But after many an experiment with using the exact amount of power to roll the ball towards the end of the game, I have found it is very consistently inconsistent towards the conclusion. It is almost that the computer algorithm wants to make it exciting towards the finish line. I DO NOT like games which the computer determines outcomes. If you are okay with this situation, then by all means, play this game. It is not bad other than this “algorithmic anomaly”. It is, though, the prime reason I WILL NEVER pay any actual money to purchase anything from game developers that do this to their games..Version: 4.8.4

Editors choice? 😂After playing this game pretty regularly for 1-2 months this is how I feel. It’s sad that this makes editors choice. It’s a game that is annoying with how hard they try to get you to spend money. The matchmaking is rigged against you at a certain point(I’ve played players lvl 100+ as a level 28.. 😂😑🙄). Cant play certain tables or else you’ll go bankrupt and have to buy more coins. But don’t worry, there is a wheel spin that you could win up to $2,000,000 🤩😂 Ive only ever won $150-$250(probably spun it 50+ times and it’s always one of two prizes out of like 18 possibilities so that’s rigged too). I also have a gripe with having to scroll to the lower level tables every time I want to play. I have to flip past 7 higher level tables that I’ve unlocked and can’t afford to play on every time I want to play a game. It also doesn’t cost much but it costs money to even play off line by yourself. It’s really obnoxious. It’s always trying to get $5-$15! From me for pool cues and coins. Aside from all of that it all functions pretty well when you’re in a game and it can be a good time shooting pool. I’m gonna look for a better app but this might be editors choice because it’s the only decent pool game 🤷🏼‍♂️ it’s the only one I’ve tried so far but from what I can tell, I wouldn’t get too excited about this..Version: 5.2.3

Pretend this is 0 starsI’m absolutely disgusted and outraged by this game. I purchased 3x Spin and Wins in this game, won the biggest prize you can ($2,000,000 in game currency) and never received my prize. I contacted customer support to be told I never paid for it which I did and had receipts for, so I went higher up and was told “we have nothing further to add, any contact after this will be regarded as spam” never mind the fact I’ve only contacted them twice regarding this issue. They refuse to even give me a refund so I’ve reported them to scam watch and Apple. Do yourself a favour and DONT make ANY purchases in this game. In the off chance you win the largest prize in the game, you’ll never receive it and be considered a liar and blocked. Their customer service is absolutely disgusting and I’m honestly shocked that this kind of thing still goes on. No I’m not some 50 y/o Karen asking for the manager, I’m an every day person trying to play a fun game but having it be ruined by a disgusting, greedy company..Version: 4.7.7

Glitching & HackingDon’t waste your time playing this game ... there are members who hack all time & you lose against them ... plus losing your coin too ... it’s crazy losing to members with weak cue vs your strong cue ... not only that lvl 120 vs lvl 45 , 62 or 76 ....!?!? In the middle of the game everything froze & you can’t do much but your time still running... then you lose the turn ... don’t waste your money and time ... I did it for a year but I reach the point that deleted the game..Version: 4.9.0

A rigged game!This game is quite addictive and has all it needs to be a successful bit of entertainment but much of the features are rigged e.g. ‘free spin’, which gives you no more than 150 coins. When you’re in a live game, the aim guidelines don’t show the proper trajectory of the cue ball after it hits the coloured ball, thereby increasing the chances of potting in the cue ball as well. Rewards from games claim to be double your initial deposit of coins but in fact, you only gain what you deposited in the first place. You can’t spectate a friend’s match which could be something this game can add in as an extra. When you are broke, the game does nothing to help you back up. You have to play matches yourself to earn back coins. This can be really frustrating. Also in general, prizes are too stingy when playing ‘special games.’ Sometimes when playing ‘9 ball’ and tournaments, you are up against people 50+ levels higher than you which is absurd. The idea of having to charge your cue every fifty shots is stupid, especially when your cue is advanced where you have to pay a big sum. There’s a few more things that require fixing and improvement but apart from that, the game is good, whether you a new to pool or not..Version: 4.8.4

Fun game BUT...This is really a fun game with a good look BUT... I gave the game 3 stars because there is definitely something wrong here. The biggest issue is the connection. I have lost countless games because of “slow connection” issues. Well, it’s not on my end. There is obviously a problem with the server or something in the software and it’s incredibly frustrating. I have played games where I sank the 8 ball, and I should have won, then the screen refreshes and my opponent sinks the 8 ball for the win. Are you kidding me? I have been in the middle of the game, made and sank my shot, then all of a sudden my opponent is shooting? In tournaments it’s even worse. I have lost the majority of the tournaments I entered solely because of connection issues. Beyond frustrating! Bottom line, fun for the first hour then the game just go south as you start to level. There are enough people playing this game that I’m sure the developers are more than aware of the issues. I can’t think of any reason it hasn’t been resolved yet. That’s bad form in my opinion and I’m not the only one experiencing these issues. If they ever fix the connection problems I would give this app another try..Version: 4.3.1

Too harsh!I had over 60 million coins and I gave my friends money through Jakarta. the next day I got a message from minclip saying that I was using other accounts to get money. I admit that I did the wrong thing but they automatically set my coins back to 500 thousand coins. This is too harsh considering all the hard hours I put in to make it that far, but only to make it disappear like that. This is quite frustrating because it has wasted my time and effort please fix this or at least make a warning because I obviously didn’t know that was a rule!.Version: 4.3.1

Rigged gameEvery game I play with legendary cues, that I purchased I always pot the cue ball every game..Version: 5.2.7

Game as addicting as it is frustratingEight ball pool has some really fun features like prizes you can unlock by completing missions, and can be addicting - especially while your first playing the game. They make sure your first several days of playing are filled with winning, prizes, bonuses - all of which add to the fun of actually playing pool against people from around the world. After the first few days though I began to get more and more frustrated, and lose more and more games. It also seems to be one of the few games I’ve ever played or practice does not make perfect. My win percentage consistently is declining as is my ability to make basic shotsOn a consistent basis. The prizes that were once so easily gained now seem to mostly be available through purchase. In between every match you’re getting pop-up windows to pay for cues and mini games and cash in coins. And by that point you may be tempted, as losing prevents you from getting prizes and depletes your coin bank. There’s also a lot of talk about the game being potentially rigged, or algorithms and bots serving to increase your chance of losing, especially on the high coon tables. And I’ve certainly experienced enough perplexing and frustrating losses against opponents with really terrible win percentages to make me a bit suspicious. Overall it’s an OK game as long as you don’t take it too seriously and I would not recommend paying for coins or prizes with actual money..Version: 5.2.3

