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AFK Journey App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

AFK Journey app received 39 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using AFK Journey? Can you share your negative thoughts about afk journey?

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AFK Journey for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t workWas really excited for the game but when I click on it, the screen just goes black..Version: 1.1.137

Translation problem and screen freezeThey have a problem that I'm playing as normal but I enter the banner or something else freezes the screen without any sense and I have to restart the application to fix the problem. Translation problems. I am an adventurer who likes to read a lot of stories and I have seen that some characters in the world are in Chinese and I have the language in Spanish, some notes are also in Chinese. And other more things are in Spanish but suddenly there is a word in Chinese I hope they fix that is a great game. And the device I use is iPhone 15 pro Max..Version: 1.1.137

Can’t start the gameI preordered the game and installed it but when I try loading the main menu it’s a black screen.Version: 1.1.137

BE CAREFUL OF SERVERSWere you looking forward to playing this game with friends? If yes, BE CAREFUL of what server you start the game on. The game does NOT warn you that servers are permanent and doesn’t even give you the option to pick which server you play on first launch- it’s a small, easily missable menu on the very first screen. If you pick a different server from your friends you will not be able to add them or join their guilds. After speaking with support over discord you also cannot be refunded for any purchases you make if you try and switch over to a new server. This feels predatory! No other mobile game has ever blocked me from adding friends that live in my region like this before. Will not be playing until this is addressed. I was excited for a month to play with friends and now I would have to lose hours of progress and IRL money to do that..Version: 1.1.137

Fun Until….I have been playing this game for 1 week now and this is my conclusion. I view the start of the game as an introduction. You get to level up quickly and explore a lot of the world but when you get about half way through, progression slows down heavily. Since level 70, I have had to wait for the AFK bonus to level my heroes. This takes hours upon hours and even so, I can only level up 1 hero at a time because I am not awarded enough xp for being afk. If I need to wait this long to play your game with very little progression, I might as well play another game. The alternative is to spend money and as with a majority of these games, you can’t only spend £5 and hope to get far. The game is a good game over all and amazing for those who don’t mind really slow progression but unfortunately, it’s not for me..Version: 1.1.137

Pros and ConsLove the art style and story. Great stuff. Don’t really like the skin tone options and lag..Version: 1.1.137

To read this review, please pay $4.99What has mobile gaming become? I don’t remember it being this bad prior to pandemic. Do you want to see 5 different packs you can buy for 1000%-5000% bonuses? Do you want to see value of 3200% for your money? Do you want 2 different battle passes along with a progression battle pass and a growth battle pass? Then this game is perfect for you, just keep paying money and the game will autoplay for you. You don’t even need to move, just click on the map and it will automove for you. Besides the constant bombardment to buy stuff and the auto battle, what are you even doing? Big number go up, brain happy. Pay more money, see more numbers, brain mega happy. Be 3200% happier by giving them more money. There are plenty other games to try and you can do waaaaaay better with your money than this game lol. I wrote this review to make me want to quit and I will, the game is addicting if you don’t think too hard about it, but so is gambling and this is pretty much that..Version: 1.1.137

Well done but gacha approachCan’t you just make a game without predatory micro transactions?.Version: 1.1.137

Another p2wDon’t get me wrong the game in itself is good and I think way better level game content then his big brother afk arena but just has is big brother it’s filled with micro transaction to the brim. Good content but pretty sure at some point in the future the difficulty will be too much and I won’t have a choice but to pay if I want to advance in the game. 1/5 p2w game are ruining the phone game industry.Version: 1.1.137

P2W Cash GrabLilith does what Lilith knows best, which is predatory pay-to-win trash with admittedly beautiful art..Version: 1.1.137

MehBit disappointed at the amount of OG characters added into the game, amount of customisation for ur own character is very minimal too. 4 skin tones n 2 body types (non of which are plus sized). Might stick to the older game AFK arena..Version: 1.1.137

No landscape modeI play on iPad and was looking for something to play landscape, I uninstalled immediately upon seeing it was portrait only unfortunately.Version: 1.1.137

