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Earn to Die 2 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Earn to Die 2 app received 59 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Earn to Die 2? Can you share your negative thoughts about earn to die 2?

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Earn to Die 2 for Negative User Reviews

The upgrades are too expensiveThe upgrades are so expensive literally i had to buy in game money like it’s so expensive.Version: 1.4.46

NOT WORKING REFUND PLEASEIts not even opening on my phone i keep redownloading it and it keeps repeating its not working on my phone or something i need refund my money.Version: 1.4.17

I love this gameI love this game so much, which is why it’s such a shame to not be able to play it. This is one of my favorite games, so it pains me to give it only 3 stars. The reason for the 3 stars is that every time I try to open the game, it crashes before it finishes loading. If this problem were fixed I would revise my rating to a full 5 stars. Also, an ‘Earn to Die 3’ would be much appreciated (just saying). Thanks!.Version: 1.4.17

You just had to get greedyWell done for ruining a great little ‘pick up and play’ game buy changing to a freemium pricing model. The game makes absolutely no sense if you can buy upgrades for cash. This would have been a 99p game back in the day before you developers got greedy and lazy. Do you think it’s now worth multiples of £5 ? I don’t think so..Version: 1.4.17

It's to longIt's way to long but it's still fun.Version: 1.3

Original is betterI like this game, but there are some things that frustrate me about it. First, the vehicles feel way underpowered, even when you're fully decked out. In the original, this wasn't a problem, since you could just get a new car if you had earned enough. However, in this sequel, you're stuck with the car that's available for that level and that's it. This creates a situation where every new level feels like the first level, because you're starting with a fresh car. The other thing that irks me is the fact that you can buy money. Other than that, the game is fine..Version: 1.3

Earn to die 2Loved the first one, never made a review about it because I wanted to play it through, so I did. Seen there was a second one, so I downloaded it. The first one is great, if your looking for strategic games this is not for you, just so you know, but it’s fun for passing time, or if you don’t have internet. It was amazing, but this one is what got me, and that explains the rating on the first game, your team didn’t care about anything but money, you literally made it possible beating the level/game without the car/vehicle from being maxed out, that is a bad mess up for the company trying to make the car pass a level without being all the way upgraded, that’s crazy, and not being able to play the next level as the fully upgraded car? Really? Should have tested your game out before releasing it. If it wasn’t right then you shouldn’t have released it yet. If you don’t improve please don’t make a third one or a spin off..Version: 1.4.17

Good butGame is good but cars brake very fast and easy.Version: 1.4.17

Ehhh its alrightThe first game was much better also on the last level its impossible for to get to the end without your boost breaking off, your armour coming off, your engine breaking, serious, i dont think the company realise that, that ruins the game and would make people not like it all, if you dont make the levels so cramped and easier then its a decent game, its almost like making a great movie and them making a crapy ending or a second one. the whole purpose of the game is to get to the end but think about it company makers, how will someone get to the end if they cannot because the engine breaks or boost drops off, thats a crappppy feature of the game is that your car falls apart, plus the bigger the car, the more the parts full off, im on the last level and i get half way and my car is broken all the time because the car”hits the ground” to hard or hits a wall, its a pointless game if your car always breaks.Version: 1.3

Repetitive grindfestSure, the game is three times longer, like they say. But they achieve that by making the progression happen a third as quickly, making the game that much less satisfying to play..Version: 1.4.17

Meh..This game is fun and it’s unique however, it becomes very repetitive and in some cases boring throughout the play through. For example, there is only a set amount of upgrades you can choose from for every single car eg boost, gun and armour to name a few. It would be engaging to see different upgrades for different cars not just the same old with a different look (every single car had the same upgrades as the one before and after it with slightly different designs and no difference to play style). As well as that the story was very poor and anticlimactic for the time you have to put into completing the game, overall leaving you with a unsatisfied feeling. Once completing the campaign your left with some other game modes that are also basic and are virtually the same as the campaign minus some tedious tasks you have to complete. Finally, as you progress through the game towards the later final levels there isn’t much difference in zombie type just slightly bigger ones that look different and act and play like every single other one furthermore boring you. There wasn’t even a boss fight?! It’s a big let down that there wasn’t any zombies or enemies that fought back differently from the original <Walking into car>. 3.5/5 ⭐️.Version: 1.4.17

In able to use other carsThe inability to use different cars is disappointing and really took away from the game in my opinion. It used to be purely money based which increase enjoyability since I could finish upgrading every car now I have to forget the previous cars, this was something the previous game allowed which made it way better..Version: 1.4.17

