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Clue: Classic Edition+ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Clue: Classic Edition+ app received 34 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Clue: Classic Edition+? Can you share your negative thoughts about clue: classic edition+?

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Clue: Classic Edition+ for Negative User Reviews

Annoying bugs - waiting foreverIt happens A LOT where I’m playing online multiplayer and someone will be away or get eliminated and then they hold up the game forever, making it impossible to play. Example in the game I just had: Scarlett (someone online) made an accusation and it was wrong. It said they were eliminated from the game. Then it was my turn. I was able to deduce the correct weapon this time so I was ready to make my accusation. But we all got stuck on the screen waiting, right before the final “end turn / make accusation” modal. It wouldn’t go to that modal because it said we were still waiting Scarlett. But they had just gotten eliminated!! It’s so annoying and things like this happen a lot. Just minor bugs that make it insanely frustrating. Especially when you get right to the end of the game and are about to win and then it does that..Version: 1.0.5

Fun but…As others have stated it will crash when opening half the time. The other issue is I only get certain cards shown to me. I will only get the same cards over and over. I am unable to narrow things down. Example…I knew who the person and place was but not the weapon. Well unless I could get into the right room to make it the correct choice, I would be shown over and over the card another player has for that room. In the last round I played, which lasted forever, I eliminated only one weapon but eliminated all other people and rooms. It shouldn’t be you get shown the same card again once you know it’s wrong. Not sure this is making sense but it’s making it hard to be able to win..Version: 1.0.1

It’s fun but things need to be worked on some more.When playing online, sometimes, and I don’t know if this is just my game, but when I’m waiting to join a game, it glitches and shows a random group that’s full and then goes back to the loading screen, and it keeps on doing that. Another thing is wait time takes to long. Other than that this is a great game and I can’t wait for more characters and for bug fixes to be fixed..Version: 1.0.5

Won’t load.I have reseted my phone multiple times and have deleted and redownloaded the game, and also tried in different places for different internet. It just won’t get past the loading screen after I pick my characters. Please fix this soon. Update: I have already contacted them with all the details for the second time and they haven’t responded. I contacted them after righting this review because they told other people to..Version: 1.0.5

Not great1- picking items. It’s my turn I have to select a suspect- why am I able to still select cards I already have. At least gray them out. I have to refer to my note sheet over and over and over again every turn. 2- the note sheet. I find very confusing. After playing a few times I still don’t understand what the checks and crosses are. I really just get the crossed out items. I can’t figure out what the checks and crosses are trying to tell me. 3- room change. Let’s say I’m in the kitchen. Next turn I want to stay in the kitchen. Why am I forced to move to a new room each turn?.Version: 1.0.5

Keeps freezingKeeps freezing and there is no way to go back to the game if you exit and restart the app..Version: 1.0.1

Needs a Fast ModeI would really enjoy this game, except it’s totally tedious to sit and watch everyone play. It needs a fast mode option where you can just skip everything until it’s either your turn or you have to pick a card to show an opponent. I’ve stopped playing because I use casual phone games to occupy me when I’m bored, like waiting in line, but this game gives me too much additional boredom waiting for e wry one else to go..Version: 1.0.1

Hardly ever worksI love this game so much and so I keep trying to play it, but unless you’re happy to only play against AI it’s pretty much non-functional 90% of the time. Bugs I consistently experience: I’m often a ghost in waiting rooms - my name doesn’t show up and I can’t pick a character; the game rapidly jumps from a loading screen to a full waiting room over and over again before fixing itself after about 30 seconds and popping me into an empty waiting room; games stall constantly and can stay that way for anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes and if /when they DO start to work again it’s obvious the other players (justifiably) bailed and have been replaced by AI. These and so many more issues have been reported by players since the game launched and still nothing is fixed. It’s extremely frustrating, because this game would be my favorite hands-down if it would just work. I don’t blame other players for the delays anymore either - I’ve had the game stall on MY turn before and nothing I do will let me play. And developers - please don’t respond asking me to email you. You have so much information in the reviews here that if you could/were willing to fix these glitches, surely you would have by now..Version: 1.0.7

Great game; far too unstable to enjoyI love Clue but the multiplayer games take forever as others have noted. Players are able to hold up the game indefinitely, and it happens every single game. There have been times where I’ve had to wait 15 minutes or longer to move forward with the game and others where I’ve waited up to 45 minutes only to have to quit because the game will not progress. There are numerous glitches, and the app crashes almost every time it is opened and needs to be relaunched. The issue with the iPhone’s dynamic island blocking player info means I only play on my iPad, and yet even on an iPad it’s necessary to scroll up and down the clipboard when there’s more than enough room to display the entire clipboard at once. The developers have a lot of work to do here. The latest bug is one in which multiple players are able to pick the same character, i.e. there are two Greens on the suspect list and it makes the entire game completely confusing. I am also fairly certain that a game I played yesterday was showing different players different information; both the player before me and I made very similar accusations - and mine was not a guess because I’d ruled everything out - only to be marked wrong on two of the three cards which didn’t make sense with the markings the game itself had made on my clipboard (meaning all red Xs but then being told that card is wrong). Seriously I don’t understand how or why this is so glitchy. It’s 2023. Do better..Version: 1.0.3

