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Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle app received 163 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle? Can you share your negative thoughts about wood nuts & bolts puzzle?

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Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle for Negative User Reviews

AdvertisementThe game play looks entertaining and the puzzles interesting, but every level is interrupted by a video. No thank you..Version: 1.1

No landscape modeI have found this with several game ads that have caught my attention, They let you have a little go at it, and you eventually decide to download it and then you do NOT have an option to play it in landscape mode- although the advert worked in landscape. I could put up with the ads if it was in landscape ,but a lot of them as well.Version: 3.1

Game is so clunky it’s impossibleHow can a game make level 4 nearly impossible to beat you can’t touch the pieces only the bolts so if you run out of space but a free falling piece is moving the game decides to stop moving that piece and you can’t move the bolts back to its original place so due to the games unfortunate design it’s impossible to play I actually enjoyed playing the game until that happened to me numerous times ain’t even worthy of an above 4 star review.Version: 2.2

WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!!Why the hell is there so many ads? You can’t even restart a level without listening to an ad, which are all around 30 secs to a minute long. It’s a waste of time. You spend more time watching ads on this game than actually playing it. Not to mention that you’re hardly given any tickets, so when you want something without having to watch an ad or pay for it, you can’t even do that because you don’t have enough. Not everyone can or wants to pay. Anyway, horrible and would not recommend. If I could, I’d give zero stars, but we’re stuck with one..Version: 2.2

Too many adsSome ads run for 84 secs! Then proceed to play yet another ad. Some of them expect you to interact with the game in the ad. Press play > ad. Wang to restart the game > ad. Too much!!!! It allows you to purchase ad free in game, but even then it’s only for 24hrs ad free. Love this game but the ads at too much. I won’t be playing Royal Match due to their constant advertising in this game..Version: 3.0

Fun but….Way too many adds and the adds are way to long. You end up watching adds more then playing the game..Version: 3.1

Bad add to play ratioThe concept is great, but there so many adds and they’re like 90 seconds long. Every end of game. I had to delete after 30 minutes it became more watching adds then actually playing… ridiculous.Version: 2.4

Too many advertsThe game asks for payment instead of adverts on level 2, before I’ve even decided I enjoy the game! Introducing a ‘difficult’ level on level 3 with a one minute long advert to undo a move - it was faster to restart the game. I have deleted the App on level 3, on the base of too many adverts and I refuse to pay for something before it has engaged my attention. Would possibly be a thought provoking puzzle, but the animation is a little on the slow side.Version: 2.4

Too many adsThis has the potential to be a great game but there are far too many ads. The puzzles are nice and hard but you can’t fail a puzzle and try again. The developer tries to force you to watch ads in between puzzles which makes it rather pointless - I want to do puzzles. There is a $7.99 option, however it’s per day - you have to spend that just to have a day of solving puzzles rather than watching ads..Version: 3.7

Ad Mine - Don’t BotherThis game is not good enough for the frequency of the number of long and unskippable advertisements..Version: 3.0

The ads are brutalPlaying is a waste of time because the ads are constant..Version: 3.0

Ads get longer the more you playEvery round you have to watch at least one ad. If you need extra assistance, you’re looking at 3 ads and if you need to restart that’s another ad. Ads started off 15-30 seconds and they’ve increased to 50-120 second ads. It’s not worth it anymore..Version: 2.2

DisappointingI sure the game is relaxing and thought provoking. BUT by the time I reached level 4 I had been subjected to 3 90 second commercials for a game that boasts no ads but interrupts every game ad nausea to encourage me to download something which by its very nature has made me loathe the product. Your software is now guilty by association - when one of the solution holes was only accessible if I watched a 90 second advertisement then the game has ZERO APPEAL.Version: 3.6

Too many ads over 50 seconds!I would’ve given a higher rating for this game if not for the ads that are sometimes a minute long. The game is quite enjoyable with challenging levels as well as levels that are easily passed. It is only the fact of the extremely long ads that caused me to give only 3 stars. If you don’t mind spending as much time watching ads as playing, this is a fun game. Note for the app developers, if only the ads were 30 seconds or less, it would bring up the quality of the player’s experience tremendously..Version: 2.9

Great game but unplayable due to adsMost games allow you a bit of time to enjoy before overloading with ads No this one. Immediately you need to hand over cash on look at long ads that don’t in some cases allow you to return to the game.Version: 3.0

Too many adsIf all you want to do is watch ads rather than play this game, then download this immediately. Seriously, this is a good game but the ads would drive a crazy person insane. If you want the reviews of this game to improve, get rid of the ads!!.Version: 2.6

Timed games with too many adsThis looked like a great game. But you’re forced to watch an ad that lasts 60 seconds if you want an additional hole. after finishing a level there’s another add. and on top of that, the games are timed to last roughly 2 minutes. what i thought would have been a relaxing game just stresses me out and makes me mad with the constant adverts..Version: 3.0

Annoying ads!!!!!!The game itself is great but ads after every level, and to be able to complete levels without spending actual cash is toooooooo frustrating! They are so long, start at 10 seconds but get longer and longer spend more time watching minute long ads than trying to complete the levels so annoying.Version: 3.1

Predatory gameThe game is stocked with ads, forced to retry because of something stupid like a piece not moving as it should have causing the holes to be blocked? Enjoy the ad. Want to actually be able to do the “Hard Puzzles”? Ad so you can actually have enough slots for screws. Run out of time because you don’t want to watch an ad just to make a “Hard puzzle” actually possible? Ad. The game is very predatory and ad focused. Just don’t bother with it, find any other puzzle game.Version: 2.2

