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Hexa Sort App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Hexa Sort app received 43 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hexa Sort? Can you share your negative thoughts about hexa sort?

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Hexa Sort for Negative User Reviews

More ads than gameThis would be a fun game, if it weren’t so ad invasive. I play plenty of other ad supported games, and I don’t mind having a few for a quick free play game. I know I’m not spending money on the game, and developers have to eat too. However, this is one of those games where the actual game play is just filler between more ads. You WILL spend more time on ads than with the game. There are even ads when you open the game sometimes. You have to wait for it to finish to play your first round. They have the potential for a fun game here, but they ruined it. This is day 3, and I’m deleting it..Version: 1.6.23

Good game bad adsI like the game and I understand you need the ads. What bothers me is more time then not the ads freeze. You have to get out of the game, you loose whatever you were trying for (coins, free space or free time). Very aggravating.Version: 1.6.23

Vaguely DisappointedI don’t normally write review, but I figured submitting feedback would help. I don’t mind ads in games from time to time, but I had purchased no ads for this game, in game. And unfortunately it is still letting ads through. Not by selecting addition assistance and watching an ad when you are low on coins. I hope this helps developers.Version: 1.6.23

GarbageThe games fun but you get five life’s which does not make sense why would you want to limit the time we play on the game. Then after a few levels it throws colors at me that I have no place to put and it’s starting to seem like it does it on purpose so you run out of lives and spend money on the game 100% garbage. “Enter your zen” enters me into a state of anger.Version: 1.6.23

Is this game a scam?I paid for the No Ads option, which is ridiculous because I still need to play ads in the game. I want my money back or fix the issue. The game is entertaining but scamming people is terrible!!!.Version: 1.6.12

Love this game but…Look i dont write reviews for games but this one i kinda had too.. i love the challenges and levels it gives… im just finding my phone literally burning up over this game ive tested it on other games to see if it was just my phone but it wasn’t, i also noticed that the game freezes up and i meant to put the tiles on a specific spot but it lags and puts it on another spot i had no intention putting on and messes up my ideas for the next move, it fustrated me to the point where i had to write a review. Otherwise i love the concept of it!.Version: 1.6.23

No thanksThey will purposely give you the wrong colors so you keep losing and have to watch their ads. I knew I was gonna lose, tried to end the game. They took my a life away, made me watch an ad then gave me the same game I tried to get away from just for me to lose another life and have to go through another ad. Just deleted the game.Version: 1.5.52

Love this game!I often find myself lost in this game. It is a good stress reliever for me. The only negative is the game is for kids as young as 12, yet you allow ads for racy, sexually suggestive games that are rated 17+. Pre teens don't need to be inundated with these ads every time you clear a level..Version: 1.6.23

So. Much. Monetization.I get it companies have to make money. Can’t complain about having ads in a free game but THIS MANY? Scenario: You fail a puzzle want to revive and watch an ad? No. Okay then you get to watch an ad because you hit no. Did you just win? Okay time to play another ad. We interrupt your gameplay to bring you this ad but don’t worry we’ll give you a tiny amount of in game currency you’ll never actually save enough to buy the items. Hit you with the ads while you’re in the menu for the next puzzle. Honestly the puzzles are decently fun and challenging when you are actually playing which is why I gave this 3 stars but the amount of in your face monetization is disgusting. If it had half as much even this would be 5 stars if you enjoy these puzzle games..Version: 1.6.23

Older phone? Forget about itFor such a simple game, there must be some insane stuff happening in the background because it is mindblowingly slow and laggy and just awful. Other more complicated games work just fine on my old phone, but not this one. Make it playable for everyone and it would be a great little time waster..Version: 1.6.23

I liked this game before the most recent updateIt was a fun little game about strategy and I just loved playing it but this most recent update changed the game in the middle of round I was playing. I stopped for a little while and came back to the game. I lost the round, updated the game because I saw there was an update, came back to the same level and it was completely different. Same level but configured differently and now I have to break caps off the other towers?!? And break planks to open more spots? Not every game needs to be like this. Bring back the simple game please. I’m really not impressed with this update at all.Version: 1.6.23

