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I found a game i actually like!I love this game so much! it’s so fun and exciting. i have been on this game for hours and hours it so addicting! you get to choose your name have lots of profile pictures to choose from, such a kid friendly game. lots of events events every week.Version: 6.8.1

I love the gameI’ve been playing this game for a long time now but I still enjoy it and I think sleeping for three days at school I just writes it down on the phone or whatever and just chill is it please will you spend the days when I’m not at school love Ludlow I just love it so yeah I don’t really rate it 5 out of 5 so yeah underskin to anyone ever in the world and even if you don’t really like thisIs a great game to play I can’t believe it it’s so beautiful and I how do you recommend this game to anyone it’s just amazing for everyone and anyone like whoever the weather whatever the weather whether the person who cares really really don’t like when you found the game do you just think that you in love with it but it’s just amazing in The holidays when you get up in the screen just to come home and chill it’s always a brilliant way to spend the day for me and I recommend this to everyone and anyone is a fantastic game and I can’t wait to play.Version: 5.6.1

So ADDICTINGLove this game, I play it all the time. I gave it 4 stars cause I hate how long you have to wait for new buildings to finish and it the stuff gets more expensive each time you level up and always have no space in my inventory meaning I cannot make more stuff to get money. Also love the mini games.Version: 7.1.0

Diminishing enjoymentFurther comment The latest zoo enclosure I am trying to build needs 110 windows and 110 slabs!!! I can’t imagine how long it will take to get that huge amount when the train only brings a few at a time. Especially as other buildings in the town require me to use these materials in the tool exchange! I have enjoyed this game so far but now I have reached level 65 the enjoyment is fast diminishing. I do not understand why the makers of this game have decided to increase all the parameters required to develop my town further. The building materials required have become excessive, the cost of buildings and expansions is now too high so that it leads to frustration. Surely it would make sense to be able to expand your town more easily and therefore keep interest and involvement in the game. Time to leave???.Version: 7.0.5

Love this game but should have a few changesFirst of all, I think there should be a factory where you can put in the product you want and then when it is done you can collect it if needed should get this at the very beginning and if you are on say level 52 then you update and them you redownload it. The second and last thing I think you should update is the entire game is based on Facebook and that's how you get more township cash but is quite unfair because children who are 15 or younger shouldn't have Facebook, which gives 15 or older an unfair advantage on township cash and money. Other than this which is just upgrades for the game and not me complaining I think this game is good as gold, and if you are thinking about downloading this game then do it. The first few levels are easy but after level 20 it ges harder and much more fun. Also, there are very cool amenities such as city market which is reached at level thirteen, and house of luck which is also revealed at level thirteen, and when you click the level you are on in the corner it will tell you what you unlock at the next level you are on. There is so much more to this game and you should download it. I love ❤️ this a game and you should get it. P.S. I am sorry if this review was too long I had so much to say about the good things of this game.Version: 8.9.1

Costly but fun.Fun game with great graphics, sound effects and sub-games within the Township. The developer has created something I have looked forward to playing each day. You need to be a multitasker to succeed, and I have enjoyed the challenge. The major complaint I have is the cost to play. You must have enough game “cash” - coins aren’t the problem, to build your Township. Every next step in building houses, community buildings and factories are linked together, dependent on population growth, which in turn depends on how large your farm’s growing fields can be, which in turn depends on how many products you can produce in the factories, and so on and so forth. Hence, the challenge - I get it. However, the design is that the building supplies come in so randomly and sparsely ( the developer is downright stingy with the materials and tools you need to grow ), that you get frustrated and spend game cash that you don’t have enough of, so another hit on the credit card you have linked in to play for in-app purchases. As I said, I do enjoy this game, but I do not enjoy how expensive it ends up being in order to enjoy it. Therefore, I am hoping and searching for another fun game to play without the financial guilt I end up feeling when I see my cc statement. Too bad. I’m sure the developer is laughing all the way to the bank..Version: 7.2.0

Cannot pass title pageThe game is fun to play. But since the last update I could not get pass the title page. Please take a look at this..Version: 7.4.1

They try their hardest to make you pay!While this game is a fun, easy to use, OCD inducing time killer, the only thing I would like to see changed UNBEARABLE amount of time you have to wait for things to either grow, be built, arrive by train, be produced or cooked! I understand this is a money making app, but seriously, you can make plenty without making us watch sheep eat for THREE HOURS before we can get our hands on the wool we need, for the sweater we need, for the train cargo, which, will take another whole hour to get back with the tools we need, to build the factory we need, to make the food we need, which will take another 7 hours itself to be built! I mean, C’MON!! The waiting times are outrageous....and so are the package prices if the waiting times drive you TOO crazy. Not worth it..Version: 6.5.2

Love this game!This has to be the best game I’ve played for so long. It keeps me busy when I need something to do but it’s not always so full on, which I also like. There are many events and other games and challenges which makes it more interesting and there’s lots of different thing to make and do. The one thing that’s bugging me though is that they put Christmas decorations and snow in the game for Christmas but they are still there 2 months later. It doesn’t affect gameplay at all but I would just like to see it back to normal again. I’d give it 4.5 stars if I could for that reason. Apart from that small reason, it is a great game! I’m on level 80 and nearing the end... I think. I only have 6 community buildings to buy and 5 factories which I’ve made sure I have space for. I also have a lot of land yet to be expanded on which is perfect as once I’ve done that, I can then move things around to make things more spacious and also put more decorations in. I really do enjoy this game so much and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for this type of game!! I just hope the snow goes soon.Version: 8.0.2

I love this gameThe reason this game is amazing is because you can turn your device of and everything will still be going I will love this game forever and will always be having something going In it and its rating should be 5 out of 5 not 4.6 out of five this is a great game to play when bored.Version: 15.0.0

My favorite game of all timeOkay listen up Township this game is AMAZING there is always something you should attend to but you don't always know where like when your barn is full you can't fill out any orders you go help some of the players in the game by clicking the friend button you can make your dream town with decorations houses buildings you also earn money by filling orders and unlock items like all the trains the hair salon the apartments the mine the airport and ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more so you kinda have too download this game because ITS EPIC. One more thing sometimes you get frustrated and want to delete the game but don't so try and do whatever you're doing give your town a good name level up unlock new things and new icons and most importantly have fun 😃.Version: 6.3.5

The game continually crashesEver since the last update, when I load my game, it doesn’t move past the playrix loading screen and just crashes. This is a constant issue, and I’ve had to delete the game completely and reinstall it twice in just one day because that was the only thing that allowed me to then load the game. This is not a permanent fix, because after the first load of the game, it starts crashing again. In trying to fix this problem, I’ve also lost my wedding minigame that had 18 days left on it, and probably lost my progress (which was more than two thirds of the way complete) in the minigame. I was given the colourful puzzle instead on my last successful login. I don’t want to delete the game permanently because I really love it and enjoy playing it, and enjoy having people to chat with, but I also don’t want to lose out on the golden pass I just got today, which cost me $8, and don’t want to lose a great game. I don’t know if the game requires an update or not, but it really needs to be dealt with..Version: 9.4.0

IMAGINATIONTownship is a fantastic game! You gain by downloading it a hole new life filled with new people new animals and new friends. You can share your town with your friends by giving them your own secret password. There is no adds in this and it is not expensive in any way. I believe that kids aged 7 and over should be aloud to try this game and they may love it! If you like imagining things and like spending time in a farm or a huge city maybe even a beach it doesn’t matter you should 110% get this game. It is a game that you can leave for two hours and come back and do some more creating. You can also earn and lose money (township money) and then gain it back again. This game is extraordinary. It can even teach you some life lessons. Get this game, if you don’t you will be missing out on a whole new world!.Version: 6.7.0

Multiple banning for many long term playersBe warned a number of players who have paid and played for years are being banned for no reason. The company won’t explain why or their reason for wanting to do this. I was one and had to provide receipts from App Store to clear my name. Which was done within 48 hrs. So I’m cleared. Surely they would already know they have received money from me. No explanation is given as to how they interrogated your system to come to this conclusion but obviously there is a serious flaw in their application. I have played for over three years, have reached a level of 130 and have until now loved it and the team I have joined. Now our team leader is banned with no right of redress. No ability to question it and no fair trial. You too could lose every penny you put into this game after years of playing. I’ll probably be banned now for speaking up. Read Facebook, it’s happening all over the game..Version: 5.6.1

WOW !Hey, well my town is called sandyio ,good name HA HA HA This game is awesome 👏🏻 what you Will experience in the game is making factories making money collecting cash making houses and I’m already on level sixteen and I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks like it’s amazing and my favourite one is the fast food restaurant factory I mean yes so it’s amazing the zoo is my favourite even know I’m don’t have the zoo I already am excited about it from other people’s zoos. The helicopter station or whatever it’s called is really cool could you can send gifts and everything else so I don’t other players and other people in your town so yeah I like the game because you get loads of money and then you get to make things and then you get to collect things and also I like I’m farming crops join ! Be my friend on Sandyio.Version: 6.5.2

HardWell you don’t give us enough space to start with and when you BUY space it takes a lot of time just for a small space! If you make that change the GREAT I will definitely play it more often..Version: 9.1.0

Interesting and addictive gameOnce you get the hold of it you can’t stop. A very interesting game which tests your organisation and decision making skills. You learn to plan ahead and help your team win competitions..Version: 8.2.1

Township funI really enjoy playing Township. I recently began playing it and found it to be addictive. I like that it has a little of everything. Matching games, being creative deciding how the town will look, being part of a team and being able to work on goals together or helping each other. But for people with limited incomes like myself it takes quite a bit to get ahead. But I would like to thank you ffor making options to get townships cash even if it takes longer. I usually stop playing most games because I can’t get ahead due to having limited income and not being able to spend $ to get ahead but Township gives me opportunities to get ahead even though it takes longer. Another chg I would like is with the helicopter sometimes it takes me days to put an order together but since I suffer from my hand trembling I fat finger and trash the order and all my work is for naught. That frustrates me to no end. I wish in additional settings there was an on off button to confirm if we want to trash the oúrder. I know not everyone has a problem like me so give people option of adding the confirmation. Thanks such a well thought out game with many options.Version: 9.8.0