Good but some tweaking needed.I do enjoy playing this game but a couple of improvements would make it far better (and fairer). Firstly, I don’t think anyone should be able to win the game off the break, period. Against some higher tier players, if they break, they win. This really annoys and stops me from attempting higher stakes games. Also, I’m NEVER going to buy coins only to lose them in high stakes games (I might however buy coins to play higher tiers if the odds are fairer). Secondly, the wheel spin is just nonsense. It is absolutely not random. The payouts are always for small amounts. Come on guys, make it fair!.Version: 3.14.0

Cheats you of time & moneyAlthough this game can be enjoyable when working properly, it often has what it labels as “connection slow” issues. If you tap on a profile during this event, you will see the message “updating.” When this happens and it finishes its update, you could potentially be losing time leaving you no time to aim and shoot causing you to lose your turn. This has often caused players to lose the game & money if you pay for any additional coins. It makes it appear that your connection is slow but in reality the games’ network is overburdened. This is happening more frequently than when I first started playing. There are other minor issues which aren’t worth mentioning. But the so called “slow connection” issue is the worst and why I keep rating it with 3 stars. UPDATE: After reading some other reviews, I agree that there are bots especially when chat comments like Never Give Up are used when it makes no sense. I agree with seems that most players are in countries other than my own and skill levels not matched. I agree that it cheats you out of money and algorithyms used seem to cause you to lose. There seems to be lack of support but increase in glitches. What I don’t get is why it’s still labeled as the Editor’s Choice. Therefore I’m downgrading the rating to 2 stars..Version: 3.13.6

Too many Bugs!This is a dodgy game. It always has connection issues, and you end up losing matches, because it can’t return you to the game. Strangely this only happens when you’re winning & have cash in the bank! Also, when you win sometimes you don’t get the winners prize. I lost a game I should have won, when my opponent potted the 8 ball off the break (the 8 ball was re-spotted). There are so many other dodgy glitches. Like not receiving your free spins on the spinning wheel. Or, sitting through a 30 sec add, and not receiving your cash. I would strongly recommend that you don’t buy anything off this app!!!.Version: 4.2.0

Close to PerfectThree stars for me, the update so far ain't that great, you'd notice that 8balls are close to any pocket holes would move and be place near it, its so unoriginal enter active games, the designs of other cues and its purchasing and charging coins can be enhances into an enjoyable options by using coins, hate some cues designs, weirdturds style and alienated creepy moron looks... mmm I could change it into more attractive it will be the cues and the Players rings champion holders, Ill create... yep, i't will hit the worlds records outstanding App game every years, stressing over it due to the Bugs and net connection or loses the games and yet getting addicted to it is unhealthy and its not good for the safety issue 😀😀😀 But other than that.. Its awesome and its close to being perfect..Version: 3.11.1

FacebookMine can’t connect to my Facebook page. I’ve tried multiple times and it just does not work. I’ve even removed and redownloaded it and it still doesn’t work. But other than that it’s a good game. Sort from one time I choice a $50k bet game and it automatically changed to $250k bet game, I lost all my coins cause of that..Version: 4.7.7

I am mad.I liked this game a lot. I thought that it was the best game ever. But then I joined a competition I started to play a level 31. Now I knew I was gonna lose you know come on. So he had to break but he ran out of time. So I broke the triangle and got the yellow 9 ball in. So it went in but he hacked and took my ball out. He then went on to pocket a ball himself and it kept it in. Also this happened on another game. I have video of this occurrence. This comes to show how bad this game is with hackers. Other than that the game is decent and I recommend. But don’t play the competition..Version: 5.2.3

Fun but seriously fix the bugsThis game is really fun honestly but seriously the bugs drive me insane. Sometimes when I have a bad connection to the game it will go into a loading screen and come back into the game and everything is fine again. But sometimes after I’ve just sinked a ball in the loading screen comes up and when I get back in it says I ran out of time and that ball that I just sinked before which could’ve been the winning shot is back to where it was. And then my opponent would go on and win the game and I lose all my money due to a bug. It’s driving me nuts and it really needs to get fixed. So for that reason I’m only giving it a 3 star rating.Version: 4.7.7

ScammingI accidentally touched 100k I only had 52k so when it was searching for players I backed out with the red button on the bottom left but 3 seccounds after it put me in and i lost all my money.Version: 5.3.1

Disappointed gameI don’t play games to much but because I like to play pool in reality so I decided to download this app. At the beginning I like this app and was fun to play. After that I discovered that this game is all about money and if you don’t pay you will never progress even if you are the best player in the world. The game is design in way to not let you win always for example in five games in row. This done by making you play again an opponent has twice or triple better level than you or someone very lucky. Even if you have a chance to win against them the game algorithm is developed to enforce you make intentional fault. I always tried to be very careful when hit a ball by making sure that ball will get in a pocket 100% and white ball will not pocket considering all physics aspects. Then you find that the ball is bounce at pocket with out any sense, or you are run out of time or white ball end ups at pocket. Sometimes I have no chance to win but the game make sure to win me and beat the poor opponent lol. Very disappointing when you use all perfect techniques to win a ball and then the decide to beat you. So if you are playing for fun specifically with your friends I will suggest it otherwise look for other games. I definitely don’t recommend this one, so please don’t waste your time and put yourself under extra stress because of stupid rules of this game..Version: 4.8.5

Bit of a swizzSo I’m pretty good at this sort of game (yahoo pool??) pretty much exactly the same but these guys want your cash. Which is a given I suppose with apps these days unfortunately. I started off great, had lots of money then suddenly couldn’t buy a win for love nor money. Everything I hit, the white ball oddly made it’s way into the pocket regardless of how stupendous. Now I’ve no “cash” and to continue I need people to give gifts or spend money. Very clever. Plus all of the cues suddenly run out of “power” leaving you with bog standard types. It’s quite funny really. So not only has my winnings disappeared without trace, I’ve accumulated a lot then it’s all suddenly gone again. Shame because it’s a good game to play. Just fed up of being conned. Update - so I’ve just spent money on one of your offers and haven’t got what I have paid for. I was supposed to get multiple scratchers and had 1..... what a joke Further update - just spent more money on the 8 ball pool pack for 10 scratchers and a tiny bit of cash. I got one scratcher!!!!!!!!!! You really are robbers aren’t you. Why do I persist. Or do I have a reason to do so. Who knows..Version: 4.8.5

