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Business Empire: RichMan App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Business Empire: RichMan app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Business Empire: RichMan? Can you share your negative thoughts about business empire: richman?

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Business Empire: RichMan for Negative User Reviews

Good game but annoying bug/issueGreat game takes a bit to get off the ground but with some patience and some risky investments you can get off pretty fast or get reset but that’s what happens in investing. however my biggest annoyance is that if you leave the game open In the background time in game will not progress so if it’s open overnight you will not make any money from investments or companies you have which can be annoying because that is a huge amount of missed money that you could of had..Version: 1.11.16

Update made the game so slowThe update has made the game so slow and unable to marge businesses . Please fix it.Version: 1.11.16

BrokenThe concept is great, however their is no clicker option unlike the description & app photos so it will take a long time to get anywhere… hopefully this is just a bug.Version: 1.11.13

Way too many adsI love the game concept I think it’s really fun and can be addicting, but there are just way to many ads. Every other click you make, every purchase you make, every single thing you do in this app gets you an advertisement. It’s making me dislike the game and there is no option to purchase no ads, I like the game so much i would buy an option for no ads because there are so much. If you like a lot of ads with a business simulator than this game is for you..Version: 1.11.20

Income per hourThis game says you earn money every hour but I haven’t gotten what it says to get per hour for a whole day this has been happening for a week and it’s starting to get annoying I don’t recommend this game unless they fix it..Version: 1.11.16

TrashNo click Button trash.Version: 1.11.14

We need more updatesWe need more updates.Version: 1.11.16

No click for money glitchFix please.Version: 1.11.14

You can't clickIt's impossible to play because the game is not optimized. Simply the screen doesn't click.Version: 1.11.14

No option to click for moneyMine has no option to click for money so starting out is basically impossible… why doesn’t it have a click for money option???.Version: 1.11.14

BugThe game is good but I have a problem the Clothing Company doesn’t work I max it but it doesn’t work I earn nothing..Version: 1.11.16

Good Idea but buggyI really like the game, the layout and the process of making money is fair! I have noticed that the dealership section is a waste of money. I have bought and sold 7 cars, and have received 0 income for those cars. Please fix this and I will give it 5 stars. I haven’t worked my way up to some of the other companies yet. But this far everything else is working fine. Just the dealership is buggy..Version: 1.11.20

Another reviewI’m going to have to write another review, so the main issue I have at the moment are the ads. Yes ads are persistent, yes you need to make money to support the development of the game, however there is a big. Every single time I speed something up with an ad, there’s a chance that it crashes. When it crashes, I END UP WITH NEGATIVE MONEY !!! I don’t understand HOW!? Second concern, way to many POP UP ADS!! It’s like one after the other after the other every time I buy sometimes. There atleast has to be a limit only when you want to speed things up, like cmon :/ Third concern is that there’s no knowledge of how to play the game and when the cars reload for the auto dealership. I have high hopes for this game, please don’t let us down 😓.Version: 1.11.20

Company sells your personal information and uses youCompany sells your personal information, and makes money for making you watch ads and never rewards you for watching ads, or for releasing all your personal information such as Facebook data, email addresses, location, IP address, interests, age, gender, friends, and selling all your information for their profit. You do not get rewarded for watching ads, or for the use of your information. It is a terrible company. The game wants you to spend real money. It is not even fun to use it..Version: 1.11.20

Buggy worst game everyBro what update this you idot.Version: 1.11.14

Great game but there are a lot of problems. I know they’re working on it so 5 stars when is fixed.Start is slow and a grind. $10 clicker is not enough. You get to a point where upgrades are so expensive that clicking for $10 is pointless so I close the game and just wait. As a game developer your goal should be to keep players on the game as much as possible. My statistics are very wrong and so not change. I like looking at where my money is coming from. It says I have made about $400K from businesses and Real estate but I just opened my app and I gained $500K through Idle money. I have to close my app to make money now. In the beginning, if I was upgrading and playing or just had the app open my money would slowly go up. Now it doesn’t change at all so I have to close the app to make money. Again keep players playing. I will pay you money so I dont have ads. The ads are annoying and I get it you need to make money but I will give you money so I dont have to see ads..Version: 1.11.16