Great gameNot as fun as the first game and slower to progress, but I finished the first game so quickly that slowing it down may not be a bad thing. Developer, Please consider increasing the price and getting rid of the in-app purchases... Even if you can play the game without them! Extra 2 stars for this..Version: 1.0.1

It keeps kicking me outI have a iphone 14 and doesn’t even let me in the game i legit spent money on it it’s a scam don’t buy it.Version: 1.4.17

PointlessAlmost zero skill. No thought required. Pointless waste of time..Version: 1.3

Slow and laborious without payingI get the impression that buying the £4.99 ‘money doubler’ brings the game back to its original state..without buying it you feel like you are playing a version of the game that has been intentionally slowed. This is the most brazen, cynical and greedy technique on the part of devs..just sell the game for £4.99 straight up. It makes me so sad that IAP have become standard in iOS games and if anything the quality of games on iOS store has declined since the introduction of IAPs - 95% of games are designed to make money.Version: 1.4.3

CrapThis is about as boring and crappy as they come. Let me introduce you to the game play. -Hold gas down -Wait for car to break -Purchase one upgrade -Repeat till fin Everyone so often you are even rewarded by receiving an “upgraded” car. This upgraded car is just a new car skin with all of your vehicle upgrades reset. On top of that it won’t let you loose any of your old cars once you receive a new car. The reason for this is that your older car is actually substantially better than your new car. In terms of control, in addition to the gas, you also have tilt and boost. These controls allow you to take slightly different pathways on the levels; however, none of these actually very the game play or reward you for being a skillful driver. Save yourself the .99 cents and buy a game that is actually fun to play. This game, if you can even call it that, us about as fun as watching paint dry..Version: 1.4.17

Do not buy!!!Stupid game!!!.Version: 1.4.17

Good but needs workIt a good game, but get the basics right for heavens sake. Game not optimised to iPhone 14 Pro. Graphics are chopped off and selecting cars you can only go one way as the back arrow is under the camera section. Come guys. Lame and lazy..Version: 1.4.17

Game keeps crashingI can’t play the game. Everytime I open it the loading screen comes up for a second and the application just closes. Devs please help I spent money for this game :(..Version: 1.4.17

Boring, same repertoire on every new stageDon’t download it for the two reasons. 1. You can’t try any other modes unless you complete the story mode. The story mode takes you a LONG time to complete and you will know you have to repeat the same process to pass each stage. 2. Once you complete the story mode, you will know other modes in this game are even more boring because you will play the same map, same car, and missions are pointless..Version: 1.4.17

Paid game begging for Micro TransactionsHonestly this game is complete rubbish compared to the first game. The cars in this one are completely under powered and you will grind for hours just to upgrade one car halfway. Every time you try to purchase something they ask if you would like to purchase money. Do not pay two dollars for this game there are tons of free games out there that are 100 times better. Waste of money and waste of space..Version: 1.3

Keeps crashing when I start itThis app is not iOS 17 supported.Version: 1.4.17

Repetitive but The Price is RightAn ok game but it gets a repetitive and boring after a few rounds. They change it up by altering the routes and the vehicles but, after doing that a few times it doesn’t really help. That said, it’s decent value for the money and there’s no annoying ads..Version: 1.4.46

Great game but …🤬🤬🤬So My son got this game was having great time and got so far then it started all over for some stupid reason. Meanwhile He just spent all that time …almost was done and unno just took him back to the start… I figured ohh well I guess I’ll just delete the game then download it again …it happened again ….Version: 1.4.17

Stick with the first gameIf you’ve only played the first one so far or you are new to the game(s) only play the first one, this game is more repetitive than the first and just proves the first game is probably going to be only good game in the Earn To Die series (T_T).Version: 1.3

Not quite as good as the first oneMainly due to not being able to choose when to buy the new car. Otherwise much of the same. Would be good to expand on car/upgrade options to make it more varied. At the moment you quickly work out the best upgrades and will likely get around 80-90% of them to progress. So again, simple mindless fun..Version: 1.4.17

Poor sequelMany of the things that made the original great seem to have been lost. The boost seems to set off itself meaning you boost at random, and use it all in one go. Think this is a glitch as there is still a boost button which is rendered useless. You are now prompted to buy extras if you have not earned the money. The whole point of the game is in its title, Earn to Die! This add on is just a cash grab. I PAID for the game not to have this freemium bs. It take much longer now to earn cash which I assume is a deliberate attempt to frustrate children into buying upgrades. You had a great concept and solid game. Why throw it all out the window ??.Version: 1.3

