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American Farming App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

American Farming app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using American Farming? Can you share your negative thoughts about american farming?

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American Farming for Negative User Reviews

AdditionsShould add a mobile fuel cart or tank, and trailer to haul seed to planters and fertilizer to application equipment..Version: 1.4.90

BadKeeps crashing every time I try to hop in a vehicle.Version: 1.4.51

Kicks me outKicks me out straight after picking a character.Version: 1.0

KickedThe game keeps kicking me out then I half to restart everything.Version: 1.4.90

Kicks me outIt’s a good game but whenever I go in a tractor or turn around fast it kicks me out of the game.Version: 1.4.84

It keeps kicking me outIt keeps kicking me out before I get in. I have not been able to make my first game save because when I get to the point where is asked me if I want a tutorial and then it kicks me out I had to pay that!!!.Version: 1.0

Lots of glitchingThe game starts glitching out and won’t let me play. Waste of money Please fix ASAP or refund money..Version: 1.4.84

CRASHING AFTER PURCHASING $20 MONEY PACK!!!This morning I thought I would surprise my son and I bought him the $20 money pack. Now he can’t play for more than 5 minutes without it kicking him out of the game. He’s looked forward to this game since you announced you were working on it and now can’t play it with money I bought. I’m sure you will get this fixed and I would definitely give it a 5 star review. I play the game myself and I am hesitant now to buy a money pack. I really really like the game otherwise. I also don’t like that if I spend real money in a saved game and then decide I want to delete that game and start a new one that my real money I spent is gone. You should be able to restore that money to a new saved game. Also more sows would be 4 is not enough. And more places to sell. Markers on planters working would be cool too..Version: 1.4.51

Need assistanceThe game seems fun but I spent $10 on it and it wont let me play it it just kicked me off when I try and load into a new game.Version: 1.4.61

America farmingIt is a good game but it keeps crashing when I play for 3 mis Can you help me.Version: 1.4.84

Logging outI love this game it is one of the best games I have ever played but there is a problem every 10 or 20s it logs you out it would be nice if it had more equipment and brands l and can you let us know what updates are coming please can you fix this issue thank you.Version: 1.4.61

Not bad gameThe game keeps kicking me out but love the game its self.Version: 1.4.90

BadI can’t play for one min and then get kicked out I want it fixed or I want a refund.Version: 1.5.23

Purchased moneyOver all I love this game but I just purchased 2 million dollars in game and it won’t show that I have it I tried buying equipment nothing.Version: 1.5.23

Not a bad gameGood game but don’t like the fact you have to pay 7 bucks for trucks when to bye the game it’s 10 already I think it should be 10$ and then everything else is free as well as having different brands of tractors and more equipment over all.Version: 1.4.90

America farmingIt keeps kicking me out when it’s loading at first menu..Version: 1.4.51

I keep on getting kicked outI play for 5 minutes then I get kicked out for some reason and don't know why.Version: 1.4.61

Good game but crashingOverall great game. Nice to have the big equipment and different kinds of equipment. Spent some money and started to grow. Game is crashing. I can’t get a minute into the game after it loads and it crashes. Up to that point it worked fine. Would have a solid 4-5 if not for that. Also, big map which is cool and the big fields are awesome but to make it more feasible to farm you need to be able hire more people. You can’t run 2 combines which you would have to do once you got bigger and start fall tillage or start putting on P and K..Version: 1.0

Game crashes won’t even let me startWhat a waste I hope I get my money back poorly done app.Version: 1.4.84

👎🏼I installed this game and after I selected the map the game crashed and didn’t started after that. I reinstalled it but didn’t worked..Version: 1.0

BadThis game sucks you can’t do anything because it kick you out of the game and the Game is slow.Version: 1.4.61

One problemGame is good but every so often I just get kicked out and have to load the game again very annoying..Version: 1.4.61