Great game.Love this game, a lot of fun and no you do not need to spend money on this game. I haven’t ever!! You can if you want to but anyone whinging saying they need to spend money are just being impatient. So what if it takes longer to build a building, it doesn’t stop you from playing the game in other ways and there are so many different events and challenges, it’s hard to get bored with it. The Only gripe I have is as a co leader of a co-op, that it shows up in the co op chat for months when you kick someone out of the co-op for not being an active member, this makes the co op look bad to a new members. As a leader or co leader we should be able to clear out those players who haven’t been playing for ages without feeling like we could easily be judged by the rest of the co op members and new members for being unfair when this is so untrue. Great game..Version: 7.3.5

TownshipI am an avid player and have been playing nearly 3 years now every day. It’s interesting with lots to do.. comps are always fun if you want to partake in them. I have made real time friends during my time playing. But having said that I have also spent quite a lot of money on towncash to help me when playing the regatta. I have noticed that the further you get in this building game the harder it gets and there’s also the price of the factories that take such an awfully long time to collect points to purchase. Upgrades are always a bonus as it brings more things to do. The game evolves as time goes on and is never boring. It’s an ongoing building and feeding animals plus restocking game. Definitely suitable for everyone and is a great way to pass the time. I highly recommend everyone to play.Version: 6.8.0

Great gameI’ve been playing this game for about six months now and it’s truly addicting, I play it with family and friends and it always gives us something to talk about. However I see the game’s ads on other apps and I’m shocked at how different they are to the actual game - the new ads follow the trend of the perfect hotel format where you move a person and collect money and play mini games etc but this isn’t even actual gameplay, apart from the odd mini game you get in the helicopter orders. If I saw those ads before downloading the game I wouldn’t have even considered it as they just make it look like a typical generic game like all the others. I think you should show what the game is actually like in the ads as there’s nothing about it that shouldn’t be shown - the whole appeal is the town-building aspect, not weird 3D mini games that aren’t even in it..Version: 15.0.3

Lovely game but can be a money pit.This is a lovely game, totally addictive. Suitable for even young children, non-violent (!) lots of variety and involves some planning and financial savvy to prioritise orders, and also when thinking about “purchases” at the market. You CAN play it without spending anything, if you are endlessly patient. Make sure your parental financial locks are absolutely uncrackable if you let your kids play, or they’ll bankrupt you buying township cash. Because it is very easy to find yourself buying township cash! I have some grouches - Make it a pay up front game Ought to be suitable for vegetarians but there’s a pig farm and the only products you’ll get look like they will involve “killing” the pigs. Even though you won’t see this happening (!) I can see me deleting the pig farm almost as soon as I’ve built it. Also - big grouch - the farming is intensive farming, no cows roaming the fields chewing the cud. Given that it is to quite educational, these are quite serious shortcomings (really! - I know it’s only a game but it should be possible to allow for more ethical farming methods!) Even for cheapskates like me who don’t want to spend money, it is really frustrating waiting for perks and freebies to help you progress - like I said, make it a pay up front game instead of “milking” your players for every cent you can get!.Version: 8.6.0

AddictiveI’m not a fan of games. Especially on phones but I downloaded a few and this one was by far the best. I’m totally addicted now. I love how well this game has been thought about... especially growing crops which are needed to make animal feed, which then make produce, and then make food items and so on. Love the freedom of you have with designing and moving around the town. It’s also good to check in on throughout the day and doesn’t require you to spend all of your day on it (other than the first day or two). I have spent a little money buying fake notes for the game which I swore I’d never do 😂😬 HOWEVER, the building materials are ridiculously hard to come by and very expensive to buy which I refuse to do - and that’s a shame as building community buildings, expanding land and expanding the barn is what really moves the game forward. I don’t mind all of the waiting times (some could be quicker) but it would be no fun if the game could be completed in little amount of time. But please, don’t be greedy and make it a bit more realistic to get building materials!.Version: 6.8.1

Fun, fun, fun but very expensiveI think this game is great. I love everything from the farm to the zoo, to the trains, planes and helicopters, your shops and the tasks in between. I often feel that this game is very money hungry as you can’t level up until you have Tiwnship cash and Tcash is hard to come by. I remember you could earn more Tcash with real money but that’s also hard to come by. So, while people absolutely love your game and get to “ know other people” who play the game. Even though these characters are not real, I visit them twice a day . I try to avoid paying for items as it gets really, really expensive and I just can’t justify the expense. As a consequence,my friend who plays the game , I met her when she was sat level 69 and I was level 70. Now she, through payments made to you, she has moved to level 100+. I am a little miffed by this as we work at around the same pace. I feel I might have to leave the same because things are getting more and more difficult. Thanks Buffy.Version: 7.7.0

Great gameAlways something new happening to keep my interest..Version: 6.3.0

Great but addictive gameThere’s so much to do once you get into the game, but it always adds something new as well. I’ve played this game every day since I started over a year ago and still have interesting things to do. The alliances add a community spirit as well..Version: 7.3.0

Fun..material impossibleI really enjoy this app! Graphics are nice & I enjoy playing. However, there are a few things that could be better. 1. The zoo & airplane objects are insane! I don’t have extra sugar in my barn. Say in the amount asked for in the objective. REALLY! I am suppose to get say sugar & popcorn in the time allotted? How? You don’t make it easy to have extra storage in your barn unless you want me to spend all my money on this game for building materials. Which leads me to #2. 2. Building materials are hard to come by and cost too much. AGAIN you want me to spend my money on said materials. I fully understand that this is a making opportunity for you. However, your customers must suffer because you want that almighty dollar!!? Since I like this little game, I have made a purchase for cash within this game. I really wanted to complete my library. Because it is the only way to get more shovels & don’t let me start talking about glass! That is impossible to get enough of. Why do we need so much rare materials to complete construction? Despite my distaste for the way you make it hard to complete buildings (need the follow: glass, hammers, shovels, nails, paint, etc) I will still play this game……for now. I wish this message would self-distract. :-).Version: 8.7.0

I’m so addicted to thisI really love this game. I’m too addicted to it but it’s so fun. I’m literally on it as soon as I wake up. Here is one thing I’d like to say about it though. Let’s say another town needs help to fill a train cart. Let’s say that they need 5 bagels and you only had three but you still want to help them out. So you can give them your three bagels which means they have to give 2 more to set the train off..Version: 6.7.0

Great game but development could be quicker.This is a great game, especially its diversity in the way it expands the town and country and the zoo. However the time now taken to get enough materials to open new land and complete buildings is diminishing the pleasure to be found. Is there any way developers could speed up this aspect of the game? I have played Township for quite a long time, but stopped playing for a while because of the difficulty in accessing land and completing buildings. Even though I’ve come back the frustration in being able to expand my Township is still there. Simply paying money is not the answer. How about it? Is a bit of a review possible?.Version: 9.1.0

This is game is truly amazing🙌I’m writing this while in lockdown/self isolation due to the virus. This game has really helped me cure my bordem over these last few weeks. It’s an amazing game and will probably continue playing this for a long time... but, if I could ask.... could you possibly add construction/expansion materials to the Town Market? What I mean is the guy who finds what you need and you pay a certain amount from the three options given. It would be helpful. Also, I like to change my layout here and there so it would be nice to save them at certain points so you can go back and finish them when you need. Sometimes I change the layout and have to leave the game and if not finished I start all over again..... it would get worse when I get to higher levels since there is more things. However, besides these it’s really an awesome! Thanks for this!!!.Version: 7.4.1

Turtle Speed and Co-operation and painful minimum wageI am going to make it clear, this is not a fast moving game. DO Not spend game cash on balloons or treasure! Someone taught me this valuable lesson. This game is about taking your time and find good people to help you build your city and theirs, otherwise you won’t succeed. If Township offers an extremely great deal for cash, than buy some in game money, not coins. Also, use wheat early on as your main source for making money. Between bread and wheat, think of it as cheap free coins. Don’t spend carelessly or you will get stuck and frustrated. Don’t build what you don’t have cause your barn is limited on space, and it doesn’t expand often. Take your time. The game can be slow, but if you are kind to others and help them, they will help you. This is not a solo adventure if you want to succeed. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars, wish their was a barn icon like the train icon that popped up and showed what’s in the barn. Also, this game’s goals can really drag on. I enjoy it and have met some wonderful people, but really? You could ease up on how long a Pizza takes, by the time you grow tomatoes, cheese, wheat, cows, and etc it begin to grow moldy for me. The big problem, at least give me some better coin amounts in return for doing tasks. I reach a level and you give me 1000 coins but I have to spend 8000!!!.Version: 5.4.3

Fun game, but…..I really like this game, but there are a couple things that annoy about it. For one, they need to ask if you want to use the cash before they take it. I have lost WAY too much town cash just from a slip of my finger! It asks when you’re using items in an expansion, so my not ask when you’re using town cash. It’s very discouraging when you save it up, and it’s all gone with a slip of the finger! Another thing is the time frame some of the products take to produce. Some are 6 hours or more. That’s ridiculous. Most people don’t have attention spans that long to even remember they were making that item. Kinda takes the fun away when you’re playing, and most of the items you need to make are long time items, and you’re just waiting on items. The last thing is, when you’re in a co-op, and someone needs help, you should be able to give what you have, not what they need. So if someone needs 8 bread, I could give the 2 I have, and others could give what they have. Most people don’t just have 8 bread unless they’re making them for their own tasks. Sometimes it lets you just give what you have, and other times you can only give what they asked for. I don’t get why sometimes you have to give all though. Other than that, I enjoy wasting lots of time playing this game. If there was one major thing I could change, it’d definitely be needing to confirm you want to use the town cash. I’ve probably lost hundreds by accidentally hitting it, and it’s infuriating..Version: 9.9.0