Needs Report buttonHackers in the game are soo bad there are sooo many of them and the devs arent doing anything about it THE DEVS NEEDS TO BRING UP THE REPORT BUTTON.Version: 5.3.1

BBig spin, there was a time when the Pinter literally stopped on 25,000 coins but then before it said that claim your prize thing it changed straight away to the 200 coins thing. Like. If you're gonna put in big coins for free don't be doing those ones where you will never ever get them. Btw the Facebook thing lags a lot ALOT. So. Sometimes I can't even log in to fb..Version: 3.10.2

Good gameThe game itself is solid, however the constant advertisements have made this game really annoying. Each time you load the game prepare to be bombarded with all the offers that you have to click out of, each time you spin a wheel or scratch a card or what ever mini game you have to go through to get your daily credits, you have to click out of more offers. On average u have to ignore about 4-5 adverts before you can play a game, The amount of animations you have to sit through when opening boxes (which will probably open more adverts to get more boxes), collecting quest rewards etc can’t be skipped and waste a lot of time. However the actual pool playing experience is solid, just ruined by the excessive advertising.Version: 5.2.3

Is it a scam?I’m really enjoying playing the game I can see it’s addiction, but are you designers and makers of the game ripping people off? I’ve paid for GoPro, 7.99 a week! And nothing is different on the game. I’ve been given 2 cues and a bit of my coins back when I loose a game? It isn’t worth £7.99 a week! Maybe a month but not a week! If anyone reads this review please do not get tempted into going Pro. It’s a waste of money and I’m now having to ring up and find out how to cancel the GoPro. I earned over 500,000 coins before I went Pro now I am I’ve gone down to 250,000! It’s a bit of day light robbery. Over charging for a game. I really thought they would be some coin grabbing, cue buying experiences to make going pro. Big day NOPE. It’s looking like I’ll have to delete the game because the designer obviously didn’t think about creating a button to cancel your money been put in theirs. Rip off. And I’m a level 47 why are you playing me against people level 88 and 90, I know it’s learning experience but come on! Level 50s or 60s is about fair. Your taking the mick with the game really, I could think of so many ways to make the game loads more fair which must be embarrassing for you. Sort it. Or the games going and I’ll persuade anyone else who gets it to do the same..Version: 5.0.1

Rigged/Pay2WinOddsI’ve played for years now. Every here and there when I get the chance and feel like playing. But I decided to do a little study on the games mechanics and assistance. You could win 20 games in a row in Las Vegas (10,000 buy-in) if you tried but as soon as you move beyond that, you’ll see that you’ll get a lot more “guest” player opponents. They will somehow hit the most impossible sloppy shots, always the perfect amount of power to line up their next shot and you won’t even get a chance to play. Now I know there are players who are just that good with a lot of time into the game... but I ran an algorithm on recorded game play based on the odds of winning with diff buy in amounts and a 2nd based on odds of winning (same buy ins)after making in game purchases - both with all shots made at full power for the baseline. Out of the 20 matches I did for each analysis, I’ve concluded that you’re approx 15-35% (depending on the price of the IGP and or quantity) more likely to win after making an in game purchase. Strictly playing without purchases at full power, the farther you progress in buy-in price, the game will shuffle through a few ways of how it reacts to your shots. You could attempt the same shot(Same angle too) 3 times and each time it would be different. If you read this far, do what you will with the info. That concludes my findings. Thanks.Version: 4.8.4

Broken, full of hackers and rigged gameThis game is made entirely to make you spend money and lose every single match. Dont bother to try toplay tables over 50k bid, you will lose. The free mini game will only give you the smallest amount possible. And the hackers are impossible to count. The impossible shot, they do it. They will take every drop of tolken you have. Every day for 4 weeks I have tried and gave the game a chance. Everyday I loose everything. Keep losing matches for no logical reason. This game is just a waste of time and of patience. Dont play, dont buy anything with real money or you will regret soon to waste it on this horrible game.Version: 5.3.1

Ok gameIt’s an ok game. Usually just play to pass time while sitting around. Game constantly wants you to buy in app purchases, not going to happen. Why would anyone spend their money to buy coins not like you’re winning real money. Your never going to win any decent amount of coins on your free daily spin because of course they immediately give you a chance to buy another spin. I sometimes wonder if they even give you the little bit of coins you do win because the game hides your total amount when you spin so unless you remember to check your total before you spin you never know if you get the actual coins. Game has some annoying glitches as well, like when you put a ball right in front of a pocket and the app moves the ball back away from it. This happens every game. Another annoying glitch is if you hit your last ball in and the 8 ball in on the same shot it gives the win to your opponent this should not be the case especially when your last ball goes in long before the 8 ball drops. Of course the main goal of this game is to make the developers loads of money so they are going to do everything in their power to get you to spend more money. Have never made any in app purchases and never will..Version: 3.12.0

Lose coins when winning!I have been playing for a couple of months now. Even though the game can be fun, it has some flaws and down right cheats. The first flaw I saw was moving of the cue ball by the game after play. More than one time I have left the cue ball against the rail at a pocket making for a really difficult shot for my opponent. Next thing I see is the game more the ball off the rail making the shot easier for my opponent. The next flaw is the level of the opponent it pairs you with. 9 out of 10 times I’m playing against someone with much more experience, rarely someone of the same or near level. Now to the cheating. Several times when I had cue ball in hand after my opponent pocketed it, I would have just set the ball down to line up a shot only to be told “time ran out.” The most it had been was 3 seconds but now my opponent had the ball again. The biggest cheat is the loss of coins when you win. That’s right. LOST COINS WHILE WINNING!! Just today at 2 different times I lost coins when I won games. The first time I won 2 games in a row and lost 500 coins. The second time I won the game and my total went down 3000 coins. Doesn’t sound like much but it does add up for those just starting out..Version: 4.6.2

Aimbots are terrible on 9 ballUnfair. Not even worth playing 9 ball.Version: 5.2.3

Annoying..The Developers are too greedy!This game is good in parts..but the developers are so greedy it’s obscene! The game it self is ok..but all the developers want is your money! The prices of the cues are ridiculous and they really don’t make much difference..The developers don’t give you much back for nothing..Then there is the notifications..every 5 minutes..someone you played months ago and you foolishly agreed to friend..from the other side of the world is playing..Like so what? And the wheel at the start is fiddled to give you the bare minimum..then they want another £1 to give you nothing much more! The developers must be millionaires 20 times over....and they just want more and more and more! Play the game by all means as it can be fun but don’t spend real money on it! And when you finish the game bang! Within a minute a tedious notification to get you back playing the game..as someone you will never meet is playing..This game drives me mad! But it’s too addictive to delete! And if you switch the notifications you lose benefits..Version: 4.0.1

