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Bloons TD 5 app received 208 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bloons td 5?

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AmazingI have loved this game for years! Truly an amazing purchase and I would highly recommend. 5/5 stars!!!.Version: 3.24.1

Must get extremely goodMy dad played this game and got addicted in les than 3 rounds and every time I come home from school my dad is always playing he’s better than me almost my sister plays my brother even my mom she likes the strategic parts of the game she is a teacher so she shows her students and teaches the about strategy I love it you should get it.Version: 3.17

Can I refundI liked the game but I got board so can I get a refund.Version: 3.13

FunThis game is fun and u can test things and play with other ppl i would recommend this no bugs or glitches so far and i have has this for a year.Version: 3.28

Amazing game!Didn't think this game would be this good ^-^ I would recommend, though it seems like a bit of money to spend but it has loads of levels and different things to explore.Version: 2.6

Super fun!If your a fan of bloons you’ll like this game..Version: 3.28

BTD 6I have played this game franchise since computers on 3 btd and played it since and this is been out for a while, so my point is I know the new superhero one came out (can’t afford it) and I played like 7 times the original beat it I hope there’s a 6 BTD and it has a few new Features and more variants of upgrades and ballons (Iron Moab,Water ballon-when breaks water splashes near by towers and makes them less likely to hit a ballon,Glue Ballon-when breaks splashes glue on near by towers and slows them down) with just still getting constant maps once a month.Version: 3.14

ExcellentEverything's great except it would be good if we have new towers otherwise it becomes slightly repetitive.Version: 3.10

😀😃Hi. I love your game so much thanks for making it it’s amazing 😉.Version: 3.21

Chicken nuggetsI like chicken nuggets by the beach I like chicken nuggets in my bed with me But most of all I love chicken nuggets in the toilet yummy this is a good game but needs a lot of chicken nuggets and more chicken nuggets and two separate chicken nuggets with mc Donald’s chicken nuggets sauce good bye my people chicken nuggets are yummy for the tummy goodbye people..Version: 3.10

Possible featureThis is an excellent game I play it every day but it would be nice if you could do co-op with bluetooth.Version: 2.1.1

BestBest game ever I have played forever and love it it’s the best game in the world! Recommend paying the money keep making amazing games!.Version: 3.26

The iCloud save is a problemPLZ FIX the iCloud save Problem I have a save on my iPad and I want to transfer the save to my phone but it won’t transfer it only say 1970 iCloud save not my other one plz help me.Version: 3.18

CongratulationsCongrats on another great game guys.Version: 3.15

SpikesThis is my favorite game, but please please please, can you make it easier to place spikes? Over half the time when you drag to place the spikes it does not respond. Often times causing me to lose the game. It’s extremely annoying. I am using an iPhone 6s. Literally everything else in this game is amazing. Really not sure why this one thing hasn’t been fixed..Version: 3.16

Good game if your boredThis is a really good game there are lots of different maps and mods there are not many updates so the game can get repetitive after a little bit however it is fun the game mechanics are good for £5 it’s a little expensive for what it is I would recommend getting the new game after 1 hour you would of played everything the game has to offer when playing the game after round 120 (witch takes about 13 minutes) the game becomes impossible you can’t do anything and just have to except the lose over all good game get it if you have spare money 👍 edit my bad £3 not 5.Version: 3.25

Fun GameI've already got four temple of the monkey gods, two fully upgraded helicopters, four fully upgraded villages, two fully upgraded banana farms, and one technological terrors!.Version: 1.5

Bloons TD5A very fun and relaxing game that is incredibly child friendly and can be enjoyed by all of the family.Version: 3.16

Love this game!2018 is going to be a year I save money from not going out on Friday nights and not getting back till Sunday night.Version: 3.12

Thank youThanks for making this game.Version: 3.10

DoodooDoodoo.Version: 3.23

CamoCould you make an upgrade to let sun God’s or super monkeys see camo.Version: 3.20

Great game BUTGreat game but it’s broken I can’t place monkeys and that annoys me as BTD5 is my favourite of all 6 plz fix it as I love the game.Version: 3.25

AwesomeAwesome game been playing the other versions for 8+ years, just really want new towers and more single player maps, but more towers!!!!.Version: 2.0

Superb game.Superb game love it. You can play the game for ages without getting board. They need to bring in new maps because people like me have bet all the maps and we are getting a bit board so new maps please..Version: 2.11

Awesome Game, but when will the next major update be?I love this game sooo much, and I just restarted and still think it’s fun. But just out of curiosity, when will there be a bigger update, like other than new maps. Maybe new monkeys, just as a suggestion, you guys should make the tracks bigger, like so you have to scroll through as you place monkeys and pop Bloons. Anyway, thanks for making this awesome game! A lot of people are happy for just new maps every few months like me, I just think it will improve it even more! 😄.Version: 3.14

Breaching the gapAs someone who enjoys tower defence games and has sunk at least 100 hours in total or more into the genre, this game ticks most of the box's to be a legendary game that is actually worth the money, the only reason there is not going to be a five-star rating is because two reasons... No, 1: no ability to make your own tracks or maps. No, 2: the game lacks an endgame quest, an overarching reason to continue playing once you've unlocks everything. Balloons TD 5 and possibly six have done good things, now improve on them..Version: 3.16

AwesomeThis is the best iOS game I have ever played i really like how you can play online with other people I recommend to anybody who likes the btd series 10/10.Version: 2.6

Fantastic game but...This is a fantastic game, but I have a glitch where after the intro scene the music just turns off even though my music is on. Even after I close the app and reopen it it still happens. Please help fix it (I know you have another game but please)..Version: 3.25

Some1abxdegfThis is a great game. There is so many good things about it. First of all this was s my favorite of all the btd games and that is because the graphics aren’t to bad and they aren’t so good that they hurt my eyes. I used to play this for n my chrome book for free, but u needed an account to do anything on it like upgrade your towers and open daily chests. But now I can do that since I bought this. All I want to say is that it is a great game..Version: 3.18

