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Township App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Township app received 121 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Township? Can you share your negative thoughts about township?

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Township for Negative User Reviews

Couple ThingsI love this game! I do have a few suggestions though,I think that it takes way to much time to earn the actual dollar bills and so it makes it convincing to buy money with real money. It seems so mean and messed up, l think they should change that whole idea. I myself have only spent a dollar buying, but have almost been convinced on all the deals that they offer. Very crude and dirty. l also think that u should be aloud to get in a coop at any level. This thought occurred to me when my little sister wanted to join me and my other sisters coop, and could not cause she had just started playing the game! Same for my other sister( l have lots.)I have also been getting many orders from people in my zoo lately and it has been getting a little annoying to be honest. So I was just wondering if maybe u could change that feature to have like 3 orders a day. I would also like to report a very bad issue for kindle tablets. The process of the update stinks for kindles because the game crashes and it won’t let u download the update and then u can’t play the game. Very angering! MUST BE FIXED!!! I say this for my sisters and friends who can’t play the game anymore. Thank u for acknowledging me and my suggestions.🙂 Overall the game is a good way to pass time, but u definitely have to be patient, and l am not the most patient person so it gets boring. Still a fun game!😜.Version: 7.8.5

Fun game needs a few fixesEnjoy playing this game! Not happy with some of the extra mini games as the levels are almost impossible to beat without spending money. Not a fan of the sheep chase nearly impossible to play, not a fan of the new puzzle challenge either. Bring back the old puzzle challenge please! It’s nice to have a challenge however it’s very discouraging when it’s impossible to beat the levels. Love the room challenges they are fun however it’s not fun if you have to spend lots of money in order to pass levels to keep the room design. Could be 5 stars with some minor changes especially with the mini games. If I buy the golden ticket which is extra then play play the new puzzle challenge which is not fun & extremely hard I’m losing interest in the extras. Also not a fan of the roller coaster Make some changes bring back old puzzle, make it possible to beat levels, or just have extra farm tasks to progress in the golden ticket game. Starting to lose interest as the levels are almost impossible to pass without spending money. It would be nice if lab boosters were hidden in golden balloons, or in the treasure chests, lab boosters like high speed production or see the light, rich fields etc. tired of getting building supplies my town is complete with building do those are useless. Might be nice to have trains reward you with lab boosters also or more mine items..Version: 9.3.0

FrustratedI do like this game and it is quite addictive but I’m really frustrated as well. Not long after downloading the game and beginning to play a piggy bank was brought in and all my township cash that I earned or won went into the piggy. It had time limit that was counting down to when it would open or I could choose to spend real money and open it sooner. I waited the six days for it to be opened-to open the game again and find out the timer had reset and now again I have to pay to open it! 😡 I didn’t have a choice whether my money went into the piggy bank and if I had of had a choice I would have used it towards building community buildings which I’m now way behind on building. Silly and frustratingly useless concept which is just another grab for the developers to get more money! I also find it very annoying that I have to use my game coins to plant crops when I already have them in the barn. Crops should multiply whenever they are grown which would help grow them quicker and we wouldn’t have to spend so much money..Version: 6.7.0

Too many bugs, not enough supportI have played this game for years, and never had any real problems until recently which support never answers when you ask for it. Stuck in the game right now and cannot progress further and am getting no help. I was going to stop playing last month, but decided I just like the game so much, I’d give it another chance. Now I am stuck and cannot progress any further. I’ve helped almost 100,000 players, that is my favorite thing to do in this game, and I just wanted to keep doing so. Now there are just too many problems and it’s really making it hard to help anyone, so I hope they fix whatever is happening, but it doesn’t seem like that will be any time soon. My ticket has been open for a week or so now. Now I have even more problems and still no answer from the first, which I had to figure out on my own. This time it is an unfixable problem on my end. Please fix your game Playrix. Now the game won’t let me past a level in explosive puzzle though I beat it already. Nor will it let me take any of the mini game related tasks in regatta, they are grayed out, and it says event is over. I bought the pass yesterday and all went downhill fast. Cannot do just about anything. Worthless support, haven’t even tried to respond to my requests to fix a game I’ve been playing for 6 years!.Version: 9.0.0

Too REAL money motivatedI was very addicted to this game. Getting far is impossible without Golden tickets that cost nearly £5 and ONLY last 20 odd days. My life insurance is also this price a month, so not something I’m going to keep up. The Golden ticket challenges are impossible and i play this daily without fail for hours (I am heavily pregnant with twins, so love my time on this game to relax) but lately i am seeing my loyalty seems to be stripped monthly when I can’t collect any milk or veg, due to the capacity of my stock exceeding my barn, until i pay that near £5 again 🤦‍♀️. The mini games are from one extreme to another, one minute they are fun (marble one, matching fruit one etc) then boring, long and tedious (colour blocks and wiping girls faces or having no choice to be involved in touching walls to paint 🤦‍♀️ before jus getting on with the game). I want to give the game its deserved 10stars for keeping my attention, but can not justify the amount of money it costs, when it is not necessary on other games just as good as this one… so i will be deleting this one soon..Version: 9.4.0

Frustrating cash trapThis game is very well put together and has great graphics, but I dislike the threshold that has been set in many parts of the game to dangle a carrot and force you, through frustration, to pay actual money just to do a couple of extra steps. Somebody addicted to games could end up spending a fortune through this. Also, the room decoration mini in-game is 100% impossible without paying. I got to the painting the piece over the fireplace and decided to try it over and over again without buying (just 5) extra moves. It just cannot be done. Not in my lifetime anyway. This is really the main reason I give a low score review and have decided to uninstall it for good. Some parts have been made just so impossibly difficult that you simply give up and knock it on the head, which is exactly what I have done. I would gladly pay a very decent sum of money up front to just own the game and work my way through it without keep hitting paywalls. A good game to me is one I can pick up and be entertained without worry of excessive spending and infuriating hard coding levels that allow you to only ever reach 99.9% of a level..Version: 8.6.1

Must spend moneyAt a point there will be not way to complete your task but to spend money. It is really disgusting. Do better..Version: 10.0.0

One bad minigame and animal animationsThis is an excellent game overall. It encapsulates the perfect civilisation-building experience and includes several fun minigames. However, one minigame called ‘Explosive Puzzles’ is frankly anger-inducing due to how frequently it appears in the game and how difficult it can be to pass the levels. Furthermore, the power ups available in the game that you can gain from picking certain matches do little to aid any progress you may make- for example, the bombs only extend to the radius around where it explodes, resulting in it being a largely ineffective power up. Also, the power up that clears through a column or row are inconsistent in whether they do the former or the latter when you move to create one within the game, often leading to me losing a level. I propose that the developers replace this game with one similar to Candy Crush, where you may match the blocks instead of clicking on any that may be grouped together. The power ups are also far more effective in helping beat a level on Candy Crush. My final complaint is over the chicken animations. I find them extremely disgusting and stupid to look at, especially when they are in need of feeding and sway their heads from side to side in a manner that may be considered to be disturbing. Also, I would add that the shivering sheep animation may be distressing to some players; my 6 year daughter did in fact cry over this when she could not feed them Thank you..Version: 9.0.1

Fun at first but then overwhelmingIt was fun, but after a few levels it becomes too much. Keeping up with all the orders for the helicopter gets kinda stressful, and then add in the airplane that has ridiculously large orders that are impossible to fill in the few hours it allows you. The most exciting part was opening up more land so you can set up more houses and buildings. But now that is even impossible since you have to wait for hours/days for them to open up only to be told that it wont open unless you get more materials which cost too much to buy, or you have to, again, wait for days before you get lucky enough to earn 1 or 2 of the missing items. Also, you want to add more houses but you are only allowed to if you move on to the next level bc there is a “cap” on how many residents you can have. But you cant level up bc you are waiting for a building to finish only you dont have the material, and you cant fill an order bc your barn is full. But you cant upgrade your barn until you level up. Its just too much. It feels like youre just going in circles. This may be a game that gets neglected for a long time, and then eventually deleted to make room for a game that you can actually make progress in. Was promising, but moves way too slow and requires money if you will ever get anywhere..Version: 9.0.1

Annoying and kinda safe but notSo I asked my mum to get the app for me because it looked like I had to do tasks in the ad then I begged my mum to get it then she told the whole family about it and then she says that she was the first one in the family to download it then she goes into a group called purple 19 made by my aunty then I joined that group then a little while after she was arguing at me for not doing tasks and she kept on blocking me from every regatta and I couldn’t do tasks 247 because I had school then I told her to stop arguing at me then she called me a little brat and kicked me of the group and my mum still stayed in it and now my mum has a group called ‘farm friends’ and then she met a new friend recently called Ely and one of the rules were don’t share like any personal information. So where my mum was breaking the rules with her online friends so my mum told her friend Ely where we live and Ely told where she lives and connected with each other with messenger and did lots of voice overs my mums town was called emzies town and her friend Elys town was called Ely’s happy acres and my mum ignores me all the time because she’s playing township please restrict some of the chats where you can’t say I live *#*#)=£’ somewhere and make it so you can’t say like a letter then a letter then a letter please change this +Jessica+.Version: 8.1.2

Fun but unfairThe game is fun and all but your recent snowboarding tournament is just plain unfair. It glitches out all the time, the amount of T-cash you use to revive goes up each time which is just plain unfair for those who do not want to buy T-cash or cannot buy it because they are in Australia and credit cards cannot change the type of currency you use. You should at least USD next to it. Also your recent Movie night event was plain impossible. You could not pass level 34 without having to revive or buy boosters for crazy prices. Only 4 people on the airport global leaderboard have finished the room. So please make the game a little better and stop with the crazy prices for boosters and during events. I understand that you still need to make money some way, but making good the events so you have buy T-cash is not okay..Version: 8.0.2