Daily payouts....To whom it may concern, Your daily payout scheme should be judged (if it is at all ?), by the players coin purchases and game play. I for one have purchased coin packages and I used to play regularly but I've stopped playing because I'd be let down by the daily spins. Game play for free spins isn't what it should be....you should only have $75-$500 on offer because that's all you ever give!?.Version: 3.10.2

Could be great. Just be careful when you betThis could be such a great game! It has smooth graphics and a great interface. The only problem is the maker’s want you to spend money and lots of it! Don’t buy the extra’s. They are just not worth your hard earned cash. Where you have to be extra careful is on how much you bet. The default amount is very high and it’s easy to press the wrong amount and like myself on a number of occasion’s you will find yourself gambling half or all your saved coins. Plus the same applies to the carousel on where in the world you will play. Again the default place and amount that needs to be wagered there is always very high and easy to hit and open unintentionally so please be careful. There’s no way to stop proceedings once the match has been opened and your opposition chosen. Be very mindful of what you press in this game. You can lose all your virtual cash in an instant. This could be resolved in an instant with an ‘are you sure you wish to bet this amount’ question before the game starts. I doubt that will happen though. Addicted players will spend more every time. This could be a great game. But it’s not..Version: 4.6.0

Thing stupidly went into middle pocket and cost me to loseI won my way up to 50k then went to bet 50k and was winning but my last shot the 8 ball magically went into the middle bottom pocket and cost me to lose stupid messed up game most rigged game ever🖕.Version: 4.7.7

Definitely a fixed game...First off, you never know how the order of breaking is. You can win a bunch of matches and still not be the one to break for 4+ games. Sometimes it varies. You can recharge your cues and sometimes it doesn’t even make a difference in the shooting techniques that the cue offers. The quick fire in offline mode is definitely a good example..you can get to almost any tier and the white ball always seems to travel more than any other ball on the table, especially to the pockets 😅 the time always runs even when you are not shooting because the balls are rolling forever...it’s definitely never the same time given back to you when you are potting balls left and right. You can get a whole table cleared in a matter of seconds and still have 10 seconds before you run out of time and guess what?...the white ball happens to be sunk in a pocket 🥴🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s almost as if they want you to lose in any given game. You pretty much know if you will or not. Maybe it’s just the way the games are played, but definitely something I’d be weary of as I do on the daily. The moment you lose a first game, it’s all downhill from there. All because the opponent broke first as per usual..Version: 5.2.3

Sucks - total money grab - rigged mechanicsThis game sucks and is a money grab. Pool cues that require money for charging?! If you play people that have spent real money, they will win because theie cues are better and if you’ve both spent money, the fool who spent the most will win. What a crappy game. Also if you dont spend money you will randomly sewer and miss shots because the mechanics are rigged so people spend money. Should be 0 stars.Version: 4.7.7

JDUgegdgfhdhfhdhfhfhfhfhfgfgggdggagsgxbxdbhdhhd...Mmm mmm no I don’t like this game badly I bravely deleted this game and I’m not downloading this game again this game is silly! It tricks you and I gave up because I kept playing big games it’s a naughty game and I feel very happy 😊 without this game don’t ever or play this game worst thing is you might feel even happier when you delete this this game no matter you have lots of coins just delete this game right now even I felt upset when I was about to delete this game but now I feel even happier than before so wreck your game I see a tree download thing or maybe a download button I will never press that button I’d be very sad if I remove it from AppStore don’t you dare ever download his game or don’t even dare to remove it from AppStore that will be very sad if you ever do that because some of you might be able to delete this game but don’t do it not even to the games I can’t delete apps from my iPad but I think some of you can! Don’t do it!.Version: 5.4.2

Don’t waste your timeThis god awful game just wants your money. First the ‘all in’ game mode it puts me into games with level 250’s when I’m a level 20 and they absolutely wreck me with their legendary cues. Second the spin and wins are completely rigged. I have probably spun over 50 times and never got over 500 coins from it and they land perfectly in the middle of the tiles. Third you literally have to pay something like 80 quid if you want to get a maximum stat cue and you still have to spend ages upgrading it. It is also completely rigged and broken One time I went into a game for 200,000 coins and me and my enemy were both on the black and I hit the ball pretty much straight into the pocket but the ball just stays bouncing from each side like I’m here but I’m not going in and then the enemy just easily pots it in with no trouble. Don’t get me even started about the bugs. One of the main reasons I left this game was the fact that every time it was my go I could put anymore than half the power on my cue and if I went over it would just reset over and over again leaving me to quit all my games..Version: 4.6.2

8 ball poolPlaying pool is fine but be careful trying to buy the promos because when your password screen comes up to verify purchase, it always offers a lower level of something or something completely different. With the millions of people playing you would think they would show some customer appreciation with better offers instead of just being greedy..Version: 3.10.2

This is a gambling app so be warnedAnyone that suffers from gambling or gaming addition be very careful with this app. ThIs app is addictive and promotes you to spend money to progress, regular ‘seasons’ require you to pay fees to unlock the benefits. Constant in-app pop ups offering upgrades if you pay extra. You are in effect gambling on the outcome of your game. Total online gambling methodology, sneaky algorithms and monitoring player spending behaviours, all in an attempt to loot you of your winnings and make you spend more money. Offering better prizes if you gamble more money and progress quicker on higher tables. I sometimes think I am playing a robot due to glitches in ball behaviour and ridiculous profile pictures which are clearly stock pictures. Spin to win and scratch to win are a joke, only winning lower prizes when prizes available are much higher, you can see the wheel quickly slowing down to the lower prizes, all feeding the addition to try again and win more. No offer of a helpline or option to block the app. Doesn’t appear this gambling app is part of the Self Exclusion Scheme for gambling addicts and doesn’t appear there is a way of making a complaint due to them robbing people of their money..Version: 5.2.7

Sad asThis was my daily game every night before sleep I would play a few games loved it. Then in the last month it’s been horrid . To be truthful I’ve hardly played because it keep crashing. I use an iPad that has run flawlessly forever but I can’t play anymore 😢😥😡 Can someone please explain why it keeps crashing ....I’ve just tried again The app opens if your lucky then trying to play a game it crashes , hit one of the magic boxes it crashes and I lose my prize I’m done ....please fix this.Version: 4.3.1

