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Thank youAwesome game guys thank you so much for producing such a wicked game for mobile. Makes fortnite look like a kids game. My girlfriend even plays an likes it a lot which is awesome because I get to play it even longer 😆😆 once again thanks so much can’t wait to see what zombie mode is like been waiting for a week now hopefully it excels my expectation. Cheers guys big thumbs up an 5 star.Version: 0.11.0

I love this game but there are a few issuesI love PUBG so much, i play it all the time and i have been playing since season 1! The graphics are great, the maps are great and the thought that goes into the game as a whole is great. However, i have a problem with the chats. Majority of the chats such as world chat and local chat are FILLED with fake accounts of men with their profile photo as a female asking for popularity. The reason i have an issue with this is because i myself am a female and people have actually screenshotted my photo and used it on their own accounts. Another issue i have come across is the fact that when i put my first language as English the chats are full of Arabic . And then when i join a squad with he ‘same first language’ they kick me out because i cant speak Arabic. I cant find any players on the chats that actually speak English and it can be so frustrating..Version: 1.3.0

Dear PUBG Developers...I came across 4 hackers in 4 games straight after one another. Please do something about hackers in the game. It is not a fun game anymore because the amount of hackers are just sky rocketing. If this issue continues, I am afraid I will uninstall the game. Add some new software to prevent this and when people are reporing about hacking, PLEASE do something about it!.Version: 0.19.0

It is great but....I have a lot of love for PUBG this game is great and unlike fortnite it works on most devices however Tencent please give Australian and New Zealand people there own server because yea we may have the Asian and American servers we are finding it harder to play with constant lag spikes and the game just isn’t smooth. If we could have a server that was in Sydney like Fortnite does you will find that one more people will play it because the game will be smoother and you will have more gamer attention form the oceanic regions. Otherwise this game is great your dev team always looks after your supporter and we all love you this game is by far my favourite and I only want it to get better plz Fix. James Stewart. Ps the reason why I say this is because I live in Queensland and I find that even a state that is close to Asia is struggling ping wise..Version: 0.9.0

Awesome game. Too many crashesThis game is great. From the idea to the controls, etc. There really isnt much else to say, since you guys fixed the crashes in the new update. However, I would also love to be able to switch between first person and third person camera very much, and I can bet, so would so many other people. The current fpp mode is annoying, because not all your friends like first person, but I really do. It would be better, if we were able to switch, like you can in the chinese version. So, overall, Tencent, GOOD JOB. 😋😋😋👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽🤙🏽👍🏾👍🏾👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. However, there is still room to improve..Version: 0.6.1

Game glitchesI’m starting to lose faith in this game as I’m constantly having to update and after the update the game glitches for example I don’t see enemies until after they kill me and their standing real close like a couple of feet away and I’m not seeing foot prints on the mini map anymore can we get these problems fixed or should we just put up with it just asking?.Version: 1.4.0

UmmSince this game has come out it has consumed more time in the last two plus months than in the cumulative 10 previous years of all console pc and mobile gaming combined. Pubg Mobile is the ultimate culmination of necessary entertainment components. I fear that it won’t remain so as they continue to evolve into a more pay to win platform, as always we would rather eventually pay for the game if necessary even though that would drastically reduce the player base than for the ability for a player to pay for something that would give them an edge... Developers I need you to put an end to the following, “shoot through walls hack” “no recoil hack” “under the map hack” “aimbot hack” and the infamous “speed glitch”. Most of these are self explanatory but by far the most absolutely frustrating has to be the under the map hack, a team or individual will loot up somewhere then somehow enter the water underneath the map under the ground, then swim to the zone until the last few seconds of the game and then destroy the last player or players coming up out of the ground, this makes my games at and above ACE level not enjoyable....Version: 0.5.0

Love this game (don’t know what people are going on about)Overall this game is one of my favourite games ever. And yes it still has problems and bugs. But lots of them get fixed pretty quickly. Also everyone thinks that you can just make a game this big for a mobile device and I would be perfect straight away. Just look at where mobile games where 5 years ago. This game probably has one of the most play area I know of in a mobile game. One other thing, why are people complaining about crates. They all say they don’t want to pay hundreds of $$$ for crates but they don’t need to. We get free crate scraps every week, so if you play long enough it’s a free crate. If you compare the way of getting. Things in this game to other games like fortnite, in fortnite you have to actually pay money to get anything. They don’t give you a chance to earn up cosmetics. That’s all.😪😂👍🏻✌🏻.Version: 0.12.0

WhyThis game has in the past 2 years,without a problem let me play with 2+3 other players but now I cannot do that anymore and it will only let me do solos and the game is now not as fun as it was I can’t play with friend and I can’t play with family and I only play PUBG with friends or other people So I don’t see the point in keeping it if it’s just sitting on my device using up storage if I’m not going to play it..Version: 0.14.0

Want this to be better.I’m in a weird period in my life where I don’t get to play games as much as I use to. Growing up, I spent countless hours in front of the TV with my PlayStation playing the greats like Final Fantasy to pulling all nighters and skipping school for midnight releases for games like Halo 3. Nowadays I’m lucking to have two hours to myself to sit down, thinking the purchase of a Nintendo switch would be the answer to all my questions, I invested but soon found out that outside of Zelda, I had a hard time forming a habit to play it. Over the years I found mobile games to have a little more meat to them with classics like Final Fantasy getting ports and gems like Transistor playing wonderful on iOS, that I’m more so leaning to these whenever I feel an itch to play a game especially when I'm at arms reach of an iPhone or an iPad. I enjoy FPS and love to play matches online, thanks to the Halo days and Fortnight and Pubg are great games but the lack of controller support for this really stinks. so though I enjoy Pubg a lot more and I’m fine with touch screen games, having controller support goes along way. Playing Final Fantasy and Transistor with a MFi controller made the quality of the game better. For this reason, Ive downloaded Fortnite and deleted Pubg. Hopefully this will change someday..Version: 0.11.0

The lag is realEverything on the game is good I really enjoy the game. But the one problem (or 1 and a 1/2) the game lags a lot on the loading screen and sometimes takes you back to the home screen or goes black and it’s really hard to actually start playing the game because of this. Another problem (this is a minor problem) but maybe you could put default clothes because it’s kind of weird on the main screen seeing your player in just their underwear....Version: 0.4.0

Great Game - one BIG problem.I’m going to start with the negative, which is just how much storage space this game uses. I have had the game and enjoyed it before, but with each update, it becomes a bigger game. On the stats for this app, it says it’s size is 2.4GB which is true, but with documents and data taken into mind it’s actually around 3.7GB. Considering my phone and many other phones only have 15GB of storage (with about half of that used up by the system, using aroung 7-8GB), that’s a huge app and I just can’t download it onto my phone. Otherwise it is a great game, which gets better with each update BUT uses more storage!! It was still a great game when it only used about 2.5GB!! If there is any way around this, please take my view into account and try to make the app smaller. In summary; love it, but WAY too big and difficult to download..Version: 0.17.0

Supply cratesHey just noticed a bug with shop menu and items inventory, the good supply coupons I’ve started to stack up are no longer able to be used and I would really mind one or two buying out but I have 18 of them. So if you are able to resolve my issue that would be great. Great game though, well executed and smooth transition from pc to mobile. Well done..Version: 1.8.0

Great game But A Lotta LagThis game is great honestly I didn’t have any problems with it beforehand, but now every time I’m travelling in a vehicle or sprinting the screen lags and sometimes glitches. Now during a match I got out of the vehicle and started to sprint all of a sudden the game just freezes, I do wait and see if it loads in cuz of delay but it just quits out of the whole thing. I don’t if it’s just me or if the game is a lil bit buggy but is there any way to fix this??? ~ Yours sincerely.Version: 0.10.0

WHY I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!PUBG is for me, one of the greatest, if not, the best strategic games out there! This game is thrilling, spectacular, amazing and just plain old fun! Although I would like the game to have better sound because I play this a lot and I’ve noticed that all the sounds in the game are little to quite, even with full volume! But I still enjoy this game very much and I love, I mean, I LOVE the new FPP game mode. (FIRST PERSON PERFORMANCE (I think that’s what it stands for.) another thing I would like implemented in the game other than a better surround sound performance is possibly a laser sight for most guns in the game, I feel as if that could change the course of hip fire battles. One more thing I’d like in the game is a parkour mode, at first get people to review it if it comes out in the game, and if it becomes a big thing, make it a permanent mode or even a special event for week ends or something. Anyways, this is why I love PUBG and it’s community! 😍😇🤩😎👍🏻🥇🏆🎉.Version: 0.6.0

Overall Of PUBG MOBILEThe best thing that I found :- It’s a very very very good shooting games that have ever been released thanks PUBG corporation for releasing this game PUBG has been the best game and for everyone since the last three years and I have been playing this game from season two almost three years and I have found many bugs and lags and many internet issues and …. Lag :- PUBG plzz fix the internet issues my brother and I play on the same internet and my brother’s ms or ping always comes 80 to 100 and my ping comes literally 650 ping or ms whatever you say and plz fix the decing problem also cuz many players takes tpp and then the enemy shoots and the bullets touches the players body and they die and also fix the wall issue one day when I was reviving my teammate then my little part of head was penetrating the wall of the container and then the enemy took the advantage of it and then he shooted me and I died and now it always happens to every one so that’s why plzzzzz fix the issues that I told.Version: 1.7.0

Things I like about PUBG and things I dislikeI have been playing this game for about 4 years now I got introduced by a friend and I love the battle royale mode the only bad thing I have to say about the game is I am someone who spent a lot of money On this game and I have purchased uc multiple times let’s just say I have had my fair share of problems with buying uc I have had to wait on occasion for my uc or I haven’t received my uc but when I complained they did help me on some occasions I recently got two keys for the pagani and when trying to gift one key I couldn’t so I contacted PUBG and they said I am unable to due to me getting some refund a while ago and this is very disappointing for me so I would say please fix this and also unban me from all talent championship as I ain’t no hacker a little kid reported me for not teaming and I get banned I am very competitive so it sad how I can’t play with this account especially when I spent loads and loads of money on this other than that keep doing what you guys are doing as you are keeping players entertained.Version: 3.0.0