Solid game, aside from No Ads package not workingThe game itself is great. Well designed and easy to pick up and play a level or two with even just a few minutes of down time. I’d honestly rate at 5 stars, but I’ve purchased the No Ads pack and after the “payment success” notification, there are no less ads than before. I tried to restore the purchase but the button seems to do nothing. Tried to refund through Apple which also doesn’t work. The option to buy the pack is gone so I know it’s supposed to be activated but it isn’t..Version: 1.6.23

So many ads.It is a really fun game! I absolutely love the game itself!! But the amount of ads you have to watch are ridiculous!.Version: 1.6.23

Adverts ruin the gameNice little game but so many annoying adverts that won’t go away really spoil the enjoyment of it. Deleted after one day of playing sadly..Version: 1.6.23

WowDownload this game because it was everywhere and looked incredibly fun. It is not level 25 and it’s impossible to beat. There’s no fun and relaxing to it. Looks nothing like how it did in the ads and yes I did mean to put an S I seen over 100 ads for this game used all my coins to get passes level still didn’t beat it. I don’t know if this is just a new updated version but it’s terrible. Oh also a very big lagging issue as well try to put blocks one place and they’ll go to an entirely different spot. It’s just terrible..Version: 1.6.23

Another game that makes ads the only way to progress.Starts off ok. But quickly becomes non winnable. But with watching ads it’s sometimes beatable. Not worth the waste of time of watching ads to continue. Greed is a horrible thing..Version: 1.6.23

Too many adsI like to play a game for a bit before deciding if it’s worth purchasing or not. I like the premise of the game but it was hard to get into it because of all the ads..Version: 1.6.23

Ads don’t really go awayBefore buying, the number of ads is excessive. That should have been a hint at what was to come. I decided to pay the $7 to support the game creators after getting through enough ads to be able to sample the game. Unfortunately, after purchasing the “ad free” option, there are still ads to unlock spots on your board..Version: 1.6.23

AdvertsI have purchased the app but I still have all the adverts 🤬 I thought when you buy the game you don’t have the adverts!! It’s so frustrating.. please help or I want a refund!.Version: 1.6.23

LOVE but reasons I don’t loveThere are so many ads, even when I paid for no ads. I can understand when I run out of lives but there are still spots on the board you have to select and watch an ad to be able to use it..Version: 1.6.23

Good but quit shoving ads down my throat.The game is good. I leave the app for half a second and come back to “ad break”. Every single time. Not worth the annoyance. Deleting. Ciao..Version: 1.6.23

Fun game but the ads 🙄Only 5 lives which take forever to refill. Each ad goes for over a minute. 15mins free lives was taken up by endless ads. I would pay for no ads if it was cheaper..Version: 1.6.12

I love it, but…So I absolutely love the game and find myself sitting for extended amounts of time playing it. My biggest issue is the lifes, coins, and anything involving making the play go longer. You have to wait 10 minutes between watching videos to earn 5 coins. Now to get lifes you have to spend 75 coins… They only allow you to revive once on the game by watching a video and after that youre out of luck for 10 minutes until you earn health which only gives you one life :( It honestly brings the whole concept of the game down for me.Version: 1.6.12

SloooooowIs anyone else having an issue of both slowness and glitching and draining your phone battery quickly? That’s a little concerning. I gave 2 stars because my kids like playing this for a couple mins of puzzle screen time..Version: 1.6.23

Love the game, hate the advertisersCan’t take it anymore. Gossip merge has driven me away..Version: 1.6.23

Was fun while it lastedGood game to pass some time untill the recent update added at least 2 new features which completely changed the game play…. Neither for the better. Another fun for what it was app to be deleted..Version: 1.6.23

Really like this game BUT…This game is pretty fun, I like to play when I’m trying to wind down from a busy work day. I personally get annoyed at ads in general just because there’s plenty of free games that are fun without having ads, but I understand having them. What I do not like is the sexually suggestive game ads for story games! That is completely inappropriate to have ads like this on there. I don’t want my kids to be sitting with me seeing that or if I’m sitting somewhere in public having one pop up, that’s embarrassing. Please fix this..Version: 1.6.12

AdsI have twice paid to remove ads not good enough.Version: 1.6.23

FreezeI like this game but when it plays adds for free spots it freezes. The I have to get out of the game and redo it, if it continues I’ll just delete the game..Version: 1.6.12