Starts off addictive but becomes Boring!This game does start off to be fun and a good time killer, but after the first 2 cars the game becomes extremely boring! It’s the same thing over and over again. At least add new zombies or features on the cars.. wouldn’t bother playing this game again and will now be deleted..Version: 1.4.17

Far too repetitive - lost interestThe first game is great and perfect length as well. This sequel is a colossal let down, which is sad as could be such a great game. Everyone loves bigger sequels with more content that add onto what made the first game great but this game gives you such little cash per run that you are only ever able to upgrade one thing at a time. Making minuscule progress with each upgrade. Gets very repetitive and after a while you end up not playing the game anymore. Its not satisfying like the first game - quite disappointed as they want you to buy the extra cash with real money..Version: 1.4.46

Way too linearThis game does nothing to reward you for a good performance. The mechanic of driving is clean however your performance has little to no impact on how far your rig travels. There is no element of getting better as a player aside from buying more upgrades. Once you’ve spent hours grinding to get every upgrade then you clear the level. What’s the point in even driving if there are no hopes of clearing a level unless I have every upgrade? Once you complete a level rinse and repeat because the game doesn’t let you carry forward your fully upgraded rig. Sure the ice cream truck will be better eventually but let me run my old rig until I have enough for the new rig to reach parity. Further, let me take my new rig back to a prior level, what’s the fun in having a fully loaded rig if you only get to use it once? Let me dominate a prior level with the new fancier setup. Not worth your money. No reward just grinding..Version: 1.4.17

Doesn’t work );When I try to load it it just stays there at the loading screen. I want my money back..Version: 1.4.17

Coteese saysAdd more stuff to do because once you complete the game it’s so boring.Version: 1.4.17

First game is better and accidentally bought the second one 😢😢After you complete the free version it should take you to the version u just played cause now I feel silly.Version: 1.4.17

Great game but....Good game but it’s not optimized for the iPhone X!!!!! Please make it compatible for the iPhone X!!!!!!.Version: 1.3

Cool gameIt’s a good game but it’s a lot of money (not real money).Version: 1.4.17

Good but.... what’s the point?I downloaded this game and instantly got a little hooked but the great style, graphics and intuitive gameplay, but I very quickly sussed it out - the fact you can’t *physically* get to the next section without maxing out your car with upgrades. And then once you’ve maxed out your car, you get one run with it and then it’s back to square one with a different car but just slightly more expensive upgrades. Thus continuing this boring cycle - which just takes longer. I would have much preferred if you could earn money and build your OWN preference of car and see how far you can get with it, not forced to use another car after all your “hard work” has just been, in effect, deleted. I get it, but I’ve deleted it already as there’s not much else I can do with this game as after the first few cycles of cars, what’s new? Well Nothing really..Version: 1.4.17

Not as good as it looksWas impressed with the 1st game and had high hopes for the second. Took forever to get anywhere and when it finished, it resets all your game data and won't let you replay missions over again with a car of your choice. Huge let down.Version: 1.0.11

Story Mode Too LongI shouldn’t have to play the same story over and over and over and over again to make enough $ to beat story mode only to make it to a new car to the same thing over and over and over again. I paid for the game and should be able to access mission mode and the others. It is a fun game but the repetition is annoying..Version: 1.3

AlrightThe game it self is fun to play but it become very repetitive, after doing the same thing driving then upgrading you pretty much doing the same thing over and over again just with different cars..Version: 1.3

This sequel is a joke!Number two is a complete and utter joke! It takes so long for you to upgrade your car just to get from one point to the other. Also, the game gives you know cash!!! Only a tiny bit! Furthermore, the music last game was so much better!!! This game takes hours and hours of grinding just to get to one checkpoint. The first earn to die was at least 10x better at the very least. If you guys make an earn to die 3, I will be more prepared and read the reviews.Version: 1.4.3

Wasted 100$I spent 100$ on this game and I almost beat it on a new phone. Days later I was not liking my new phone because of the battery so I sent it back and got my old phone back and downloaded this game so I could still play. Come to find out everything I bought and every minute of my life spent on this game is GONE. I clicked restore purchases at least 1,000 times and it’s kinda stupid because in my achievements it shows that I went through levels and stuff. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!.Version: 1.4.17

WhyI buyed Earn to die 1 but this is my other phone and I don’t have this.Version: 1.4.17

This isn’t a game....Before you say this guys doesn’t know what he’s talking about, hear me out. A game is something that whether it be easy or hard there is a chance you can lose a chance you can fail. Not in this game you push the on the gas and that car goes left to right and that’s the game. You buy “Upgrades” but instead of this being something you have to choose what is and isn’t the right ones you just get them in the order that they are there for and that’s it. This is as much of a game as cookie clicker.Version: 1.4.17

