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PUBG MOBILE App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

PUBG MOBILE app received 131 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PUBG MOBILE? Can you share your negative thoughts about pubg mobile?

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PUBG MOBILE for Negative User Reviews

JoeMama.Version: 1.9.0

It’s fineI love this game but the thing is when your high up, losing cost you 40 points winning your game is 25 points, yeah I might sound like a sore loser but it ruins the game for me at least make the losing points maximum of 30. Another reason why I rated it 3 stars is because the points thing where if you lose it will keep you at the level like gold 1 for example, well one time the thing didn’t activate and I was so confused and got really mad over this plz fix this..Version: 0.6.1

New era sucksI liked it better before.Version: 1.0.0

Why was my uc deducted, is this a scam?Ok so i bought 600 uc then my uc was delivered right and I even bought a royal pass. Then I had total 410 uc in total in my acc and then I had a message saying your 410 uc was deducted because you bought it from a unofficial website, I bought the uc from the game store where you usually buy uc from and then just to check if this wasn’t a glitch I bought another 60 uc. Then before my uc was delivered to my acc PUBG mobile decided to deducted it and then I got 40 uc from my royal pass and they took away that too. So…..PUBG mobile are you trying to scam me or what?. I don’t care whether you were trying to scam me but at least give me my uc back which I paid for or if you don’t want to give my uc back give me my money back because if you do this, this is just a scam. So please give me my uc back or my money..Version: 1.6.0

Massive cheating issueI have played this game for many many hours! I have had some fun, but mostly I have been reporting cheaters, at least one per game. Yet i have not seen these people banned! I have seen them in other games and what not. I just got done playing a game were i had the drop and surprise on an opponent. Shot him 4 times with a M16 in chest and head. I had full level 3 helmet and vest, and he turns and kills me in 2 shots... please explain to me devs how this is not cheating?!? Please do something about this epedimic on your game. It is ruining an otherwise good game, and that is why i give it 1 star, because this issue has been going on for awhile! Update: The Devs have still done nothing about the hacking issue and it has gotten 10x worse, every match has atleast 1 hacking team or person in the final circle! But do the Devs do anything about it, nope! So if you enjoy losing every game no matter what level gear you have or what ever gun you have, by all means get this game, otherwise it still remains a 1 Star, if I could a zero star, for me! Hackers are ruining your game, yet you dont do anything about it Update: i am literally done with this game! The Devs dont give a crap about the cheating going on in the game, nor will they ever! So i am done, this could be a great mobile game but the lack of caring by the devs has completely ruined it! Its nothing but a money grab for them!.Version: 0.10.0

Great game but typical money grabbing companyHave played this game for a number of seasons - always have an RP pass so feel spend more than enough on the game, yet their spin to win events they put on are a joke and are nothing short of rigged. My advice to anyone considering this game is stick to FreeToPlay and don’t spend anything on this game as its a waste and the company doesn’t deserve it as they could care less about feedback from paying clients. Also their demerit system is a complete joke and again they don’t actually care when contacted about it. Just like I doubt they will care about this review. That being said - the game is fun to play the majority of the time.Version: 0.16.0

Oceanic or Australian servers please!After playing this game for 13 seasons (basically from the start of release) I have come to realisation into how hard the game is to play in servers located across the sea. I live in Australia, and while my game does not exceed 200 ping, it has never ever gone below 150ms ping. The game is still playable but it has so much more potential with a faster server for those in Oceanic regions. High ping is hard to deal with even if you are an expert at the game, there are far to many disadvantages given to those with higher ping. Especially when the higher ping is not caused by a bad internet connection but because the game doesn’t provide enough servers for its players. Some issues high ping players must face include things such as, getting shot despite dodging behind a wall, shooting before an enemy but their bullet still reaches you faster (slow bullet velocity), or even sometimes seeing other players teleport across the map at random, etc. I really do hope there will be new servers because over the past few years this game has brought me countless happy memories and I don’t wish for it to end there because of a trivial lagging problem. So please please please create a server for the player in the oceanic regions..Version: 0.19.0

Good game met with a lot of disappointmentThis has so much potential to be a flawless game but unfortunately there seems to be a few issues that render this game quite a way from being flawless... Issues include: Hackers, party lobby bugs, stupid game mechanics such as (if you get into a car with a sniper and whilst being a passenger you change your gun to rifle, when you jump out the car because the car is under fire you will automatically switch back to sniper) this last one is particularly annoying and would be very easily resolved... A massive problem with the game which is not related to playability is the OUTRAGEOUS prices in the shop and the obvious scam which is all lucky box events! In this regard I honestly think it is time legislation was made against game companies for this scam which is not well hidden at all! It’s gambling and should not be allowed to continue on any mobile game especially when the gamble is so blatantly rigged against the player!... OVERALL GREAT GAME, JUST DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THE INGAME SHOP, I PROMISE YOU’LL REGRET IT!.Version: 0.13.0

Cheats and updatesI loved this game but no longer do due to cheats and how much interfering you have done with updates etc the game is becoming absolute rubbish and thats coming from someone who plays this game every day because i actually enjoy it. Im tired of the language matchmaking. Why ask what language youd like to be matched with to put me in a group of 3 screaming 14 year old foreigners constantly. Why place buildings and walls and trees in the game if you can get shot through them, why send down air drops for them to be stuck on roofs and not access them, and also, these stupid bots that are now in the game and appear from nowhere is ridiculous. Ive spent money on this game and your ruining it. Seriously contemplating deleting this app and getting everyone i play with to do the same also. Complete mess this game. Can you also please explain to me how tf im using 4g mobile data and still when i go onto the game i have a red bar for the game signal internet strength... whether it be wifi or 4g data the received signal is rubbish.Version: 0.11.0

CrashesEvery time I try to start PUBG it keeps crashing as soon as it reaches the loading screen:( any help would be appreciated..Version: 0.3.3

Really fun but BUGGY as hellAs this is is PUBG, you can expect it to be both exciting and addicting at the same time. I have tons of fun playing this games especially with my friends. The game tweeks the Battle Royale formula to fit the mobile scene properly and it works well. However, I rate this 3 stars because of all the “bugs” in the game. By “bugs”, I don’t mean the glitching through the walls type of bugs, those can be really funny. What i mean is “getting disconnected and the game closes” types of bug. Bugs where when you try to drive a car the game crashes, or when the screen freezes randomly. This is compounded by the difficulty of actually logging in the game because even just running the app causes the game to crash or freeze on the loading screen randomly. Here is an example of a common scenario when playing PUBG: -start the game -freezes at Tencent logo -start again -freezes after pressing log-in using facebook -start again and get to play this time -join a game with friends -play the game -screen freezes while looting (or worse, fighting) -Tries to log-in again -freezes at Tencent -start again -freezes at Tencent again -start and get in to the game -your dead The worse part is that after logging back in you can freeze again instantly for an infinite cycle of increasing frustration, until you give up to try for another day. If this may seem a bit biased, it is because this just happened to me and needless to say, I am not very happy..Version: 0.4.0

Unable to start downloadNew update is horrible.Version: 0.18.0

Time!!! Fix your stuff immediately!I can’t even open the game and when I do and I’m done playing for the day I’ll go to click on it again and it says I have to sign in like are you serious I shouldn’t have to sign in every time!!! Fix your stuff immediately!.Version: 1.0.0

Banned me for what I have not done2 days ago Pubg banned me stating that I team up with hacker for boosting rank. I usually play with my team mates who are from Queen of Spades clan. I dont usually play randomly and while playing sometime with random player also have not found hacker among them. I myself had reported players who had been cheating in games and never see the point why they do so because location hacking, aim hacking, wall hacking and other types of cheating kills the spirit of gaming. There is no fun playing this type of game using such hack. I play my with my team mates for fun. We like playing rushing game and never cared for rank. We push rank by playing our own way. But pubg branded me for cheating which has harmed my gaming spirit. Not only me recently I have known there have been other victims like me who have been branded cheating in game while they have not done any such things. We spent hours playing, finishing missions and collecting achievements with fair playing. Pubg banned me saying its system detected and once being banned they can not even revoke it. But you should know taking action against the thing which players like me had not done is killing the moral of the game. Hope your system gets better in detecting the spirit of fair players and not brand them cheater in future..Version: 0.19.0

Cheats and hacksThis is an amazing and incredible game, perhaps one of my favourite games of all times. However, almost every match I play, I catch someone doing something which seems like hacks. Either that or the hit boxes of boulders are the size of pebbles. The last round I played, I was CROUCHING behind a rock which is higher than my NORMAL height, when someone on the opposite side of the rock one-shotted me (not a headshot) with a SR. This seems impossible, since the rock is way taller than my non-crouching height and, from the footage after my death, he wasn’t even peering round the rock. Another instance, I found someone Machine-gunning and possibly aimbotting me with a P92 - a type of pistol which is not automatic. Many other rounds, people have shot me through trees, walls, and I have even found, in some instances, people who seem to be using an invincibility cheat. If you come across people who seem to be doing these things, you CAN report them, so hopefully there will soon be many less of these cheats. But, for the time being, I am rather unsatisfied with the amount of people who appear to be using hacks..Version: 0.7.0

Cannot log in to my accountI don’t know what’s wrong with the new update, but it says my account has been logged into a newer version of game, where as I just updated the game..Version: 0.18.0

Can't even play (don't download)In my game it runs the logo then the loading screen then crashes on iPhone 5s please fix this.Version: 0.3.3

Very expensiveSurely this game is hungry for money . They want u to spend 1000+ just for temporary stuff including unwanted outfit and I reckon whenever they have an update there will be a unnecessary problem will come with the new update like the last update 9 April 20 u mostly start are game with friends can’t get into spawn pointing just freezes n u have to restart your game and press cancel when it ask if you want to enter the match because if you press OK to enter u will still freeze, you need to go thru this over n over for sometimes until it let u play but the sad thing about it from every game u didn’t enter point still deduct from your season ranking points . It’s a fun game but you really need to fix these problems cos your making good money from people on this app but lag of attention to fix these problems ..Version: 0.17.0

