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The Game of Life 2 App Complaints & User Negative Comments

The Game of Life 2 app received 59 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about the game of life 2?

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Always glitchingPaid for this app and have paid for other in app features yet I find this keeps glitching, getting stuck and just hanging. A bit disappointing as putting my money into it and getting such poor experience?.Version: 0.0.32 - Popup update

LifeI always enjoyed playing the game of life games. But I do have two problems with it, one the cost of having expansion packs (fairytale) is kinda ridiculous considering we bought the game from the start. If there was a way we could earn points from wining games to unlock these things that would be great. Second it would be cool if there was a timer when your playing online. Some players take there sweet time if there was a countdown we can avoid making the game longer then it has to be..Version: 1.0.11

LifeGraphics could improve a lot but game is similar to original, could use more mini games in game..Version: 1.0.9 - RC II

Disconnects and AI takes overPart way through some players lose connection and the AI takes over. Disappointing!!!.Version: 0.1.25 - SP Sale

UnsupportedThe game is a lot of fun but the game doesn’t evolve and every new update asks for more money. I’d be more willing to spend additional money if every single thing wasn’t an additional charge. They game is also way to short. As soon as it gets going you’re done. If you roll a couple 10s you really feel like you didn’t do much all game. Also each action or everything about the game feels like minimal effort was put in so that makes me feel like buying additional maps or whatever will also be very 1 dimensional..Version: 1.0.16 - Haunted Hills

Spinner is shockingJesus Christ I’ve never experienced a worse way to spin. Way too bloody sensitive. Absolute joke.Version: 0.1.26 - After X-mas

Great idea, poor executionThe idea of this game is good, but in practice, it sucks. The game board is so short, Ive gone through the whole thing multiple times without even getting the option for a house or kids, and very few opportunities for the “bonus” life squares that factor into the final game score. Definitely not worth the $5 i paid..Version: 1.0.11

Did not finishI played signal play and the game would not finish, it just halted and would not complete. That’s right at the end, doing the points, it just wouldn’t continue, it does 2 of 4 characters and just stops. Seems tricky..Version: 0.1.28 - AF update

Play with friendsI tried playing this again with my husband but we are unable to play together and have the other 2 players as computer. If you pick play with friends you cannot have 2 computers and my husband and myself in a game. If you pick multiplayer online you just get 3 random other players. I am pretty sure that my husband and I played together with 2 other computer players. Did you take that feature out?.Version: 1.0.17 - Multiplayer Fix

Games are too shortThe games are so short that it limits the amount of life experiences a player has. I wish a longer mode could be offered through a update. Right now this game seems like a bit of a waste of money, but if it was triple the length that would be great and well worth it. I also don’t mean to be rude at all, I know you guys put in a lot of effort. I just wished it was longer, since I do enjoy this game..Version: 1.0.11

Can’t restore purchaseI purchased the fairytale kingdom world as an in game purchase. Once I had played it once I realised that it was more or less the same as the original and thought it wasn’t really worth £5. So I clicked restore purchases to get my money back, but the button didn’t work so I still have the game and have still wasted £5. Let me know if u know how to help..Version: 1.0.11

Keeps crashingJust bought this game to play with my other half. Every time we are in the middle of a game the app crashes and our phones return to the Home screen and then we can’t get back to the game. Haven’t been able to complete a single game because it just crashes before we even get properly started..Version: 1.0.11

Not Fun At All. Slow. And limited choices!I love playing Life. It was my favorite board game growing up and I even like the Life app that they came out with. Similar to the board game but had a few cool things added. So I see the advertisement for Life 2 and I’m excited thinking its like the new board game. So I thought. No it’s just a hyped up 3D bore fest! It was a waste of $4 and I’d like a refund. The game is boring. The choices are limited when picking a career or house, etc. And it’s always the same options. Which was always a really exciting part of playing life was choosing from the cool different jobs and houses, etc. Also it is really short game time and so dramatic and extra for no reason. And I know it seems weird for a game to dramatic but if you’ve played it you would understand. I dont recommend anyone whom enjoys the board game or orignal app to buy this cause it was defiantly a waste of time and money..Version: 1.0.11