Cute &fun could use a few tweaksGame is cute and fun but ultimately could use a few adjustments. Some items take way to long to produce from grow time of crops to making each material to making the final product some take over 20hrs. I understand having some challenge in the game. 20hrs or more for grow and production is hard for more than 1-2 items. I start on my plane immediately after last leaves. I make use of the market to buy items to help production and at times it’s still not enough. Sometimes I am trying to prepare for a plane order and trains come in and I’m producing the wrong things for it. It would be nice to be able to rearrange or remove things that haven’t started making to get orders done quickly. I try to always be making things in all factories animal sheds and fields. Some adjustments being allowed would be a much appreciated in game play. As some items take as I said a long time sometimes also in prep for plane I make many more than needed as we have no number count only type of items. Last week I was not going to be able to complete my plane in time but thankfully someone was able to help me. Again it comes back to items in which take more than 20hrs to produce start to finish and having been stuck producing other things before I could start on ones I needed. Adding the ability to adjust items in factories or remove some to make what it’s needed sooner..Version: 6.7.0

Costs way too much to do anything after a couple of monthsI loved this game at first but now I really can’t develop anything without spending money. The little ingame games have become impossible. They’re even marked as “super hard”. I like a challenge but if it’s truly impossible, what’s the point? There’s no fun in that. It often feels completely rigged. Many times I chose a “color block” task for the regatta and (oddly) the next several games had none of that color in them!! It comes to a point where it takes weeks to build one building because you have to gather extra tools, by trading building materials or paying money. Just don’t start playing because you’ll be sucked into wasting money and wish you hadn’t..Version: 9.2.0

Wonderful game, atrocious in game HelpI’ve played this wonderful game for 4years, and occasionally had to ask for help from Playrix, recently I had a glitch in the game which I wanted to report. None of the FAQs could help as it was a programming issue and although I wrote a detailed description of the problem and pressed Send to contact Support all that happened was a bunch of tabs appeared giving me choices of answers to my problem, none of which really helped. After pressing a few I left it, thinking at least I’ve sent the message to Support, imagine my disgust when 5 hours later the notification said the conversation had timed out !! I went through same procedure again, same thing happened 5hours later. I sent an email, automated response said to use In Game Help !!! 😡🤯😡 Today Playrix asked me for a review, when I declined a tab popped up saying We value your feedback please contact us, when I pressed the Contact Us tab guess where I ended up ? Yes back in the timed out conversation I had a week ago ! 🤬 This game is fabulous, it offers everything you could want just don’t try to contact the developers Playrix.Version: 7.0.5

Bring back the old design!!!WTH is the new update? The new design is absolutely ugly and atrocious! I’ve been playing this game for years, and I’m not accepting this new update. What is wrong with the design team to have to make this unnecessary new design? Give us back the old design! Please pass my words to the update team! Im leaving this game.. so disappointed after all these years..Version: 9.4.0

Overall Fun w/some minor boring aspectsPlease get rid of Blossoming Boulevard as a “seasonal” game. It’s incredibly boring and the physics aren’t sophisticated which becomes irritating. The last game, the bakery game, was far more entertaining (even though I wouldn’t play it as a standalone game, but that’s just bc it’s not my type of game). Also, The Academy of Industry is pretty useless and really a waste of time and effort at the lower levels. We spend a bunch of time in the mine getting ore and then spend a bunch of time to make the ore into Ingots and then it takes quite a bit of Ingot to get anything at the Academy of Industry and what you do get is so minor it’s ridiculous. To reduce the wait for each train by 5% when it takes over 3 hours for a new train to come makes is a waste of time that you certainly won’t get back with this “boost”. Yes, eventually you can keep increasing that so it becomes somewhat substantial, but the amount of effort and time involved is enormous and that kills any incentive I might have to do this. Please consider revamping the Academy of Industry requirement and returns. (I started to write a comprehensive review but I switched away from this app to check something in the game and when I came back, the review was gone. So, I will further update this review when time allows, but I wanted to post the above critiques in the hopes that the developer might read and consider them.).Version: 6.7.0

Full of bugs and glitches. Don’t waste your time or moneyAlthough I do admit this game is fun it is full of bugs and glitches which will drive you crazy. After spending hundreds of hours playing this game I am so sick of the glitches now that they are getting more intense, I was unable to play the last mini game only to nearly lose everything trying to get the current one working and now I cannot feed my ducks on the duck feeding farm because of another glitch, if you do decide to download and play do not waste real money on this game..Version: 6.7.0

Buyer Beware. Another Pay to Win Game.After a few days it gets really boring unless you pay to progress. You can only get so far before it’s obvious it’s rigged against you the less you spend. And if you are stupid like me and buy credits, they’ve hooked you and make it even more difficult to progress unless you keep paying..Version: 15.0.0

The mini gameYou need to make the mini game easier. I have spent days just trying to get past one level and if you do not make the mini game easier I will stop playing. The mini game is supposed to be fun and easy so that you have a good time and yes it is okay to have times where it is challenging but not when you are losing battles township cash which also needs to be easier to get and the gifts need to be township cash because coins are an easy thing to get back. The clovers as well need to be easier to get. I donate a gift to my friends in the game every day and rarely get anything in return. Overall you need to make the township cash clovers and and the mini games more fun and easier to get. Please don’t just think they this is just the few things I struggle with and it is a fun game just there are a lot of things that I find need to be changed in order to play the game a fun way. F. Y. I. I am not a Karen this is just how I feel about a few parts of the game. Oh and you need to stop making everything so expensive. I know you are trying to get money out of this game but the more fun it is and the easier it is to upgrade and do good in the game the more fun it is. Maybe you should have had someone pay the game for a while before you released it so that they can tell you some things that they feel needed to be changed. Thank you..Version: 14.0.0

Too many cheatsI’ve been playing this game for about seven years off and on but now the developers are putting too many tasks on at once and as I write this the daily tasks in the pirate competition are ridiculously hard to complete as you also have other separate challenges to complete as part of the game. Ok ok I know it’s up to the player as to whether they want to take part in the challenges but doing them is all part of improving and upgrading your town. Beware there are loads of apk cheats in the game you can usually see the same people in the top three positions of the car race or regatta as they have hundreds or even thousands of points when the game has only just began. The other downside of the game is the amount of money you spend on credits (township dollars) to really get anywhere in the game. I don’t believe it’s possible to complete any big game tasks like the room design challenge or the current pirate challenge without a substantial amount of credits ( township dollars) so you find yourself buying credits to help complete the task I have recently checked my bank account only to find I’ve spent over £100 so far on the pirate task alone so please watch closely how often you buy credits or you will spend ridiculous amounts and the sad fact is this is just one challenge so I would hate to work out how much I’ve spent the seven years I’ve been playing. Don’t be foolish people be wise!.Version: 8.4.0

Lies!! All lies!!!Fkn lying game!!!! Said it was 4.99 then I check my bank and they take a whole 40!!! I need a refund NOW!!.Version: 13.0.0

Warning - looks nothing like it does in the adds/pitchersI thought that you would do a lot more like things that it shows in the adds, example so far the only thing I have done that was actually similar was a short cat delivery that was in the interactive add. Other than that all you do is fill out train Deliveries and the same with the helicopter it’s stupid and if you say build the cinema y or have to use things that you get from the train and the train never gives you the stuff you need. I need some bricks right? I’ve have 14 paint cans because it won’t give me bricks!!! It’s super annoying but I do play the game A lot at the moment hope you take this seriously because it’s getting boring. Thank you The owner was of penguin cove..Version: 9.6.0

Expensive!This game is somewhat engaging, but it mostly consists of sitting idle in wait for elements to bear fruit in order to see any progression. In reality, it would take years to get anywhere if you didn’t spend money. The higher your level, the more they ask from you. For instance building a new factory or structure will require building materials in large quantities which you can only get by trains that come every 7 hours or so and only in quantities of 1 or 2. If you do have building materials to support growth you have to sell them in order to keep your barn capacity open for goods you need to fill trains, fill requests, and send planes full of goods that take hours to produce. They ask a lot in production with limited return for ways to actually make things happen without spending money, and they increase time for production of goods as you are able to make more. They are great at making money. They even start making you pay to get your earned money out of a piggy bank. You also have to build in boxes so creativity is limited. It costs to get anywhere, and it is a lot of waiting. I suppose if you utilize social media it would be more interactive, but still, they are great at making money. You want to see the next thing happen, but you have to wait a very long time if you don’t pay to see growth..Version: 8.9.0

People being banned with new updateI have been playing Township for over a year. This morning I installed the new update and then when I went to open the game it says I have been banned for suspicious activity. I didn’t do anything and from what I’ve seen online, it has happened to other people and they are saying not to update!! I want my game and all my stuff restored. This is not fair!!!.Version: 11.0.0

Fun for a whileWhen does a free game become no longer free? When it becomes very difficult/impossible to progress without paying real money for in-game perks..Version: 10.0.0

Could be betterSo I really like this game and it can be addicting but once I started getting further in the game, the storage kept getting full. And when I needed to make more things, I couldn’t get it bc it was too full. Then in order to build thing I need materials, which you can only get from trains. And if I can’t make anything bc my storage is full then I can’t send orders for the trains. I know I can sell from my storage but half the time it’s things I still need. Now, you can also play mini games in the game itself. The levels can be pretty easy but eventually it gets really hard. Too hard to the point where you have no choice but to spend your own money to get cash or use a million lives to pass one level. So here’s where I give you a few ideas. 1) You can add more moves, +10 to each HARD level. Or very hard level. 2) You can make it to where we can skip a level. 3) Or just change the whole mini game and make sure there isn’t more than 1 thing that you need to get rid of. Like for level 54, you made it really hard because you only gave 20 or so moves. There’s 2 “stories” of pieces, you have to get rid of bottles, AND you also have to get rid of acorns which are covered with leaves/dirt. All of that is too much to do especially with only 20 moves. I’ve tried this level 12 times already and I’m not gonna spend any more money. Especially because you give us hard levels every 2 easy levels and that’s not fair at all..Version: 9.5.0

Pay to win!!Fun game if your willing to spend cash. If not all it is, is waiting around for hours to be able to do anything. Mini games are also extremely difficult and your given minimum help without paying. Would recommend if you have money to waste. After playing this game for a year I've had enough of spending my money!!.Version: 11.1.0

Bring back the old ethics.I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now and have enjoyed it immensely. However it seems like the ownership of the business has changed. The game has become repetitive to the point l just want to delete it. The mini games play over and over and over and over again and again an again, get my drift. At first there was variety, lots of different mini games. Bring back the old ethics of the game and people won’t complain. Mostly l play for relaxation but now it just stresses me out. If you set up games make them fun and winnable because at the moment you make it impossible to win. That’s not fun. We’re not all professional gamers and not only that, pretty expensive for a kids game. Don’t be so money hungry. We used to have different things to make in the factories for different themes but now boring same old. The other thing that annoys me is your customer service. There isn’t any. You never help, you just apologise. Apologies don’t sort problems out. If people have been ripped off, compensate them. Fix it. I will be looking forward to some improvements and then I will be happy to write a positive review. Come on Playrix, get your act together..Version: 8.5.2

