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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 app received 15 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Poppy Playtime Chapter 1? Can you share your negative thoughts about poppy playtime chapter 1?

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 for Negative User Reviews

CrashesInstantly crashes after intro.Version: 2.2

Poppy Playtime won’t playDownloaded this onto my iPhone. Select new game. “Skip Intro” flashed up on the screen a few times, then went to a black screen. I uninstalled the app, reinstalled. The same thing. Switched the phone off and on again. This time I chose Load, instead of new game. It took me to the start of the level. I collected the green video, but the game won’t let me play the tape in the vcr. So, I uninstalled the game, and reinstalled it again on the off chance that would help. This time is pressed skip intro, and the game booted me off. How do I get my money back?.Version: 2.2

GraphicsPlease make the game look exactly like the screenshots because the vents look really bad nothing is that scary about mobile like there could be a really low to extreme low could be the mobile graphics and extreme could look like pc so yeah please make it otherwise it’s a good remake.Version: 2.1

PC version is 1 million times better but it’s ok I guessThe graphics are shocking bad (not there fault it’s just mobile graphics) you also get peppered to buy in huggy wuggy plush when you open the game it’s pretty glitchy and you cant tell if some of the gameplay features are glitches or not you can clearly tell it was rushed if your buying this for your kid don’t. But you probably won’t listen to me.Version: 2.2

Keeps closing disappointed!My kid has been begging for this, I finally caved and paid the money and now we keep getting booted and can’t even play the game! Don’t waste your money it’s a rip off, thanks for disappointing my son and wasting my money..Version: 2.2

Good gameThere’s no code to get into the security room at all please fix it thank you.Version: 2.2

Chapter 2This isn’t mainly on chapter 2 itself but can we have higher graphics or at least the option to change your resolution and graphics. Cause right now, you guys put it way too down. Since you guys will probably see this, is chapter in the works for mobile or is it too big or something else. But you guys actually are good at making games..Version: 2.2

GameTo be honest the game could be a lot better with the graphics and everything I mean it is on iOS Device graphics just remind me of playing PS2 games The game is free on the other website not worth the money on playing it on the smart phone especially with the graphics being bad when they could be better.Version: 2.2

Where is the game?It doesn’t even open. It’s just a black screen. What a rip off..Version: 2.2

Probably the best horror game I’ve ever playedNow this game is a pretty good game but it’s definitely the best horror game I’ve played because all the other horror games are ? but this one is actually really good because it’s challenging and I’m literally stuck on the first puzzle oh actually not the first one but it’s pretty tricky so yeah this game is pretty good and the first time I saw huggy Wuggy I was like what the heck is that I think? anyways this is a pretty good game and I think you should get it if you don’t get scared of jump scares👻..Version: 2.2

Bugs??Having trouble getting the game to let me do what I need to do to move forward. For example, where you need to move the landing to walk across it, it won’t let me move the landing piece when I need to. It won’t grab the handle and pull it. I’ve tried multiple times, I’ve reloaded the game multiple times, and it still won’t let me move the landing piece. It’s very frustrating considering I paid to play this game. I’ve watched a play through and tried to do exactly what they did, and it won’t work for me..Version: 2.2

It’s a really good game but there are some bugsThis game is actually really good but one day when I played the game I had I got the blue and I did everything right when I was open go to open the first door it’s sitting right here I think he’s probably asleep pick up chapter 3 o’clock Mia didn’t update the game but I really hope that mob games will put chapter 2 in the phone because that would be amazing there are some bugs in chapter 1 because I saw the white man and I love it this game please whoever gets this game please download it it could be some bud I’ll see you on the next.Version: 2.2

Very buggyWas enjoying immensely until the first chase with huggy. Running the maze was impossible because the touch controls kept quitting out and the halls were too sticky. Wouldn’t even let run at full speed much of the time..Version: 2.2

Never playing this again.It's not clear at all how to play this game, I was really excited to play this as I wanted to know what all the fuss was about, you spend the first impossible to solve 10 minutes of the game trying to connect power circuits that won't even connect once you figure out how to do it. I even watched tutorials online on how to connect power circuits in Poppy Playtime and I did exactly what they showed me and it didn't work. This game is super confusing also, you need to add hints and it needs to be 10x scarier in my opinion. If you like being confused, angry and stressed out by a game, then please download this!.Version: 2.2

It is quite unfairSo the game brilliant but it is quite unfair that pc get chapter2 first and we the mobile players have to wait ages for it to come out but you can wish list on steam but steam doesn’t work on mobile it would just give it on computer and I dont have one I have a laptop but I can only use it for the game that I’m coding if anyone’s interested it’s called legend of the museum but just to let everyone know it will be released on computer and iPad but it is not out yet so mob games 1 respond to this review please 2 add chapter 2 to mobile please I really want to play it.Version: 2.2

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