Loved the game till this update todayI loved this game in fact I reached level 50 today and was thrilled to bits, BUT then this new update, wish I hadn’t put it on my iPad. Every time i return to check on my friends to see if they need anything or just play in general I cant get into the game unless I delete it. I can then enter again. I am a very competitive player in the regatta, but this is starting to take its toll. If you look into my history you will note I have had to do this 5 or 6 times already this afternoon since updating. I really have doubts I will be playing tomorrow if this isn’t sorted. How many others are having this difficulty. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO RATE WHEN THE GAMES NOT WORKING. seems I must well one at the most.Version: 5.6.0

Fun and addictive ^_^Love this game - there’s always something to do and you can play it as much or as little as you like. The regatta is a highlight as you get to find a co-op of like-minded people (competitive or casual) to compete with and the events that pop up every few weeks keep things fresh. If you’re determined to win the regatta/mini games you might find it frustrating as there’s always someone with more time or money (particularly money!) but I enjoy just picking a personal goal and going at my own pace :) My favourite thing about this game is that it doesn’t constantly demand real money off of you. Money will help you progress faster and allow you to buy additional items but (at the time of writing) you can enjoy the core game mechanics without it ^_^ One suggestion though - please, please, please change the dealer dynamic! For the health of your players (particularly children) the game shouldn’t put you in the position where you’re choosing between hard earned dealer time and sleep. I like the idea of buying a number of dealer visits rather than time. They could still be spaced out with dealer breaks so a player can’t buy everything at once but you wouldn’t feel like you’re losing out on your t-cash purchase if you can’t check the game on the hour, every hour..Version: 5.6.1

Overall a good gameGreat game to play, really enjoy it when there’s things to do. Think the social side being able to add and help friends in their town is fab! The regattas I find are brilliant for a little challenge. Very varied options of tasks to go for too. Massive downfall tho that the waiting times on trains to come in is increased by each level you go up in xp. Waiting for 5 hours for a train makes me lose interest a bit as when your stuck. Waiting for mining gear or materials there’s not much else to do apart from rearranging your town. The helicopter runs are good but can be tedious when waiting on products especially if your unable to make them due to still saving to buy the factory or no room in your barn. The barn where you store products is helpful but again very frustrating when you need to upgrade it and have to wait 5 hours for a train. Overall it’s enjoyable and addictive but could be a bit kinder with timings..Version: 6.3.5

Love this game!Great game! Lots of fun to play. I would love to see a tab for quick access to the zoo, like there is for trains, planes, etc. Other than that, love it!.Version: 7.0.5

Loving every aspect of this game but lacking a few small things to make it perfect 👌🏻Hoping that the developers read their app reviews and use them to bring about good changes there are only a few things I would like to see added to the game to make it worthy of its 5 star rating. 1. Bring more constant animations to buildings and attractions to make the town feel more alive, e.g an animation for the rocket ride would be awesome! 2. A way to upgrade regular shops and buildings such as photo centre, restaurants, toy shop, bowing ally, to allow them to make some type of daily income for the town. This will help bring some sense of realism to these buildings and further help the town grow. I am finding the only way to make money by only completing orders or selling goods to be far slower and not seem as rewarding. If buildings could also bring some kind of income it would add to their purpose as well. Not just being eye candy for the town but actually providing incentive to build them to further your towns progression. And just a thank you to all the developers for making such a fun and successful game. I hope you read this review and take into account what I have said..Version: 6.4.0

A few suggestionsI’ve had this app for a while. I’m really enjoying it but there are a few things that annoy me. First of all, some of the orders, (the zoo, and planes) are absurd. Why am I supposed to have 8 popcorn just sittin in my barn? And with the time limit on the plane, I dont have enough time usually to make 24 popcorn in a couple of hours unless I get on every thirty minutes to clover one and start another. I don’t want to spend that much time on one thing. Two, the materials for buildings, are so scarce and the cost so high, buildings sit unfinished for months at a time. Then you add the zoo exhibits taking them up there aren’t enough, and buying them from the market is stinking expensive. It’s pretty hard to get 24 township cash and keep it! Three, when people in the Co-op and friends ask for help on those larger requests, instead of filling the whole thing up or passing it by, make it so you can give them what you have like in the Co-op chat. Just say hey I don’t have 8 popcorn, but I have five So I’ll just click this five times and give them the popcorn they need so they only need three to complete the order. I always kinda feel a little bad passing by a big order when I am just a few items away from being able to help and not being able too. I know this review is a little rough, but I love the game. It’s really fun! And it would be even better with a few additions..Version: 7.6.0

Best game! Highly recommend!Township is a very well thought out game. Bored and looking for something fun to play on your phone? Look no further. Unlike other games where creators make it feel like you’ve been stuck on the same level and it’s dragging. Township is not like those other games. Township gives you fun tournaments or special events to play during those levels that require a lot of “xp” to level up. These special events and tournaments also give you the chance to gain more rewards and to level up but most importantly something to do in between your farming! 😃 Follow their Facebook page during events to earn more t-cash by participating in giveaways! If you’re trying to fulfill an order in your Township but don’t feel like waiting? No worries! Co-op members will help fulfill them for you for free! Earn extra gold coins by fulfilling your friends Township orders that need help and much more. Don’t forget to connect your Township game to your Facebook to save your progress. Township will NOT post by itself on your social media and will NOT send you any annoying game requests in your notifications on Facebook either. This game is so fun because the creators and editors put a lot of thought and passion into designing this game. Download Township today! 😃.Version: 7.6.0

Waiting...So don’t get me wrong I love the game it’s super entertaining! But seriously waiting for either the cows to finish eating their hay or for the crops to finish or for waiting for the houses to be built or for the train to come back, like I said I love the game but it takes such a long time! So if you can... could you please make the waiting time for all of those sorts of thing a bit shorter cause it takes ages. Thanks ✨.Version: 8.3.2

Great game BUTThis game is great, helps with lockdown. B U T, no longer playing as it takes way too long to clear the land and collect items for building, unless you wish to buy them. However with lockdown who has the job, therefore money to buy them. So pleasure has turned to frustration, so stopped playing..Version: 8.5.2

:/The game is pretty good in general but it has a few issues like some of the things have to take half an hour to build or grow, also, I was building some new buildings which I was really hyped about seeing them when they were finished, so I decided I could not wait any longer so I spent the rest of my bank notes up on speeding up the process of building it and I thought that was an amazing idea so I spent irl money on buying some more bank notes and sped up the process of the builds, and then I realised that even though I spent like fifty quid on bank notes I still had to complete the freakin’ build by spending like another hundred bank notes on the material to finish it! Some other things I will cover on this is some smaller things like upgrading the barn is way to hard, as is the new Halloween event. So, I hope you will change these annoyances; MrFish.Version: 13.1.0

BuildingsI like the game and have played it for a very long time, but the time it takes to build in town and zoo is ridiculous. I have been trying to build 2 zoo enclosure for about 4 months now and am being held at bay because of the amount of items needed and the windows are near impossible to get I don’t have my money to spend on games that are suppose to be for enjoyment that are fast becoming very stressful, the same goes for town buildings it take months to build anything. I think you are only in this to make millions of dollars from under privileged people that just want a bit of fun. Sad very sad. Update on above. I have just after playing everyday got enough glass window after more that six months. I have still got two zoo enclosures and a building in the farm to complete that have been sitting unfinished for months all waiting for windows around 7 hundred needed so at the rate the windows are issued I guess I’ll be waiting over year to get them. Boring and fast after all the years I’ve played become very un enjoyable. 😨😰😏.Version: 7.1.0

Great gameFun and addicting.Version: 5.1.0

Too expensive but captivatingEverything in this game is both charming and challenging, and can become quite addictive. Everything in the game is also crafted to extract real money from you. Take it easy, don’t let the game push you along, there is no reason to respond to the game’s dictates. Only start the next community building when you have finished the previous one. The ZOO is a misfired joke and I wish I had read the forums and reviews before I opened it. It is a time consuming bore, and I would love to get rid of it! I love the mine and foundry, gems and ingots. Improving the efficiency of factories is fun. The social aspects of the game (co-operatives, Regatta) are very well thought out and encourage cooperation and sharing, I would like to see more of this. I would like to see more animations of amusement devices such as the rocket ride. I was disappointed that it didn’t move..Version: 6.4.0

DecentThis is a decent little game, but my phone gets warm when I play it, And when I saw the ad, it looks very different then when I actually downloaded it. But otherwise it is really fun, especially since you can add friends. Overall, I personally think that you did really well! Keep up the good work! 😁😁.Version: 11.0.3

Completely addictive!If you want a game that you can play once or twice a week, this is not the game for you. If you enjoy building, sharing, and generally trying to see what you can accomplish (theoretically that is), then this game may be the one for you. It's additive though, so be sure before you download it. It's fun and very entertaining. I have never played a game like this one, but I'm glad I found it. One of the best things that I discovered was how fast and easy issues are resolved. I have had one issue, I contacted the developer and immediately received a personal message explaining how to fix the issue. Most developers aren't accessible and none are accessible immediately, but this one is. So download if you dare and come on in. Build your city and make new "friends". It's great, but completely addictive! I wrote the review above many months ago and I love this game more now than I did when I wrote the review. I love the co-op aspect of the game the most! I have made true friends in my co-op. I suggest though if you join/create a co-op, don’t do it just to win the regattas, although that’s fun too. Do it to find people around the country and the world that you can connect with and enjoy chatting with. The game is fun, but the co-op aspect is awesome! Enjoy yourself and always’s a game!.Version: 6.3.0

Best game ever!!My friend requested this game to me and said that I should play it, and as soon as I started playing this game I got so addicted!! I love how you can name your town and build factories, houses, and take care of cows, chickens, sheeps, bees, pigs and many more. I used to have only 10 T-cash because I liked to spend it a lot but now I have 72 T-cash! It’s actually not that hard to earn T-cash, but it is best to spend it wisely. I also have 12,000 actual cash. The discounts are so good too!! Love this game!!.Version: 6.3.8