Glitches during Online MultiplayerI have always enjoyed Clue, so I was extremely excited to download the app and play the game. I prefer playing online multiplayer to single player since I think real people come up with more unique and fun strategies. However there needs to be a timer per play and players need to be eliminated and replaced with a bot if they time out or glitch out. And I should get a pop-up or warning if I’m the one glitching. I shouldn’t have to wait indefinitely on afk players. A full turn should take between 2-5 minutes, not 15+..Version: 1.0.1

Definitely BuggyThe game sometimes crashes following the initial load screen. Overall, single player works fine - there’s no delay in play. Online mode is buggy, for sure. At the start/end of a players turn, there’s almost always a lengthy lapse in time. Tonight I started a game and waited 3 minutes before the dice popped up for me to take the first turn of the game. It seems like the more players there are, the worse it is. If you don’t mind playing alone, it’s fine, though..Version: 1.0.1

Good, but buggyOverall, this is a really good game. However I have noticed some issues. Sometimes when you launch the app, it will show the Hasbro and Marmalade logos, then it will crash when it gets to the loading screen. It also appears that the online functionality does not work. (This might just be because I am playing the game on launch day). Other than that, this is a really good game..Version: 1.0.1

The is great… but it need more polishI love playing this game and the mechanics are great.I love all the additional theme too! The game lacks polish tho, I’m playing on an iPad and the additional theme look very upscaled, especially the Sherlock theme, in some scenes it’s a blurry mess. There’s a few visual glitch, like some images artefacts in the Egyptian theme. On the west theme, in the graveyard the 3D mining chariot and rope objects goes through the 2D image. Game iCloud sync doesn’t seem to work properly? So yeah I hope the developers take the time to fix these bugs and this game is a 5 start fo sure ! 🤩.Version: 1.0.1

Fun to play!I love Clue as a board game. This game does really well to be a fun casual game on my phone to serve as a distraction. However, in the game description, it literally says that it’s meant to be played with friends and family. So then why can’t I play it on Apple TV? It would be way more fun and easier than playing on an iPhone between friends/family. Please make it available for Apple TV. It seems like a low lift compared to some of the other Apple Arcade games on Apple TV..Version: 1.0.2

Fun but very slowIf this game wasn’t so slow I’d give five stars despite the crashing. I honestly don’t see why I have to tap continue after every AI player to continue, can’t they just quickly run their turns and move along back to real players? I was trying to play a multiplayer game when the other real player fell asleep because they got bored waiting on the bots turns. We both ended up just quitting. Please speed this game up!.Version: 1.0.3

I love Clue but…Something needs to be done about the waiting time between turns. Other people can hold up the game indefinitely by having their clipboards open. Not fair and not fun. We shouldn’t have to sit there waiting for 10 minutes for the game to continue. I would also love to be able to use phrases or graphics we can use to release frustrations about them. Perhaps we can buy them with all the points we’re racking up. I’d love to be able to throw a tomato at the person holding up the game, or tell them to hurry up. This would also serve to alert others if the game is glitching or if someone is just taking their sweet time..Version: 1.0.3

Recent update didn’t fix problemsTruly, I want this game to be successful. But it just … is not. I’ve been playing since Arcade launch, and the only thing different is some players now have fancy rings around their name - with no explanation of what they are or why they exist. The game still freezes, won’t load half the time, and online play is next to impossible. Marmalade, do better. This is an embarrassment to a classic game. Hasbro should be rethinking the partnership at this point; this app devalues Clue’s “brand” Apple should be reconsidering why this game was allowed to launch when so many better games (that work!) left the Arcade..Version: 1.0.3

Pointless sensory overloadGranted, I only got to the point of playing the first turn of a game before I deleted this, but by that point I already knew I hated it. Hasbro has pretty much ruined mainstream board games with its monopoly (no pun intended) on the market. And its video game adaptations always seem to miss the mark as well. This game is like someone’s 3D animation tech demo. It’s pointlessly disorienting and adds a bunch of unnecessary stuff that does not feel like it’s in the original spirit of the game at all. This doesn’t “feel” like Clue. I’m just glad this is on Arcade so I didn’t pay for it..Version: 1.0.1

Love the game, some glitches to fixThis game is pretty awesome. Lovely tribute to the original. I love the automatic tracking of clues, and ability to track with numbers. The play is nice and i love different themes. A couple of glitches, the wild Wild West theme has the mine elevator randomly pop into some of the accusation scenes. There are also loading and buffer delays sometimes. The most frustrating glitch is when you get stuck on online mode waiting to start the round despite leaving and entering back into it you still have the same person who can’t load their game to start. The other frustrating glitch in online mode is when the person guesses wrong so you should be able to continue but the game freezes. I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max, with a Terabyte of memory and Verizon as my carrier If that helps you developers..Version: 1.0.5