SMURFS!!!!This is a really fun game that has good graphics and other cool features. One of the things I hate about the game however is when higher level players make new accounts. If there was a way to stop this from happening it would be even better.Version: 3.10.2

So much cheating.There are so many hackers and so much cheating, this otherwise brilliant pool game is an exercise in frustration and dismay. Don’t waste your time with this..Version: 5.2.3

PLEASE READ THIS ISSUEThere is a reason this is 3/5. So a half star off for the rigged wheel, you need to get that junk randomized instead of the bull that it is. THE TWO AND A HALF STARS is because I scroll to play in Moscow and it accidentally puts me in a game that costs way more than that. I filed a complaint because I click the red back button and IT DOESN’T WORK. It backs me out of the game and takes me to the home screen. Then I go to click on moscow and it scrolls and BOOM IM IN CAIRO KASBAH. I lost 250,000 coins that I’ve been saving up playing this game for years and when I talked to support I couldn’t get my coins back cause “it’s too many coins” said support. My friend gave me half of her coins and I’ve been saving up to give them back but playing in Sydney and I was SCROLLING and while scrolling it clicked los vegas. I clicked that stupid red button again and I even completely closed the game even though I saw the main screen again and when I reopened it BOOM IM IN LOS VEGAS WHEN I REOPEN THE GAME. I’m lucky I actually won but I am honestly going to delete this app if it happens again and rerate it to a one star. I’ve loved this game for years and I have worked super hard in this app just to get 300,000 just to lose them all in one game because it clicked on it while I was scrolling and the RED BUTTON DOESNT WORK!!!!.Version: 5.2.3

DON’T PAY for in game extras!!!The game itself is pretty cool, and works well which is a the only reason I’m giving 1 star. You’re constantly given the opportunity to pay in game for extras such as coins or cash again this is fine. What isn’t fine though is when you’re given the opportunity to buy things such as additional spins which are supposed to give you the opportunity to win much higher coin amounts, this is where things start to feel almost scam like as you’ll only ever win the minimal amount of coins available per spin, usually the same amounts that you can get in the game for free by occasionally watching the 30 second adds (do this instead DON’T pay)!!! There is also a section within the game that promises much higher amounts of coins if you sign up to promoted companies which offer subscription services. I signed up to one of these services and over 2 months later have received absolutely nothing by way of the coins promised. I tried to report this via the instructions given but it doesn’t work and won’t allow you to actually submit the claim. A good game but let down by the developers greed unfortunately..Version: 3.13.0

Trash And RubbishFirstly, the physics in this game is, i can't even explain how rubbish it is. When I aim directly into a pocket without spin, the ball suddenly curves and misses some reason. Secondly, the spin and win mini game is bad. I spin and every time I do, it always gives me the lowest prize. Thirdly, I always get matched to higher players. I am a level 12 and most of the time, I get matched with like a level 200 something. It's so unfair to be like this. The only good thing is it's art. Fourthly, the privacy when logging in as on Facebook is nonsense. If a thief or someone bad is trying to look for people, they can just see your full name and you country. Absolutely nonsense, and no privacy at all. At least fix so we can change our names. That's all. Don't even bother buying anything in the game..Version: 4.8.4

Uninstalling for the last timeCan’t stand this rigged game any longer. The matchmaking is a joke impossible to advance unless you spend money. You will get paired up with someone 100 levels higher than you (not exaggerating) and 10% better win ratio than you. This game will make you play until are your coins are gone to make you spend real dollars one of the biggest scams in the App Store to be honest. They use a fun game to pull you into a frustrating money pit experience. As soon as you get on a win streak you get matched up with somebody who is above and beyond your rank. most frustrating game I’ve ever seen..Version: 5.2.7

HOW!?First off wanna say it’s is actually a decent game, have played it for many years, and have racked up nearly 3 billion winnings, but lately- especially after the latest large update I have gone on the largest LOSING streak I have ever been on, AND DON’T TELL ME ITS BECAUSE I AM BAD!! Because I am very good at the game! yeah I understand skilled based matchmaking and fairness and whatever but to be honest some things are simply not fair! Playing on higher tables; I am level 123 and I am versing people that are like level 250! With 5x the amount of winnings and higher win rate than me! that’s not a skilled based matchmake to me. I do not expect to win every game, that would be ridiculous! And boring! but winning 2/20 games is complete rigged and unfair in my opinion! How does this happen when I am a decent player ?! I recently brought some cash to buy some surprise boxes and coins and instantly after purchasing I start lose games!? Are yous making me lose my coins because you know I spend real Currency on the game expecting me to spend more !!? That’s what it feels like most of the time! And the new trophy system is ridiculous! Can’t even get rings for the tables I don’t have ! Because I keep losing. I just want an explanation!! -and I know the game has realistic physics -skilled based matchmaking I don’t want to hear “you’re just bad” BECAUSE I KNOW I AM NOT !.Version: 5.0.0

There are some major glitchesI love this game but there are some major glitches at times. For instance free coins and their videos. I watch the videos and it does not give me the free coins. I watch again still the free coin prompt is there as if I didn’t watch the video. Sometimes when I play the ball I am aiming at completely misses!! Aimed spot on and even the opponent questions what just happened. Sometimes I don’t even have a cue stick on the table. I can’t shoot just have to sit and wait until the time runs out. Also I can have my target acquired and get ready to shoot and as soon as I touch the draw back it takes my aim completely off!! Or if the stick is placed closed to the drawback of the cue it will shoot when you haven’t touched it!! These things are extremely frustrating when your in a match. If you miss one time someone will run the table. Also the Free spin is consistently giving the the same amount of coins!! If you have 2 spins it will give the same amount most all the time in the second spin. The most I think I have ever gotten is 500 coins. I got a rate box one time. I love this game but these issues need to be addressed. I have talked with other players and they clearly are aware of what I call the “glitches”. Other than that I love 8 ball pool!!.Version: 5.2.3

Millionaire issueWell... when I play a match for 10/15/25M ... I’m not getting full money . 10M - got 10+9M 15M- got 15+13.28M 25M- got 25+ 21M This is not right . When I’m winning, I should get all the money / I hope the management should take necessary steps to solve this problem . Thanks in advance..Version: 4.8.5