ImprovementsCan you use in game currency for things like bigger beacons and double cash instead of using real life money..Version: 3.24.1

BTD5Great game. the only problem for me is that the game gets laggy sometimes when your past round 90 and when it laggs, the app crashes. im sick of it always crashing when i get pass these rounds. besides this, the app is great !!!.Version: 1.3.1

Intellectual and strategic!I love it! It’s a brilliant strategy game and keeps your brain going. I think some of the special challenges are a bit pay to win but it is still brilliant! Teaches you patience, strategy and the ability to be prudent!.Version: 3.12

Great games great 👍 was my morning and morning day to work on my own time🐵😃🕹👏👍👍👍👍👾👾👾👾🥳🥳🥳🤪🤪😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😆😆😆😆🤪🤪🤪🤪⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🐶✅✅🐶🐶✅🌃🌃🌃.Version: 3.23

GoodAwesome game! this is so cool!!!!!!!! And I love this new update I love the sandbox mode but to unlock it instead of paying 1500 monkey money couldn't you just unlock it when your rank 25 like in PC?.Version: 1.2

Absolutley sickFor anyone thinking about buying this, please ignore all the bad comments because thats all BS. This game is really cool and I highly reccomend you check it out!.Version: 3.22

Good game butCan you please put the video screen thing back to the old one because i had so much memories and it is easier please Like the monkey set out at the bottom please.Version: 3.26

Mtd 5Great game thanks, probably the best I have played as a app on iPhone, I still remember the days I played it on computer and its even better nw. I love the fact that you update and add more maps and monkeys but it would be awesome if you did more updates. Love the game please do make a sixth one.Version: 1.3.1

.It’s a chinchilla.Version: 3.29

Happy birthday loveI love u u love me flash drive in this app I can.Version: 3.22

Can you refund upgradesHi,can you refund upgrades because my nephew spent 30$ and I want it back😢.Version: 3.21

BTD 5I think this game is legit the best game ever you f you headed to improve it then I would make the double cash mode bigger beacons and healthy bananas £1000 to £7000 dollars in monkey money.Version: 3.24

Yeet gameGreat game! Very entertaining!.Version: 3.25

Omg amazing howeverOmg amazing, but when I accidentally deleted it and reinstalled I lost everything 😭 all my purchases 😔.Version: 3.10

Great game with a butExcellent gameplay until the later rounds that lag with the amount of action going on... When purchased on iPhone, the ipad version should be usable as well and vice versa.Version: 1.6

Great GameThis game is awesome! I’m addicted to leveling up each tower and seeing their 4th tier upgrades. There are in app purchases, but that’s completely fine with me because they’re only for cosmetic items. Sometimes it’s hard to place down towers, but that is rare so I’ll let it slide. TD 6 may be more complex, but I quite like this games simplistic design. It is definitely deserving of its 5 stars..Version: 3.21

Awesome requestAwesome game one of the best ever but it would be cool in the into that the monkey ate a bite from the banana like pc.Version: 3.14

Awesome!!!🙂I LOVE this game it’s addicting and so adorable! I’ve played Bloons TD5 on the computer but I have a iPhone too and I don’t You the computer much so I got Bloons TD5 on mobile. It’s still great but on the computer you can buy anything want if you have enough money. But on mobile you have to unlock the monkeys. I just bought the game (literally like four minutes ago) so maybe it’s just a one time thing but I’m not sure. And the monkeys are different. The ninja monkey is red but on the computer it’s orange. *Shrug* Anyways it’s still as epic as it was on the computer. I haven’t seen any other problems. Shout out to Ninja Kiwi because this game is super addicting! They are super good! Though I haven’t played any of their other games I think other people love Ninja Kiwi! I do! ❤️.Version: 3.21

Mean azLove this game my son got me in2 it... It's a great chill out game, u still need to strategise to reach higher levels... Just wish I knew how to start at th level I failed at with all my towers in place lol.Version: 1.3.1

Pretty litEven tho btd6 is out they still consistently update this game. now that’s commitment. also had years of fun with this game..Version: 3.21

It's not working properlyI bought some upgrades and they are not working.Version: 3.0.3

Best TD I ever playedSimply amazing game and quite an incredible ammount of fun, diversity and challenge that make this game so awesome and you never lose the interest to play it. Just one detail : when you produce bananas, you need to avoid them falling near buttons, it's quite annoying to click a banana and activate some option by accident. Anyways, my favorite mobile game so far, definitely recommend it to everyone as a MUST HAVE!!!.Version: 3.12

I love the gameIt's so addicting I love to play it it is so much fun popping the balloons and having to set a goal I hope they come out with new levels and new challenges for me to face I love this game.Version: 3.10

A fantastic creationI've only stared playing Bloons TD 5 for at least 5 months now and I've come to LOVE this game very much. I've played a lot of games in my time and can honestly say this is definitely one of my top 10 games to play on any occasion especially at times when just want ignore or run away from particular situations so thus is a great comfort to me hahaha. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping a young man happy and for creating an excellent game... again thank you :D.Version: 2.6

AwesomeBrilliant easy to control and generally fun to play.Version: 3.12.1

Just love itDespite the fact that there’s Bloons TD6 this one is hands down the best and my favourite even though i can’t get past 63.Version: 3.23

Great gameBtd5 is a really addicting game with really good gameplay the new tower is a bit hard too get for new players I just got like 5 sun gods and then bought a monkey temple but all in all a really fun family friendly game.Version: 2.4.1

108 hours played on steam...This game is awesome, the only money I have spent on it is buying the game, did have to grind to unlock everything though, but it's so worth it! Have all medals on begginner tracks and nearly all intermediate ones but I'm still not bored! This game is also a great thing to play when you bored of fortnite or another game. So good!.Version: 3.15

D DayThis is one of the best games I have played in a very long time though it dose lag I little bit other than that epic.Version: 2.4.1