Fun but costs:(I love this game it’s very entertaining but i have noticed 2 things that bother me a lot. This game is great for a distraction but it’s so time consuming because the crops and goods take like an hour to make. So while you are waiting for things to be done to sell to costumers or out on the train there’s nothing at all to do in the meantime. Also, this game doesn’t work anywhere but when I’m at home! I have full wifi and 4 bars at school and it will still not let me play because the “connection is lost”. Something I’ve also noticed is that without spending money, the things you can do in this game are very limited:( My parents won’t let me spend money on games and I’m not old enough to have my own card where I can spend money online so this means I don’t get half of the prizes, I never earn any money, I don’t get as many crops, I get short lives on the games and have to wait 25 minutes for 4 new life’s, and basically there’s a longer wait time for EVERYTHING. Building places in your town takes days, even weeks before you can open it up. Crops can take 30 min-1 hour Even building houses or an extra plot of land will take about a whole day of waiting, and while I am waiting I have nothing else to do. Anyways, in conclusion, this game is pretty cool and offers creativity but it needs some touch ups. My advice would be if you download this game it’s prolly best to spend the money so you can get the advantages and the full experience of the game..Version: 9.7.5

Such a marketing spamAll this game is about is milking its users to believe there is something lucrative out there that you should keep ridiculously working for. Keep participating in some aimless regattas or township events until you use up either all your money or hard earned township cash and then congratulations you are back to square one! Every forking time you login there will be something flashing in red which obviously you will open every second or third day to make it go away when in actually that"s what they want, to keep in back of your head that ‘actual money can solve all your township problems and its just one click away’ please users do not get tricked into this, my advice play for enjoyment but nothing more before you lose focus. Their rewards/ incentives are good but not too good otherwise you will feel content but they don’t want that, if you achieve everything quickly in game it will eventually wear out on you. So they consciously make time consuming life sucking targets to achieve for e.g building new factory/ houses etc. Think about it.....Version: 7.1.0

Fake commercialWhy advertise the game as one thing when it is nothing to do with it. You upset your potential new customers before you even get started. Disappointed.Version: 7.0.5

Ad SpammingSpoiler alert! One of the main reasons I don’t play this game is because the ads are everywhere & are extremely annoying, misleading and not at all worth the 30 seconds of time you try to put into everything in the version of an ad..Version: 7.0.5

Money grubbing and unfair playWhile this game in itself is fine although a bit tiresome and no new buildings etc in ages, the worst is the fact that the developers seem to take a sick kind of perverted pleasure in making things worse for players. The latest update has made the text etc for the planes so small (even on an iPad) that many have stated they cannot see. Do the developers ever respond at all to any complaints or suggestions? No! And I’d your game crashes be careful, you may be accused of cheating had have yr game deleted. Mini games are just rinse and repeat with levels passable only by spending township cash or real money once the cash has run out. Not once in the three years paying, have the developers explained any of the absolutely terrible changes and updates that hundreds of players complain about. No suggestion is ever listened to either. Not worth the effort to even try this game. Wish zero stars was a thing..Version: 8.6.0

Pretty funTownship is a great game except if you are a city person you might be a bit disappointed because its all about making a town not a city. It takes a long time to get more people living in the town. The only way to get more people is to get community buildings which is another annoying thing. They require different materials that you can get by train but the train always gives you materials that you don’t need. For example i needed slabs but i kept getting more glass. And another problem is that it takes so long to get the materials. It takes about 2 hours to get the materials but only takes a few seconds for the train to arrive requesting products. Also you level up to quickly. Some factory’s require a certain amount of population but if i can’t get the materials to unlock buildings i can’t get the factories. So if the level up gos slower i can unlock buildings without needing to unlock another. Because of levelling up to quickly I ended up with a bunch if buildings waiting to get the materials and lots of factories still in the store waiting to be brought. I think it should be a little more realistic..Version: 7.7.6

Very glitchy, but very funTownship is very glitchy. Once I was trying to help out a friend and when I wanted to go back to LolaVille it wouldn’t let me. Township is also very fun. Please fix the glitches or I will not re-download this game. Never again. EDIT: The plane is a bit stressful because you have to completely fill it in a certain amount of time. The plane is good though because they tell you what you need to fill it with so you can prepare for it. The zoo is frustrating because they want like 10 popcorns. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? Anyway, other than that the game is good.👌✌🏻 EDIT: I am thinking about deleting this game for good because when I go into it it says ‘playrix’ and then it just goes out of it. Today I was going into it and it took me like 3 tries just to get into a game..Version: 8.7.0

Make challenges more user friendlyI play this game with my wife and we send stuff to each other and play our way thru regattas and the little fun events they have. However my main complaint about this game is that rollercoaster challenge and the renovation challenge. The rollercoaster is sooooooo annoying i just avoid the game completely until its over. Any little twitch of ur finger and SLAM right into the next set of tracks. Im not an expert gamer but ive played my fair share of games since i was a kid. This challenge is hands down the worst. Even my wife hates this one. Next on the list is the renovation. This is a fun one, and i usually compete with my wife to see who can get the most done. The one complaint i have about this is the fact that you basically have to make playing this you job for the duration of the challenge. Each level is basically worth .0001 percent of the entire challenge (maybe ive exaggerated a bit here for emphasis but u get my point) and the levels are not easy at all as you progress. So while fun to get your room Renovated it usually is all for nothing if you dont reach the checkpoint which is another challenge in itself. So i tend to avoid those two now, usually by playing another timewasting game and by the time the challenges are over im not interested in playing anymore till my wife is asking me for donuts or strawberries or potatoes. So long story short, change is needed in these two challenges if you want to keep people playing..Version: 8.7.0

Great game but...Township is a great game I’ve been playing for a 2 years now. I had the game deleted for quite a while. I was getting bored of all the games on my iPad so I downloaded township again because I wanted to start my town again. So I went back on the game and found all my progress had been saved! I couldn’t find a way to start all again which was kind of annoying, I was playing it this morning and then my brother saw what I was playing and asked me to download the game for him so I did but then he went on it and it was on my account and I don’t want people on my account so now he can’t play it.a good thing about this game is that it keeps you entertained and you can set out your town how you want, however when you build something like the music store it takes FOREVER because you have to collect materials. Also the pizza place I’ve been trying to get the materials since I started playing it also takes a lot of coming back to. I love this game because there are so many things to do like feed the animals so overall it 3 stars.Version: 6.5.2

Not the best…This game was pretty fun at first but now you have to wait soooo long to get things you need. Also, the township cash is pretty hard to come by even though you need it for soo many things, Another thing is, it’s almost nothing like the adds. Some things that should be fixed but also shouldn’t have been there in the first place: you can’t take back something after you ask for help and you can’t take the items out of the boxes when they’re waiting in line for the factories and the boxes shouldn’t be sooo expensive to buy with township cash. Also, the creators are greedy and make township cash hard to get and the things you can use it on cost a lot of township cash and pretty much forces you to buy it and then they make it cost a lot of real money to buy and not everyone has that kind of money to spend on a silly game. And last but not least, the mini game are always almost impossible to beat and whenever you fail, if you want to keep going it’s a lot of township cash..Version: 8.8.0

Interesting if you spendIt’s a good concept, but the longer you play this game, the more problems you create for yourself that can only be solved by heroic patience or real money. The thing is, the more you spend, the more problems you create to solve and then the more you need to spend. If you start buying your way into this game, be prepared to spend a lot!! Like you could buy a car with the amount- what is more value?.Version: 15.0.3

Fun but..Nice design and concept, except you have to wait days and days to get what is needed from the trains to build new buildings and go forward in the game. Bit frustrating....Version: 6.2.0

A real money maker for the creators not so good for the average workerRegardless of the title my 12 year old son and I do enjoy this game, the only problem is that the further you advance the more it’s going to cost you. Things you need to expand become less and cost more to buy, so basically do not get this game if you hate getting so far to the point where your stuck on a level due to greed. There are so many people out there that play this game that surely the owners/ creators can make it a bit more affordable for a lot of those that enjoy your game but cannot continue for the ridiculous amount people have to pay to continue or delete out of the game and have lost a lot of money from the long hall. A lot of people might say don’t play if you can’t afford but for something that is called a “game” should be just that a game that everyone should be able to afford. If the prices can’t be more efficient, then at least up the building material you receive and evenly distributed not more of what you don’t need and next to nothing of what you do, and the town dollars why so low !!! It costs you so much to get and yet to earn you receive mainly 1-3 dollars. Stop making games like as if it is real life, it’s not and again it is just a game and Not everyone is born into a family that can afford to throw real cash into a game like its nothing at all..Version: 6.4.0

Ok game designed to get you to spend $$$The game is ok, it kind of teaches patience, essentially the game is designed where filling orders or building your town takes x time. Some of those times are out so long and you can’t make the time allowed, ie plane, but either you wait or you spend $ to get it ASAP. They always have a contest going on which is I guess smart bc to gets you to buy. My lower rating is because the times could be better for things, I know you can buy with gold bars to change that, but you only get so many bars and to many needs. I like the app but I don’t want to spend $30-50 a month to play and know they could improve some of that to keep people engaged longer. You have to buy is my biggest warning to consumers. If you think you won’t have to by applying patience, you do, you have two banks coins and dollars, dollars are hard to accumulate, and that’s what you need $ for to speed the process up or open these balloons that show. They make things expensive to blow thru your bank with anything you want to do or not give enough time to complete the task. I also have experienced weird glitches where money is gone over night, I don’t know why the amount changes? They need to lower the cost and allow more building without spending $. They built a good app that essentially encourages spending so be warned, if you have a tight budget don’t download..Version: 9.8.0

They won’t fix the gameI’ve reached out to the company on more than one occasion to let them know that not all goods collected get added to your totals. I’m assuming the idea is to get the user to buy coins and in game money. Kind of sleazy if you ask me….Version: 11.0.3