Best game for tablet and phone very addicting lot of glitchesI recently deleted this gameBecause of the updates it stole everything that I worked for over 10 millionWhat if I actually use cash to pay for some of that and now what and the up date trying to say they are good for u but it just some gimmick that you guys are all flirting so you are not even focusing on glitching and cheaters and the maps in Metro meter have so many glitch u can like go to the mane Frame of the map it’s like u don’t even care but I like the old school withe New weapons more maps not seasonal gimmicks upload but what every u thank people are going to spend money but in reality good outfit are better or material items new cars what happened to car battles and the spray tags are stupid call duty mobile did the same thang but did not charge cash for thin so why do the game give them to u wen u buy u do u just don’t mess it up to far by the way Metro meter love the idea of building guns and upgrading them and then doing this is the same very good idea something for the old-school veterans to do finding little kids on here also need to make the reporting box characters more than 200 can’t really tell you what’s going on in the game 200 characters to explain signing off Casper gaming.Version: 1.2.0

DisappointedSo I figured I’d get back on PUBG and give it another try after I recently deleted it. I deleted it because I died wayyyyy too many times from bugs like vehicles exploding for no reason, parachutes not opening causing me to fall to my death, de-sync issues that allow people to kill me after I’ve already been shooting at them, etc. first game back on and I’m crouching behind a crate that I was looting, guy sees me and shoots me twice so I move. I can literally see him (third person view) on the other side of the crate about 50 meters away. He continues to shoot at the crate while I first aid myself. Now, still crouched behind a metal crate with ZERO of my body exposed, he continues shooting at the crate and kills me through solid metal. Yeah, true story. Why was I crouching behind a metal crate? Because every other time I’ve ever done that it’s worked perfectly fine. So just as I’m about to give the game another shot, I discover yet another bug in this horrible mess of a nonsense game. It’s sad too because the game has potential, yet every time I see an update it’s like “oh look we came up 1,000 more hats you can wear” as opposed to fixing the issues that make the game a nightmare to play. My advice to the consumer, don’t download this game unless you are in the mood to throw your mobile device across the room in a fit of rage after spending 15 plus minutes in a match, only to die from something ridiculous that’s usually completely out of your control..Version: 0.17.0

I really love this game.... BUTI really do love this game. From the maps to the graphics to the team aspect of it and to the customisation of your player and the weapons etc. BUT, the people working for PUBG need to PROPERLY fix the fact and get rid of the players that try and kill their own teammates.. it’s the most frustrating thing when “teammates” try throwing bombs/grenades/flame throwers at you, and start shooting at the car you are driving. Then end up killing me and all my hard work. For what?! I don’t know?! Especially since I am a girl, sometimes they just shoot at me and throw flame throwers at me and end up killing me(mostly the Russians, Albanians etc) as I’ve come to realise but of course it’s others as well. I’ve noticed that MANY MANY other players experience this and it’s just not okay. You guys need to kick these players out of the game officially. It really makes your game look terrible..Version: 1.1.0

Very poor lag with new updateSo I’ve updated to the new season(7) and all of a sudden the lag is so bad I don’t think I can play anymore as it’s very frustrating! Never had any issues with lag previously but now it’s just unplayable! I play on wifi and on the mobile network but it’s so bad more often than not I’m shooting players with two rounds of bullets and hitting them but no kill then they appear to kill me with one shot(no headshot)! And it’s happening at least every second game!! I’m definitely not gonna pay this season for RP as I can tell it will be a waste of money! It’s very sad because I’ve been enjoying PUBG since the beginning and purchasing RP since season 2! Maybe there’s more hackers too as getting shot through walls and getting killed from behind without any visual or audio to let me know anyone’s around me! It’s very disappointing it was good while it lasted but I think I may have to go back and play FORTNITE and other games and leave PUBG behind unless they can fix the issue!!.Version: 0.12.0

App crashIn older version it was running good but after i updated it is crashing a a lot. Please fix it..Version: 0.12.0

New update crashes appApp crashes every 5 mins on my iPhone 6.Version: 0.12.0

ReviewThis is a great game overall, but the reason I gave this game 3 stars, is because this game is way too easy, you’ll only run into a couple players on your way around the map, and it only takes a couple shots with a pistol to kill them, but it is nice to make myself feel good after crashing my vehicle too many times. The map on the other hand is WAY too big. It is very hard to land at a location far away from the airplane. And if you do manage to make it, the safe zone is always too far away, and now you die in the storm because the map is too big and the matches are too long. Which brings me to the 3rd reason, and ways PUBG could improve their game. The matches are too long, so when you play a game, and you are about 20minutes in, and you die, you don’t play anymore, you go to another app. So if you decreased the amount of time in the match, you will have more people playing the game, and more often too. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the matches short, when you win a game, it typically takes about 25-35mins to do so. So if you take this down to about 10minutes per match, most people will have the time to play more, plus you could play 3 rounds in the time it takes to play one. So in conclusion, if you are going to improve the game in some major ways, this is the route to go..Version: 0.10.0

Amazing but one problemI am playing pubg from 7 month it was amazing but some technical issue was happening with me I am playing pubg in my iOS device when. I stopped playing pubg because my exam started after one month I again started playing pubg it cause problem then when some resource download and I restart game but it does not open it only first page of game open like it says tencent game and it show for 3 or 5 second and game quit automatically I redownload game 4 or 5 times and I format my iPad and only download pubg but it doesn’t open I check my storage there is more 5 GB storage left.i restart my iOS device but pubg is not opening please do something I have connected my pubg on my Facebook please do something................Version: 0.9.0

Keep getting paired with foreign countries.Would like to play with people in my region (not racist or anything) even when I chose North America, I still get paired with people from India or some country around there. Still a fun game but would like to play with people from North America..Version: 0.9.0

This game is deadI’ve been playing this game since season 2. So a long time. I have slowly watched this game die to the point it’s unplayable. The cheaters are ridiculously common. FPP is completely dead (which was the best way to play this game. Reaction and aim in CQC was really fun in FPP) but not TPP has taken over which is the most frustrating thing to play as all you get is people hiding and snaking using the TPP view until they know they have the upper hand to surprise you. This game is no longer classed as a FPS it is now a TPS. This company does not care about the game play and fairness, it’s a money making scheme to churn out skins at extortionate prices. Such a shame. This game was at its best around season 7 to season 10. Now it’s a shell of what it use to be….. and to the automated response that may be sent my review saying contact support, you’re sorry to hear my negative experience blah blah blah. Don’t bother. You had a really good game here but you developers killed it with greed and incompetence of curing the cancer of the game in the form of cheaters/hackers. But hey, as long as you keep getting that revenue in from the battle pass and skins then you won’t do a thing about any of the issues that many thousands of people bring to your attention..Version: 2.0.0

Network errorI’ve been effected by network error and can’t even login help?.Version: 0.15.0

Can’t log in check networkHave tried everything from past 5 days. I can’t log in to my account or can’t even play as a guest. Deleted the app thrice reinstalled Reinstalled ios Restarted network Don’t know what to do So disappointed.Version: 0.15.0

Good game, but needs fixingI absolutely love this game, it’s amazing, the graphics are astonishing, the controls are great for customizing, and the game runs pretty well, with internet that is. The reason why I put this review at 3 stars and not 5 is because I recently got a new phone and lost my guest account, now I’ve tried many, and I mean MANY times to get my account back but I never got a response back on my account. I’m doing my best to give everything I have on the account but it’s been a while since I’ve been in my account, I have pictures and everything to show that it’s my account and I was like level 43, around there, I had so much stuff and I even spent money on this account for a season pass, unfortunately I had never linked it to any social media, I thought I linked it to my Game Center but when I tried to use it to log in, I was logged into my IPad account, which is not close to what my main account was, please, if any developer of PUBG is reading this, I’ve tried way too many times to get it back but the support team has not helped for anything and is doing a horrible job, that is why I have a 3 star, if you really want players to stay and play the game, fix this problem and help get my account back so I can play and enjoy this game again..Version: 0.13.0

Good game but... UPDATED READWhen PUBG Mobile came out me and my friends would play it all the time, but when I downloaded it again a few months ago, everyone in my servers and games would be a bot or speak some middle eastern or Indian language even after I put matchmaking English as first language. update. Looking back at Pubg mobile, a game I love when I was younger, you que into full hot lobbies, there’s no challenge, nowadays almost no english speaking people play it either..Version: 1.5.0

Frustrating amount of bugs and glitchesFirst of all Australia needs a server the ping we get is outright unplayable against good teams with low ping. We average around 144ms and even that’s not enough to beat people with 20ms unless you are super fast at reaction time which is near impossible please on behalf of Australian players bring us our own server. Second of all the bugs and glitches are plentiful such as hit markers not registering, enemy players are taking way too much damage before they are finally knocked out it is unbelievable the amount of times I have encountered this problem the developers need to fix this asap please. And last but not least the game is very laggy even on an iPhone of the latest edition there is times the game just doesn’t feel smooth at all being a passenger on a trike is awful the way it drives sideways makes it’s hard to hit enemies there is much much more I can go on about but please fix this game developers of PUBG MOBILE..Version: 1.8.0

Getting to Level 17 is a nightmareIt’s such a good game, but I hate the fact that you have to get to level 17 to play arcade. The only thing I like about this game is the arcade bit. The quick match and the war. But you have to get to level 17 to unlock arcade. Why!?? I was forced to play about 14,15 classic games in order to get to level 17. each classic game lasts about 30-35 mins. And they are super super boring. And literally everyone apart from your team mates is bots. Why don’t you just let the players play arcade right from the start? I really like pubg and I recommended it to 4 of my friends and each one of them is not willing to go through the hassle of getting to level 17 so they decided not to play the game at all. And I honestly don’t blame them. Classic is so boring and takes so long. Why are you forcing us to play it. 🤦‍♂️unlock arcade right from the start! I legit wasted like 13 hours of my life just to unlock arcade. And let’s not even get started on hackers. I shoot players 10,000 times and they don’t die but if they shoot me even once with a pistol, I die instantly . And they can also shoot through walls. 🤦‍♂️ you have such a good game that has made it to millions of peoples phones, don’t ruin if for yourself. Please fix these issues.Version: 2.1.0

