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Screw Jam App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Screw Jam app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Screw Jam? Can you share your negative thoughts about screw jam?

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Screw Jam for Negative User Reviews

Fun but…There are several levels designed so you HAVE to use coins to pass them, which is just shady. Also, the lack of sound (except in ads) is weird..Version: 0.6.1

Level 701 impossibleOnce at level 701 you cannot get passed as there isn’t the correct screws in order to pass.Version: 0.4

Fun game bad on walletThis is a fun puzzle game, but with no way to earn coins except by buying them, and ending up on levels where you are stuck because there is no way to get past without spending money turns this sweet puzzle game into a money grab. I will be deleting the game..Version: 0.6.2

Filled ToolboxGreat game and I like that it actually has some challenge compared to most but what may make me uninstall is the fact that my game ends as soon as the toolbox holder is full. Is the next box uses 3 of those screws so no other space is needed it's infuriating to get to the end of a hard level and it ends. Games should end when you're out of moves..Version: 0.6.1

If you like Glitches and spending moneyI really liked this game at first, but after level 130 it’s continues to have multiple glitches and the levels are impossible to complete without buying more tools and coins. I had one level that kept telling me I failed because there was ice I needed to break on a level that had NO ICE!!! Now I am on a level that I have played to my whits end that has no solution unless I buy some tools and coins to pass it up. I will be deleting the game because this is absolutely nonsense. I don’t mind spending a little on my games but this game will potentially cost you $20 week. Cool idea, bad on the wallet..Version: 0.6.2

Levels - buggedApp is alright once you get used to the onslaught of ads, but level 121 has a major issue where it asks for a dark blue screw but they only one left is a dark blue star screw and it there is three screws left so I’m presuming that there is an issue with the coding..Version: 0.4

GarbageToo many ads for starters Also, other games like this let you use all the available holes without failing, whereas this game only allows you to use 4 of the available 5 holes, if you use the 5th hole it’s instant fail even if you could make another move afterwards. So to make use of ALL the available holes you have to buy more..Version: 0.6.1

DONT GETGranted, this game is addictive, but you cannot progress in the game without buying power ups. It makes me so mad. I have now deleted it for the second time I am completely addicted to it but I refuse to spend money on this game. I did pay for the no ads so now I’ve lost my six dollars because I’ve deleted the game a second time..Version: 0.7.5

TimerYou updated the game to add a timer and totally screwed up a decent game. It's horrendous to play now. Deleted it. Don't waste your time downloading this train wreck..Version: 0.7.5

No sound?Just started playing. It’s beyond easy at this point but has potential. My only complaint, and surely this is a glitch, the game has no sounds. Completely silent. I’ve looked for a way to turn it on but haven’t seen any. I could just be getting old and if I am then I’ll admit that I was wrong and apologize but until then you get 3 stars. And if there is not a glitch and the game stays silent then I’ll probably lower it down to 2 stars. Gots to have sounds man!.Version: 0.3.1

Broken gameSpent about £25 trying to finish level 121 and it’s not possible due to not having the correct screws to use! Absolute scam taking money, I’ll be getting it back don’t you worry!!.Version: 0.4

Watch ads to win. And watch some more ads anyway.Tons of ads, somehow incapable of playing without an internet connection, and it keeps ending the game early despite me having moves left. Meaning I waste massive amounts of coins or have to wait forever for a life. Or pay too much for more coins or sit through yet another ad..Version: 0.6.1

So disappointed…The most recent update added in a timer. This was the only version of this game I could find that didn’t have timed levels. It’s so much harder to plan your moves ahead with a countdown. No thanks. This update completely ruined this game for me. I won’t be playing it anymore..Version: 0.7.5

Fun concept, annoying playI like this game but whenever you fill up all five sections for the extra colored screws, the game ends (unless you pay 250 coins (when you only earn 10 coins per game without extra ads)) even if you can make a move with the right colored screw and strip. very annoying and not even fun annoying… also playing one game makes my phone H O T 😭😭 pretty okay game, but obviously the game is better if you pay for all of the upgrade.Version: 0.7.5

Misdesigned Level and No SupportI loved this game and in fact earlier today made my first purchase. And then I reached level 121. I works through the level and had minimal screws left and none of them matched the suitcases. No screws were hidden. The problem was the remaining screws had stars and the suitcases did not require stars and would not accept them. Now I have hints etc that I can’t use because I’ll never move past this level. The same thing happens every time. I tired to contact support to report the bug, not wanting to leave a bad review. I was taken to a website and told to select the game from their list. It wasn’t listed. So there you are. Download it just don’t ever expect to move past level 121..Version: 0.4