Hm..I was really excited for this game to come out but the limited character customisation features, like the skin colour or even the body types. I can see a lot of mistakes with the voice acting lining up with the lines at the bottom, along with the voice acting sounding a bit off/dull/less effort. This company has made multiple games, especially popular ones that would’ve earned them a lot of money. So they could’ve used that for better voice acting and more customise features, because I find it hard to get into the story when the voice acting just sounds quite not good….Version: 1.1.137

No real difference to afk ArenaSame as afk arena nothing really new. Dont waste your time much better games to spend your time on..Version: 1.1.137

Korean?Where is the ….Version: 1.1.137

SillyGreat game. horrible skin tone options. amazing character designs. cant say silly..Version: 1.1.137

Let DownReally enjoy Idle RPG’s and was looking forward to this launch. Unfortunately, it’s a let down. The graphics/design is off putting and looks very dated. Controlling the character as you move around the map feels a lot more like an action game then the idle genre. Huge opportunity here that was missed. They should have just reskinned AFK Arena and added in a few new mechanics that the community has been requesting..Version: 1.1.137

Welcome offer? 800% value? HahahaThought I’d give this a try as it was advertised everywhere and is new. Normally with these games the welcome offers are by far the best value. Then seen the prices… $160 (aud) for a damn welcome offer that is supposed to be 800% value? Yes, no thanks I’ll stop now. That just shows how much money this game is going to cost you with how ridiculous there prices are on WELCOME offers……. A top hero of your choice, 70 summons and some diamonds is in your opinion worth $1280? Just imagine how much they going to charge down the line when these offers supposed to be the best value you’ll get. Ridiculous..Version: 1.1.137

Needs a few adjustmentsThe game is pretty fun, I enjoy the grind aspect and am excited to see new cosmetics and heroes in the future. There are some aspects that need attention like the voice acting/editing (I play with sound off but if I decided to play on pc I would be very annoyed) and some more accessibility options are needed, for example larger text options would be great. These are things I can understand since the game is so new but what I don’t understand is the lack of diversity in the character creator. I do feel like on release there should be more than two natural skin color options and a few more hair types. Other things I get can take a little time but I would like to see added in later such as more color options for hair and eyes, as well as different body types. If I do see some improvement in diversity I will gladly bring up my rating..Version: 1.1.137

It’s good I guessHello, as someone who has played afk arena as well this game is kinda mediocre. Not my cup of tea. I will say chippy is absolutely annoying, like genshin impact paimon levels annoying. I couldn’t get past the first part because I lost interest REALLY FAST. It’s fine I guess I mean others might like it more. Honestly the only character that I actually wanted was that jester dude because he looks really cool. But I mean the wishing system is alright the quality is good and the animation is okay. It’s just all kinda meh. I mean if they add liberta then maybe I’ll play the whole thing and make this 5 stars just sayingggggg.Version: 1.1.137

BEFORE YOU START PLAYING- If you intend to play with friends, make sure to check what server you are joining as you can’t accept friends on different servers and the game AUTOMATICALLY ASSIGNS YOU TO A SERVER. There is currently no method to move your character to another profile, and when trying to speak to support it states “we’re unable to respond in a timely manner, we will be with you as soon as possible” with no way to close the current issue ticket. - also be careful if you link an account to your character, whether that be your Farlight account, Google account or Apple account. Once linked there doesn’t appear to be a way to unlink the accounts.Version: 1.1.137

TrashPlayed for 5 minutes, was doing the forced recruitment when the screen went white and froze.Version: 1.1.137

UX isn’t greatIt’s designed for large iPad screen. Text is so tiny on my phone..Version: 1.1.137

Not possible to delete the accountIf you give them your email address, you'll get an account. If you ask them to delete your account and forget your email address, they say that they don't support account deletion..Version: 1.1.137

Waste of timeDo not download. Waste of time. Graphics are really bad and so many bugs. The game itself has no story or anything..Version: 1.1.137