Ads ads ads… and some more adsTerrible design, all ads that don’t work, so you must restart the game each level And some more ads.Version: 3.1

Ruined by adsGreat little game but completely ruined by all the ads. I gave up on it as there were some that play for well over a minute! Spent more time sitting through ads than being able to actually play the game.Version: 3.0

Ugh adsI literally never leave reviews but i just have to for this cos this game would actually be so fun if it weren’t for the ridiculous amount of ads. Like I’ll be stuck on a level for ages cos i make one wrong move and a piece covers the hole i need and then i can’t restart the level without watching an add. And if you want to unlock the extra hole, that’s another add. And then there’s ads between every level, i just can’t omg. Like it could be so fun and relaxing but it just fills me rage idk I’m in a bad mood rn..Version: 3.1

Too many adsGreat game but I am deleting it. There are way too many ads and I am sick of sitting through more than a minute of ads in order to make any move. I have spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game. As you progress beyond the first few levels, it is impossible to play without having to watch an ad to unlock the needed hole. Some ads run for 90 seconds. Basically, you get 2 moves or 10-20 seconds of game time, before you are served with an ad..Version: 3.4

Promising game but …The game idea itself is good, however the levels have a ridiculously easy game, followed by a much harder level, and its got ridiculously hard already and I’m only on level 4. Also to get extra holes you have to watch videos, which normally I dont mind, but these are ridiculously long (have come across two back to back which together come to nearly two minutes), the game is also against a timer, which seems a bit unfair, I have my suspicions that the timer doesn’t stop when the adverts are running. Deleting the game..Version: 3.9

Add+++ and very frustrating modelThis game could have been fun but it does not allow any redo unless you watch super long ads. Its almost impossible to finish the first levels. I am deleting this app..Version: 2.7

So many ads. And if you pay to remove, well….So many ads on this app which is a shame. You don’t get any free undos or remove pegs, you have to watch an ad. And then if you pay for the removal of ads, that doesn’t last. Really annoying because it’s a great game that challenges you that is sadly hampered by a poor monetisation strategy..Version: 3.1

Ads wouldn’t be such a problem if….The game is a lot of fun but as others have said you spend more time watching ads than making progress. Every thing you do launches an ad. Now horrific as that experience is it wouldn’t be so bad if there was some balance in terms of game mechanics. For instance; stop people having to go back and play an easy level over again before getting back to the level the actually go stuck on, this would lessen the blow of having to play ads when you retry just to get back to the level you were at. Also remove the 3 minute time allowance for the hard levels. Some levels are very complex and you want a minute to think about it. Some take so long to figure out that just as you get close time runs out and then you have to beat the easy level again and try and remember the steps you took last time and repeat them faster. It’s so unnecessary and being timed out only to be thrown into more ads and start over is SO frustrating. If you want to force us to watch so many ads to find your game then fine but you need to alter the way the game is to make that more readable or just rename the app ‘adwatcher with occasional game breaks’.Version: 3.0


Paid for no ads BUT still get themAmendment: I decided to bite the bullet and pay £4.99 for a no forced ads experience… BUT, despite this, I still get a long advert whenever I finish a round, before I can progress to the next. I accept that if I want extra time etc I might have to watch an ad, though it irritates the hell out of me but I have paid for an otherwise ad free experience and I am NOT getting it. RIP OFF. Original review: I love this game and would play it endlessly but there are so many ads and they are all so long. I’m thinking of deleting it because of this. I would happily pay a flat fee for the game or tolerate the occasional advert but for every minute of gameplay it feels like you have to watch two minutes of ads..Version: 4.0

Could do better but goodAdds are too long, 90 second adds! Who wants to play a game where the adds are 90 seconds, they don’t make ads that long on the tv. It turns you off playing when you see an add for that long, when I see anything over 30 seconds I stop playing..Version: 4.0

80 second ads are just too longYou get ads for every thing. Start a game, get and ad, win that game, get an ad. It’s $8 to remove “forced” ads, but you still need to watch a lot just to play. It would cost over $30 for an hours worth of game play with out ads, just ridiculous..Version: 3.0

Ads are 70 - 100 seconds long each20 seconds of play, 1.5 minutes of ads, I was laughing so hard, it was hard to delete the app thru my tears. I can see them adding infomercials next. This app is a joke..Version: 3.0

So much potentialToo many 1 minute adds and some levels are impossible to complete without watching adds and then you still can’t complete and have to start all over again. The game has a lot of potential to be a great game just fix up some of the minor issues.Version: 2.2

Basically UnplayableMore ads than game play. The game seems fun but it’s constantly interrupted by full length ads..Version: 1.6

Constant long ads!Unavoidable 80 second ads and far, far too many of them. This is a simple game so choose a different app to play it..Version: 3.7

Money grabbingThe concept is fun but deleted after about 15 minutes. They make it near impossible without adding extra holes or time which means you need to watch ads. The ads are super long. Also the ad to unscrew takes away about 30 seconds of your time limit in the game so that’s irritating. If you end up with no way to move you have to watch another ad although I personally just started shutting off the app and loading it up again. Not sure how this app has 4 stars. I’m assuming they’ve bought their reviews. Don’t waste your time..Version: 2.2