Great game, but glitchy!I really enjoy this game, it’s so easy to get into the same game with friends if you select online multiplayer at the same time! My brother and I can play together for hours ☺️ Although, sometimes it completely glitches out and you can be like half an hour into a game and have no choice, but to leave it. It will freeze on someone’s turn and just stay like that, or it will completely take over your turn and change a choice that you literally just made which can be really frustrating. If bugs are fixed, it will improve the game immensely!.Version: 1.0.11

Refund pleasePlease give me a refund the first one is better.Version: 1.0.11

Lacking Many FeaturesThe board is too short. In many of the options where you can choose which way you want to go (for example the family route), there are only about 7 or 8 spaces, so if you roll a 9 or 10, it makes the path obsolete. Additionally, more custom options and more job options! In the original, there were many more job options as well as home options. Additionally, unless you choose the investment path instead of the family path, you most likely won’t get a home, which doesn’t make sense. Overall disappointing, but there is lots of potential..Version: 1.0.9 - RC II

Turns take too longI wish there were a skip turn option for single player mode. Since I can’t control how many players, the computer’s turn takes 300% more time than my turn. I don’t care what choices the computer makes. Even the 5x faster option means I spend twice the amount of time watching as actually playing. It’s not really enjoyable to watch a game I’ve paid to play. Can skip turns be enabled?.Version: 1.0.17 - Multiplayer Fix

Love it!Love this game, lots of fun! Like being able to play this game on my phone and on the go. Only thing that is frustrating is that for the price of this game, you still have to pay to unlock different game boards. It would be nice if it at least came with a couple more, instead of having paying another $6..Version: 0.1.26 - After X-mas

Lovely but prefer originalI find it a REALLY short game in comparison to the first game of life. I feel with the original you get more invested in the “life” you’re playing whereas this seems to be over in less than 5 minutes. You spin big numbers most the time and barely land on any spaces throughout the game. You’re lucky to even get 1 kid, pet or house between 4 players. The board could definitely do with being longer or at least have the option to play a longer game!.Version: 1.0.9 - RC II

Good game, but prefer originalI bought the original The Game of Life from Marmalade Studios and really enjoyed that. It was pretty close to the classic board game experience, but with the convenience of being digital. Was looking for the option to play Online with Friends, but the only option was to be matched with other players via Facebook. I wanted to play with my family on the other side of the country, we currently do that with Marmalade’s Monopoly app. When I saw that this game offered that functionality, I was excited... until I downloaded and started to play it. It is advertised as a sequel to The Game of Life. I know that I shouldn’t have expected the same experience but I didn’t enjoy the new gamification of the action cards with the different attributes. The graphics also were a turn off for me as they seemed overly simplified and geared towards children. I recognize this is a game and therefore should appeal to children, but I liked the graphics from the original version better. Still bright and colorful but not in an elementary school way. I really wish that they would just add the Online with Friends (in a custom private room) function to the first game..Version: 1.0.11

Very Rigged and UnfairWhen spinning the wheel it depends on your acceleration but some people rig it and they can always get a 10 ,coincidence?.Version: 0.1.25 - SP Sale

Fun but unplayable!It has crashed on me every single time I’ve tried to play it!.Version: 0.1.26 - After X-mas


In app purchasesI rarely spend money on games and I chose to for this one only to find that they still want you to pay money even thought they have a free counter part on the App Store that offers all the same features as this one. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.0.9 - RC II

It’s goodWho doesn’t love the game of life?! The game is fun but way too short and it’s awful that you have to pay $6.99 to unlock a different board when you’ve already purchased the game. Either way, I enjoy the classic board.Version: 1.0.11

So repetitiveVery limited choices and lack of creativity in the ups and downs of life make this a really repetitive game. Maybe ok for free content, but not when it’s pay to play. Also many factors of chance don’t seem well balanced. Taxes are meant to be a 30% chance of fate spaces, but I’ve rolled taxes on all but one occasion over nearly 20 games. Pets are as rare as children, which is weird, and I would have expected more variety in final family composition amongst all players by game end - it’s almost all the same. Games also feel too short. Really needs a rework..Version: 0.1.28 - AF update