Pay to play garbageFull of ads, and designed to force players to pay to pass levels. Levels are set up so you deliberately can’t complete them without paying for extra moves or upgrades..Version: 0.6

Ads start level 21I was thinking “wow this is their best game yet because there aren’t any popups!” That was, until level 21 where you’re not only playing non-stop banner ads on the bottom but you’re also putting popups after every level!! It’s a significantly better investment to provide ads for a reward, but your team never listens. Not only that, but I can guarantee that almost all those 5 star reviews you get on all of your games are completely inauthentic, thus making your company one of the biggest cons in the multiverse. Please try one single time to not add pop-up ads and I swear, those reviews won’t be inauthentic anymore. Until then, you will never be getting anything but a one star review on almost all of your games till the day I die..Version: 0.7.1

Level 121 is broken!Level 121 you don’t have the correct pegs to finish - you get given a star but no hole for the star to go in! Disappointed I can’t go any further!.Version: 0.4

Glitched levelThe game itself is fun, they must’ve fixed the ad issue as I don’t get too many. Maybe one every 20+ minutes. My biggest issue so far is level 121 is glitched out so I can’t complete the level. As you complete the level your left with the too many star screws that were probably meant to be regular screws..Version: 0.4

Can’t play without spending moneyI have been on level 134 for DAYS. i have tried literally every combination possible and i can’t beat it. i am poor. i don’t have the ability to drop $5 on a game every 20 ish levels. pls fix or i will be deleting.Version: 0.7.5

Addiction warning!Well I just read all 6 reviews and I have to resoundingly agree! Fun game, which makes it all the more agonizing to be stuck on a level without coins or hints. I was stuck on level 155 for a long time and somehow I did the right combination of moves and lo and behold I made it through without help. No idea how, probably couldn’t do it again. Then several easy levels allowed me to build up a little stockpile of coins until I got to level 179 which I am now stuck on and I have 65 coins. Very frustrating. I’m all about working for a reward including watching all the ads but there are no options to do this. You just play the same level over and over until you figure it out I guess… because I refuse to pay for what the game should allow you to earn..Version: 0.6.2

MisleadingAt first this game seems great. It’s cute and it’s easy, mindless fun that you need from a game at times. You get through the first 20 levels and nothing is too hard and there’s also really not any ads, it’s great. After this point however, you get an ad after every other (if not every) level you beat. It’s incredibly frustrating they get you to play some levels before doing this, and that you have to pay $5.99 to get rid of it..Version: 0.7.5

😡Too many ads!😡An ad after every level…deleted!.Version: 0.6

Not as many ads but some levels impossibleThere was a level that literally couldn’t be beat with the pieces given, but the devs fixed it pretty quickly. Now I’m stuck on a level that surely can’t be beat without power ups, but there is no way for me to earn coins in the game (by re-doing previous levels or daily rewards or anything) so it’s to the point where I’m forced to pay high prices for too little game currency or delete. I do appreciate that ads come every 2-3 levels instead of every level as with most games these days. I don’t like that it requires wifi or cell data and doesn’t work if these are turned off..Version: 0.7.1

Same money grabbing adsThey pull you in with a cool game, then after a few rounds there’s adverts after every round. £5.99 to remove ads? Not cool. Deleted..Version: 0.6

Nice, but expensive and buggy.I like the idea of the game, and it’s fun to play, but it seems like a couple of levels are impossible to pass without buying something. It’s kind of frustrating to want to play a cool little game and then remember that you’re on your ninety-seventh try of the same level and don’t have extra money to spend on coins that are not worth the money they want you to spend (at $1.99 per 250 coins, that’s about $0.40 for 50 coins, but because powerups are typically 250 or more, each dollar of real money you spend actually gets you less worth than that.) It’s not something to be proud of when you “stump” that many people with an unsolvable puzzle game; it means that something might need to be looked into and fixed..Version: 0.6.2

Updated and CrashesI updated to the newest version and now it just crashes before it even loads the first menu 😡😪. It’s a pity because I loved the game other than that and def would have kept playing for ever if I could have!.Version: 0.7

Impossible level121 is not able to be completed there isn’t the right parts u get to the very end and u r stuck.Version: 0.4

Fun but after 100ish levels you HAVE to pay real cash to finish levelsDon’t kid yourself, this game is not truly free, it’s a pay to play. The first 1”” or so levels are easily doable but after that almost all levels are unbeatable unless you pay for upgrades with App Store purchases. How does this game have more than one star? Probably fake paid reviews..Version: 0.7

Not allowed to use free spacesI really like the game, but it makes no sense to have 5 “free” spaces when you are only allowed to use four. What is the fifth space for? As soon as I put a screw in the fifth space, I fail the level. Give us “free” spaces we can use..Version: 0.4