Good but lacks some things.I like the game a lot and how it works and how good it is, so far PUBG Mobile rarely disappointed me. It’s an amazing game, you can play it with friends etc. But, it kind of requires UC for most of the good things, and to get UC you need to make online purchases which I think some people are not ok with or it’s not possible for them, the example where you need UC desperately but can’t get it anyhow without paying real money, is the ID Card. I’ve had one ID Card and changed to a really bad name and since that I’ve never really been able to fix that name because I left a bad name long time ago, I never was able to get an ID Card again, the only way possible was through paying for UC so you can purchase one in the shop. Dear developers, please reply to this or add a feature in the game so me and a lot of people who deal with this can have another chance at fixing their name without having to pay real money, looking forward to a response, thank you.😁.Version: 0.17.0

Worst latest updateI had a team with whom i play always and i went some days offline and now am not able to play because my freinds are in higher rank and am in lower and I can’t play with lower rank plays because that makes boring and now we had a incomplete team thats the worst update i had ever seen if a had an idea before joining my team i would had never bought a royal pass because worst worst worst update really really disappointed with your update please try to resolve that issue please thats a request because many people with me are also disappointed because they are not able to play with there freinds and now they are playin with strangers thank you.Version: 1.8.0

Poorly designed serversThis game has the worst servers i have ever seen you, haven’t even thought about other regions that play the game, oceanic servers are the most recommended servers for majority popular games and since every one that plays this sits around 200ms its a sign that you guys aren’t doing a good job at keeping your ‘fan base’ happy one of the best pubg mobile players known as feitz plays at 150ms, WHY? because you cant manage to do the one simple job of adding servers for people across the world. Shame hundreds of people are leaving this game because you fail to do the simplest KEY Features of a game, fix it and you wouldn’t have over hundreds of people leaving your game, also if this was like PUBG PC you would have noticed they go by where is the most popular location people play at and create a specified server for that location. In other words DO YOUR JOB, you guys dont even care about the happiness of your customers instead you care about how much money we put into this game ive seen the rip offs on this game i know what your up to.Version: 0.15.0

Please read and get back to meI love this game I play it all the time but I think you really have got to improve the the free to play experience and be abit more unisex with cloths in certain places let me expand on this so with the royal pass you can either go free or pay 15 to 20 pound real money and I know it’s not a lot but a lot of people play the mobile version because their short on money and not gonna lie it’s very disappointing because you spend hours playing the game and for what abit of bp for a soldier crate where u get like 7 items it’s really not worth spending hours grinding for and the free royal pass OMG it’s disgusting s4 the worst one yet we can like 5000 bp a emote and a weapon skin at level 60 which is very hard to get to for a free to play player and even if I did upgrade the level 20 outfit is only for girls so how am I gonna wear it on my male character why don’t you give us a male and a female version of the same outfit instead of excluding half the population and end tier rewards I’m sorry but they are disgusting takes weeks to get to levels like ace and crown and what do you get for achieveing these high levels some hero crates and bp.Version: 0.9.0

We want pubg mirror world season backWe want pubg mirror world season back… Thanks.Version: 1.8.0

Good game but...So, this game is really fun and I play literally everyday. But, season 8 has to be the worst season. They recycled outfits and weapon skins from previous seasons. I’m all fine and cool with that but ranking up with free RP is just a moot point when you already own the season outfit. Another thing is that every now and then I’ll purchase UC to buy some crates. Only to either get crate coupon scraps or silver frags. I feel like I’m pouring money into this game only to get nothing in return. My game friends and I talk about all the time how pub is getting cheaper and cheaper. The “increased chance” thing is bull crap. There is not a increased chance of getting anything. Pub does that so you’ll buy UC to buy the crates. They also need to fix the new Zombie mode. At “B” spawn (I think) there is literally no way to get the players camped right there. You can’t jump to them and their bullets slow you down to the point that it almost kills you. I’ve played the new zombie infection so many times only to have players camp right there. It makes it unenjoyable. Other than these points I’ve made a lot of friends through pub. I think that if you buy UC you should automatically get a outfit or something. And not just silver cheap frags and crate coupon scraps..Version: 0.14.0

What happened to sniper trainingThey removed sniper training and that’s the only game I play so this game isn’t for me anymore..Version: 1.0.0

Good gameplay bad everything else.The game itself in my opinion is solid. However I give this app 2 stars because of issues it has such as overheating, phone storage, and battery usage. The biggest problem I have is partly my fault, but I made the poor decision of spending money on their crates because they were limited time and there was a new skin for a item that I wanted. First I spent 10 dollars which gave me 660 uc. What I wanted supposedly had a 8 percent chance to drop from the crate with 4 other things at the same rarity, bringing the rarity to 2 percent chance. At 20 uc a crate, I opened 33 of these crates and didn’t get it. Then I spent 25 dollars more. Surprise, I still didn’t get it. 25 dollars gets you 1800 uc. This means I opened a total of 123 crates. I tried to talk to support about my problem but I got no response from them. I think this game would be 4 stars if they actually responded to customers, their source of income, who spend their hard earned money on something that they get nothing for. Maybe I haven’t waited long enough for a response from support but as of now my review stands at 2 stars. However I have not gotten any sort of response from support so essentially I have spent 35 dollars on absolutely nothing. This game is good for gameplay, but don’t make the same mistake I did and spend money on this game..Version: 0.11.0

Worst update everThis is the worst update ever everything is so complicated now even the lobby, the friends section everything about this update sucks i think pubg’s time is getting over slowly now only 10% of people play this game everybody is uninstalling this game i think it’s hight time pubgm should do something about this update or else this is the end of am era seriously.Version: 1.0.0

Not justifiableThis is freaking not good. How many changes do you all bring to the game. Why can’t we allowed to play with our friends with low or different tiers? What kind of problem did it create to your company? This is really really not okay…..Version: 1.8.0

Cant play on my ipod 6 anymoreCant play on my ipod 6th generation anymore since i updated 🤬.Version: 0.14.0

Devs Please Reply Could Be BetterThis could get 5 stars because it is the best shooter and battle Royale on mobile, but the cosmetics are garbage and costs way too much to even buy the half decent clothes, which is a shame because it comes off as a big money grab and why is the Chinese version of this game now known as (Game For Peace),able to run what seems like much smoother graphics? and have breakable windows in game which makes it more realistic, like the pc version of pubg. Why do we still not have windows on buildings? Is this laziness on devs behalf? plus the Chinese version has more content why?&BRING BACK HARDCORE MODE and bring us more game modes like the Chinese pubg why does our version look like it’s still in BETA compared to theirs? Please polish the graphics add windows and more REALISTIC game modes and better more REALISTIC cosmetics this is from a long time player and true fan of the game I want to see it get better but it’s going downhill guys not very happy.Version: 0.19.0

NEEDS TO B FIXED AND SORTED!Hey pubg, don’t get me wrong the game is great its come a long long way since season 1 but the one problem i have...is theres not enough english speaking players, ON THE ENGLISH SERVERS AND CHATS! My partner and i are in a long long distance relationship and we use PUBG as a pass time with each other...only we just aren’t enjoying playing anymore because we just cant find any ppl who speak english to back us up in game. We sit there for hours hoping to find someone who speaks fluent English to play with us..but every person we invite is either a weird creeper from a non-english country...or they don’t speak fluent english. We refuse to play with randoms anymore because even if we have our auto matching set to english we are never teamed up with english people...and its infuriating because they don’t understand us when we talk..I’ve been denied reaching ACE rank because of not having an english team to rely on for backup in game. So plz just do some tweaking and make sure that ppl who speak english get pared up with other english players..because this is now beyond a joke and i am honestly considered deleting this game because of this problem. So plz PUBG...fix this problem, thank u.Version: 0.16.0

Ban for nothingI don’t for what i Get ban for violation of user agreement and i always play in accordance with the rules (ign:Groszilla).Version: 1.5.0

Very addicting game..fun...but...Maybe the one and only mobile game that has kept me playing for many months. No doubt this game is far more advanced than the other mobile shooting/combat games out there. The sad part is, it is starting to bore me out ..TDM was a good addition, similar to my memories of playing rainbow six in its early years. But, glitches, money hungry promotions, and rampant cheaters/hackers still in the game kind of ruin mine and everybody’s in-game experience. I did I noticed that I cut back so much on playing time due to these reasons. I don’t want to leave the community completely but with the rampant cheating going on and Tencent’s detection system failing to weed out cheaters immediately, only encourages known cheaters to continue to find ways to get back into the game. Just watch YTube and you will see channels bragging and showing other people how to bypass the 10 year ban. Superjump, wallhacks, speedhacks, and aimbot are still well in-use by many known cheaters in the game. My own game friends and crew mates have been in idle for such a long time..means they do not play this game anymore. The current promotion to bring game friends back to PUBG Mobile only proves my point that people are leaving and getting tired of the games shortcomings. Hopefully Tencent can fix all these blatant eyesores in the game before they completely lose attention from casual gamers..Version: 0.13.0

A good mobile gameIt is not often that I will play games on a mobile device or tablet truth be told. I’ve always felt that most games fall short in their simplistic design. There are a few exceptions but my previous statement does hold true for the majority. I am an avid PC gamer and have recently being playing a lot of PUBG whilst I’m not very good at the game I do enjoy the concept and the personal nature of some of the engagements that do happen. Which brings me onto the mobile version, it’s basically the same game with the same features on the same map, the only difference is the inferior control scheme but that can’t be helped. One thing that has annoyed me about playing this version of the game is the quite obvious bots, they seem to occupy 90% of matches I play, I’m hoping as I level up I will start to encounter more real players. These bots do remove some of the tension that exists in the pc version of the game. Suddenly firefights are not desperate struggles for survival but rather a simple case of casually lining up your shot and taking them down. That being said, my fiancé has downloaded this version of the game onto her iPad and can’t seem to stop playing, I’ve even joined her for the occasional match. It’s good for when you want a quick casual game and I do recommender if you enjoy gaming on your tablet or phone. At the end of the day this is my opinion and you may form different views, go download and go play, ,abuse even write a review!.Version: 0.4.0

Wish I could love itLike the title suggest I enjoy the game I play almost everyday I’ve gotten about 10 of my friends into It and we love playing together I just hit platinum and I’m still climbing gives me a sense of determination to reach the next tier and I love that I actually love everything about the game except that there are so many bugs/cheaters the bugs don’t bother me too much but there are so many occasions where things just don’t makes sense including silent cars, instant kills with a pistol when I have lvl 3 helmet and vest, shooting a player in the head 4-5 times with a single fire SCAR and then getting killed when he turns and shoots one round directly into “my head” and the list goes on but I’ll end it here by saying I love the game absolutely just wish there was more player cheating monitoring unless it’s just bugs or whatever on your end then I really wish you guys could step it up and address it instead of adding new micro transactions as always also side note when players are reported for cheating or exploiting it would also be nice as a reassurance that you guys take it seriously if you guys would send a message stating that it was looked into and the result of the report. Thanks for your time hope to see improvements so I can continue to recommend the game to friends..Version: 0.5.0

