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Bloons TD 5 App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Bloons TD 5 app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bloons td 5?

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Fun, but some issuesI’ve played this game on mobile for a while now, and it’s been on and off my phone quite a bit due to storage shortages. I never really had any complaints until recently when I re-downloaded it again, and started noticing some serious performance issues. I don’t know exactly when these issues started, but it’s not fun. Past round 79, the game starts stuttering BAD. I hope it’s fixed soon, because it’s a 5 star otherwise.Version: 3.16

1 star for not supporting Chinese language1 star for not supporting Chinese language. Otherwise, I would like to give a 5.Version: 3.18

What the heck!?!Don’t waste your money on this game I lost all my progress and it isn’t even the HD version!.Version: 3.19

Difficult to playThe bronze levels are easy to complete but the silver levels take lots and lots if attempts to complete, a massive change in difficulty. The gold levels are next to impossible to complete. I have had the game for several months and are still yet to complete a gold, having completed one or two silver. Many of my friends have also given up with the game as they agree the game is too difficult and time consuming..Version: 3.16

DissatisfiedI remember playing this game a few years back in high school you could easily make it to level 100 and keep going I emeber being at level 200 game lagging and everything but it was awsome to get that far and be able to just keep going it would be more fun today cause at those high of levels on these newer platforms it wouldn’t lag as bad but now a days you can’t even get to level 90 and earning the mcash Joey dollars to be able to buy things in game like more lives was easier to get now it’s almost impossible without spending actual money to do so wish they would take it back to how was he much more fun for at least one track to be able to make past 100 without having to spend every dime to do it.Version: 3.22

Co-op is brokenI love the game, but the co-op is too laggy. Tried to play four games and we got kicked out of every single one..Version: 3.21

Lost all my purchases and progressionNeed help please.Version: 3.23

AnnoyingI played all of td4 and then I started playing td5. I loved how (on td4) u could pick all these perks after awhile.....after that, I could actually finish the whole td4 with all medals! But THIS game....uhhhh! I can only win bronze on beginner and intermediate tracks....and even some of them I can’t win bronze. I won silver on a few....but that was IT! It’s so frustrating it makes me annoyed with this version. And I know how to play the game and I know how to strategically place my towers. This game is SO hard that it makes me not even want to play it..Version: 3.20

Game keeps disconnectingThe game keeps disconnecting when playing multiplayer and it’s really frustrating, if this is a game bug can you please fix it..Version: 3.17

Latest update ruined game for meAfter the last update co-op has been almost completely un-playable. It gets slower and slower with each level and then disconnects - sometimes as fast as the first lvl... Never had an issue before update but as this is the only way I like to play this makes the app useless and now just one star :-(.Version: 2.4

Problem Vs friendsDue to Apple deleting Game Centre app playing balloons TD 5 vs friends poses as a challenge. It no longer gives me the options of the friends I’ve added on game centre or played with in Co-Op before. Very frustrating as the game I have payed for does not account to the description that has been given. Otherwise enjoyable game but let down! Hence lower rating.Version: 3.18

Multiplayer Disconnection ProblemMe and my friend have played this game for close to a year probably longer. We’ve spent a lot of money playing private matches and we get pretty far. However we aren’t able to get very far because the game starts to glitch and lag out. The fact that we both always have great signal doesn’t explain constant disconnections from these games. I’ve wasted a lot of money playing this game and I probably won’t get that money back. Unfortunately this is goodbye. Your game has flaws and you fail to fix them. Don’t waste your money on this game..Version: 3.21

Shameless cash grabI played this when it first came out and loved it. Now it’s nothing more than a cash grab to make you pay through the nose for everything or you can spend hours and hours grinding for little to no reward. The difficulty spikes so much that you have no choice but to play on the easier levels or pay for ‘agents’ and upgrades. Not only that, this is a PAID for game with micro transactions. What a huge insult and a complete joke. Disappointed with the devs on this one and will never download again. Only giving one star because App Store won’t allow zero..Version: 3.22

