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Sticker GO! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Sticker GO! app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Sticker GO!? Can you share your negative thoughts about sticker go!?

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Sticker GO! for Negative User Reviews

Good ideaI like the app, but I wish it was a little simpler. If there was a way to see only the people that have a duplicate of what you are needing would be helpful. At the current time you have to go through to see if they have the duplicate you need. If I am clicking on what I am needing, then it should show who has what I need. Not show anyone whnis missing items that I have..Version: 1.4.80

Too many ads nowThe app has been really good for finishing sets and I’ve been recommending it to people but since the last update there have been too many ads. I don’t mind the banner ad, or the ad to get free dice, or the occasional ad that pops up. But they are so much more frequent now it’s actually getting in the way of trades and constantly interrupting. I understand the need for ads but at the moment there are just way way way too many.Version: 1.6.150

Scammer appMy Facebook was hacked .. well they tried to, shorty after I installed this app. Thankfully I had already deleted it. It doesn’t work all that well anyhow. You have to manually input all the cards you have so I don’t see how it’s helpful. It’s not worth the inconvience/risk of getting hacked..Version: 1.4.80

ConnectingIt would make it easier if the cards just automatically transfers from monopoly go to sticker go without having to manually putting them in.Version: 1.4.80

HI have no idea what I am doing wrong. Not one person will trade with me. You can’t friend someone on monopoly go unless the accept trade yet the only user that I added is now refusing to send me the card. This site is wrong and doesn’t work like it is supposed to. All I need it 4/5 star cards yet have none to trade that people need. My trade offers are two card equal or more than the same amount of stars as the one I’m asking for. Most offers are giving them cards that would complete their album..Version: 1.4.90

DisappointedDownloaded this app after frustration from failed trade attempts in the FB group. After several days of use, this app does not provide help either. All trade requests have expired or were deleted. The one single response was a declined trade (5 star for equivalent) which would complete both mine and the other person’s set. The other person simply commented “I’m not interested.” I checked to see their album but they were still missing the card I had offered..Version: 1.4.90

Not useful and think there could be a lot of improvementsSome thoughts on how it would make it a better experience for me: 1. Allow reply back with counter offer 2. Allow restrictions that the user can set on the offers they can get. I keep getting spammed by people wanting to trade their 1-3 star sticker I already have for my 5 star… way too much spam. 3. Allow me to trade for something I already have… can’t add it if I already have it but it could be trading for someone else or if I just want an extra to trade for something else I need. 4. Also it was a lot of clicking to add stickers, I wish you could auto populate all and unselect, that would’ve been way faster. 5. A lot of clicking to also navigate to all the offers and to other places on the app. Less clicking if I could accept/reject/counter from the page with the list of offers and if I didn’t have to give a reason every time if I don’t want to. +more.Version: 1.4.52

NewJust new see how it goes.Version: 1.4.80

Good idea but doesn’t seem to workHaven’t been able to make a single trade yet, even offering many more stickers back. Don’t understand all the adverts for monopoly go - we are already playing monopoly go if we have this app so what’s the point of the ads?!.Version: 1.4.80

Can’t seem to do tradesI can never get any trades done and it is annoying having to update your stickers every time you play the game Don’t recommend I would rather trade on Facebook.Version: 1.4.80

Needs better way to report users after the trade.Made an exchange with a user, I accepted the exchange in Monopoly Go and told the user that I had accepted the exchange through the chat function on your app. And within less that a minute they accuse me of lying and start using abusive language. I told them that was rude and that they should close and reopen the game as I had just accepted. But by the time I sent that message they had given me a negative response and I was unable to report them for the language they used towards me. Users should be able to report other regardless of what point they are in with their trades, this user was also rather suspicious as the account that is link to their sticker go isn’t even the account that they wanted the exchange to be complete through..Version: 1.8.85

Suggestion boxIt’d be nice if I can type out longer quick bios in the section area of the example because I’d love to type “ To secure fair trades, I’ll offer multiple stickers to get any stickers that I need however, to make sure I get an honest trade, I’ll be sticking to the 1 sticker exchange first & after I get that sticker, I’m a woman of my word & I will give you other stickers of what is agreed upon.” I need some more characteristics to do that. Overall, this is an awesome app that makes things so much easier than to ask a bunch of strangers of a sticker that you need & it helps knowing that someone else may have that sticker which helps a lot. Saves a lot of headaches. I just wish MonopolyGO app would allow up to 5 stickers to optionally exchange safely without taking a huge risk. It would make everything so much easier. 🤔.Version: 1.4.73