Good but LAGI play this game a LOT. I love it, and have spent many hours on it. I’m a big player, regularly landing in the top 1% on the leaderboard for weekly challenges and often surviving to round 350 on freeplay. Wonderful game! But it can take soooo long. It would already take a long time to get to such a round, but after round 150 or so everything starts to slow down soooo soooo much. Please, do something to lessen this. Give us quality settings or SOMETHING. One round will take 15 minutes. My phone will heat up, and the app will crash every 5-10 rounds. It’s terrible, absolutely terrible. Please make this a little better. Ugh..Version: 3.11.1

Good gameIts a good wave defense game and it was money will spent.Version: 3.28

AmazingI used to always play Bloons TD 5 on Flash and I love that I can play it wherever I want to now!.Version: 3.20

A old classicI love this game that I bought it on steam with all the dlcs along with the purchase this game brings back memory's of my childhood when I played it I was 8 when I played it and now I'm 13 and i still love this series I got btd6 also 😃.Version: 3.17

I'm not joking this is myFavourite game on my phone this and balloons td battles are the best so good can not stop playing I can't love this game way better than anything else I love this game it's almost as good as minecraft java and a little better than minecraft pe buy the game for best purchase of your life so cheap for how good it is I would pay 1000 dollars for it if there was a cure for cancer this is it.Version: 3.25

I’m addictedIt’s so classic yet so good 😊 I just play game after game! My favourite monkey is the dartling gun cause you can have one that’s powerful or you can have an entire army🔫🔫🔫 Over all it's the perfect game if you’re looking a good time..Version: 3.28

What would happen if..There was a new upgrade fore some time you can do or not do, I love those games..Version: 3.21

Fun gameBest no Internet games.Version: 3.21

Fun and good art styleHi I love this game and it’s art style TBH probably better than BTD6 (if BTDB 2 comes out pls make it have an BTDB 1 style option aka BTD5 option)I haven’t got a high rank yet but I’m having a blast and you should download it it is worth it for the money I hope this review was useful.Version: 3.30

GreatThis is exactly what I was expecting from the ninja fruit/ bird, Perfection. 🐵.Version: 3.16

AWESOME!!!!!So much things to do, so much things to find out! Absolutely awesome fun, finding out weaknesses, and unlocking new towers. Love it. Highly recommended..Version: 2.11

BTD 5Way better than the last, many more upgrades.Version: 1.1

Very free game with no gamesThis is like the only game with no ads.Version: 3.13

Best TD game for replayability, easy $3The variety in towers, maps, difficulties, daily challenges and special challenges, and purchasable upgrades truly makes this the most replayable tower defense game I’ve ever played, and that’s saying quite a bit. I’ve played everything from gemcraft and desktop td to cursed treasure and kingdom rush, as well as literally several dozen others, but Bloons TD 5 may remain my favorite for a long time to come..Version: 3.23

Co op?This is an over all great game but like in co op i fond it SO difficult to request and send money to my partner because of my constant tapping of the towers behind the button like can u add it so that the towers behind the buttons dont interfere with the towers? Another thing maybe add like a chat in co op because im a decent player who gets well past the 200th round and rounds last SO long they end up getting boring while your waiting and i think it would be better if you could chat with your team mate thx.Version: 3.21

SomThIng DifFernTDo SoMe FinG dIFFenT wItH dA BTD SerIes :P.Version: 3.23

This. Game. Is. Awesome!!!!!I am addicted to this game after I tried for the first time. Only problem I have with it is that it is to costly. But it is still a 5/5 :).Version: 2.5

Best mobile gameSuper fun it was definitely way ahead of is time you should get it now.(it’s almost as good as BTD6)..Version: 3.28

Bestttt game EvarI love this game it is so fun to play.Version: 3.16

Enjoy it.I started playing again and literally am having hours of fun, can’t get bored of it..Version: 3.14

BestThe best game for me to play I just have so much fun it's the game to play with no internet dome levels can get your adrenaline up.Version: 3.11.1

Great!!!This game is great and I’ve already spent hours in the game. It’s really fun to play and it doesn’t even need WiFi. You progress fairly quick, so that is nice that you don’t have to spend half your life just trying to unlock all the towers. The only thing is that you have to level up to get the tier 4 part of the tower, but that makes the game balanced..Version: 3.16

One time..One time I got over level 100... It was the time of my life...... Btw can you add a cat monkey? Plz? Alslow add a sack mommy Sack monkey skill Nite up little sack boys and they Get the Bloons So plz add this I owe you one ;).Version: 3.12

This is the best!I now I’m just 11 but I know that through all the years in my life of my knowing and loving video games, this might be a favorite! I can’t believe that there’s actually a non WiFi game that can be so entertaining! It’s cute and fun! The idea of monkeys trying to defeat balloons is fascinating to me! I love it! When I first started playing, I thought of this game as a way you guys are trying to tell people that monkeys are suffering of pollution and an example of that was balloons. I like to think of it that way! Anyways I really hope there’ll be an update to make the game even more fun! I love it!.Version: 3.16

Good gameI really like the game but it’s a shame that you cannot play 2 players on the same device..Version: 3.11.1

Amazing game and very addictive if your a strategist!!This is a very amazing game and super addictive if you’re a strategist it’s fun to come up with all kinds of different ways to be different levels and the many different maps and I also love how you can choose different maps with different difficulties as well and there’s countless combinations of ways to work through this the only things that I hate about this game and many others that I play with are One you can’t speak to your opponents. Number two when you select a map difficulty with the difficulty of the game itself no matter what you pick it send you into some game where anyone has clicked one of the things that you have for instants I play on expert maps and impoppable, sometimes I also add in advanced maps but yet it will put me into a game playing on impoppable with an easy map this will decrease the reward from say $1200 to $360 monkey money.. and it’s just way too easy at that.. Now the only other thing that we have discussed between me and my friends that play this is it would be nice to be able to speed it up even more than the one time speed because these matches on impoppable go on for a long time so speeding it times 3 when ur fully set to win by round say 50 u won’t have to wait till round 85 as the rounds get longer each round...Version: 3.17