Better than expectedI have seen a lot of comments on this game, nearly everyone compares Pubg to Fortnight, I think that this is quite funny, even one saying I don’t want to start a debate then next sentence begins fortnight has better graphics, tbh for many people either new to gaming or experienced fortnight offers a new experience it is this skill difference which makes this game so popular however I have not heard of any gamer Pc, Xbox or even tablet going to fortnight because of its immersive graphics or high starting skill level What we have to remember is that pub offers all of this -building+cars in a more gritty and realistic atmosphere where there is no cheese comps or double shotgun or anything like that, instead where stealth and concentration are rewarded unlike in fortnight where if you are methodical you get killed by the storm. At the end of the day I tjink it’s sad suvh a great genere of game will always be maked by the screaming sound of 7 year olds. If you don’t agree with me please let me know..Version: 0.6.1

Great Game, but needs improvementsI love PUBG! It has been my favorite game since season 2! However, the restrictions are limiting and a bit irritating. Example, PUBGM did a collaboration and made PUBG METRO. Metro had become my favorite part of the game, UNTIL they reset it and all of your hard work was for nothing! Then you have to start from scratch and lose everything you worked hard to earn! The load out and money you earn should be permanent and not be taken away! Unfortunately, METRO is no longer available! They took away the best part of this game! At least make a separate app called PUBGMetro ! Example 2: Library is only available on weekends. Usually when PUBGM introduces something new its available 24/7 for awhile, not Library! The same can be said about Payload. It’s a fun game and I recommend it to everyone I know, but I do wish they weren’t so limiting. The Metro Collaboration was probably the best collaboration ever! Many of my friends stopped playing PUBG because of the hackers but once Metro came out, they started playing again! Still dealing with extreme cheaters but at least it was still fun!.Version: 1.4.0

Some problems but very good!Imma go ahead and give pubg mobile 5 star rating.. but it needs a little work done on the game starting with lags! When I was at the target place practicing my aiming this just got was running and he was where we first spawn at then he was was shooting all the way!! Over to the other half on the map !! , now for backpack situation can you make the bag bigger ?? Like if you even get the biggest bag that holds like 250+ and you wanna reload your gun say the packs of bullets already half way fills it !! And with balms and gas bombs and fire Bombs! And other thing it fills it a lot !! More space in backpack , plus I bought the royal pass and well I purchased the girl set and I didn’t get the emote dance , and it only gave me stuff up to 11 I don’t know how to explain it but yea purchases seem to not be working and maybe when your in a match what’s the point for the red bombing area ?? We already have the storm and they red spot makes it worse !!! Even tho yes it’s suppose to be a challenging game to win but why? But that’s basically my concerns but the game it’s rlly good just needs some work but I recommend this app!💯🖤😈🤐🚫.Version: 0.12.0

Better than fortnite...easily!!Due to having a young child and not getting much time to game any more when ever I get a free 30 - 60mins(about all I get time for) I can just pick up and play. Great physics, the movement can feel a bit sluggy at 1st but once you get used to it there is no issue just adjust sensitivity to suit. Enjoy the jumping in random squads and battling together to the end. Would like another smaller map also and maybe change a few unnecessary weapons I.e a shotgun and a pistol could go but that’s the fun of it I suppose, getting stranded with a shotgun in an open field targeted by snipers... I would also like a trade market for unwanted gear but I can see there is tonnes more interesting to come from this game in due time. Overall great game will continue to play for a long time. My advice don’t loose WiFi connection if you do close game completely select flight mode switch it off after 3 secs then start up again and pray you’re still alive. 5* isn’t even generous..Version: 0.3.3

PubgVery cool and addictive game. But the bad thing is about this game that the developers seam to not no who is violating rules. I got banned from the game for ten years, with no reason. I played this game every day never cheated or used other tools, to be banned. Even if you join randomly allocated to play with others in the team how could we know that someone is a cheater, but you still get banned and when you trying to contact them developers they don’t answer. Or it takes ages to get somewhere. I been in this game long time I had like level 42 or so. And the only option is to start again with new Facebook account or some other account but new anyway. And you start everything from scratch. So game it self is cool but developers have to work harder on those issues with banning account with no reason and communication between developers and players to solve them issues..Version: 0.16.0

Game is awesomSo I play the game all the time and cant stop I like playing with friends but I do have to ask can you make it easier to get permanent rare clothing because I don’t want to spend money on some crappy t shirt I will never use also bots make the game way too easy I mean half of my lobbies are bots all though it might just be really bad players if not please fix this I would like to see the invisible wall glitch go away because I’m sick of wasting my ammo for some terrain glitch please refer to my suggestion hope the game gets better try to make it more like pc or Xbox so there are actual challenging matches kind regards ITS NOT SPENCER.Version: 0.12.0

One thing to fix...I’ve played for quite a long time and the only thing i see that may need a fix across all PUBG platforms is during squads and duos. The knock down feature is an excellent divider in squad skill and duo skill when it goes to strategy and decision making. Do you down someone and bait them? Do you let the enemy team revive them so you can use that chance to make your push? Or do you attempt to finish the downed enemy squad mate in an attempt to close the distance and fight the squad while they’re distracted? BUT, solos, duos and squads I believe if you’re either not wearing a helmet to things like a KAR98, M24 etc. Sniper class weapons. Or even with a helmet unless level 3 I figure. Then you shouldn’t be just simply knocked down to your knees with an AWM which fires a .300 Windmag round. The system that sits in place allows tactical play but, doesn’t even come close to awarding snipers. If I snipe you with a Kar98 and you get knocked from the headshot, and then your team mate revives you only to get knocked by my headshot again while I’m pulling the trigger on your head that doesn’t even have a helmet anymore to be noted. Should definitely award the sniper with a kill rather than a knock..Version: 0.10.0

Its good, but…I enjoy to play. The game is good when it plays, I would give 5stars but, the game needs and update to add more tabs, Icons, more collecting animations , twice and make the collecting animations length 2x longer, make the cgi cut scenes longer, and then, add a setting to auto skip everything, proper collect all from home screen.. really needs to change the an entire home screen ui. outdated system, the home screen is a pain. Thanks.Version: 2.3.0

Game that are fun, social and visualise our childhood dreamThis PUBG is a really good gaming platform for all of us that are likes to play and interact with a new ppl around the world and most importantly its reunite us with our childhood type of play where we are making kind of gun from wood or bamboo and now it’s a visual in our mobile phones, that is why it’s fun. The fact that it is reached all the demographics makes everyone can enjoy this game. From kids to adults and more (Well, the positive gamer campaigns are needed). Lastly, Having the opportunity to changing costumes and personalise our own character is the best way to express our self for what we wanna be and that makes it more enjoyable..Version: 0.12.0

Love it but some suggestionsHi I love this game, it is a fun and surprisingly thrilling game with a lot of fun aspects, But there are some minor flaws in it that I’ve noticed that are kind of all the time and sometimes really annoying, for instance I’ve noticed that the sk8k or the vertical double barrel shot gun is vary op which I like and it dose a lot of the same damage from far and close but the slightest of movement in yore accuracy makes it easy for yore opponents to get away it Is almost like from close rang it acts like a shot gun but from far there is no spread, now this is vary annoying but it doesn’t happen that much, the next one is the fare gun, I love love LOVE the flare gun but it’s accuracy when the plane drops the supply drop when you shoot the flare gun is quite bad all the time I find it near a city I half to go in the middle of no were to shoot it caus if I shoot it near the billing it will almost always get stuck on the billing, also if you stand right under the flare gun suply drop when it land on you you get stuck in it and can’t move, that’s happened twice and it is vary annoying, I still like yore game but I think you should focus more on problems than maps, make maps too fast with bug and you will only have mor bugs. Sincerely, Honeyrostedpenut..Version: 0.10.0

The following needs attentionFirst of all an Oceanic servers, that would be the biggest gift from the game devs as have 200 average ping has grown on us as in this game, every millisecond counts in close quarter combat. Secondly hackers, you know what they do and once you reach crown league and above, you will really start too see them a lot. Last issue and possibly the most notorious for all players is bugs, these three examples are the worst of all bugs, the first bug is associated with the new update, whenever I aim down sight with the win94 the scope is glitch to a 1x magnification instead of 2.7x. The second glitch is in Miramar, whenever you do a jump in a vehicle, it has a high chance of getting stuck in the ground and possibly exploding. The third bug is also with Miramar and is to do with rendering; at long ranges, the enemy players seem to hover and when you shoot at them, the bullet hits the terrain which is in fact blocking them but isn't rendered in properly. All of these issues need addressing now if the devs are even willing to do it in the first place..Version: 2.9.0

Too much bugsWhats sad is tencent thinks skins, not about gameplay, they have not fixed bugs ever, and they fix the bugs that arent bugs. I am tired of dysnc and its taking them ages to make a oceania server (which they’ll never do cause there tencent of course) So i suggest get of your butts making skins and actually improve your tegame, the physics are way off from pc, it feels like its not pubg, but a crappy game made by thr chinese, like why do they exist.Version: 0.16.0

Love this gameUpdate: after contacting Customer Service multiple times, neither other players now I have found a solution to the occasional mic and speaker cutting out. In squads, the mic and speakers work great, but occasionally, one of our squad members loses mic and messages the team using the type-chat feature, telling us that he can’t hear us; and we can’t hear him. I spent about an hour trying to fill a custom room (using room cards I earned) on three separate occasions and my mic didn’t work. I could only type chat with my squad. The issue happens in the game on a regular basis and has only been happening since the 0.7 update. The mic works great in the lobby, and suddenly, turns off after either getting on or jumping out of the plane. No one can hear me, i can’t hear them. The other 3 all hear each other though. I have deleted and reinstalled the game, I’ve tried the “repair” button on the login screen, and it keeps happening. It’s so frustrating, especially when we make rooms, spend all that time waiting without chat, and then we have to play the game in silence. Previous review: This game runs mint on the iPhone. I look forward to playing daily, and virtually meeting new squad mates along the way..Version: 0.7.0