Frustrating but...The game is fun and takes a little bit of planning to keep things running. I agree with others that the time it takes to grow things is excessive. You do have to spend money if you want to progress in the game at present time, not a year ago as some have reviewed. The other thing is they have a regatta running and also another side game. It is a little much to try to do both games at the same time. Also it would be nice if they would give a little more time between these games for a breather, just to get caught up again. Everything gets more expensive like the next building I will need to get up is 130,000 coins. Also it’s VERY difficult to get the supplies you need to level up the barn. I have an over abundance of 2 of the items and nothing on the 3rd item I need. If I sell some of those items, then I’m short on them later on. There is no rhyme or reason of that issue that I can see. Again I agree with others about the land problem. Most of my things are just crammed into one spot. Granted it is a fun game but is also frustrating on the other side of it. Have thought about quitting several times but for some reason I just groan and continue to play. It will just aggravate me and one of these days I will just quit. It’s a shame because it is fun and they have taken the fun out of it. If you really care about people staying with the game take the choke hold off of it. Can’t give it even a 3 star because of the problems..Version: 7.0.0

Fake adsL bozo fake ads dev😂😂😂.Version: 11.2.0

Must do betterUpdate - this has got even worse. Their bots have blocked my access to Support because I have had to contact them twice over the last couple of months. Despite the fact that one of their human staff dealt with my queries (too late for it to be helpful) their bots have been programmed in such a way that this is not credited as being a legitimate contact so it is perceived as spam and I am blocked! My new contact was about yet another programming issue. Not good enough. This used to be a fun game but, as other reviewers have commented, has just become a cash cow for the developers. It is impossible to play certain area without spending lots of real money with few opportunities to accumulate game currency by playing. Their tech support is diabolical. I had a technical glitch (of their making) during the last regatta, but it took more than a week for them to respond and they only gave a really crass, patronising answer. I have wasted too much money already to give it up but don’t bother starting. There are much better games with developers who actually provide a service for the money that they are raking in..Version: 9.0.1

Ad is incredibly misleadingIt is not a puzzle solving game it’s a giant town you’re supposed to run. So annoying..Version: 6.5.2

Disgraceful customer serviceSo with this being the Chinese New Year of the dog, I decided to spend some money on buying a cute dog decoration + cash. This was my first time spending money on this game, so I was completely unaware of what would happen when I did. I had received the Ad/video man 3-5 times per hour every single day for 456 days without fail. AS SOON as I decide to spend money, bang, he’s gone. So thinking it was a glitch, I complain to the customer support. They tell me COMPLETE LIES by saying that “the number of videos you get is totally random! The test group is constantly changing and you could get more videos any time!” TOTAL LIES. What is this “test group” anyway? I don’t want to be part of a “test” that I did not agree to. After doing some research it turns out that I am not the only one they have done this to, countless others have lost their videos when they have spent money. You are supposed to get more/extra privileges when you spend money, not less. It is an absolutely DISGUSTING way to treat your customers. Township, you need to sort out your customer service, or people will start walking away. I will NEVER spend money on this game again..Version: 5.5.0

Not worth the anxietyOver all building game is fine, nothing special, until you need to do ‘matching’ mini-game to get more energy to get further ahead in your adventure, what shambles that is. Rng is really bad, to the point where if you don’t have the extra items (Even then, it’s still ridiculously-insanely-hard.), the mini-game is basically pointless and too difficult as you’ll have to count on some luck for the objects to appear in the correct position for it to be actually effective, eventually forcing you to use your green cash currency to ‘get that last object…’ (Saying that, even with me spending my green currency on a couple of occasions i’ve still failed to get that ‘last one’… it’s like they’ve programmed it like that on purpose to make you spend the currency to hopefully get to the point where you start spending your real money as you advance further in the game… definitely devil in the works here. Smart-money-grabbing-programming-scam, i applaud you guys. 👏.Version: 9.7.5

Gone to the pigs!Take note of the 4+ star ratings being 2 years or more old! There’s a reason. Have been playing for 5 years and the game is getting more redundant with it’s mini games and there is absolutely no customer support anymore..Version: 8.8.0

Fraudulent gameAfter 9 years of playing this game, the game decides to suspect me of cheating and the developers refuse to look into the issue and restore my game. Beware and do not invest in this game - you don’t know when you’ll be kicked out. Definitely not a happy with how the ‘loyalty’ turned out..Version: 13.0.0

Bad but goodThe starting load takes SOOOO LONG and the train is so hard to do:( I wish it was easier to level up cause it’s so slow and the decorations are bad:( I want new and cuter decorations also ITS KICKS ME OUT THE GAME CAUSE ITS SO LAGGY EVEN ROBLOX LAG IS BETTER the good thing is that It’s easy to get people but u have to buy things to get people:( and the building need more materials like a whole bunch of my money wasn’t enough.Version: 9.9.0

Used to be betterI really loved this game until you people stopped allowing us to buy decorations for seasons. Where are the Christmas decorations???? I have a few from when we could actually get some. What about that cute little witch that flew around the town at Halloween? I thought that was brilliant until you stopped. And the snow that fell? I guess we are in for a dull Christmas this year in Township. Didn’t Santa’s sleigh used to fly around? You have stopped selling all of the stuff we want!!!!! We are tired of jumping through your hoops just to earn the same ole same ole. It’s you all that are losing money when you don’t offer what you used to. 🤦🏻‍♀️ We need new games and new ideas. What about quests? That would be fun at Christmastime. Most of the players on the team I’m on have quit because they are so bored. Ignore these suggestions or we can simply delete this game and find something more creative. What has happened to you all??? Gotten lazy or what? We want to decorate out town and you all are Scrooges. I hope I get a reply from Township! 😡 We don’t want to wait until halfway through December to decorate! That takes all the fun out of it. You could have sold some turkeys to run around our town for Thanksgiving. That would have been awesome! Step it up, guys and girls! Listen to the towns folk. For more of my brilliant ideas…..well, I guess you don’t care..Version: 8.8.0

Greedy developersThis used to be great, the games were fair and the paid extras were worth it, since lockdown they have increased the difficulty of everything to the point where it is no longer enjoyable just a massive frustration, there are also a lot of people that find ways to cheat in the competitions. I will continue to play whilst its free but they wont get any more money from me, greed has a price to pay..Version: 8.6.1

Love this game but it needs a few changes!Regattas have become boring and I’ve accepted the fate of permanent wooden league. The only way to rank up is to restrict players who complete little to no tasks, but those players don’t want to be restricted! The only time it was balanced is when we had unlimited tasks. The more active players could do more tasks to make up for the less active players. I think regattas need to be changed so everyone can have fun without taking it so seriously and rummaging for 150 point tasks. The puzzle mini games last too long (weeks on end) and I barely get to play the less challenging mini games that I enjoy more since they rarely pop up or only last 2 days. I don’t even do the renovations or grand prizes for puzzles anymore. I’m either stuck on a level or I’m choosing to stay on a level that’s easy to complete 150 point tasks on. I might just do a few tasks to make purchases at the yacht club (excluding those that require higher leagues) then disregard the regatta. Also, we should be able to upgrade the planes just like the trains and ships. 0-299 XP doesn’t really help as much when I need 465,000 XP to level up to 78. I also hope more factories are added so I have something to look forward to after level 97. Other than that, I really enjoy the game. Especially the new updates!.Version: 9.4.0

Piggy bankTakes your cash which you have to Buy back with your own money. Terrible idea!!! Update: Some serious and extremely unfair problems have occurred since last update, as previousl reviewers have said the extortionist costs o some items is beyond reasonable, also when requirering an item to make a product the cost of the item is ridiculous and on three occasions when I have cancelled the product the game has charged me to make the product- £300 of township cash Gone. Monies that took a lot of time to gain. I am extremely Upset about this. The piggy bank is also extremely unfair- that is cash made in good faith by townspeople who then have to But it back, their own money!!!! Township have more than enough ways for participants to buy money if they so desire- stealing their own funds is beyond good practice. Do the right thing and cancel this piggy bank!!! Please please fix the harvesting glitches NOW!!! They are ruining the game experience and fluidity. Fix it fix it fix it. And please Do Not tell me that I am doing something wrong, I’ve played this game long enough to know it’s the game that is at fault..Version: 13.1.0

Fun but frustratingHere’s my review: 1. Why do I have to spend money to get what’s in the piggy bank which I collected to begin with? 2. Why does it take so long to build someone the factories or buildings sometimes up to 5 days? 3. I think some of the factory items also take way to long to produce especially if it’s needed for a regatta task. I try to have things in reserve but if the barn is full you’re out of luck. 4. Why can we have 2 barns one for the products from the farm and the animals and one for building materials and the factory items? 5. We should be able to have the ability of cancelling an item waiting in line in the factory to be built if you realize that item is no longer needed. 6. If a co-op member or a friend requests help because it needs 29 units of something like wheat or carrots or corn to fill a task, and I only have 10 and another person has only 6, and so on, why can’t we just all join our resources to get the task done, instead of forcing that player to use an “item request” which are also timed? I believe the help under the “!” Should work the same way. I know a lot of players in the community and in these reviews say to plan ahead but sometimes it’s not enough. Overall I enjoy playing the game and the fact that there’s so many people from different parts of the world make it a lot of fun but I feel the developers should give us a little slack..Version: 7.8.0

Minigames are money grab. Don’t bother with this gameHow about making the minigames actually achievable and maybe the game will be more fun..Version: 10.0.0

False advertisingGame is nothing like the ad I just watched..Version: 15.0.0

Township developers a workaround is not a solutionEnjoy the game but recently it’s been difficult to load and open. Today it just stuck on the white Playrix screen then shuts down again. Update: On the troubleshoot page technical support advises to delete app and reinstall again. Game and progress is preserved (although worryingly so this does mean your details are never ‘deleted’ at all unlike other apps; deleted means deleted, no going back!!!) Anyway, it does work but am no long amused as deleting & reinstalling is now a daily occurrence of more than once! There seems to be a pattern of events before you have to delete: - Launching game, slight wait, not a problem. This same each time you go back into the game - take time out of game when nothing to do as some crops & factories needs time to grow/produce then also wait for orders to come in. - After a few back and forth to check on crop/manufacturing progress, eventually comes to the time the screen freezes on launch then it shuts down - this happens a few times but if you persist, still get in. - The game lags, things are now in slow motion mode - if don’t mind it can carry on playing in ‘slow motion’ - it does kind of improve after 5 - 7 mins - Now back to playing almost normally then the game shuts down and you are chucked out the app. - You try to open the app again but it gets stuck on the white screen & fails to launch. After 7 or 8 tries app needs to be deleted and reinstalled.Version: 8.8.0