Great game! possibly new tower?I have loved this game since number 4 and I have come up with a good idea. You should add a monkey medic who gives you +10 health every 10 rounds.Version: 2.4.1

Yes, amazing gameSimply, just great. no lag, better graphics (than the computer version), and if your considering on getting this, DO IT. it gives hours of gameplay and things to unlock and pretty fun and great overall. tons, and tons of new maps, updates, and everything. BTD5, is no question. amazing. stunning. and if your bored after hours of playing, you could also do some challenges to make it more fun :) great game would DEFINITELY recommend getting this game..Version: 3.27

New towersI think that if maybe you guy's added new towers then it would add a whole new adventure to this game. It doesn't just have to be new towers maybe you could add like animal balloons that have their own personality. This idea could make sandbox way more fun too! And maybe more people would play the game. I love this game y'all must've worked so hard please listen to my idea this would add something awesome to the game. Goodbye!.Version: 3.10

SuggestionsLevel Simulator in Sandbox Mode Extra Lives in Odyssey Easier Way to Earn Tokens.Version: 3.11.1

For Ninja KiwiI’ve played this game since I was first introduced to it as a kid, and yet it still satisfies me to this day. After playing it for so long my only wish is that i’d like there to be more co-op maps. Theres so many maps you can choose to play independently, yet not aren’t featured as a co-op map. I think a lot of them would work just fine as a co-op map and it could be something to look into for those who play other game modes often. Great game and totally worth the money!!.Version: 3.25

ICloud didn’t back up my dataThis game is so much fun!!!! My wife and I play together whenever we have down Time and were both around level 80. We got new phones recently and re-downloaded the game only to find that we had to start all over...nothing was backed up on the cloud, and to be honest don’t really wanna go through the grind of getting everything and all our perks back. Is there a way to fix this?.Version: 3.24.1

Love this game👍🏼I don’t recommend getting 6 cuz the graphics are kinda weird and 5’s just better in all ways. Also 5’s better cuz it has engineer, shredder and dart..Version: 3.25

Excellent game with One problemI've gotten up to rank 68 on the iPhone version but then I tried using iCloud on the iPad version and nothing happened. It It possible to transfer progress from the iPhone version to the iPad version?.Version: 3.10

SO ADDICTIVE!I know this game is a bit aged, but that doesnt matter, its SO addictive, i chose this over btd6 because it was cheaper and i really didnt care about graphics, this game is NUSY SO ADDICTIVE trust me.Version: 3.30

Very goodI sold my $3000 pc to buy money in BTD 5 I love this game better then minecraft and Fortnite.Version: 3.23

Best game everI've had this game for a few years now, its one of the best games I've ever bought the monkeys are amazing the tracks are great and I'm always finding new combinations that work great. Best game ever and for only €3 😄..Version: 3.22

Coop needs more mapsI love the game and i love playing with my friend but i hate how the single-player has more maps and cooler ones to be exact, i know it may be because some of the maps are too small for both of us but some are actually pretty big and some are the same size as some of the ones coop already has. I’ve played this game time and time for years on different platforms and i always look at the maps and imagine how fun it would be to play those with a pal.Version: 3.21

Love itThis is a great game. Simple, fun and addictive! I love how each tower has its own strengths. Thank you for all the different maps too; the more the better. //something has changed in June 2017. The submarine no longer shoots long distance..did you guys change something? I currently have a rank of 83..Version: 3.29

It’s a great gameBesides paying for it... it is a great game! Getting to use the helicopter is amazing! Along with the engineer, and the bloon chipper. I think the company has put in a lot of work in making this worth your money. Although... the thing that upset me the most is the fact that the super monkey’s laser eyes don’t pop lead. But I have gotten used to this and made adjustments to it. So if your asking yourself if it is worth it to pay for the game. Get it if you like keeping busy, and doing fun challenges. But if you are the type of person to jump games every day, there is no point in getting the game..Version: 3.14

Very Fun, But Very Hard!Ninja Kiwi, if your reading this Review, then I have some issues about this game, First off After beating round 90, It’s impossible to beat it, even my Super Monkey Temple was Very Weak (also the good thing is the D.D.T. is not in this version) I had Wizards, Engineers, and Everything I bought. So I think you should Fix that plz and that’s why I most likely play Bloons TD 6, 5 is 10X Harder than 6! Cuz what? There is no Monkey Knowledge, The Towers surprisingly are Weak And it takes a Long time to Level up and earn Monkey money. Plz Make 5 easier (on Easy mode on round 79, I died).Version: 3.23

YeayayI went to round 128.Version: 3.14

YaCool.Version: 3.26

Best tower defense game everBurned countless hours on this and previous bloons TD games. With different difficulty levels and special challenges it never gets old..Version: 1.5

Ageless ClassicI can not lie, this game is amazing. The best tower defense game out there with out a doubt!! The entire concept of it all, monkeys... balloons... natural enemies since the Stone Age.. On a serious note I’ve have played Bloons TD ever since I was in middle school and it has never gotten old. I paid for this on 5 different phones since those days. 100% would recommend to a friend ... or anyone who loves helping monkeys pop bloons..Version: 3.14

Best. Game. Ever.If it were a universal app (pay once) then it would be perfect. It's still absolutely great though!.Version: 3.12.1

Td5I used to play the original Bloons tdbattles and I loved it but now I play this and I love it even more!.Version: 3.12.1

ReviewOverall the best tower defence game there is.Version: 3.12

Money well spentThis game is just perfect for when you need something quick To do, I love it.Version: 2.0

Best mobile game out thereBloons TD5 is absolutely the best mobile game hands down. To anyone who is considering getting this game, do it! Gameplay is amazing and there is a lot of depth to BTD5 that other tower defense games don't offer. But with that there needs to be a better communication system with your teammate in co-op. As an advanced player getting to 350+ rounds or finishing an inpopable game requires teamwork, and not having a way to chat doesn't help. There should be another mode to play in... it would be cool if like in BTD Monkey City there is a way to make a base / city. And there are certain buildings and stuff that give you perks. There should also be an award for getting to a certain rank in the game. Like when you reach level 70 your projectiles are silver. And rank 100 are gold. This is an amazing game and worth the money.Version: 3.11.1