Terrible gameYou buy a cue and spend a lot, you build it up and spend even more and then the cue doesn’t perform ever the same. Sometimes it has power and other times it has none, sometimes the ball spins out of control and sometimes it hardly spins at all. Secondly, you have a time limit to play, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve potted the call within the time limit but it cancels my shot and says that I ran out of time. Thirdly, I’ve paid for tournaments many times and the game freezes and keeps me standing there waiting or just cancels me out. These people must think that we’re all rich and can spend money like it grows on trees. Not all people have hundreds to spend on a mobile game and the little they can they hope to get what they spend which is NOT the case with this game. Originally I thought this game was the best but recently I think it is close to one of the worst games out..Version: 4.8.4

This game is RIGGEDI gave it 2 stars because used to enjoy playing it. But once I started to jump on some of the deals (.99 cents - 1.99) things changed. I started getting cheated out of games. There is no way I will be able to explain all that has happened for people to get an understanding of what I mean. I just can’t understand the physical logic of how I can be “right next” to the 8 ball on the last shot (say bottom left pocket) and I would literally just “tap” that ball..I mean literally JUST TAP it and that cue ball would bounce 2 rails and scratch on me on the opposite end of the table...there was not that much power put into the shot for that to have happened and yet it has happened multiple times over and over and over...please understand me when I say I TAPPED that ball, I mean I moved that cue stick the shortest amount possible...no one will get it so I will stop trying to explain it... but I feel cheated here, game was fun, but there are tooooo many physical impossibilities I have seen and cheating is going on...then they put you up against higher rated players...like a 20 level would be placed up against a 125..I mean seriously? It’s like they are setting you up to lose all the time so you will spend more..after I leave this review I am deleting this rigged and cheat of a game.Version: 3.12.3

I’d love to be able to communicate through microphoneThis game is good i love it but the only thing it’s missing is to be able to communicate through the mic and have an option to turn it on and off like pub g does. That’ll put this game on a whole new level believe me!! You will get 5 star ratings from left right and centre..Version: 5.2.3

Spend money and get soft bannedI play this game often. I don’t normally spend money on in-app purchases. However, I really like this game and decided “why not?” From time to time I treat myself to some extra cash (or coins) on the app. I’ve played over 15,000 games, win percentage 42.8%, and not a lot of wins. I go through winning and losing spurts, but I play tables ranging from $100k to $2.5mil. I signed on to check my 8 hour box, only to realize that everything that I have purchased and won (fair and square) has been taken. I get a “Final Warning” pop up (mind you this is the first pop up I’ve ever seen). I’ve never used third party modifications, don’t have any extra accounts to transfer coins, nor have I offended anyone (I keep my chat off when I’m playing the game). This cannot be legal. I can see if I was doing anything on their “Final Warning” list, but I have actually worked to build up my account fairly. I will be closing my account, but I am looking to take further action before I do. You don’t pay for a product and allow the store to take it back at their leisure all in the name of something they make up. I work hard for my money in real life. If I purchase a product (service) in good faith, you will not be allowed to take it and expect me to bow out gracefully..Version: 4.6.2

Logics to lose youThis games makes you win and lose not based on the skills you use but based on the logics they use. It’s a trap to keep you playing. Trap might strike black to hole or behind another ball, we can record the game and test the accuracy how can a game depend..I did that and I can assure this is just a trap..Version: 4.7.7

Needs work... and cheats are everywhere...I’ve been using the game frequently over that last two months or so, and it’s fairly realistic, however regardless of where the white ball is, you can always access the spin even if the ball is tight on the cushion/bank or tight against another ball, so for that it’s very unrealistic. The game appears to be based on USA tables sizes and the corner pockets are like buckets, but it doesn’t appear to have been developed with any specific rules in mind. The BIGGEST problem I found is that there is no way to regulate how your opponent plays, and cheating is rife, easily 75% of my opponents played deliberate fouls including playing the black to knock it ‘safe’... and you aren’t given an additional shot... If you’re one of those people you will love it, if like me you play fairly and rely on skill and deft of touch, look elsewhere, there are many better constructed pool/snooker games available. I’ve just deleted the game because of the cheats... so annoying..Version: 4.3.1

Good game but riggedThe game is fun and the chest system is good. But the spin to win is rigged to always give you small rewards that don’t help at all. Also when I watch the ads to either win a spin or to get the free cash, the game doesn’t register that I watched the ad and the countdown timer goes off. Making me wait until the next day..Version: 4.1.0

Rigged!I’ve played this game many times! The problem is, once you get on a good streak they start manipulating the game so you lose. Several times after the break the balls just switch places right before my eyes. I have pictures. These WILL be posted on your social media pages..Version: 5.2.7

1 Frame Shootout and Lose Highest Steak CoinsWhen I first start playing this game, I thought to myself it will have full potential. However, when I reach Level 75, I realise that you can lose your money easily in 1 Frame Shootout, if your opponent doesn’t give you an opportunity and he/she clears up in one visit and your playing for highest stakes then your legit F*****. If your reading this MINICLIP, then you need to sort out this freaking game man because 1 Frame Shootout is absolutely NOT GOOD enough. When playing a high stakes like Dubai, Shanghai or Paris for example can’t you make it like best of 3-5 etc? So that you don’t lose all your coins all at once and you got an opportunity to make a tight game and potentially win if you take your chances. Also, when you have decent amount of coins, can’t you make Bangkok, Seoul and Mumbai best of 7-9 etc? This is my problem of when playing this game, I hope MINICLIP can read this message and hopefully to understand why people can get frustrated just by getting a ‘Denial’ Shot..Version: 4.9.0

Arnaque !Quoique d’un bel esthétisme et d’un gameplay fluide, c’est décidément conçu à partir d’un algorithme qui fait en sorte que vous devez payez pour profiter du jeu à haut niveau peu importe votre adresse. C’est le programme qui contrôle tous les contre-coups, c’est trop évident. S’il pense que je vais investir dans son jeu nul en me disant avec des queues épiques et beaucoup de jetons, cela cessera la routine des frustrations que le jeu est programmé à procurer si nous investissons pas dans des offres trompeuses, le concepteur/ designer se met profondément un doigt dans l’œil. Tout autrement, j’aurais consenti à investir si le trucage algorithmique ne sentirait pas à plein nez ou si je m’aurais taillé une place dans une table pro juste à force d’adresse et non en achetant son talent. Alors vous êtes averti, vous aurez certainement du plaisir, mais seulement sur une courte durée à moins de ne pas lésiner à dénouer les cordons de la bourse. Et, pour finir, ne soyez pas si maussade si vous vous trouvez maladroit, car ce n’est peut-être pas vous le problème, mais bien l’arnaque comme moteur qui est au coeur de ce jeu de billard virtuel...😡.Version: 4.8.4