Waste of my timeIt’s like Pocket Build. I hate games where you have to wait and it involves no skill or strategy or RPG or luck. It’s just patience! Another complaint is the your barn can be too full and you have to remove stuff just to get the essential supplies. I hate it when your stuff get’s too full like in The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild how you can get your inventory too full and like Minecraft how your inventory can get too full. I can live with it but I hate it in Township, and you have to wait a whole DAY for the train to come and help, you just need to wait, wait, and wait! Imagine if the only thing in your house for entertainment was Township. You have to sit on the couch wasting your IPad battery and where your Gaming Headset all day. Are you trying to be an IDLE game!? Well your doing a good job, except for just making this GAME. No wonder it’s free just don’t bother download this thing. My last criticism is that the green township cash is way too precious, and it’s almost impossible to get. Like you have to buy lives to play and if you lose you lose a life, and if you run out of lives you can’t play until… YOU WAIT IT OUT. You can by lives with green cash but once you’ve spent it all you have to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and so on..Version: 9.4.0

This game cheats its playersInitially I really enjoyed playing Township, however I realised the game was cheating its players to try and make people spend money. I was 1 ‘slab’ material away from completing construction for my photo studio and movie theatre, but after the materials train arrived with the slab I needed to complete construction, when I clicked on the photo studio suddenly it said I needed 2 slabs instead of 1 (or none as I just received the material by train already). Then I clicked on the movie theatre and it had changed to needing 3 slabs instead of 1. Then I clicked back to the photo studio and it suddenly also changed to 3 slabs too. Clearly this is cheating its players, trying to get unsuspecting people to spend money on their game with very dishonest and unfair game play. I’m sorry to say but this is really foul, so I will not be playing anymore nor recommend this game to others..Version: 6.9.0

Potential down the drain.I and many who played other games like this, started this game a few weeks ago. It’s a good game, and when I see a good game, I like to give it my support. My friends and I made in game purchases to show our appreciation. Then the first glitch happened, where two players ended up filling the same aeroplane or train cart and both is accepted. That’s fine, both players still get their clovers as reward for helping. Then the 2nd glitch happened - where you open our cart for help .. waited and when you see it cannot be filled by anyone, you decided to use one of your special ‘spend coupon’ ..BUT coincidentally at that moment another player filled the very same cart at that very same time (remember 1st glitch?) except this time, they take your coupon and since you filled it yourself, you don’t receive any clover. Contacted Customer support and waited for many days for a reply only to have them say ‘sorry but we don’t have a glitch and you shouldn’t be filling your own cart if you asked for help to begin with’ .. yes, that’s the reply I got. Poor customer service, and if I could give you zero star, I would. The game has so much potential, customers service pulled it down. Good thing we only started about four weeks ago, and only wasted $50 between us :) imagine what they could’ve gotten from us had they use a bit of their brain to compensated a couple of virtual missing coupons. Bye Township, I’ll make sure to let people know how much you care .......ha..Version: 8.2.3

I Love the Game, BUT🤔I find that I either loss purchases & items during the game, be double charged for purchases (in which I currently found to have a separate date “in which I hadn’t purchased”), or my purchases don’t go through (yet I’m being charged). Although the last update ran fairly well (with less freezing/crashes), the purchasing problems has gotten worse. I truly enjoy & love the game (for I find it to be a great outlet), but I have come to the conclusion that I won’t be making any more in-app purchases (because I’ve spent way too much money, to be taken advantage of). However, the purchases made through my in-store “iTunes/Apple” were fine (an cheaper, it just came with less t-cash)... On top of all of that, I’ve found that I’ve paid much higher prices than those “who rarely make purchases” (in which you’d think, would be the other way around), and that’s very unfair😔 (while customer service blames it on our App Store)... Furthermore; I get tired of all these same old replies from Customer Service that’s of redirection to another page or link, for I’ve tried all of that a thousand times without being redeemed. That’s why I feel the best solution is to stop my in-app purchases... I’ll just play the game without the extra boosts and stop losing, what I can’t afford... For I do enjoy the game, I just can no longer afford its perks...😔.Version: 5.8.0

It was great once!I like Township, but once upon a time I actually LOVED playing this game. Township had fun challenges, mini games that changed each week and were actually manageable. We miss the monthly challenges that didn’t require playing repetitive games to win the prizes, especially block ones that makes every second level extra hard and unplayable. Bring back mini games like the smoothies or the airplane game. Bring back the fun!.Version: 9.0.1

Fun but extremely frustrating due to cost!!!This game would be high on my favorites list if it didn’t cost me so much real money to play. I’m about to quit just because of that reason actually! I’ve spent so much money already & I just started playing a few weeks ago. I’m starting to think the developers designed it to be addictive so you do spend your money so much. My biggest complaint would be the barn. You constantly have to upgrade it & the cost to do so is ridiculous. You really have to buy the game cash to do it. I’ve done this on more than one occasion & as soon as it is upgraded…guess what…it’s full again! I’ve sold things in the barn to make room but you are constantly building your town and need more things which ALL go in the stupid barn! I’m frustrated now…can you tell?!?! Hey developers….if you want to make this game actually playable in the long term….don’t cap the barn capacity! You will still make money off of people because there are PLENTY of other things you need game cash for in this game. How about you actually listen to people and fix the issues instead of just taking their feedback and giving them tips. At this point IF I do still continue to play I refuse to spend my hard earned cash on this game anymore unless you fix the barn issue. Just so you know I’m not opposed to spending real money on games if it is not a scam to empty my wallet like this game has proven to be..Version: 9.8.0

The games okThe games ok but it's a bit boring and takes a lot of time to do something.Version: 10.0.0

Good game but...I have been playing Township since October 2018, playing every single day since I discovered it. Loved it until they replaced the Interseasonal Race with this Race Of Champions last month. Far too much work for so little reward. Many others feel this way too. PLAYRIX BRING BACK INTERSEASONAL!!! The events are getting ridiculous too. I’m ready to find another game addiction. I still love the team work in the game and have met players from all over the world. It’s a great game other than those first two issues..Version: 7.7.0

:(Nothing like the ads.Version: 6.5.2

Lost its wayI didn’t want to write a bad review but I have to, what used to be a fun enjoyable game without spending money has now become a game that entices you to spend money in order to finish side missions etc, like treasures of the sea, they start the games easy to make you enjoy it and entice you in, then you spend a week or more on one level because it’s unbelievably hard. Clearly made so you spend to progress. And these missions used to pop up once every now and then now every time one finishes another appears it’s constant money money money. It’s a shame as I said , it used to be fun through co-op challenges now even them are boring as no one cares to participate, if you enjoy spending money and being bored by the same game play every day then this is perfect for you, the trouble with game makers now is that they can’t be bothered to make them fun, they make them financially rewarding for themselves. No game is worth your hard earnt cash. Great game if your bored, now wait for the creators to comment with their apologies for how I feel etc, it’s the same reply for everyone,.Version: 9.6.0

It doesn’t workI can’t load the game..Version: 11.1.0

Bring back the old gamesTownship is a really cool game and somehow I’ve managed getting to level 60+ of the game. The only bad side of this game is the in-game. The in-games used to be fun and creative and new every few weeks but now they made the game like candy crush which is a bit boring. If people wants to play matching games, they could easily download candy crush or apps similar to those. Bring back the old in games. The app used to be fun and interesting and people look forward to what kind of competitions the in game offers but now it’s becoming more and more boring. Now considering going back to HayDay..Version: 11.1.0

Money, money, money.I’ve been playing for two years and this used to be a fun game to jump into, do a little bit for an hour or so then come back to. There were side games (events) that you could choose to play if you so wished. No big deal if you didn’t. The past year or so these side games have taken over (it’s a rolling mixture of the same 4-5 which if you’ve ever seen the Facebook page hundreds of players are fed up doing the same things over and over) and are designed to get you to buy the currency used within the game to the point of one mix/match game being so hard that you practically HAVE to use money to complete it. If you want to start playing this then the developers expect you to have VERY deep pockets and have no life outside this game. The building of the town used to be the main game with events on the side. Now the events have taken over (you can have 2-3 going on at the same time) and developing your town has become the side game. All in the name of parting you from your cash and boosting their bank balances..Version: 8.9.1

Slow gameYears ago I played a game called FarmVille with my friends and loved it. Became too busy & quit playing. When I retired I started Township. It isn’t near as good as FarmVille. This game limits how long or fast you can play or progress. At least two sugar factories are needed ( but you are limited to one) because it takes way too long for the sugar products you need to develop. That means making items that require sugar is impossible till tomorrow! You The barn never holds enough so you can’t harvest enough crops to keep making products. Materials to expand the barn come on the train, but you have no control over what comes on the train. Materials needed to clear land also come on the train. Materials to build community buildings also come randomly on the train & cannot be ordered. Windows are always last while you may have too many bricks or boards. These items all add to filling the barn. It takes months to build one community building - which allows you to buy a house - which increases the population - which progresses you to a higher level - and it all depends on what comes on the train! You have to load the train with the products it asks for, and it takes many hours for the train to return. Unless of course you want to pay for the train to come sooner. You have to have game dollars, not game coins, for that & they are very hard to get. It is a frustrating game that you will never spend hours playing!.Version: 7.7.0

Cool gameThe side game with levels is so hard that I can't pass them. Even the "normal" levels are hard. There is not enough moves. Beside that, the game is cool even if it takes a long time to obtain some items if you dont pay for it. It would be nice if we could watch ads to get some items..Version: 9.7.0

5 stars to 1Honestly this was a great game but for the past months I’ve been noticing my gems, coins and t-cash have been deleted from my town. I’ve contacted the support team many times with an insulting reward. I’ve lost over 4,000 000 in coins, thousands of gems and over 500$ in tcash. So that little 50$ is a slap in the face. I really don't feel like playing this game after this disappointing '' CASH SPLASH'' event. Also the side games are impossible to complete without buying extra. It’s all about $$$ now. Why start what you can't finish? My love for Township has diminished. No enthusiasm to continue the game 😠.Version: 8.7.0