Too many adsThe game is fun when you can actually play it. Every level there is another ad and most run over a minute at 80 seconds and then you have to wait a further 5-10 seconds to be able to close the ad. Can’t play offline as well, minute there’s no internet it won’t load or says to connect to internet..Version: 3.1

Fun games but not worth of my timeAds is unlimited, makes this game terribly ridiculous..Version: 2.8

SUCH A SHAMEThis game is brilliant but seriously the ads are ridiculous. I timed it and I played for 10 minutes and of that 10 minutes 6 minutes 10 seconds was ads. It’s absurd and I’m uninstalling it. I don’t want to give this game any stars because the ads totally destroy any game enjoyment but I can’t even post this review if I don’t give it at least 1.Version: 4.0

It’s and Ad gameYou are forced to watch long Ads before you can play for a little bit. The app also doesn’t honour the silent button. Even if you have the phone set to silent, the Ad still plays with sound. Very disappointed. I deleted the app 5 minutes after downloading it.Version: 3.0

UrrghAdds on every level, seriously?! Once every third or fourth would’ve been plenty. Deleting game...Version: 4.0

Too many long adsI was enjoying this game, so paid to remove the ads, and this has barely changed anything. There is now no ads to re-try a level, but it’s impossible to get through the levels without uncovering the bonus screw holder, so you always have to sit through at least one ad per game, often you also need to use the bonus to remove a screw, which is sitting through another ad. These ads are frequently 80+ seconds long, minimum of 30+ seconds. Since you often have to sit through 3 ads to get through a level, you spend more time watching the same ads over and over again rather than playing the game - and this is after buying the ad free version! Game itself is quite enjoyable and challenging, but I feel cheated. Ad free should be ad free..Version: 3.0

Absolutely awful.The games are impossible to beat without watching a over 2 minute ad and they’re always the most obnoxious.Version: 3.0

Terrible ad experience even after paying for less ads.First of all I want to give credit to the developers for making such a great game. Easily one of the best games I’ve played. However, even after paying (wasting) £4.99 to remove forced ads you still end up spending far too long having to sit through ads just because you want to unlock a new screw slot on every hard level (on each level you start with an easy board then a hard one). I’m sure the response will be ‘you can still beat the hard level without unlocking an extra slot’ but after playing for many hours yesterday I probably only managed this 2 or 3 times because the levels are just so hard and therefore designed to make you sit through long ads just so you can unlock a new slot and have a reasonable attempt at completing the level. Then when you mess up and want to restart that level (without starting from the easy level first) you are forced to sit through yet another long ad. Sorry but although the game is great, the ad experience is by far the worst I’ve ever experienced. It takes all the fun out of the game and easily justifies bringing this down to a 1 star. Would be nice if the developers came up with a way of addressing this..Version: 2.9

Not funThought it would be a fun relaxing puzzle game to play. But no all the puzzles are on timers so when you take a minute to think what your next move should like you do with 90% of puzzles you end up failing because you run out of time. If you’re going to put a timer on it then the puzzles should be so much easier so you don’t need to think about your next move.Version: 3.3

Too many adsIf you enjoy watching full 60 second ads after 30 seconds of play then this game is for you..Version: 2.1

Ads last too longAds last too long..Version: 3.0

Way too many addsAnd the pay to stop them only gives you tickets to skip them but every action you do requires a ticket. Is a good game but you spend as much time watching/waiting for ads as you do playing. And yeah, some of the ads are quite long (40 seconds) and some don’t complete so it’s a stop start of the game..Version: 2.2

Keeps CrashingGames Crashes almost every level, or freezes so it’s impossible to play.Version: 2.7

Too many adds!!I got an add on the second level, less than 25 seconds of gameplay. Thats just another bs moneymaker game.Version: 1.1

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 1.1

Ads made me delete thisI actually really liked the challenge this game presented but the amount of lonnnng ads made me delete this ap… and I am a very patient person. Would have kept it if fewer ads but I’m going to find a substitute. Come on designers!!.Version: 2.6

Too many ads.Great game which is difficult on some levels. Everytime you start level, it might only take three seconds before you need to re-start and try again. U fortunately, this is where you will get an ad every single time, some lasting 90 seconds. I enjoy game but I’m deleting it because of this. Too greedy app owner..Version: 3.2

Too many adsWay to many ads. Can’t even play a level without ads popping up..Version: 2.7

So many adsGame is good. Clean graphics. However, Ads. You get 2 boards per time. The first is easy and is solvable in 10-30 seconds and then a level that runs 2-3 minutes. But then you get an ad if you lose. And if you win, an ad. Want the extra time to complete the game - ad. So you get 3 and half minutes of game with 2 minutes of ads. If you can tolerate that you may enjoy the game..Version: 2.7

DON’T BUY THIS GAMEDon’t bother buying this game to remove ads. That’s a lie. You just have as many much too long irritating ads as when you hvn’t bought this game. Waste of your money. You can also undo only once then you either need to pay or start again from the very beginning, How absolutely irritating and def not for enjoyment. It’s a pity as it spoils a really good game. Unless there is more benefits if buying this game, I will not score it more than 1 star. Would give it a 0 if I could purely because of all the adds even when bought..Version: 1.8

Bonus covers a free hole on ipadI downloaded this game a few days ago, and am mostly enjoying it. One big frustration is that the Bonus + symbol covers one of the free holes, meaning you only have 2 free holes for screws, and as levels increase, this isn’t enough to be able to play the game. Developers, please fix this..Version: 3.2

