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The Past Within App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

The Past Within app received 20 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Past Within? Can you share your negative thoughts about the past within?

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The Past Within for Negative User Reviews

Fun but too short for 4$It was fun but too short for 4$..Version: 1.7

Fun but too much $It was a fun game to play through, but short for $4/person. Not really worth the money. We played through in about an hour, and I expected more content for a game we’re paying for..Version: 1.7

Great game but we thought we had more contentMy partner and I loved the game, the only disappointing point, there is no difference in game between the butterfly and the bee. we thought we would do 2 different levels but it's the same without difference both times Ma partenaire et moi avons aimé le jeu, le seul point décevant, il n’y avait pas de différence de jeu entre l’abeille et le papillon. Nous pensions faire 2 niveau différent mais il s’agissait du même sans différence.Version: 1.9

Can use improvementsThe game was a good experience but I don’t believe this game is worth the price. I thought there was gonna have more chapters, there were a lot of unanswered questions and sadly, you can only truly experience the game once as you would already know what occurs as the past or future as you have to communicate with the other players. Other than those points, it’s a nice way to bond with someone..Version: 1.7

Really disappointingLoved the Rusty Lake series up until the last 2 offerings.I have replayed them, & I feel that, in the attempt to be innovative, most of the puzzle difficulty was lost. And am definitely not a fan of having to play this with another person. But on the upside, The Past Within is definitely an improvement on the monotony of The White Door. I realize I am in the minority, but please stop with the gimmicky games and return to the tried-and-true formula of the older RL games..Version: 1.8

Hate the co-player formatSo hard to find someone who speaks the same language and is in the same time zone! Plus I play games to tune out and be alone. I don’t want to have to play with someone. Met a couple of people on Discord who have ghosted me. Can’t find anyone to play with it (and just wish I could play it on my own terms and in my own way).Version: 1.06

Too shortExcellent game, but too short for the price. I would expect more than an hour game play for $4.49..Version: 1.04

Good game with bugsIf you go into the experiment in which you need to pour some liquid into the meat, you will be stuck!!!! I play the game twice. One for butterfly mode, that is really smooth. But the next time I try the bee mode, even though I set every move according to the instructions, the experiment still fail. It get stuck in the step 3. I don’t know why. Very very annoying!.Version: 1.9

Ok.Could be longer. Liked the thrill..Version: 1.7

Crashes after Chapter 1 title screenIt said the game was compatible with my device (can’t update any higher than iOS 12.9.5) before I bought it and it works fine during the opening options (Past/future, bee/butterfly) but as soon as it reaches the Chapter 1 title screen it crashes every time. The lite version works fine. Very disappointed as I love the rusty lake games and was looking forward to playing. It shouldn’t have told me the game would work and charge me id it doesn’t actually work.Version: 1.05

Short co-op gameI was disappointed. It is not challenging and takes about an hour or two aside from the back-and-forth communication time to play with a partner. The puzzles only require good communication, yet I am not interested in playing puzzle games with partners. Communication challenges aside, these are not difficult puzzles. I love Rusty Lake games and wish there more to this game. On a positive note, excellent graphics and ease of gameplay with a typically strange RL storyline—thank you!.Version: 1.05

Shouldn’t have to pay for thatThe game is only two chapters long and then you can’t do anything quite stupid that you need to play nearly £3 for a came that you complete in like an hour.Version: 1.7

Can there be a 1 player version please?I was so excited to see a new Rusty Lake game, having played every single one. Downloaded this without reading the description, because after so many iterations I know the quality is good and don’t need to know the story line until I start to play. Finally had time to sit down today and start playing to find out I have to play with another player, there is no option not to :( Hopefully a single player version might be available in the future. Otherwise I look forward to the next instalment..Version: 1.7

FunNice design as usual, but a little too easy compared to usual Rusty games. Fun with the co-op twist. Was nice to have a new game at hand, can’t wait for more!.Version: 1.7

Clever game, good concept. Too shortGame should have been five chapters at least for that price..Version: 1.7

Game is so fun! But…The game is great and works perfectly for two people, I only suggest to make more chapters since me and my partner bought the game an hour ago and we finished it all, We just thought that maybe the price was too much for a one time play and 30 minutes of fun..Version: 1.20

DisappointingI love all the Rusty lake games, but this one is just annoying. Having to wait on someone else (if they're not in the room with you) is extremely tedious. It's too repetitive too, you just constantly go back & forth without anything to do while waiting. Very disappointed in all honesty 🙁.Version: 1.04

Co op?I’ve always loved rusty lake. I look for new games a lot or trying to find something that measures up but never does. I bought this game expecting it to be single player cause it’s always been single player. I like playing by myself. And now I’ve wasted money on a game I can’t play at all. I even thought I could try to play on and just do both paths separately. But I’m assuming both stories connect somehow. It’s not fair honestly. Why couldn’t y’all having given us an option? Waste of money dude.Version: 1.7

Not worth $8Played for about an hour - keep in mind BOTH players need to buy the game. So it’s an $8 game, for one hour..Version: 1.7

DisappointingThe game is really cool to play but it’s definitely not worth paying for. Definitely too short! We expected more chapters but the game ended after less than half an hour (with 2 chapters only). Very disappointing, wouldn’t buy if knew..Version: 1.9

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