Problem with the mini gamesOkay hi!! i’ve been playing township for over 5 years and ever since the mini games have been added, i’ve wanted to cry. the game itself, fun but difficult and i love it, and although the mini games are a great way to spend time on the game when your waiting for things to be made, they’re super difficult. especially any ‘renovation’ mini game in which includes the ‘puzzles’. my whole family who plays township ALL HATE this mini game and find it impossible to get to a good level without paying money. MAKE IT LESS HARD!!! or just get rid of it. and to get extra moves on the puzzle game or to have a second chance at the gumball game, you need to pay 5 CASH!! 5 cash is way too much and cash is super hard to get. make it cheaper or just make the levels easier!!! -a long time township user.Version: 9.1.0

WARNING Used to be good, now money grabbing onlyI’ve played this game daily for years and always enjoyed it. Unfortunately, in the last 6 months in particular it has become VERY obvious that the devs interest is only in persuading players to part with real money on top of more real money, to finally progress through impossible mini games to complete Golden Ticket tasks - which the player has already paid extra to take part in. Of course, all the Golden Ticket players have a choice, but the challenges used to be in-game based not repetitive side games, and the rewards were genuinely unique and otherwise unavailable. Little of that is applicable or true anymore, and yet without the additional challenge, the game is very boring and like a daily slog, taking SO long to move up a level in the higher numbers. None of the seasonal updates we used to love are as high quality or detailed anymore, and the devs seem to have no interest in providing a cohesive game that flows, but just putting as little effort in while forcing as much money out. I think the Christmas update will be my last, it’s just too boring and often disappointing now..Version: 8.8.0

TerribleThe ads for this game are really obnoxious as they are a) everywhere and b) boring and c) show complete false advertisement. Why do this? All your doing is getting your game hate. The developers of this game know nothing about proper publicity. All of those 5 star reviews are bots because I have no clue who would rate a game with this kind of advertisement. The way these developers get away with this is ridiculous. Please take a small amount of your time to rate this 1 star. We must show them the truth..Version: 7.0.5

Used to be goodNothing changes .. same old boring challenges.Version: 10.0.0

.Have you people lost your mind with the town games that cannot be beat? What was the point of making them so hard if you can’t get to the next level. No amount of bombs or cupcake explosions can beat some levels. Remember this is a game not a war..Version: 8.8.0

Get your wallets out!There’s no denying this game is fun, and yes, you can play without spending a penny. However, if that’s the case it will take you years to get to a high level and that’s not exaggerating one bit. Literal years. Also, their weekly mini games are pretty fun but every now and then you get stuck with a completely rigged game like “Explosive Puzzle” where it’s actually impossible to win levels without using “Power-ups” that cost a high amount of dollars in game which cost even more dollars in real currency. And yes, Everybody I am aware this is a simulation game that tries to be realistic in a fun and satisfying way, but there is nothing satisfying about having to wait 7/8 hours to complete one order of goods when there are 9 helicopter orders, 3 trains, 1 plane, and up to 3 ships to fill with multiple orders each. I mean 1 pizza takes 2 hours to make in this game. It’s very annoying when you have to make 7 pizzas in 4 hours before your plane leaves. That is unless your willing to spend real money to finish the order :/ As contradicting as it might sound, I do enjoy this game and it is fun but record breaking when it comes to how many hours you have to put into this game with how little you get in return. I think this game would be 5 stars if they cut down produce wait time, or made things cheaper in the game (decorations/ buildings wise)..Version: 9.0.0

Without reason and banned an accountI just update the game, and when I re-enter. It blocked my account. I have been a player for this game for 8 years long. I don’t understand why my account will get banned. The customer support robot doesn’t help. You guys made a mistake. Please fix this problem..Version: 11.0.0

Time consuming and rip offApart from parts of the game being fun, it takes so long for things to be made, so long to level up and get rewards and then the more you play, the more complicated it becomes to grow. At first to buy land it’s coins and people, then it turns into coins, people, spades, axes.. all so that it makes you want to spend real cash on buying the extra stuff later. Just trying to rip you off and take your money. Unless you want to invest HOURS AND HOURS of time and money on the game, dont bother.Version: 10.0.0

Jeu qui crashe régulièrementLe jeu crashe régulièrement chaque fois que je veux jouer.Version: 9.0.1

BannedI give Township a 1, not because it isn’t a good game, but because they ban innocent people, and block you out after showing proof of your purchases. Do app receipts not count any more,plus I have had to pay for my last purchase that I haven’t used. If you think this game is fair, just look at the forums to see what damage they do to innocent people. Just be aware, I think they ban randomly, and if so, no one is safe. I happen to have a second game, which wasn’t banned this is how I could come on here. It is not a new thing innocent players are being banned all the time, and the cheaters walk free.Version: 5.7.0

Cash grabI liked this game but it’s obvious the developers want you to spend large amounts of your own money in order to really enjoy it. Community buildings are just one example, once you buy the building you then need construction materials to finish it. You cannot make these materials, only receive them via train (or of course BUY THEM). The train takes FOREVER to return once you fill orders, and frustratingly you have NO CONTROL over what construction materials you receive from the train. Basically a train arrives with some orders that you need to fill. The train leaves and returns with random construction materials. This seems straightforward enough but the amount of time it takes to fill the order is over the top and then you have to wait forever for the train to return. I just waisted about 4 hours filling a train order, then waited MORE THAN A DAY for the train to return, and it contained NONE of the materials I needed. Ive only been playing for THREE days and this has happened TWICE. The graphics are good and the game has potential, but not with these waiting times and the lack of control over gaining what you need to progress through the game. I’m uninstalling and I’ll be wary of downloading any other games from this developer in the future..Version: 7.0.5

Used to be fun now a scamThis game gets 5 stars for amazing graphics. I have been playing this game for many years and used to love it. It WAS the most perfect game having a bit of everything. Building, designing, collecting, strategy, comradeship, teamwork and lots of fun mini games on the side. However in recent months the mini games have been changed and the difficulty levels are now impossible & require vast amounts of t cash (needing real money) and still can’t be completed. It’s become a scam. The developers don’t seem to listen to players so I’m leaving a 1 star review and no longer buying in game purchases until they return the mini games and events to be playable again. If there is no chance of winning the prizes, what’s the point, where is the challenge...? It’s not a challenge but a scam if all the mini games & events are impossible to complete in the time frame. Please stop scamming your customers. I regularly supported this game making regular purchases for many years, but if you are going to scam us, I am no longer interested. Very sad. I will return my 5 star review if you listen & go back to fun playrix instead of playrix the scammer..Version: 8.1.2

Have a big complaint but I do love the gameEveryone else has said what a great game this is, with numerous reasons why and I agree with most of them, so I am not going to take the time to repeat it. Instead I am going to talk about the one thing that REALLY annoys me (besides having all the building materials using up my barn space!) I hate how the population has to increase before you can build a new factory-hear me out before the eye roll....I’m just trying to make a nice-looking Township and all was going nicely with the adorable cottages and brick buildings. But now all there is to build are those ugly high-rise apartments; the cool looking timber frame and towered houses are SO many levels away. Here is my beef: take a look at “Ernie’s” town. Now his town, of course, is the pinnacle of Township awesomeness. It’s what the rest of us hope to come close to someday. But how many unattractive buildings do you count? He has 3 apartment buildings (I have 6) 1 regular high-rise- the ugliest! (I have 9) and he has 3 high rise with attic (I have 10) I don’t have these ugly buildings by choice! They are all that’s available-and you HAVE to build them to build your factories. I would like to have more choice in the matter. Maybe I have to pay more to get a nicer house...there should be some options at least. And, obviously, what “rules” Ernie has to follow should be consistent with the rest of us..Version: 7.4.1

Beware great game but expensive to playI have been playing the game for seven years, it’s was a great game to play for many years & was my favourite game. However it’s changed & not for the better, it’s advertised as a city building & farm game but once you been playing for a while there is nothing to build, you can’t interact with the zoo anymore, farming is growing crops. Everything needs a massive amount of tcash just to finish most of the tasks. Don’t wast your money on the golden ticket, it forces you to play the ridiculously boring & expensive mini game which I now hate as they are the same mini games over & over again. Zzzzz. If you fail in any attempt in the mini game you lose any points won unless you spent 10 tcash to finish, may not sound a lot but even in the special tcash deals it costs you about £9 for just over 200 tcash, again doesn’t sound too bad but in one task in the golden ticket you need to complete 50 rounds of the mini game for just 10 golden ticket points & you need 150, 200 or 255 points to get the next reward. 200 tcash gone in one reward. I have done every golden ticket event since they started, it any more, it’s just too expensive to complete as are the Renovation tasks, I could always finish them but now I don’t because of the cost involved. I don’t mind investing a bit of actual money in the game & have done in the past but now it’s it gone too far & a great game has been ruined. I’m done with the game..Version: 8.8.0

After 3 years I think I’m doneFor the last 3 years while I’ve enjoyed this game and its many mini games and challenges (spending quite a lot of real money over this time btw) but I’ve also removed it a few times mainly through frustration at the slowness in accumulating the resources (particularly WOOD!!!!) and the massive amounts of cash required for the factories and other buildings. Why would this seem like a good way to keep people interested? I’ve been waiting months for enough wood to finish a couple of buildings in my zoo and there’s no way I have any hope of getting enough cash/resources for the Down Feather, Doll or Kitchenware factories I have access to because who in their right mind in today’s economy and expensive world would spend $150 real hard earned dollars for the fake money that would only just cover the first one of those factories because they go up so ridiculously from there. You’ve taken the fun out of the game and I don’t see any positives to keeping a game like this on my device draining my battery and my bank account ☹️.Version: 6.3.0

Was a great game"This was a great game to just relax and play, even the mini games were fun and achievable results. Then came the match three money grab, still achievable if you want to use up all of the in game aids to try to beat a hard or super hard higher level or end up using real money to proceed, or you can spend a weeks worth of trying it yourself. If you want to see real players reviews, check out the Facebook page and see how many long term players are dissatisfied with the match three or regatta and how many have quit because the mini games.Version: 9.9.0