Impossible levelsWhile playing I noticed a few levels you are required to buy coins or tools to get through. Level 891 is impossible without an extra spot. I had three people try to beat it and all got stuck at the end with orange or teal being frozen. I looked up tutorials to beat it to no avail. Would be more fun and enjoyable if you didn’t need to buy your way through..Version: 0.4

I’m stuckWhat do you do if your stuck on a level don’t have any coins to buy anything?.Version: 0.3.1

Level 121Loved this game until I reached level 121. You aren’t given the screws to be able to complete the level. I have 2 toolboxes left and the screws don’t match….. would appreciate contact from developers.Version: 0.4

FIX HOW TO GET COINS!!I think this game has been fun but once you're stuck there's no way to get out of it unless you pay money I don't care if I have to sit through an ad but I'm not about to spend money on a game and I'm not going to spend 3 days trying to solve a puzzle. Respectfully do better..Version: 0.6.2

You wont get past level 179.Ive looked for guides, i’ve tried every possible combination (including taking notes), ive run out of coins and money trying to get through. The worst part is that if you use a power up like an extra hole, but still fail the level, that power up is just gone. Huge waste of money and brain power. It started off really fun but insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result..Version: 0.6.1

After you reach a certain…I am over level 150. Enjoyed the game, but now it requires money to continue. I played several levels over and over to nausea, till I a light went on… There was no way and I mean no way was I going to pass the level. And that this level was designed to insure I spend money. It’s really a shame, but playing further and actually putting more money in to the game (because I really enjoy the game) I realized they almost had me. But no more! Will be deleting tonight. PS 3 stars is because I really enjoyed the game..Version: 0.6.1

Good untilOn level 121, I have all the screws off of the board. There are 3 star screws that should not be stars or the blocks should have spots for stars. Thank you this I can not move past the level. I have spent money on this level and now due to this I have wasted it. I loved this game and just downloaded it a few days ago.Version: 0.4

Great puzzles but…Requires an internet connection, serves an ad between every level and that ad ignores silent mode and just blasts out your phone speakers..Version: 0.3.1

Level can’t be completedLevel 121 (a “hard” level) can’t be completed as right near the end you require 2 screws of a certain colour that are not on the board. I replayed the level several times, but always end up at exactly the same spot no matter what I do. Tried reporting this as an issue, but Apple said reporting wasn’t available for this app..Version: 0.4

Impossible levelsThere is a number of impossible levels, which I feel is to pressure you into buying in app purchases. Levels 121 and 151 are impossible without extra help..Version: 0.6

Fun game, but pay to winTitle says it all. This is a great game but you can only get so far if you don’t pay. And I’m sure it gets more and more difficult so I can imagine that the further you go, the more you pay.Version: 0.7.6

Can’t get past 121There is a bug in 121 the 3rd last box. Blue screws but the ones left don’t match the box. Blue screw with a star not a + and the box asks for 2 +..Version: 0.4

Amazing game, but level 121 is impossibleI love this game very much. It’s not too ad heavy, and it’s a fun puzzle. But level 121 literally doesn’t have the right screws to finish the level. One of the blue screws is a star instead of a normal screw, so it won’t fit into the box, making the level impossible to finish. Please fix!!.Version: 0.4

Too many adsToo many ads have ruined the game enjoyment. I did enjoy it but now I’m deleting it.Version: 0.4

Hate the timerGame was fun until the timer was added.Version: 0.7.6

Fun game, Too Many AdsIt’s a fun game- I made it to the level with the chains and had to uninstall despite enjoying it. I’m not going to play a game that’s 50% game and 50% ad, not going play one game and then have to sit through an ad and click away from multiple pop up menus to play another. It shows you an ad when you first start the game sometimes..Version: 0.6.2

Level 121Cannot advance past level 121 as there is only a dark blue star screw and regular screw left on the board at the end, but the toolbox requires just two regular screws. Unable to complete due to this..Version: 0.4

Money grabI really enjoyed playing this game but level 179 is impossible without buying your way through it. So I guess I’m done..Version: 0.6.1

Who fell asleep on the job??I really like this game except when I got to level 121 you end up not having the right screws for the colored box and even other color screws that don’t have a box at all! So now I have to delete the game cuz you can’t pass the level or skip it. So I guess all I can say is that it was fun while it lasted..Version: 0.4

Hate the new timerI really enjoyed this game, but there were some levels that were too difficult. I was already stuck on a level and then the newest update added a timer. Now it’s impossible to pass and I can’t even tell you which level it is because with the new timer the level number disappeared off my game..Version: 0.7.5

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