Heddon Greta 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Awesome game, however it gets harder as you get your levels up. For example, it’s more expensive to buy community buildings, houses and zoo enclosures. Once you can afford to buy them, it’s even harder to earn building materials bought in by the plane and trains in order to assemble the community buildings and to upgrade your barn..... so you’re always running out of room in your barn!!!! So frustrating.. it’s hard to earn township cash as well. I would suggest making it easier for us to eat. Township cash, materials and zoo animal cards by just a little and the game would be a lot more enjoyable, more people would play and download and continue to play. I personally am on level 77. I have friends whom are one lower levels, from 22 and above, whom have just given up on the game due to the above reasons. Even if you introduced a way for us to request materials all the time through the co op chat and if you introduced something like when we help other players, we can get either 1 township cash, 1 type of materials or a clover for the house of luck..Version: 7.1.0

Lost everything!I have been playing this game for a year and have invested a lot of time and money into it. I now have a message appear every time I try to log in saying "no internet connection". This is absolutely not the case as all other functions on my iPad work perfectly well. They suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but the message you get is as long as you have internet connection you will not lose your progress! As this is the fundamental problem I am not prepared to take the risk and potentially go from level 98 to 0. Hopefully a real person from Playrix tech will read this and offer some practical help. It's stupid, but I feel sad that I can't inform my fellow CoOp members why I am no longer there! Please, please help! Prior to this happening the game would have got 5 stars from me..Version: 8.1.2

AddictiveI love this game. Both my daughter and myself play on a regular basis. Would love to see a zoo icon next to the train and helicopter icon. Would certainly makes things easier to move around the game. Also when helping people out in the game it would be great to give people anything you have rather than a set amount like in you do in your co-op. Perhaps with a lesser reward but at least you feel like your helping them.Version: 7.0.5

So Amazing(join my co-op)This game is sooo amazing!It’s highly addictive. This game is really entertaining although I do not like the fact it takes sooo long for things to come!I’m on level 32 and I really hate the fact that it takes forever for ships to arrive! It takes quite a bit of time as well in this game! In co-op’s it’s really fun to chat with your members,but I would like some sort of translator in the game, so you can actually understand what’s going on! I really like have members in my co-op! So if you do play or want to it’s name is Happiness to all. Btw the reason why I’m only saying the name is cuz it’s the only one with that name.☺️ I would like to ask though if you can speed up time for trains, planes and ships! That would really help other then using township money! Plz also make an unlike button cuz there has been several stages where I liked someone’s town then regret it! I have been having a lot of bugs lately and it is getting REALLY annoying so plz fix this! Finally as you get to higher levels you only get a character every 10 levels! So I would like to suggest adding characters in between some of those! Thnx!!!☺️ And pls fix and add!❤️.Version: 5.4.1

Fun and addicting game, in a productive way!This is the first game that I have ever played consistently on a mobile device. My friends have been playing other trendy games for years and I was never interested. I tried it out and quickly got hooked. I liked the sequential and realistic process of having to “build” a town and earn new things. I wasn’t involved in a co-op at first and am now part of one and the comaraderie and teamwork it encourages has been a lot of fun. I highly recommend the game. But just like any “freemium” out there to truly be competitive and progress through the game you have to spend some money. My one true complaint about the game is with the barn where all materials earned are kept. I believe that it fills up too quickly which is simply another way for the game to get you to spend money to increase its size. I believe that the further you get in the game that it should hold more proportionately to the factories you have attained since you are producing and growing way more at that level and therefore not fill up as fast. It’s extremely frustrating to not be able to put anything in it without either a) spending money each day to enlarge it or b) sell a bunch of stuff that you’ve grown in order to make room. This would be my #1 frustration. Thank you for taking the time to read my review..Version: 7.2.0

Great but don’t expect any response from their Support TeamI’ve played this game for 3 years and its great however, when there is an issue there is no support. I’ve bought Golden Tickets then had no access to the in game, game, raised it with the support team and heard nothing..Version: 9.7.5

Great gameAwesome game the best I have ever played on a mobile! I absolutely love it! The promotional video is a stylised Version of Things that happen in the game over time but it is honestly awesome! Heaps of little surprises from the developers and a lot of fun! Tbh if you really want the best experience you’ll need to be willing to part with a little real money but there’s no pressure. I’m 90 days in and loving every moment still.Version: 7.6.0

Addictive but needs an updateThis game is great… only been playing a few weeks and already on level 34. Love the little people running around and the factories. The mini games are fun too. However… 1. when using the factories to make your supplies, apart from some of them taking forever to make, when you have a few on the production line, it doesn’t give you an option to take back that particular item especially if you want to change your mind on what you want to make. There should be a way of taking back your product if it’s not in production. 2. Also the farming of silk or cocoa takes a ton of hours - this needs to be reduced in some way also. When you have a few things in long production, it takes the fun out of it and I lose interest. Please please look into these as would give 5* with a better update..Version: 9.6.0

Nice game without XXX ads :)I find it highly distressing that some app developers feel no compunction in requiring their users to view ads. Every app developer who has done so whom I’ve protested to has felt justified in doing so, claiming they need the advertising revenue to support future updates. Some of these apps, rated for children, are even showing ads containing content rated for mature audiences!! I am happy to say I have not run across such low standards in this game, though. *grin * I hope this review isn’t premature. I have yet to be forced to view an ad to obtain necessary items for game advancement. Although I’m an adult, I believe in living by Bible standards. These standards guide not only my thoughts, behaviors and speech but also my entertainment choices. It’s such a huge relief to finally have found a relaxing game that fits me!! *grin * Although this game requires patience, I think it also helps us cultivate that lovely quality. How gratifying and reassuring to finally have found a game that doesn’t bother my conscience and test my patience unnecessarily the way other games have. There’s even an article in the support section of settings in the game that advises balance in life via conscious gaming. How nice to find a game whose developers are looking out for us and our family members! *grin* Thank you so much!!! Please, have a wonderful day and keep these aspects of your app the same. :) *grin*.Version: 12.0.0

A game with perfectionOnly one thing need to add is that as we can chat to our co-op, we should be able to chat with our friends which one not in our co-op but in our friend list but with other group. We should be able to chat anyone if we are friends on the game ..Version: 6.5.2

Absolutely Fantastic Game but beware too!I love this game, it brilliant to play with loads of tasks different mini games. However beware of how much Tcash the game coerces you to buy. One mistakes on any mini game and you have to use Tcash to save your progress and keep going. To be honest if your slow on reflexes with some of the mini games don’t play because you will lose so much money. The Tcash use to be fun. But the amount of was the game tries to make you spend it is a shame. Also the room decorations are impossible to do if you don’t spend. Also I love buying the golden tickets for extra rewards in the month long games, but the recent pirate game made it near enough impossible to win all the rewards even after youve paid to support the continuous making of this game. They’re messing with the way rewards work. Spend you money but still you won’t be able to complete. I get that it’s a way to encourage subscriptions without saying and I’m also happy to support the game but the developers need to consider how much they mess about with the reward systems especially after loyal followers buy the golden tickets to continue building their game, if they can’t win the most of the treats if not all what is the incentive to keep coming back. I have to admit I’ve decided to wean myself of the game, due to unfairness to loyal supporters..Version: 8.2.3

The best game everHello everyone this is me just me and the best game ever I ever played in my games on my iPad it’s cool it’s rocking it’s cool it’s really hard to level up when you’re on level 12 or more or higher but this game is cool I love the game when I saw the game I really wanted to download it I didn’t really want to be a farmer or anything I just download it to see this is cool it helped me out a little but I’m on level 12 and it’s hard I grow stuff and I make my town beautiful I didn’t know we had friends here but I have friends and I love the Ernie balloons and we get awards every day there’s nothing to blame about this game anyway this is amazing sometimes I show my sister she sees me on the game every single day I enjoy this game I’m on it mostly every single day I play other games too but this is the most game that I play the most I need a little more updates on this game but I love still ever made this amazing ever made this game is cool if there were no friends on this game I will put a four star because every game needs some Friends maybe some Games people who didn’t get it yet you should get it it’s amazing words maybe not if you don’t want to I don’t know how I have the game is amazing and that’s all goodbye😀🤓😝😉😃😀😆.Version: 9.5.0

Township - THE game for town planners and community builders!This is one brilliant little game, where you get to be the Mayor of your own little township, building it literally from the ground up, ploughing and planting the paddocks that will feed the livestock that you raise and grow food for your townsfolk. You design and then construct the various zones of your township: the farms, the suburbs, the industrial district and small businesses around your town square and the rail head that brings in the building supplies you need to meet the never-ending challenge of growing your little community! And along the way, you have the option of co-operating with the Mayors of other towns, lending and receiving support in kind. This is one of my favourite games! Do yourself a favour and download it today!.Version: 9.1.0

Please read the whole thing 😏I just want to say a few things: 1. This game is nothing like it is in the ads! It is much harder and is only fun when you have a ridiculous amount of time for my things to build and grow and it takes forever for thing the trains can take up to 40 minutes to arrive and over 20 minutes for the crops to grow. 2. The project makeover event is so hard. All these events are hard and make you pay township $$$ which is so hard to get and is super expensive to buy, they just don't give you enough. 3. Before you download this game to make it easier the game wants you to have a facebook account for friends that might help (which most likely wouldn’t.) Otherwise great game and doesn’t glitch for me at all I think it is smarts how they get animals and to watch for city grow..Version: 9.7.0

Addictive gameGood and addictive game. Awesome graphics. But towards higher level, it is starting to get boring because of having to collect ridiculous amounts of building materials specially needing to upgrade the barn constantly. Also starting to be borderline impossible to expand the land because of AGAIN needing to collect so much materials which has started to put off quite a few people I know that plays the game..Version: 7.7.0

Good fun but...I enjoy playing this a lot! although there is a lot of waiting for things to be made in order for you to progress, which means dipping in and out the game quite a bit, which is a bit frustrating, as your unable to do a lot of things until what your waiting for is complete, unless you have bundles of dollar notes to complete jobs early. One thing I would suggest to the makers is, when you buy the use of the shopkeeper which allows you to buy extra products of your choice, the products of choice should include building materials; otherwise you can wait weeks with several undeveloped buildings due to lack of materials. The only other way of collecting building materials is from the trains, winning competitions etc; which again is another waiting game, as the trains take up to 4 hours to refill and sometimes bring things you don’t need or already have plenty of, which is of no use in order to progress within the game. I also think some of the prizes, air balloons etc should include ore from the mine and not just ready made bars, seeing as the jewellery factory requires a certain amount of different coloured ore to complete orders which can sometimes prove difficult as mainly bronze ore is available inside the mine, making it another waiting game to fill orders etc..Version: 6.2.0