Stealing your cashThis game’s developers are a fraud. I purchased over 20$ of in game cash and everything was okay for a few days until I logged in one day and all my cash was reset again to the original amount when I started with. At first I thought it was a bug or some lag issue with my account. However, when I tried contacting the customer support they didn’t get back before the end of the week and took over 3-4 days in average to reply to each of my messages. On top of that they would end my conversation automatically just by assuming that they have solved my problem, without even waiting for me to reply. After over a month of getting in contact with them In the end I just gave up and stopped playing this game. Such a disappointment because the game was quite good. All I could recommend to my gamer friends is that do not waste your real money on any in game purchases, unless you don’t care it has been taken away without a valid explanation. Disgraceful!.Version: 6.7.0

Very expensive gameIt makes it impossible to advance at a decent pace because your barn is always full and in order to expand it you have to use your own real money to buy the fake money in the game to buy to tools you need to expand. It doesn’t give you the option to use the thousands of coins you have just sitting there. It is very hard to earn cash in the game. My suggestion is either allow your players to use their coins to expand barn, properties, land or make it easier to earn Town dollars. Otherwise people are just going to get frustrated and leave…which I am getting close to cuz I’m so annoyed. The game is fun and has amazing graphics and lots of places to visit but it seems that what everyone wants, is not what you have in your barn so you have to wait HOURS for things to be made to sell them. Gets old fast when you’re constantly waiting and waiting, so annoying. Then you finally make or grow what people want and OH barn is full, grrr!! Deleted the game after spending a lot of my real money cuz it got more frustrating than fun..Version: 10.0.0

Since the last update .....more bugsThe in app support request no longer works and I feel as though I have been blanked by the team. In Trying to get their notice by constant tapping of the support button, I am just being ignored. So contacting over Apple apps connection. There are now delays occurring of up to 12 seconds with a black screen. This occurs just simply moving from the home view to the zoo view, longer, if you attempt to aid another player, and then ...., you are faced with another lag if they wish both town and zoo aid. and to add insult to injury, yet another lag when returning back to my home screen. The update I received today was MORE than 24 hours after some of my friends received theirs. This resulted in me NOT being able to aid those who had been granted the update. And forced to clear some of the products from my barn. When the game functions, it is outstanding. Expensive ? Yes it can be, but it is oh so addictive. I have previously given a higher rating, but these current bugs which I am unable to bring to the attention of the support team, except using this route, are killing my enthusiasm. The wait for the update and the lag times are particularly annoying..Version: 7.8.0

What have you done to this game?It looks like greed is taking over what was a brilliant farming game. There are now far too many events which lag so badly it is difficult to play them ... the professor challenge has become so difficult this will be the last time I buy the pass ... I don’t know how you expect us to do so many repetitive tasks when it takes 86 nails .. 86 hammers .. 86 red paint to upgrade barn once yet you expect us to do it twice for 75 points ... feed animals 3150 x 2 ... make 300 cream & 360 cheese on same work station then to get the meagre 75 points you need to use items to make other items ... make 360 syrup then use to make other items again for 75 points ... I have been playing this game for over 5 years but recently it has gone down hill ... I gave up on another farming game because all they did was push you to buy things and put on too many events which ruined the game because they never worked or you couldn’t compete with people who had hacked the game so they won all the time ... I don’t mind working to complete a game but I won’t do it 24/7 just to compete ... the dealer is another issue which costs to use but why does he need an hours break and why after using dealer coupons do we have to pay full price to use it again or wait until you decide to give us an offer on it ... Please don’t ruin what was a good game because you don’t need to..Version: 7.7.0

Used to be greatI’ve been playing this game for a couple years, it’s been a great way to pass time with some challenges, team work without getting personal & even mini games. Lately though, the mini games, mainly the room building, are set up so you can’t succeed without spending a ton of in app cash. I accumulate what I can, but it’s getting worse so that if I want to actually finish the room, I have to buy cash. I don’t mind the Professor’s Experiment Gold Pass, but beyond that, I’m not interested in spending the money. It’s supposed to be fun, that isn’t fun. There are other mini games with chests you need in app cash to open & those cost more than they used to. Then there’s the Regatta, the random tasks each week, at least in the co-op I’m in, seem to be getting worse in the amount of points they offer. Each team wants to win, so the leaders dump the low point tasks because no one wants them, I think that since the goal is to win, tasks less than 115 pts should not be generated. That, or the random generator should recognize what’s being dumped & not re-issue those again. This game has gone downhill rapidly in the last 6 mths & since I’m seeing the same info in different reviews, maybe those changes need to be looked at again because it seems like I’m only one of many thinking about quitting the game over it. I play for fun, this is not fun anymore..Version: 8.0.2

Worst supporting team - Question never been answered directly to the point - effort wastingSpent time to join mini games to get coupons, rewards to expand my city and innovate it. However, when my problems turned up, I asked for help from the supporting team. It took like forever to receive their replys. But reply only about ‘what is my problem?’, ‘thanks for understanding’ etc. but there was no direct solution or offer my back my lost coupon (until now) due to your technical problem. They kept asking to repeat my problem. It was frustrating. And took a long time until I was tired of continuing the conversation. The supporting service team was TOTALLY NOT helpful at all. So finally, the technical problems causing my loss of a town expansion coupon was not solved. Just be forgotten by the silence, late response and indirect answer of the supporter. I have played township for more than one year. Have recommended so many friends but this one did upset and disappoint me badly. I still play township though. But I’m sure I will never recommend any more of my friends to play this due to the worst supporting team ever..Version: 7.5.1

TownshipTownship is a very good game and I enjoy playing it, however, playing the mini games such as the hairdresser game you have a certain amount of lives to complete the level. This can be challenging and annoying because I and many others can not complete certain levels. The game does not give you enough lives to beat the game, even when you have powers to use. This is annoying to others when they want to enjoy and complete the game. The game also asks for a lot of township money notes to complete tasks such as completing building or buying products and it makes it hard when you can’t get this township cash unless you earn it by winning tasks such as the hairdresser game this means that you can rarely win prizes if you cannot complete the levels and tasks. Overall I love how the game works and I enjoy playing it but these problems that I have listed need to get solved asap..Version: 9.3.0

Game is great- stereotypes are notI absolutely loved the logistical side of this game. I’m obsessed with expanding my town, milking towns, and making bread. However, I just noticed when looking at my helicopter orders at the female and male characters were a little stereotypical. I know it’s just a game, but I would argue that something like this that children and playing does have a subconscious impact on how we view the world. So, the girl was asking “Do you have anything in pink rhinestones?! Great, thanks!” Dressed in a pink outfit with her hair in a bow. Then I noticed the male characters were professors, contractors, doctors, and museum owners. The game is a little more inclusive on profile pictures, but here still the females are very ornamental (dressed up, pretty, covered in jewelry and makeup, etc.). Also, the base characters do seem to play into typical stereotypes about which gender would be in what profession. I don’t mind the dressed up female characters, but I think they should make more of an effort to try and represent the diversity of interests and careers within genders. This goes for men too, there could be men who are focused on their appearance or seem more dumb like the girl I mentioned previously. Everything in the media and society controls what assumptions people make about others. I think it’s worth it for this game to be more conscious about what messages they are sending and how they can represent a more inclusive outlook on gender..Version: 8.6.0

Not good as it used to beLast year when I downloaded this app, I enjoyed it a lot. Getting cash and coins has been easy enough compared to other games of this type. It does take some time to level up after you have reached level 50 and get access to new homes and decorations. I didnt used to mind that so much as it was possible to win decorations through mini games or monthly events. This was especially since cost of homes and deco goes up as you level up. However, since Christmas it has been impossible for anyone who doesnt pay real money to the app to get the chance to win any seasonal decorations. Actually with the monthly events that township now do, non payers get prizes that are really useless. Its all stuff that I can earn really easily like one or two pick axes... It feels like playrix is only interested in the people who can pay them and decide to ignore the rest. Had I been rating this game this time last year I would have given it a solid 5 out of 5. But now? Lets just say I am being generous with my three stars. Playrix, please take care of ALL USERS..Version: 9.0.1

Being Accused of CheatingWhat the heck? I woke up this morning to play my game and I have a notification that says I can’t interact with others because you suspect I’m cheating? I’m not even smart enough to know how to cheat on a mobile game. Please fix this. It won’t even let me play it or get past the message..Version: 9.2.0

Another REAL MONEY pit game :( BEWAREThe game is fun and great team play. Love creating my own little town and enjoy helping fellow gamers. There are two areas that could use improvement. This is WHERE REAL MONEY comes into play. First is the EVENT CALENDAR. It has mini themed games like Christmas or valentines edition. You can never finish mini games like treasure hunt or house makeover due to MANY match three games being TOO DIFFICULT to win which makes you spend real money to move on in mini game in hopes of finishing the EVENT. It happens tooo often. MONEY PIT IT is no longer fun when you can’t finish the EVENT or HELP AND SUPPORT DO NOT HELP YOU AT ALL and close conversation with NO RESOLUTION. After going three rounds of requesting help and support to correct/fix the problem/reinburse you. Which is lousy since you ARE FORCED TO SPEND QUITE A BIT OF REAL CASH IN GAME You give up on it. So I don’t do events anymore. Second is lack of building supplies. Every time you level up you get to buy buildings and zoo enclosures with in game coins ( which is great ) but have to wait for supplies to arrive via train and takes forever to arrive. About four hours later. So you end up having sooo many buildings and zoo shelters awaiting to be built. I have soooo many buildings and zoo enclosures are forever waiting for construction Wish we could buy supplies using in game coins as well. TIME TO DELETE GAME. SOOO SAD BECAUSE THE WAYSUPPORT TREATS YOU IS LOUSY. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE..Version: 10.0.0

Good but double chargesThis is a pretty cool game, great graphics, gestures, theming. But...twice now it has doubled charged me within 4 minutes for a piggy bank purchase! Now you can’t buy two within that time frame, you can’t click the button twice. So how many other people are they double dipping with I wonder? Can’t get direct to support, just bots and automated replies. Applied for refund via Apple, got the first one approved. Have to do another today. Unfortunately I’m going to have to play the limited version or uninstall. Paid in app purchases of nearly $100 I worked out. Probably not great value for me. Yay for them..Version: 7.7.0