AWFUL EXPERIENCEI have been playing this game for a couple of years now and I built up to 1 Million coins. Then all of a sudden all of my coins disappeared and I was left with only 30K coins!! I am absolutely disgusted by this and definitely wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone! I spent ages building up those coins and coming back to see that they’ve all gone was unacceptable. When I came on the game, it said this is my final warning for transferring coins between accounts but I have never done this!! Another thing that is awful about this game is how when you click to play a game, it loads too quick and there’s no warning sign. This has happened to me twice now! I once accidentally clicked on Cairo and lost 250K coins. I tried clicking back straight away but it was too late! It’s atrocious how’s there’s no warning sign such as ‘Are you sure you wish to play in this city?’ The game loads too quickly and the next thing you know, you’ve just lost your coins. 8 ball pool really need to sort this out because it’s unacceptable!! I am deleting this game and I am definitely not going to recommend it to anyone!!.Version: 4.8.4

AnnoyedThis game is irritating with its constant interruptions trying to sell you more and more. If you reject an offer s It should not come up again and again and again and again. Further to that there seems to some algorithms that are specifically designed to make it possible to succeed unless you move up to the higher levels betting millions of coins at a time. For example the white ball will often inexplicably travel at a slow pace right into a pocket when it should’ve stopped way before. Spin will apply erratically so you can seldom rely on it for ball placement. Obviously it is designed to make the developers money but trust me after playing this for a while you will get seriously annoyed..Version: 5.0.1

Pay to winThe game is just introducing new ways to make players pay to buy cues or do extra spins. Have you guys realised that after collecting the prize of the spin, a small window appears that advise to pay to spin more. Why does it appear at the right time and covers your phone so you cannot ignore it. It’s really frustrating, it’s my choice when I will spend money. These are techniques that makes them earn excellent revenue. The spin is ridiculous 10/10 the prize is miserable. The old spin few years back was better. You are good at making new algorithms to make us win miserable rewards so we are more likely to pay. Isn’t it? Then you should remove the recommendation that comes out when you are playing with someone “x has recently been online, do u want to challenge him”. It’s cover part of the screen and really frustrating as you close one, then more of them comes. Why should I challenge a friend that has been recently online if he is not online at the moment. The game gave us too many advices and not leaving our freedom of choice. Sometime there is no matchmaking, you are against players that have strong cues and really high on levels. This encourages you to spend money to be at their level. Why do you matchmaking problems MINICLIP if you say the game is played by millions every day?.Version: 4.8.4

Cheaters!The game is amazing, and though I say this it does have it’s faults... It is easy to go online and get “unlimited guidelines” off apk websites. This makes the game very boring sometimes. I have recently had a problem where the game has accused me of cheating! They took all my winnings and reset my total $. Moving on from that, 8 Ball Pool is a game for patience and skill. It always leaves me on the edge of my seat, either being happy or wanting to smash my phone... The game has a lot of Indians in it (not being racist) but that’s not a problem :) Surprisingly the game is free but there is a few catches, the game PUSHES you to buy a free spin or pay for more coins. I am pretty sure the company as a hole is earning enough money as it is. Thanks for reading my review, bye!.Version: 3.11.0

LeaderboardHi regarding Leaderboard it’s saying I have no coin? I have tried numerous ways to contact you! All I can do is put in a review now I came 2nd in silver league ever since nothing on leaderboard. My previous club they take it serious as they highly rated fair enough started to loose coin & some glitches i was told due inappropriate behaviour they were being punished so I assumed it was me & left the club but I’ve had no complaints personally if the case it’s due to chat pack function all I can think of 😍😃 all you can basically do!! Why Invent then but slowly loosing interest as had to leave all 8 ball friends due to this so how can this b fixed before I loose total interest as we in lockdown due to coronavirus only game I don’t spending $ but I have sadly got no were & another thing I was looking on Facebook people showing others how to cheat! Same page they were congratulated a person for being locked out due to cheating So I quickly left worried about scammers to.Version: 5.0.0

Battle pass is not executed properlyI gave two stars rather than one because I find it nice that this game kills pass times effectively. The game got boring after you collect desired cue (me) before the battle pass overhaul, since you have a chance to get up to 100% of your pool coins back. Therefore, if you bet small, technically you will never lose pool coins. Since the late 2019 battle pass bandwagon overhaul, they raised the price for boxes that makes it more expensive to collect cues. They are doing this to keep their player-base high through grinding. Battle pass would only be a good idea in this game as long as box prices did not rise and does not involve excessive grinding to earn pool cash, buy boxes, and collect desired cue..Version: 4.6.2

Customers notesMiniclips 8 ball pool does not deliver a clean online experience in fact it’s quiet the opposite I’m playing this on a 4g network with Data and it keep saying I’ve lost connection once connection has been re-established I’ve lost my shot due to timing out I’ve also never been able to collect rare ques unlike the editors notes I’m terribly disappointed after seeing the amount of marketing for this app and the amount of money it’s making from its customers for the developers you’d think it would at least be able to hold up a game.Version: 4.4.1

Dont play this game!!! Its incredibly rigged!In every game you play, the app decides if you win or not. If you play an all in game, they will put you up against level 150s when you are level 13 so they make sure that you lose all of your chips so you have to buy more or wait an hour for 30 chips. The daily spin and wins are rigged as well. You always land on either 150 or 250 no matter what since it always starts on the same number. Even if you play against your friends in real time, the balls will defy all laws of physics. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!! THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO. Do not buy the special cues! It costs the price you bought to “recharge the cue” to be able to put cue spin on the cue ball. There is also the most obvious evidence that it is rigged: Your balls bounce out of the pockets while the opponent’s won’t. Just install an app like GamePigeon or Pool Break Lite to play pool with your friends or online. You might think it isn’t rigged at first because thats how they bring in new players. Once you start playing more often, they will start making you lose for reasons like “potting the 8 ball” when none of the balls hit it. I have RECORDED evidence of this. If you post about it on their support fourms they will ignore you or even go as far as deleting it. Anyway that was my rant on this terrible game..Version: 3.11.1