SuggestionsPUB G player unknown battle ground One of the best battle royal game I’ve ever seen This game is rlly rlly good and well made some People don’t even know how to stop playing it But you have to know it’s not perfect the lag hackers disconnecting and glitches you’d think about the hundreds of millions of billions of players the dev team with be on everything that no bugs are in the game but I’ve discovered many and many of bugs the completely ruins my gameplay a pretty common on is when ur whole game desids to stop and a minute later it comes back and you’d find ur self dead or how about a glitch where you are in a fight and u start goings thro walls u don’t want do go in all bc there are lots of glitches and I don’t know about u I don’t think the fact u can kill ur teammates maybe not kill them but bring them to 1 % yea and the fact the livik has been around for like what 2 or 3 months and it’s still saying this map dosent represents the beta version maybe so it already and that metro is still out like come on if u wanna add something make it out the right time don’t just let people who has beta version play it first idk.Version: 1.1.0

Unban me from all talent championshipsI have been playing this game for about 4 years now I got introduced by a friend and I love the battle royale mode the only bad thing I have to say about the game is I am someone who spent a lot of money On this game and I have purchased uc multiple times let's just say I have had my fair share of problems with buying uc l have had to wait on occasion for my uc or I haven't received my uc but when I complained they did help me on some occasions I recently got two keys for the pagani and when trying to gift one key I couldn't so I contacted PUBG and they said I am unable to due to me getting some refund a while ago and this is very disappointing for me so l would say please fix this and also unban me from all talent championship as I ain't no hacker a little kid reported me for not teaming and I get banned I am very competitive so it sad how I can't play with this account especially when I spent loads and loads of money on this other than that keep doing what you guys are doing as you are keeping players entertained.Version: 3.1.0

You will Love it trust meI have been playing for 4 years but the problem is HACKERS they are everywhere once I was playing in the dinosaur event and when I got killed the game started lagging a lot and I mean a lot ALSO what I really wanted to say is that you should make a wonderland event or something where you can fly something really cool you can possibly think of let’s say rainbows idk cotton candy m4 idk something cool that might change pubg forever I swear if you do something like at least a cotton candy girl x-suit everyone will want to buy it I promise a cotton candy event with cotton candy clouds is wow 🤩🤩🤩🤩 you could probably add the event place on the cotton candy clouds also make sure you can stand on the clouds 😊😊😊 hope you can do something like that ❤️❤️😊😊😊🙂🙂😀😀.Version: 3.0.0

Amazing but......This game is amazing with all the features, guns and skins stuff like that they are so cool and the actual game play is amazing but you have some hackers and their so annoying when you have a perfect gun like a m249 or the awm (which is my favourite as I’m a sniper kind of guy) and then your camping in a little house and then out of know where you get head shot threw a wall it’s so annoying, I mean I still spend like 5 or more hours a day on the game levelling up and stuff but their are always matches when you die from that. Also, theirs another glitch that always happens for me when your gliding down and land like I landed at school in classic mode and I just start flying and falling taking so much fall damage and instantly killing you as theirs no escape but still really great game please don’t stop updating like the new game mode surviving the cold even though I know the Chinese had it long before us it’s still amazing to actually play it 👍👍👍👍..Version: 0.17.0

Zombie ModeI love this game so cool. But with the new update just made it even more amazing then it already was. Just one slight problem. In zombie mode it would be better if we didn’t have to worry about killing other people just focus on surviving the zombies, and maybe add more people to a squad only in Zombie mode. I hope Zombie mode stays as a permanent mode. Love the game and always excited about what’s to come in the new updates :).Version: 0.11.0

Perfect attempt at being hands down best mobile mass multiplayer gameIf you: Never went head to head in a battle royal before. Need a new addiction. Dont want to pay to be the best. Look no further. First person is like touch screen meets black ops meets gta 5 online but we all started playing at a 3 2 1 count down. Others with Complaints usual dawn from children with spoon fed syndrome. No patience to work on Bad hand eye or have low end devices; which btw can run it, but have trouble staying responsive when battles break out with scores of players leaving the cheap device in a frame-rate(fps) of less then 1 and after the time it takes to settle into what just transpired your body has been found, killed, tea bagged and looted but all you got to witness was the aftermess. That said if your 13 or under play fnite then play this. Ps the dev team provide new content often and listen to the community like it was a steering committee..Version: 0.9.0

Fun and addicting✨My friend actually recommended this to me as she can’t play Fortnite on her phone being an iPhone 6. So I thought I’d download it to play with alongside her. Not long after downloading, my expectations were exceeded for this game. My title of the review says it all! The only downside is, I’m using an iPhone SE so the controls are all cramped up. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to play. I just hope the developers wake up and release this for PlayStation. Lol..Version: 0.6.1

RevI genuinally think this game is a really good game. It has lots of new skins and outfits all the time. I have bought the royale pass once and i dont have any regrets whatsoever. I love this game, i started playing 2 years ago. The only issue is i really miss the old midtstein. The main building is a big memory and not having that in the game is heartbreaking. If you can..could u please bring it back, i feel like the whole of midtstein has changed and another problem is hackers. Lately there was alot of hackers in a game where they could shoot me through walls etc. Its actually funny but it gets annoying at a point where u wanna break ur device😂. I swear they be like on the other side of the flippin map shooting me some how ive seen one hacker where he flies in the air and runs across the map in a matter of seconds i only know this because he picked me up as i was knocked down.. Thank you pubg but please bring midtstein back!!!.Version: 2.4.0

BrilliantSo I was pretty surprised with how well this game ran on mobile (I use an iPhone 8). I held off downloading it for a long time because I didn’t think it could compare to the sort of intensity and fun that I found playing on console, but boy, was I wrong. The first few matches you play will have a lot of bots around, but after Lvl 10 or so you’ll notice many more people playing. Definitely handy to plug a surround sound headset into your device to give you a strategic advantage..Version: 0.4.0

Game is In its peak and would like to suggest somethingHey founders ,management of PUBG corp ..Your game is simply one of the best game in this world no doubt..all the maps ,all the modes its just absolutely at its peak ..it can be no perfect than this..but i am here just to let to know or may be u are planning it as well..like if u are willing to add something more in the map ..since u got desert,rainforest,snow,classic erangle ..u’ve got all the climatic condition and and here i just want to tell how wonderful it would be if pubg gets underwater..where players will be waiting in some isolated island and will be taken by a submarine to play zone and on the other hand we can just add moon map as well..just remember players getting in a rocket and getting out at moon where gravity is lower than earth..along with adding other special features ..it would just add more beauty to pubg .. Thank you ..hope u will consider my words.. PS:i am a big fan of Pubg and would love to see it grow more and more..😊.Version: 0.11.0

Not compatible/updatingExtremely great game...it runs so smoothly and it’s been very well put together. My one and only problem is that my friend has a Samsung and I have apple and he has the updated version and mine isn’t updating. I’ve uninstalled and redone loaded the game many times and I’ve powered off and on my phone and nothing’s happening. Could you please tell me what I could do to fix it because at the moment my friend and I can’t play duo or squad together because of the different versions!! 😁 thanks.Version: 0.3.3

The following needs attentionFirst of all an Oceanic servers, that would be the biggest gift from the game devs as have 200 average ping has grown on us as in this game, every millisecond counts in close quarter combat. Secondly hackers, you know what they do and once you reach crown league and above, you will really start too see them a lot. Last issue and possibly the most notorious for all players is bugs, these three examples are the worst of all bugs, the first bug is associated with the new update, whenever I aim down sight with the win94 the scope is glitch to a 1x magnification instead of 2.7x. The second glitch is in Miramar, whenever you do a jump in a vehicle, it has a high chance of getting stuck in the ground and possibly exploding. The third bug is also with Miramar and is to do with rendering; at long ranges, the enemy players seem to hover and when you shoot at them, the bullet hits the terrain which is in fact blocking them but isn’t rendered in properly. All of these issues need addressing now if the devs are even willing to do it in the first place..Version: 0.18.0

Very fun gameThis game is great. For a mobile game, it's definitely one of the best battle royale games you will find. Playing with friends and family feels refreshing, and you will most likely never get bored of the game. I'm rating this game 4/5 stars as while it is a good game for mobile, there are better alternatives that you can easily play on any console or pc such as call of duty warzone or fortnite. This is definitely one of the best mobile games out there and I recommend it for anyone new to gaming wanting to learn the basics of how to play a battle royale game..Version: 2.3.0

VERY VERY GOOD GAMEIt is a very good game, and very fun, especially when you play with friends. The game’s mechanics are fairly well made. However, there are some things i think you should add. 1. First person view: I think this is an important part of any shooting game. It improves the combat experience. 3. Crashes This game crashes a lot with ipads, and is really annoying. Sometimes, I have to restart the game 8 times before it starts properly. Also, 4x and above scopes get really choppy in this version, but when I play the chinese version, it doesn’t crash nor get choppy. In fact, its extremely smooth. 2. Vehicle physics: Vehicle physics aren’t the best. Motor bikes dip forward as soon as you take to the air, and its very hard to oversteer/ powerslide. When you try grip driving, you can’t brake during turning, because NONE of the cars have ABS, and you just understeer straight into a wall. Furthermore, could you guys PLEASE add an E-brake/handbrake button for vehicles? And please do NOT make the handbrake so that, as soon as you pull it, you come to a stop, we want to keep sliding. And add more tyre smoke/ dirt rooster trails. Im sure many players would also like to be able to climb trees or the like, or even dig, but this is just a suggestion. Overall, however, it is a great game, MUCH better than Fortnite, and also heaps better than all the other games like Rules of Survival..Version: 0.5.0

PubG mobile is the very best.I love this game it has become my favorite out of all of the games. I would like to make a few suggestions though. I know that this game is in its beginning stages but i just wanna say a few words. In the future i would love to see new maps including the dessert map om the pc version. Also i wanna see first person, i love first person and would have it rather than third person. Also i was dissapointed when i saw that you couldnt spectate who killed you. Spectating who killed you alows you to see where he was and make sure it was a fair fight. Also i would love to have more work on the vehicles. On duo’s me and my friend play together and when we get into a vehicle both of us freeze and we have to restart the game. I dont know if thats on our end or your end. Also the sounds of the gun and when you get shot are delayed you will get shot then here the crack of the gun. I play on an iphone 6 with frame rate and graphics all the way down. I have great internet connection when i play and the game crashes 3-4 times everytime i open the app. But overall i love this game and will continue to play it allways i applaud you guys..Version: 0.3.3