Love love loveI absolutely love this game!! However I find it takes far to long to make some of the items you’ll need . It also takes forever to get each animal enclosure for the zoo but still fun.Version: 7.3.5

So Addicting 😊😀Hey, so I wanted a give a review on the game but also some kind of ideas for maybe the future. My friends and I play together, and have come up with the idea of maybe like a market stall where you can trade and sell with friends. Maybe it could be thought about for future? So if a friend required something you could sell it for however much it’d usually sell for in the barn, and they give you the money... if that makes sense 💰? This game is defo 5 ⭐️ and I’d highly recommend for anybody who is patient and loves loads of fun. There’s always something to do e.g helicopter orders, airplane ✈️, trains 🚂, it’s so fun and we all love it ❤️. There’s only two things we could possibly say we don’t so much like about the game which gets really frustrating, one being the barn having a capacity and storage cap and two being how long certain crops take to grow 😩. That’s one thing I find with this game, you have to be so patient. Like in the city market there could be like a tab with like a friends icon and then you can click on it and see what friends are selling products, how many, and for what price and compare and purchase. Would be such a good idea ⭐️👌 Please take into consideration the idea of the trading market as I think it’s a great idea and many people would benefit from it for sure! Defo would highly recommend!!!!!.Version: 7.7.0

This game is super funThis game is cool and fun but also has some minor things that could be fixed I have been playing the game for about 2 years and I have had a good experience there are some things I don’t live here they are you need shovels to have more space I liked when you didn’t have to have shovels you just had to have the money or the coins now you need the township cash that isn’t easy to get unless you buy it and then you have to get a shovel instead of using it for other things like materials to finish building also it is hard to level up and you have to wait a while before you level up I have never leveled up I one day before it has taken me almost a whole month to level up playing 15-30 minutes a day it just is sorta annoying also u don’t love that you have to level up the barn it just isn’t ideal but I do love the festivals the cars that run on the road and more it is cool and fun it is fun to play and is great for all ages is easy to find out and is good for little kids and adults I give this game to my kids and they love feeding the animals and planting seed and also going to the festivals it is also great for adults when I am tierd at the end of a long day I can go on my phone and play this game for hours the only thing I wish is that it didn’t need WiFi but that it overall this game is great and amazing I highly recommend I love township.Version: 7.6.0

You’ve taken my national flag.Township is my favourite game but you have done the worst possible thing. You have taken away my national flag. It was the Australian flag that I purchased not the one you have put there now. I am leader of a co-op that has members from many countries. Even so we are family. I am proud of my country’s flag and I’m sure each other member is too. Why would you go and do such a ridiculous thing. You have made a lot of people angry. It seems the only thing you care about now is making money and not the wishes of the people who play your game. So as a protest, from now on I will not be buying any Tcash until my national flag is returned. If the game becomes too hard to play, there are plenty of others I can find. I have been playing for over 3 years. That’s how angry this has made me. There are a lot of other players who feel the same way. Irene Burton..Version: 6.9.0

Thank you!I submitted a review a year/year and a half ago back about there not being any otters in the zoo but you made a farm animal out of them which is even better! I love them! I think they’re a great addition to the farm! I know everyone complains about time and spending real money on their town if they want to expand quickly but I think they’re missing the point of the game. It’s meant to take time to get to the higher lvls, not rushing thru the game just to do nothing then once you have everything. If you need more t-cash, watch videos, don’t open hot air balloons, check the mine, play the house of luck. I’ve been playing for a few years now and I still come back to it everyday just for the enjoyment and whimsical decorations. The reason I’m giving it a four is sadly the new tool exchange. I really tried to understand it and see how it would make the game more challenging in a fun manner. However, after several months of using it, I do not care for it at all. It’s extremely upsetting to fill train after train to get materials to exchange but then need all those said materials for the zoo enclosures. That is one thing I do not care for in the least. Also! I loved when y’all gave a free land expansion as a reward in one of the mini games a while back, hoping y’all throw that back in once or twice!.Version: 7.0.0

LOVING IT !If you like being creative, imaginative and also trading!! is something you looking to do in the future or idk then this game is for you ! I know it’s just a game but you’ll get some beginner tips from this for sure. You’ll learn one thing or two and you get to build your own city for too ! Lol.Version: 9.3.2

Actually Suprised 😅So i downloaded about 30 different town type games, but NOT ONE could fulfill my needs... thank god i found Township ❤️ TS is easily the most detailed game on the app store! it looks like a game made for console in my opinion, i have been logged in for 37 days straight because it’s difficult to get bored, i’m also level 36, every level you get new buildings which basically helps make your town bigger & better so it’s very rewarding! i love all the diifferent animals and the roles they play, i can easily say now that you don’t have to spend a penny so it isn’t a pay to win game which is refreshing. I have spent real money just because i want to giveback to the creators of TS because TS is a big part of my daily life. I haven’t even scratched the surface of this game & i just love everything about it, you can also add friends and make your OWN clan to speak to your fellow townshipers & trade/help make goods which is a big help! Can’t wait till level 40 because at that level you can open your own zoo 😍, again the detail of this app is 10/10, nobody can show me any better. If you don’t download this game then i would advise seeking mental help because something is wrong with you if you don’t!.Version: 5.2.0

Love this gameThis is one of the best games around if you like farming and town building games. Only ever had one glitch and the developers soon sorted it and gave players a thank you gift for the game. The events are well spaced out and you get personal rewards as well as rewards for your finishing position in the global event. There’s also a zoo that you can expand. There’s a weekly regatta which is a team event and you all share in the prizes. But you can also choose not to race if you don’t want to. There’s a good market and you can hire a dealer to find items using township game dollars. You can ask for help completing orders for trains and planes. There are also helicopter orders that you can fulfil to earn game cash. I like the fact that anyone can help not just your own co op members. There’s also a good chat facility so you can chat to other members of your co op and you can also request items from co op members only. I like the fact that the game developers sometimes develop new factories and land expansions so the game never gets dull and boring. Some of the factories are expensive but that’s part of the fun of playing and saving up enough game cash to buy them. I’ve played this game every day since I first started playing and I’m still loving it..Version: 5.9.0

TownshipLove the game BUT rewards from regatta are rubbish. Never do I get the things I need.I play all planes all trains zoo items. Can never get enough wood for my zoo expansions. Have to sell most other building equipment but never enough wood. We need to be able to swap building equipment with team friends. Still enjoy playing every day. Work on improvements. Mxx.Version: 8.2.1

Fun gameBeen playing for awhile now. Patience is a must, unless you want to spend extra real money on in-app purchases. Even if you make some extra purchases, it still takes time to accomplish a lot of things, like what a lot of other reviews say. I deal with that by going into the game a couple times a day to get some things started, and finsh up other things I got started a time or two back. So in other words, it's not a game you can just live get some things going and then go away for awhile. It is true that filling the plane can be a challenge at times. It is a game, so everything that is in it won't always make total sense, but it is fun. If the makers are listening, there is one thing that is a bit irritating. The special events that take place (e.g. the airshow, holiday thingy and such) at the event area. I know it is up to the player whether he\she participates, but there should be a way to opt out of an event. I tried to get out of the pastry event a while back, but by hitting that silly bouncing arrow i ended up with another button on my screen for the events duration, and constant hints that I should push it. I did not do the holiday event, but until it is over with, I have to see the bouncing arrow......sigh. How about a way to just say no, and escape the arrow. Thanks though, for a fun game..Version: 5.4.1

Great gameI have read other reviews where people say it a cash sucker but if you are prepared to be patient you can progress with spending money. I limit myself to $5/week and I’m progressing well. It’s all about finding a good co-op where members all work together to help each other. I think it’s a great game. The review process is dumb tho coz I can’t find nickname that hasn’t been used already and can’t post review without one..Version: 7.3.5

TownshipMy review , Township happens to be one good game, one cannot put down , because of it's continuation of the game. At one point I've asked for a more of a reality game when I played gardenscape. This game here township is definitely a game of reality. It is wonderful to watch , looking at all the activities it brings . People that partisapates in it . The most important , part is that you can contact a friend and play along with them also . And get reviews with them never do I get tried off playing , for their is always some new part to discover , and although I have not done so , I find you don' t mind except in my point of view along with the many viewers you have playing the game . There is also educational views also . You can learn from this game as well . Your team are also player . Who are always ready to help whenever needed . Thank you for this wonderful game , I have made suggestions to my friends on Facebook to download this game for it is a game they have never played before. But will enjoy I have been telling everyone everywhere to get this game. I do not regret downloading this game . Anything at all I enjoy it very much . Thank you for this opportunity to write this review on the wonderful game of township..Version: 5.6.1

Wow!!!Wow what a great game, I really cannot fault township because of its smart,clever decisions and updates. I haven’t been playing for long now but even so it’s still been addicting and fun. One of the many problems I have is finding a game that isn't going to spam you with adds. Even though there will be the occasional advert township is one of the few that let you play the game instead of waiting for an add to finish. I highly suggest township if your looking for a enjoyable game to pass the time with. (Just be careful it’s an addicting game)👌☺️.Version: 7.8.5

HFun game but Fake ads.Version: 9.7.5

Loooove this gameI enjoy this game due to the many different aspects of it. You build and build while playing mini games and creating products for cash. I also love that it’s completely customizable. I would also just like to make a few tiny suggestions such as more skins to customize your town, wether they be bought or earned through time. For example, during Halloween you could apply a “gothic theme” of sorts. Another suggestion I have or rather this one would be a request, but instead of continuously clicking on a players towns, it would much easier to have a tab that allows you to switch from town to town in order to help your fellow players in your co-op. I think more people would supply items to others and it would be much more quickly and efficient in my opinion. I think that other lovers of this game would also rather enjoy it. But that’s all I wanted to say. I recently did a survey and I wish I had mentioned these things there but I don’t mind leaving a review for this game. 5 stars all the way! I also want to say I enjoy the stories that go along with the mini games, it keeps things interesting. All in all, the creators of this game have done very well and seem to care about the players opinions and I like that. I believe I will play this game for some time. I never get bored :)).Version: 9.9.0