Good game but adverts a lotI understand they have to make money but this is just silly, it feels like everything you do an ad has to be played, I played when there wasn’t adds when it first came out and it was a perfect game. It’s a great game but the excessive adverts ruin it massively..Version: 1.11.16

Great game with a fatal bugA very fun and satisfying game. However I am no longer getting my passive income per hour. I checked the app after work yesterday and had just a few hundred dollars, despite having something like $95k per hour incline on paper. Same thing happened the following day when I checked the next morning after; I hadn’t made any passive income. And because a lot of my money comes from a taxi company, I’m actually losing money because the cars are wearing out and need replaced. After enjoying the game for a few days this g has rendered the game unplayable..Version: 1.11.16

Extremely SlowThis game is only meant for you to download it, get annoyed from the complete lack of options or ways to make money, and let the app sit in the background for days. Up until you get bored of it. The only way to progress to the next level is to continuously click for 10 minutes for a small upgrade, which doesn't even make the next upgrade easier to get, or by watching an ad. That's what this game wants you to do; watch ads or just forget you downloaded it for a month..Version: 1.11.20

Great Game, but InconsistentJust got this game a few days ago. So far enjoying it a lot. I didn’t notice this issue in the start so I’m not sure if it’s specific to certain businesses/real estate; but I’m not receiving the hourly income I should be. I recently unlocked a clothing brand and soon after got another. I should be making 1 million an hour. However I’ve logged on intermittently and found that I’m MAYBE making 100k over the span of 2-3 hours. I should be well on my way to more clothing brands and moving up but instead feel like I grinded for nothing. As I said it is a great game: if it’s functioning. Had a blast the first day but now feel like it was a waste of time. Please fix this hourly income issue sooner rather than later. It makes the game unplayable. You can’t make legitimate progress with 10 dollar taps (even with the 65 after ad). If taps are supposed to be usable I’d recommend a higher limit to the leveling. I also wouldn’t mind some form of reimbursement for the lost hourly income; however I assume that’d be insanely hard to regulate in relation to account progress as to not inflate new accounts/not be enough for further progressed players..Version: 1.11.20

Promising start, then downhillGame was fun, the clicking was a minor inconvenience, but makes it feel like you have to earn it before you can start making more. However the real reason for the 3 star is once I had a business merger, I received next to nothing per hour with it. Then I chose to open a bank to hope that could be a solid option, same thing happened. 0 dollars earned in game, in hours. Edit: Just updated the game, my earnings per hour dropped significantly for my large factory. I’m not sure how the devs have such a hard time calculating the earnings per hour, or messing the figures up. Incredibly frustrating to continue to happen. They said they knew about it weeks ago, and still hasn’t been fixed..Version: 1.11.19

RiggedLike just about every other game made these days, this one is all about cramming ads down your throat. And just like life, the cards are stacked against you. For example, the second I invested in Apple, or whatever they call it, the stock started to nose dive. Its now down over 12% sense investing. In contrast, every single company that has went down sense that same time, has went down .9% at the most. Either i'm ignorant or its rigged. I'm guessing probably both....Version: 1.11.20

AnnoyedOverall I was happy with this app... at the beginning. At first everything was running smoothly, and then about a week after the download, I opened the app and boom. All of the vehicles i bought for my businesses were gone. I'm talking hundreds of millions worth, just gone. After I noticed this I repurchased all of these cars and trucks, but then I noticed something else... I want getting paid. Where I should've been getting paid millions/billions and hour, I was getting only $10,000 per hr, even with invesments into homes, stocks, and bitcoin. Another thing, I am not able to start any more businesses, even when only having 10. Safe to say I am annoyed. Please fix these issues because it is actually a fun app (when it works)..Version: 1.11.20

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