Keep up the good workThe game is amazing. I’m playing on the iPad and big screen makes it feel like I’m playing pc version. Optimisation is good. I like that developers continue to improve sound quality, graphics and servers. I would love to see better environment updates (like better grass and so on) with different seasons. Only have 2 complains. One, Please do something about cheaters that have auto aiming and they also know your location all the time. There are not that many players who do that, however in ace rank you can come across them. two, fix the invisible wall. It happens when you look far in the distance and ground textures, usually hills have an invisible textures on top of them. Makes shooting very random and unpleasant. Since you can see the player that is hiding behind the slope, however you can’t shot them because of invisible textures . And they look like they are floating above textures, while in reality they are just hiding behind the normal slope that is not being portrayed on you screen. Outside of that I love the game. Seasonal pass makes it fun to play and come back in to the game weekly.Version: 0.9.0

Really goodGameplay is good graphics are good probably better then then on Xbox, mine I do have an iPhone X, oh and it supports full screen for the X. Really good and the controls are not bad at all, rather easy tbf. But!! The problem is with the sound, as the iPhone X features two speakers so you can have more realistic sounds that comes from the direction you hear it, however on this game I noticed last night whilst with a teammate that I could hear their footsteps however the person was at the right of me and all sound was coming from the left so I kept thinking there was another person around till I realised. So awesome game and would have 5 stars if the sound was on point like the rest of the game, so please can you sort the sounds out. Oh and it’d be a good addition if you made it so either the sounds of your teammates were no sound to you or slightly less as loud..Version: 0.3.3

Some bugsI like PUBG I play it almost everyday but I do run into some issues while playing. I’m sure the devs worked hard on this game because it has good graphics good gameplay but I have some issues with conqueror’s being in diamond 2 lobby’s. I don’t like playing with bots because I want a little bit of a challenge but I don’t feel so satisfied when I get lazerd from 150 yards from a sweat that runs m4 and gets 20 kills a game that also runs full gyro max sensitivity. I pull like 7 or 8 kills a game but that doesn’t mean I should go against conquerors. Also when I’m landing I don’t know why but I have 30 ping and I’m teleporting around the building I’m trying to land on top of and I mostly just end up landing on the ground. I don’t really think anyone should buy UC for crate openings because it’s kind of a scam but I’ve bought both royals passes from when I started playing and I’ve been satisfied. So that’s how I feel about PUBG mobile I haven’t run into any other major bugs. I hope someone gets a chance to see this and hopefully do something about the issues I’ve had and probably lots of other people have had. Thank you..Version: 1.7.0

Best game I’ve ever played very addictiveI was more of a PlayStation girl but now that I’ve started to get into PUBG from Jenna marbles and Julian solomita, I’ve noticed how much better playing mobile is for me in performance etc, I’m better than ever and I win a lot more than I’d hope to expect, I was more of a Skyrim type of person but PUBG could easily be the best for me, I play it almost everyday it’s kind of addictive in that way. Fortnite is more of a childish version of PUBG, very cartoon like and not as fun to play if fun at all. I like the realistic aspect to PUBG and I’ve got a good internet connection so there aren’t any issues with playing it (because majority of people’s bug issues aren’t an issue with the game itself but their internet lol) I’ve met many people from around the world and become friends with them. I’m assuming you’re gonna make the mobile version more like the pc version which is good because an easy game is a boring game and the harder it is the more challenging, -V.Version: 0.9.0

UPDATING NOT GOOD.I’m always seeking for help but still no response. Every time when it’s time to update my game it loads then says restart to start a game but after I restart it says the same thing update over and over again that in the end I had to uninstall game then install it again. It’s very annoying. If you can see that right now can you please fix that problem thank you. I think this is the 10th time I’ve uninstalled game and download it again. Is my favorite online game of all games to be honest but having to deal with this problem over and over again saddens me to leave but not wanting to leave..Version: 1.8.0

0.9.0. WON’T UPDATE. GREAT game thoughI’m honestly a bigger PUBG Mobile fan than the console version, and I’ve loved this game so far. However lately I’ve been having problems reinstalling the game. I would sign in daily for the rewards and play a few matches before my classes to kill time, but I got the update notification screen for 0.9.0. and I was like “okay, takes literally about 27 seconds anyways.” so I went ahead and updated the app; or so I thought. I got out of class and the game still had not even started to download the update. I was pretty confused. My guess was that maybe i lost the Wifi signal, but that would take 1-2 minutes max using my mobile data. So I tried to pause and resume the download, and then waited for a while. I had some work to do at the library and totally forgot about it. When I checked again later that day, it had finally shown about 1/20 of the circle. I decided to just uninstall and reinstall. That did not work, and I have connected to different wifi spots for the past week now, I’ve gotten no solution. Thanks in advance if you get to respond. Just hoping to get back on the Battlegrounds. -Javi (my phone is the iPhone 6s if that helps in any way).Version: 0.9.0

Best gameI’ve been playing this game from when it first came out up until now and it never gets boring I can play this game all night long til the sun rises it’s a very cool game way better then the other boring shooting games I’ve been playing for so long and I always end up deleting them cause after all the levels are done your gonna end up playing from the start again but this game man it can go on and on for so long and I’m loving it to be honest if only yous can bring back the old maps like the normal lumber yard and all the other cool places I use to like landing when I play I just wish all the normal locations on PUBG were back to normal where it was when it first came out to be honest some of the updates I don’t like but playing with my friends and people I didn’t know before makes it fun but other then that best game to play.Version: 2.3.0

Almost a 5 star game but....I absolutely love this game and have played every day since I found it a month ago. I even spent $25 on the s5 pass to support you guys. I really wanted to give 5 stars but there is one thing that is bugging me to no end. Say you join squad mode, live for several minutes and get some kills and complete things toward missions. But then you die.. it happens right? But I learned the hard way that if you leave the match after dying but anybody in the squad is still going, you don’t get credit for anything you did in that match (kills, dmg or healing done, etc anything that can count towards certain RP missions or daily quests). The only way to get your credit is to stay and spectate until the last squad member dies. Why, why, do you have to spent possibly 20-30 more minutes just sitting there just to get credit for the stuff you already did. I think this is really crappy and doesn’t feel great. Especially since this is a demanding mobile game, why waste 20 more minutes of battery life just sitting there when you can’t play, only spectate. Seriously come on guys give us this quality of life update, it just makes sense. I would 100% come back and change this review to 5 stars, I have no other complaints about this awesome game..Version: 0.10.0

Ideas That I HavePubg mobile is a good game and the graphic are very good but most of us in the pubgm community want more features like new modes but i know you people at tencent games work very hard to produce a good game i think you guys should add a new mode called hide and seek. So the player who is seeker will have to shoot dummies when they are finished shooting the dummies the game will start and the seeker will have to find the hidden people but there is a catch... the zone will have to push the hidden people to the zone and if the time runs out for the seeker the hidden people win. The map idea for the hide and seek could be a war torn city that has broken things but some things are fine and not broken so tencent could you please consider my thought... Thank you.Version: 1.1.0

I love it but...I played this game when it first came out. I love this game because it had made new friends and new team mates. This game is good but not as good as it once was. Why do i say once was? Well let me tell you. When me and my friends want to run some squads everything runs very smoothly. But whenever we get close, something bad and terrible happens. The game freezes. I know you are going to be like. Well just close out the game and rejoin. First of all props for pubg mobile for doing that. It just seems weird whenever i’m facetiming my friends or whoever that it decides to crash. If i play alone no problem. Play with randoms, no problem. It’s just very very annoying for you to get good kills, weapons, equipment etc. And when you are fixing to get that winner winner chicken dinner. You jeopardize the whole team because all of them is down except for you. Want to know why? The game had frozen and crashed. I love this game, I play it pretty frequent now that it’s summer. I had stop playing it for that reason for the game to freeze up and crash. Also when i still try to rejoin it crashes again. So please Tencent please fix this, from the bottom of a PUBG MOBILE OG fix it..Version: 0.12.0

NiceI love this game...never been soo addicted to mobile games like this. But i have few disappointment regarding teammates that kill team. I encounter many teammates that killed me with the bomb purposely. One teammate i had he make me down then make me better then make me down again and then throw bomb that end me. As of this time im writting a comment i just exited the game because one of my team killed my other two team. Even i’ve been reporting many times but its just say admin will take merits of that player. I would suggest if someone reported player like that they should be automatically off the game. Them account should be band and deleted. But if they killed team and none report it then it maybe an friendly accident. I hope you will do something about it apart from taking merit off. Thank you! All in all this game is brilliant. Im a housewife who play pubg with my vaccant time. Ps. For the latest update i dont like the background song, i still prefer alan walker song faded and im on my way, pls pubg put alan walker song back it suit more for the game thank you!.Version: 0.17.0

This game would be perfect if it weren’t for the hackers!!I never leave reviews for apps or mobile games, but I’ve been so hooked on this game for the last few months and I’ve spent so many hours enjoying it that I felt - especially considering this game is completely free (in-app-purchases are only cosmetic) - that Tencent & the people behind PUBGM deserved a positive review from me. Despite PUBGM being similar in gameplay to the desktop version, the mobile version is optimised for mobile/phones/tablets. I’m honestly surprised the devs were able to make this mobile version even remotely close in quality to its PC counterpart. It’s endlessly challenging, and it’s so fun to team up (or fly solo) to challenge people from all over the world. I’ve actually made a few international friends in PUBGM that I regularly play with now. A little tip: be sure to customise all the controls/buttons to your preferences in the games settings; the default layout isn’t ideal for most. I have never been so addicted to a mobile game before - I’ve literally spent entire days playing PUBGM, completely sucked in to it, like when I play Rust or Sea of Thieves or Counterstrike et. al. on desktop..Version: 0.17.0

Best battle royal game by far!!!By far one of the best battle royal games there is out there. I’ve played both fortnite and rules of survival and in my eyes this tops them both. The controllers are placed perfect just like r.o.s the graphics for this game tops both the other two the one thing that I do have to say is the stats like why the hell is there stats for Asia Europe and the rest of the servers your stats should all be as one it’s stupid you decided to even do it like that second only down side there’s no need for you to add bots for solo battle until you reach gold I mean I get it’s to make us a bit better player but it takes the fun out of it literally they are the only two down sides everything else is perfect the map the guns the levelling up you do the clothes just everything is outstanding for a mobile\ipad game . If you can sort out the stats and the bots you have nailed this game i know it hasn’t been out long so I’ll give it time but keep it up.Version: 0.4.0