A disgusting amount of AdsI don’t think I have found a game with more ads than this and I have at some point played most types of games that have ads if you mess up on a level and repeat ad if you want any of the power ups ad if you so much as go to the next stage ad and if the bar doesn’t swing right repeat oh look at that another freaking ad if there was any game I could remove off the App Store it would be this one.Version: 2.7

FrustratingThis is good in theory. However, puzzle 1 is easy then puzzle 2 goes stupid hard. No learning curve just boom. Level 3 is easy then level 4 goes up big time. And so the pattern goes on. 1 easy then 1 ridiculously hard. Then when you try to open up a hole by watching a video nothing happens. I couldn’t get 1 video to work. And without the extra hole these are next to impossible. After 2 hrs on lvl 12, both my partner and I both gave up. Not fun so deleted..Version: 3.8

Great game BUT ...This would be an even better game if it wasnt for the ads. Ad after every level, ads that you cant close or you hit the X and it doesnt close but takes you to a link. Sorry had to delete the game.Version: 4.1

Great game but too many gambling adsI enjoy this and accept that ads are part of it. They do tend to be 50 seconds long which feel excessive but my issue is that they’re mostly gambling ads which feel irresponsible and since I don’t have any interest in them, irrelevant. I am probably going to delete it as it’s fun but I’m getting too irritated to carry on..Version: 3.1

Too much addsIs quite annoying playing the games you need to watch adds to undo, reply, booster, etc. Not recommended..Version: 2.7

Ads ads adsMy god, the ads are so long and keep coming. Had to delete the app. Would have been a fun game but I spent more time watching ads than playing the game..Version: 2.7

Inaccurate and addsYes the ads! So many and so long. Can’t get through level without an interruption and every one of them is looooooong and terrible. The game itself in inaccurate in that you undo a nut and the price of timber doesn’t move how the same piece on the other side moved. No way to tell if it’s going to swing behind another board or hit it. I thought maybe the different colours were an indicator but no indicators at all. Just gotta pull the pin and hope for the best (which doesn’t happen) and the. Wait through a 60second ad to get any kind of boost or help. Wouldn’t not recommend. Deleting..Version: 3.7

Too many ads 😔Too too too, many ads.Version: 1.1

Too many ads to enjoyYou can’t really play this game at all because of the frequency and length of the ads. I would happily pay a one off fee for an ad free version but I’m not going to keep paying to remove ads - which is the only option..Version: 3.2

SjwThe timed thing did not bother me. It was the fact that every time you had to watch 90 second videos. And on the hard levels. The amount of advertising 90 second videos was too much. Deleted the app after two days..Version: 3.1

Blatantly and abusively designed around adsSeems like a relaxing game no? Except you’re on a one or two minute timer before you have to watch an ad or restart. And you know what? They got me. I’m so used to this stuff that I was buying in to that already terrible model, but then I get three or four levels in and now there are puzzles that are UNABLE TO BE COMPLETED WITHOUT UNLOCKING AN EXTRA HOLE WITH AN AD. Guys, please please please do better. Im already broken, you can milk me dry and I’ll ask for more. But could you just be smarter with how you manipulate me into spending 50% of my life watching ads for other games that are 50% watching ads. It’s a bad look for both of us. Thanks..Version: 2.3

Waste of TimeYou have to watch ads constantly which wouldn’t be a big deal considering that’s how everything seems to be nowadays BUT you only get to play for about 2 mins before you have to watch a 1.5 min ad and sometimes that 1.5 min ad is followed up by another 1.5 min ad.Version: 3.1

Great game but a lot of issuesThank you to the developers the game concept is great. The game play however is a real issue that is putting me off. The constant ads are causing a lot of problems. The game itself keeps crashing after every ad or in between each game whether it’s the easy half or hard half of the level. I can’t play even one level anymore without having to shut down and restart the app. Can you please fix these bugs as I can’t find a support page inside the app settings. The very long ads at each point whether to open an extra space, go back a step, retry level makes them not worth using as it makes the game slow, stops the game progressing or crashes it completely, so have to restart the full app again. The easy half of the level is fine but having to constantly redo it to get to the hard level where I am stuck is pointless and extremely annoying. The timer on the hard levels can be unrealistic as it can take a minute to strategise and as you get close to completing the timer is up, or else you spend a few days repeating the levels to remember all the steps you took before you can complete it fast enough for the timer. Lots of issues that need addressed which if rectified could make this game even more enjoyable and totally worth keeping for more levels. Please fix it..Version: 3.3

Having to watch an add to restart? No thanksThe game itself isn’t terrible. Every other level is a challenging level, but it really should get more difficult with each level. What kills it for me though is having to watch an add just to restart a level, or have to pay a token to. That’s ludicrous!.Version: 1.5

Too many addsCool game. Makes you think but way too many adds. Not just a few seconds of adds. Some adds are 90 secs. Waste of time downloading this game..Version: 2.9

Good game, poor experienceI’m pretty happy to sit through reasonable ads and realise that this is how these games are funded. But the balance is totally wrong here. It’s a tricky game so you often have to have several attempts but each time you have to sit through long adverts - so if I mess up 10 seconds into the game and have to spend 5 times that watching an ad to get another crack at it, I just won’t bother. Would be a good game but they need to make it more bearable..Version: 3.3

Too manyAdverts!!!.Version: 3.0

I don’t like this gameEverything i do i have to watch an ad and make these darn levels easier pwetty pwease.Version: 1.1