Good start but needs major improvementNeeds more than 2 hired workers, 6 would be ideal. I have spent close to $40 on this game, it’s really enjoyable—except besides the nice equipment I get nothing but $5000 for a semi load of corn. By the time you do all the process to get max yield it takes 10 hours of game time to get the field to harvest from plant on 1 day mode. But have to be on 1 day mode to get all the process done with as slow as the equipment is and only having 2 workers, so then to only get 5k a truck load is rediculous.Version: 1.0

Needs some workThe game is good and it is my favourite game but when you d too much it glitches out so like I brought 10m and I brought a ton of stuff it glitches out every 10 secs can you plz fix that but the game is very good.Version: 1.4.51

YerIt’s the best game but why does it keep randomly crashing out of nowhere it seems to be doing it when the little orange save icon comes on down the bottom.Version: 1.4.61

Need to make the reverse speed fasterNeed to make the reverse speed faster.Version: 1.4.61

So far, great game but needs a few implemented improvementsOverall, the game functions well and is a great way to kill time, however I have run into a few issues during my playtime. Something that drastically needs implementing to the game is the ability to either flip, reset or reset any equipment that you might accidentally flip or get stuck somewhere. I have flipped countless tractors or gotten them stuck on fencing due to AI controlled farmhands, essentially putting that equipment out of commission and requiring you to replace them if flipped or stuck. This has lead to may restarts of saved files and what feels like massive amounts of hours and progress lost when playing. Please have your development team look into this issue and patch a way to fix this issue for all your player base. Would make this game much more playable and give your team more time to work on further improvements to the game..Version: 1.4.61

It’s okThe apps ok but I wish I would of known how limited the options are and the game play isn’t as smooth as the videos over while it’s a decent way to waste a little time while taking a dump it’s definitely not worth 8 bucks maybe if everything was unlocked and game play was smoother but definitely not worth it the way it is now cost wise it is a decent game it’s just not worth 8 bucks the way it is now if I could get my money back I definitely would.Version: 1.0

My purchases will make me pay but won’t give me what I paid forI purchased the big equipment pack but it’s been many days now and it still won’t show up on my profile after I closed the app and restarted the app ( not the profile ) and it says I own the pack but I have nothing but still took the money and when I try to restore the purchase it continues to say congrats you own this pack but won’t give me anything nor let me get my money back or try to argue anything I love this game but spending money in the on the game has just been a donation to it because I have gotten anything iv paid for sadly So after I posted this I went back and all my equipment is gone I have no equipment or any money after all the time put into my profile just bought the big equipment pack didn’t get anything then I come and post this to try to get help I go back and iv lost everything I’m sorry but I live watching your channel but I guess this game (app) just wasn’t ment for me to have thank you for making a great game just I guess it didn’t work for me.Version: 1.4.61

Not sureI just bought this game.. After playing with the settings and setting up everything. Start exploring and it crashes! That doesn’t look good on a new game with so much potential, especially since it was made from YouTubers. I’m playing on iPad Pro and this has never happened on any other gaming platform. I still think this game was released to soon.. I would give it 5 stars once these problems are fixed. Guys Don’t Waste Your Hard Earned Money On The Bundle Packs Not Worth It Game Crashes!!!.Version: 1.4.59

Brief review: please readI love the game so far I would like to point out a down side to the game. I think DLC’s should be removed because I canceled many subscriptions just to buy the game and I don’t even have access to majority of the equipment because it’s going to cost me an additional $25 aud over the $13 aud base game price just to access all the equipment I wanted to use and it doesn’t mention anywhere in the description that there are DLC’s to unlock more equipment and the game cost more than farming simulator 23 but I can’t get my money back now so I’m just hoping that you would see this and improve the game a little bit. But apart from the DLCs I didn’t know about it is a really good game.Version: 1.0

Game GlitchesI will only get 1 minute playing the game and then it just kicks me out of the game. I have been waiting for this game for ages. Please fix this problem. Otherwise good game, way better than Farming USA 2..Version: 1.4.61

I know it’s a good game butI know it’s a good game but I keep having it kick me out or crash..Version: 1.4.90

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