Campers and lagIt’s a great game and all, the nay downside I see is campers and lag. I have died to so many noobs; They just wait for you, just standing there, as soon as you come in they just blast you. Like seriously just take action! Lag is the primary thing I struggle with. For example someone shoots at me, my screen freezes and don’t even get a chance to react to it. After all this I started to think I just sucked. Not to brag but I used to get so many chicken dinners in a row and get so many kills. Then I started to play on PC and realised how well I actually performed. I took action but praise Apollo I didn’t come across any campers or lag. On my first game I got 9 kills as well as getting 13th place witch I was pretty proud of, considering it was my first time on PC. Even though I didn’t win I got the experience and learned from my mistakes..Version: 0.18.0

Perfect war gameThis is the first mobile game I have been playing for a wee while. Honestly I got addicted to it. Virtually, we can play this game like I used to IGI in a pc. The best part is we pick up guns and fight avatar of people around the world. That means the steps are not the same anymore in this game. You find one enemy in one place, the next time there might be more people at the same place. Pistols, semi machine guns, machine guns, snipers and what not. Trust me this game is ultimate. Nevertheless, we can play this game with friends as a crew. Which means you can create you own team and fight against other teams. The best part of team game is we can talk to each other. Imagine a war zone and we talk to our teammates. That’s incredible right?? One player, two player, four player. You got it all. Zones and cars and all sorts of virtual reality. A customisable avatar play the game as you want him to. Unbelievable right. Try it and you would not get disappointed. Please don’t blame anybody if you cannot stop it. Enjoy..Version: 0.9.0

PUBGUpdate: after contacting Customer Service multiple times, neither other players now I have found a solution to the occasional mic and speaker cutting out. In squads, the mic and speakers work great, but occasionally, one of our squad members loses mic and messages the team using the type-chat feature, telling us that he can't hear us; and we can't hear him. I spent about an hour trying to fill a custom room (using room cards I earned) on three separate occasions and my mic didn't work. I could only type chat with my squad. The issue happens in the game on a regular basis and has only been happening since the 0.7 update. The mic works great in the lobby, and suddenly, turns off after either getting on or jumping out of the plane. No one can hear me, i can't hear them. The other 3 all hear each other though. I have deleted and reinstalled the game, I've tried the "repair" button on the login screen, and it keeps happening. It's so frustrating, especially when we make rooms, spend all that time waiting without chat, and then we have to play the game in silence.😩😩😩😩.Version: 2.6.0

Bugs fixes and cool recommendationsAwesome game i would perfectly rate it 5 stars but always says server times out and when i press reconnect nothing happen it says its loading but it isn’t so please fix because that would be greatly appreciated Also what would be awesome is a 50v 50 like forknife and make the arcade modes so like if you press war it shows up with options like snipers, assault rifles etc and quick match it shows up with more options like shotguns, melee etc because i am barely getting the melee mode on quick match. All my friends are saying that and i agree. Also make a city map because that would be the perfect place for sniping and close-combat. New weapons and vehicles would be cool like a vehicle in the military with the guns on them. Rocket launchers like rpg, bazooka and more, grenade launchers and all that would be cool too more shotguns like the 12 gauge shotgun but besides that awesome game and hopefully will update Thanks.Version: 0.14.0

Oceanic serverThis games been out for many years now and you can’t even release and oceanic server. All you guys do is worry about rigging up and crates system so little kids get caught up spending all there hard earned cash on a disposable game. Honestly it’s so disgusting that you guys would rather put more effort in to making yourself money, rather then furthering the game. Iv played since the game was real easy spent multiple thousands of dollars over the years, iv competed in many tournaments and you pathetic excuse for game developers can’t even give us a server. Open your eyes you useless people...Version: 1.6.0

Maybe it just me ..First I love this game it the best game but maybe it’s just me but I have this problem where the game glitches out not because of my iPad or wifi I tried reloading it , logging in again , and deleting the app and reinstalling it. I just cant find the solution to solving this and some people told me that it’s probably a Country region problem but I asked most of my friends around my area and only one other friend is going through this same problem this only happened recently to my friend and I. I really want to play this amazing game so if there is a solution can u please respond and tell me thank you.Version: 1.4.0

Graphics + issue with loginI really enjoy playing PUBG mobile but I have some issues with the graphics, when I apply it for the higher graphics the game becomes laggy and also when I have normal graphics it still have laggy and I couldn’t see anything other than players. But it’s a good wand fun to play with friends and family. I have a huge issue which is about login um I have my logins but I forgot my email and couldn’t remember it I applied for PUBG to help me with that issue and they keep on saying actins can’t be taking and I know thousands of player have this issue so I hope PUBG do something about it cause it makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe to lose my account..Version: 2.9.0

PubgThis game is the best game in the wold but there are so many bugs getting stuck and also being stuck in buildings so where you can’t see them but you can see loot I play this game a lot I got a very high ranking season one my record kills is 24 and I have played a lot but lots of peppers are in the game that they’re not hard to spot for example hitting a headshot every time they hate you at the first time I saw this I just saw it was all orangey but every time I sent this person have from quest I made a room on Monday want him loads of times he hit me with a headshot every time than this plan there’s so many bobs just I will send you screenshots of them please just get rid of them because I will stop playing this game because of them just stop we need the season one but it was the best season I had season one jacket The new maps they call the new snow Matt coming out really really cool but you need to make the bugs go away.Version: 0.10.0

Good gameWe need to have Controller support, it would make gameplay better and would quite frankly make that game feel nicer..Version: 2.6.0

The best mobile battle Royale game out there.I downloaded this game soon after release and it was very clearly unpolished and needed to be fixed. I play PUBG on both PC and Xbox often and I have to say this is the best version. It keeps the core of PUBG but makes it more noob friendly. Saying this it is still extremely rewarding and addictive. I recommend playing solo squads or duos in order to increase difficulty and avoid team killing. Finally I have two complaints which I hope could be fixed soon. the first one being as soon as you knock an enemy the first bullets have terrible hit reg meaning I waste 10 bullets on a downed person to finish them. Secondly I play on European severs since I’m from the UK and there seem to be a lot of Indians as well as Middle Easterners on the server. They have terrible connection and will teleport around the place. Please fix this by introducing more servers or stopping people from going on servers where they have a 150+ ms response time..Version: 0.7.0

Amazing, but improvement is requiredPubG mobile is the best and I love to grind there. What would be even better would be to add in something like Fortnite’s playground mode. You may say that you have and all, with training and rooms, but it doesn’t really make it fun when you either have to search forever to find the room you’re looking for or drop $20 to buy a room (or whatever you do). It would be great to train my friends, as well as getting to know the map better. You should also add in something like Fortnite’s 50 v 50 (mainly because I want to land in enemy territory without having to build and fire frequently like in Fortnite). You should also make it that players can dig and climb trees (not and original suggestion). There is also a bug, where I tap on purchase UC. It will load but then after 30 seconds, act like nothing happened and keep making me play the game. Anyways, I’m thankful that I found a battle royal game as good as Fortnite (not to offend anyone, they’re both great games). I also would like to get at least 1 or 2 dances in the free battle passes, because I mean c’mon, who doesn’t like to dance on someone after you no scope them! Please take these ideas into consideration. Thanks..Version: 0.8.0

Optimize for iPad Pro 12.9” pleaseI am a daily and dedicated player of pubg but the latest update has ruined the game for my device at least. Have contacted customer support with screenshots but no response thus far. Buttons and texts overlap. Extremely low sensitivity (takes 5 swipes to turn 90degree). Compressed view: even the next house seems far and everything appears small like small people. This needs to be fixed asap please. Us friends play everyday and night for hours but now we have stopped because of this. It actually makes me sad because I want to start playing right NOW but settings aren’t right. This is it. This is the information so don’t ask me for more, you should know what’s wrong. Please fix and get back ASAP..Version: 0.10.0

I LOVE this gameI’m always excited when new updates come out, I bought the Season 4 pass because everything that you could get this season looked so good, and I play legit everyday. (I’ve been playing everyday for over a month now). There are some glitches here and there in the game but that doesn’t stop me from playing more. I honestly can’t get enough of this game. This game is probably the best game I’ve ever downloaded on my phone..Version: 0.10.0

Best Mobile GameI honestly believe this game to be the best mobile game out there right now. With options for longer games up to 40 minutes(provided you’re good enough to stay alive that long) or short games maxing out at 10 minutes, they really give you the best experience out there. The controls are customizable, a lot of things are easily changed in settings to make the game special to you, and if you ever delete the game and come back later you will find that your controls are saved, although other things in settings may have been changed back to original. I really like the “Team Death Match” mode that they developed for the game last season as well as the new maps they add every once in a while. This game has grown a lot, I remember when it had only two maps available(now 5). The team here really is making the game grow and that’s why I love this game. The best part is that it’s free. It’s probably worth $50 but their not making us pay that amount and I really, really appreciate that! If you get the game I hope you enjoy and for all those that already have it, keep having fun squading up!.Version: 0.19.0

W GamePUBG Mobile is an incredibly immersive and action-packed battle royale game that has captivated millions of players worldwide. With its stunning graphics, realistic gameplay mechanics, and wide variety of weapons and vehicles, PUBG Mobile offers an adrenaline-pumping and truly addictive gaming experience. The diverse maps and intense multiplayer gameplay keep the adrenaline flowing, while the regular updates and events ensure that the game always feels fresh and exciting. Whether you're a casual gamer or a competitive player, PUBG Mobile offers something for everyone. Overall, it's a must-play game for fans of battle royale and mobile gaming alike..Version: 3.0.0

I love this game!!!I love it!!! Just one thing though I want the new update but it’ll only let me download it with wifi but I have have unlimited data so it’ll be nice if I could just download the new update without having to use a wifi connection please do something about it if you can please be much appreciated Will add the extra star if yous could help me with the new update without having to use a wifi connection thanks.Version: 0.9.0

PUBG Mobile ReviewIt is a very fun game, although there are a few things I do not like, bots should be eliminated from the game, they are to easy and not fun, I would wait a few minutes to play as long as I know I’m against real people. There are to many servers and modes which means you have to play with bots to fill them, combine a few servers like KRJP with Asia and South America with North America, make mini zone and 8 minute match combined so it can be an even smaller zone that’s about a ten minute match. Also one cool as thing which would set you apart from other battle Royale is put an Easter egg in the game, so people can do it if they want to maybe earn BP or legendary items, this would be cool not sure if it would work tho!.Version: 0.6.1