Great game but……..Great games it gets the brain working but is there a need for an ad everytime you restart a level or get to a new level I understand ads keep the game going but I have played other games and they have one or two ads per 2 hours not 1 ad every 5 seconds making game play extremely difficult.Version: 3.8

THE TIMERThe timer only has 50 seconds for hard ones! DONT GET THIS GAME.Version: 3.1

Too many AdventsI paid the £5 not to have any adverts, and the game still forces you to watch adverts. Short time to play each puzzle, advert that goes on for over 2 minutes, replay a move, advert, extra spare hole, advert, remove an extra screw advert. So many adverts I’ve deleted the game, it’s a real shame as the game is such good fun. I feel I should be given a refund as there was no point paying to remove the adverts. When it just removed the very very short timers, which replaced with the merely short timer..Version: 3.1

Too many ads 👎🏻Every 30 seconds of play you have to watch a 90 second advertisement.Version: 3.1

So much promise but…It’s a timed game so you need to move relatively quickly. But there are no “undo” options without watching a 30 second video. Plus a video after every level. There’s just no flow to the game because you’re always waiting for a video to end. And there’s no room for error because of the missing info option. Not much fun at all and there are better options out there..Version: 2.9

Good game but ruined by the adsThis game is theoretically very fun and very addictive but the ads genuinely make it unplayable. What deeply ill person decided to allow unskippable 90 second plus ads in between every other action on the game? If they were 5-10 seconds they’d be much more bearable but as it is it’s just frustrating and unpleasant to the point that I’m deleting the app because it’s impossible to enjoy. Tetris wouldn’t do this to me!.Version: 3.6

Inappropriate add!!!There was and add and it was about an app called Tabou stories and it showed a “🍑and a 🍆” and the purple one was going closer to the peach and eventually went into the crack of the peach emoji!!! When it went is the girl said “ouhhh” ewwwww but then blurred it!!! The game is good but the ADD WAS DISGUSTING 🤮 and for little kids who know what the emojis symbolise then they could play that as a game at SCHOOL!!! I hope that this game could remove such disgusting add!!!!!.Version: 3.1

Great game spoilt by too many adsThis is a fun, engaging puzzle game, simple in design but very entertaining. However it is nearly impossible to play, as the game is constantly interrupted by long ads, on nearly every new moves you need to make to progress the game. I spent some money buying some tickets to allow me to avoid the ads but actually you can’t escape them! You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. I got to level 33 and got so irritated that I deleted the app. What a shame though, as the game is good..Version: 3.0

Don’t waste your life.I do not understand how this can have such high reviews?? You can’t do anything without ads! I don’t usually leave reviews but this one was so ridiculous I thought I’d try and save someone from wasting their life downloading it. They purposely make the levels so that you need to watch ads to be able to do the level. I get that’s how they get money and allow people to play for free but it is an unreasonable amount. I play other games that don’t have anywhere near the same amount of ads. There are similar games like this, try them ones instead..Version: 3.3

Times game with a billion adsOne of the ads was over 80 seconds and you could not skip it.Version: 3.1

Political ads do not belong in gamesI was enjoying this game until you started giving me political ads as a result I will no longer be playing and have deleted the game from my devices..Version: 3.1

Terrible mechanicsTerrible. The puzzles are interesting, but getting a loose piece stuck from falling is super annoying. Sometimes it slowly slides until it falls off (takes a good chunk of your time) or it is just completely stuck. After retrying level 4 a couple of times, always getting the same piece stuck (wasting the limited time), even watching an ad to see the hint and make sure I was doing it correctly (the game is just bad)… I was done 15 minutes into the game. It’s true that you spend more time watching ads than playing. Yikes.Version: 2.3

Ad ApocalypseI think this is the first game I have seen with an overload of ads. It is impossible to beat a single level without having to sit through 3 long ads… There are levels you cannot beat without having to watch an add to get an extra screw hole. It would be fun to play but it is extremely frustrating sotting through three minutes of ads….Version: 1.1

Fun game but…Fun game that I love playing with it. However there’s too many ads, and ads took longer time rather than playing the game itself. It’s utterly pointless and ridiculous to spent time watching ads as it’s a game apps.Version: 3.6

NahDownloaded it to occupy my time with a chill but challenging game but the ads are RIDICULOUS. There’s that royal match and that rube for 90 seconds and I think that’s absurd. I’d rather delete the game entirely than have to deal with that nonsense.Version: 3.1

Cant play without watching adsThe “ads” bottom is placed so that when you try to use that circle it goes to the ads - NO WAY TO AVOID IT!.Version: 1.1

A shame, reallyWhen there is more game play without ads in the ads for the game something is wrong. I made it halfway through level three before uninstalling. 2 minutes of video for perhaps 30 seconds of trivial learn -the-game style play. That’s too much for me. A real shame, the game would be fun if you could spend time playing it..Version: 3.0

To many adsAnd they don’t play. Have to restart the ap every time!.Version: 1.2

Filled with adsCan’t play more than a minute without getting an ad. levels are made almost impossible forcing you to watch ads for “boosters” to finish levels..Version: 3.0

FrustratingI love puzzles but this is just irritating as there’s so many ads and you can’t actually complete some levels without adding holes/removing certain screws which requires you to watch a long ad. If you have to restart a level, you also lose any extra holes you added so you spend more time watching ads and waiting than actually playing the game..Version: 2.8

BadThis game is so bad, not enough time, I went through only 3 levels it’s so difficult then you can’t even restart without a 30 second video with a 10 second cool down. Whenever I loosened a plank it’s would drop on the next one and take 15 seconds too slide off and before I knew it, the time was out and game over..Version: 1.1