Too shortI think they were on the right track with this game however the board is way to short, I feel like the original game was twice as long, I’m abit disappointed in what could have other wise been an awesome game and and fantastic sequel..Version: 1.0.11

Far too many game breaking bugs latelyI bought this game about a month ago to play with my family and while we had a ton of fun with it initially, lately it’s been impossible to finish a match. We’ve had errors where one player will buy a house and the options overlay on another players screen making it impossible to continue. We had another situation occur multiple times where one player will wind up with multiple marriage marriage partners bugging the vehicle and causing the game to freeze for everyone. Honestly I’m not sure why these started. It worked fine for a few weeks and then, all of this. I’m not sure how possible it’d be to implement but allowing someone to rejoin after dropping out or reconnecting could potentially fix the overlay issues..Version: 1.0.11

Dull QuestsLife 2 is a decent and fun game in most respects. I love the various themes and the addition of attributes in the game (knowledge, wealth, and love). I even love having to unlock some of the vehicles, avatars, character outfits, etc. However, it’s frustrating having the same quests to unlock things on every map. Plus, having to get 30 kids/pets for every map is both long and frustrating. By the time I’ve completed that quest, I still have to buy houses and am already sick of playing that map. The developers should lower the amount of babies/pets you need to unlock something and different unlock requirements for each map..Version: 0.1.25 - SP Sale

Crashes A LotIt’s a fun game but I would prefer it if the game lasted a bit longer before finishing. My main problem however is the frequency of crashes that bring the game to a halt and you have to start over. I haven’t had it long but it’s already crashed at least half the games I’ve tried to play. When it does work however, it’s quite fun!.Version: 0.0.37 - AoG + Fixes

No connectivitySo I can’t play online multiplayer, I can’t play with others who have the app- massive let down considering we play £3.99 for a pass and play or single player. Disappointed..Version: 1.0.11

Decent. But...You get 1 “map” for £3. Then have to pay an extra £4 per “map”? Ridiculous and extortionate..Version: 0.1.26 - After X-mas

HmmmWasn’t what I expected and is quite boring. I feel like my money was wasted!.Version: 1.0.9 - RC II

Too short, not enough spacesReally fun game - but there’s barely any chance to get a pet or a dog!.Version: 1.0.17 - Multiplayer Fix

It’s good, but won’t let me play with othersI really like game of life, and I played the first one so many times! This game won’t let me play online, it won’t let me click on the ready button and when I try to change my avatar or ride, it just bug out and zoom in on the ride or character which is really weird!.Version: 0.1.26 - After X-mas

It’s the most calming rage game I’ve playedI payed the money because I was like, it’s Christmas, let me treat myself. It’s not worth it. It also just seems like a rage game like everything is against you. The AI doesn’t seems intelligent. Like they know your the human and only target you Also the customization is horrible and the micro transactions. I already payed for the game, now I have to pay to play more! Look, I used to love this game but not anymore. Also, the speed through is to slow. Either allow me to skip the others or let me do 10x-15x faster.Version: 0.1.25 - SP Sale

Some microtransaction money grabs...The game is fine as it faithfully recreates a version of Life. Keep in mind that this version is fairly simplistic and lacks the elements of the older, more classic gameplay. That may or may not be a good thing. So, keep in mind that this is a $3.99 game, so lower your expectations... Graphics are nice enough, albeit repetitive. The music and sound effects are mediocre at best. Multiplayer didn’t connect well for me. Other games I have played generally connect quickly. Therefore, I’m blaming this game. Gameplay, as mentioned, is a simplified (but faithful) version of Life. It moves SLOWLY, however, even when placing it at 5X speed. The reason for this is the many transitions between play, which cannot be fast forward. There’s a surprising number of microtransactions for this game. Of course, they are for cosmetic items; however, the cost of $30 for a “season” is a bit steep. Other games that use a season framework generally charge $10 or less and give you much more. You can, of course, buy bundles for $5.99 which give you limited cosmetics. Worth the money? If you REALLY like these type of board games, sure. Otherwise you’ll likely unlock the achievements and not play it again..Version: 1.0.11