Amazing!This game is super good. I have been playing from the start of 2020 and I haven’t been able to get enough of it! One problem though is that i think that the dealers fee is a bit too high, because there are people who urgently need something, who aren’t high enough to be in a co-op, so have to get all the materials together and things, which takes a lot of time. I think if you lower it, lower it to about 7-8. Other than that, amazing.Version: 7.9.5

Really good gameI really like township and it’s really addicting but I don’t know if it’s just me but when I play sometimes it just kicks me out of the game? And when I come back some of it isn’t saved, I was playing the mini game and when I went back I lost nearly 1000 stars I got from the mini game. And also one time when I was decorating my town I came back and the building I moved didn’t move to where I moved it, it was just where it was before I moved it. What I’m trying to say is some of the hasn’t been saved. I still love township and will continue loving township, just hope it gets fixed <3.Version: 9.0.0

The game is good but there is a couple things that tick me off...First of all they give you a small amount of money and suppose that yo unwilling earn more money over time. When you run out of money you either have to use your own money to buy pack of more money for the game. Or if you dont want to do that then you have to complete things so you can earn that money back. For me i find that very hard to earn back money because there is people in the game that technically make you feel guilty about it because they say that they want the building in a way that says that they are kinda disappointed in you for not getting the building and so they make you get the items. With that there is a way to speed it up but that takes your money. Second why does it take so long just to make one building?! Related to also why does it take it an hour for the chickens to lay just one egg????? And the factory’s take a long time too. All in all i think that this is a great app with just those little problems and i would recommend! I also have an idea for the game! Since i was talking about not getting enough money i thought that we could get money from our buildings and stores and what not could earn money then we can keep that money that the buildings earn! Please let me know if you will have thoughts about adding that feature into the game!.Version: 7.5.1

Love this, play daily but….I have been playing this for almost three years on a daily basis. To buy TS dollars is expensive to use in the games and mini games. Before you realize you may have spent a small fortune unless you are disciplined with your choices. At present we are missing the race of champions! Playing a regatta over and over is no fun it’s getting repetitive. We also dislike being forced to pick regatta tasks that are mini game related that you end up spending money on to complete. I have no doubt that developers have and continue to make $$. How about you put something more back into your loyal game players who love this game. You also need to not make all mini games so difficult. Bring back some of the classics please..Version: 9.1.0

AmazingI haven’t been playing township for every long. But as soon as I got it I loved it! When you first join it’s so easy to find out what to do with the step by step instructions as you go. Township is a great game and I recommend it to all ages..Version: 8.8.0

👍🏻 but...This is a really great game! It’s a lot of fun - looking after animals, designing your own city, etc. Although it’s very addicting. You try to play once just quickly, and soon you’re playing non stop every day! They’re clever at doing that. The game is good but it has faults. You need (fake) cash to do a lot of things - eg. Build buildings quicker, buy extra things, speed up everything, etc. you can only get this money if you find it, watch a video for it or buy it with (real) money. I don’t like to use real money in games so it’s hard because I have to wait AGES, especially for buildings to be opened. Another problem is the market, I needed a lot of stuff so I rented the market owner person. He would only find 1 thing per HOUR! You pay (fake) cash for one day and you barely get anything back. Also in the market, you can’t buy building materials which is really annoying. Township is a great game and you can play it without using real money but it would be easier if the designers could make you have unlimited cash and money..Version: 6.6.0

More than 1 gameIt would be nice to be able to download 2-3 games of this app and have them all running at different stages on the one device. You could then try different options and combinations and compare the with the first game where you were just learning what to do. It would give you better scope to experiment and refine the layout.Version: 6.3.0

Amazing game!I am addicted to the game, it’s so much fun I can barely put it down. However one thing the developers could think about adding is a personal shop feature. My barn gets full so quick and I always have to keep selling stuff - that’s not the problem - the problem is that I sell stuff then look at what friends need and turns out what I sold could’ve helped them fill their orders. Setting up a ‘shop’ from my barn of the products I don’t need for the day could be a good way to get rid of excess products, free up barn space AND help friends. Prices could be set by players which would create more of a real life business element to it (with recommendations from the game as to how much that amount of that product would sell for at the market) or pre-set prices by the game. Other than that most elements of the game are well thought out and very fun..Version: 9.9.0

Better than expectedI have downloaded many game like this (but worse than this and i mean way worse) and my friends new about this. So glad one of them had this game and recommended it to me because if not, I wouldn’t have this game! At first i was thinking “This wont be better, it will be the same as any other game.” But the more i played, the more engaging it got. When i finally opened my zoo, i was so happy. I would get more tasks and i was pleased with it. The events are nicely spaced out as well. This year, i finally won an event and got 50 township cash! I was so happy about this. I think having the “ask for help” feature is very nice because what if there is too much to get? The co-op is super cool and very helpful because you can make more and more friends in township and request products too. I just get a bit frustrated when i have a full barn because sometimes i need to collect items for my train, plane or zoo. Other than that the game is great and definitely would recommend. 10/10 review. Thank you for making township playrix!.Version: 9.3.2

Amazing but there are problemsI think Township is a great game and I play everyday. I have a very big and artistic town for my level-69-and I have 380 likes! I have 1,630,000 coins and 3,000 green notes, so, yeah, I’m quite well off! There are some things that really annoy me though; one is the amount of time and experience you need to go up a level. The amount increases with every level and soon you get to a point where you need 370,000 experience to level up. This can take more than 3 weeks of playing for like 1 & hours each day. Another stupid thing is how much some things cost, like animal cards (you collect a certain amount of cards to get a new animal for the zoo), a simple product you make in a factory, the factories themselves and some ridiculously priced decorations that cost 1,900,000 coins for a small statue. A more recent problem is ‘the video man’ who comes to the helicopter pad and offers a coin or note reward for watching an advert. However, recently, for the majority of adverts, I have been able to watch the video fine, but at the end, where the small X appears that takes you back to township and get your reward-is NOT there! However much I tap, I cannot get back to the game and I have to, very aggravatingly, turn off my whole device and on again, wait for it to load, and then guess what?! I don’t even get my reward! Please fix this problem and I will rate this game 5 stars. :).Version: 7.9.0

Fantastic.. but…Game is fantastic, you get to design, collect, help, as a slight social point as you progress. However, I have been trying to contact support for two weeks, and no has been willing to talk.. so fingers crossed your game doesn’t break down and you need customer service from not a bot..Version: 9.5.0

Overall greatOverall a great game Love the variety of activities that pop up regularly and the building requirements etc make the game a lit tile bit difficult so well-balanced Buy the help and support thing is not very helpful — doesn’t allow me to go back to reselect the problem topic... and it may be better to have the latest news or bug information showed right up at the top help and support menu ... not everyone enjoys using facebook or the social media nowadays....Version: 7.6.0

The best farming / town building gameIt takes a while to discover all the complexities of the game. You start (as you’d expect) by building your own farm and town, harvesting and selling produce and so on. The detail and animations of factories, townspeople, decorations, even the sounds of animals, traffic etc makes this really fun to do. But you quickly find out there’s a lot more to this game - there are the usual (and unusual) competitions, holiday events and mini-games, plus a very strong cooperative element - not just in-game friends, you can join a ‘co-op’ group to compete in weekly races and help each other out. Or you can ignore all this and potter on peacefully building a beautiful (or crazy) town. You really can play without paying, but it will take longer to get what you need. In any case this isn’t the kind of game you finish in a couple of weeks - it’s a long-term addiction. The main problem with the game is customer support, which can be very slow. (Though there are good wikis and support forum)..Version: 5.6.1

Amazing game, play with friends and free!!Okay, so first up a warning. This game is addictive...and so much fun!! Township can be played completely for free. I have been playing daily for over a year now. It takes patience and time to move up in levels and creating your own town is only part of playing this game. Start building your town by feeding animals, growing crops, making products in factories to send in planes, trains and helicopters. As you progress, you can join a co-op to race in weekly regatta's for prizes, with friends from around the world. Helping friends means they help you grow your town and makes playing even more fun. Also take part in fun events and win township cash and rewards. Be sure to check the Township forum for help. Best game ever!.Version: 6.9.0

Love ItI’ve been playing for five years and I find it a great way to pass the time..Version: 7.0.5

I LOVE this gameAbsolutely love this game, I have been addicted since day 1, not sure that’s okay but I don’t care! I have managed to get all my friends and family on here too. I have met some great people in a Co-op and we have now created our own co-op where we can help eachother out where it’s needed & everyone’s just amazing. Our only problem that we have found that would make this game better for us is trading. You can trade everything apart from building materials. If we could trade these that would make the game even better. And we should be allowed to help eachother out a bit more with trains & planes. It would also help if we could help eachother with our helicopters. As we like to grow & make things for ourselves aswell as eachother to help eachother progress! I love that we have no adverts apart from that little game you play every now and then! It’s a great game & addictive..Version: 9.4.0

Bad mini gameI love township it is great and the only thing that brings me joy in this life. My friends also love this game. However we have had several issues with this game becoming our entire personality, which is unfortunate. Additionally we also HATE theexplosive puzzle game. The power ups are rubbish and the levels are stupid. The shooting ones are the worst I hate them. This game comes up so often when there are so many better alternative such as the roller coaster game the sheep game and the one where it drops through the levels. They are much better, much more fun and way less annoying. Finally I would ask the developers to consider making the grass less green as it is a bit garish and annoying. Overall I love township but if something could be done to make it better, it would be getting rid of the explosive puzzle game or at least drastically reducing the number of times it is used. Thanks! 🙂.Version: 9.0.1