Problems with hackers and cheat detectionMore than banning every suspicious player you should be making sure non-cheating players are not wrongfully banned with rank wiped, or at least give a way to recover account and rank quickly. The “data has changed and you have been disconnected” error with 10min ban has been coming up randomly and progressing to a 10yr ban for normal players with unknown cause - VPN/unstable network/certain Adblock apps/etc. have been speculated but no response from the Tencent team. Likewise, players who have been banned have reported receiving no response from a real team member despite emailing for months, there is currently no way to report a wrongfully banned account. Otherwise, this is by far the best mobile battle Royale game I’ve ever played and will stay loyal to this game because of the realistic graphics, beautiful maps that allow for use of strategy, and TDM mode which offers an excellent way to warm up before a ranking classic game..Version: 0.15.0

Need A New Server for Australians and New ZealandersHey there! I am glad to say this game has awesome features and being awesome. Even though, As a New Zealand person you need to give us a new server because the ping of every other servers' is very high and we cant engage with that! There are a larger number of players around NZ and they cant show their better performances because of this fact! Otherwise you can increase the area of the Asian server. Most people in here are playing under the Asian server. Thank you.Version: 0.17.0

Love the game but here’s some bugs and glitches I foundJust something I saw while in squads, some one had managed to get there bike literally inside a concrete wall and it was making the most annoying noise, another bug would be the loading screen bug where to can’t select guest or Facebook it just does nothing, or it freezes while checking updates and crashes, idk if it does because of my device but I’m on iPad mini 2.Version: 0.3.3

Best battle royalIt’s a great game overall, I’ve played most similar games that are out there, “COD, FreeFire, Fornite” & It don’t give me the experience PUBG mobile gives me, I like things to as realistic as they can be. PUBG does that. Yes there’s entertaining modes every now & then.! I usually try them out, it’s ok it’s something refreshing for most players but I usually like to stay on a classic map lobby. I love all 5 maps & love playing them all, ( PLEASE BRING BACK VIKENDI ) also ( PLEASE BACK PAYLOAD ) it was really fun to play this mode with friends & not really care about rank or KD. Payload is the real definition of FUN. Really enjoyed trolling there! There’s few things that need to get fixed, the ranking system & the match making is kind of messed up. Bugs ! Please fix those old bugs “the parachute, the grenade release, gun reloading & not actually reloading”.!! all thee bugs happen every day & are annoying & mess your game up specially when trying to clutch in a situation. please fix this ASAP.! & it’s okay we will wait a little longer than 20 seconds to play against real people to have a better gaming experience. Stop dropping in dozens of bots to fill the match. It’s terrible to play against 40+ bots in a single match it gets boring..Version: 1.6.0

Is This A Bug, Glitch, Or What?PUBG Mobile is one of my favorite games that I currently have. It is a very nice battle royal game and there is just a few things that needs to be fixed. First off, when I get into the PUBG app, more than half the time the screen freezes while it loads or displays the “Tencent Games” logo. This is the MOST, and I MEAN the MOST, ANNOYING glitch/bug, or whatever it is, and I have to retry entering the app without the screen freezing, and if this is a glitch/bug made by you developers, then please, FIX IT! I have gotten so annoyed by this that I rage now because I have to try so many times to get in the game just because it keeps freezing. The other glitch/bug I’ve found was with the emotes. When you emote in first person, you can turn you camera around without have your character turning around, and after the emote is finished, your camera moves back to where it originally was. This is not a big glitch/bug, but I think it needs to be fixed. Other than that, I really have nothing to say except that this is a great game that just needs to be fixed. I could have given this game 5 stars but there needs to be fixes. And if you made it here, well thank you for reading this..Version: 0.6.0

Needs controller support!Would love it more if it had controller support.Version: 2.8.0

It my favourite game but...I love this game I play it everyday. The things that I would love for yous to fix is: 1- when it lags it lags really bad, maybe yous can fix it somehow. 2- maybe yu guys can create a offline mode with robots or practice playgrouns. 3- can yous maybe upgrade the graphics abit. Anyways other than those problems love this game and would prefer for people who love action and shooting games👍🏽👌🏽.Version: 0.10.0

No.1 SHOOTER GAME ON APP STORE!If you see any bad reviews about this game about cheats or how the game runs then either people are just mad because they aren’t good at the game or they have rubbish WiFi. The developers did an outstanding job on this game it runs so smooth, it runs way better than on Xbox and I’ve been playing for a couple months now and I’ve never came across one cheater ever, it rarely crashes it’s only happened to me like twice? So overall it’s a great game and the community is a lot more friendly than on PC and it’s a lot of fun to play and easy to make friends. So if you are looking for a thrilling FPP or TPP shooter with fun and fulfilling game modes which are fast or even slow paced with a great selection of maps, awesome weapons, outfits, customisations, dances, challenges and much more then download Pubg mobile you won’t regret it!.Version: 0.8.0

Server problemsIv been playing this for a while now and this is the first problem I’ve faced...... “Server Maintenance” like what the hell i was cool when it went for a day... but its been like this for weeks now and its soooo annoying.... I uninstalled and downloaded it again but same problem... i checked my router incase it was that but noooo not that either ..... can this get fixed already 😒.Version: 0.14.0

Gliding Suit that attachment for clothingI and my friends absolutely adore and love playing PUBG after a big day and never not have fun playing this great game. However, My friends and I, on all console and devices, think it would be a great idea if PUBG brought out a glider for when you purchase the $15AUD. So Instead of falling to your death or spending a couple crucial minutes running down these tall beautiful mountain tops, you can happily glide down the mountain or cliff to get away or closer to your enemies, or make it easier to get around the maps. Hopefully some more people read this and back it up, as we all think it would be a great addition to the game :).Version: 0.9.0

Pubg mobileI will give this game 5 out of 5 I have made friends on this from all over but it’s lacking one thing we need a Oceania server for New Zealand Australia and the pacific island it’s very hard we getting over 180ms on North America or Asia sever PUBG please take your time and look into this. We don’t have good devices but please give us our own server the amount of money we spend of UC and RP I am sure you guys can make our own Oceania sever it wouldn’t be a problem for you guys. Hope to hear good new from PUBG soon..Version: 2.1.0

Great gameIt’s an amazing survival shooting game. Please provide us an Oceania server because the most decent pings that Oceanic players can get will be varying between 88ms to 677ms (in Asia server, the other servers will be much worse) but recently we have been playing with 100ms or more pings during in-battle stage. Nothing is more frustrating than in-battle lagging issues and these issues are not coming from your own device or your internet but the in-battle server pings. Although I once tried to contact the customer service team to support me to address the lagging issue, the recommended solutions were ineffective and these lagging issues regarding the high in-battle server pings are still persisting. As a result, I think it would be greatly appreciated if the game could provide Oceanic players a seperate server to play and enjoy the game much more in the future. Thanks for providing such a wonderful game..Version: 2.3.0

EhhWhen I first got this game I really loved it, since then I’ve improved and got into platinum and started playing more squads and duos but I cannot count the ******* times I have been purposely killed by my teammates for my loot! I’ve looted crates then been rammed by a teammate, blown up in my vehicle, have grenades thrown at me! I hope I have emphasised that enough so I’ll move on, the jumping is incredibly choppy and sluggish, every vehicle is completely unreliable in it’s physics and handling. The gun mechanics are great however. 9/10 times the game crashes when I try to open it and occasionally midway through a game aswell. I recommend this game but please take some time to read what I’ve wrote and decide. Edit: The new update has fixed many of my problems with teamkilling, and being able to mute individual players is so much better however it still lacks a bit of originality - the ‘Royale Pass’ really? Come on but the game has been much improved and my only complaint is that there is nothing that hasn’t been seen before..Version: 0.6.0

Awsome TencentThe game is awesome but there’s some lag but still awesome nice job Tencent!.Version: 0.3.3

Five star war gameI really like this game to be very honest. I started playing from 2019 till now and I’m never tired of it. Here are the main reasons why, I get to play with a lot of different people from different countries and also made new friends with them aswell. The problem is that, the new update about people playing with others due to their ranks which is a bit of sad and very offensive to the new players that aren’t good at playing but wanting to play with people with higher ranks. I believe this new update has lost a lot of players due to its very disappointing update. But hopefully the owner will consider this, thank you for reading tho😉.Version: 2.8.0

Amazing but add buildingThis game is amazing 😍😍 I love it so much I play so much I’m becoming addicted😂 and I would like to say you guys should pay your selves on the back because you’ve out done your selves with this game but I think you should add building cause like it’s rlly cool, I’m not trying to make it sound to much like fortnite but if there was building it would be rlly cool to add maybe like being able to build onto houses or something but it would be cool and you had to use the machete to get resources and things but it’s only an idea but I think it would be great to add cheers great game 😂😍👍.Version: 0.6.1

I love this game but it has flawsI’ve been playing Pubg ever since the beginning of Season 2 and I absolutely love the game! but I feel as if the rewards that you get from completing achievements/missions (both the regular ones and the RP ones) are not worth how long it takes to get them. don’t get me wrong some of the rewards are great! but there there are a lot that’s just sad to say the very least. getting something like 3 silver frags is ridiculous when most redeemed items that you can buy (permanently) are at an average of 500+ silver frags. aside from that I feel as if the crates (especially expensive ones) shouldn’t have dups of crate scraps and 3-10 silver frag chances. than when it comes to the RP I feel as if some of the rewards make it so unmotivating, especially once they started adding duplicates of multiple items- and lord have mercy for players who don’t pay for the RP because the rewards for them are close to nothing! not even for getting to 100!!!? I have friends who play and it’s sad when they get to higher RP levels but receive nothing. I hope that Pubg fixes this issue because I think it would make trying to do missions/achievements so much more exciting for everyone!.Version: 0.14.0