Why???Why are there so many ads? Some last 30 secs but more run for 1 minute. Some ads will play one then will play something else for another 15-30 seconds. I like the game except for all the ads. Yes I can get rid of them by buying tickets but I don’t want to spend money. To basically do anything I have to watch an ad to be able to open an extra hole or to take out an extra screw. Please get rid of the amount of ads you have. I can only play about 10 mins at a time before I get frustrated by the ads..Version: 2.6

Great game but ads are terribleI have played other games that also have ads but some of the ads on here are 2 mins long. The count down clock on them says 90 seconds but it the takes another 30 seconds before you can pass them. I get the that is how they get their money but seriously 2 mins. Please stop with the long ads.Version: 3.0

Good game, soo many adsWhile the game is good, you’ll spend more time watching ads that are longer than other games than playing the actual game.Version: 2.7

Don’t botherToxic amount of ads. I don’t mind 30 second ads for high value rewards, but 60 second ads for mandatory and small progress. That’s not right. I’m just another person deleting this app after 5 minutes… please don’t waste your time too if ridiculous amounts of ads frustrate you..Version: 3.3

Fun concept but ruined by implementationSome levels are deliberately designed to be impossible to complete without either watching an ad to unlock an extra slot for your screws or by giving in to the micro-transactions and buying an extra slot. Don’t waste your time by downloading it. I only gave it 2 stars because the actual game play is fun and if they fix the ad issue/micro-transaction problem I would definitely re-download it.Version: 3.0

The ads destroy the game 100sec+Wish I had read the reviews prior to installing and purchasing the ad remover!!!!! Really enjoyed the puzzles! Will be looking for something similar. I paid to remove the ads. However you still need to watch ads if want to undo a move, restart the level, need an additional hole which is basically every second level. I kid you not, the ads are 90+ secs longs, then jump to the mini ad then you have to click the X twice to leave them! You aren’t even playing each level for that long..Version: 3.9

Constant 90 second adsNever have I played a game with so many ads. Most more than 60 seconds with no way of avoiding them. You watch an ad to play a level and one once you completed it. Then to complete the level once high enough you need to watch an ad so that it removes the extra screws. It’s a great game but I stopped playing because of the ads are too much.Version: 3.1

Why so many long adsIt’s a fun game but they have way too many ads and most ads go for over 80 seconds. Honestly I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. I’m deleting it. It had great potential but they’re too greedy..Version: 3.0

Too many long advertisements spoiled the gameGood game but pity too many long advertisements spoiled it. Totally waste of time. I am deleting it after this message..Version: 3.7

Great game but not worth the adsLove the game but after a few days I just couldn’t be bothered with the ads anymore. I’m happy to endure a 15-30sec ad, but when most run for 1.5mins I’m out. Deleted it. 👋🏻.Version: 3.1

Pay to remove adsPaid to remove ads but still have to watch ads to be able to finish the game. What’s the point of being able to remove ads if your not going to take them away. Don’t bother downloading this game unless your happy to watch ads. 80% ads 20% game play.Version: 2.4

Ads ruin it!I don’t usually rate games, but this is by far one of the worst games for the sheer volume of ads. I get that games have ads, but in the few hours since I downloaded this, I’ve spent more time watching ads than playing. I’m fed up and deleting this one!.Version: 3.9

Ads ruin a perfectly good gameGame concept is fun and engaging but wow there are so many ads making game play next to impossible, I downloaded it and uninstalled it within 15 minutes but was sad to do so, if there wasnt ads or even just shorter and MUCH less frequent then Id keep the game but all the ads I sat through were around 90 seconds long and Its just not fun to have to do that for every aspect of this game.Version: 3.3

Gabage ad gameAll ad waste time..Version: 3.0

Ads are brutalI actually really like this game, but the ads are insane - I hate sitting through 30 second ads, and I’m not going to sit through 60 second ads. Why would I ever sit through 90 second ads? I still have the game, but my patience is wearing thin. If it keeps happening, I’m going to delete it, which would be a shame because otherwise it’s a fun game..Version: 3.0

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 3.0

DONT DOWNLOADIt’s fun enough but it’s clearly just an ad revenue machine. Aside from the constant bombardment of unskippable ads, some levels require an ad or a purchase to complete..Version: 2.9

BadIt did not do well at all well at one minute and 55 seconds it just wouldn't let me tap anything it's not my Internet I tried to every house of my friends it didn't work.Version: 1.1

Great game, terrible game playIt’s too bad this game is unplayable because of the ridiculous non-stop stream of ads, because it’s a decent puzzle game. I would even pay to stop the ads, but they ask for $6.99 to stop ads for ONE HOUR. Hell, you can buy an entire ad-free game for $6.99!.Version: 3.0

Too many adsI’ve paid to remove ads but it’s only for 3 days!! I don’t understand why users have to watch 1.5 minutes of ads to get a boost when there are already ads being played at the bottom of the game. Great game to play, I like the challenges but think there should be levels to teach users how to strategies. So much potential to get more players but I think this is all about raising revenue. By losing players you make much money in the long ter. I’m seriously considering deleting the game..Version: 3.1

Fun but not the adsThe game itself is fun and challenging. The ads are the absolute worst. Non stop, super long, and you can’t turn them off without paying a recurring fee..Version: 3.1

Ads much5 seconds of play gets you a minute and a half of ads. Just no!.Version: 3.0