Money suckerThe game is over all good but if you want to used money to get what you such as outfit, skin etc.. its not worth to buy it, you have to use more than $100 and even then it will not give you as you have a very low chance of getting it. Even in speed drift, where you used money three time to speed up to get what you want and each speed up, you have to used more UC( currency in game) as well as it will not give you a single thing for the UC you used for previous reward. If you trying to get the reward then you have to start from the bottom again which cost you more UC. And finally you get to what you want BUT PUBGM WILL NOT GIVE YOU AN OPTION TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT OUT IF THE TWO OPTION and automatically choose it for you. Its a wast of hard earn money. They think people stupid and will keep using money to get they want of course only rich people can do that..Version: 1.6.0

🥺Please can u go back to the old pung I really missing it and also now my friends don't play with me🥺😭.Version: 1.8.0

Hacker OverloadThis game use to be fun, entertaining and enjoyable. However, PUBG mobile does nothing to stop players from using emulators and playing this game on a PC vs an actual mobile device. The game also does absolutely nothing to prevent hackers from destroying the game. It claims that they ban hackers for “ten years” however, you have to report the player, they have to investigate and if they feel they used hacks then yes, that account is banned. But nothing stops that hacker from starting a new account and hacking once again. They don’t block IP addresses. The game also forces you to waste UC (money) attempting to get new items in crates when in reality the likeliness of you obtaining whatever you’re attempting to acquire is never going to happen. So you’re literally just paying them extra UC (money) for repeat items. PUBG mobile also takes away there most popular modes (Payload 2.0) and (Vikindi). They also never give players any actual updated news regarding when or if these modes will ever be returning. Payload 2.0 was the only mode players actually stood a chance against hackers because in this mode, you had the opportunity of using RPGs and other bombs. It’s disappointing that a game would takeaway a mode that allowed players to have a chance against hackers. This game is just out for the money now and no longer cares about what the little guy wants. If you’re not a streamer or a hacker, your opinion is invalid. This game isn’t for you unless you can hack..Version: 1.5.0

Fun But Too Difficult and BuggyWhenever you select a server like North America, you will always go against people that aren’t even from the same country, multiple times I have gone against people from Venice, Italy half of the people that kill you are from a totally different continent. The guns are very imbalanced and need damage tweaking, there isn’t enough recoil on any of the guns, no matter what armor or helmet you have you always get shredded in two from an AKM wielding player from that is halfway across the map from you. The hit boxes are super buggy because if you are moving the hit box will morph and change until they stop moving. If you ever get into gold the que to get into a match is 5 min+ if you want to play a map other than Erengal. There isn’t a way to move shoot and change your crosshair to go on to the enemy. A system to change this is having it where if you press your right fire button it will aim in, like cod mobile. The lvl three armor and helmet needs to be more rare and give you more bullet resistance or give you more health. I don’t know if the lower rankings have these problems, but in the higher ranks, they ruin the game to the point where I took an almost 9 month break because it was that bad. And this is my favorite game, I own all the different platforms of this game..Version: 0.18.0

Pc playersYeo its a great game and runs great but pc players use emulators and destroy all mobile players with their keyboard mouse. plz fix.Version: 0.3.3

Fun game, but…I started playing this again in S18. However, please listen devs, you really should make an Oceania server. I myself, or any other players in Oceania, have been having a very hard time because of our ping. I’ve always been playing on 150ms (while on North America) and recently my ping on that has started going as far as 239ms. I chose to change to North America because my recommended server was Asia, but I was finding a lot of hackers there. You have to understand, not all of us can afford to buy an extremely powerful internet just for the sake of being able to play on even ground against competitive players. Regardless if we play on North America or Asia, the result will still often be the same due the one reason: our enemies having a better internet connection than us. This has been a problem since 2018, and I really hope you put an end to it soon by simply just making a server for Oceanic players to have a decent experience..Version: 1.7.0

Fix pleaseEvery time I play the game it freezes in the middle of the game and I got to restart it and when I go in the cars it freezes.Version: 0.10.0

African serverWhy there’s no more African server ? We are unable to play and enjoy the game One star out of five now for you.Version: 1.0.0

Stealing and bad gameplayIf you like buying something and not recieving what u paid for this is the game for you, they recently had resident evil suits u could buy from ada from their last event, to which recieving was hidden to steal your money. If you didnt get and paid for it sorry about your luck, i write to them everyday to recieve what was paid for, i get a reply to delete it and re-download to fix and some sorry excuse like we apologize for the inconvenience. Gameplay is now crap after the latest update, buttons dont work, u fall from the sky right after jumping all the way to the ground amd then cant pick things up and have to restart the game n which u will lose sound and lagging is improved, never issues before but instead of fixing the issues they have they get worse and more are added. Now the wait time to even play a game is 4 min at minimum to start a round, in which doesnt start, i waited 28 minutes to start a duo round, in which the wait time was 3 minutes and 34 second wait, use to be a good game now ifs an issue to even play or recieve things u pay for. The company does nothing to repay them stealing your money and u cant even get contact with anyone to get fixed cause they ignore to not deal with it and believe its ok for you to pay and not give u what u paid for, i will continue to give updated news. This has happend to several people i play with, customer support doesnt exist for this game.Version: 0.12.0

Potential but needs some fixingThe game is great the idea the graphic the shooting everything but it has so many issues. The vehicle hitboxes are broken as. There’s loads of bots on the new map and old idk if the is the developers or other people doing it to level up but either way it needs to stop. The health is too low often you’ll just get far into the game then one shot without being able to do anything I know this makes it realistic and it’s good for snipers but for ARs and SMGs it’s pretty trash. Also the new update with the new season broke ranks mine says I’m in silver but whenever I rank up it says I’m in gold and my silver rank doesn’t move. The progress missions they added are stupid because if you’re in a high level like myself there are some which you have done which are difficult to do again like I’m in a crew but it still wants me to join a crew. Finally all the clothes you get last for a limited time so what’s the point in getting the crates? Permanent clothes are real money and you constantly get ads for them. Apart from that and with a few tweaks this game could be great.Version: 0.5.0

HelloSo i love the game, i realy do, i play it from the first day of relese on mobile, is almost perfect in any way and fun. I like what developers did with Royal Pass, i did buy it, i love they change outfits every time. I love the updates they make every time and adding new weapon skins and brand new weapons. My only problem is CHEATERS. Omg, it is full of them, specially arab and chinese countys. I cant belive you cant do nothing about it, from the season 3 start, almost every game is with cheaters, shooting threw walls and seeing me everywhere, and i dont say it just because. I really did play allot of games and i see how it is. I stay in a house, in a spot without windows(so they cant see me threw) and the shoot the wall in the precise spot where i am from hundreds of meters away, how is that even possible. And allot of bugs, still didnt fix the bug when you are down on the ground, suddenly the game puts you in your feet....like you are hidding and now you are in the open view. The bug with no legs??? When you will repair all of this devs??? Thank you, im waiting for an answer! I enjoy the game but for coupe of days now i dont even want to play it because of this. I play just to make some “BP” and finish daily mission and thats it, im waiting for good old days again. When it was fun to play!.Version: 0.7.0

The graphics in lagGuys sell the game.Version: 0.9.0

Can’t login after updateAccount logged in on my Note10+ with latest update (and its frame rate dropped so badly) tried on my iPad again which is also on the latest update, it shows that account has logged into a newer version please update your game. Which is ridiculous. Can’t play anymore.Version: 0.18.0

Mic don’t work on ISO device,It’s been more than 3 season, there is a problem with the mic on ISO devices. When you turn on speaker we can listen to teammates but nothing others than that, can’t hear footsteps and guns sound. I. Order to hear footsteps and gun sounds you need to turn off the mic and you can hear everything, or we have to go to Pubg settings and click on mic off and on and come again to game that will restart the game again and you can hear footsteps, but again we have to do this process in every game to just to listen to footsteps. We reported this issue many times on from our game’s but never fixed this issue, they don’t care about your game they just wants us to purchase Uc and invest money on them. I really used to like this game but because if the creater careless on mic glitches don’t like to play anyone, They keep on sending automated messages saying we will fix it, it’s been more than 4 season never fixed this problem. They don’t go through the report done by players, USELESS GAME.Version: 1.2.0

And this is whyThe game is fun, everything works fine and its enjoyable to play! I have been playing since it came out and no problems what so ever except the fact that hackers have found a way to take advantage! Its not fair because people are actually trying to rank and others are hacking to rank up too. People are putting money into this game and what so we can get screwed once in a while by one person shooting through a wall? Naah its not fair but really what do you do when we report them?? Anyways sometimes when i lay down my player stands back up which got me killed sometimes. Some cars drive silly, they slide or they dont even want to drive normal also sometimes people dont die when i hit them on a legit speed to kill them it just makes that one noise. The bots are cool because free kills and free loot but once i was in a middle of a battle and a bot was shooting me from behind like what the? Or they give our position away quick because we're killing it or theyre shooting maybe we should not have bots and hackers? The game would be a 5 star and will make more money$$ also you should add the new maps pleasee i know miramar is a new one but it would be nice!!! Im a decent player and i know its not my fault next update u should fix those issues and add that new map please we will enjoy very much! Overall the game is always going to be my favorite battle royale game! Thank you!.Version: 0.6.1

Cosmetic ProblemsAfter the new season had arrived, it was becoming more evident that the developers were being more lenient to those who actually pay for the battle pass, instead of those who didn’t. There is no sense of reward whatsoever, no matter how good you are with the game. With the battle pass prices being overpriced, I see why they would take the greedy route of reducing the rewards for the non-battle pass players. The point being, spoiling loyal players who spend much time on playing doesn’t hurt. The division of those who pay against those who don’t, reinforces the business strategy that they’ve learnt to grind towards. Even then, once you get any of those rare/ultimate tickets to redeem an item, there are still high chances of getting something mediocre which defeats the purpose of giving back to your players. You have thanked us players for multiple achievements, yet you supply us with gifts that aren’t even permanent. I never understood why temporary items that expire were incorporated in the first place..Version: 0.9.0