ReviewI don’t like giving reviews but suddenly realise that I have had this game for more than 8 years!! I have not spend much actual live dollars on this game in that time, what I have spent has been what I can afford to be reasonable to support the game. However prior to about two years ago it was a very slow game if you didn’t want to spend real money. I was patient and I will admit that in the last few years in game, games were added to add to keeping interest and now many more things have been added so that you can play the game and win challenges and advance in developing your town without having to spend real money, it still takes patience though not as much. Having said that. The detail in the artistry was great to start with, but it is now even more detailed. I take screen shots of things sometimes just to zoom in and admire the fantastic detail given to such a small scale! Excellent detail!!.Version: 7.3.5

GlitchIt’s a great game and it would have gotten 5 stars except for one thing. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or the game so please if you could tell me that would be great. So basically every time I try go into the game it goes onto the first screen that says playrix right after maybe twenty seconds instead of going into the loading screen it kicks me out of the app. I go back in and the same thing happens. This happens multiple times in a row and I really want answers.Version: 8.7.0

Love this game, but.....This is probably my most favorite game I have ever played! It is super addicting! There is so much to do, farming crops, making things like bread, pizza, donuts, popcorn, etc etc. you build houses, and other things to expand your population. You have animals and factories that produce several things. My biggest complaint is that they try and make you spend money. I have another game from playrix and it is the exact same as in you will stay stuck on a level for a very long time, like 30 tries, which gets frustrating and to get an extra 5 moves you have to use 900 coins but when you beat a level you might get like 56 coins. Now back to township, things take real time like an hour to make pizza, or 12 hours to grow rubber tree, real life hours. You get cash for fulfilling orders, however it goes in this piggy bank that you must then purchase for real money? It is hard to play without spending real money, and it’s like they purposely make it like that. Another thing, in order to build buildings you need supplies. Like drywall slabs, nails, windows, and bricks. When you fill train orders, trains bring you back building supplies. You will have 1 drywall slab, 30 windows, tons of bricks, to build things you need 10+ drywall slabs, so then your population does not grow, which prevents certain things from happening. I truly love this game, it can just be frustrating at times, especially if you don’t spend money..Version: 6.9.0

The advertising is wrong but still good gameI’ve been playing this game for around 4/5 years now. I haven’t spend a penny on it either and i do like the dipping in and out element. But lately township has been advertising (not on the game) a truck or something driving around and it says can u help it but i have never seen anything like that in the actual game. Another thing although it’s not really for this game i have seen fishdom, gardenscapes and homescapes advertising the kind of ‘level type helping person thing’ and then that’s it in the adverts! i used to play all of those games but i have deleted them because the adverts are not true. i hope this won’t happen that i will delete township as it is not making out what it actually is! i would just love to have the helping level game type thing but it shouldn’t just be that it’s all advertised to get people to play then probably delete because it’s nit what the advert said it was. and then maybe it’ll mean that township loses other longterm players like me because they’ve seen the adverts and are unhappy nothing has changed in the real game. hope u can change a bit. xx.Version: 9.0.1

Good game Good gameLove the game, Only started playing last month but the past week I haven’t been able to access the colourful puzzle games but there’s a yellow arrow and I still get notifications to play the puzzle game…. Other than that I dig the game ☝🏽💯.Version: 9.7.5

Actually brillSo I downloaded this game a while ago like possibly 3 years ago and I really enjoyed it however I had to much homework so I was unable to keep on top of it so I deleted the app. Recently my nan who has had it for years reached level 125 which inspired me to re-download it. It been amazing I love the way that you have to grow the crops to make the bread to make the burgers to fill the train to gain building materials to build other factories etc. I completely forgot how amazing it was. This is a fab game for retired people, ill people and young people. You need to have time to check it daily maybe even twice a day. I personally do it straight after breakfast and just before bed. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WHO HAS A LACK OF PATIENTS. I would however change one thing. The trains bring in the same stuff all the time. Paint is hard to get yet the most commonly needed to build buildings? Please vary the stuff depending on what you need and already have. Over all, brill app. Thank you #Brill.Version: 7.3.5

GoodThe overall point of Township is to develop, well, a town. And it does that with near perfection. The graphics are simple and the events definitely mix things up a bit. This game is more for people who don’t mind playing for a bit of time as progress can sometimes be very slow and quite time consuming. It’s events are spaced out a little with a new event every month or so. Playrix has definitely put a lot of effort into this game which at one point had my whole household playing it. You can compete in the regatta at lvl 19 when you find or create a co-op. Ernie definitely deserves a mention in this as he gifts you one dollar per day and helped you get your town off of the ground and running. There are two currencies, the coins and the dollar I mentioned earlier. Coins can be easily obtained, dollars however can be earned by paying real money, being gifted by Ernie, going in the house of luck, in the mines lvl 21 I think, participating in events and regattas and a few other ways I forgot. Overall, the game is a game I will never forget and will stay the same for years to come. Thank you, very much.Version: 11.2.0

TownshipIt’s an amazing game which is so much fun with designing a town and looking after crops and animals and building houses and other types of buildings. You can also get codes and see your friends town and help them fill in train orders and other stuff..Version: 7.6.0

Stolen townsThis game has so many flaws. Towns are being stolen and the PLAYRIX team won’t do anything to help victims get back their town. It is a money grab to do any of the challenges. Save your time and money get another game. NOT THIS ONE.Version: 10.0.0

Brilliant!If you like farming games it doesn’t get much better. You need the right mindset, nothing happens quickly. But if you are in it for the long game it’s just perfect. You can make steady progress without having to spend real money, but I have to say, every now and then I really do not mind spending a small amount for a special event. Has happened twice in the last year. Hey Ho the developers deserve some reward for their efforts. Back in the day we would pay a large lump sum for a good game after all. The important thing is you don’t have to if you don’t want to, it doesnt stop you making progress. The forum and the township pages are also soooo useful. You get great ideas on approach and information to develop your own strategies. There are in game games and challenges that keeps the variety as well as the option to belong to a co op where you can take part in challenges together. All you need is patience, which is great when life keeps us so busy anyways..Version: 7.3.0

Addictive and fun but FrustratingHad game for years. I’m at level 91 now but I did take a long break for about 18 months I am now back playing again and can’t believe the amount of construction material needed to build community buildings, I don’t mind filling my trains a couple of times a day and sending my plain off daily but still at this rate it will take 6 months to get what I need for 1 building but what I really don’t like is now you need to exchange building materials for tools but you also need the building materials you have to give away it’s very frustrating and I can see myself stopping again. Also the game froze and I had no choice after trying everything to delete and reinstall, I had 3 vacant areas that I lost that are no longer vacant, not happy about that..Version: 8.1.2

AMAZING just one thing..Honestly this game is very addicting and I love it loads of my friends play it, but the only thing is, the puzzle mini game.. I just don’t enjoy it. None of my friends do either, if it would just stick with a few really good ones (the bubble gum one, the sheep one and a few others) while not including the puzzle one it would be brilliant!.Version: 9.0.0

BRILLIANT~!~WARNING:THREE OF THE PHOTOS ARE EDITED~!~You start off near the train station and slowly expand outwards, the Airport is repairable at level 17, co-op 19, the helicopter you get from the start and its got rip-off deals unless you get a multiplier from the lab which you can BUILD at lvl 18, you use the gems from planes in the lab, It’s also really weird when the helicopter goes just across the street to do deliveries so I made an island and put it there amongst a few other things, and there’s only one other way there, boat, although they are just decorations, sad, anyway, the port is at 29, and the mine at 21. I’m level 39. Its lots of fun, you do 3x better when your in a co-op that helps, I am, its called RigJig’s co-op, the leader is me and I am RigJig YT. 100% recommended game, if you get to lvl 19 and join my co-op, I will give you any amount of any item you want in the item request for two weeks and elder permits forever, if you have actually read this far, you get the item request for 3 weeks, (about 5 items at a time) that’s ROUGHLY 10 items a day for three weeks! (It has a 5hr cool down) So, 10x21=210 items total!!! I hope I have enough. See ya there!.Version: 7.7.0

Fix the problemHey! I’m a very old player of township. Recently when I open the program it keeps shutting down , not letting me enter the game. Idk if it’s a glitch or something. But please fix this problem! I kept opening the program but it doesn’t open and goes back to my homescreen. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM.Version: 8.7.0

I love it!This game is AMAZING! It’s fun and incredibly made! I’ve had heaps of people help me and most people (and I mean only some people aren’t nice) are really nice and helpful! It’s fun helping each other and competing etc. but, there aren’t as many mini-games as I thought there would be... :(.Version: 7.8.5

RelaxingAt the beginning it's a bite hard but after while it's relaxing and addicting. I enjoy this game and a few other ones too. It's nothing like the video ads I saw about it. That's false advertisement. Not cool..Version: 6.5.2

Love This GAME!!!This is one of the best games I've ever played!!! Love it ; Love it; Love it!!!! Over my short time on this game; I have come to love everything about it! I love my co op & the friends I’ve made through that & through the game itself!! It’s a neat game, neat concept & its always growing and improving!! I also LOVE the monthly challenges & my favourite to date has been the flying challenge & I can’t wait for the next one!! So I say keep it up Township creators! Imagination is your limit! So I can’t wait to see what happens next & I will always be a loyal & eager participant!! Thanks so much for creating such an amazing game & for continuing to make it better all the time!!! Thanks again! #townishing #township #lovemytownship #townshipcrazy.Version: 5.3.0

Don’t get too attached to this gameWhen I first downloaded this game I was head over heels for it. I know I’ve sunk a couple hundred hours into it at least. There are enough positive reviews for this game explaining its appeal, so I’ll get to the reason for this review. I got past level 40 and I noticed the game started to kick out at the startup screen, back to the desktop. At first it was only intermittent, but it was so much fun that I just dealt with it. As time went on the incident started occurring more frequently until the game refused to start at all. I did a lot of research and tried all the tricks - restarting the device, updating the iOS, deleting the app and reinstalling, everything but tossing the iPad up against the wall. The fixes would work for one or two launches of the game, then back to not loading again. For this reason I am discontinuing playing the game any longer - it’s too frustrating waiting for it to load, then getting kicked out. The reason for this review is to make everyone aware of this issue. The devs need to address this ASAP, as there are a lot of people having this problem. I have been playing Shop Titans for about three years and have never had this problem. So, bottom line is - you will love this game until you can’t get it to launch. Then you will ask yourself why you wasted so much time on it to begin with..Version: 9.4.0