Lagging .I have 5 starred the game as I LOVE playing it . Communications gameplay graphics etc is all good and fine it’s just when I want to play the game I click the app obviously and when I do click it , it takes me to the loading screen and it just loads for a while , then suddenly it just clears and makes me go off the app meaning I have to redo what I just stated all over again also it takes about 4 to 5 tries for me to actually get into the lobby as I call this “lagging” not quiet sure what else to call it? But I just hope you understand this problem and can solve it because well my squad doesn’t like waiting for just one person and I don’t think others would too. Thank you 🙂.Version: 0.5.0

PUBG VS FORTNITEI think that this game is great and all but PUBG is suing Fortnite And is most probably gonna win. I know this has nothing to do with actual game or anything but I thought some people would like to know about this. also the next sentence is gonna be the review. Review: I think that this is one of the best games out their but most probably the first on iPads/phones/tablets its way better than Fortnite. it has better controls better quality also it’s for more mature shooters than Fortnite most of them are people who are getting use to the genre of shooting gameplay and it’s gonna get really boring when shooting people who don’t know how to play The end: that was my review and the talk about PUBG VS FORTNITE thx reading.Version: 0.6.0

Not worth sometimeHave been playing pubg since 2018 try it fell in love with that game the design and playing with different player was my thing . When I have some free time I like to believe it or not play pubg and relax the grill to win at the end of just one player left and waiting for victory is the best when u win . But I did spend some money in it not a lot but I will wait to get coupons crate for a while until I stalk them a few then get the drop and get silly stuff like double the item a pair of shoe that I already for 3 time a t shirt my time not worth sometime and just want to quit I want to have nice clothes set but always get silly stuff . Not everyone get just spend money I did before but can’t since Covid lost my job .hackers that can shoot true wall are annoying and ruin the whole experience. I wish they where paying more attention to the time we spend on this game and give u good reward I have so many coupons earn for discount can’t use them cause I don’t have any money why can’t u exchange them it’s just a waste . I’m thinking of quitting soon the crate are ridiculous..Version: 2.2.0

I Love PUBG MOBILE 🥰I've been an avid player of PUBG Mobile for five years now, and I must say the game has evolved significantly during this time. The improvements in graphics and the implementation of stronger anti-cheat measures have been remarkable. However, there's a fond memory I have of the game - the ranked Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode. It was an absolute blast, and I find myself missing it dearly. I genuinely hope it makes a comeback soon because I have always preferred TDM over the classic mode. It added a unique thrill to the gameplay. Additionally, I'd love to see a feature similar to the 'Like All' button in the classic mode, but in TDM. It would make acknowledging and appreciating teamwork much more convenient. Overall, I still enjoy playing PUBG Mobile, and these suggestions would only enhance the experience for players like me. Keep up the great work!.Version: 2.8.0

What’s going onI love the game can’t stop playing it very addictive and I love all modes but l have to question the age limit as I have had games where there have been people under the age of 17 the youngest being ten and younger but the most annoying thing is some people start getting abusive on the match where I have to turn off their speaker can we report them on this ? Or do I just let it slide would love to hear on a solution this these matters apart from that I love this game.Version: 0.10.0

My favourite Game in PubgI like PUBG I play it almost everyday but I do run into some issues while playing. I'm sure the devs worked hard on this game because it has good graphics good gameplay but I have some issues with conqueror's being in diamond 2 lobby's. I don't like playing with bots because I want a little bit of a challenge but I don't feel so satisfied when get lazerd from 150 yards from a sweat that runs m4 and gets 20 kills a game that also runs full gyro max sensitivity. I pull like 7 or 8 kills a game but that doesn't mean I should go against conquerors. Also when I'm landing I don't know why but I have 30 ping and I'm teleporting around the building I'm trying to land on top of and I mostly just end up landing on the ground. I don't really think anyone should buy UC for crate openings because it's kind of a scam but I've bought both royals passes from when I started playing and I've been satisfied. So that's how I feel about PUBG mobile I haven't run into any other major bugs. I hope someone gets a chance to see this and hopefully do something about the issues I've had and probably lots of other people have had. Thank you..Version: 2.6.0

Best game I ever playedTHIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! I love the graphics I love the modes and guns I reckon it is possibly the best game I’ve probably ever played. It’s such a good BR game And there’s such high quality graphics it’s so cool. And I hope that we get more cool things in the future. I would highly appreciate that And I would also like the P90 in BR because if it’s gonna be in the game then why wouldn’t it be in BR right. Doesn’t it make sense. So if you could do that I would highly appreciate that. And a little suggestion of something’s I would like to have added to the game is the barret 50cal and the Famas the m1 garand they are all really cool guns and also would appreciate a tank yes a tank the big gunning vehicle in the old war days But not the big ones just little ones like the 10tp or the vickers mkf because that would be cool and I’m not saying you have to add them but that would be highly appreciative if you could do that..Version: 0.18.0

Great game...butI like this game very fun have been aceing it on my iphone XS so basically the one of the best phones to run this game but lately the game has been having a lot of issues like lagging and glitches, buttons not working. The game seems to be getting very slightly laggier every time theres and update. Im a really quick player who moves and jumps while shooting but the game can’t seem to keep up and eventually one or two buttons randomly stops working which get me killed. Only way to clear it is to wait or get out of app and come back in. Annoying as hell..Version: 0.13.0

РАЗРАБОТЧИКАМ!Дорогие разрабы игра крутая конечно, динамичный гемплей , крутые скины и прочее, но работа с серверами тоже важная часть игры! Прошу не забывайте о технической части, потому как уже недели 2 серверы лагают и выбивают из профиля и боев. Спасибо..Version: 2.3.0

The Best Game I Have Ever Played Within My LifeThis is the one, and I mean the one and only game I have played ever since I got it (when it first was released for mobile). I love this! The way the controls are, how the graphics look, which by the way super impressive even for the low graphics, and the way I feel like when I’m the final two, my heart pumping and racing, palms sweating, it’s amazing. In my opinion, I like this way better then any other Battle Royale game because of the feeling and how it looks not to mention the friends I make online in squads or duos. I do have a couple of suggestions and only one problem though. My only problem is how I lag when I’m by the grassy fields when using my scope and rarely lagging by grassy fields. That is my only problem, lag. Other then that it’s absolutely great! My suggestions are the following, please add a 15x Scope to the mobile version I don’t know if it really is on PC but I have seen videos of there being a 15x Scope. My second suggestion is maybe there should be more game modes. I know how hard you guys put in this game but maybe there should be more game modes but other then that great game. Thanks for bringing us PUBG Mobile..Version: 0.3.3

Great game!! Just a minor issue :)This game is amazing! I love Livik; the graphics, gameplay and everything about it is perfect!! Please keep it that way and don't make it too complicated with the updates to come! The only minor issue that I'm sort of against in this game is the fact that you can't invite people who are too high or low in tier/rank to your squad. I was Diamond II in Asia but I changed servers to play with people from my country and therefore I went down to Bronze V. The problem is that now I can't play in Livik or Erangel with my family because they're too high in rank which really just defeats the purpose of me playing.. Playing with friends and family is one of the major reasons I play your game. Sometimes I even introduce the game to other family members and they join but unfortunately I can't invite them to play because it'll say their rank is too low.. Please remove this update because I feel like everyone should be able to play with anyone of any tier, just like every single server has bots, what's the difference?? Even in an Ace server there would be plenty of bots so I feel like this update doesn't make a difference. That is my only complaint about this game but other than that, it has got to be my favourite war game! Keep it up :).Version: 1.8.0

Elite ImprovementsThis game is amazing! Been playing it for a while now. Want this game to be better? Make it offline! Even better? Add hero costumes. Eg, Superman, Flash, Batman etc. Both Marvel and Dc costumes would be great! More better than ever? Make a teleport gun, to transfer you anywhere in the map. This makes it more challenging as anyone could just as easily make it back inside the zone when struggling to get back in. Just a few ideas, hopefully you could make this happen. For sure a 5 star once I see this appear in the game..Version: 0.15.0

Love itThis game is amazing. The movement and physics are by far better than Garena and fortnite mobile making it easy to develop and get better at their game. Compared to fortnite the loading time is 20 seconds (fortnite being 5 min) fortnite takes 5gb from the get go burnt pubg is about 2-3 and add data once you start playing it but is still less than 5. The graphics are console worthy especially on domination and I have had no crashes until now. My game is crashing every match and this is not a review just asking for developers opinion on what’s wrong. Could it be bad WiFi cos of coronavirus? Or do I need latest iOS (haven’t bothered downloading it yet) overall its a great game and devs can you please reply. Love your game :) Ps add more quick non br modes (like search and destroy maybe).Version: 0.17.0

Matchmaking issuesI’ve been playing PubgMobile for a year now. Matchmaking issues come out to play once in a while. Although, recently i have been focusing in solos. Once you get passed a certain rank, for eg. Platinum II or above, it’s much harder to enter a game at all. You would be waiting around for 5-10 minutes, or longer for matchmaking. And in the end with what i’ve been experiencing, you don’t enter a match, a message pops up stating that “there’s no match available, keep trying.” Something along those lines. It’s getting quite frustrating to enjoy the game as you would be waiting on ends just to enter a match, which for the most part doesn’t end up happening regardless. Please fix it ASAP. Thank you..Version: 0.11.0

As good as it soundsPUBG mobile is hands down one of the best mobile FPS games you can get. The maps, game modes, weapons, gear, so on. I recommend this game to PUBG fans on the go, FPS gamers, or anyone looking for a game to pass the time. The only downfalls to PUBG mobile is the strong and constant internet connection, the fact that it’s not too hard to cheat, (you don’t often come around cheaters, and that guy who you think is cheating is probably better than you) and if you want to keep up with all the latest clothing, weapon skins, and all that, you gotta pay money. (Which to be honest is useless and not needed whatsoever) I have no complaints, and the game is as good as it can be at the moment. 10/10.Version: 0.14.0

Ok but not anymoreOk so let’s just start it off. I really love this game it’s good and it’s funny but... the problem is that you have cheaters, bots and the worst thing is is the fact that this game is now really boring. I hate saying this but winning isn’t really exciting anymore. Since the new update I don’t even have Vikendi, some people keep shooting me through walls and aimbot, the boys are just useless because my first game I got 5 kills till then I realised they were all bots, and most of the time I’m just driving and running in open space when I really wish I was in a named location in a huge war with two different squads with bridges and vehicles. I know this game has arcade modes but they are so easy and boring too. But I have thought of an idea... make a death race mode. Make different tracks with obstacles on the road and ramps to race and kill. That would be really fun. But on the last note PUBG just loses it’s fun. P.S Where is the Vikendi map?! I updated the game and it’s not there! Fix this please!.Version: 0.10.0