RatingsSo ever since weve updated to season ten my ratings were just wring. Ive already submit a report about this and its still not fixed. On the squad im on platinum 2 right now and i was on 1. Everytime i get higher ratings it shows that its adding but im on the gold tier instead of adding onto my platinum tier. And if i die early on the game it does it right. It just minus my ratings from the platinum 1 which im now on platinum 2 again. So really annoying rn. And this happened for abt two weeks now. Pls fix it pls i like playing this game but its playing with my ratings. Its like it doesnt want to add my ratings it just wants to minus it..Version: 0.15.0

Emulator to Phone will not linkEmulator version Phone version I can’t login to phone with Facebook because it’s telling me I have logged into a newer version (emulator) and I can’t seem to get in on my phone. Just a heads up to anyone playing on both with Facebook account. You will be locked on to emulator with your account..Version: 0.18.0

OkayGone down in my ratings ever since you introduced those missions for RP, legit exactly the same as Fortnite, you also added emotes.. exactly the same as fortnite; in my opinion this game was ace before the update but also since the update it’s started to bug out a lot more, sometimes I’d find myself staring at a door because it just won’t open, no it’s not me pressing it quickly so it opens & closes it’s just stuck, I legit have to stand there and wait or go through a window ( I’ve been killed a few times like that ) but also the car rides are glitchy, it says I’m going 70MPH but really I could run faster then that? It seems like the cars are proper slow, I’m not sure; but first person view is a excellent edition, all in all you’ve turnt a really good game which doesn’t need money into a game where you need to pay to make yourself good, truly disappointing, the point of this game is the opportunities without money, but now it’s EXACTLY THE SAME AS FORNITE..Version: 0.6.1

Absolute jokeGot 3 times ban in 6 month. When I checked why they banning for a week it says playing with hacker. It is not our fault that we get hacker in random and how do we know he is a hacker or not. Now they ban me for 10 years for 4th time. I have spend so much money on it and just got ban for playing with random that we don’t know who they are. you can’t even claim your file because when you press claim file there is blank page there. Guys please don’t spend your money on pubg mobile because they have have total control on your account. Imagine you spend so much money on your account and suddenly they ban you for 10 years what will you do. Spend your money which belongs to you and have your total control on it. We work so hard to earn money and take it just like that. Happy day’s gone now for pubg mobile player because there full lobby with hackers. And please don’t you dare to say you guys have zero tolerance. Because you can check on rank clearly guys sitting on top with 8,10 or 15 KD. I hope my experience will help to someone who is reading this review. Please be aware with this game and avoid..Version: 1.3.0

HackersDo something about hackers.Version: 0.19.0

CrashesI love this game and there were never any crashes just some lags and I was ok with that but just today my game started going off the app and the first time it was fine but it kept on happening. I’m really irritated and just can’t handle this. Please get back to me about this issue..Version: 0.11.0

Lag!!!!!!!On the behalf of Australian player/ or player from regions who doesn't have their own server. Pubg is a absolutely best survival of the fittest MMORPG. However, we aren't getting as mush entertainment as the player who have their own servers. In Aus, we don't have any server. So, we have to Play from different server sometimes from middle East or from Asia. The average (ping or ms whatever you guys call it) we get is 200, sometimes it even reaches 500 to 900 making ping bar red as blood. Even in the recommended server, the ping we get in not more than 175. We have to struggle a lot just to play few match. Players who has their own server plays with the ping of 20 to 80 at most. Even when we douch their bullet, their bullet follows and kills us even when we are hiding. It's not hack its low ping. sometimes we don't even see the enemy by the time we hear foot steps, the bullet already goes through our lv 3 helmet killing us in 1 shot of SMG guns. We have been playing this game for almost two years. This isn't only my but my peers and unknown players from different regions who have entered this battle ground's concern. Please get us our own server so we can enjoy the game to its full potential.Version: 0.17.0

Log in issues turned to being BANNEDI haven't been able to log in to my PUBG account for almost a month now. I tried messaging PUBG through Facebook, instagram and email and have never gotten a response. Every time I tried logging in it always says "Account has been logged in with a newer version of the game, and can no longer log in with an older version. Please update to the newest version." After that I went to the App Store and went to check if I was in the latest version and I was up to date with it however no matter what I do and how many times I try logging in using my Facebook it always says the same thing. I tried to do the contact us however it wasn't helpful. Yesterday which is April 25, 2021, I tried logging in again and I was hit with the my "account has been banned" how is my account banned when I have never once violated any rules. I wasn't even able to log in to my pubg account for almost amount and when I suddenly try logging in it says that I'm banned. I spent a lot of money on this game so I don't understand how I could be banned. I checked to see the ban details and see if I have violated any rules and I never did violate any rules. I don't understand how I can be banned especially since I wasn't able to log in to my account for almost a month..Version: 1.3.0

CheaterWellknown’s BattlegroundsI definitely respect and applaud the technical achievement of managing to port this game to mobile devices, even older mobile devices which is impressive considering the limitations. That’s the only good thing I’ve got left to say about PUBG Mobile. This game has been completely destroyed by the cheats. It is an absolutely pointless waste of time to play this game legitimately with such a grotesquely unfair disadvantage. When it’s not the cheats, it’s the talentless ••••s driving around in vehicles (you’ll see them in EVERY match!) trying their best to kill as many players as they can with as little skill or ability as possible. Mix the two together and you’ve got yourself a completely pointless game, which is exactly what PUBG has become well known for being. Tencent “claim” that they make every effort to ban cheats and make it more difficult for people to cheat, but I suspect that this is just an empty publicity statement to encourage people to keep wasting their real money on worthless in-game credits. It’s a very lucrative business to get players to pay money for a game that they’ll almost always lose to cheats. I think PUBG deserves every negative review and bad reputation for having become what it is... a battleground of talentless cheats..Version: 0.6.1

Think what u wantI play this game since the season 2...is one of the most realistic battle royal over there, but be ready to bump into problems like: -hackers...at the start of any season don’t bother to play for few weeks because is full of hackers trying to push for conqueror(the highest rank)...so the game is theirs -bugs...man this game have some unpleasant bugs...ridges from distance don’t hide players standing behind them, means u can aim and shoot at the player but you will just hit the ridge and give up your location...and the other way around, people can see you if u hide behind this ridges. -bugs...walls...people hide into walls and stairs and camp to kill -and don’t aspect to much from costumer service, because there is none...u will just talk like an idiot to an pre set question answer app. Means any new developed problem won’t be answered because the app doesn’t know..Version: 1.3.0

Costs / cheatersHello, Cracking job with the game, I have played it constantly since release and enjoy a good few hours a evening on this game. Because I enjoy the game I also spend money on it quite a lot.... at the beginning I felt the value for money was reasonably good but I do feel that has deteriorated as the game has grown which is a shame. The only value for money now is probably the royal pass which a great addition and I enjoy the perk. Spent £50 plus pounds and got twenty crates and only got t shirts ect.... won’t be spending any money on the game I future due to this. Also the amount of times the game doesn’t allow you to communicate with the team is hugely frustrating. I can’t hear them or they cannot hear me! The cost for bucks needs reviewing big time..... make cheaper and surely more people will buy? Anyhow credit where credit is due the game is fantastic and really enjoyable the developers have done a fantastic job ! A must get!.Version: 0.10.0

Not able to login and playI am not able to login and play it’s showing something network problem i have used my own data after that it is again showing the same please fix the problem.Version: 0.15.0

PUBG IS FAILINGHacker's game! What a joke!!.Version: 0.19.0

I’m not able to loginI’m not able to log in to my Pubg account with my iPhone .. I’m using Pubg since one year and I’ve spent lot of money and yes time as well.. but now it shows Please login after some time .. I’m not able to use it anymore I’m waiting for you guys to help me.Version: 0.15.0

Love this game. I’m a god no one can touch me.After playing mobile fps games for a long long time, I have put 3+ years worth of play time into this game alone. It’s awesome. People on here complain about team mates? Be the team. One man army. That’s the only way I can get games sometimes and it’s turned me into a monster. I also have to say, I love the metro game mode. But the reason I give this 2 stars is simply the amount of spawn campers. You run 5m out of your spawn after waiting 60 seconds to die to some little camper. All they get off me is 5.56 and 7.62, but sometimes it’s one after the other and I’m just having to spend more money to replace the ammo. The fact you let people spawn in right next to where someone is sitting proves how lazy you can be. It’s as simple as that. And with such an important mechanic totally over looked by such a big game studio, I can only give you two starts as a sign of how much I’ve come to respect the developers of this game..Version: 2.0.0

Needs a MAJOR BUG FIXThis bug needs to be fixed because I can’t play ANY PUBG with it. Basically once I drop in and find a weapon with all its ammo if I pick it up no matter how much ammo I pick up it always thinks I have only 1 round. Any meds or throwables I pick up don’t register meaning they don’t appear on screen for me to use however it still takes up space in my backpack. Speaking of the backpack anything I want to get rid or/take away will not do such. If I tap drop it stays there forever. And the weapons displayed in the backpack don’t come up meaning I can’t put any attachments onto the gun. Melee weapons do even work, i was playing a game of melee weapons only and I wasn’t even able to swing the weapon to kill anyone. PLEASE FIX THIS I used to love this game and be able to play it all the time but now I can’t even play the game I loved..Version: 0.7.0

Okay but has issuesGameplay is alright and the variety of maps is great as it allows for you to vary between larger slower paced games and smaller fast paced ones. The selection of weapons and vehicles are good also. The issues are that it pushes events and ‘special offers’ and ‘deals’ WAY too much, every time I open the app I’m bombarded with 4-5 pop-ups. Also the clicking should be able to predict where I’m trying to tap rather tan having to take 2/3 goes to EVENTUALLY hit the small little X button, or also the settings or other buttons. In addition it takes FAR TOO LONG to find a match, I can be waiting for 5-10 minutes for one game to start and that’s what kills it for me. There’s no point playing with such ridiculous wait times so I’m having to uninstall. Can’t justify such a large game when it won’t even let me play a darn match..Version: 2.1.0