SweetAwesome app. Can’t put my phone down 😂😂😂.Version: 3.16

Please fix!Co op doesnt work! been trying to connect with my boyfriend for an hour over both the code and through facebook. he’s very upset, he was really excited..Version: 3.23

5 Star All the WayTotal class, full fun, addictive, never-ending fun that you can play in so many different ways..Version: 2.15.1

One of the best games I’ve ever playedI love this game a lot and have had it for a while but I deleted it when I got number 6 but I just got it again today and can’t wait to play it again. P.S you should add the B.A.D if you haven’t yet.Version: 3.21

Good gameI love this game a lot it’s fun and has good progression but it’s also sad that is not being updated anymore.Version: 3.25

Awesome gameI've been playing for a long time (years) and I've loved the game for a long time.the only thing is the prices are a bit more expensive then I think they should be.But still one of my favourite games..Version: 3.21

BTD5 is a lot of funI downloaded this game for my son after seeing my girlfriend play it. It's really fun to get into and once you start to learn which towers do what it's a challenging yet easy kind of gameplay fun for all ages!!! A definitive must for all our devices. You never know when you need to kill some time, might as well have fun while slaying the clock..Version: 3.12

Please can u putHello ninja kiwi can you please put a chat in so we can speak to our co-op parent please and add some more units please I know it's a lot to ask for tho I am will to spend money on they game if u do so.Version: 3.22

BTD5 reviewI thought when I got this game it would be boring and basic but it’s so great and original will amazing map details and amazing monkeys will different upgrade paths, it’s super great! I have this game on my phone, iPad and my computer, this is definitely my favorite game. But I just have one complaint, for some reason my Odyssey’s aren’t working and won’t connect. Aside from that minor glitch everything is wonderful! Go BTD5!!!!!.Version: 3.18

SuperiorI think you you raided Area 51 because this game is to good to be made by humans 👌.Version: 3.23

Amazing game(s)I’ve been playing this game since I was probably 10 or so and now at the age of 15 I can confidently say this is one game I’ll never get tired of. Despite restarting my game most times when I got new devices I still love playing. This game is apart of my childhood and I doubt I’ll ever stop playing. I’ve loved these Bloons games in general since I was a little kid, and I haven’t played TD6, but I can say for the other ones I do remember playing I’ve never not had fun playing them. So I definitely recommend this to anyone who gets bored to easily since there’s to much to do on TD5 to get bored..Version: 3.29

😃😪😄😄😄Jzhdydijshvssggdjyfvrjskwojebhdhrheebdhhriwiwowoeidjdbrhuiuhdh.Version: 3.20

I love Bloons FIVEA simple to pick up game. Lots of different game play modes. Bloons 5 is better than 6. The animation style and game play in 5 is far superior..Version: 3.28

AwesomeThis is an awesome game soo much fun, you can unlock special missions which either get you xp or coins, the higher rank you get the more upgrades you can get for your towers.Version: 3.16

This game is so coolI really enjoy this game so much.Version: 3.18

Brilliant25M, UK. Been playing this game franchise since high school, back when it was on PC, and it is still my favourite way to kill time! Chilled, light-hearted and totally addictive! I enjoy Bloons TD5 more than TD6!.Version: 3.21

Definitely a game worth paying for, there's always a good time to play itAnother brilliant game from the Ninja Kiwi team!.Version: 2.13

Great gameHonestly, I love this game. I played it on the computer and I wished for a long time to be able to play it on my phone, and when I got a job and bought it, I had a great time. It rarely crashes, you can play offline, I cannot think of one thing that is wrong with this game tbh. It is so worth it and it’ll really just kill time when you need to. It doesn’t even kill your battery as much as you think. You will experience some lag in the later rounds but you really can’t tell because it’s so little lag if any at all..Version: 3.11.1

Only Game You’ll Ever NeedI don’t usually buy iPhone games (this is my third one) but I can wholeheartedly say that it was very much worth it for this game. With so many maps and so many unlockables, you’ll never get bored! Definitely lags on the later rounds (110+ depending on how many aircraft carriers you have), but what can you expect? Amazing game and well worth the money..Version: 3.11.1

Great but.....The towers should be a bit cheaper and the aircraft carrier not only send out mini planes but should be able to shoot balloons with a artillery gun or something.Version: 1.1

AmazingSo much fun addictive and I can’t put the game down definitely buy it.Version: 3.12

Best game!!!!This is an awesome game it’s so much fun ,so many cool monkey characters and upgrades A++.Version: 3.25

I. Can't. Stop.Really satisfying and addictive strategy and shoot 'em up game. It's fun and you get absorbed deeply into the flow of things. I wouldn't mind a reset button though rather than exiting the game, saving it, entering again then click 'start new game'. One last thing-it would be great to save multiple games rather than just the one..Version: 1.1

3 YEAR COMPREHENSIVE REVIEWBeen playing the series for far longer still. Great, unique, inventive. A fantastic game for TD veterans and noobs alike!! The theme is fun and a little silly, but doesn’t stop you from getting competitive, and into it. GET IT. Now, I have a serious complaint. My save file, and thousands of others was lost. The game even acknowledges my high score on levels, but all my time collecting money and leveling up towers is gone. Had to start at level 1.. The loss of full game center integration was not handled well. Overall B+ Anyone can pick this up and enjoy. Enough content to keep you busy for untold amounts of hours. Micro transactions are sloppy and not very helpful..Version: 3.12

Very cool gameI’m a fan of the BTD Series I this is probably the 2 best game in the series.Version: 3.30

Easy 5Great game.Version: 3.27

Make the up grades cheaper💕.Version: 3.22

Good gameThis is an amazing game but the double cash I think should be £5 and all the skins should be £1 each but I brought them anyway amazing game.Version: 3.16

Support for Ipad 4 pleaseThe game doesn’t fit the screen of my Ipad.Version: 3.25