No many bugs and unresponsive game playI have not seen any game app with so many bugs and unresponsive play. I hate to call it the worst app for one of the best board games out there. I play this game on board all the time but while using this app, more than half my games i have to leave because app refuses to work in multiplayer mode for 20-30 mins at a time and seems like a stalled game. You don’t get ti know if there’s connection error, if the opponent is being unresponsive or what else could be going wrong. Just have to wait and let it sit to hope it starts working eventually and in some cases it doesn’t..Version: 1.0.2

Love Clue but it broke after one gameI have the non-apple Arcade version and it works completely fine but when I saw I could get the full version on Apple Arcade I was so happy! Clue is my favourite game and I’ve always wanted to play ever board. However, I played one board on it and then it broke. It will stay on the loading screen whenever I create a new game. Honestly, it’s really disappointing but this was the only reason I wasn’t gonna cancel my subscription to Apple Arcade so I guess I can save some money now 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.0.1

Continuously CrashingClue is one of my favorite board games so I really enjoy playing on my phone….however this app constantly crashes or freezes which is very frustrating. There are times I have to quit mid game because it just gets stuck. Or the game will randomly crash. If bugs were fixed and the game worked 100% of the time I would give this 5 stars. Lots of different board options and characters and ability to play online makes it a go to for me..Version: 1.0.2

So buggy as to be a crime against humanityThis port of the computer clue app is so buggy as to have prevented my family from having finished a single game out of 5. First time the app crashed. Second, 3rd, and 4th times it seems to get stuck during a random players turn. The app doesn’t support landscape mode on iPad- even though this is common on other platforms. The result is that you can’t see your clue sheet while playing. It doesn’t seem to support or acknowledge AppleTV at all- which would be awesome for tracking the board while playing locally on various devices. The process of starting a shared game or joining one is clunky and manual. The app seems incapable of being “backgrounded” during a shared game - it seems to lock users out. It should be a slam dunk. But it’s basically a really low quality port of an existing game from a different platform..Version: 1.0.1

Fix bugsGameplay is good when the app is working, app freezes often so you can’t proceed and you have to close the app and you can’t go back to your current game if the app closes, it disappears completely. There should be a way to continue games you’re playing with friends..Version: 1.0.1

Connectivity IssueI’ve downloaded the app twice and both times after I start it, a screen appears saying that “This device is currently offline”. I’m clearly online as I’ve just downloaded the app but the app won’t connect. What gives?.Version: 1.0.1

Fun game but glitchy recentlyReally enjoyed playing the game. Got busy and hadn’t played in a while. The game play has been really frustrating; playing online when joining a group and getting in a loop of joining a room and kicked out in about 2 second and thrown automatically back in and out until I just have to close the app and retry. Game hung up because of some player left or inattentive. I really enjoy Clue and this concept is great not just playing bots, but I just want to play. On 3 stars because of glitches not allowing game play..Version: 1.0.6

No…😡Ok so I got this game bc I literally LOVE the original board game clue. And I thought “Yay, they finally made a video game for my favorite game”. But when I finally downloaded this… it suuuuucked. Honestly I just wanted to see how good this game was, compared to the original board game, and I have to say there is absolute NO comparison between the two. If I were you I would have never tried to make a video game of the classic board game. The gameplay isn’t really how I thought it would be, it has very poor graphics and gameplay. It was also really confusing and unexciting as to compared to the original. I always love trying out the new Apple Arcade games but this one well… it just wasn’t good. So please developer update this game and change the way that you are trying to make this game. Try to base it more off of the classic clue..Version: 1.0.4

Never opensWill not open past loading page no matter how long I keep it open for.Version: 1.0.5

Love it but glitchyThis game is really fun and I highly recommend it to others. That being said, I have had many times that I get stuck into a loading screen loop and cannot get into any games. Also, there are times during the game that either the other player isn’t doing anything or the game is glitching. I thought it was the other player, but then I had it happen to me when I was playing - it was my turn and I couldn’t push any buttons. I had to hard exit the app which made me miss the game. I hope these issues can be improved, I enjoy playing it daily..Version: 1.0.7

Dynamic islandPlease add support for the 14 pro and pro max with the dynamic island! You can’t see the characters and like who guessed or didn’t give a cards ! Really would be helpful for online playing.Version: 1.0.1

Buggy as all get outPlease fix this. The game freezes when you start a game each time now. Love playing it but the freezing and restarting is getting old.Version: 1.0.2

Won’t LoadWas a great game, really fun to play either or alone or with other people. I love clue and it was nice to have it on my phone. Unfortunately for the past few months, when trying to load into a game it freezes. I’ve tried the uninstall redownload thing multiple times, the game is completely up to date. I think this is a bug or something in the game because previously it worked perfectly. I would love to give this full stars if the game actually worked. I’m tempted to just cut my losses unless this gets fixed soon..Version: 1.0.6

Won’t openSits on loading screen forever, downloaded twice.Version: 1.0.1

With it would allow continuous playBoth the single and the multiplayer games take awhile to play. Must be nice to have that much free time all at once but nobody I know does. Would be nice to allow continuous play in the style of Words With Friends where players can come back to the board repeatedly without keeping the game active. If you want to abandon the game you simply quit. Without that feature I will rarely play this just because of the time constraints.Version: 1.0.1

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