Extremely annoying game-breaking bugDear PUBG Mobile development staff, The game is great and I really love playing it with my friends when it works, alas that is often not the case. Every now and then the mic stops working which entirely ruins the gameplay as we are no longer able to communicate, which is very key in teamwork. I’m not even sure how to reproduce this bug, because it’s very random. Most of the times it works during the matching phase and stops working immediately as the game starts. I think somehow the voice channels in the game get bugged. Both our microphones definitely work properly. I’m using an iPhone X and my friends use the galaxy s9, perhaps it could be a cross OS problem. This problem has been here for a while so I’d assume you’re already aware of it. Please, hear out your supporters and fix this issue in your next update as it is really game-breaking. If this gets fixed I’ll definitely rate 5/5. Thanks in advance. I’m looking forward to a reply. Regards.Version: 0.10.0

Lags pretty often other than that great gameI find that the game lags a little to often. It is a great game and it is really fun to play but I just don’t think it handles the well enough.Version: 0.12.0

The glitchThere is a glitch in Sanhok map. There is a house near the boot camp, by the lake where people can prone under the house and shoot people passing by they even win a game with this glitch. Me and my friends have reported this issue several times and yet no responses. Getting killed from people who misuse these glitches is so annoying. Please take some actions ASAP. Please......Version: 0.11.0

New update is horribleI don’t know why you guys even bothered to update it was perfect now I can’t have my personal controls in any mode..Version: 0.16.0

ACCOUNT GOT HACKED THEN BANNED - BETTER CUST SERVICE NEEDEDI have been a PUBG Mobile player since Season 2. My account was hacked and accessed by someone unknown. I have now lost all access to my account, as this person has changed the log in details. Since this hacker has been using my account, my account has now been banned. My account had over 3000 UC and I have had a reoccurring Prime Plus subscription monthly. I was desperate to get my account back, as I have always played honestly and genuinely, with countless hours played and lots of money spent on the account. However your poor customer service efforts have given me generic automated responses that have been of no help at all. I have also been unable to unlink my social media accounts AND Apple ID from my original account, as I no longer have access. Given that myself, along with most other users of the game, spend real money on the game, there should be an option to speak to REAL people in customer service. I am devastated that I have lost my account to a hacker who gained access to my account, due to your poor account security..Version: 1.4.0

Server IssueI can’t start my game. Every time it shows network issue..Version: 0.15.0

Please fix!I have recently downloaded this game, because I have played the Chinese version of this. I know that this game is AMAZING, from the avatars to the maps, to the guns. But I cannot be able to log in as guest or twitter, due to the servers being busy. This annoys me because it is unfair to those who have just joined this game. I get that lots of people play at once, but the people who have just downloaded this game don’t actually get a chance to play it. I have tried to contact PUBG Support, they asked me for my email and then no reply afterwards (yet). I’m not sure what to do next, if the servers are always busy, when do new comers get the chance to make an actual account? It only works with Facebook, WeChat, and maybe game centre (I haven’t tried game centre yet though) but I don’t like using Facebook, wechat or game centre as much. Please fix this problem, because everyone who downloads this game and is new the the game, is most likely going to delete it because they can’t log in. Thank you (:.Version: 0.7.0

Matchmaking IssuesI’ve been playing this game since it’s first launched. However, I stopped playing the game because of this 1 issue. MATCHMAKING!!! You know what’s one thing that’s very consistent with this game? MATCHMAKING ISSUES!!! Biggest reason why I quit playing this game in the last 2 years. Started playing again a couple days ago because I bought a new iPad but still! MATCHMAKING IS STILL AN ISSUE! How can you not fix this issue in the last 2-3 years PUBGM? Most players are now quitting your game because of this simple issue that you can not solve for the past 3-4 years! And yet here you are adding more stuff on the game thinking it would attract more players but NO! It’s MATCHMAKING! Sure it’s not issue when you play Quads and TPP, but what about those who likes to play SOLOS and FPP? 3-4 years PUBGM! Don’t make me wait again for 2-3 years for a simple MATCHMAKING ISSUE to be fixed!.Version: 1.9.0

Just a money hungry gameSpend 200 USD worth of uc in hopes to get something good and all I received were repeated purple clothing head pieces that really dont look good and ornaments. Why are ornaments even a rare item? Nobody cares or notices them. Chance of receiving anything good or worth wearing in matches are next to nothing. Only thing this game wants is money for their very buggy game, terrible ping consistency, banning innocent players and releasing old clothes and charging a ton for it. Overall the game experience was good, now it is terrible definitely going downhill and Pubgm New state is even worst. How do you have billions of dollars top tier developers and are still producing trash? The most recent update in this season s4 has a tier mechanic that doesnt allow you to play with person in a certain tier. Bronze and silver tier is understandable but a diamond player cannot play with a platinum player? That is so stupid how am i going to play with my friends? We rank push as a squad and i reached diamond tier first and now i cant continue ranking because of this idiotic change? Come in pubg do better than this, you getting ridiculous now The community has many issues and for the past 6 season pubg has spent their time finding way of putting useless items into the game so you play longer for very little rewards before they listen to the reviews and better the game in the way we want!.Version: 1.8.0

Server problem in New zealandHey i have been playing this from last 4 years now and my ping was really good in beginning(30-80) but after 2020 things got changed i have tried really good and expensive internet connection for the game but ping never goes beyond 110 its always 110+. I get frustrated manytimes because we have to play with people with ping 50-80 and I don’t know how we can compete. its total disappointment from pubg mobile players who are leaving in New Zealand. Pls fix this server issue. That would be great. Thankssss.Version: 1.7.0

Not bad after allLack of auto firing guns when crosshair is pointing right at a target within 70m range (since the game Cyber Hunter has it), my iPad has had issues when putting a finger from each hands on the screen, sometimes the left hand’s tapping failed at 1/30 chance, been playing CSR 2 on it for 2 years and knows too well the iPad is either defective or tablets are not game pads that works 100% all the time. At times the firing stopped half way as I hold onto the fire button on the iPad. It lack of trio mode, so there’s solo, dual, and squad in a team, but some maps with enough players to join all the time should allow just 3 players in a team than 4..Version: 1.7.0

BrokenA lot of bugs here. Rewards don’t come through after milestones are met. Team jump invites automatically lock you in if you don’t decline. This carries over to when you’ve already jumped and your teammate’s request kicks in which cancels your jump mid-flight and you’re sucked in to wherever your teammate has decided to jump. Major BS. Fix this! Also, why the hell do you insist on players spectating after they die in order to qualify for a game played in the daily XP rewards? Players should not be penalised for not wanting to spectate potentially 30min of gameplay if they die early. They joined, played, and died, but they had a go. Don’t be cheap with your rewards. Killed 2 players and then got killed but don’t get any points for effort?! Give me a break. PS Stop responding with your generic copy/paste answers directing us to contact someone else on your team with our issues. Quit passing the buck and forward our feedback on yourselves!.Version: 0.6.1

Warning to all users!I once loved this game and have spent thousands of pounds on in game purchases that I am today unable to use due to internal game malfunction. Be aware before making any purchases within the game as if you can’t play it you have been scammed. Customer service is appalling as they keep sending out automated responses when they can be bothered. If you live in the UK I strongly advice not to make any in game purchases as you will be scammed. The game is currently a joke! And is unplayable on the best and latest devices with the best network and gaming routers available. What makes it all worse is that customer service is unwilling to help and will close your case without resolving the issue. They don’t even bother reading previous messages and if you ask to speak to a supervisor or someone higher up except your case to just get closed. Apple should ban this game from the App Store. They make you gamble on in store purchases and with the amount of under age people on here it’s not good. Apple should expect the quality of service to be a certain standard and for there games that are available on here to work!! Totally disgusted considering I have spent thousands of pounds on this game!!.Version: 2.0.0

Help PLESE REPLYIAM T A BIG DISADVANTAGE Thx so much for adding support for iPad mini2. But there is still issues like it keeps crasing sometimes or sometimes when it says loading it freezes and doesn’t unfreeze. I am at a big DISADVANTAGE because I am not able to a 4X or An8X it is so laggy with 8 or 4 when scoped in , therefore I am not able to kill people at longer ranges. PLEASE FIX this if u can and THX for adding support for iPad mini 2. Now after the new mode update my is all WHITE like when I open the game it’s white? PLEASE HELP PLEASE.I love the new update but there should be a way to choose between sniper mode and other modes or can u right now if so how please REPLY. Tooo many bugs after the arcade mode update such as screen freezes when on the loading screen also. There bugs where u aren’t able to swipe screeen. PLEASE LET US Make the BUTTONS IN custom WAY BIGGER I USE cCLAW SO I NEED TO MAKE THE BUTTONS BIGGER BUT THEY DONT GET ANY BIGGER please atleast the aiming and the shooting button let’s Us make that bigger thx.Version: 0.4.0

Games badNot being able to play duos on Sniper training and pairing up with higher ranks completely ruins the mood.Version: 1.8.0

Good but one improvement...This game is great. The original game that got me into battle Royale type games. Very good game to play and the graphics are great for mobile devices. However I recently played a bit of COD and realised that they have something PUBG doesn’t which makes it easier and better for me to play. With the aiming on COD you have an option to whenever you press the shoot button it automatically aims in and starts shooting for you. Be great and much easier if this was in PUBG because it gets annoying pressing the aim button all the time..Version: 0.19.0

Team cheating on solo ruins the gaming experience and tencent don’t address any reporting of itSolo mode gaming experience is effectively ruined by people teaming up to cheat their way to victory. It hinders any realistic chances of ranking up once you reach crown league as the cheating just becomes rife. I’ve attempted numerous times to report team cheating on solo but my reports haven’t been addressed by tencent. I’ve attempted to report this in multiple ways. I’ve done it via directly reporting the players, complaining to customer support about it but not being acknowledged. I even sent an email to them and was sent an email back telling me to go through customer support again despite me explaining I’ve already tried that and not got anywhere. It’s not what anyone would class as good customer service and makes you question whether there’s purely a money making focus from tencent whereby customer service goes out of the window. If so then surely you’d realise that there’s more money to be made by focusing on customer service then you actually keep your players..Version: 1.1.0