Needs more careersThe game seems to offer very few career choices. There should be at least 20 at every education level (high school, college, and master).Version: 1.0.11

Not worth it!!!Paid all that money for one level!!!! Kinda lame..Version: 0.1.28 - AF update

Could be improvedI love the game of life and was excited to try this one but I was disappointed in a couple of things, mostly the lack of children. In the four games I have played so far, I have landed on a child spot one time. I think if you didn’t want to develop the maps further and make them longer, which I do recommend it takes like 10 minutes to play one game and I spend 90% of it watching my opponent take their turn, you should add a if you roll 1-3 you get 1 child or pet 4-7 twins or one kid and a pet or two pets, 8-10 triplets at the end of the family path or could customize with 2 kids and a pet or something along those lines. I go down the family path to have kids and I haven’t gotten a child once. Also more career options, let us choose the cards like in the actual board game and lastly houses. I haven’t landed on a house spot one time, partly because I have been trying desperately for kids but that is an essential part of life considering our pegs would die if they lived on the street for their entire lives. If I was able to have kids, I would probably enjoy the game a lot more because it is fun other than those few criticisms.Version: 0.1.25 - SP Sale

Very fun but has issuesI really like playing this game and I like all the different things you can do on the app. The reason I gave this app 2 stars was because if I am paying for an app I would expect that app to work... this game has crashed on me so many times. What makes it worse is a lot of the times it’s at the end of the game when it’s tallying points so I don’t even know who won!! I just thing it’s very disappointing that I paid $3 for a game that crashes... should have been free at that point because usually only games that are free or have ads crash..Version: 0.1.28 - AF update

Needs an updateNeeds to be updated.Version: 1.0.11

Unable to request refund anywhere for accidental in app purchases by my child?!I would really appreciate some help with this matter please, as my child made unauthorised purchases in the app and I cannot find anywhere to request a refund for this?.Version: 0.1.25 - SP Sale

I’m actually surprised .....I really enjoy the original game Life 1, and based off the reviews for this new Life 2, I was a bit apprehensive . I have to say that the earning of puzzle pieces, gives an incentive and feel of accomplishment when the game ends, rather then in the original game, if I won, there was no real feel of victory and felt anticlimactic. There is still non stop action in this new version , just like the original , however, the one MAJOR flaw and disappointment I have is they did away with ALL the “player vs player “ competitive games that were such a big and more importantly , FUN component in the original version. How and why they would take out those mini player on player games, I’ll never understand. Those were a major part of the game. Now it’s just spinning the spinner. Really shot themselves In the foot making what could have been a Awesome new game into a decent game. Although, I can’t say I like it more or less, it’s just a coin toss at this point. If they added the competition games to version 2, then that game would have everything I wanted from day 1 in the first game. I always said they should keep score on players to add incentive to want to keep playing, and the puzzle pieces do it. Hope they add the side games to the second version, and I’m a 40 year old female saying this and I love playing. Just sayin..Version: 1.0.11

Great aesthetics but pretty boringI can see myself getting bored of this game quickly which is a shame as it is beautifully designed and nice to look at. I’d recommend monopoly as there is more strategy to it..Version: 0.1.25 - SP Sale

Fun but they want money for EVERYTHINGI wish there was a way to earn coins or credits to purchase new avatars, cars, and boards. You have to PAY for the game, then if you’re bored with the original game board, they want FIVE DOLLARS for a new board. If you want new avatars, outfits, and cars, they want a dollar each. They give you goals to meet while playing, but you get nothing for completing all the goals. I was hoping after completing all of the goals for the board, it would give me a new board. Nope. So it’s fun, but it gets old quick and you need to spend money in order to make it interesting again..Version: 0.1.26 - After X-mas

Game not balanced, devs won't admit thatTired of the auto generated reply on these reviews that the outcomes in the game are random. Obviously they're not, and only until you waste your money on this can grab app will you see that. Always feels like a designated winner from the get-go, ranging from being the one to win the game to being the one who always lands on the best number on the wheel each and every turn, including the spins by NPCs to win money from you. To actually win an entire game yourself, you have to play an average 15 times (let's be honest, reset the game from beginning 15 times) which takes quite a while considering the setup is slow to start a new game. The actual Game of Life is a really fun game with a great concept, but this app is rigged..Version: 0.1.25 - SP Sale