This game is not ad free….Rip OffThis game gives you the option to go ad free then hides extra spaces behind ads. Not only spaces but also coins and other items. If I wanted to watch ads I would not have paid for the game to be ad free. This game is a rip off. I would avoid at all costs..Version: 1.6.23

Rewards says x5 butIt’s actually only x2 and for the gold only, unless of course you mean that’s how many times you have to wait additional time to actually exit out of the ad. Talk about false advertisement I won’t be watching any more ads and if it’s not fixed I’ll be deleting the game.Version: 1.6.23

Lazy codingI enjoyed it for a little bit but it pretty quickly starts to actively give you pieces you cant use. why are some of the levels straight up impossible until you get the one randomised version that is solvable?? there is clearly a small amount of variations of the start of each level, but only some of them are even possible.Version: 1.6.23

More levelsI have played all the levels and wish I knew when you are going to add more. I normally do wish the extra times I play the game I am getting built up some more building materials so when you get the next levels on I can use the building materials I have gained while I am waiting because I am bored..Version: 1.5.52

EhhhI loved the game at first, I enjoy it but ads all the time? Also after a short while of playing it lags out and I have to close the app and reopen it just for it to not lag anymore but then shortly later it does it again, why?.Version: 1.6.23

Need a “how to” tabFun game, great brain teaser. I just wish I understood why the tiles jump in certain directions. If you put a blue tile next to a blue tile sometimes it comes to you, sometimes you join it. No rhyme or reason to which way it goes tho. 🤷🏽‍♀️🥴 Also… sooooo many commercials makes it not fun! And how do you get back to the Home Screen when you run out of lives? 🤦🏾‍♀️🥴.Version: 1.6.12

Love the game, but…….Like I said I love the game, but the ad I have a problem. No I’m not complaining about how many ads , I’m complaining about the ad that was for the “adult coloring book “. Talk about rude. I’m thankful my nephew wasn’t playing this, but I’m sure there are children playing this. I know their parents would not want them seeing those kind of ads. Please fix or I will make sure this game will be deleted off of my tablets, and that my friends with kids know about the kind of ads shown..Version: 1.6.12

Game freezes as level 36Twice now I’ve got to level 36 then the stacks won’t move so you can’t progress. Disappointed because I really loved the game 😟.Version: 1.5.52

Gets repetitiveOnce I had played a few hundred rounds, I started to see the same patterns come around and around again. If there aren’t new patterns soon, it will get boring..Version: 1.6.23

MehPersonally I find it interesting and a mind challenge but I do have some issues. Some levels giving me pieces that are very useless or the blocks not going in the way I wanted and making it impossible. The ads on the other hand. Just as bad. They sometimes don’t play and make it so I don’t get the reward for it since I never watched it and is annoying. I may revisit if I try hard but I’m probably leaving the app..Version: 1.6.12

Could be goodGame play is good but even if you pay for no ads it still tries to force them down your throat to continue playing because it will give you impossible pieces you can’t do anything with leading to need to use your coins which are limited anyways unless you watch ads. AD FREE needs to mean ad free. If i pay you to remove the ads and you only partially do you deserve to be removed from the app store..Version: 1.6.23

Not worth downloadingI’m not sure how the chips move. It’s never consistent, whether they go from the tall stack to the short one or short to tall. It makes the game harder to play. Also, there may be continuous levels but there are only certain “setups” that just get repeated. By that I mean, the same way the boards was set up for level 12, it also is then repeated for 22, 36, 42. There’s just a few different set ups that just get rotated. So the games never gets harder. Boring..Version: 1.5.52

Don’t get attachedI loved this game until I didn’t. Once I started getting the same impossible puzzle over and over and I just when I thought I figured out how it is played…. It takes weeks to get past puzzles unless you watch ads or buy stuff. Not happening. Sorry. So download if you want. And “play” till you can’t..Version: 1.5.52

Terrible gameAt first the game was decent but like every other game there’s ads but worse as u play the game they take hexagons away and they want u to either watch an ad for them or pay and that just takes the fun out of the game if u constantly have to watch ads don’t waste your time.Version: 1.6.23

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