2022 new season pay to rankPUBG new season no longer allows friends to play with each other in rank matches. Anyone of different rank levels can no longer play with an individual with a higher rank or a lower rank. The enjoyment of ranking with friend and family has now been removed from the game. This app is now a pay to rank up and play with friends and family. I have enjoyed playing in this app from season 2 to now and now PUBG mobile has disappointed friends, family and I in this new season. I do not recommend this app to anyone..Version: 1.8.0

After New update textures are in coded message or is gray or white please fix this ASAPI can’t play game because I can’t tell what it it’s what like the shooting button was coded so I was so confused of where it was Please Fix ASAP.Version: 0.4.0

Good but there are a lot of minor bugsI actually enjoy the game and would usually rate the game 4 star but since I downloaded it on this Ipad recently I have been noticing so many minor bugs that it all adds up to making the experience worse. Occasionally when I travel across flat land in my motorbike I randomly ‘hit an object’ and spins and get thrown off. When I look back, it was just normal flat tarmac but for whatever reason I behaves weirdly. It wasn’t just a one off bug either because in that same game not a minute later it happened again along the exact same road. If I remember correctly this was on Erangel just outside Pochinki along a very long bare road. Motorbikes also seem to kick me off twice if I crash them. Once after the crash and then a second time when I get on it right after. This could be to do with straightening the bike but whatever the case motorbikes shouldn’t kick the driver off twice. Upon killing the last enemy and getting Chicken dinner, sometimes my game would freeze and immediately send me to the victory page and skip the in game timer as well as the kill message. I feel like the winners should also get a longer time to just chill out in game after chicken dinner, maybe 15 seconds as opposed to 5 seconds. I’m only rating 5 star to try attract the attention of the devs so once I notice the bugs getting patched I will change my rating to 5 star or maybe 4 if anything is still a bit off..Version: 0.11.0

Unfair with purchasesI’ve been playing PUBG for couple years now every time is the same when it comes to purchases. I bought $10 worth of wheel of fortune loot and got absolutely nothin got only a bunch of worthless coupons. It’s obvious that they developers control all the loot that is purchased in order for ppl to spend more money. It’s super frustrating I went back to playing call of duty mobile because they offer more skins all around and are not stingy with the loot. The game play over all is very glitchy and also when they servers kick you out you loose points and the issue is never fixed. Reporting anything to them is useless they never respond and seems like they only want money from people they never update with new maps or offer better loot. Am done with this Game it’s a waste of time. I have to edit my review because I forgot the most important review of them all. Ok I don’t understand how I was playing the game I was downed with a level 2 helmet level 3 body armor my helmet was full at 150 points and body armor at 250 nothing was taken away but I got downed by Someone shooting at me. It makes nooooo sense to have armor and helmets if they won’t take all the damage before being downed!! Plz fix the issue and only then will I return to play the game!! What’s the deal with RP I completed the season am max out at 100 and have missions left I complete the missions by my RP doesn’t stack but yet if I buy RP it will stack y’all need to get this looting stuff straight!.Version: 1.0.0

Get back the old pubgPlease make the lobby view as it was before.. the new update really very sucks🥺🥺.Version: 1.0.0

UnbearableI’ve always loved PUBG. I started playing on Xbox and fell in love with the game. Before PUBGM was released I downloaded the Chinese BETA and was probably one of the first to get the actual game when it got released. I’ve loved playing up until this season, I’ve always wondered what people meant by hackers because I’d never seen any but this season has honestly been unbearable. 3 in 5 games have hackers that literally stalk you and your team to kill you. There’s no way of them knowing exactly where you are especially when they’re in another building but somehow they know EXACTLY where to shoot and don’t miss a single shot. They shoot through buildings or from behind trees and the amount of damage, for example, a UMP is doing to you with 2 shots gives it away. There’s also people who use “aimbots” or whatever it’s called to get direct headshots and it’s crazy that the problem is getting worse due to these rather than them being penalised for it. You ban one another account is made. They’re ruining your game. Fix it..Version: 0.11.0

Spoke to customer in support no help.I have sent endless emails no support. Purchased 1800 UC. Never received in game. Please either refund my $36.74 all proof given in Email. Or refund my UC pls..Version: 0.16.0

Worst update everWorst update ever and you just totally copying Call of duty , by changing TDM MODE setup and I never get mythic items only get silver fragments. With new updates you just made this game worst.Version: 0.16.0

Game is going downMore and more cheaters with high ranking are appearing every day especially on the new ME server on the tencet gaming buddy, you can find cheater with Dimond and crown and ace rank, at least 90% of the UAE players are cheaters and using hacks that makes them able to find other player and shoot them throw walls and trees and so, jumping over houses and buildings while shooting other players in the head with what they call magic pullet, super fast cars and jumping cars and other crazy things that makes the clean players lose their ranking by getting killed by those cheaters after few minutes of landing,you could find teams of four cheating players entering a mach and finish of everyone and every cheater would get 13-20 kills and get reported by other players as cheating put nothing really happens to them and you could find the same cheaters in the next mach after the mach you got killed in finish, we started to believe that PUBG is OKAY with cheaters especially the rich ones who pay a-lot of money weapons and cars scenes and customs because we Do report them and nothing happens to them and we find them in the next mach, you need to do something before you lose your players because we have had enough of those cheaters and we are thinking of quitting pubg, do something quickly because other incoming games may be the next trending thing that could be a good alternative..Version: 0.13.0

Fun, Frustrating and FuriousIn the most purest sense I like the game. I enjoy the sure randomness that can occur and the craziness some games provide. In the beginning of playing, the game was wonderful and addictive. However, as I have gotten better you start to realize that if you don’t cheat you will have a tough time getting into the higher tiers. I get a great shot from a better player can kill you and that is most of my PUBG life but, when you observe players and see them suddenly know where the threat is and whirl around to shoot at something you can’t see… well something doesn’t smell right. Reporting these doesn’t seem to matter as based on the skins these players have they are pouring money into this game so banning them isn’t a financially sound decision. But then paying $10 per season just to have this frustration is also not a financially sound decision. Tried Metro Royale and enjoyed that for awhile until you find there aren’t much perks, game gets stale and recently ran into a bug that trapped my character from moving. Exited out and lost everything. Reported it through the in game session but nothing has come of it. Don’t want to be beaten by cheaters, bugs or anything else that’s not a better player. I guess I will try something new for awhile..Version: 1.6.0

Game became choppyCan you please fix this game is very choppy nowadays that's very irritating.Version: 0.10.0

Hate the tier rankingI hate this game now because I can’t even play with my friends. The game doesn’t let you play with your friends if you are at different tier levels. I use to love playing this with my friends. But, now it just not the same. I hope they remove the tier system so, I can play with my friends..Version: 1.8.0

Fun game but has too many issues all the time.Recently we’ve been getting kicked out of matches a lot. A black box will pop up and say, “no response form server.” Then it takes us back to the lobby where it tells us, “You were killed in the last match.” No, we weren’t. There is also a horrible lagging issue! I know it’s not because of my device or internet connection because all of my friends from different areas are having the same exact issues. Also, customer service was no help and quite annoying as there was no immediate help. You write your response in the chat and you receive a few automated responses that basically blame you and your internet connection. Then it gives you the option to actually talk to someone but by then you’re just annoyed and don’t want to play. This game has had a history of glitches and sometimes hackers. Sometimes you’ll be running but you won’t be able to move and you’re just running in place. Sometimes I’m shooting at someone fairly near by and they’ll disappear into thin air, not hiding behind rocks or trees. They need to up their security and fix all of these issues or players will lose interest and switch to fortnite.. just kidding haha! But seriously the lag, the glitches, the hackers, the server time outs are a hassle and mess up your rank and prizes..Version: 0.10.0

Everything in generalI have been playing since almost the start, I played since season 1, although not immediately after its release. I have seen the game change, improve, and I have journeyed through countless different modes and adventures. But the flaws were obvious from the start, Teamkillers, hackers, though present in almost every game, this game had not made the effott required to prevent and get rid of such people. The punishment for breaking these rules are low, especially for teamkilling, these people deserve to be banned immediately. Teamkillers just walk up to you with no reason and kill you, maybe just for fun but that ruins the fun for others. And also, the game also punishes peoplr who prevents teamkillers. For example, a guy was throwing grenades and molotovs at me and my mate, he damaged us significantly, so we returned by doing the same thing, and we killed him, knowing he is just causing harm to the team, but instead we were banned from the game, frozen in place. This is the big flaw of pubg that it just never seem to improve that has led me to quit this game permanently..Version: 1.8.0

The Game is VERY Enjoyable BUTTTT....PUBG Mobile is really fun and enjoyable with your friends most definitely, but the items that are in the stores for purchase are only available through cash that has to be purchased with “In-App” purchases. You are able to obtain these “bucks” but they come around few and far between. The gold coins you receive from playing in game and gaining levels really only let you purchase one certain box that gives you “low-end” looking equipment/clothes. I’ve purchased $10 worth of “bucks” to use in game but I was only able to purchase one single item, which is pretty sad if I would say so...I understand that the developers have to make money to keep the game alive, but you have to think they have this game on multiple platforms..Maybe lower the prices of the items you have to purchase so you can receive more then one item per purchase, or make it able to where you can obtain these “bucks” more often. Other than that the game is a lot of fun, I enjoy playing it with a large group of my friends with our own crew. It’s very addictive at times and I would say the gameplay is perfect! I really look forward to the updates to come in the near future! I can see a lot of awesome things to come with this game on mobile applications!.Version: 0.6.1

I’m sick of the crashes.PUBG team, you really need to fix your cars. I like to play with my friends and talk to them while I play. Sadly, they live far away from me so I cannot just talk to them while they’re right next to me. Thus, I call them. But every time I’m in a call with them my game will crash when a car is driving nearby. I cannot list the amount of times this has left me in the open for anyone to down me and/or my friends. You’re probably thinking “why not use the in-game voice chat feature we have?” And you’d be making a good point if that wasn’t experiencing the same issue. But big surprise, it is. You don’t even need to be in the same game as the person you’re in a call with. My friend was playing and I was waiting for him to finish so we could squad up. I went into the training area and was messing around. Lo and behold, there was a car driving around him in HIS game, but I crashed. The car basically traveled SPACE TIME to make me crash. This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed asap. Another issue is the extremely long time the start up takes for the game. Sometimes, it gets stuck at the start up too! This game is full of crashes and pretty much ruins what could be a fun way to spend time with your friends who you don’t get to see often..Version: 0.4.0