Sense of progression dumbIt’s starts with a scene like there might be some small story part but that doesn’t happen again between lvl 1 and 2. What’s made me stop playing though is that to beat lvl 1 I needed to max out my car, okay fine, but the lvl 2 you just get a different skinned starter car and begin the whole process from scratch. You can’t even use your last car to make money faster. I assume this repeats indefinitely so while all games are a waste of time generally speaking this one really reminds of of that lol.Version: 1.4.17

Soooo boringStupid game.Version: 1.3

Repetitive and BoringLiterally nothing to do in this game, hold accelerate and watch you car drive the same track over and over again until you can make it through the stage before running out of fuel, now rinse and repeat hundreds of times.Version: 1.3

Cash grabFirst ones really good finished in about a day or so. Everything in this takes longer and feels like it’s meant to frustrate you into buying in game money..Version: 1.4.17

Provides exactly 99 cents worth of entertainmentAt 99 cents, I guess you can’t complain as this game gives you exactly what it costs. There’s absolutely nothing you can do wrong, your choices don’t matter, close your eyes and press gas until you run out. Then press boost. Then die, then respawn and use cash to buy upgrade. Repeat. Finish level and get a new car that is basically the same as previous car (Ferrari is as fast as the A team van and can traverse heights like a sand buggy). You earn more money per level and everything costs more but again, it’s not any more or less challenging. There absolutely no strategy for this game and the physics are atrocious..Version: 1.3

App crashes on launchImmediately crashes on the initial loading screen. iOS 17 on a 15 pro..Version: 1.4.17

Repetitive and boring.You don’t need any skill to play this game. It’s just about grinding. Guns all do the same. Boost all do the same. Everything does the same each level but just looks different. The cars don’t get better. You just start over each time..Version: 1.3

Tedious gameplay which you can pay more to avoidThe gameplay is fun at first. However, progression is locked behind upgrading your vehicle. You can keep repeating the same level over and over again to finally upgrade your vehicle enough to progress. Or you can pay real world money to upgrade your car faster. Also, you have to complete the story mode to get access to the free play features. That would all be ok if this were a freemium app, but it is not. So four stars for the gameplay and minus one for the in app purchases in a paid-for app.Version: 1.4.17

Just... averageI don’t really get this game. It promised so much at the outset. I thought it would get better the further you progressed through the game and become correspondingly satisfying, but it doesn’t. The ‘Story Mode’ barely tells a story, and once you’ve maxed out a car and passed a level, you essentially start again on a different level with a different car. It’s just not a rewarding experience. It’s all very ‘samey’. Ok the game was only 50p, but I’ve played free games that are more accomplished.Version: 1.4.17

BoringI was expecting it to be a lot more fun. Every time I beat a level I was wondering what the next level would look like but to my disappointment every level looked almost identical. It was just rinse and repeat, same zombies, same boring wooden crates and ramps, same stale background, same upgrades for every vehicle. The disappointing thing is this game has potential to be great. You could add unique zombies or obstacles, every vehicle could have one unique upgrade to differentiate it from the last, every level could have a different aesthetic look to it or theme, you could even add boss battles! But ultimately you’re left with this drab uninspired piece of crap. Not worth the time or money 👎.Version: 1.4.17

Does not work with iOS 17Continually crashes on launch sometime will get in after several tries.Version: 1.4.17

Good but with micro-transactionsGood game, not impressed with micro-transactions..Version: 1.4.17

Fun, repetitiveFun game but a little repetitive.Version: 1.4.17

It’s not bad I mean the first ones better ........It’s not that bad I mean .I think the first one was better. but this one it’s it’s it’s a little bit harder because I mean you have to finish the level to get onto the next car but it’s it’s also fun because there’s gas stations and that makes it a little bit easier I mean it’s also kind of making me mad that like when you change the tires it doesn’t look different when you like when you like teen stuff it doesn’t look different but I mean it’s still fun but I really like the first one better because I mean it’s just better it’s just more fun but this one’s gonna be fun because I mean I’m only on the first level in first get second gas station I only made made it one yeah station so I’m pretty excited to go like pretty much halfway across the country and I mean it’s gonna be fun but this is just my first review to start🚘🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ first ones better keep that in mind..Version: 1.4.17

MehJust a remake of the first with worse features, i hate how you cant use previous vehicles on new map areas, and how it takes away gas if you are in the air but not accelerating. The first was 5 stars but this one is just boring.Version: 1.0.1

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