Just lost 100+ hours and moneyI played the game for ages and has pro for almost every agent and had several thousand monkey money to spend but I didn’t because I like to save it I reinstalled the game due to my phone being reset and now I have no progress- nothing in ICloud or on Facebook I had spent lots of money and my life and now it’s gone.Version: 3.25

ICloud saveingWhen I want to bring my save down from another device I go into settings and nothing happens when I tap on the grayed out button. iPhone 5c to 4s.Version: 3.16

Disconnecting!!Used to love this game. Played for years. Recently keeps disconnecting our co-op games almost every time now!! Really annoying especially when we spend money on it to get extra starting cash at the beginning. Not only are we losing our game, we’re both losing money too. I’m not one to leave reviews but it’s almost every time now and it happens when we’re just getting into the game too! It’s not WiFi or signals because we’ve tried to play in different locations and also tried using cellular too!.Version: 3.30

Dumpster Fire for anyone who plays it outside of the toiletThe challenges that happen every week are great ideas to make th game interesting. Until you’ve done them eight times and the same challenge is done on the same map and it’s either ridiculously easy or impossible unless you’ve grinded for monkey money and bought the monkey knowledge for every tower on the challenge. Speaking of monkey knowledge, some of it was interesting. The mortar and chipper were really cool to use. And then there is something like tack shooter. Compared to something like buccaneer, it’s laughable. Tack shooter tier three (I’ll also through sniper because they basically do the same thing) gives 1 pierce to every second shot. Compared to buccaneer, which earns free camo detection and has their old camo ability give camo to towers in range. Then the 4th tiers gives permanent pierce. Just +1 pierce and the small buffs for 3000+ monkey money. Not camo detection or increased range. Just +1 pierce. Buccaneer got a flaming attack that pops leads. So 4th tier buccaneer pops camo and leads on placing it, gives camo detection to others with upgrades, and is cheaper. For 3000 monkey money, this is great. Why can’t you give some more upgrades like this? And the challenges are terrible. Giving preferred monkey for rewards on expert maps, so you pay to play and then only get XP? That’s terrible design at its peak. Oh and with preferred monkeys with boomerang, wizard and ice, you get really bad things to get any rewards..Version: 3.22

Doesn't work.Can I please have a refund as the game greets me with a black screen and turns it off. I dislike how I have spent money for a black screen that turns off. Thanks for reading and please reply with a way I will be able to get a refund..Version: 3.25

Ok but hard to use on iPhone.I play this game a lot on the computer, its not as much fun as an app. I prefer clash of the clans. Too difficult to change things quickly in the app version. I can beat levels much easier on my PC. I can't get access to the upgrades I purchased for the online version on PC. It's just less fun..Version: 1.4

MultiplayerMultiplayer doesn’t work fix pls.Version: 3.22

It’s ok, but does not stand outControls aren’t as good as other tower defense games. No pausing. No zooming. Way to many features that are completely unrelated to core game (or creative ways to make it more profitable, depending how you look at it). Sometimes it’s the simple games that can be so addicting - as you try to fine tune your play to beat a level or get a high score. This is not that game. Most TD games have gone too far with the pay to play, this is no exception. They don’t block play, but they introduce paid “shortcuts” which I find aggravating. I’m sure lots of people like it, but i got very little play out of it before becoming bored..Version: 3.12.1

SluggishIt’s a fun game don’t get me wrong, but recently the game has been very sluggish. Especially during the final rounds. It gets so bad that it freezes the screen and doesn’t allow me to add more towers or anything. I feel like the people who make the game are doing this on purpose to get me to make a in app purchase. My reasoning for that is because this has never happened to me before. And I had this game for a few months now. I’m losing now just because of this. Hard to move forward in this game with the lagging. Please fix..Version: 3.12

Good game butGood game and enjoy playing but I like to play with a friend and every time I try to join with my friend it never works we tried for an hour every way possible to join but didn’t work, this happens every time just depends on how the game is feeling if it joins or not. Where on the free game you can join really easy with anyone, but on this one where you have to pay there seems to be more trouble..Version: 3.25