Great....at first....Used to love this game, logged out of it and deleted it because certain parts of the app were not available to me for some reason. So then I reinstalled it and now my Facebook log in will not work and I am having to play as a guest. I am NOT HAPPY PLEASE FIX THIS CRAP....update! Still having problems this game is now stealing my coins booting me from tournaments and closing down general games when I'm in one! I'm really not happy with this's out this junk out this game was brilliant once now it's glitching all over the place what's with all the bugs I'm really pyst off! UP DATE! As someone has pointed out recently it’s all about the money. It puts a game up in front of you that’s compatible with your money pot in the hopes you accidentally click a high coin game and lose all your money I wouldn’t dream of playing a million coin game but I ended up doing so because it puts that game in front of you! Scam way to get you paying for coinage accidentally lost .. it’s disgusting. Shame on you ppl karmas great cant wait till you get yours your greedy badtards!!.Version: 4.9.0

Changing our nicknameWe should be able to change our nickname, because my Facebook account is what my dad used to play 8 pool years ago, and he logged in today, and now my nickname has changed to his name. I’ve tried everything to change it but i can’t. FIX THIS PROBLEM.Version: 3.14.0

Nothing but a money trapOk so I figured it out I think.. you play other players in the lower levels and lose. A lot. You only win just enough to get hooked, unless you pay big bucks, you’ll never see the higher levels. Why? Well. The game limits how far you go. How? If you miss one shot. I mean just one, the other players, (which some are the computer posing as real people) can run the whole table without you getting another shot AT ALL. Then you lose your coins and get kicked back to a lower level. The cycle repeats itself until you are scrambling to win your money back to compete in higher levels. Once you start getting close, your shots start to get off and your aim isn’t accurate (I literally screen recorded me playing and witnessed on the slow mo playback that even tho my aim was right, the computer made me miss the shot). Then you have to spend more coins to recharge your stick. They then give you spins and free coins, 100 to 300 coins a pop to keep you playing. After realizing you can’t beat the game, you go ahead and spend money to purchase more coins to play at higher levels, the cycle goes on and on until next thing you know, you’re back at no coins and either have to play at the lower stages or pay again to temporarily play at the higher ones. This game is a money trap and I’ll only play it to pass the time. But don’t expect to really win much..Version: 5.0.0

New update screwed up everythingBiggest thing that it screwed up that will finally make me uninstall and walk away is they changed the power bar/cue pull back. full power shots translates to the cue being pulled back half way now..never pulls back like it used to when u full power shots. will always look like ur putting half power in visually on the cue. this has messed me up cuz i’m too accustomed to knowing how much power i need by looking at how much i pull the cue back not the power bar. 5.3.1 is garbage and shouldn’t have updated from my 523. maybe com back in couple months to see if they fixed but that’s it for me, they keep ruining things that don’t need fixed and DONT FIX the things they need to fix lik do nothing about hackers....Version: 5.3.1

Programmed to frustrateThis game will definitely frustrate you. Realistic physics? Hype! It will not allow you to win. Ive played this several times as guest. Downloaded it several times. Each time the pattern is the same. Win streak loss streak. The losses will eat up your gains. It will disconnect mid game and you lose your bet. It will pit you against highly ranked players when earn plenty of wins. Bottom line it’s program is not fair. Don’t play this if you aim to pass time to relax. It won’t! If you want competition and spend money on it, maybe. This game has marked me to lose again. It’s making me lose games im winning by nullifying my shots as ‘ran out if time’ when im well within the time limit. It’s done that to me every game ive played today! Really rigged! This is why you never put money in this crap. This game has cheated again. It delayed my turn saying connection is slow and when it comes back my timer is jn the red giving me no time to make a shot. So give the opponent ball in hand..Version: 3.12.3

Spin issue fixWhy spin stop on 250 coins only we spin daily but not rare box win or not get any big prize dail spin only get 250 coins please this !!.Version: 5.2.7

Game Breaking Bugs and MatchmakingI really love this game, but it’s hard to when you aren’t able to play. Every single game I get paired with someone from India or Brazil or somewhere where our connection isn’t stable. I can’t even count the hundreds of thousands of coins I’ve lost due to a crash caused by poor connection. It’s come to a point where it happens so commonly and in such important, high stakes games, where I am afraid to play the game. At least when your game fails to establish a somewhat ideal connection, don’t take away my coins that I’ve been forced to spend money on. I know for a fact that it is not my WiFi, so you cannot possibly blame it on that. I have noticed that every time I play someone from my country or even my continent that the games are faster and can actually run. But, this only seems to happen once every 20 games. The number of times I’ve been about to win a high stake game and then I lose because of “poor connection to server” has become substantially high. I am seriously afraid to play your game until I can be assured that I will be able to play a game safely without losing my coins which are tied to my actual money. Trust me, this review should really be a 5 star, but your game needs some serious fixing and some decent customer service if you want that..Version: 4.3.1

EnglishFor the most part they have the physics pretty good, but no cigar. Using reverse English will land your cue ball in a pocket, for a scratch shot. You can almost bet the farm on it. More than not. I thought that maybe it wasn’t a glitch and it wouldn’t happen if you upgraded my stick to the highest level. No such luck. My stick is upgraded to the max and it scrTches every time if using hard English. It’s maddening and costs you game after game. Because most games usually hinge on one particular shot, that if it happens that it’s a hard English shot (hard meaning striking the cue ball with some power, pace) it’ll cost you the game. I’ve seen the cue ball seemingly go around other balls, like a guided missile to end up in the pocket forfeiting my shot and a lot of times the game. For such a good game to have such a glaring bug is a shame. By the way, there was a period in my life, I made my living shooting pool. So I know how English is suppose to work. And in this case, not work. That’s my only tic about the game. And after all it’s just a game, designed for entertainment, so if never fixed it won’t really matter. Just a game I’ve had a lot of fun playing. As the saying goes: if this is as bad as it gets, we’re in good shape. Enjoy.Version: 4.6.0

Good but unfairAt first I really liked this game and I couldn’t stop playing it but it has just came to me that you can vs a level 200 and still be level 8. Not only this gives a advantage to the level 200 it is a massive disadvantage to a lower level. The level 8 can still win but it is highly impossible for him/her to win. Another reason I gave this game a three star is how you can grab the ball in your have and move it to a point where you can just hit a ball in. If You get the ball your happy and it’s a freeby, but if this is the opponent and he/she keeps on getting the ball in his/her hand it get very annoying and frustrating. Not only they get a ball or two in they keep getting the ball in they hand. Overall I really like this game but I would fix having the ball in hand and moving it around, just a thought you can limit the movement of how far the ball can travel after you picked it up.Version: 4.4.2

Why should I report an issue with 8 Ball Pool™?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of 8 Ball Pool™ to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a 8 Ball Pool™ customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using 8 Ball Pool™.

Is 8 Ball Pool™ not working?

8 Ball Pool™ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact 8 Ball Pool™.

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