It’s not really about the gameThis is a good game but I wanted to ask if you could bring back the SAS zombie assault games especially the tower defence.Version: 3.25

AmazingThis is way better than balloon td 6.Version: 3.24

SO GOOD!Lately ive been really depressed but ever since ive gotten this game, my life has improved drastically, i love all the different levels and challenges and it really inspires me to keep on achieving, i love it.Version: 3.16

Private match issuesI give 5 stars only because this is a classic game that i have always loved but the private match system has completely failed so far for me. I have high speed internet and so does my friend but i simply cannot get past the loading/connecting screen. Please fix this. It should not be that hard for you to make a two player game function speedily..Version: 3.24.1

I would love my purchases backI had bigger beacons but now I don’t I should have said this a while ago because I am now level 41 or 42.Version: 3.21

AmazingI love the art style in this game and BTD battles all of the games are good, but this one along with BTD battles have to be my favourite in the series..Version: 3.25

Add a random mission makerI want to share my ideas with this community with random missions so please add a random mission maker (rmm).Version: 3.24.1

Good butI have been playing for a year or 2 and I transferred to my iPad to my iPhone 5s and I downloaded the app and connected to everything to see that all my progress is lost! I got to leader boards and it said 2.5M balloons popped but then that present thing says to pop 250k balloons! I need help to get my old account back I don’t want to lose all my progress!.Version: 3.13

Time Killer!This game is Awesome! It kills so much time, and you can never get bored of it. Although please Ninja Kiwi try to do some big updates to make this game even better!.Version: 3.12.1

Literally the best tower defence of all timeThis game is a cross between strategy and hardcore gaming which is everything that every self respecting gamer wants. At first I was doubtful about paying 5 dollars for a mobile game but because of BTD’s replay value I would say that is it well worth the price tag. Five stars.Version: 3.25

Best iPhone game ever?Probably one of the most consistently great games on the store to date. 5 years straight its had constant updates and maintained a well-flowing and enjoyable game for all ages and keeps the persistent players like myself entertained by it’s HUGE variety of maps and game modes. Doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, bravo 👏🏻👏🏻.Version: 3.12

Money well spentI hadn't played in a while, but it looks like the subsequent updates have brought huge performance improvements and big feature packs. Thanks Ninja Kiwi!.Version: 2.2.2

£2.99? Don’t even flinch. Just buy.This is an excellent game. So much harmless fun and you DON’T need to buy anything more once you’ve paid. You can do of course but you’ll just be making the harder levels accessible more quickly. I only bought this yesterday. Other than Kingdom Rush this is the best strategy game I’ve seen or played. Top notch in every way..Version: 3.11.1

AddictiveI’ve played this game before a long time ago when I had it on my Kindle fire and I loved it. I got it again and I still love it because it’s calm in the earlier levels but after a while it goes crazy and it forces you to get better towers and/or to upgrade the ones you already have. It also makes you plan your strategy and cover up your exits. It’s a great game and I would recommend it!.Version: 3.13

Other games from ninja kiwiSo I only recently noticed that ninja kiwi made ZOMBIE TRAILOR PARK. It was one of my favourite games and when it was shut down by ninja kiwi it broke me. But I mean all the good games always end. I just wish I could see the game re release because the game was amazing and really fun.Version: 3.30

Good but boringSandbox is like I want it badly but when you get it it becomes less fun then you think maybe if it had a funner why of sand box like maybe it has rounds not lossed or hearts that you start out with like 1,000,000 then you could see how long it takes to die or how long you can last. Co op, not a favorite I hate how my teammate begs for a ton of money it just gets annoying. Thanks for reading,hope you agree..Version: 3.11

The bestIt’s the best game ever the only thing is that it costs money and it’s pretty hard but but anyway it’s a good game.Version: 3.22

BTD5 offers years of entertainmentI began playing early versions of this game as a young lad in school. Now, as an adult, I’m able to find even more enjoyment out of this game as the difficulty is very customizable and, despite having beat every level, I am able to go back and challenge myself on the next hardest difficulty. Some maps will give you much more trouble than others- so the difficulty of the maps isn’t as straight forward as what they label them. The towers have great diversity and there are endless strategies to come up with. My friends know me for playing this game constantly in the car while they drive. All in all, for 5$, I would consider this a life long investment. Please play this cute game.Version: 3.14

What is the difference between BTD6 and BTD5I think BTD5 is better and I will never get 6 because every thing looks funny..Version: 3.23

BestGame.Version: 3.23

ReviewGreat game but make it free because then you can have more players and better ratings! Thanks for making this game it is really fun but remember make it FREE.Version: 3.22

Too good to be trueI see why it's on the featured page.Version: 3.10

Thank youThank you for the good bloons games ninja kiwi this is the best bloons game by my opinion and I think that you should keep up the good games and make tons more.Version: 3.10

Socks offThis game frickin rocks the socks off my feet man.Version: 3.22

Amazing game !I’ve been playing Bloons td for years and it’s one of the most unique tower defence games out there with simple gameplay that doesn’t get old, and even with bloons td6 being out this game still gets frequent updates so there’s always something to do. I highly recommend this game!.Version: 3.23

Works without WiFi!I pass the time on long journeys with this game because it rare to find a game that is truly standalone like td5. I have owned it for four years and still pick it up to play from time to time..Version: 3.25

Simply the best game ever!Totally worth paying for! So many ways of playing. And so much fun! I can't stop playing! And my kids love it too! Thanks Ninjakiwi!.Version: 1.1

AWESOME GAME!!Ones of the best games ever, can pick up and play anytime, and then you think your done and more updates come out, would absolutely definently recommend..Version: 2.3.1

Great but needs some revising !I really like the game but they need to move the special attack button.... it’s right under the sell Botton and I keep accidentally selling my towers when I go to use a special attack! I suggest moving the amount of blooms popped underneath the sell button to have the special attack button at the top instead !.Version: 3.25