Fantastic Game But Needs Oceana Servers And Controller Support.I’ve had so much fun with PUBG this year, mainly because I can’t get it on pc. It’s very fun and challenging at the same time. The physics are great, guns and gunplay are great, almost everything is great except a few things that need to be touched up on. 1. Oceana Servers. I’m Australian and while playing this game I’ve been experiencing ping up to 300ms constantly when playing on the next best thing, Asia servers. If you guys could add Oceana servers, all the Australian players will no longer be experiencing terrible lag and ping. 2. Controller Support. I’ve recently bought a controller for my iPad to play games like I do on my PlayStation. When I connected it and started up PUBG, expecting it to work, I was super excited when the analog sticks started working. But it’s only the analog sticks! I know it will be unfair for touchscreen players to play against players with a controller, so here’s my suggestion. Try splitting the players up. If they have a controller connected they will be sent to a controller only server. If they are using touch screen they will be sent to a touch screen only server. This way the players skill balance will be, well... balanced. Thanks for letting me play this fantastic game, and even if you don’t listen to my suggestions, I will still be playing this game on a regular basis. Thanks!.Version: 0.8.0

Best Battle Royale Out ThereTo start off, I have to say that I’m not a big fan of battle royales, but PUBG completely changed that. Even though the graphics aren’t the best, the game is extremely balanced and that makes the game good for everyone. There aren’t any perks that give someone with more money the upper hand, and clothing doesn’t make a difference in gameplay. There is barely any lag (depending on quality) and it’s very smooth. It’s also nice knowing that everyone has the same chance of getting good weapons and medicines. This is probably why PUBG beats other competitors (like Fortnite, since they have things like V-bucks which makes the game unfair for new players/ ‘broke’ players) due to the fact that everyone is on the same playing field (no pun intended) and it’s easy to connect with friends and family. The only problem may be occasional crashing (which is fixed quickly) and the server disconnected pop up in the middle of a game (which is sometimes annoying since I’m about to win a game until they get to kill me because of it). Nothing too bad to give a bad review, though. My experience has been stellar and I recommend downloading immediately..Version: 0.4.0

PingI give 5 stars for game its really good and fun game .. i just loved it .. but there is only one things tht I hate is ping .. some people play in 20 ms and most of people play in 130+ ping .. especially who play from other countries.. I just feel its should be fair for all players..if u guys fix the ping thn it will be good and fair enough for all players who love playing Pubg mobile .. its only ping issue otherwise it’s really good game ...Version: 1.4.0

Need a bit more update at the lagsLets say that you need to fix the lag when you finish loading screen checking updates just when it is on the screen that says login to facebook or guest, often for me the button doesnt do anything and that gonna need fixing. Gameplay is perfect there is no lags or glitches i hope that you could add more items and maybe others..Version: 0.3.3

Best battle royal on mobileI love this game,it’s console quality on mobile, there are some people cheating on here which is annoying, but you can report them easily at the end of each game. It’s not the developers fault,there are whole websites and forums devoted to cheats and cheating on this game! It says more about these sad individuals than about the game,you’re only cheating yourselves people!! As for bugs,I don’t have any problems at all,I think the people complaining are running it on crap phones which are underpowered...it’s without a doubt the best battle royal game out there.. My only suggestion for improvement would be to make all game modes available on all maps in evo.. ie. team death match on town,library,etc. Etc. And make it so you can buy things with bp without a prime subscription..otherwise amazing game!.Version: 1.2.0

Fantastic! Nothing else comparesWhere do I start on this one? This game is absolutely phenomenal. The devs are pumping out consistently good updates, adding great new features every couple of weeks. The game runs flawlessly on newer devices, and even has graphics settings to get it going on older ones. The mechanics are great, the gameplay is gripping. There’s an excellent variety of weapons, attachments and vehicles; meaning every game plays differently, and calls on different skills - whether it’s sniping from a distance, or taking the opposition down in close quarters. Apart from a slightly pushy cosmetics system, this game is flawless. Completely recommended for any gamer looking for a quality game for on the go. Thumbs up!.Version: 0.6.0

Please help me!I’ve restarted my game several times and PuBg won’t let me in. Please fix this or help. U.Version: 0.15.0

About the uc and moneyPUBG mobile is a great game and I love playing it but people li me cant get cool things like ragtag skins or Royale passes because we can’t buy it or our parents won’t let us and it’s really frustrating to see that most of my friends have uc and the elite pass to buy things and i have nothing so if u could, ya mind making the premium crate bought with bp or silver sometimes and have discounts with other crates and stuff.Version: 0.19.0

REALY GOODThe game quality was perfect and it was so satisfying the sound of the gun shot’s so pretty much just saying this is short and please make more game like this pleaseeee cause this game is the game to play for a type of game you want to win and also sometimes lose but not all the time when you are on a killing streak you may win just like when I eat but I’m always last but I reckon this game deserves a big fat chungus 5 star rating cause the game itself is made to perfection! Also it’s really. Fun played with friends and family it’s only sometimes when people purposely glitch the game to try and win that’s the only problem but that’s the people the people in the game itself and no one say that this was long because it was not that long for what I thought a the beginning when I first started righting I. Know I was wrong just please don’t kill me I Was just trying to say how long it was going to be and that took a really long time to explain don’t you thing i reckon that took more time to explain then it should of don’t you any way can you please put a 5star as well and tell everyone else you know that play to put a good old fat Chungus 5 star aswell that’s the end of the review.Version: 0.16.0

Great game.Great game HOWEVER on startup you might experience crashes and freezes, don’t worry this is common just restart a few times and boom the game should launch. Multiplayer is so much better than fortnite mobile, lobbies fill so much faster the game performs better on older hardware i am playing on a 5s and it performs greatly with OPTIONS FOR GRAPHICS. Unlike *coughFORTNTEMOBILEcough* and the gameplay is actually fun. Bear in mind it eats battery but its worth it. It is better than fortnite mobile on many different levels. So, get this, don’t waste your time on fortnite mobile. Get this. I have played pc pubg and fortnite i’m not giving my opinion on that, i have played mobile pubg and fortnite and pubg mobile is better that fortnite mobile I don’t know which is better on pc though as both games are greatly enjoyable. DEVS, please fix crashes even if it takes time and i understand it probably is more than one problem that causes them..Version: 0.3.3

Excellent game 10/10I now have over 100 wins on PUBG (yes I play it too much) and this is in my opinion the best Battle Royale and shooter available on mobile. Furthermore, I like the new things constantly being added to the game, even if it is similar to Fortnite. The gameplay is very good and the graphics are again satsifactory, but that is what you expect on mobile. Comparing the game to Fortnite, especially on the graphics front, it is much better. The realism in the game is also what draws me back to the game, with the quick fire of a UMP to one-shorting people with an AWM sniper. Personally the variety of guns such as a DP-28 is great as it gives the players more of a selection to use to obliterate their opponents. There are only a few drawbacks to PUBG mobile: it heats up your phone quite a lot; also takes a bit of storage and it can take up quite a bit of mobile data. Yet the good factors of the game far outweigh these negatives. The tactical thinking which the game requires also gives a more exhilarating experience, especially in the final few circles when everything gets tense (even with over 100 wins). It is far more tactical than any other battle royale in my opinion. I rate the game a 5 Star as it ticks the majority of the boxes that I expect to see from an original battle royale. Not just a copy of the genre. Fortnite is just a PUBG copy as it changes the genre very little. This means PUBG is the better game as Fortnite copies it..Version: 0.7.0

Has there been a better iOS game ever? Doubt itMobile games have come a long way since Snake 2 on a Nokia 3200. Larger high res screens, 3D sounds and processors that would have been top spec on computers just a few years ago mean it’s possible for developers to build games we didn’t think possible. But taking a game with a huge map, ability to support up to 100 individuals in one game from around the world and offering it for free? That’s a huge ask. But somehow Tencent have managed to not only achieve but exceed all expectations. This game scales the Pc and Xbox experience of battle Royale down to a handheld device size and somehow manages to lose none of the quality. All the suspense, comradeship and strategic thinking remains leaving you scratching your head how a game can be made this good for a cellphone. Sometimes it can be a little laggy (being ironed out with patches) and the controls can leave you struggling to see the screen at times but these problems don’t detract from what is a true gaming masterpiece, not just on a phone but on any device. PUBG is a must have for any gamer and is easily the best iOS mobile game ever made..Version: 0.4.0

Way better than RULES OF SURVIVALThis game is really way better than ROS because there are no cheaters here. This have a real anti hacking system. I love to play ros before but now im switching to pubg because of there are lots of cheaters in rules of survival, no matter how good your gaming skills are if you are playing with cheaters you will never win. Thankyou PUBG Mobile for fair gaming experience. I suggest that, modify the houses to make it look more realistic. And add more weapons.Version: 0.7.0

The biggest update for pubgI thought you should know I’m a big fan of these games you make and that I was the one who emailed you to put zombies in the game but I don’t want the credit and I just thought you should know that I think you should update the game more and make new modes like maybe a way for people to just be able to instead of the loading screen you load into a world of your choice and you get to still play the game but the money you make it goes to a house that you can buy and the more money you make the bigger the house you find and buy also the way that you can meet up with people to play squads or duos is you have to call the them on the pubg phone that your character has and they can buy cars and stuff and meet up places to start the game and I think that we should keep in contact because If you want pubg to be better then fortnite you have someone that thinks better like a wing man and I hope y’all read this because I would love to play a game like how my idea is and if you do make the game how I say it would be cool to be then let me know so I can help..........From your biggest fan.Version: 0.13.0

Dear PUBG Mobile developersAs I have been play PUBG Mobile for a few months now I have been loving it, easy controls, good frames rate and a good challenge. I would adore maybe more gun skins and possibly add more crates to buy with Battle points (Sorry if thats not what it’s called). Also this isn’t vital but you could possibly slow down the fall of the care packages (or airdrops) because I feel I can never get to it before it lands. So once again this is a great game with amazing controls and I think you have done an amazing job Yours sincerely Flame ;) <3.Version: 0.6.1

😕 PUBG MOBILE Negative Reviews
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