Too much adsI enjoy this game but the ads are too much.Version: 3.1

So many bugsThere are so many plot holes in this game some levels you can’t finish without watching adds which is fine but once you watch the add you can’t exit and then have to shut the whole game down and restart the whole level and then it sometimes happens a few times.Version: 2.6

Don’tPaid to remove ads, was meant to be 6.99 and they charged me 29.35. Basically unplayable with the ads. Don’t bother , they’ll steal your money and tell you they don’t know when you’ll get it back!.Version: 3.0

Greedy AD Crazy DevsI actually really enjoy playing this game. The problem is that the developers have made it absolutely unreasonable with the ridiculous number of ads. Seriously, it’s getting WAY out of control with the ads. I don’t mind SOME…. But come on. Probably will just delete..Version: 3.1

Too many ads!Minutes and minutes of continuous ads stop me from playing. All 90 seconds plus long - boring. Has a really pointless super easy level before you to get the good stuff each level. Reduce the ads (even the length of time for each one) Ditch the easy start game per level and keep the hard levels coming please..Version: 3.0

Ads and GreedThey deliberately run ads during the levels so that it halts momentum. They are always unskippable and then it blacks out so you have to restart the level and watch those ads again Total scam of a game. Don’t download.Version: 2.7

Ads and pay to playLike others have mentioned, so many ads and levels where you have to watch an 80 second ad for 60 seconds of additional play time or just to even have a chance to complete it. Not to mention some levels are only winnable on chance, if the wood doesn’t go the right way, you have to retry over and over again until it does..Version: 2.7

Fun but annoyingThe game is fun and challenging, but honestly sometimes it’s always almost impossible to win in the time frame given. And getting more time is so annoying because you only get one add then you have to start paying for items to extend the time. That’s what I don’t like. Every time I think of playing the game I just swipe past because it’s like I’m preparing to loose a lot more than win. Should get more time to complete.Version: 3.3

Too many ads.Too many ads, two games then ad..Version: 1.1

Ads are terribleThe game is fun but the ads are terrible. Even paid to get them removed but need to watch 60-second ads to get boosters. Had to delete out of frustration. 😞😞😞.Version: 2.9

Purchased no ads option but still get adsReally like this game but the amount of ads is out of control, so I purchased the no ads option yet still getting a million ads all the time, Some being 90 seconds long in the middle of a board, after my purchase I still got ads so have been messaging for days asking why, they now tell me I could get a refund within 48 hours but it’s taken over a week for a reply so I can’t get it. Lose half the ads and it would be ok.Version: 3.9

More ads than play timeThe game is great I love it. But the ads….. there are just too many. Also this is the first time I’ve struck 1 minute ads. So they are long ads. The ad packages only stop ‘forced’ ads. To progress levels you are going to spend a lot of time not playing the game but watching ads. This is one where the balance of game to ads is off..Version: 3.0

Too many adsSimilarly to other reviews, too many ads. You cant enjoy a quick game on a meal break. You need to dedicate time to playing to get through the many 60 - 90 second ads constantly. It’s not worth it unless you’ve got serious spare time..Version: 3.3

90 second adsAre you kidding? 90seconds for an ad boost. You get one star for that stupidity.Version: 2.9

Way too many adsThe game itself is fun and challenging but everything is locked behind an ad. If you want a hint, an extra hole to make difficult levels easier, or even just to reset the level to start from fresh again, you have to watch an ad. It’s such a shame because it’s really enjoyable but you spend more time watching promotion for other games than playing this one!.Version: 2.4

Trash with too many ads.I’d give no stars but can’t. This game is made impossible to complete very far unless you pay for tickets or watch an unreasonable amount of super long ads. It’s clearly just another way for them to rack up money from a half-baked game. Don’t waste your time..Version: 2.9

99% ads 1% gameplayThis game is a horrible experience. There are constant ads, and they all go for over a minute. There’s no option to buy the game or subscribe monthly, which I would be more than happy to do so! If you want to get rid of the ads, the only option is to pay for temp removal of some of them every THREE DAYS. Horrible. Delete delete delete..Version: 2.7

What’s with the long ads?I really enjoy your game and don’t mind watching the odd ad. But when I get hit by a 90 second ad time and time again, that’s enough to make me close the app. Very annoying and off-putting..Version: 3.3

Too hard too quickLove the game .. but it’s just too hard too play.. and even with all the Ads to try and get thru it .. I’m getting bored playing the same game so many times!! So I’m giving up .. not playing much anymore!! Pls tone it down!! Along with all the ads.Version: 3.1

Way too many adsTo the point I got a 2 minute unskippable ad.. like what!!.Version: 3.0

Glitches that could cause problems if you suffer with seizuresI’ve gotten to the next upgrade being 6691 a couple before the table and windows started having flashing pixel glitches and it has continued so just be aware.Version: 4.0

Ridiculously long addsI cannot believe how long the ads are and how often they come. 88 seconds adds absolutely ridiculous! would love the game if it wasn’t for the long adds.Version: 3.1

Dumbest game ever- there’s a timer which stresses you out - they hand you an abnormally hard one after like a few levels for no reason - you need to watch ads for any sort of boost i know free games need to make money somehow, but their methods are always so scummy and effortless. like seriously try harder at making a better game and you’ll see decent results ☠️ Yall lame af and it’s 5am and i’m mad lol.Version: 3.0