Not working properlyPlay with code not working for me of my friends. This is the only reason I paid for the app..Version: 1.0.11

Good gameDefinitely enjoy playing this game, I've always loved The Game of Life. I think there could be more choices, a lot of them repeat and there isn't a huge option in jobs or decisions to make. But still a fun game!.Version: 1.0.11

Needs more without paying (again)This game is fun, but way too short! Given that this is a paid game, I expected a lot more content without having to pay yet again. I wish there was a way to choose game board size for longer games, and/or unlock able expansions without having to pay the equivalent of yet another game. If this were a free app, then the restrictions would be fair enough. But I expect more from a game I paid for..Version: 0.1.25 - SP Sale

In app purchasesWhat is the point of paying for a game then having to pay the same price for a different map don’t waist your money also game is quite boring and unentertaining please take off the in app purchases or make the game free with in app purchases cheers.Version: 1.0.17 - Multiplayer Fix

OptionsI know it’s a silly game but I think it’s lacking in the inclusivity of it. For example, when you choose the first option marriage wise, a husband, as your mate it automatically shows a segment with a husband and wife. If you choose a woman as the person you’d marry it automatically shows you a husband and wife. But if you pick the third, *apparently* unacceptable option it automatically shows two men getting married. So why don’t we get two women getting married if you have us choose a gender?.Version: 1.0.17 - Multiplayer Fix

RiggedQuite possibly the most rigged game to buy. If you play against the computer, it is almost impossible to win. You always spin 1s, 2s or 3s while the others spin 7+ and you always land on taxes and have to take out loans. You seldom get the option to win more than 1 attribute yet the computer can win 3 per turn. I have played 8 games and finished last on all but one where i came 3rd. I will now be deleting the game. Don’t waste your money unless you love losing. Oh, it’s also a quite boring game..Version: 1.0.11

I love the game, butIt’s bothersome that I paid for this game and then cool new updates some out like this one for the Halloween layout and you have to pay for it! That’s kind of bs. I mean we paid for the app, we play the game and win all the collectibles then nothing. Just keep playing the game over and over. It’s quite boring. I was hoping we could do more with character customization and we could have access to the other board layouts without having to pay so much! Such a bummer!.Version: 1.0.16 - Haunted Hills

Not as interactiveThe map design is an improvement in addition to the new mechanics implimented.... but unfortunately because the mini-games was removed, simply spinning the wheel doesn’t really cut it for me. I was so excited playing the first time thinking for the bowling card that they added new mini-games but much to my dissapointment it wasn’t. Honestly if there were to be more minigames, cards and etc I would’ve bought the season pass in a heart beat. Guess I’ll wait and hopefully the money spent towards this version wasn’t as much of a waste, thx dev team for making the game though, best wishes..Version: 1.0.11

Needs New WorldsDon’t buy the season pass, it’s not worth it. New worlds aren’t added often enough. They need to either add more worlds or add more collectibles and achievements to work towards. Without them the game becomes boring and repetitive. With more worlds and more collectibles this would be the best game on the app store.Version: 0.1.28 - AF update

Not good at allPaid full price for it and it doesn’t seem to work with my data or my internet on it just glitches and gets frozen not happy not worth the money.Version: 1.0.17 - Multiplayer Fix

Fun & Cute but not much contentI decided to give this a 2 stat because of a few reasons. 1. Brevity, the game is too short, you can play a game far too quickly. I feel like the developers could have stretched out the game by making the map bigger and with more items on the map. 2. Content, In the beginning of the game they ask for your birthday. I was hoping there would be some rated R content unlocked for adults! 3. Limited interactions, example; Bowling Duel is simply spinning the wheel for the highest number... how about a mini-game instead? 4. Not at all competitive, you can’t really out do or tear down your opponent. The game is more about luck and chance. Better logic based on the decisions you make would make the game more fun..Version: 0.1.28 - AF update

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