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Last War:Survival app received 31 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about last war:survival?

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Now it’s pretty good !!!👍Played this when it first came out & I didn’t care for it at all so I ended up deleting it after playing for 40mins but yesterday I thought I’ll download it again to see if there has been any changes to gameplay, etc & found the updated game to be so much better now that I am actually enjoying the gameplay a lot so…so far-so good. Been playing for a few days now & will definitely keep this game, hopefully they (the dev’s) keep up the good work & don’t overkill or under kill this app, great work guyz..Version: 1.0.173

Quite fun to playIt’s worth playing here and there.Version: 1.0.160

I CANT PUT THIS GAME DOWN!!!Sooooo Addictive. I cant put this game down….Version: 1.0.170

Very funActually finding it quite fun and the ad wasn’t deceiving lol.Version: 1.0.169

FunFun simple game but does get boring unless you willing to spend money.Version: 1.0.173

Awesome funI’ve played this game for days on end and really enjoy it. Hopefully the buzz will continue and the games will continue to grow a add more features.Version: 1.0.195

Great but …It’s been a great game so far even if the ad I watched to get here was different than the actual game. However, I hate the current situation for alliance leaders especially not being able to leave the alliance. I’m currently stuck in an alliance with only 1 other member including myself and the other member is also a leader and I’m in a stuck position because despite inviting people to join, we haven’t had any luck. There should be something in the game mechanic that allows leaders in this position to absolve the alliance so we can join another one..Version: 1.0.202

Ok game needs some big changesStop making all events start at 2 in the morning u need it to be in Europe time as well not just America we are missing out on so many events apart from that games ok.Version: 1.0.198

Best game yetI am playing this game and getting addicted to it because it’s so fun..Version: 1.0.188

Finally a game like the adsI’ve been looking for so long for a game that’s actually like the adverts! It’s great. It can be challenging too trying quick think what the best option to get the most troops to be. Made me have to do quick maths so I’m sure its good for your brain too. I’m enjoying it..Version: 1.0.180

GoodH.Version: 1.0.170

Advertised wrong but good gameIf this game was advertised correctly it would do much better..Version: 1.0.173

👌🏿Nigh on perfected the genre. With a couple of tweaks. We know what to expect from a mobile game as opposed to a console game, with that said I do like that the game advertised is what was depicted and adds quite a bit more. Well done guys.Version: 1.0.199

Great game!If you could add in a market place to be able to exchange materials such as iron for coins it would be perfect! Game really needs this feature!.Version: 1.0.195

It is goodSo far so good, definitely worth a try.Version: 1.0.154

Good addictingThis game is so addicting.Version: 1.0.176

DecentNot got far but so far really enjoying the game.Version: 1.0.170

Fun but…I played this game for about a week and it was a lot of fun. My favorite part was playing the shooting mini games were killed the zombies. However, that ends after about a week of playing and upgrading your town. Then, at that point you only get three levels time you upgrade your main tower. The game does a good job of allowing you to still keep up and not pay to play. You just have to be patient. But, there is really no currency that you can’t get in the game by playing for free. overall the fun game, but I did lose interest after about a week..Version: 1.0.183

Ridiculously Addictive and funThis game is more than I bargained for! It’s been truly fun and addicting to play. I thought I was just gonna play a simple so desired game with the cute little bonus games but it’s got a whole community building and a great available for every single job you would need to survive in a post apocalyptic zombie era game. It’s like clash of clans in brawl stars are rolled into one if you’re into games like this, I truly truly and highly recommend this one five stars truly earned.Version: 1.0.170

It’s everything you’d expect from a modern mobile game but that’s okayI found this game through an Instagram ad for it, I didn’t expect too much from it at first. I decided to look more into it because the ad didn’t do much justice to it. But after installing it I found it pretty entertaining, with a lot more to boot than I expected it to be. It has your typical mobile game price gouging but outside of that it’s entertaining enough for a decent rating..Version: 1.0.172

Good to have a game with true advertiseSimilar gameplay with advertising but not exactly. can live with that because it’s fun though. Nice to have a game similar as what’s advertised on youtube. Recommend..Version: 1.0.152

Don’t believe the advertThe adverts show you the mini games you use to get points. The real game is even better and great place to meet and chat with people across the world..Version: 1.0.187

Confusing but goodThe game is a ton of fun but nothing like the pictures and previews show. Which is weird because the game IS GOOD so why not just show us that? They do need to add some sort of PVP ranked system with rewards and seasonal resets. Right now there is nothing to make players want to play daily. Unless you’re a top player in the world you pretty much log in, claim your rewards and that’s it. I want to be able to log in, battle other players online and get rewards. The arena mode is fun but only 5 matches a day is lame, and many arenas and events are only available to top players. The game is fun but there needs to be more to do for the average player to want to stick around..Version: 1.0.182

Download timeYeah, the download time is exacerbated by being very long on the update. Have you found that before?.Version: 1.0.172

Game Still Needs Work!!!I really have been enjoying this game. But, I would like to discuss some issues. There have been a few bugs I have experienced such as not receiving the semi-truck around block 55 just before HQ 7 or 8. As a Commander I cannot view my clan rank in the leaderboards. The whole alliance section needs to be revamped for easier navigation. Overall has been a fun new game but it has so much potential and can be so much better..Version: 1.0.198

Good Game but is Pay to winGreat people and really good game! It is pay to win but is worth the gameplay and social aspects!.Version: 1.0.183

PTW gameTypical PTW game, good graphics & audio, becoming mediocre if no further story telling.Version: 1.0.174

Good gameI love this game very fun yay others should play this 👍🏻.Version: 1.0.173

ReciewIt took a couple weeks to completely understand and get my bearings but when I had any questions I reached out to customer service and they got back to me not long after. I do wish they gave out more rewards and made leveling up easier. You’d have to spend thousands of dollars to become strong enough to beat some of their bosses and other players. I usually just buy the battle passes or all of the weekly passes but I still barely level up. I’ve been playing daily for over 2 months and my headquarters is just now level 20. That’s a lot of time and money for not much gain. Overall though it’s a pretty enjoyable time killer, they should just do better with rewards because people get bored of not being able to play or upgrade because they don’t have enough recourses..Version: 1.0.175

FantasticReally fun game to play and progress through.Version: 1.0.169

FunNot a bad game. So far you have the option to pay and play or you can just do some missions. The game is a mix of a war/ zombie/ create and upgrade your fortress type of game. It’s fun so far and yes. Not as exactly advertised but not too far off either..Version: 1.0.149

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