My Favorite Game!This game is absolutely addicting! The best farming/town game for sure! As like any other game there are minor bugs and improvements to be made but none of those issues (in my mind) make the game unplayable by any means. This game incorporates farming, team games, running a mini world, and even competitions and games! I’ve seen a lot of reviews on how you must make in-app purchases and it’s so expensive, etc. For me, this has never been the case. I’ve had this game for MONTHS and never once purchased anything yet I’m still absolutely in love with it and doing fine still playing. Honestly I haven’t even considered ever buying anything with real money in this game because if I lose my coins or township cash I can earn it back. If you are considering downloading this app but are worried about game progression or in-app purchases or anything here is my advice: Download the game and see if you like it! It’s free and I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I have tbh. I definitely see where everyone is coming from with the “it takes a long time to do certain tasks” but that helps me more to know that when I come back from whatever I’m doing to the game, I am ready to collect goods, donate to other players, and earn more coins in the game. Great app!!.Version: 7.4.1

Enjoyable, but...The game is enjoyable overall. However, there are a few things that could make it better for players. 1. Please stop having the “mafia” looking guy order our gold/silver/platinum bars for helicopter orders. For one, it perpetuates a negative stereotype of Italians, and also, the incentive isn’t enough for the value of the bars. Players need those for other things within the game. 2. Please implement a way for friends/co-op members to gift things that other players need. While it is true that you can request needed items within your co-op or in your train or plane crates, it would be very helpful to players if they could gift items to friends/co-op members when needed. 3. Please consider revising some of your production times in the factories. It’s absolutely ludicrous the time it takes for some of the products to be made. For instance, in real life, a cheesecake does not take almost three hours to make. Sorry, but it doesn’t. Come on guys. 4. Why do I need to save money in a piggy bank? I rightfully earned that money by fulfilling orders, so I should have the right to it at anytime. I shouldn’t have to pay you $2.99 each time I fill my piggy bank with the money that I rightfully earned. Kind of a bummer and less incentive to play on a more consecutive basis..Version: 7.6.0

Ideas for townshipThis is like the best game ever . I’m at level 36 and almost 37 . Im super dupper excited every time I level up . However, I’m very concerned about why you have to wait such a long time to play the pirate card game , every time I lose , I have to wait for one whole day . And you only have two to three days to play the game . And it’s so hard to play that game , when you lose and if you want to continue, you have to pay 70 dollars of t cash . So expensive! 😣 and not every person has that much money even if you are on a high level . And also the trains take a long time to come back. It took almost five hours ! The boxes of the plane slash train you have to fill , you need to give so much stuff ! Like once I had to give them seven smoothies 😟 and they only gave me like 47 dollars! I’m not even joking 😶 I think you should have a better update and make things easy and cheap . Disclaimer * I personally like this game and this is NOT a hate comment . I’m just give ideas to make this a better game for everyone to play ..Version: 8.2.3

So addictive!!!I normally get bored with new games and give up after a few levels. I’ve played a lot of games similar to this and didn’t like them but once I downloaded this game I got instantly hooked!! There is so much choice in this game in terms of the layout of your town. A lot of the building components are free so you can change your mind a few times and not worry about spending coins. The little characters in the game are so charming and if you zoom in, you can see how they interact with the town you have built. There are so many different elements to focus on so you don’t get bored. I’ve not had to spend any real life money to get to where I want which is a MASSIVE bonus. I feel like this game really thinks about the players and what they would enjoy rather than just offer a pay to win experience. In short, I highly recommend this game! It has all the charm and addictiveness of a good app and none of the flaws that so many other games have these days..Version: 5.4.4

Just downloaded this game (Fan of another Playrix game, Fishdom)So I recently downloaded this game today just had an add pop up and I was like, why not get another new game for today to try out? And I tried it, first I did the tutorial and there’s just one thing, sometimes it’s not easy to get enough food at first when it’s going to waste without any quests or when ALMOST low on money. I know this is dumb when I just started and not digging into it more and play it more often but it is just like getting gems in your other game, (Fishdom) it’s a game where you can make you dream aquarium and play match-3 levels and little puzzles. Recommend you download both of these but just to be honest, before you download this read the other reviews because surely it’ll be worth reading them for more information on this game and if you should download it! Yes, I did read SOME of the reviews but note to self… Try to read some like “ACTUAL” reviews, when I mean by “actual”, I mean read some reviews and look on reviews with a reasonable start. But starting to like it so far and hope there will be updates that I can catch up too, if there are anymore as I am writing this review..Version: 14.0.0

Part of my daily life….Whoosah!!!!I have played many apps and none of them have the combination of fun, creativity, relaxation, and challenge such as Township. I wake up playing and go to bed playing. I love all the variety of games and tasks within the game to help you with developing your town. It is most beneficial to be a member of a Co-op because you can win more items with the team support. If you are lucky, you will find an amazing team like I did. We have 1 golden trophy win. I swear we felt like we won the Super Bowl! Now I pretty much have everything…just a few expansions left. I cannot wait to see what is behind the mountains and always look forward to updates. Although I obviously love this game, there are only 3 things that I would love to see change: 1. A separate storage for the building materials 2. the abilty to send building materials to Co-op members permanently 3. Our Co-op is small and small co-ops end up competing with teams twice the size in the regatta. When that happens we should be able to have a few more tasks available FOR FREE! so that we can compete. As a co-op we should have full ability to pick up where our teammates are lacking. Something that I think would be cool is being able to walk through my zoo….lmore 3D like and to control the weather..Version: 8.5.2

NADGOCool game.Version: 5.1.0

Great Game with Minor InconveniencesI’ve heard a lot of people say this game is a cash-grab, with the extreme waiting times and costly building functions. But those are only minor inconveniences, as it only takes a few hours to fulfil each request independently. I would have to disagree with their outcries, please don’t let those aspects deter you from this game. The amount of content in Township is incredible, and with each level up, you unlock so much more things to do! Getting bored is almost impossible, especially with weekly events that are very entertaining to partake in. The only factor which I strongly dislike are the expansion requirements, which seem to get difficult to complete the more you do it. However, it’s doable either way. I prefer this game more than those Gardenscape ones, as it is more diverse and easy to progress. Thank you..Version: 7.6.0

Great but playing on without spending real money is boringI have really enjoyed this game for a long time but I’m getting to the stage where waiting for construction materials to continue to build your city makes this game boring. I do spend some real money on occasions but I’m not prepared to spend any money to buy constructions materials. As such I have dumped any further investment in the zoo and now am considering giving it up completely. The concept of the game is great and if it wasn’t for the developers need to make money I am sure that they could make this game completely addictive and would have me playing for years to come. However its not going down that path so I think it might be time to find a similar type game or something entirely new..Version: 6.9.0

Brilliant GameI found this game by an add one time and thought “That looks fun!” And believe me it is! It rewards you for being a loyal player like giving you daily rewards and also special profile pics based on how long you have been mayor for. I got my 1 year profile pic a few months back and it was nice to know that Playrix unlike other companies appreciates loyal players! It also doesn’t constantly ask for real money, I’ve spent money once during an event to get a cool koi pond decoration and some T-Cash. Over all that’s the only purchase I’ve made spending about £3.99 and still the game treats my loyalty! It’s also really easy to play without purchases you just won’t progress as fast! I also have a Co-op which lots of other players help each other out in! If you want to join search: Just in for the fun... I would recommend this game to anybody and I will remain mayor of my town for many years to come!.Version: 6.3.8

The best game ever in this worldIt’s so much entertainment because there’s so many things to do, like a lot of things and I’m a little bit confused, because on one of those things said : help them or whatever they said but, once again it's a good game 🐶🐶🐶.Version: 6.8.1

GOOD GAMEBegan playing this while waiting for my Hay Day produce! But it's now equally engaging. Like the challenges too. Keep up the clever work! Now on level 105, so been playing quite a long time. Lots of different challenges too, although some are repeated, this only gives you the opportunity to hone your skills. Particularly like how you can place almost everything where you want, and how you can progress fairly (and without using real cash). BTW I very rarely play Hay Day now, this is my go to game. Also the support people are fast and fantastic. Thanks for keeping this game real! I have deleted Hay Day - became way too complicated! This is the best game out there, still not necessary to spend real cash to progress, also keeps the mind alive through the pandemic! 😷.Version: 8.1.1

BEST GAME EVER!!Me and my friends play this all the time we have all friended each other in the game and we have a co-op together with a couple of other people I find that township is like a calming game because you have to just build a town compete in regattas and load your train and plane and send of your helicopter it’s a bunch of fun i have been playing this for about 10 months now I wasn’t really active in the first month or two but then my friends got me addicted to the game it is a blast to play when your bored and you have nothing to do or you just want to play a game that is entertaining building your own town is having your own responsibility you sell stuff for money and you buy stuff with money it’s just like real life you choose where you want to place stuff and if you want to move it overall this game is AWESOME!!.Version: 6.9.0

Very enjoyable loads of fun great friendship & teamworkI've been playing this game of and on for 6 years w the last year and half daily!!! I love this game and the competitiveness of the regatta!!! I've got a great team, great friends and relationships I've built and communicate w while playing the regatta and as a leader in our group and playing against other teams in the regatta!! You don't have to play in the regatta ❣another game within the game but optional to play but if you like comprehensiveness than you need to play in the regatta as well!!! It's made me a lot better and smarter player. I've got great teammates who have helped me to grow my town to level 92 growing stronger every day!! I move up a level bout every week and half which is good and quick and just shows how much I play because it takes a lot of work growing food and harvesting food building houses, hotels, community buildings and factories!! It's designed that you don't have to use money but it's hard not buying the dollars in the game to use specially if you want to play 16 tasks in the regatta but it also allows you to win money in different ways!! Some of the ways is the inner games it always offers for you to play and gives you ways of winning the dollors in it!! This game is always growing and a must to play totally love and play everyday anywhere from 30 mins to 6 hours! Very fun come try it with your time and play!!!.Version: 7.0.5

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