Too many unnecessary adsTrying to make us pay a stupid amount to remove the ads, and a lot of the time you can’t even collect the daily dice as it says there were collected already when clearly they haven’t..Version: 1.8.110

Great idea but constantly needs updatingLove it as a concept but the app is frustratingly underdeveloped with constant (4 times a day) updates needed and glitches like the news icon constantly showing unread news..Version: 1.8.65

I like the ideaBut the fact that the person proposing a trade is expected to offer many valuable cards for one single card is no fun. All I got was refusals even when I offered more valuable sticker cards. I had low expectations and was still disappointed. I won’t bother again. A better app would be one where people could say I’ll trade this for that and it’s a one-for-one trade that’s pre-approved so no one is waiting all day to find out their trade has been refused. It was a time dumpster just signing up and waiting for nothing..Version: 1.4.90

It’s okayIt’s constantly making update the app. Like 3 or more times a day. That is annoying. And I helped my husband set up his. Neither one of us use social media. We have the same friends on it and his blows up every 5 seconds with random people wanting cards. We’re not sure how that is even possible. His does the whole constant update as well. But all in all it does help with us and our friends with our stickers. But fixing the constant updating and the random every 5 seconds of people asking for cards would be great..Version: 1.4.80

Sticker GoCannot see my incoming trades, has a notification saying they are there, but nothing can be seen. Rather disappointing.Version: 1.8.10

Promising!Definitely a nifty app and a helpful way to easily view what you have vs what other people have. The card search feature is absolutely brilliant! But there is a lot of room for improvement. Having to manage your albums manually can get tricky and be time consuming. Gold cards can’t be traded so while it’s helpful that we log them, you shouldn’t be able to offer them in a trade (or even have them show up as duplicates to trade when looking at someone’s album). I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this app evolves as time goes on!.Version: 1.4.80

LienBonjour ou trouver le presse papier pour avoir le li.en pour pouvoir l’inscrire dan l’onglet lien . Merci de votre aide.Version: 1.4.52

Sticker appOnly just signed up let’s see what it’s about and then I’ll do another review.Version: 1.4.80

Could be Awesome with some changesI love this app the first two days, it was quick, seemed so much easier and manageable than sifting through the whole Facebook page… but now, I can’t even keep the app open in order to look at my proposals, and most of them are ridiculous offers. There should be an option to not accept under a certain amount of stars or types of cards. I have about a 100 proposals right now that are only a one star card, for some of the hardest 5 stars to get in the game. I can’t pause it or say I don’t have it, because then it gets rid of all the proposals… We should at last be able to pause incoming requests. I can’t even open any of my previous requests, because the game freezes anytime I try to scroll and the proposals just keep coming in. I think this app could be absolutely awesome if they made a few changes and fix some of the bugs. It seems as though the app is so overrun with people right now that they can’t keep up, so it freezes and is super slow to do anything..Version: 1.4.80

Great idea, but execution? MehI love the idea. But the app is so laggy and buggy that I find it nearly unusable. It lags badly when scrolling, and freezes up quite often. The design could use some refinement — it’s hard to find where to go for features and functions. However, it’s a very good idea, much better than trying to search through the FaceBook group. I think if the developers continue to refine it, it could be really great. PLEASE add a way to refuse all requests for a particular card at once! I received HUNDREDS of requests for a card, and I’m having to refuse each one individually. I don’t want everyone to get mad at me for not responding!.Version: 1.4.80

New sticker wheelNot impressed with the new sticker wheel. The app keeps freezing. Watch an ad to get another spin and it freezes again. Don’t see the point of it. I have had some successful trades on here but not many..Version: 1.7.15

ConfusingConfusing.Version: 1.6.150

Not very user friendlyIt would be nice if the app automatically marked which stickers are gold stickers.. there’s been a few times I’ve gone to propose an exchange and it’s not marked as a gold star on the other persons album, but it is a gold sticker. Just makes it a lot more effort to see which stickers I can exchange.Version: 1.4.80

Free dice75 free dice today only gave me 25..Version: 1.8.10

Need an option for OUT OF TRADESSomething’s wrong with the dice category. It’s not removing sets already opened. Please fix as it’s annoying. Thanks..Version: 1.6.135

Could be better 😫The idea is great but it seems very hit & miss….. I seem to get literally loads of requests one after the other then absolutely nothing for days….. it’s like they’re all saved up then sent all at once…… great idea if it was more reliable 🤔.Version: 1.4.80

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