PERFECTIONIn a game. I have bloons 4 and was hooked on that so was super excited when this came out. Absolutely worth the money for the game. A zillion hours of game play and super addictive. WARNING, you partner wot like how much time you spend playing this. 😄.Version: 1.5

Great game, needs updates..Version: 3.17

I beat round 100It’s true also it’s possible.Version: 3.25

Wow, AmazingOkay, I have a hard time saying how good your game is, but Love it soooooooo much! Very good and It never gets old. I have one recommendation; Please add a tank monkey, Maybe it could be like the helicopter, And it has many modes like, Follow touch, and what not. Ok I lied, one more thing. Maybe add a "Gambler Monkey" that attacks with dice. Upgrades would go, Top: Extra range, Harder dice, Loaded dice, and than some weird "Good probability upgrade that makes it a 50% Chance he gambles a big win. On the bottom upgrades: More money (more money per win), Sniper dice, Super fire, And than a "Pool Master" Which causes it to throw a big pool stick and as an ability it throws a casino machine. Also I forgot to mention this earlier, He gambles on each throw of the dice, and if he wins, he gets 70 maybe 80 in game cash and if he loses, you lose $50. This is an idea my friend came up with and it would be really cool if you could make it work. I love all your hard work, and I really appreciate it. 👍🏽.Version: 3.11.1

A major problem for a game that you pay for.This is a great game; I’ve been playing this game for awhile and I still can’t figure out why I paid 5 dollars for half of a game. Most of the game modes you have to unlock yourself using real money. Especially sandbox mode. That’s my only issue with this game. It’s kind of a rip off if you ask me. This game was free on the internet, but you guys got greedy. So....Version: 3.12.1

Great but multiplayer needs a tiny tweek.Okay so i love everything about this game, everything is absolutely perfect but i often play alot of multiplayer in this game to play with my girlfriend because i dont get to see her often. She has “okay” but not great internet connection. So when we play together she always immediately disconnects. I was wondering if maybe, if the developers even see this, if they would update the multiplayer to the point where it will stop the game to atleast give people with bad internet a chance to reconnect again. This problem is annoying because we everytime we go to around 50 or so the internet craps out for one second and it disconnects. Thank you so much for reading this and i hope to see some sort of improvement soon..Version: 3.12

Superior to other games I playedThere is no game more superior than this game - always something new to play but yet can be taken anywhere regardless of internet connection. And best of all, the game is virtually bug-free..Version: 3.13

BT5Worth every billionth of a cent. It's faster than on the computer, and you get special in-app purchases, and a special tower. So legit, so worth is, so ADDICTING!!!.Version: 1.4

My Favourite Mobile Game!This is a really fun strategy tower defence game, and I think it definitely deserves 5 Stars! I've been playing it for 3 years now, and I still love it to bits! The artwork is really cartoony and interesting, the levels can get REALLY intense, and the soundtrack always gets stuck in my head! For just £3, it's an amazing game and ANYONE can sink hundreds of hours into it! Love it!.Version: 3.14

Awsome game overallVery fun game that you can play for a long time withought getting bored but it has a annoying bug that i dont like. The banana farms last bank upgrade says it gives 60% if i can remember but after awile that drops. E.g i got 6000 monkey money in a round and it gives me 100. Thats not 60%. But other then that its an amazing game and i would recomend it to anyone..Version: 2.11

Love itI love this game and I’ve played it for many years. but I got an iPad 5th gen for Christmas and it doesn’t fit the screen..Version: 3.23

GreatGreat game! I don't usually buy upgrades on games but I like this one so much I did. I highly recommend this!!.Version: 1.5

Hours of fun guaranteedBloons TD5 has entertained for 2 years now. This game has a massive amount of content and there are so many things to be unlocked. If you're concerned about the price or not sure about the gameplay, watch someone else play it. If u like what u see it is well worth the price. A great time waster which isn't doesn't get boring like all those ketchapp games..Version: 3.10

Great gameThis is like the only game I play on my phone. Love it so much. 👍👍👍.Version: 3.14

This game is awesomeThis is unbelievable. Keep it up.Version: 3.25

New towers would be great!The Submarine was good, helicopter was great, but what about new towers? Personally a passive tower would be good, one specificity designed for increasing money(without having to pay actual money to increase money outcome) or another long ranged tower. If Ninja Kiwi were to put a suggestion inbox where fellow players could throw ideas into. People would gain interest knowing that their opinions could alter the game..Version: 3.12

Review by a true hardcore gamerI think this is a great game and has an amazing feel to it I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a tower defence game, and the diversity is what makes it stand out so get this game because as ninja kiwi says it is more awesomer than other tower defence games..Version: 3.23

11/10I hate balloons with a burning passion. They steal your breath, smell like rubber, and they’re just so darn annoying. Whenever I see a balloon, I will instantly despise it. I might be having a great day, and I’ll turn around and see one of those dirt buggers. In my opinion, they are the pinnacle of human destruction, the epitome of our worst creations and waste of our precious resources. And don’t get me started on the people who create these balloons. May they choke on one. This game has allowed me to carry out my fantasies. Whenever I see a balloon, I can just whip out my phone and hop on it. Right in front of that terrible mess of stuck up rubber. Within a few minutes, I can be blasting away those fools with helicopters and submarines, with ninjas and pineapples. It brings great satisfaction to my cold heart. And if anyway dares to tell me of for my screams and cries of celebration at my great balloon genocide, I can simply throw darts at them too, as my monkey heroines do. I officially love monkeys. And when the balloons finally overtake my great primate empire, and I lose my long fought game, I can just start another! And that stuck up piece of wrinkled rubber watching me, I just watch it shrivel up at the sight of my banana republics. Millions of balloons popped forever. Best money I ever spent..Version: 3.14

It’s okIt’s really fun but when you play it for a while it gets really boring.Version: 3.22