Great game, too many glitchesThis is a really challenging game, which I like. However, it constantly gets stuck when loading ads. It also runs very slowly between levels, so I’m deleting and trying a different one..Version: 2.9

Excessive adsGet stuck, watch an ad. Finish the level, watch an ad. Start a new level, watch an ad. I couldn't even play long enough to get obsessed because it's 90% ads, 10% game. Such a shame..Version: 3.9

AddsTo many adds every time you need a clear hole ADD I got up to level 18 but The amount of adds that had to go through just not worth it loose the amount of adds not even giving it a star TOO MANY ADDS have to give it a star or I can not post there’s just too many adds if the makers want people to buy get rid of the adds nearly finished one only had a couple of bolts to go then an add comes on it takes up the few seconds that I had left so no finish because of an ADDgreat game but TOO MANY ADDS ADDS GONE CRAZYwhy have so many and why three or four count downs in each of the adds please have a review get rid of some adds JUST TO MANY ADDS.Version: 3.9

GoodIt's a good game and makes you think a little, but at add after every level is too much. You already have to watch one if you want to access any extras on the board, and it takes away from the game play. Apart from that it's a good game.Version: 3.9

Too many adsGame suckered me into giving five stars bc there was no ads between levels for the first five then they asked for a review and I thought the game was great, but now there’s ads every time you start and stop playing, just makes it painful to play!.Version: 3.0

RidiculousI don’t often write reviews because usually it’s just about the amount of ads… I’m used to watching ads to and don’t begrudge it as long at it’s a reasonable amount but this game is over the top - cannot even progress past level 4 without watching a 50 second advert - took 4 tries of this to learn the strategy and then you run out of time and can’t progress without purchasing - seriously?! The available gameplay is a joke.Version: 3.2

Wood nuts and boltsThis would be a real fun game to play. BUT, when you move screw, an ad pops up before you can put it in a hole. This happens every time. It would be nice to be able to do at least 2-3 puzzles before those irritating ads start..Version: 1.1

Too many adsThis could be a great game but the ads are terrible. I purchased the 3 day ad free pass but the levels get so impossible that you have to watch ads to get help bonuses. If you restart a level it takes you back to the previous level. I’m not even going to bother to keep playing even though I still have time left on my purchased ad free pass. Great concept of game but the ads make it not worth the download..Version: 3.8

Wood nuts & bolts gameThe game has potential to be a great game but unfortunately there are 2 issues that convince me to uninstall the game & go for other nuts & bolts puzzle games. This game has tons of ads which is ok as the developer needs some kind of revenue to make the game free for us. But this game’s ads have gone overboard. I’ve never experienced such long ads with any other games. This game not only has many ads but also the ads are so long. Also they put two ads one after the other. By the time the ads end I lose interest & move on to another game. I’m going to install another similar game bcoz I enjoy these types of games..Version: 3.6

Could be one of the best games but the ADSI love strategy games. I really enjoy playing them and I have played a lot. This game could of been one of me faves but the amount of ads is crazy. This is seriously thee most ads I’ve ever seen on a game. Make a wrong move AD. Do a move you know will give you the space ,no it partially block it so you watch an AD. Remove one that falls flat on top of screws and you think dang wrong move, no right move miraculously it slides over. Talk about fixing a game so you watch an AD. Best thing to do don’t download it. I’m off to delete mine..Version: 3.8

ObsceneYou should all be ashamed of yourselves allowing adds that openly advertise domestic violence and child abuse. I have never been more disgusted in my life other than when I personally attended scenes like that to rescue victims of both domestic violence and child abuse. The fact that they are even using these subjects to advertise “games” is appalling and despicable. Teaching the youth of today that its ok to commit such atrocities. Shame on all of you..Version: 3.7

BoringWant to play this game with no internet connection.Version: 2.4

Lost moneyThe game seemed great at first then I had glitches over and over again. Bought a master pass twice but the game crashed and I lost access to the pass, it asked me to pay again. I requested a refund from the game designer. They promised to restore the tickets but nothing has happened and they've now gone radio silence. Good game to play but don't waste your money!.Version: 4.0

Ad’s make this game crapToo many ads to do anything.Version: 2.4

TimedIf I knew this was a timed game I wouldn’t have downloaded it. I just want something that I can relax with and with it being timed it’s not relaxing at all..Version: 2.2

More adsAds, ads, game 20 seconds, ads, ads!!.Version: 3.0

This could be a good game but…The game mechanics are off as it literally is impossible to complete some levels in the allocated time and with the allotted holes. You need to fix this. The game could have potential if you fix these issues but right now this game the way it is could be considered a scam..Version: 2.6

Good game spoiled by adsReally enjoyed this game until I realized how many ads I’d have to sit through! The hard levels are so difficult that you have no choice but to watch ads to retry the level or watch more ads to get the additional hole to put the bolt in. It’s almost as if the levels are purposely impossible so you have to watch ads to complete it which takes the fun out of it. Such a shame as it’s a decent game for the most part..Version: 2.9

Way too many addsI really like this game, but there are way too many ads. Especially long, poorly acted ones! So unfortunately I’m getting rid of the game..Version: 3.4

Too many adsWay too many very long ads. Deleting it. Waste of time..Version: 2.7

.There’s no hard level after 97 🥲.Version: 2.1

IT WON’T FALLAfter releasing a piece it won’t fall as the screws are in the way but I can’t move the bottom bit because the other piece is in the way of the screw holes ( if that makes sense) this means I will have to wait for it to hopefully or run out of time and start again.Version: 2.2

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