Ninja Kiwi has some issuesI believe me and the rest of the community that enjoys playing Bloons Tower Defence 5 can all agree that the game needs a real way to transfer save games and progress between devices and accounts. I have played through the game more than once and I have enjoyed it every time but it is a pain restarting every time I get a new phone. The cloud save has been an issue with the game for years. Ninja Kiwi, please find a way to transfer data reliably. I know this game is old now and it’s predecessor is already being played. But I love this game. I keep my screenshots of round 100+ games. I experiment with new towers. I want to be able to play it without worrying about losing my data every couple of months..Version: 3.22

Would be a 5 if co op worked without disconnectingLove this game if playing solo but co op doesn’t work very well. Keeps disconnecting after starting up the game or just won’t connect at all..Version: 3.16

Cannot play Co-Op with my friend.Both mine and my friends connection is perfect yet we can never seem to play co-op together. It either drops out and says I’m disconnected or continuously loads until finally saying ‘failed to join game.’ Please fix this ASAP. I understand it’s not your latest Bloons game but it still needs support and bug fixes.Version: 3.23

CrashesGame is great but I recently redownloaded it and everytime I am about to beat the fufth wave on any map the game crashes and kicks me out.Version: 3.26

Very buggy in co opI have wanting to play this game with my friends for ages now and he has finally got it, we cue into a private game and it disconnects us every game without fail, please can something be done about this as it is simply unplayable..Version: 3.25

Good game but online is unplayableIf you are playing on your own the game is great many levels and towers that are fun to go through, if you are looking to play online well the game is unplayable especially if you are wanting to play with a friend as the game will disconnect you or just not allow you to join it full stop, for me and my friends this lets the game down a lot as we have done all of what the game has to offer in the single player part of the game..Version: 3.25

You should not have any livesCold cvhcgggvcff.Version: 3.25

This Game is so badUnfair unfair.Version: 3.23

Speed up balloonsThe balloons suddenly speed up out of no were it is impossible to get past level 61 because of it.Version: 3.19

Good game. Crashes A LOT!!!Enjoyable, however a few bugs. Bloons freeze in an infinite loop when you are at a higher round is particularly annoying, however I find that this game crashes often, 3-4 times a map. It is the only App I have open, using an iPod Touch 4g on iOS 5 (no, I will not go to iOS 6 on an iPod). However, a lot more challenging that TD4. Very enjoyable if you get a good run without crashing..Version: 2.2

App support? What app support.I’ve had a terrible time just trying to find any way to contact the designers so I hope this will suffice. The game is good. However after fully upgrading the mechanic path I realized that the towers spawn at a slower rate and they won’t spawn any faster when the tower is upgraded. This made me really sad and I wanted to tell someone about it but there is literally no way to reach out through the app about bugs and support so here I am writing a review that I feel I have to to be heard. Honestly great game though, please respond! I honestly want to change my review!!.Version: 3.21

Annoyed - no idea how to playI bought this game, thinking it was something else. I have absolutely no idea how to play the game and i cant see anywhere in the app or on here that has actual instructions on how to control the game?! Its so frustrating! The balloons just go round the path and it says well done at the end even though i did nothing, I'm tapping on them nothings happening??.Version: 3.21

Worst bloons TD to dateNot optimised for iPad. Clunky, hard to use compared to previous bloons games which have been great. Can’t believe i paid for this and no way to get my money back..Version: 3.20

DumbGame charged me twice.Version: 3.27

BTD 6 should be FREE!!BTD 6 should be FREE!!.Version: 3.25

RIP OFF!!!I was passing the time by playing this when I got into it and decided to buy the unlock all upgrades pack and it only gave me the wizards upgrades so I spent money fo one thing when it said “unlock all upgrades” but only gave me one. Considering how much I liked this game I just can’t forgive it for how much it has made me dislike it. Download but don’t pay money IT RIPS YOU OFF.Version: 3.20

Sad :(Today I got home from school to Play to my surprise my Dad deleted it now i’m sad.Version: 3.23

Graphics are great.Gameplay is repetitive. Free play goes from easy to ludicrous in about two rounds..Version: 3.21

Why should I report an issue with Bloons TD 5?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Bloons TD 5 to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Bloons TD 5 customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Bloons TD 5.

Is Bloons TD 5 not working?

Bloons TD 5 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Bloons TD 5.

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