Decent but held back by greed.Good game and reasonable gameplay but it might not last long as the general community seems to be strongly opposed the the Extremely overpriced in game transactions. I’m taking $150 for 30 pulls and a generic hero, that’s not at all worth it. I could buy another game with 100hours of gameplay for that value, but here that gets me maybe 10mins of dopamine as I look over my small increase to overall power. Publisher needs to value their products within the bounds of the game and not inflate the value of small non existent products for money, or this games going to be left with the few whales that are willing to waste cash on nothing..Version: 1.1.137

To much busy workBloated game with poor progression design. Worst of all is constantly forcing me to upgrade or equip gear or some other task I would do eventually it it give me zero agency. These developers like to insult there player base so I will have to tell anyone and everyone that this game is archaic of early mobile games..Version: 1.1.137

Gone backwards!Honestly, Restricting attempts on AFK stages then charging gold to continue is stupid! Also most characters are unviable in many cases, using the same characters to clear stages is not fun. Progression seems extremely limited as the resources and I mean all resources, gained from GRINDING an afk game are almost next to nothing. Yes I’ve only been playing since launch, but the dated artistic style was enough to put me off playing sooner, then to find a carbon copy of dated lacklustre afk games available in troves on the app stores was disappointing to find, so far, mediocre at best. Like Honkai!.Version: 1.1.137

Pretty, but that’s itIt seems to actually be a well-constructed game, but alas it is ultimately no different than any other “free” game. It is designed to get you to spend money; any you would need to spend way more than it is actually worth to be able to play effectively. It’s a broken business model that exploits the players and only benefits the developers. But it won’t stop because too many people with more money than sense buy into the system, and the developers can make much more money with much less effort (most games nowadays are just clones of other games) doing it this way. I think I’ll go read a book, that I bought, and actually own..Version: 1.1.137

Great Game, Why the AI Voiceover??Loved and played afk arena for over 2 years. AFKJ takes all the great parts of the original while further optimizing the experience. I hope eventually they get real voice actors to do the voicevers. I understand needing to cut costs, but most of the lines sound so dead I had to turn it off. I love voice acting in story based games like this, as it really brings things to life. Having it be done by AI almost cheapens the whole experience, and I’d rather it not be there at all than be half-done..Version: 1.1.137

The skin tone options are awful. Why are the dark/tanned skin options literally just grey?.Version: 1.1.137

Unstable gameMost of the time when I’ve won a battle it says unable to calculate the results and it makes me redo the whole battle again. Pretty annoying when a lot of the times the battles go right down to the last hero and could go either way..Version: 1.1.137

Great Game Hindered by BugsSo far the game has been a lot of fun, but I’ve run into a bug where upon completing certain battles, namely in the Arcane Labyrinth, it tells me that the battle result data doesn’t match the data on the servers or something to that effect. Restarting the game, uninstalling, waiting a day, nothing has fixed it thus far and it’s permanently slowing my account progress. If this error were to happen on a required portion of a story battle then you would be genuinely hard locked out of progressing through the game. Hope they fix their server issues and compensate players for this cause it’s really frustrating..Version: 1.1.137

Where’s my pre-registration reward?!?As the title says, I’ll Keep asking, even if you don’t take any notice.Version: 1.1.137

Where is my jesterJester doesn’t exist.Version: 1.1.137

Can’t play on iPhone 11 Pro MaxViolently buggy when playing, will crash often if you are able to make it past the loading screen. Took 2 re-downloads and multiple crashes to decide this game was not worth it, which is a real shame as I it looks quite good….Version: 1.1.137

ShrugIt’s fun but idk it’s pretty generic..Version: 1.1.137

Anther oneThis is just another soulless “rpg” with the bare minimum storyline and with an overload of characters thrown at you with absolutely no back stories. You get invites and hope for strong characters. Then you get a bunch of stuff randomly given to you even though you have no idea what they are for or how to best do things. They just throw you in and you click on the button with notifications and they give you bottles coins money equipment etc etc and they give no tutorial on the menus or strategies. The graphics are good. But if you’ve seen one of these you’ve seen them all..Version: 1.1.137

AverageVery boring campaign. Fun enough combat..Version: 1.1.137

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