Getting worstThis game has gone down hill every season. How is it possible that when I shoot at a stair rail it complete absorbs my bullet yet when enemy shoots at me through stair rail I die and why is when I shoot them in the head they live and when they shoot me at my feet I die instantly . Why is it that I have lvl 3 everything they one shot me with an ak . Guns when spray at far distance makes the bullet go crazy meaning that the bullet shouldn’t be able to hit the target yet when enemy does it . It goes as straight as a line but when I do it he doesn’t get tickled . If this game wants to be realistic actually fixed the gun fire and how it works on body.Version: 0.14.0

Rubbish Customer serviceAccount was hacked by a phisher and the overall customer service experience through the in-game help/customer support and email option were beyond rubbish. In the event your account gets hacked or stolen no help will bring your account from these lousy service representatives. My account was hacked along with my friend’s accounts by a phishing trick for a tournament stealing my social media login from the fake tournament registration site. Provided details which proved my ownership to the account but missing the hacker’s social platform that the stupid service person asked for and instead my case was closed because I can’t provide whatever the heck they were asking for. Tried to clarify and instead they just closed my issue. Sigh delete this game when you can.Version: 2.0.0

Unable to loginUnable to login, says “network error, login failed. Please check your network settings”.Version: 0.15.0

Hackers EVERYWHEREThe game used to be fun. Now, it’s just full of hackers. Everywhere. It’s ridiculous. People are blatantly using hacks in the game and those that are reported rarely even get banned. There are some that you can’t even report because somehow , they erased their ingame ID. Like, are you serious Tencent? The anti-cheating system that you guys implemented is obviously not effective at all, but rather more and more hackers are increasing in volume day by day. I’ve been killed by these idiots too many times to count to the point that the game is just unplayable. What’s the point of playing when there is at least one hacker in every match ruining the game for everyone else? The company needs to put some serious work on fixing this issue rather than thinking of ways to rake up profit or the game will start losing players very quickly..Version: 0.18.0

Please update to newer version that ends 21Please update to newer version that ends 21.Version: 0.18.0

Why two stars?I’m giving you two stars because I started w pubg mobile beta well over a year ago now. Not many problems at first you could grind in this game or relax and be casual. Then it started getting harder and certain payments had to be made I.e, a skin set made you blend into the surroundings. People are right in saying PUBG mobile is run off skin and BP payments. That’s a fact as of today and the last time I had played. If you don’t spend money all the free crate vouchers keep giving you the same junk over and over, you can’t actually get anything but wins in the game and everyone else has every single skin, be it payment status or be it from hacking into the game. This is also the only MOBILE GAME where I’ve seen it have a live update BAN list. No other mobile game whatsoever have I seen has a list that is updated second-to-second. The last two updates released before I started playing, said new AcE anti cheat engine updates. DID NOTHING whatsoever. Check your deathmatch lobbies and check your arena lobbies. As far as I’m concerned it’s still a joke. Also the points system? You lose a ton even if you get in the top 25 or 10 you can lose well over 20, even w kills u only balance out or get +10/15. The ranking system is ripped too. You have to sit for 13+ hours a day to keep the ranks you have..Version: 0.18.0

My favourite game on mobile but why 1 star?PUBG is my favourite game on mobile such that I spend hours everyday playing since the third season. But recently the game has become so annoying because of the cheaters. You spend lot of time looting and gaining some kills and when you reach towards the middle of the game a cheater shoots you from a far distance and you get killed.. all your time wasted. Or even when you play so hard to try to reach a high tier,, you start getting killed by cheaters and your score goes down. The problem is that YOU AS PUBG MANAGERS KNOW ABOUT THEM (The Cheaters), but you still do nothing to them. How easily can you spot people from the top 500 list and check if they were cheaters or not. Is it normal for someone to play 950 games and win 930. ONLY LOST 20 GAMES FROM 950, COME ON ARE YOU PLAYING ON OUR MINDS? Are we fools? Are you waiting for us to come and tell you about them? I bet that you all know that they exist. And with the large number or reports we send daily from the in game feature, they never get banned and still exist. I dare you find a solution with them but I know you are happy for it to continue like that. I started to hate playing your game sometimes. 😡.Version: 0.18.0

Account data has been migratedI need my account back!!!! “Your Account Data has been migrated to another/new version.” Well, my Facebook & Email are secure and I have a prove of that. My account was not hacked at all. In fact it’s still connected to my Facebook and is active. However, it doesn’t let me enter the game! My data were automatically migrated by the system itself, not a hacker and definitely not me. It was a bad idea to do data migration to the Indian version, you have to admit that it caused many accounts data breach, It caused a lot of hacking problems to many players!! I have spent years improving my account and spent thousands of dollars in it, yet I cannot login? Don’t tell me to contact the other version support, that’s your job to do to bring my account back. I have only played in the original version and nothing else. My efforts, time and money is all gone because of your poor security & unprofessional support system. You must make an update to return my account and many others that were falsely migrated to the other versions!!!! It’s been almost 2 months since this problem happened and you are ignoring all my requests to fix it!!!! Update: You still didn’t help me get my account back. Please fix this problem immediately!! I haven’t played the game in 5 months!!.Version: 1.6.0

Great game until latelyThe game is great, would be 5 stars from myself. But lately I have been running into issues of the game lagging then force close. I currently use a iPhone 6 and I am sure others with newer devices may not have this issue. But I did not have this issue two months ago. Have lost matches and ranking due to games ping shooting high up and then game freezing which causes the game to close. The frustration comes when having to boot the app back up and try to join the same room before anything happens. Most of the times I get message about dying in the previous match and to hit ok to start up a new one. I know it’s not a settings issue as all of the settings is all on lowest possible. And it’s not a connection issue on my end as my internet download and upload speed is well beyond what most have. So I don’t know, as of lately I haven’t played as much as I use and have not invested any money for the royal pass because for me it’s not worth it with my current issues. Is there something I need to know about certain iOS devices not being optimal to use playing PUBG mobile? Any help would be great. Of course once everything is the way I remember it, I will fix my rating to what it was once which is 5 stars..Version: 0.13.0

Non existent anti cheat and customer supportBeen a fan of the pc port since it came out in 2017 and while the game had promise the customer support is fully automated and they allow Chinese/India hackers to run absolutely rampant they do nothing about region locking the ranked modes so people can abuse bad ping to avoid getting shot which entails Mexico makes up 90% of the North American servers along with just about every other South American country you can think of and yes they have their very own server and the game has tons of bugs we the players have complained about for the past year since it came out about March 23rd last year but nothing is ever done about them and if you think you’re gonna go to customer support to get something resolved forget about it you’ll be met by bots suggesting articles as far from relevant to what you’re needing help with I ask for example help with wondering why their support ticket system doesn’t support video clips for incriminating evidence against hackers and they suggest articles about making sure I have stable connection... the game is great just get rid of the entire support team and region lock the ranked servers and 100% remove the stupid noise direction bs on the minimap it never existed on pc why does it exist on mobile.Version: 0.13.0

Bots and BS currencyI’ve been playing this game since season 1. If you don’t like getting clothing via actual money, don’t get this game. Sure, you can get ‘soldier crates’ for coins that you get from winning rounds, but you can only get about 30 different clothing items which all look the same. I got most of them in the first season. The gameplay has its moments, and those moments are when you find the one other player who is not a bot. This game died a long time ago with the introduction of paid currency. And even if you still want to play, you are constantly bombarded with advertisements for that currency. They sometimes give you the chance to win a crate that you would usually have to pay for, but the chances of getting something good are next to none. Now the gameplay. People are complaining about fortnite having bots. I have never been killed by a bot in this game. I have played 200+ rounds and I have never died to a bot. I often kill them with melee to save ammo. PUBG mobile once was a good game. Now it is a bad money pit. I wish that the devs could redeem themselves and tune down the in app purchases. And the bots. Actually tune up the bots. I get nobody plays but man they are bad. I do care about this game and I have had a lot of fun on it but really TENCENT this isn’t cool..Version: 0.15.0

Cant join lobbiesNot matter what mode or map I choose I can’t join a single game wether it’s single fpp or full on squad fpp this happened month ago figured I download it again to give it a shot and nothing but disappointing.Version: 1.8.0

The winning probability in the game is false, do not recharge!Never recharge a penny, cheat the game. Recently, I made several purchases in an app store game called pubg mobile. I used to buy task CARDS for the previous several purchases. By purchasing task CARDS, I can get more rewards from tasks, so I think I am worth it. But in my last three purchases, I used to exchange the treasure box of the game. I felt cheated. In the game, it was said that the probability of purple items in the treasure box was 16%, and the probability of some purple items increased by five times. I probably used these gold COINS to recharge the lottery for 30 times, but I did not get any purple items that increased the probability, even the probability of ordinary purple items did not reach, I regret that I used the money for the treasure box lottery. I swear that I will not recharge any money on this game in the future. I want to refund the last three purchases, even partial refund is ok. I hope the apple store can help me. I will also warn my friends never to use the gold COINS in the treasure box lottery, which is a waste of money, I ll never purchase again!.Version: 0.9.0

Trust me on thisSo, I have been playing this game for around three in game seasons and have reached the third highest rating so I’d say I have decent knowledge. I must start off by saying I have rarely come across hackers but one thing that is well known to me and many people on the official discord server is that there are so many bugs with this game- first off the team death match and all the small game modes are rubbish, weapons don’t load in and no obstacles appear on screens etc. they also recently removed a well sought after skin which was a skins for a Jeep (UAZ) and people payed money to spend on crates to get this so there goes the money they spent on the game. The rewards from seasons are rubbish even if you pay for the exclusive items. Too many bots. Vehicles glitch and blow up and even make you fly straight up.... then die. Loads of FPS issues. They focus on new content instead of fixing issues. There’s much more to talk about on this game. If you still download the game after reading this... you will see for your self and enjoy wasting your storage. And also good luck talking to team mates because most people have an issue of not being able to chat to friends and even seeing that they are online. GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY WASTING MONEY BECAUSE ALL THEY DO IS MAKE NEW CONTENT THAT YOU PAY FOR.... they only care about moneyyyyyyyyy.Version: 0.19.0

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PUBG MOBILE works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact PUBG MOBILE.

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