An issueHello NinjaKiwi, lately I’ve been playing your game and its awesome. But after a while I got to rank 45 and my game just stopped. Like every time I tried to play it. It will turn black and just kick me out of the game. I have brought a couple of skins for the characters. When the thing started kicking me out of my game I had to uninstall and install it again. When I did it. All my stuff was gone. I sign into the Facebook and it didn’t work. So the skins I bought. I have to buy them again. Please I really want money back because of the issue. If you can sent a email or text to me and refund my money back. And I tried to restore purchases and it didn’t work. I tried everything and it didn’t work. Please contact me..Version: 3.24.1

AmazingBloons TD5 is great but can be very very grindy although the game is close to putrefy.Version: 3.28

Fantastic GameThis game is really well made with tutorial, bizarre challenges and missions, and always making new challenging maps for people to complete, but I wish there was a way to use the past special agents not in pro mode. There should be a button that allows you to use the original special agent or the pro. (Once you unlock the pro) Other than that, fantastic well made game for single and multiplayer gameplay..Version: 3.14

Nice gameI really enjoy this game and how it's set out so it gets a 5 from me can you just fix lag spots like level 86 thx.Version: 2.10

Great gameAbsolutely have to recommend this. It's a super fun game that anyone can enjoy. You just can't go wrong with a Bloons TD game.Version: 3.16

Amazing gameGreat game I completed bloons tower defence battles 1 I fully upgraded everything it was a grate game you should check it out this is a great calming game that you can play in whatever mood you are in as it’s like the only game you can get with out ads it’s really worth the money there’s loads of content and lots of little games AND YOU CAN FINALY do team play against random people I highly recommend this game enjoy.Version: 3.22

Great Game!I saw a ton of review on thi game before i got it and they were pretty good so i got this game. Soon after i because addicted to it and wanted to play more things like it so i downloaded baloons tower defence battles. Then i saw that there were a lot of skins and a character(the cobra) that i think could be added relatively easily to this game that are from baloons tower defence battles. So i hope they add this soon!🤞.Version: 3.13

Deserves 5 stars!Really good quality, well set out, fun time passer. It ain’t addictive, which is awesome, it ain’t too hard, it ain’t too easy, it ain’t bad at all. I’ve played it for many years and I love it. I recommend a download if you want a quality classic..Version: 3.11

5 year reviewSo I started playing this game a while ago when my older brothers were playing it on the family laptop and they got a pretty high rank I mostly watched but sometime would play it and eventually got super addicted I would play it every day eventually I got out of it but a few months ago I downloaded it on my phone and got addicted again the game is just overall amazing and a great way to kill time.Version: 3.21

Love and addictionI can’t put it down and there’s a lot to achieve.Version: 3.10

AwesomeThis is a fantastic game, easily one of the best td games for mobile devices and the only app I considered worth paying for. With 21 unique towers, each with two upgrade paths, and more than 45 maps spanning 5 difficulty levels, plus all the extra goodies like Agents, it's definitely worth the price. There are a few in app purchases, but they're not in your face and while they are nice to have if you want to buy them they are purely optional..Version: 2.7

More then just attacking balloonsThis game is not like the other 4 it's different. There's upgrades,challenges,play with your friends, play online and many more this is why btd5 is my favourite game.Version: 3.12

Very GoodThis was a game which is WAY better than it’s PC counterpart, something which is rare among all games. On iOS, the graphics look more smooth and bright, and it’s much easier to place things than on PC. It feels AMAZING when you have multiple max level Super Monkeys shred through waves of blimps and ceramic balloons. Only complaint is the sound/music. The music gets boring after a while, and when you get to later stages, the balloon popping sounds (especially ceramic balloons) are almost unbearable..Version: 3.12.1

What ??My account got banned??.Version: 3.14

Great gameTD4 was excellent, TD5 goes well beyond that. The third level green moabs were much needed and appreciated. Love the new glues and other characters. Would like more maps at easy and intermediate level to try different approaches on. I never play with monkey gods to make it more challenging and can always get to level 85+ on hard, so much fun. Go you kiwis, it just gets gooder and gooder (sic)..Version: 1.2

Amazing GameThis game is just amazing, you have a winning formula here, please don’t give up on BTD5, I’d love to see some updates, maybe some new tracks, a couple towers and variety of music, the game needs to keep evolving and not be left on the shelf. The multiplayer option is also key with this game..Version: 3.16

Super great game, and could there be a custom towers game modeSo this is addicting to the point I play on multiple devices, but I’ve always thought how cool it would be to be able to make my own tower on mobile(what I play on the most) and not require mods which would be on Pc as far as I know. So there could be a game mode like sandbox only where you can create your own towers, this could be replacing towers or adding them which ever one. But this would also give me more reasons to put money in the game. So think about it and if this even gets read/responded too I would go insane and if this comes in to the game I will defiantly by the monkey bucks or whatever to get it. Thank you for reading.Version: 3.14

FIX START UP CRASHFOR EVERYONE WHO'S GAME CRASHES ON START UP, TURN OFF WIFI THEN START UP GAME THEN IF YOU WANT TO PLAY ONLINE JUST MINIMISE BTD 5 BUT DON'T CLOSE IT AND TURN WIFI ON. I've always loved BTD but this games kinda annoying because its destroys battery and the option to buy lots of money, XP and other things, is quite annoying because its a paid game but yet I didn't unlock everything :( + I just stated using co op mode but has a horrible trend of lagging and disconnecting after round 20 if you fast forward..Version: 2.2.1

Amazing gameGet it instead of btd6 If you want to play with friends.Version: 3.21

2018 & Need fix Random Multiplayer.WILL NOT buy TD6 untill you fix multiplayer bug in TD5. TD5 still needs random quick match multiplayer bugs fixed. We need option to select the exact maps we wish to play, and option to select exact dificulty we wish to play in random quick match multiplayer. Currently only Quick Multiplayer Match options available are random..Version: 3.15

GreatThis is an awesome game!!! You can play with friends and all sorts! I highly recommend it! The £3 doesn’t matter because it’s so worth it!.Version: 3.12.1

It's good but needs more mapsI've played all the maps multiple times Can you add more maps please And it crashes sometimes when I'm up to level 173 So can't just moving forward because it keeps crashing..Version: 3.26

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