Was great until I got charged without buying anythingI initially had fun with this game. Making my town, coming up with a formula for making all the orders then selling all of them at once. Few times I’d pay for the piggy back (that’s ok). Recently however, I got charged three times for purchases I didn’t make (2 refunded and the other still pending). These were after I purchased the golden ticket and piggy bank (former once and latter twice). The last one was a piggy bank purchase which I checked my account and it withdrew, about a week later or so (been awhile so memory is a bit spotty) it withdrew even more. I feel like there was attempts to scam me of my money by double purchasing so I now have to unfortunately delete the game. Tried contacting support but it was practically useless (got refund for first 2 through apple). Very. Disappointed..Version: 11.0.2

Feedback for developersWhen sending helicopter deliveries, I find the button for deleting an order is too close to send. Multiple times now I have had everything prepared for an order and clicked delete by accident. The game is overall great but this is such an integral part of the game, that when it happens I have to close it cause it’s so frustrating. I notice that the same thing happens in the puzzle games too, where if you swipe the gems or power-ups, the swipe goes a different way or the power up just explodes. Kinda disappointed by this and it would be really nice if you could fix it. Cheers..Version: 10.0.0

AdWe want the pin game in the ad! Stopn false advertising!!!🤬.Version: 7.5.1

Playrix are a pack of Crooks!I’ve been playing this game for over 5 years and it’s getting super expensive with constant 30 day events on, and mini games and needing to pay for township cash if you want to progress at all (you could earn it for free much easier in previous years). The kicker though is that I bought in app purchases, maybe 3 separate purchases in one month for a challenge I was playing. The payment was duplicated 6+ times for one of the purchases, and 2 or 3 times for the other. 2. I charged back the duplicated charges only with iTunes (leaving the legitimate charges alone) and then next day township has blocked me and told me I’m suspected of cheating. Why? because you stole from me and I did something about it? Also no one responded to my query there’s no way to reach out to talk to them about the fact I’m not a cheater, playrix are just judge jury and executioner on the matter with no interest for people accused of cheating to get in touch to talk to someone. I’ve never cheated in my life 🙄 You guys are greedy as, I’ve been loyally playing and paying for years, you stuffed up then had the AUDACITY to ban me and call me a cheater!.Version: 9.6.0

No support but billionaires.This developer lacks in customer support and issues go unresolved when none of their troubleshooting steps work. They come up with some lame excuse as to close the support ticket without helping further to resolve the issue. With how they’re a billionaire company, they simply don’t care about assisting you to resolve the issue. That’s not a business. If you have a technical issue and need a human to assist you with it, a bot isn’t going anywhere to help. Can’t believe that all troubleshooting steps never worked, my own steps didn’t work, and a bot tells me there’s no technical issue, it’s how the system works, then closes the issue and asks me if I require further help, start a new conversation and so I do, it’s exactly the same process as the previous one! What a complete waste of space this developer is on the internet. I do not recommend using customer support, therefore I do not recommend wasting your time with it. Also, don’t spend real money!.Version: 7.7.0

Not the game advertisedWhy do this to people? Why give me FarmVille when you advertise something else? Don’t bother referring me to the developers or help page. Not at all interested!!.Version: 6.5.2

PaywallYou hit the pay wall really quick. Also don’t get fooled it is another Candy Crush and Royal Match clones. The candy crush stages are ridiculously difficult. I have played thousands of Royal Match and have never felt as frustrated as I do with this game, as the AI for the fans is ++ poor and it is not fun after a while..Version: 11.0.3

I use to love this gameThis game needs a lot of fixing. I use to love playing this, I’ve played for a few years now but lately I can’t even be bothered because of how playtrix are manipulating the game. Now it’s set up so you have to pay real money, and even when you do it’s just a waste of time and money. support either don’t reply or just send generic replies. Even the gold pass is disappointing this time around. In all honesty if I could give 0 stars I would have. Don’t see me playing much longer.Version: 7.9.5

Great game but boring after a whileTwo star because the drawing is great. I liked to play this game and enjoyed so much with my co-op. It was a great team. But now thinking to delete it from my phone. 1. It becomes a so boring game after a while playing. The improvement is bad. I feel like the more improvements, the worse game is. 2. Regatta is fun but now becomes terrible with reserved task. People all hold the good ones with no progress of their current ones. Before, we at least had a bit motivation to do task quickly just for a better task. Now nop!4. The invitation sent to people from co-op cannot be resent, so once I sent one, I cannot send again. 4.So hard to make cash and money. I stay in this game only because of a great team in the co-op but not because the game is good. 5. Poor customer service. Wonder if anyone reads those comments and improve? I don’t think I will stay in this game for long time..Version: 5.5.0

Manipulative, glitchy, poor supportI don’t understand how this game has such a high rating. Firstly, the developers manipulate you into thinking aspects are achievable so you pay for rewards that you then can’t achieve the next time when they up the anty. Secondly, it’s so glitchy, I’ve had bug after bug where I will lose all progress in mini game or overall tasks, making days of work pointless. And when you try to contact support about either of these types of things, they are rude or take a long time to reply. Right now I’m completing a seasonal task that doesn’t last very long and it glitched out right before I was about to get a huge reward and now I have to start from the beginning because even though the support team said they would get back to me, it has been three days and the mini game is due to end in only a few more days. They are a joke. If I hadn’t already invested so much money in this game I would have long since abandoned it. Do not download this game, find something else. There are tonnes out there just like it and the people running the show for township are not to be trusted with your time or money..Version: 7.9.5

Township ReviewI have spent heaps and enjoyed playing this game. Being a team member to the coop was really good until myself and another member were kicked out for no reason. We both supported others and scored 1st or 2nd places within the co op. The worst is your kicked out and given no alert something was wrong. You can’t get back in and ask. I don’t think there is fairness or equity when a person can kick you out for no reason..Version: 6.8.1

Chance to enjoyment to harsh realityI started this game as a chance to just see if I would enjoy it which is why the name of my town was originally why not. I liked how there is side events you could do puzzles and enjoyed the time management of orders. I liked how I could go into a factory start making an order for a train and then go do something else and I didn’t even sit there and focus on the game. I could come back and put the order away. I enjoyed being able to still play the game, but not have my sole attention on the game, maybe I just feel like responsibility and I’m weird but for some reason I enjoyed it. I got excited about decorating my town and where things would go and I spent quite some money on it. Unfortunately that’s when reality sunk in. This is a game and it’s meant to be fun, but I discovered that the more levels I grow the more I’m going to be expected to build in town, which means all the nature I wanted to keep in the town would be nonexistent. I have a hard time with how much the world overpopulated to begin with and playing this game would eventually lead me to feeling like a problem. I would love to find a game like this that had all the features of this game had except not be so big on building a town. Or if there is building a town, allowing the town not to be overpopulated. thank you to the creators and I’m sure a lot of people enjoy it. I’m just looking for something a bit more different..Version: 9.7.5

Starting to hate this gameBeen playing and loving the game for 3+ years now. Events used to be heaps of fun eg. easter egg/bunny hunt. Recently it seems events have become incredibly difficult, all with the aim of having you spend $ if you want to complete the level and not lose your points. This is no longer fun, its frustrating and evil and has turned a great escaping game into frustration. Gonna spend the $ in my piggy bank and then delete my account..Version: 8.1.2

Addictive but frustratingAs much as I love this game and have been completely addicted by satisfying my entrepreneurial desires it takes far to long for things to complete whether that’s waiting for things to grow, be made, built or trains to return to the point I may have to say goodbye nothing more frustrating than constantly clicking on a game you can’t play as you have to wait hours if not days to progress it’s too much and even when you get ingots to use to boost your factories/ trains you have to gain them for points first then coins then improve the time which is then only 5% faster and it takes a lot to get ingots - SPEED IT UP Also need to Add that there needs to be more opportunities to gain township dollars especially when it asks for 38 for bricks or 88 for glass or 20 train trips! and your averaging 15 dollars you can’t get more houses until your community buildings are built which means you can’t then get more factories so your just completing helicopter orders which then take sooo long to make that you can’t entertain making more for the plane or zoo As much as I love this game my frustration levels are maximising please look into this developers it is a fantastic game.Version: 6.4.0

Addictive but expensive!Addicting and you end up putting too much money into it. And they do that on purpose. I had to delete it when I saw in less than one week I spent more than $60. It’s insane, this game knows how to manipulate you just when you think you’re doing awesome to make you purchase more stuff, boom there comes a limitation that doesn’t allow you to move forward forcing you into spending more. They make you spend money in coins and in bills separately which is a rip off. Then they give you a piggy bank which the profit that you make saves it for you but yet you have to pay to take the money out of piggy bank when the money was in there because of the profit you made from buying already from them. Why should I pay to take out money from a savings out of my own earned money that I already paid to basically spend. So because of this is why I had to delete it. They’ve set up this game to get you hooked but then make things harder and more expensive so that you spend more money! Other games I’ve bought give you good deals where you’re actually getting a good bundle, not like this one that they give you a bundle of $15 for coins and $15 for a bundle of bills and then offer items more expensive than they should be, so your $15 worth of bundle goes away in less than 10 minutes. And that’s not cool. You all need to make this game a little bit more reasonable where people don’t feel like they’re being robbed..Version: 6.5.2

Annoyed.Played this game for a long time and reached level 69 and had all my zoo animals, farm animals, factories, houses had almost $500,000 and over 150 of the green notes and a lot of gems. Had a lot of land unlocked all the extra buildings and decorations all the trains and boats with everything upgraded to the highest I could get without having to spend a single cent of my own money. I’ve gotten a new phone and have had to start it all over again because you can’t use the same details on another device. Think if it’s still the same email you could still be able to have the same account for the game. Haven’t really been interested in starting it all from the begining since I spent so much time with the other one. Tried logging in with my gamer tag but it keeps telling me someone already has that account when it’s mine but there is no way of signing into it..Version: 6.5.2

Fun to play BUT unhelpful player supportI’ve been playing Township since 2016 and I still enjoy it. Whether you’re looking for a casual farming game to play when you’re bored, or an aggressive team game where you work together to get rewards, Township can be played either way. However, if you value good customer service, Township is not the game for you. Their bot service is limited and not updated with current events (which change monthly). If you manage to get past the bot and connect with a real person, don’t waste your time - they are less helpful than the bot..Version: 9.7.5

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